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Location: lahore, Pakistan

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My projects:

  • $840.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller oraclexml


    10 days ago

    Easy to work with. I gave him an assignment to pull data into QB using SDK and he did it extremely comfortably and professionally.

    Project Description:My goal is to move “ESTIMATE” data from our Oracle System to back-end Quickbook system. Here is the link that gives an idea about the technology that needs to be used
  • $1113.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller tspeirs


    19 days ago

    Highly skilled and capable.

    Project Description:I have a desktop configuration utility that reads from an XML template and allows a user to change settings for my application based on available settings in the XML file. Settings are read from and stored in a .ini file...
  • $200.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller mtea


    Jun 24, 2014

    Great job!

    Project Description:To change the workflow application you made for me to make it save in one file instead of 3.
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller LearningNew


    Jun 17, 2014

    Thanks for the project

    Project Description:Database Ready, Design Ready for one form. I have now to add coding for database interaction
  • $15.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller perrywright


    Jun 17, 2014

    Had Perfect code when I needed it.

    Project Description:Wanted to know if you would sell me the code that you made to modify magento through VB.Net to modify available quantity and if possible to return current qty sinceyou have already written it for another...
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller iancresswell


    Jun 16, 2014

    Very good experience. The program delivered does exactly what I need, and customizedata was very pleasant to work with. Recommended!

    Project Description:Here's my dilemma, I'm trying to import GPS data to google earth to show a flight path. However, when the data is imported, the altitude recorded by the GPS device is sometimes off by anywhere up to 100...
  • $220.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller adttech


    Jun 4, 2014

    Very good communication and job done like I ask. I will work with this person again

    Project Description:1) use VBNET 2005 sp1 and Excel 2007 and Oracle 10 2) create a form to import Excel information around 12 columns and display it in a form with validation 3) Create functionality to import it in a Oracle...
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller GraphiCoreLLC


    Jun 2, 2014

    Very good help. :)

    Project Description:I have a VB.NET project that works fine with 3.5 but got updated to 4.0 and everything works except it does not print on the client (Fresh installation) machines. I already tried 4.0.3 as the target framework and even installed 4.5 framework on the client machine with no success...
  • $50.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller adamdarren


    May 22, 2014

    Exceptional customer service - such patients.

    Project Description:I need the turn the information from the sheet called "Raw" into Final sheet. By doing this, it will put it in a format that our other system can read and import directly. I have coloured coded items to try and help out with showing what I need...
  • $250.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller adamdarren


    May 16, 2014

    Very patient and good to deal with. Offers support throughout. Incredible at understanding what you actually want too! Highly recommend.

    Project Description:I have a program which provides two sets of data in MS Excel for work orders. 1. One set of data gives the the work order, works to be done, number of hours, and address, price, etc. 2. The other set of data gives the same work order, but only gives parts for the job 3...
    customizedata has not completed any projects.
  • [Sealed] In Progress

    Technical details of the project:Type: Desktop ApplicationLanguage: VB.NET (.NET Framework 4.0)IDE: Visual Studio 2010Database: MySQLFile Transfer: FTPLibrary used: Telerik UI, Telerik Reporting (must use 100% Telerik Control for UI)Please read the description of the new module and some design screenshots in the attached file Form

  • $15 USD/hr In Progress

    Continue with Setup Wizard Project on per hour billing.

  • $222 USD In Progress

    Hello! I believe this is a pretty simple project to ...- create a VB.NET project. We intend to host the website ourselves.- connects to an existing SQLite read-only database (which is attached to this project)- interprets the various tables and presents the data already in the databaseThe data in the database attached represents the current state of our local Indoor Soccer league. The information can be slightly confusing but we can tell you exactly what all the columns mean and how they relate to each other if required.We have very simple design requirements, we have an existing banner that we"d like to include (see attached). Otherwise, as long as the presentation of the data looks modern and professional, that"s all we ask.The data we"d like to present includes a number of screens...- Soccer Leagues available (click on a league to get more information and bring up the "League Home page"...)- The "League Home page" will include all Match results with kickoff times, date, teams and scores (click on a result for a full "match history page" . It will include the current points table for each league including team name, games played, points for, points against (click on a team to view team page).The "League Home page" will also include ...- league schedule of future games- list of top goal scorers for the season, including shots, assists, team name, appearances (with links to their personal player page)- list of players with most goal assists, including shots, team name, appearances (with links to their personal player page)- list of players with most shots at goal, including assists, team name, appearances and percentage of goals/shot (with links to their personal player page)- "The team home page" will host a photo of the team image along with all season game results (with links to each match history page), player names (with links to individual player pages) including their various statistics for the season and for their careers. Each statistic should be sortable (so you could find out the top goalscorer for the season if you wanted)- The Match History page will read like a summary of the game e.g.1m 5s- Manchester Shitty shot at goal by Dave Smith (names will have links to player pages and teams to team pages)2m 26s - Team Bob Goal by Rob Dunn and so on with event times, goals, goal shots, assists etc)- The personal player page will include a list of every game played with stats collected from each game and link to the match home pages. It will also provide a statistical summary of the season and careers including appearances, goals, shots, assists (broken down by week, season and career) and an optional photo of the player - which we will upload)

  • $600 USD 17 days ago

    Need be developed in C# (VS 2013) using WPF with SQL Server 2014 Database and Entity Framework.Need be in the metro style design.This project has 3 or 4 screens, function to write and read XML File, change the Languages and Colors (Background and Foreground)Here has attached a file (.DOC) with all details about this project.All code needs to be organized and documented.I recommend to use the DevExpress components because have all screens that we need.

  • $25 USD 17 days ago

    Hello I need an XML job done.I"ve attached the "test.xml" which is an example structure export from e-commerce site.I need to create an XML import file of the same structure, but it should include combined data of 800 products from attached Excel XLS from Sheet 2 "Export".id

  • $25 USD 25 days ago

    Hi, I need to edit this XML file. I"m not familiar with the language. I will give you a sample file. I want you to edit this file and the only thing I want Outputted to the printer would be 4 items. I need it to look like this. I just need it to output something very simple. I do not want store name, or anything like that.Qty Item Cost Total2 Item Description1 20.00 40.003 Item Description2 40.00 120.00 Tax 14.40 Total 174.4

  • $265 USD 26 days ago

    Need a web tool witch can covert .xls , .xlsx , .csv files to .sql format files,witch could be import in a Data Base MySQLSome similar like this:

  • ₹1500 INR 26 days ago

    I am looking for C# developer for my existing application to add more reports in it. (Reporting can be in any tool like :- crystal reports , Microsoft inbuild report, DevExpress we don"t mind whichever reporting tool get used ).

  • [Sealed] 27 days ago

    Looking for complete applications with source codeProject Description: Coders, Im looking to purchase complete applications.Will pay. ## Deliverables1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done.2. You have probably have finished projects laying around. Send me a screenshot of what you have to sell and price. If i like it , I will buy it. 4. Visual Studio 2010 (c# or VB) web applications with sql server backend preferred but will entertain other programming languages.5. must be in ready-to-run condition

  • $20 CAD 28 days ago

    i need someone to help me solve the sql query right away.It needs to be done within few minutes. Its just I am stuck.SQL Required.

  • ₹1300 INR Jun 25, 2014

    Create a javascript html simple calculator for marks

  • £15 GBP Jun 24, 2014

    I have a spreadsheet of 30 entries that need invoices raising against them. All the invoices are to the same place, just the details in each change. I have no invoice template so will need that doing. It has to be in a format that is good for the UK. I will provide an excel spreadsheet of the data.

  • $1225 USD Jun 23, 2014

    We are a small nonprofit based in Alexandria, VA looking for a Microsoft Access expert to help us update and periodically edit our Microsoft Access donor database. Currently, our

  • £2000 GBP Jun 23, 2014

    Upgrade and refine system written in C# back end, front end Flash.Improve functionality, upscale features and work on the aesthetics

  • £560 GBP Jun 23, 2014

    Background:Customer is a medico-legal company based in the UK. Customer uses a bespoke web based application providing CRM, financial, clinical and messaging components. This application uses Classic ASP, ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server 2008.Customer wishes to optomise the database through the use of stored procedures and views.Brief:The coder will be provided with a blank copy of the database and a list of approximately 50 queries which are currently embedded within the database. Some of these contain multiple statements which may be able to be consolidated, others may require the use of cursors.Deliverables:1. A .SQL script containing the appropriate T-SQL to create the procedures/views. Where appropriate this will be accompanied by any appropriate indexes or function to support this.2. A documented list of all stored procedures noting the name of the procedure, the required input parameters and their format and the output data.

  • $1350 USD Jun 21, 2014

    Nuvico CCTV Cameras have a web javascript based CCTV viewer. See it at user=user password=000000I need to integrate a new javascript viewer into my website which is written in ASP (old AJAX/POST BACK stuff) and in the next year we"ll be moving to a new platform that uses Kendo UI from Telerik. So I need someone who can write this viewer with my current website in mind yet keeping in mind the fact that it"ll need to be adjusted in the future for the Kendo UI stuff. (I"m only asking for the first version here)The playback viewer is actually pretty basic as you just request an image using the following format after authentication. Viewer Requirements:- Written in JavaScript- Able to be integrated into an existing ASP website (javascript modal window?)- I just need the "Playback" function of this viewer do not need the "setup", "relay control", "Channel on/off", "live view"- The script/function will just need to accept a few parameters from my website to set a starting camera to view and a time range (maybe a few other misc things)Thank You

  • £115 GBP Jun 20, 2014

    I am looking to have a Special Offers "module" added to our POS system:1) A new form should be added to "Masters" on the POS main screen (mainPOS.png)The new form should allow the "Offer" data to be added and reviewed (offers.png) as with all other modules, venue, town etc. The new table complete with relevant fields have already been added to the remote MySQL database.2) The "Session" form should be updated for "admin user" to select up to 2 special offers to run on that session. The drop-down should only show offers that relate to the current venue ie. if "Funny Girls" is selected only offers relating to Funny Girls should be displayed. (session.png)3) Photographer"s Main Display should be updated to show only the available special offers over each image. (offerbuttons.png) the labels (ie. offer 1) should display the offer name. If no offers are selected, the offer buttons should not be displayed.4) When a special offer button is pressed, the Offer Options form should be displayed (offeroptions.png)I would like it to work like this....(sampledata.png) "3 for £10" shows that k_limit, p_limit and m_limit are all equal to 3 -- the user may select up to 3 of any of those products...product_limit is also equal to 3 meaning in total only 3 products can be selected - this means the user can select any possible combination of the 3 products. If k_limit and p_limit were both equal to 2 and m_limit was equal to 1 and product_limit equals 3, the photographer may only add 1xM to the offer but any any combination of the other 2 products or if "k" "p" and "m"_limit were all set at 1 and product_limit was 3 the user would only be able to choose 1 of each of the products. If "k", "p" or "m" _limit are equal to 0, that option should not be displayed at all. - I hope this is all making sense :)When the offer is complete the corresponding items should be sent to the printerWhen this sale is recorded to the "sale" database it should be recorded as normal but with 0.00 prices + an extra record added where "Item"="Offer Name" and "Price"="offer price" The data should also be displayed in the Photographer main screen (main-orderdetails.png)5) Sales reports should have offer 1 and offer 2 added to them to display the amount of each offers used. (report.png)I have tried to include as much info as I can about this - I hope it all makes sense to you.All of the images are (badly) photoshoped screen shots meant as a visual aid :)Thanks in advance.

  • $35 USD Jun 19, 2014

    I have a CSV file wich contains following fieldsname, address, bar code, 3 more fields.Need to upload once, only one time, the CSV to a database (you need to create database)Need a form where user will introduce the barcode, if match, user will store a field that will be stored in database.Need to validate a barcode is only used one time.Need to send a confirmation email.

  • $3500 USD Jun 19, 2014

    We are seeking for a fulltime programmer to develop entire Inventory and Accounting system for a medium sized company which we have already program written via PICK language based on MV-base data serverExperience in:- Object oriented programming - .net, vb(n-tier)- SQL server and database design.- Crystal reports. - System analyses (erp systems).- Windows based applications- Proficient in English- Min 3 years’ experience

  • £450 GBP Jun 19, 2014

    We are seeking a good developer (s) to develop a fast to use streamlined database application. This is to assist in the good purchased process within our IT Company that currently makes use of a single spreadsheet. Each purchase we make of goods is entered into a spreadsheet.That data later gets imported into our accounting application Sage.So the fact it’s just currently one spreadsheet that we are turning into a database, should make it a straight forward project for anyone with relevant skills. The database may grow on to include many other features that support our internal business process and in some regards, this project is a test project for us to develop a relationship with developer(s).Initially we had strong ideas about the development / coding platform that should be used, even considering Access at one time because of the UI speed it can give (As we are from a coding background), but now we are open to anything that can give, good interface performance, is scalable (we have big ambitions) and is able to developed and well documented The attached document outlines the project in greater detail.

  • $15 USD/hr Jun 19, 2014

    We are looking for a SR .Net developer to work remotely for clients in USA. If you have more than 5 years of experience working with .Net and want to join one of the fastest growing companies of Latinamerica get in touch with us.This project is for individuals only. If you are a company, please do not apply.

  • $25 USD Apr 5, 2014

    I need a Excel worksheet for the following equation I think its a IF statement but not sure how to do the formula:::::::::::If a salesman makes $2500.01 or more then he makes 30% commission, if the salesman makes $800 to $2500 he gets 25% commission or if he makes less than $800 he gets paid $200 dollars flat fee. Send me this in a excel spreadsheet format. I also need in column A (date) Column B (stock Number) Column c (customer name) Column D (gross profit) Column E (percentage paid from formula above) Column F (count)

  • $220 USD Mar 31, 2014

    We are looking for a freelancer for a long term project to do customizations in Microsoft Dynamic Great Plain for our company, such as developing reports using crystal report and also developing screens and and doing modifications on current GP Windows.More details we can send later, but we looking for experienced developer to handle all these coming tasks. IF you are interested just bid now

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Senior Team lead

Jan 2013 - Present (1 year)

Coder Inn

Working a senior team lead where i am imparting my experience to the young ones

Senior software engineer

Jul 2012 - Oct 2012 (3 months)

Medical Lien Management

Worked as a senior member on project that utilized technologies like and Sql server.

Team Lead

Aug 2005 - Aug 2012 (7 years)


Joined as junior team member and left as a team lead . Worked on various project like ERP , EMR, Microsoft dynamics , Inventory management system etc. Worked there on technologies like WPF, Windows Forms, Silverlight and



University of the Punjab, Lahore