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  • $77.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Oxigenando


    Nov 8, 2013

    Great skills and customer service. Excellent communication as well!

    Project Description:I have a website that need the following work: 1: Insert a jQuery carousel slider to six of the pages. It gonna be the same jQuery carousel slider on all pages but with different images. You have to provide the carousel, but I have an example on how I want it to look similar to...
  • $377.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller tomschnugg


    Aug 14, 2013

    We had a significant miscommunication at the beginning of the project. I sent to the freelancer what I thought to be my detailed specification for the project prior to bidding, yet it was the same general specification that I had posted for all freelancers to bid on the project. He accepted the project and bid the amount he did based on that document and on seeing the current site that I wanted revised. I accepted, thinking he saw the detailed specification. When this became apparent, the freelancer warned that all the work that was in the spec would take much more time. This was after the bid was accepted and we had started some work. We decided to continue on, and pay for what we agreed might be extra work as part of the bonus. The freelancer stuck to his word, and so did I, cutting various features from the project where fair.

    Project Description:Background: ● This project aims to upgrade an existing website to Bootstrap or Wordpress. The site currently provides display, editing, and reporting of family member contact information, birthdays and anniversaries...
  • $590.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Viennamumbai


    Mar 1, 2013

    One of the best delevopers I have ever worked with. Will try to team more often with him. Thank you so much!

    Project Description:I need a website like this Page: with all the different parts - it shows and ranks different Twitterlists almost automatically. People can send in their twitteraccount and an editor controls if this twitteraccount belongs to this group...
  • $135.00 CAD
    Profile image for Seller josemontenegro


    Nov 7, 2012

    Excellent work! Very professional, will work with again.

    Project Description:Hello. I currently own a website and store altogether, with a very simple template. IT IS NOT BUILDING A WEBSITE, but just a store template for Zencart. This...
  • $65.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller chinasworld


    Jul 11, 2012

    Very patient. Knew exactly what he was doing. Highly recommended.

    Project Description:We need to have the category and new product listings on our ZenCart store modified to display in grid view. Currently, these listings are displayed in list view. We purchased our template from
  • $850.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller justaskit


    Jul 11, 2012

    This programmer, did everything that was discussed perfectly! Would highly recommend! Would Love to use again in the future:)

    Project Description:Hello, We are looking for a prgrammer to build us a web based automated followers script for twitter. I am only interested in having a conversation with you if you are highly knowledgeable with all aspects of twitter...
  • $150.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller loveofbiz


    Jul 11, 2012

    I really like working with this programmer and we are already planning more work.

    Project Description:you can bid on the project here
  • $70.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller loveofbiz


    Jul 11, 2012

    Fast turnaround and feedback and great to work with overall...already awarded more work.

    Project Description:Site was built with codeigniter here are some additions I want to make..please check the attachment.
  • $220.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller loveofbiz


    Jul 11, 2012

    Great job and is not working on an update for me.

    Project Description:Hello, I would like to clone the following simple site all you do is invite your friends and online followers to describe you with three words. It's about as simple as...
  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller herbertsl


    Jul 11, 2012

    easy to work with and did the job beyond expectations...Thank you!

    Project Description:We are looking for qualified social networking experts to add 5000 followers to our Twitter page. Adjust followings to be within Twitter guidlines
    cse031sust02 has not completed any projects.
  • ₹29264 INR In Progress

    The goal is to build a data management application in PHP using Laravel or CodeIgnitor (CI) framework. Our first preference is to use Laravel framework for this project. However if you choose to use CI then there has to be a strong and valid reason for not using Laravel for this project. The primary requirements are summarized below: Functional Requirements-Must be a Responsive design-8-10 different Forms for data submission. This option has to be available only to authenticated users. Each form with have multiple data fields for submissions. Some of the forms must have provision to add content, Images, videos, text, URL, Date.-Provision to Import/Upload data from XLS/CSV file and save to the DB as per a pre-defined structure-Provision to Export data into XLS, CSV or PDF format-The Form submitted by a contributor, need to be approved by a moderator before being saved to the database. The moderator should have option to edit, approver, reject, or delete any submission.-Integration with WordPress for publishing approved contents. Incase WordPress integration is tough then you have to provide an integration for word press equivalent PHP script for blog style content publishing.-Nearly 6 different user roles to be created (including admin).-Search functionality to search for “submissions” based on Date, keyword or multi keyword search-A Dashboard page to display charts and tables with data from the database. The dashboard must be configurable to display different data for different user roles-Must have Login, User Registration and Password Reset functionality. -Authenticated users will have a landing page based on their user role type. However there will be some common menu items. -A page for making some simple analysis based on existing data in the database. The business logic will be as simple as creating an item name, select some drop-downs and check boxes followed by running some SQL query at the back end. This should pull analysis result from the database based on the selection made for the item. It should have provision to save analysis data for later use. Additionally there has to be option to edit or delete item and it’s analysis. Security Requirements-Strong implementation of user authorization and authentication-Admin page with the user and privilege management stuff-5 User roles (admin, contributor, moderator, org_admin and guest) to be created and strong implementation of permissions management need to be in place-Follow industry standard secure coding practices-Google re-CAPTCHA needs to be integrated with User Registration and Password Reset page. The above project requirements are detailed in the attached PDF file.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    I have a site which has been working fine in the past. Recent code changes have made the code slightly unstable, with a few bugs showing up. The earlier developer isn"t producing desired results. I need someone to work on these bugs to resolve them. The changes should not be done on the live system.

  • €24 EUR 2 days ago

    I need attached XML file parsed with Javascript without using jQuery.I need all the ... contents. There are multiple catitems.

  • $611 USD 24 days ago

    I need a javascript library that will render fast HTML5 or Image(PNG/JPEG) Candlestick charts with volume bar. It should be able to generate multiple charts at the same time.The library needs to perform the following:- Draw Candlesticks accurately- Draw Volume Bars accurately- Custom Color Schemes by CSS- Have an Option for Log Scaling- Draw one(1) Chart at at time- Draw multiple Charts (see results.jpg how it should be displayed)The program can be built using an existing library, but it has to be a library that is available for personal use without any licensing costs.I already have a MYSQL database with all the required data. I can customize the ouput to work with the library as desired. Please let me know what format you require.

  • $277 USD 24 days ago

    We want to map health centers in Uganda and enable features such as search. We want the user to be able to search for a health center on the map (like google maps) and then click the center they want and it displays information like the picture, contacts, working hours of doctors and services offered.

  • [Sealed] Jun 11, 2014

    Dear candidates,I would like to personally invite you to compete for our Codeigniter website improvement. We want to make it functional, responsive and w3c valid. Please note that only punctual and ethical engineers should apply.Regards

  • €34 EUR Dec 27, 2013

    Using, create a simple mobile application with HTML and JavaScript. You can try using a demo account there; if that won"t work, I will pay for 1 month of account for you on that site so you can work.The budget is 30 EUR, so I expect this should be fit for someone who can do it as a routine work that could be done in an afternoon or so.Non-functional requirements:- I"m a developer, so I would like the code to be clean with a few helpful comments on how to develop the application further.- The target device is BlackBerry Q10, so 720x720 display with a physical keyboard.- No custom UI icons, graphics, logos, themes, etc are needed. Use what AppCraft gives you.- Use some theme with white text on dark background if possible.- Transparency in communication is important. Don"t be afraid of me. Talk to me if anything is needed.- No server-side coding, no online functionality, no mobile-specific features needed.Bonus points for:- providing me links to good reading or sample PhoneGap/Cordova/AppCraft applications.- you would be interesting to work later on a per-hour basis on this or similar applications.- at least some unit tests are done with the project~~~User story:As someone who likes to keep priorities straight in life, I want a mobile application that will let me keep track of what I really want.Acceptance criteria: (please see models & views below)I will have access to an AppCraft application that lets me:- add activities (I can type in name of activity) into categories (4 hardcoded categories) - these are saved persistently- once per day, lets me select/deselect 3 activities per category by clicking on them - these are saved persistently- I can see a total count of activitiesNot needed, but expected to be developed later:- editing / deleting activities- seeing history per day- seeing count per last 30 days~~~Models:Application must save data locally. Preferably in SQLite.Activity model:- id (if SQLite)- name (varchar, not unique)- category (one of these four: Traveling, Things, Projects, Skills)* name + category are uniqueVote model:- id (if SQLite)- activity_id- date (day; time not needed)* activity_id + date are uniqueCategory model:doesn"t need to be in SQLite, but please keep it as some sort of Enum in JavaScript so it can be later changed in one place.It will be set to a list of strings Traveling, Things, Projects, SkillsDaily limit:doesn"t need to be in SQLite, but please create as some sort of constant in JavaScript so it can be later changed in one place.It will be set to 3.~~~Views:1. Add activity view- input field for Name- select box for Category- Save / Cancel buttonsAfter clicking Save/Cancel, main view is shown again. Saving button works as expected.2. Main viewA scrollable list of all activities by category.Clicking on a category has no effect.Clicking on activity will select/deselect it. Activity can be a button, or there can be button next to it that does it. Selected activity needs to be visible, ideally by a highlighted border or glow or whatever is easy to do and easily distinguishable.Selecting activity will create a new record in the Vote model, with current day and the activity.Deselecting activity will delete one record in the Vote model, by current day and the activity.The number on the right side of the activity is the total count of votes. This will be updated on selecting/deselecting.A new activity button at the end will invoke Add activity view / dialog box / whatever.I cannot select more than 3 activities in one category in one day. I have to deselect one first, then I can select a new one; or I need to wait for another day.E.g.[[ TRAVELING ]]Activity A - 5Activity B - 3 [[ THINGS ]]Activity C - 1Activity D - 8Activity E - 0Activity F - 2[[ PROJECTS ]][[ SKILLS ]]Activity G - 3>>

  • $133 USD Dec 5, 2013

    My website, , was just migrated from a shared host to a dedicated host. As part of the migration, we switched from cpanel-based to webmin-based website control panel. Because of the migration and/or because of recent updates to the website, the following bugs/annoyances were created which need to be resolved:1) Blank page instead of new part being created when attempting to add a new part to catalog (see screenshots)2) Recaptcha image lost on page (see screenshot)3) Sub-parts no longer display on front end / when they do display do not render correctly (see screenshots)4) Amazon fails to export to back end. When a customer completes an order, I need to know the specifications of the computer which was ordered (see screenshots)5) Price clipped on lower right hand corner of pages like (see screenshot)6) Install webmin module which permits easy editing of mysql databases, or if it is already installed help me know how to access it. Currently, I have no way to edit the mysql databases (that I know of). I want a module with as close to the functionality of phpmyadmin as possible.Attached are screenshots which will help explain the nature of each of the bugs / annoyances listed above. The screenshot filename corresponds to the number designated on the list above.ONLY fair bids will be considered. This really shouldn"t cost more than $100, so please don"t try to high bid me as your bid will be ignored.A BACKUP MUST BE GENERATED BEFORE STARTING OR WORKER FORFEITS ALL RIGHTS TO FUNDS!

  • $155 USD Nov 28, 2013

    i want you to go to http://www.zee to the middle of page where the diamond appraisal calc is ---i want the same exact thing on my site, with a different formula that i will send you

  • $555 USD Sep 13, 2013

    Overall Goal: We are in the process of developing an incentive-based site. A lot of the basic functions of the site have already been put together and we"re about mid-way through development, but we"re looking to ramp things up so we can push it out sooner.Project Goals: The goal of this project is to improve the Registration Process of our site.Desired Developer: We are looking for a LAMP developer with extensive experience in CodeIgniter, Twitter Bootstrap, Git, and Jquery. Any experience with Python would be a plus. We will provide access to our development server from which you will be able to do all your work. You will need a Bitbucket account.Description: Currently, the registration process is pretty basic. You enter your email address, username, and password and then you have an account. What it leaves out are things such as mail confirmation and contact. We"ve put together a few "desired scenarios" for how we"d like the user to be shepherded through the processes of registration and login. This project requires knowledge of the following: Full LAMP stack. CodeIgniter. Jquery.For the registration page we need: * Real-time form validation for each textbox. * email address: if already exists, return ajax message saying it already exists. * password: if it"s not the right amount of characters, etc, return an ajax message saying it"s wrong. * password confirmation: if it doesn"t match the original, then return an ajax message saying it"s wrong. * Email newsletter checkbox: to get the ok to add to daily, monthly newsletter. * Automatic "welcome" email once registration form is completed, confirming completion.That would be 4 items to work on in the form field and one automated email to send out once the registration is complete.Below is an example of the types of things we imagine a new user to encounter when registering on our site.Desired New User Registration Process1. User goes to registration page. a. User enters email address, if already exists, return ajax message saying it already exists and then provides the login link. b. User enters password, if it"s not the right amount of characters, etc, return an ajax message saying it"s wrong. c. User enters confirmation password, if it doesn"t match the original, then return an ajax message saying it"s wrong. d. Checkbox to see if they"re ok getting promotional emails from us.2. Once User hits "return", if all is good send a confirmation and welcome email message. a. For the confirmation email, contents will be something along the lines of "your freshly created account is confirmed." with other items such as a link to "forgot password" page, a link to the "support page", and a link to a "getting started" page.3. Re-route to login page to enter login information4. (if they ok promotional emails) Once they"re logged in for the first time, send another email with today"s specials.This will require front-end and back-end skills. We will provide you with access to our development server, it is a CentOS5 machine running PHP5.

  • $220 USD Oct 19, 2012

    There are only about 30 places of interest in Sri Lanka for tourists.I need an auto costing program which will instantly calculate the kilometres, time and cost between these places, which make up a round trip.Then, I need to input about 5 hotel rates at each place, so that the hotel cost can also be included in the output.Finally, I need to enter the sightseeing entrance fees, so that that also can be included in the total tour cost.This can either be done as a stand alone software installed on my computer, or on a website.

  • $100 USD Apr 19, 2012

    Work is actually "re-build" a website.Two domains exist and are mirrored using one database.One domain needs to be rebuilt to work with the other.You re-build one domain front and back to make an improved version.Required skills required are Php and MySql.You can be creative with html, css, and ajax.Simple with low graphics and built for speed.We want clean, simple, uncluttered code.Duplicate our logic while improving the process with fresh code.You must understand our existing coded process and improve it.You cannot omit features or change our process unless agreed.We encourage you to be 100% open with your advice for change.We need to agree upon a solid plan before you begin.Google search and Adsense optimized for maximum return.Eventual working APIs for Facebook, PayPal, Ebay, Amazon, Twitter, and more.Separate Control Panel for user and admin.One duplicate website as agreed without APIs will be the first milestone.Each milestone will be 100 USD with details agreed in advance.We can discuss the first milestone after you see our code.The objective is to keep us both happy earning money.Good communication and your PC expertise is the key.Work alone at home okay or you are a great contractor.We are not in a hurry so can schedule at off-hours.We require a non-disclosure agreement.

  • $800 USD Oct 1, 2010

    I want my Zen cart store to function like and Obviously not exactly but I want similar product categorizing, similar browsing and organization functionality and similar information pages. I want my site to perform in a similar fashion. If all the requirements I have listed below can be improved upon by you, please let me know through PM. I CAN’T STRESS THIS ENOUGH HOWEVER, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS THAT MY SITE HAS THE SAME BASIC FUNCTIONALITY AS THESE 2 SITES. I DON’T WANT A COPY, BUT SIMILAR. I don’t want the changes to be just cosmetic on the main page. Take note of their product pages and their pricing attributes. Take note of their artist, style, subject directories. Take note of their checkout system, their faqs. Take note of the way their content boxes are organized. Take note of how their categories and subcategories are set up and how they appear throughout different parts of the sites. Take note of their advance search functions and how their integrate ‘subcategories etc in their search filters.Here are some requirements/suggestions that will take this project into the right direction:Easy Zen cart stuff:I need Zen cart customized and a few things addedI require:-The Gift certificate fact removed or changed into a regular “faq”-I need links into the information side boxes added with corresponding pages : About us, faq, why us, Shipping, Returns, terms of Service, contact us, view examples etc.-I need product attributes set up -Categories and subcategories need to be set up-I require the site to be streamlined. All unnecessary pictures and documents need to be removed. Banners at the bottom need to be removed.-I require pay pal express to be installed-On the main index page, I require a spot on the top for a write up and images, then below, a listing of the artist subcategory with category thumbnails and then below that a listing of the styles subcategory with thumbnails (Zen cart already does this but I want the subcategories, not the categories listed)-There will be other odd things to be done but reasonable things.-Installation of a template of my choosingMore complicated stuff:1) I REQUIRE EACH PRODUCT TO BE APPLIED TO 1 CATEGORY AND 2 SUBCATEGORIESTHE CATEGORY IS THE “STYLE” AND THE SUBCATEGORIES ARE “ARTIST” AND “SUBJECT”I require a side box created called “Browse by:”. You can edit an existing box or create a new one. I don’t care.The box will have the following links: Artist, Style, and SubjectEach link will lead to a custom page.The artist page will list the artists alphabetically. (The artists are to be set up as subcategories) I require that when I add a new subcategory for ‘artist’, the link populates automatically to the alphabetical index which are text linksWhen “styles” is clicked, it leads to another page that lists the style subcategories by thumb nail with the subcategory name below the thumb nailWhen ‘subject’ is clicked, it leads to a page that lists the subjects with text link.I require all pages that are created to be fully integrated into Zen cart and function as a part of Zen cart.2)I require that the categories are not displayed near the top of the page below the banner. Instead, I would like the previous links discussed (Browse by: Artist l Style l Subject) to exist there (statically) instead.3)I require that a “view Examples” page be set up. On the page, thumbnails will be listed and when clicked will have a larger pop up image (similar to images in product descriptions)Bidding requirements: Make sure you read everything stated above. In the middle of the project, upload it to your own web server with dummy products so i can see that it is functioning the way I want. Do the same at the end of the project before i make the final payment. This is just a general idea of what i want. If you have suggestions PM me.And please take note again, I am more interested in having my site perform and have content layout like the 2 aforementioned websites. I am flexible on all of my above requirements if the end result is what i am looking for. I also require the use of EZ populate later on so do not make changes that will affect the performance or compatibility of that add-on.I require all major changes documented. All major changes in scripting and hard-editing PHP or html files must be documented. I will require a little how-to documentation on editing and adjusting all major changes. All written content will be provided by me. A list of categories and subcategories will be provided by me Questions and answers for the faq will be provided by me

  • [Sealed] Oct 1, 2010

    We are looking for some one with Zencart experince to work one existing zencart store ( make few changes, additions ) orhelp install & customize a new zen cart algozone template. quote both ways. please have a good knowledge and better comminication in English . also be able to deliver.

  • $45 USD Mar 30, 2010

    I have 2 PSD"s, a header and blocks that need to be converted to a heavily modified subSilver template of PHPBB2. Please do not bid unless you have experience with the PHPBB2 templating system. I will give access to the development server and files after the job is awarded. It"s not a big job, fairly simple. Just have no time at all for it. I don"t require daily contact, just a reasonable timeframe for completion and an email or message every so often if you run into trouble.Budget is about $40. I need (dependable as possible) designer\logo person to send over jobs to.

  • $300 USD Feb 21, 2010 (School pride. World wide.) will be a fun, free photo sharing website where alumni from all universities can show off their travel photos – particularly shots where they are wearing their school colors/logos. Here is what I need:-Three-to-four page website (index, forum/gallery, links)-Index page that contains 3 or 4 “photo of the week/month” sections. Each of these sections will have one large photo (winner) and several smaller runner-up photos.-A member forum (SMF, phpBBB or other free forum software)-A member photo gallery integrated into the forum (PhotoPost or similar)-A links page to list university alumni associations-A template/theme that is universal throughout the site. Clean/simple, bright and modern.-Geotagging (google maps?) of user photos so when viewing a user’s profile, his/her map of past travels will be displayed along with their bio and photos. This is more of a wish than a requirement.I will purchase any necessary downloads/software (PhotoPost, template, etc). I need you to integrate everything and set up the pages so that I can then manage the content and photos through the C-Panel/Admin. Eventually I will want to add one or more pages of content (articles, blogs, travel journals, etc) so the site should be set up for easy integration with a CMS (joomla?). If you have questions or need clarification, please let me know and I will answer, as well as update this listing. I would like to see portfolios, samples, demos, etc.View my other listing(s) on Freelancer as they relate to the Utripper website. If you can help me with my logo and/or photo needs, please bid on those listings too.

  • $500 USD Feb 10, 2010

    Hi,I have the website set-up and hosted, but need quite a few cutomizations and design work.1. Front end re-design + Logo redesign2. Ajax adjusting3. Redesign of a) login page b)register c)checkout (to match with front end)4. Custom price attributePlease PM for further info and web address. I will also give you examples of others.THis work will begin for 1st March 2010

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