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  • $700 USD Mar 29, 2014

    Take demo codeAdd at the bottom 3 subscription "Stripe" payment options and php (individual, company, enterprise) prices in circles, green paymeny button under eachAdded at the bottom Olark code for real time help

  • $3000 AUD Mar 24, 2014

    As a Senior Web Developer you will bring a breadth of technology help guide decisions on the future technical direction of the product for an exciting start up based in Brisbane, Australia.What You Need for this Position- PHP 5, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery- Working knowledge of integration with 3rd party APIs- Excellence in programming, debugging, and implementation skills- 5+ years of PHP and MySQL development experience- Skills in writing creating/setting up map overlays - latitude and longitude- Flexibility and dependability- Excellent communication and collaboration skills- Bonus points for: MS-SQL, iOS, Android, HTML5, CSS3 What You Will Be Doing- Working alongside a UX Designer and Tester you will be writing code for a new website (front end will be a responsive WordPress Theme) for the accommodation industry 100% designed in house (no frameworks or major 3rd party api"s).- Creating a matching engine ie so that Party A"s specified parameters match with Party B"s parameters and return an image gallery of results showing all party B"s that match onto the page.- Creating Facebook Sign up integration and will pre-fill fields into a profile page- Making the site transactional with membership sign ups- Preparing the website for live environment- Documenting technical specifications- Prioritizing tasks and daily activities- Creating 4 step workflows for when guests sign up and create their profiles.- Creating a dashboard for users which includes a calendar of availability.To apply, please provide 2 referees, along with your resume, and links to your website/s and work.

  • £250 GBP Mar 16, 2014

    ScenarioNESCOM SolutionsElliott Beken established a small networking company near Epsom in 2010. His company started providing small network solutions and currently is one of the most well-known networking companies in Surrey. They have acquired new premises which consist of a large 5 storey office block measuring approximately 90 metres by 50 metres. At the moment each floor is divided into 16 rooms. However, it is possible that could change if necessary. It is intended that the top floor will be for office staff managers and trainers. The main servers are also expected to be installed on this floor.The following groups of workers and rooms have been identified as a requirement:•90 Training rooms each of which consists of 30 computers and 2 printers•10 Offices each containing 15 computers and 2 printers•14 Training staff rooms each containing 20 staff and 2 printers•15 Managerial offices, each containing a manager and personal assistant each with their own computer and printer.•2 Server room with 18 servers•The company would also like to include IP phones in all computing offices, managers and personal assistants offices and one per training room.It is intended that at least 2 of the training rooms will be for Apple courses and that these should be on their own network.10 of the rooms are to be used for CISCO and Microsoft courses and these will need to be capable of being isolated from the main network infrastructure; however there will also be occasions when these will need to connect to the company domain.Elliott decided to use as its internal private address for their network.You are required to design the network infrastructure and produce an individual report on your design for NESCOM solutions._____________________________1.1Evaluate current routing hardware and routing protocols (make assumptions as necessary with clear justification)(M2 – You should use a range of methods to present your findings and a good level of technical language in your report). 1.2 Evaluate device and network management for this scenario.1.3 Evaluate current security requirements (make assumptions as necessary with clear justification)(M2 – You should use a range of methods to present your findings and a good level of technical language in your report).

  • $1500 USD Mar 9, 2014

    I have a website that I&quot;m very happy with.http://www.simplerwork.comIt has multiple sets of pages/sections that work very well for me:• Homepage• Six sections with multiple sub-pages• A store (All downloadable e-products, no shipping/physical products)• A Blogger blog associated with itMy web guy has done a great job over almost two decades.On portions of the site, he&quot;s done a fantastic job of meeting very complicated specs.But (due to my circumstances and my direction in the past), the site&quot;s been cobbled together, without complete reexamination.I&quot;m very open to changes you would suggest... But for these early discussions, assumeit&quot;s copying-over/rebuilding this site pretty much as is... (with 10%-25% changes based on your new advice)There are two core issues I need addressed:1. I&quot;m not leveraging the most current social media and site interactivity capabilities.Where and how would you recommend bringing this site up to 2014+ capabilities?(Keeping in mind it&quot;s called > s i m p l e r w o r k < for a reason... Not into bells and whistlesjust for the sake of eye-candy)2. I&quot;m no coder, but I can do basic-level Average Joe kind of stuff (blog designs/postings etc)The way my site is now, only my web guy can make changes (which is very costly for me).e.g., If I wanna change © 2013 to © 2014 or rewrite a line of text or enlarge/reduce an image,or inserting a new item on a page, etc... I gotta go thru him. (Access to me has been denied by him... Yeah, yeah... Let&quot;s not go there on that)I need to change that so that for much of the updating and basic changes, I can do them myselfCan you help me?

  • $700 AUD Mar 6, 2014

    We require a website to be developed with an easy to use and functional cms, e-commerce payment system, mobile compatability, no flash, all html5 and css3 frameworks. The more interactive the better. Extremely high quality examples will be required before the project is awarded.

  • $250 USD Feb 25, 2014

    Hi Guys,Here we have another project for you to grab.We are looking for someone whom can make a Taxi company website. Its Logo is on the website and website must match the logo.Only 5 pages website including Contact us page, ONLINE BOOKING, online payment. Ok guys, show us some nice designs so we can choose from. We will not award the project or consider your bid UNLESS you show us the concept design. WORDPRESS IS NOT ACCEPTED HERE. THE WHOLE WEBSITE MUST BE HTML, PHP AND EDITABLE IN DREAMWEAVER DESIGN MODE.ThanksHappy Bidding.

  • $750 USD Feb 23, 2014

    We have a website that is partially done and need someone who is creative and talented to finish it. It involves a bit of artwork that is provided.The site is a recipe site where users can submit recipes. It also will show some of our recipes. It has informational articles which we&quot;ll need a template designed for in addition to a blog feature about various topics. The admin (us) chooses the topic and people can comment about it through a blog. It should also tie into an ecommerce platform such as Big Commerce. For example, along the right column of the home page may be &quot;Featured Products&quot; which you&quot;ll pull from the ecommerce site, Featured Blogs and Informational Articles. In addition, there are two custom fonts that we have made that need to be installed throughout the site. (They may already be but we need to be sure this will be throughout sections you&quot;ll create.)Looking for someone who is dependable, talented at what they can do and can work on it now. I will provide the url to those who show competency in this area and who we may be interested in working with. The site will need to be responsive and mobile app installed. You will also have to sign a non-disclosure agreement.Thanks!

  • $555 USD Feb 12, 2014

    I need somebody to help me with some work I am behind. I need somebody that is good with data entry.

  • $750 USD Feb 5, 2014

    controlling the street light by saving man power through computer using written programming on computer.

  • $20 AUD Feb 1, 2014

    i urgently need a macro written. I need a macro to have lines duplicated one under another 10 columns across. 20000 rows long. I will send an example when the project is awarded.

  • $25 USD Jan 27, 2014

    Hi.this is very simple javascript/jquery project.I need to fix jquery slider very quickly.Please bid now.Thanks

  • $4 USD/hr Jan 25, 2014

    Hi,I need someone to login to my client yahoo group and copy/paste the details of all emails.It has around ~500 emails and each has around ~6 messages .I see a total ~4000 messages totally .You job : Login to yahoo group , click emails one by one and copy paste the details like sender,date,message content etc.Please check my 50 reviews , i will pay good after the completion so pls dont bug with milestones.(if you dont agree, please dont place bids)I think it may take ~10 hrs for dedicated person with good net speed.Please find the attached file, sheet1 is where i want you do start the work .(each row has 6 columns) one row correspond to one message under the email.Thanks,weblords

  • £150 GBP Jan 21, 2014

    I have a marketing schedule spreadsheet in Excel with multiple tabs for separate projects. Each tab details a list of tasks to be completed in a month order. I need a new that lists by month and pulls in the relevant tasks from all the other tabs. So this would become a master of all tabs. Eg if I updated a task in a sub tab, it would automatically update in the master

  • $600 USD Jan 17, 2014

    program to analyze music drums and create custom files.i&quot;m developing a game similar to guitar hero, but this game is based on drum notes. I need someone to create a program that reads a mp3 or a midi file, analyze the music/beat, extract the drums information and create a txt file to the game reads it.i need this made ASAP, this is not an easy task, if you aren&quot;t 100% sure you can do this task, don&quot;t bid, i can&quot;t lose time with non serious bidders.i have attached, a song with the txt file with the notes the game reads, the song attached is just an example, it&quot;s not based on drums, but you can see how the output file must be, and some of the information it must have.the game will be sent to the winning bidder for better analysis on how it works.

  • $155 USD Jan 2, 2014

    i need Software for url referres Sameif you want in the Browser open writed browser Dont open google site open i dont want for host file

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Development Engineer

Jan 1993 - Dec 1999 (6 years)


Working development applications in low level programing, assembler and other mid level compilers.


Master in Systems Engineering

Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería