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Bo Zhang

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Username: dboyzhang

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Location: Pudong, China

Member since: June 2006



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  • $65.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller coolbrat


    3 days ago

    great guy! Will hire again. Delivered on time and on budget.

    Project Description:All you have to do is collect data from a page that is being posted in a form. Then save it in a database and post it on a page (admin panel) with 3 status options (dropdown). The status can be changed inside the admin panel and is updated in the Database when its is changed in the admin panel...
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller blevensa


    15 days ago

    Thank you again! Very knowledgeable in his field. Will certainly be working with future projects.

    Project Description:We will discuss the layout and requirements for building a Questions and Answer type system that a user can build a custom survey message system.
  • $120.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Icamz


    29 days ago

    Great work, always thinks of the things that I forget.

    Project Description:1. pdf deposit image 2. log 3. delete agent account if no login after 6 months 4. display icamzlive referred customers on agent dashboard As discussed.
  • $150.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller montyrach


    Jun 3, 2014

    Love working with this freelancer. Always by go to person for anything PHP or Wordpress related.

    Project Description:Query Results Sorting & Pagination
  • $90.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller montyrach


    May 22, 2014

    This freelancer is always a joy to work with. Offers innovative and lasting solutions to my developing woes.

    Project Description:Thumbnail help and mortgage calculator help
  • $126.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller rubinse


    May 20, 2014

    Good freelancer, excelent work, choose them is awesome.

    Project Description:Hello, I need a developer for a script coded in PHP for the translation of my website, my site use a language detection currently with variables in PHP, I'd like to have a simple tool that allows me...
  • $36.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller blevensa


    May 19, 2014

    Great Freelancer! Will use again for any PHP job. Very professional and knowledgeable.<br/>

    Project Description:Ongoing PHP, MySQL work with Ajax
  • $105.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller HeliumVola


    May 19, 2014

    Good communication, fast work and the codes script works as requested. Surly a food freelancer!

    Project Description:Development of a simple JQuery frontend for entering cooking recipes in a DB. The script must * collect title, category, calories, cooking time, difficulty * handle any number of ingredients in a grid like manner...
  • $136.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller AcesPlay


    May 8, 2014

    Very outstanding work! Will be hiring again very soon!

    Project Description:I need a script built that does nothing more then to show the buyer a cost of items. For instance, we offer the buyer price breaks if they buy more of the same product. If they buy 1 - 12 items they are...
  • $25.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller montyrach


    May 4, 2014

    Always a pleasure. This freelancer is beyond capable.

    Project Description:Fix agent mapping from agent1 to listing_agent
    Bo Zhang has not completed any projects.
  • $300 USD In Progress

    Dynamic form generator as discussed. Example was supplied. Several small milestones.

  • $24 USD In Progress

    I currently use php shell programs to take multiple csv/xls files and combine them into a single output csv file. I currently Have a need to combine the code of 2 php files which is first processing file and the second currently checks to make sure output matches up with original feeds information for data checking. If this is done in a timely matter there will be future projects involving these files and would give you first shot at those as well.

  • $18 USD/hr In Progress

    Similar to, I want users to be able to create an account, save their favorite listings, request showings easily for their favorite listings, create email alert for new listings of a certain search (1 bedroom in Dubai Marina between 90,000 and 120,000 price as example) then also see their most recent properties viewed on the homepage dashboard.

  • $142 AUD In Progress

    I am currently a reseller for TTP WholesaleI am looking for someone to develop a plugin simular to this: The plugin must work for registrations to TTP Wholesale, I can provide you with the API Documentation.I have got a working PHP code however I will like to have it modified into a 4 step process1. check availability2. Add Contact Details3. Add Billing Details4. Confirm & Submit Domain PurchasePlease let me know if you can help and I am more than happy to provide further details.

  • $16 USD/hr In Progress

    As per spec supplied.

  • $16 USD/hr In Progress

    Ongoing MySQL/PHP work

  • $145 USD In Progress

    API Work.We have a domain registrar we work with who has a series of API which we need to integrate into our website.In total the following Domain Name API’s need to be added:1.Register Now2.Transfer Existing Domains3.Renew Existing DomainsAll code needs to be added to these 3 pages within our site and tested.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    HelloI am right at the end of developing my website. The person who has developed it so far cannot complete what I need them to complete, so I am looking for more help. There are only a few functions left. It&quot;s a social site, and I just need help with picture formatting, finishing the inbox notification feature, and a filter on the wall feature. If you are great with getting functions like these done, please bid.

  • $70 USD Yesterday

    We are in need of an online indicator script and admin panel to incorporate on phone sex websites to show when particular operators are available. The admin panel needs to allow management to add and edit new operators and set up their passwords - and generate html code to place on their webpage that will show them as Available, Unavailable, On a Call, On Vacation, or Busy in real time depending on what they select thru the admin panel. This needs to be a simple script that we can use and this is needed quickly if possible.

  • $30 NZD Yesterday

    I am looking for someone who can integrate an API to a page in Wordpress. In simple terms create a page to communicate back and forth with Web API. Keep the bids low. very easy job to do....

  • $136 AUD 2 days ago

    User on my site are unable to upload images as their avatar. It is showing a number of errors in the console which I need you to investigate one by one and fix until the problem is fixed.I also need you to track your changes as you will be working on a staging server and the files you change will need to individually be copied across to the live server. A full copy will NOT be done - just files only.

  • $157 USD 3 days ago

    Web Scraping Expert Needed Urgently: to scrape &quot;Math and English&quot; QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS from a website.

  • $105 USD 3 days ago

    Need a script (can be asp, java, php, other) to do the following process.A independent script will send in real time 5 strings. Our script will built an email a) To Address will be in the parameters.b) Body text will be build with the other parameters.c) Since this is an email to get an authorization, one of the lines will be &quot;Click to authorize&quot;.d) Other line will be &quot;Click here to not authorize&quot;e) User will see a confirmation page with label &quot;Click here to be redirected&quot;This email is about loans to employees, several manager (different) will receive the email, all of them within the same company,Write PM with the language you are using, server side requirement you need and that we will provide.

  • $64 USD 4 days ago

    A mysql update was done to my webserver and my website does not display properly. The website is

  • $79 USD 4 days ago

    I have a website tool/form which currently lives inside of website pages. Because this tool is embedded on the site, When completing the form on this tool, URL does not change after specific steps are completed or the form being submitted. I need to have URL change once form is submitted in order to process conversions on Google.Serious freelancers only, Full milestone payment.Thanks

  • €94 EUR 4 days ago

    Hi, I have a php software for sending our email. at the moment it send with just one mail server, I want to extend this for using more server Roberto

  • [Sealed] 4 days ago

    I need a plugin for my site. I currently have a place where people can request a free diet profile. The diet profile asks for the age, height, gender, target weight and current weight. Then I get an email from my site with that info. I then give the person a Body Mass Index number which corresponds to the BMI chart. However, I have to look up the number based on their information. I need a plugin that will automatically calculate the person&quot;s BMI number and send it to them with some pre=written text and the body mass index chart. I also need this installed.

  • $142 USD 5 days ago

    I have 2-3 dating sites that have moderated profiles. So whenever a client is sending a message to a profile we moderate, we will respond/reply to it. Right now we have to manually login to every account to see if we have new messages.Or we have to open 40-50 tabs in incognito mode and refresh all tabs every x minutes.What we need is a way that we automate some of it.I will try to explain what needs to be done as good as i can:We need a PHP cronjob that will login with username+pass (From file? So i can add new profiles + websites easily?)cronjob will be logged in to the member homepage and need to &quot;see&quot; If there are new message: new messages: need to be notified me when there are new messages. -Maybe a web page that will play a sound every time a new message is detected?I have multiple moderators.i will put it in the list like ModeratorName/URL/username/password (example)And when a message is detected it will display : Name moderator - url - username - time

  • $315 USD 5 days ago

    I have a wordpress auction site. The payment system i currently have works but payment is paid after service is done. 7.5% is automatically taken out and awarded to my site. (Thats a must) . now users can go around payment system and pay cash instead,(not good) i would like some ideas on a payment system similar to this freelance site but possibly easier! Please let me know what you can do.

  • $210 USD 9 days ago

    We have a client who has a .ASP website.He wants to switch to a WordPress website but keep all functionality. More details and URL will be shared when you placed your bid.Please note the website has to look EXACTLY the same, not 90%.

  • $126 USD 10 days ago

    Fix some errors my adult website has please detect them and fix them

  • $210 AUD 12 days ago

    ****This is a simple project for a PHP programmer who’s looking for some quick bucks!We are in the process of creating a pet QR tag website very similar to (much simpler than this).We have completed all the pages in HTML & CSS so only need a PHP programmer to complete the small backend.Website contains the following pages (these screenshots were taken from as a reference but we have already created our own versions so you only have to handle programming).How it works:Pet owner purchases (offline payment) a QR tag for his pet and we post it. After receiving the tag, pet owner creates a profile through the website and link it to the tag (using the number printed on the tag). If pet goes missing, owner changes its’ status to lost so anyone scanning the QR code of the missing pet can find owner’s contact details and return their lost pet.This is how a pet tag looks like pet owner receives their tag, they enter the code (mix of letters and numbers) into the pet’s profile and attach them together. Ex: A1B2C3So whenever someone visits or scans the QR code, it takes them to the attached pet’s profile that displays owner’s and pet’s details.This activation process is very similar to activating a software with a product key but very simple. We have a set of these unique codes/ links in an excel sheet (.csv) so there needs to be a simple interface for us to add them to the backend. Whenever a pet owner enters a code and tries to attach a pet profile, the system checks that code with this database (excel sheet) to see if this is a valid code. Please take 5 minutes to test the system at using the following logins.Username: Password: demopetqThanks and look forward to receive your proposals.

  • $210 USD 12 days ago

    I have a custom SMTP mailer and i want it modified to have some features and work better. I want to be able to load emails from various sources such as a txt file and CSV, Currently it loads emails from mysql database. I want to be able to select to load emails from database or any other source.I want to rotate the accounts i use to send emails. Each account has a limit of 12000 emails a month so I need a way implemented to track which email was sent from which account.Last thing is when i send emails i have to leave my browser open until the code sends to each email I want this done in the background so I dont have to leave the tab open.

  • $16 AUD/hr 19 days ago

    The forms that we have on our current website submit via an AJAX call, then show a &quot;thank you&quot; message to the user. We&quot;d like to change this so that the user is directed to a &quot;Thank you&quot; page instead.There are three (3) forms that will require this update. The winning bid will have the source files supplied.Thanks.

  • $18 USD/hr May 19, 2014

    This will be all for elysianrealestate.comAdd an &quot;arrange to view this property&quot; button to each listing on the listings page. The button should appear two lines below where the square feet and number of bedrooms are listed. should be a popup/modal form using the Contact 7 plugin. Collect the person&quot;s name, email, phone (all required) and optionally they can add a date and time for their viewing as well as comments.

  • $18 USD/hr May 13, 2014

    So currently, we are working on a site called &quot;White box&quot; and we need a profile system to be made. The front end of our current website is already designed, I just need a profile system that matches the design we already have.Look forward to working with you all!

  • $15 USD/hr Apr 15, 2014

    Hello, I am located in Shanghai China, and need someone local to help me out with different projects. Please let me know if you are available to chat.

  • $30 USD Mar 31, 2014

    Hello, i need to get taobao developer api key to my ecommerce website

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Shanghai University