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Location: Cikarang, Indonesia

Member since: September 2011



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  • $80 USD
    Profile image for Seller franklinfu


    13 days ago

    Simply the best. Will work with him any day of the week.

    Project Description:excel data extracting and refreshing - need VBA programmer
  • $500 AUD
    Profile image for Seller RenJB


    Mar 12, 2014

    Very professional and dedicated, will definitely use his service again.

    Project Description:Fixed project Macro transformation from old source to new compatible Windows
  • $30 USD
    Profile image for Seller redmiyad


    Mar 10, 2014

    Good Work.<br/>

    Project Description:Please work on this function.
  • £50 GBP
    Profile image for Seller KFurnell


    Feb 28, 2014

    Fantastic work, excellent excel skills and support. Very pleased with job. Thank you Daniel

    Project Description:I have a marketing schedule spreadsheet in Excel with multiple tabs for separate projects. Each tab details a list of tasks to be completed in a month order. I need a new that lists by month and pulls in the relevant tasks from all the other tabs...
  • $45 USD
    Profile image for Seller iworship2006


    Feb 27, 2014

    Always delivers. A top person to do my coding for excel

    Project Description:I have a sheet that was working but for some reason it stopped pulling results off a website. I need you to check the work and fix the problem.
  • $100 USD
    Profile image for Seller iworship2006


    Feb 7, 2014

    Difinately worth working with him. Has a lot of patience and communicates well. Definitely recommended and looking forward to work with him again

    Project Description:I have a sheet that was made but need minor adjustment on it. The coding is locked but the maker is not communicating so offering the project to another person who can duplicate the sheet and make slight modifications...
  • $35 USD
    Profile image for Seller Riteclick


    Jan 24, 2014

    This Freelancer was perfect to work with and had no problem doing adjustments on his work. Will definitely hire again.

    Project Description:I have a workbook with multiple sheets designed to track product and product cost changes from my supplier which i need to upload on a weekly basis. My supplier breaks up their products and costing in categories...
  • $544.0799999999999 USD
    Profile image for Seller Erick1984


    Jan 21, 2014

    He's one of the best freelancer working on this site!<br/>Excellent work as usual. Thanks Daniel!<br/>Another work that is very satisfactory.<br/>Daniel never change. Always great.<br/>Still one of my best translators in his language.<br/>Never changed a bit. Always awesome working with him.

    Project Description:This is the project for the upkeep for the website.
  • $40 USD
    Profile image for Seller SDSolutionsUK


    Jan 15, 2014

    Very helpful and Knowledgeable. Will use again

    Project Description:We would like to be able to automatically transfer Data from specific fields on a excel spreadsheet to automatically transfer the the data to another excel spreadsheet for data import. We would like this to be automatic so that we can run it as often as needed...
  • $30 USD
    Profile image for Seller tzeepora


    Jan 5, 2014

    Thanks Again for the quick turnover time.<br/>Great job and quick delivery. Thanks!

    Project Description:Please work on this function.
    danielgpratidya has not completed any projects.
  • $15 USD/hr In Progress

    Hello Daniel! Would you be interested in translating our kids app description from english to indonesian? Unfortunately I have decided last minute to also have it in indonesian, so I would need it very fast, let&quot;s say in the next 10 hours. But it is not that much! I offer you 60 US$. Please write each translated sentence / each translated keyword below the english version, so we know which is which. Please let me know, if you could do it! Thank you and greetings from Switzerland.

  • $8 USD/hr In Progress

    This is the project for the upkeep for the website.

  • $15 USD/hr Yesterday

    Hello, we have few macros to develop around 25, in this month, and we are looking for a freelancer or few freelancers who can develop macros, we now have 5 macros to start with, even you are new freelancer with macro skills you can bid, thanksNote : place bids per hourly as at the moment we can give exact work to handle, thanks

  • $50 AUD 3 days ago

    Adapted existing excel from another costing spreadsheet.All existing formulas don&quot;t work anymore. All details have imputed and set up, need someone to put the formulas in so each section adds up at the right place.

  • $30 USD 3 days ago

    Need to send emails via outlook from Excel based on certain triggers

  • $70 USD 3 days ago

    -Optimization of import of data - the running of the macro/vba should not be visible to the user-Update of the data reference used as the source for pivot tables-Refresh of pivot tables and data layout when importing csv-User friendly error message if cvs import is not in the expected format- automatic renaming of headers on imported data- combination of pivot filters (from 2 data sources)

  • $50 USD 4 days ago

    I have an small existing Excel based program that was created entirely within Excel VBA. It accepts system time/date input upon pressing a “start” button and again for a “stop” button and then calculates the interval period and records it along with other data into an Access database file. Occasionally the system time freezes within the program for some reason and while the start time is always accurate, the stop time will always be the same as the start time and the elapsed time will show zero minutes because of the freeze. There is no consistency to the problem and I cannot reproduce the failure upon demand.I have, however, discovered a work-around that I would like to incorporate into the program to effectively fix this bug. The existing “stop” button stops and records the elapsed time and proceeds to a different page to allow additional input. Upon an instance when the time freezes, if I hit “stop”, go to that page, but then hit “back” the system time immediately adjusts itself and unfreezes. I can then immediately hit the “stop” button again and now my final entries will all be with the correct times.This seems to work even if I make this stop-back-stop sequence very quickly. I want someone to change the function of the “stop” button to incorporate this sequence into its function, if possible. The new “stop” button would function as it does now, except that within ½ second or so it would go “back” and within another ½ second or so return to the “stop” page to wait for the additional input as normal.Another consideration is that the existing code is password protected and the original programmer has forgotten what the password is. The included copyright material and license agreement clearly shows ownership in my name. It would be nice if the password were removed, but not absolutely necessary.

  • $100 AUD 6 days ago

    More photos will follow tomorrow having trouble uploading with the iPad.Hi,I am looking for sme inspiration for my wedding dress.To like something I need to love it. And when I see the right thing I know that&quot;s it!The problem is that I have looked at hundreds or even thousands of wedding dresses online and I just cannot see it happening...Now this contest is for you to post designs of dresses only, not to make the dress. If of course I can tell that you understand what I am after I would consider the opportunity for you to make the dress, too.I hope that you will see this contest as a bit of a challenge but one that is fun for you at the same time. This will be my magical day and I would like even the preparations to be a bit different (such as posting this ;).Alright, here is the brief:I want a dress which is beautiful, not too sexy but also not too conservative. It needs to be soft, but heavy (as in material) at the same time. I probably would prefer strapless but I would consider a very soft type of pearly/beady/diamondy strap type (maybe just one) if at all. I don&quot;t want the dress to be over and over with diamonds as I don&quot;t care for them. I do like little nick nacks though as long as they are nice and not kitschy.I would like a vintage style dress, something like in the 19hundreds but combined with some modern touches. I would like a majestic dress which is at the same time somewhat playful.I am quite slim, a size 8 in regular clothes. Slim hips and ok boobs (not huge though). I am about 168cm, blond and have short hair.I know that some of the things I listed in the brief sound a bit like they wouldn&quot;t make sense, but this is why I am posting it here. The dress I want is not out there...Cannot wait to see some ideas. I have attached a few photos for inspiration (but not what I want), and a photo of myself.Thank you!Any questions please ask.

  • $100 AUD 11 days ago

    Hey Daniel,Sorry have been in touch in a while. Have some work thats needs to be done but tight budget. Its a simple project. I have attached a file with the specifications. Let me know if you would be able to help. There is also some raw sample data for you to look at from which the reporting worksheets need to be created. One thing I forgot to mention in the specification is that we need the ability to sort the columns in each of the reporting worksheets. Also the last work you did for me, are we able to work more on it but instead of a excel platform, more in a vb or any other platform that we can load on our website with a login and access the details. Let me know.

  • $100 USD 12 days ago

    Context: Creating an excel sheet with a schedule for 95 individuals. Use excel functions and VBA macros to place individuals to perform a different duty every week. Everyone should have approximately the same amount of time at each duty.I have 5 teams of 19 individuals. Every four weeks, the workers switch to a different location. There is a total of 95 spots to be covered:- Site 1: Has 12 spots- Site 2: 6 spots- Site 3: 3 spots- Site 5: 9 spots... etc.- Vacation: 8 spotsEveryone needs 4 weeks of vacation every 1 year.I already have an excel with this information:- Name of individual- Level of individual (either 1, 2 or 3 - depending on their experience)- List of locations arranged by which week of the year.I will need VBA macros to achieve the following:- Ensure that each spot is covered by an appropriate person with an appropriate level (e.g. site 2 has 6 spots, 3 must be covered with a more experienced person level 2 or 3)- Assign each worker to a location.- Ensure there are no duplicates.- Everyone needs to have the same number of exposure to each site.More details will be provided.

  • £80 GBP 13 days ago

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $90 USD 13 days ago

    I am looking to design a work book for my office and staff that will have data entry logs along with autoforms I have started to create and learn them. I am seeking someone to work with me in designing this data entry for my company. Thank you

  • $90 USD 15 days ago

    We sell cabinet sets, each set include 2-5 component pieces. We need excel to track our inventory by the SET, also by the components. -The first tab need to show Amount of each model by SET. -The second tab need to show amount by component.-We will manually adjust the quantity shipped by set each day (see attachment 1), when full set quantity is adjusted, each component quantity in tab 2 will adjust accordingly. When adjusting the component count in tab 2, the set count in tab 1 will adjust as well.ExampleItem Set - B30-DSComponent1 B30-DS-CB Component2 B30-DS-CTEach set need &quot;1&quot; of each of the component aboveIf Current component show 5 B30-DS-CB , 8 Component2 B30-DS-CT, then Tab 1 set count will be &quot;5&quot;if 1 set is deducted from tab 1, component count in tab 2 will change to 4 B30-DS-CB, 7 Component2 B30-DS-CTThe first tab will need to display as attachment, each &quot;1&quot; with in the week means minus (shipped) 1. We can start a new sheet every month to keep the sheet clean. The sheet will need a template for a full month, with adding and subtracting for total.The second tab or new tab will need to have a column for adding inventory, when we receive new shipment, we will add the number of new arrival components, this will change the total component count in tab 2 and total set count in tab 1Please make each other row alternative color for each read.Total 119 items and 333 component counts.The spreadsheet needs to be able to upload as a google spreadsheet or MS spreadsheet for editingPlease do one item as an example

  • $15 USD/hr Mar 20, 2014

    Hi - heard a lot of good things about you. so want to offer you this project before I open to the public. The below is the outline. Will be happy to hear your estimated time as it depends on few things from below. Thanks!-------------------The goal is to a) automatic the process as much as possible as I will be updating the file on a daily basis and b) keep the file to be relatively small and c) allow me to expand the code in the future if neededIn the &quot;end-file&quot; jpg, this is the master excel spreadsheet where data is stored, the data highlight in blue needs to come from &quot;root-data&quot; jpg (which is also an excel), and root-data is downloaded externally from a program (please refer to download-program.jpg).There are 40-50 securities in the &quot;end-file&quot; jpg, one of the challenges is to make sure they match each other from the root file. Root file is also a vertical entry where end file is a horizontal entry. Again root-file is an excel that is generated by a external program (download-program jpg).If you look at the yellow-highlighted area of end-file, it is where the identity of the securities are shown, it will be great if there is a mechanism in which, i just change the yellow are and all the blue-data will loaded correctly accordingly. If you have a way to integrate the external download program into your code in order to further streamline the process, I am more than happy to learn about it. Not sure if I made myself clear, I am travelling but can do a video call with you if needed.

  • $150 USD Mar 19, 2014

    saya pengen bekerja sampingan mengentri data seperti yang bapak tulis td,tapi saya bingung saya gak punya kredit card

  • $80 USD Mar 6, 2014

    This is a very quick & easy assignment. I need a simple excel program to take user input with location vs date/ time, and draw a bar-chart. The timescale is on the left and right, and the locations named by number format. For advanced user in VBA programming, this task can be completed very very quick.

  • $150 USD Feb 24, 2014

    A video player that will be used to do sport video replay.Features required:- slowmotion;- mark in -mark out points that create a sub-playlist;- easy timeline to search through out the video;optional:- ablitiy to record video from a live source (via USB port using a device that converts video signal, probably H.264, to USB)

  • $15 USD/hr Jan 29, 2014

    I require an excel macro to be developed now, it would be able to copy the current row and paste contents based on the current row.

  • $80 USD Jan 24, 2014

    i m expert in this field...i do this job nearly about 4 years...i m so tallented...i can do any work of excel...

  • £50 GBP Jan 22, 2014

    I have a marketing schedule spreadsheet in Excel with multiple tabs for separate projects. Each tab details a list of tasks to be completed in a month order. I need a new that lists by month and pulls in the relevant tasks from all the other tabs. So this would become a master of all tabs. Eg if I updated a task in a sub tab, it would automatically update in the master

  • ₹9000 INR Jan 7, 2014

    Hi,Please find attached our company profile. We have experienced in all type of non voice process. Recently we also doing voice also. So we are regarding process outsourcing from you.Thanks for your supportRegards,S.RajamanickamIT & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGERFirst Choice ServicesSalem - 636006TAMILNADU, INDIA+91-994-086-7861

  • $15 USD/hr Jan 5, 2014

    I am a student and have line job for money please gave me a job for money thanks Mr. danielgpratidya.I am a student and have line job for money please gave me a job for money thanks Mr. danielgpratidya.I am a student and have line job for money please gave me a job for money thanks Mr. danielgpratidya.

  • $150 USD Dec 8, 2013

    I want to work part time such a data entry and work with excel. I can type by using 10 fingers quickly. I also understand work with excel. So I hope I can work with you. I believe, I can give the best skill and satisfying job for you.

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Factory Manager

May 2007 - Jan 2012 (4 years)

PT. Elcapack Jaya

A Food and Beverage packaging company which held in Cikarang, Jawa Barat Indonesia.<br />Duties : Managing all factory activities including production, warehousing, finance/accounting and Quality Assurance.<br />Total employee of 150 people.



Institut Pertanian Bogor



SAP Training

Nestle Indonesia

Completion upon Training on SAP software application, majoring in Material Handling, Inventory control, and Stock Management

Certificate of Appreciation (Speaker)

Faculty of Economy, University of Indonesia invited me to become Speaker on StudentPreuner Events at Faculty of Economy, University of Indonesia on Dec 8th, 2012.<br />Theme: "Even Student could make their own money online"<br />They awarded me a Certificate of Appreciation as Speaker here.


Me and My Family


About me and my family member Launching

This event was become some new experience to me as I became the 2nd speaker after Vice President of Growth of Mr. Willix Halim.<br /> asked me to give testimonial speach for what have I gathered succesfully during 1 year of using this wonderful and helpful website.<br />I spoke in front of more than 40 medias in Indonesia, and that was awesome!<br /><Jakarta, Oct 3rd 2012>

Certificate of Appreciation

Faculty of Economy, University of Indonesia invited me to become Speaker on StudentPreuner Events at Faculty of Economy, University of Indonesia on Dec 8th, 2012.<br />Theme: "Even Student could make their own money online"<br />They awarded me a Certificate of Appreciation as Speaker here.



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