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Username: csengineerz

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Location: Lahore, Pakistan

Member since: March 2011



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  • [Sealed]
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    Mar 6, 2014

    Excellent Bootstrap + MVC work. Very hard to find that combination today.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $30 USD
    Profile image for Seller steven6


    Dec 1, 2013

    Good work by Farooq, Thanks 5/5

    Project Description:Configuration Configuration Configuration Configuration Configuration Configuration Configuration
  • $150 USD
    Profile image for Seller jhomeelvw


    Nov 3, 2013

    great ! !!!1

    Project Description:i need twitter api developer key send me your price per key plz i need many
  • $65 USD
    Profile image for Seller thecell


    Aug 25, 2013

    great work and fast.

    Project Description:i want a developer to fix in-app purchase bug,I have an issue with the app and need to be fixed. i will provide source code.
  • $369 USD
    Profile image for Seller malick007


    Jun 20, 2013

    Excellent Developer, he is very genius developer, i would love to hire him again. Thanks Farooq

    Project Description:I want islamic iPhone app, app will have sounds and images of islamic ayat, i will provide everything i'm in search of experienced developer.
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller Ibej


    Jun 5, 2013

    Very patient and understanding. Communication was great and easy. Will work with him again and again!

    Project Description:Very simple project: Add Ad SDK to Android app in 1 day This project is very easy. All you need to do is Add thevAd Sdk and it is done.
  • $315 USD
    Profile image for Seller Ibej


    May 21, 2013

    Very great to work with. Easy to communicate. Will hire again.

    Project Description:Hi I need to Convert 3 Android apps to BB 10. 1 will have SDK Ad. This should be a quick project. This is a very simple project.
  • $750 USD
    Profile image for Seller docman


    May 19, 2013

    This is an excellent developer. Very professional good quality work. He is open and responsive to suggestions, communicates frequently, and the quality of the work is great. I will certainly use him again!

    Project Description:We require the development of a simple iPhone app and Android app. Our clients are UK solicitors and lawyers, so high quality professional styling for the app is critical We only work in the UK,...
  • $100 AUD
    Profile image for Seller hel10z84


    May 16, 2013

    Great work all round :)

    Project Description:Make iPhone app iPhone 5, 4S and 4 compatible.
  • $70 USD
    Profile image for Seller ammarshaheen


    Apr 29, 2013

    Farooq! is a nice professional to work with him, he deserve A+.

    Project Description:I need an iPhone application, where you put in the name, engine size and model and price of a car, and its custom duties if the car is to be imported in Pakistan will come up. I will provide the details...
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  • $773 USD In Progress

    Hello Freelancers,I need a app developed for iOS, which includes the ability to take a picture and overlay an existing picture saved in the database.I will only create one milestone, i repeat ONE, which is for the final product. I will not release it if I"m not completely satisfied with the work. To make sure you"ve read this description, please put TWS, in the begging of your bid description.This is needed for small businesses, and I will go into more detail of what I want for my business. I have a link to a video of an APP similar to what I want. This link will be provided via messages.Thank you

  • $14 USD/hr In Progress

    Hello, I need a advanced coder and developer, this position is most likely going to be full time based on work though, no agencies i need a individual to work for me, need to be able to work on my timezone if needed, independet, critical thinking and following guidlines and timeframes... Thanks..

  • $527 USD In Progress

    Hello,The image files have already been developed, the files will be transferred to the winning applicant who will then implement them into the source code, then upload the entire app into the app store.North Shore Apps would like to hire an experienced iOS programmer who can provide quality work, in a short amount of time.This first job will essentially be an evaluation of your skills, if you impress our company, then we will hire you for additional future projects, if you fail to meet our expectations then you will be paid less and not considered for future projects.Payment will be delivered on a milestone basis: at certain points in the project you will display your progress and you will be paid. The faster you complete the task, the better you will be paid.We would like you to reskin the game once for a maximum of $400, and a minimum of $300, depending on your quality of work. If we are satisfied with the first reskin job, then we will promptly proceed to deliver you two similar projects, all with the same method and amount of payment. If we are completely satisfied with your work we will then proceed to keep in contact for an ongoing work relationship in which projects such as this will be requested quite frequently. More stability, less freelance work for you.All graphics will be provided, there are around 300 images that will need to be replaced, a majority being buttons and icons.To achieve maximum payment, the work must be completed to our expectations in THREE days or less. The original game that we will be reskinning together is called "Turtles, huh?"The top qualities we are seeking in a programmer:Previous reskinning experienceFluency in EnglishFast, quality workerTop notch Objective C experience and familiarity with 2D enginesFamiliarity with uploading apps into the app store1) Replace the old image/sound/music files for the entire game with the new files we will provide you with2) integrate social media (just twitter and Facebook) into one part of the game where if the users post the game to facebook/invite their friends or tweets it then they will be awarded 1000 coins in the game (for each social media post)3) Integrate our app ID"s from our RevMob and ChartBoost accounts into the game4) Ensure that all advertisements are being displayed at the end of each game (when the user has completed the main game each time, and when the user has finished each mini game) (they should already do this, but in the case that they do not you will be expected to correct this problem)5) Publish the app to the app store so that it will be launched on January 9th at the absolute latestA Skype interview will be necessary; so do not apply if you are not willing to hold a skype interview.Thank you, prospective programmers who answer these questions will be considered for the job, alongside the future, more constant, employment opportunities.We look forward to working with you.North Shore Apps

  • $860 AUD In Progress

    I"m looking for someone / company who can create an Apple IOS PHILIPPINE RECIPE list (recipe source is provided by me) application Universal for Iphone, ipad, ipodtouch... etc.. with Complete Source Code, both Free and Paid Apps.. for Free app it should be ready for Advertising, detailed instruction to where and how to put my Ads code is necessary. Help me submit the App to App Store. Final Completion of the App when it is being Approved and Posted in App Store. Message me for details with Sample of your previous projects. LOW Ratings please don"t bid. Only Serious and Capable invidual or company are welcome to apply.

  • $1000 USD In Progress

    Phase 2 as discussed

  • $1500 USD In Progress

    Need an Android app with the same functionality as the iOS app.Private project for specific developer only -- please do not apply.

  • $970 USD In Progress

    I need someone to help develop an app for a directory to have products to be listed and sold by users etc.

  • $31 USD/hr Today

    I need someone to create an iOS app for my business. The app should be functional and professional. The app should also follow the branding of my business.Please message me if you have any questions.

  • $894 USD Today

    It is mostly a drop game. move the ice cream cone along the bottom and catch the right specs of game:3-7 colors dropping Speed changes per level"obstacles" to programIAPAd-space, SDL hook upLogin/user recoveryGame Centeroverview screen, game screen, settings screen, win and loss screen (win with stars, etc). store screen, pause screen, splash screen.In-game power ups people can click on (or purchase)Tutorial for first game or 2 (and parts past that intercepting new items with a pointerMinimal database feedback (game should work offline and when online send information to the server for updates)Since I am planning over 100 levels (and 400 eventually) you probably want a level builder. Contact me and I can give you an idea of the format you may want to use (what changes level to level)I have visual and sound assets. I have spreadsheets (and if needed database) of level elements and queues/goals. Included a screenshot from concept for you to get a better understanding of the project. You will need to understand the project before you bid. All proposals within the first 20 minutes before you could even read/discuss/scope the project will be blocked forever. I do not want shoddy work just so you could get the first bid in.Portfolio of games you have developed already is appreciated.

  • $1184 USD Today

    Need a simple app for ios and android to order taxi. the application is fairly simple:From:To:When:Type of CarORDER TAXIit has to be able to figure out persons placement by gps, has to have integrated maps for person to select place on the map. has to be able to choose the date and time. it will be connected to website CMS, and will automatically recognize persons phone number and put it in cms. the confirmations and car number and phone number will be pushed thru the app. it will also ask the user if they want the addresses saved for future use.The app has to be in Russian.End of the project: working and tested app published in itunes and google play stores(all applicable fees to be paid by me).After wwe will talk about support and changes fee on ongoing basis.

  • $3105 USD Today

    PLEASE READ BEFORE BIDDING! We do not accept bid price changes after the project is been accepted.We prosecute scammers and toughs. If your delivery time is off you will be penalize.!!!!Everyone is invite to bid except user ITDV as he tried to scam our company in the past and it is our company policy not to work with him!!!!We are looking for an app developer to do an Android and Iphone application for a retail shopping client.The application need to have an inventory of products that can be selected by the user on 5 different shopping patterns and generate a bar code that can be read by a scanner and pull the information from it so that the order can be deliver correctly and prompt. Example:Shopping option #1 Shopping option #2 Shopping option #3Product A Product CProduct DProduct B Product AProduct B2x Product G 3x Product H 2x Product AThe bar code needs to be read by the laser scanner and the options display on the screen for the retail employee to deliver the pack the order.The options and products will be store on a SQL DB and you will need to create a simple webpage to connect to the DB and display the order.The phone user should be able to store the favorite order so it can be easily pull next time he wants to do another purchase.The bid is for the 2 apps for Android and Apple store and a web interface online to pull the information from the DB, the product need to be fully deliver and not partially.If you have additional questions feel free to ask before bidding.Force shield IT President

  • $5105 USD Today

    Laravel developer required for social networking site.

  • $1315 USD Yesterday

    Attention Unity experts.I am looking for someone to implement a character shooting bouncing bullets for me, just like you see in Stupid Zombies 2.I will provide all the necessary graphics for the implementation. What you will need to implement is the following.Everything should be done in 2D project and using no scaling, should be pixel perfect 1-1, which 2048 truecolor.The code needs to be perfect and clean and commented in every method. The character, bullets, and everything should be prefabbedso I can easily plug it in. This should be done in 2-3 days max and be error free. I will only pay once its done and works perfectly.You will demonstrate to me by web based deployments.Character States1) Character Aiming & Shooting You will be provided with the character and body parts with all pivot points. The legs, arms, shoulder, and head will pivot as the user is aiming from top to bottom. The user can aim 180 degrees. Once the user aims straight up and goes beyond 90 degrees he will switch and point to the opposite direction. While aiming there will be laser from the gun pointing to a crosshair, the crosshair center will be the mouse down x, y. I will provide the graphics of the crosshair. The laser should be similar to the Stupid Zombies 2, it has a somewhat transparent animated effect to it. I want both a red and blue laser which I can toggle which to show. When shooting the hands will pivot back as the gun was fired, and the characters body sprites will switch to bright sprites and then switch back to the default sprites. This will mimic a flash on the body. When the gun is fired a muzzle flash will show and a sound is made. I will provide the muzzle flash and you can just attach any mp3 sound for now. There will be 2 bullets a red and blue. I will provide the bullets and the tails graphics. If the characters current bullet is red , then a red laser will appear. Blue bullet means blue laser. I should be able to control the bullets SPEED and time in seconds it should bounce. The bullet should have a fading tail as it moves and bounces. It should be similar to Stupid Zombies 2. Bullets need to look real good just like my graphics. The bullet should be bouncing around just like it bounces (collides around the screen). What you should do is just create all edges TOP, RIGHT, BOTTOM, LEFT boxes with box colliders and put character in middle. As he fires bullet will bounce around. When bullet hits edge of box a sound should be made and a spark is shown I will provide the spark and you can use any sound for now. After the bullets time to expire hits, the bullet will dissappear into the next item it collides with in this case the box wall) The dissappearing should be the same as stupid zombies 2 effect. The character will have his bullets assigned, as he fires, they will decrease as he uses his bullets. Once he runs out of bullets he cant fire. So hierarchy should be Character Gun (Inputs: Array of bullets, can be a mixture of red and blue)Beam (Inputs: Red or Blue)Bullet (Inputs: Red or Blue, Speed and Time to expire) Lastly put a circle somewhere on the screen, attach a script and if the bullet collides with the circle the Kill() method on the script gets executed. This method will just disappear the circle. 2) Character Running,I will provide 2d sprites of character running. Put a button on the screen somewhere if i press it character changes to running state and runs off screen.That"s it, happy bidding. This need to be created perfectly and well organized. Use classes where necessary, etc.

  • $684 USD Yesterday

    hi guys ,,, i have a small project to run in Unity 3D .... this is what game looks like :- the theme of game something like Rayman Jungle Run !! i attached some photos maybe could help- the characters just ( jump + fly + run + Shot Fire + and speed up ) it"s only 2D side game , which mean it"s HD game with endless flying & running - there will be Coins and Gyms or fruits to collect to buy stuff with- there will be 3 super powers to use in game - there will be ads in game tooWhat i have ready ........- i have 3D objects of 2 creatures ...... they both have SAME rig and SAME 6 Animations sets !!- i have 2 Textures for each creature so peoples can choice between- I have FULL levels ( 3 Levels painted ) - i have the soundsall i want is your C# programing ,,, ONLY in unity 3D ,,,, to make it for windows phone 8 + Apple + Android ..... and you will do some plants animations inside the game ,,,what you will have ?? you will have something between 300 - 400 $ ... and a prize when game finish ,,, and you will be my partner forever get 20% of game Money >> :) and you will be my developer in my next upcoming games .... i will pay around 20000$ for ads to make my game famous in all platforms ;)Kind regardsPLEASE i will not award peoples with higher price ,, it"s easy game guys lol

  • $1526 USD Yesterday

    The max. budget for this project is $15001) Redesign the site layout to optimize for clicks on Google AdSense. This would maybe include using different size ad units for AdSense. And repositioning ad units more within the content of pages to get more clicks. For most pages there should be a total of three AdSense ad units. Please let me know your experience in this area.2) Pull the eBay sales request form out of pages and put it on a separate page. A reCaptcha should be added to the form.3) Redesign the contact form Work with me to redesign the following two forms. Fields in these forms will be reduced and simplified. These two forms will be merged into one. Once the redesign starts I will provide the new content for these two forms. All forms should be updated to the 2014 standards. Comparable forms are Please view out site map to assess the scope of this redesign project. There are many pages on the site. All content needs to be transferred to the new site. All links, content and URLs need to be maintained in the new site. Website should be correctly displayed on all major browser on desktops, mobiles, and tablets.8) Look and feel of website should be updated to the "standards" of 20149) Please notice that many pages on the site have pictures that illustrate the products to be sold. These pictures vary by page depending on what is supposed to be sold. The new site should also have pictures that show the product to be sold. To do this the existing pictures can be used or new ones can be generated.10) The web design firm that works on this project should have great design skills. High esthetics is a must for the new site.11) Also the design firm should be very detail oriented and be able to understand and process feedback well.12) Lastly, in case you decide to bid on this project, please be realistic with your time estimate for this project.

  • $1421 USD Yesterday

    I need help with a very basic iPhone application. I am a graphic designer and will provide all graphics necessary. Features that will need to be implemented are:1. Tap to copy2. Open new message3. Tagging/search for images4. Categorization of imagesI"m looking for the basic functions to be developed, with direction for me to finish the app by adding information myself.

  • [Sealed] Yesterday

    new app for macshop on lineall fahion for teens.

  • $1000 USD Yesterday

    We are looking a project like and Best quality and fast delivery required. domain mapping, sub domains, admin for each sub domains, customer care, multi language and currency option, multiple payment gateway option and sub domains can also have the their own or our shared payment gateway. Only experienced people and can give 100% quality product can bid on this project

  • $894 CAD Yesterday

    We are looking for a highly experienced mobile/responsive design and programming team to create a fully responsive mobile website for our ecommerce storeMust have a proven track record with references We need:- Extensive experience and proficiency in PSD to responsive XHTML conversion- Proficient coding in HTML5, XML and CSS3 along with other innovative techniques- Latest programming codes such as Java Script calls, to address your web design needs- Adaptive websites in accordance to the layers of complexities and screen sizes- Easily navigable links, layouts and patterns- Flexible and easy to change content – if we need to make adjustments to some elements or content we want to be able to do that easily- SEO Friendly data tables – search friendly and responsive data tables (what tools do you use for this?)- Use of Media Queries –With the use of media queries in CSS3 the capability of the device is checked to create a slick effect of webpage when viewed on any mobile device-Use essential content – eliminate non essential content to make the webpage mobile-friendly with only the important information- Testing and device detection – test webpage properly using different responsive design tools to see what mobile users view and if they can view it properly-100% customer satisfaction-24/7 tech supportThank you

  • [Sealed] Yesterday

    Hi!I look for an person who can make an app for a custom made vtiger version 5.4Functions on app:Custom module ( module for making calls should be able to load on the smartphone with all fields just as in live crm )Email as in live crmOrganization as in live crmInvoice also as in live crmCalendar as in live crmif you have any questions just ask Before make the bid

  • $1842 USD Yesterday

    Need few things added to existing smartdbapps tracking site: 1. Products and orders tables2. Create an app3, Modify permissions to tables4. Add a page to website

  • £684 GBP Yesterday

    We have a Android based software program which requires updating with added functionality. There is also a server based Admin Panel supporting the front end device.We require:-1. the front end application to create a backup file of the data it collects. This backup should reside on the device until it is removed manually.2. The dropdown boxes to match keystroke entries e.g. typing "c" will position the cursor at the first list item beginning with "c" and so on.3. Update a User Activity Log recording the time and date a record was added to the database held on the device

  • $2712 USD Yesterday

    I need an app developed Basically just like this - a few changes to make a unique game.2 options 2 playVS Computer or VS other Player (Play Online)I need android + Ios Version

  • $2894 USD Yesterday

    The project is essentially to develop a Content Management System that will allow Yoga studios Schedule classes and accept payments. I develop websites for Yoga Studios. My customers would like a system that allows them to have a calendar on their website which displays upcoming classes. The Yoga studio manager should be able to add classes, update prices, description, location, and a maximum capacity. The yoga studios would be able to accept payments and have the purchase deposited into their Stripe Account. The CMS should produce code that is responsive (preferably using Bootstrap). It should have the ability to be integrated into any website, so there should be plenty of classes that can be called in a CSS style document. I will need to create several installations of this, so implementing this into a Database should be simple. I should be able to create multiple installs quickly and easily without having to worry about security. I would like end users to have a user friendly dashboard that looks clean and professional. I don"t care if you use a template for the dashboard. But ultimately, it needs to be easy to use. I made an attempt to modify existing templates to get what I want. Also, I have drawn out examples of what I want the CMS to do and what it should look like. I can provided all of this if necessary.

  • $2368 USD Yesterday

    This game must give players the oportunity to create teams with maximum ten players that can play agains"t other teams on Facebook. To create teams or join a team they have to pay for it. otherwise they can play all alone in quize"s. In this quiz battle which is 1vs1 (team vs team) there are 8 rounds. After the eight rounds the winning team is awarded with points added to their statistics, like a hall-of-fame (there must be searchable statistics to look up every team and their position). As I said, every game has 8 rounds where the quizmaster (server) asks for a topic, like; "Capital cities that starts with the letter S". Then the two teams and their members have 2 minutes to answer all the questions they know of that stars with the letter S in a public chat (everyone in the quiz battle sees what the others are writing). Every actual round have 10 correct answers, which means that that person or team that had a correct answer is awarded with 1 point. The quizmaster/server has a database with questions and correct answers stored on server; The server might have stored 30 correct answers on question "Capital cities that starts with the letter S" but only 10 answers are chosed by the server randomly. These questions must be editable for me to add questions and answers to it. I hope there are programmers out there who can manage to create this kind of app. Please also read carefully through project details before bidding. If youre an agent; ask your programmers first if they can develop this kind of an app, and also ensure that you have understood every part of the game as described. If not, please ask me before bidding. Thanks,

  • $1578 USD Yesterday

    Dear Freelancers,We need a dashboard created which is similar to Google AdSense. However we will only be targeting publishers. Please find all the relevant information for the build in the attached file.We already have a dashboard designed we just need it to become functional now as opposed to HTML. An NDA would be required before any work commences. Please write APRIL THIS MONTH in the subject header to make sure that you have read this whole message and requirements.We will only pay out in milestones as we have lost money in the past and have had our time wasted.Kind Regards,Pareet.

  • $2105 USD Yesterday

    I need app developers to create a iOS (and or Android crossworking) based game identical to the Kabam game, The Hobbit - Battle of Middleearth found on Apple Store. I need this game to be identical, but with another story (not hobbits, elves and dwarves and so on), but my own story. But the important part is that the game itself is identical to it in ways of building, troops, upgrade ++. This game is also server based (purchasing mithrils to buy chests and so on)You can find this game in Apple Store, by searching "the hobbit" as mentioned above. Please bid ONLY if you understand this project description and if you know every part on how this game is working.

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Jan 2011 - Present (3 years)


I am representing FocusTec as Fastest growing IT company in pakistan, we deliver Mobile Applications Development, Web Development, Graphics Design.



University of the Punjab, Lahore



Graphics Diploma

Peak Solutions College

Tools Which i Got Diploma,<br />Adobe Photoshop<br />Corel Draw<br />Adobe Flash Cs5


Software Engineer


I have developed many well Known application for iPhone.