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Software Engineer

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Location: Braga, Portugal

Member since: August 2009



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  • €120 EUR
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    Feb 11, 2014

    Once again I have to say that Daniela is a great and accurate translator

    Project Description:Hi again Daniela, Antonio, the person who manages the 'LabelJoy' project here at eDisplay, sent me a new Word file that refers to LabelJoy. It should be translated into Portuguese... Please, could you...
  • €140 EUR
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    Feb 6, 2014

    As usual, Daniela has done some very good work :)

    Project Description:Hello, We need the translation from English into Portuguese, from a Portuguese native speaker, of a Word document. The document's content is related to the website of a labeling and bar-code generation software: Label Joy ( )...
  • $555 USD
    Profile image for Seller timoho


    Jan 28, 2014

    Developer provides high-quality code and don't hesitate to ask for better understanding.

    Project Description:I'm searching for c#(.NET 2.0) developer to scrape data from Project should be provided with source code. Needed data from site in details: Kinds of sports: soccer, hockey, basketball, handball, volleyball (all but baseball)...
  • $16.5 USD
    Profile image for Seller kabo2190

    kabo2190 [ Incomplete Report ]

    Dec 19, 2013

    take up the project , but cannot complete

    Project Description:BID ONLY IF YOU HAVE EXPERIENCE IN ANTLR ,ANTLRWORKS2 and JAVA I want a query parser engine .Consider this example SELECT Employees.LastName, COUNT (Orders.OrderID) AS NumberOfOrders FROM Orders INNER...
  • €44 EUR
    Profile image for Seller edisplaytt


    Dec 16, 2013

    Everything is perfect and meticulous as usual, thank you! :)

    Project Description:Hello, we need the translation from English into Portuguese, from a Portuguese native speaker, of the text file that's in attachment (original TXT file will be sent after accepting the project). It's very important to keep spacing and HTML tags untouched...
  • $222 USD
    Profile image for Seller edisplaytt


    Dec 11, 2013

    We always award our translation projects to Daniela and she always does a perfect work. She deserves a medal! :-)

    Project Description:Hello, We have a Word document of about 4000 words. Document contains text that's related to a SMTP service website ( ). We need the translation of the document from English into Portuguese...
  • $194 CAD
    Profile image for Seller cmcdonaldca


    Dec 10, 2013

    Daniela was excellent to work with. Very communicative and very efficient. Also, she went above and beyond the call of duty by finding out problems and improving on items in the job.Would definitely hire again!

    Project Description:I need a French word document converted into a text-file. The text-file is completely all filled in with the specific format all in English. So the task is to go to the relevant section in the French word document and copy and paste the text into the English text-file over top of the English text...
  • $111 USD
    Profile image for Seller protein007


    Nov 29, 2013

    Daniela responded immediately to my bid. Her solution was working perfectly, and it was a clean solution from programmers point of view. She also asked a lot of questions, which helped to avoid problems during the project. I will definitely hire her for such project again.

    Project Description:Write a script, in PHP, C#, VB or ASP.NET, that will extract all tracking data from this URL: The number in the URL is the parameter for the script...
  • $98 USD
    Profile image for Seller eltonxhemali


    Nov 27, 2013

    As always, Daniela is a first class professional programmer!!! Thank you very much.

    Project Description:Programmatically Insert an image into a PDF as a stamp as per attached files. (a winform with all options is attached as well as the final output). The final product should be a single image inserted at a specific position within a size envelope of a PDF file...
  • $70 USD
    Profile image for Seller edisplaytt


    Jul 19, 2013

    Translation form English into Portuguese was really accurate. Once again Daniela has helped us with an excellent work :)

    Project Description:Hello, We need the translation from English into Portuguese of some phrases we need for a website about a SMTP service. Translation consists of less than 600 words, some of them are repeated several times...
    danieladacruz has not completed any projects.
  • $444 USD In Progress

    I need c# developer for this project.Using HtmpAgilityPack preferred. Project should be provided with source codeAim: To scrape football (only!) data from ( - base link)Needed data: List of games. Game data: date(dateTime), team1(string), team2(string), score1(int),score2(int), period scores (only first and second, we need no extraTime), ListOfTeam1GoalMinutes, ListOfTeam2GoalMinutes (we do not need goal minutes >90)How do I see program will work:Our aim is to get all data from one country. So:1)User see form with only combobox to select country. acc to it will be “International”, “Regional competitions: Europe”, … “Yemen”, “Zambia”. If user select item and press “OK” - go to 2)2)User see form with grid with checkBox columns - seasons, and rows - leagues of selected country. Per default all possible cells are checked, but columns with 2014 year. User is able to uncheck(and check later) leagues/seasons he need. User is not able to check cells where is no season. When user press “OK”, we create Dictionarywhere key string - league to string, f. ex “Super League”, key KeyValuePair - season - 2013/2014 or 2013/2013 etcand fill it according to user selecting. For current moment Lists are empty3)foreach (league in hash.Keys)foreach (season in hash[league].Keys]){3a)get all season data, 3b)fill hash[league][season]3c) show form with list of downloaded games; there is only grid with columns date/team1/team2/score/period scores/team1 goals/team2 goals}

  • $27 USD In Progress

    I require a very simple indicator drawing the square root on a ninjatrader chart

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    This project is for C# code that will export emails and attachments from Outlook PST/OST files into text files and associated attachments (PDF"s, JPGs, etc). If the exported email is saved to "email001.txt" then the associated attachment would be saved to "email001.attachment001.ext" (ext being the proper extension). Outlook/MS Office will **not** be present and can not be used to do the exporting. If you have any questions or need clarification please let me know. Thanks!

  • $1412 USD In Progress

    Basically with this project we manufacture a wide variety of Rubber Stamps and Embossing seals which we are required to make to state specifications. Currently we have a manual printout that we keep all the records for in a binder and we are looking to create a small application and database for easier maintenance. We plan on using this database on a Server running SBS 2011 and approximately 7 users will have this database open at a time. We are not set on a specific technology and/or database for this application so whichever will be the easiest and most efficient to do. There is a lot of information which is needing to be stored and I have a rough mock-up in the Word Document with a detailed layout.

  • $76.47 USD In Progress

    [Project Description hidden]

  • $76.47 USD In Progress

    [Project Description hidden]

  • $228.57 USD In Progress

    [Project Description hidden]

  • $300 USD In Progress

    The? project consists in porting about 15"000 lines of VB 6 code to C#. This is an application used for 3D CAD. It uses OpenGL (so some adaptations may also be required here). There are 23 modules (9 forms, 5 Class modules, and the rest are .bas). There is also a help file in .hlp format. Delivery should be the full project including setup project.

  • €70 EUR May 17, 2013

    Need a Portuguese template, with map of cities to OS Class. For a dating web page, only 6 categoriesWe are Portuguese, and we pay. i give you the basic files, with the basic template. regards

  • €250 EUR Apr 3, 2013

    Fazer com que os clientes cadastrados no nosso site (, sejam importados para o Group-office automaticamente.Criar modulo sms para o group-office, utilizando as api do, tendo em conta que , a sms de aniversario, deverá ser enviada automaticamente. E deverá ser possível agendar o envia de sms em lote. Definir horários em que não é possível enviar sms.Obs.: Essa é a ideia basica...sinceramente, não sei se poderá ser feita de forma diferente, já que os dados para o nosso site, por um software em C (ETPOS), que gera ficheiros xml, com esses dados...Sendo assim deixo também o meu contato, caso deseje tirar alguma duvida, já que o valor que coloquei na proposta pode estar errado...Obs.: A nossa Empresa é de Braga.Tlm.: 939673700Com os melhores cumprimentos,Paulo Henriques

  • $1500 USD Mar 3, 2013

  • $40 USD Mar 1, 2011

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External Developer

Dec 2011 - Present (2 years)


I developed several parsers to Checkmarks: Objective-C, Ruby, and currently developing PL/SQL.

Auxiliar Professor

Mar 2009 - Present (5 years)

Universidade Lusófona do Porto

I teach Programming Languages (C, C#, Java,, Algorithms and Data Structures, Language Processing and Compilers, Software Testing and Software Analysis and Transformation.



Universidade do Minho


5-years Degree, Computer Science

Universidade do Minho