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  • £30.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller BrodieJohnston


    8 days ago

    Very conscientious and committed programmer. Thoughtful and intuitive solution to my problem was delivered swiftly and timeously.

    Project Description:Database to enter equipment, track equipment - allocated, in stock, faulty, in repair etc - and warn when stock levels are low
  • £20.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller Iok786

    Iok786 [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jun 17, 2014

    Project was not completed with limited/no contact from the freelancer. While cheap did not see the creation through to end

    Project Description:Hi I am looking to create a database that allows me to monitor the number of tenants I have in my house, keep a database of suppliers and also let me look at doing analysis. At this point, I understand...
  • $10.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller achjowi


    Apr 10, 2014

    Delivered on time and professionally done. Would recommend

    Project Description:Check the word document attached. First question- Part 1-is already solved (info given) I need part 2. part 2 is based on part 1 and sample answer given on how to give your answers.
  • £28.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller orange1234vw

    orange1234vw [ Incomplete Report ]

    Feb 12, 2014

    Cheap but useless. Bid "1 day" ...after a month -NOTHING but excuses.

    Project Description:I use a software called salon Iris. I want a custom Access / SQL report to give me end of day totals. I have an old report written in MS Access which did this function but now it doesn't work as the database structure in new V9 of salon Iris has changed...
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller wmasondrust

    wmasondrust [ Incomplete Report ]

    Dec 23, 2013

    The project is not completed according to the dispute

    Project Description:I am working on a Access database and I need some code to be written to enable data to be imported into the relevant tables of my access database. BDA-V2.1 is a program written and distributed as open...
  • $25.70 USD
    Profile image for Seller richierob


    Oct 2, 2013

    Danangvw was incredible! He did the assigned task in a timely manner and with great communication. He knew his SQL very well and had no problem adapting to changing requirements. Danangvw is a true a professional in the field and can be relied on for any work. Very satisfied :)

    Project Description:I need someone to help me with some tasks that has expertise knowledge in SQL, Relational Database Design, DML, DDL. This task will include modelling and writing sql too. Please only message...
  • $10.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ysw


    Oct 26, 2012

    Rating: 5.0/5.0

    Project Description:Installation of FreeCAD (a 3D CAD program) ( and all of its dependencies, including python libraries on UNIX server. The CentOS machine is a shared hosting environment.You will NOT have super-user access...
    danangvw has not completed any projects.
  • $30 USD In Progress

    The assignment is a4.pdf .. You need to read a3.pdf in order to solve a4.pdf .. i need this work back by 21st July and will pay $35

  • $25 USD In Progress

    Here I attach SQL scripts that you need to complete for this assignment - Morgan You will be creating SQL Scripts for SQL Server Database.You can open these files with your text editor (Notepad on windows or Textedit on Mac)Submit your completed scripts and responses to questions. Test your statements to make sure it works

  • €8 EUR In Progress

    All exercise will be at a txt1. Generate CREATE commands with appropriate tables PATIENT, HOSPITAL, DOCTOR and ATT_DOCTOR accordance with the specifications given in the document HOSPITAL Brief description.2. Entries with appropriate commands INSERT all hospitals in the HOSPITAL table and all the doctors in the table DOCTOR according to the document TABLES .3. Generate a table PEDIATROI, a subset of the table DOCTOR, and write a single INSERT command to enter all pediatricians table DOCTOR table PEDIATROI.4. Having at your disposal all the database tables write the appropriate SQL commands in order :a) To appear in serial code physician and hospital doctors whose name contains the letter E.b) Determine the position of the employee with the highest salary .c) Determine the number of units for each hospital .d) Determine the total ( sum ) of the beds and the number of units per hospital , but only for hospitals that have more than 2 units and sum over 100 beds .e) Which units have at least 3 nurses ?f) Find the units that have more than two employees have the same job .

  • $30 USD In Progress

    -Create a simple database applications(don"t have to be complicated) in Oracle DBMS using SQL-ERD diagram-Logical data model-Normalisation

  • $10 USD 7 days ago

    Very easy project hopefully shouldn"t take longer then 30 mins will send details

  • $30 CAD 21 days ago

    Dance Studio Access DBWe need to have the ability to enter a new list of classes, that we can populate with students registering for the upcoming dance season.The DB is only one year old, and this feature was not incorporated.We also need to establish, a starting point to the dance year of 2014-2015. We obviously want to keep all the students in the DB but we need a way to separate this coming year from last dance season and other years to come.Iam not sure how best to do that, I am hoping you have a suggestion

  • $30 AUD 22 days ago

    Need to complete the rest of my assignment that I can"t do - involves SQL and ER DiagramsQ.A group of people are setting up a car pooling arrangement and require a database to manage the information about pickup locations, drivers, passengers and the routes that will be driven. Use the following information to draw an ER diagram for the required database with the symbols and notation used in lectures and notes. You must not submit scanned or bit-mapped diagrams. This will result in reduced marks. A route is identified by a Route ID and has an associated departure time. There are many Pickup locations. Each one has a unique number known as an L number. There is also a description with details of precisely where the pickup is for that location.Each route is made up of many locations. Individual locations can appear on more than one route. People who register to use the service as a passenger are each given a P number and their name and mobile number is recorded. Other people register as drivers. They are each given their own D number and also supply their name and mobile number. Based on their needs, passengers in the system select the pickup location they prefer and record the time they expect to be at the pickup location. Routes are allocated to drivers. There are always more drivers than routes so every route has a driver. Each route starts and

  • $10 USD 23 days ago

    have them written but don"t have time to correct small errors

  • $10 USD 26 days ago

    just writing queries wont take too long

  • $15 USD 27 days ago

    Part 1:Develop two data markets; Share dimensions across data markets; Handle semi-additive measures.Requirements:You are asked to use the Foodmart database (file: FOODMART_2000.mdb) that you should first import in SQL Server Management Studio to develop a sales data market in SQL Server BI Development Studio.The first data market is about the sales business process. Your fact table should be about the sales for 1998 (be careful: not just December 1998). As dimensions, please include:• Product (be careful: product dimension is “snowflaked”)• Time (time by date)• Customer (don’t include the attributes Mi, Address2, …, Address4).• Promotion• StoreYou may wish to include several of the available attributes for the dimensions and also to introduce hierarchies, when possible. As measures in the fact table, please include:• Store Sales• Unit SalesThe second data market is about the inventory business process. Your fact table should be about the inventory for year 1998. As dimensions, please include:• Product• Time (time_by_day)• Store• Warehouse (be careful: warehouse dimension is “snowflaked”)You may wish to include several of the available attributes for the dimensions and also to introduce hierarchies, when possible. As measure in the fact table, please include:• Units orderedHere we make the assumption that after products being ordered (from the supplier), the delivery may not be always successful. Therefore, orders may be repeated over time. This way, you can treat “Units ordered” as a semi-additive measure. Please explain how you can (re-)define1 “Time by Date” as dimension of type “Time” and which Aggregate Function for averaging do you have to use for the “Units ordered” measure.DeliverablesAs deliverables for Part 1, please make:• A brief report with screen-shots and short description of the steps you followed.• One example of a screenshot from the “Browser” for the sales and one for the inventory data market (please pick just the time dimension).--------Part 2: Perform OLAP operations such as roll-up/drill-down/slice; Connect MS SQLServer with MS Excel.RequirementsYou are asked to use the “Sales” cube that you created in Part 1 and generate Excel charts for the following OLAP reports and answer the questions listed below:1. Profit with respect to Gender and Marital Status. Profit can be defined according to Store Sales (or alternatively according to Unit Sales).• Question(s): Is Marital Status a more important factor for Males or Females with respect to profit?2. Profit with respect to all Store Cities in USA and the 4 quarters of year 1998.• Question(s): Which Store City had the largest profit for the fourth quarter of 1998?3. Profit with respect to Promotions in Store State ‘OR’ of USA. Exclude ‘No promotion’ from the result.• Question(s): Which promotion resulted to the largest Profit? Please provide your comment about your answer to the last question.4. Profit with respect to Customers State Province in USA and their Marital Status for the four quarters of year 1998.• Question(s): In which State (or States) is Profit largest in the fourth Quarter of 1998; and is this happening both for ‘Married’ and ‘Single’ customers or only for one of these categories? How could you interpret this conclusion about the found state (or states), assuming that the fourth quarter of the year includes the pre Christmas (data is up to November) shopping period? Drill-down to the level of Customer City for the found state (or states) and check whether this conclusion (i.e., comparison between ‘Married’ and ‘Single’ in Q4) holds for all or some of the cities.DeliverablesAs deliverable for Part 2, please make:• Excel charts showing the results of the OLAP queries.------------------For part 3 and 4 please look at the uploaded PDF document.Budget can be extended to max. $ 50

  • $10 USD Jun 28, 2014

    Just have to ask a couple questions should not take that long

  • $250 AUD May 20, 2014

    A Microsoft Access 2010 database to manage basic information about a company"s workforce: employee name, date of birth, address, start date, age, gender, department, employment status, remuneration type, remuneration amount, essential duties/skills etc etc. The key requirement is for the company to receive notifications/print reports on key information that must be managed in accordance with important dates and historical data entered.

  • £10 GBP Mar 1, 2014

    Create a Use case diagram, class diagram and entity relationship diagram based on a given scenario.If more information is needed please ask.

  • $600 USD Dec 15, 2013

    Hello,I would like to develop a simple application for inventory for my college using Excel database which is accessed by barcode scanning.Objective:1. I have a set of datas in excel sheet (Sheet 1)(database)2. On the other sheet (Sheet 2), when i scan(using barcode) or type a reg number- respective item name and other details should be displayed.Thats it. Simple. Hope I made it clear

  • $500 USD Nov 16, 2013

    I need a database for calculating recipe costings.TABLESAs I see it this would consist of; Table 1: Suppliers - NameTable 2: Ingredient category - categoryTable 3: Units - UnitsTable 4: menu sections - sectionsTable 5: Ingredients: Ingredient name, supplier name (drop down from table 1) Ingredient category (drop down from table2), unit (drop down from table 3) cost per unitTable 6: recipes - For the recipe costings themselves I need to be able to add multiple ingredients, anything from 3 to 30 so it needs to be flexible. Also, I need to be able to add other recipes as ingredients. This could be a separate section but again I need a lot of flexibility in how many I can add. Ideally the form would start off with 1 drop down for ingredients and 1 for recipe ingredients with a button or something to add more as needed, I don"t know if that"s possible though.The info I need on the recipe table is; namemenu section(drop down table 4)recipe yieldrecipe yield unit (drop down from table 3)ingredients (multiple drop downs table 5 bringing over unit and cost per unit) Plus field for inputting quantityrecipe ingredients (multiple drop downs of recipes ordered by section/alphabetic bringing over unit and cost per unit) Plus field for inputting quantityRecipe cost: each ingredient and recipe ingredient quantity multiplied by the cost, all added together and divided by the yield amount.Table 7: DishesBasically a copy of table 6, excluding the yield and yield unit and adding a selling price field.REPORTS1. I will need a printable report of all ingredients, ordered by supplier then alphabetical with current prices and an empty filed next to each for price checking.2. A report listing all recipes from table 7 detailing name, recipe cost, selling price and a calculated field for each recipe showing "1-(recipeCost/sellingPrice) expressed as a percentage to 2 decimal points.FORMS I would want a auto start dashboard consisting of;Dash 1 - report 1, report 2, add items subform, edit items subform, other subformAdd items subform: add ingredient (new record form for table 5), add recipe (new record form for table 6) add dish (new record form for table 7)Edit items subform: edit ingredient (new record form for table 5), edit recipe (new record form for table 6) edit dish (new record form for table 7)If it is possible some way of searching for a particular item in the edit forms would be very useful.Other subform; links to edit form for the first 4 tables

  • $20 USD Oct 12, 2013

    Hello,I want to get my database assignment done in next 8 hours. It requires ERD to relational schema conversion and writing some simple iSQL query statements.I want this finished within next 8 hours.***BID ONLY IF YOU CAN MEET HE DEADLINE***40% of the assignment is already done!Budget: $25 MAX.

  • $30 USD Oct 8, 2013

    I have multiple servers linux and i want limit ssh connection 1 user in all servers.Like:Server1 -> user1 logged.If user1 try to connect in Server2 him got kick from Server1.If user1 try to connect in Server1 him got kick of last connection on Server1.It can not consume too much cpu and bandwitch.

  • $40 USD Oct 1, 2013

    Creating and inserting data into a hash table, and retrieving data using hash functions. Professional java programmers required as this is not an easy task. Refer to attached files, your job is to complete Part B of "Your Task" file. The sample output of program is in the Java sample output file.

  • £3 GBP/hr Aug 25, 2013

    Hello,I have a database which contains:IDDateResponsible IDOrder AmountI need graphs to be created, ideally a PIE CHART or LINE GRAPH to be displayed on a web page that are for individual people and to be displayed for the day and month (couple of pie charts). This page basically is a tutorial ( but anybody with knowledge on how to do this should be able to do it pretty easily.

  • $111 USD Jul 20, 2013

    Need to install&configure mail server on CentOS 6 with multiple domains support, based on dovecot, postfix, openchange, samba4 and sogo web interface

  • $40 USD Jun 30, 2013

    Hellowould be interested in doing my small task. I must have made ​​a form to a database with the following information.First Name (text)Surname (text)Worked Status (dropdown)Password (text)Picture (Attachement)Address:Road (text)City (text)Country (text)Mobile (Number)Landline (Number)Education (text)Status (text)Mail (text)Caregivers name (text)Relatives Mobile (Number)CPR number (Number)Tax (dropdown)Bank details:Reg No (Number)Account No. (Number)It is importent with a secure login page as well. I would prefer a 2 step authentication verification.

  • $100 USD Jan 12, 2013

    Read the configuration of the blocks from an input file. Replace the current world with the read configuration. Specific command needs to be implemented allowing this to happen at any point; Allow for block movements (command needed); Allow for blocks being cleared (command needed); Allow for blocks being filled with a specified volume. Blocks should be cleared up in order to be filled (command needed); Allow for UNDO and REDO of commands; Limit the space on the floor and the stack"s height; Store the history of operations in a HSQL database; Display the historical operations between two dates (command needed).

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