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  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller rothmann


    Dec 11, 2012

    Job done to my expectations.Spot on - no mistakes or misunderstandings.Slow starter in communication but very efficient when started.

    Project Description:I need help to create a cascading dropdown in a form. Please see attached image – red are joins/lookups and blue are the labels. I need the cascading function in the “pq_products” group to show only the “Certificates” related to the “Producer”...
  • $150.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller silverstang

    silverstang [ Incomplete Report ]

    Apr 26, 2012

    Unfortunately this project was not completed because the freelancer did not follow instructions after repeated requests and took over a month past the deadline to get even part of the project completed. In addition the quality of work was sub-standard. I had no choice but to find another freelancer to make the project a priority and get it done properly.

    defuz3d's reply:

    The Customer had unrealistic expectations and was expecting very high quality renders and was constantly nitpicking on generally unnoticable and very minor details, and that led to the deadline being overrun, and all of a sudden he decided to go ahead and use our 80% delivered work and just give a bad rating without paying for it either.

    Project Description:Looking for 3D models of a variety of print materials. Approx. 50 total models need to be created. Sample of models are items like brochures, folders, postcards, business cards, and other print materials...
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Kushaal


    Apr 11, 2012

    Amazing Quality of 3D Renders plus very fast response and turnaround. Highly Recommend this team.

    Project Description:Required 4 Views of a Double Story Wood House. High Quality is a must.
  • $150.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller loial


    Apr 8, 2011

    Despite an initial bumpy start Nitin and I managed to make this project a successful one. Through perseverance we managed to deliver a beautiful project. Recommend him for any Joomla! project

    Project Description:Urgent psd to Joomla! 1.6 conversion job - start immediate! Prerequisites Excellent Joomla! 1.6 and Joomla 1.6 templating skills more specific Excellent XHMTL and CS 2.1 - CSS3 skills - Cross browser...
  • $150.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller pm3c


    Mar 11, 2011

    This was what I call a very good experience. Defuz3d understood exactly what was being requested and executed accordingly. Very easy to communicate with and always available to accomodate minor changes. Defuz3d gets my recommendation, a big thank you and I will have no doubts in hiring him again.

    Project Description:Very simple Joomla 1.6 template project, for a website rebrand and redo. Output should be an installable template for a Joomla 1.6 plain vanilla installation with these general guidelines: -very clean...
  • $80.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller toddsgirl


    Nov 22, 2010

    Thank you.

    Project Description:This is a 5 page Joomla 1.5 template customization for a start-up business website geared toward computer professionals. I will provide you with wording and images. You would customize the existing installed...
  • $225.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller webtalk


    Sep 20, 2010

    Defuz3d is probably one of the 2-3 best coders I have worked with in the past 5 years. This was only the second project I posted on Freelancer, after moving from another scripting site, and I was very very pleased on every front with the service Defuz3d provided. It was a challenging project as not only were there were many functional requirements that core Joomla doesn't provide, but it was also running very close to my client's deadline. A previous coder (from another site that shall remain nameless) took weeks on this project, working in Wordpress, and yet failed to deliver on the most important functionalities required. Defuz3d not only pulled it off by redoing the site from scratch in Joomla within 2-3 days, but maintained excellent communication throughout by chat and email to iron out problems as they became apparent.Can't recommend him highly enough.

    Project Description:This is for conversion of a PSD file to a Joomla template and the site setup including content based on the existing version of the site.
    Defuzed Technologies has not completed any projects.
  • $145 USD In Progress

    I need to have a webshop inside a Facebook Business Page.I would like it done in a way that the feeds will come from our main webshop.Visitors can view and choose any products inside Facebook but checkout will be directed to the main website.

  • $500 USD In Progress

    Joomla 2.5 site running jomsocial and docman. Needs to have a method to regulate the sending out of multiple messages to members and their specified contacts entered by form and pulled from facebook freinds list (facebook api)One of the messages will regularly require them to "check in". Not checking in after several escalating messages cues delivery of Multiple editable notifications to users "contact list" The mesages will contain data pulled from joomla user data in the mysql database entered during registration and from data entered into forms by the end user. Contact me for more information.

  • $280 USD Jan 28, 2013

    No milestone half when site is half way done and rest when finished this project i will pay by progressI need a website similar to international-beat dot com made using wordpress a membership subscription site that allows producers to sell beats for a monthly fee you can use wordpress plugins silver free allowed to upload 20 beats i get 50 percent of profitsgold 4.95 allowed to upload 50 beatsplatinum 9.95 allowed to upload 100 beatson front page beats i want beats recently sold and newest beats upload being displayed dont over bid i want the admin to receive all payments using paypal so i can do a monthly payout

  • €580 EUR Jan 23, 2013

    Desarrollo de página web en joomla 2.5 para un pequeño grupo con agencia (azafatas y modelos) y stands.Facilito plantilla y hosting de la página para el desarrollo.Trabajamos con WidgeKit de yoothemeIgualmente facilito todo el contenido: texto, gráficos y vídeos.Las secciones del menu serán similares a:GRUPO Quienes somos Filosofía Clientes ContactoEmpresa 1 Modelos Azafatas Ferias Noche Promociones Eventos deportivos Animadores Trabaja con nosotrosEmpresa 2 Promociones Stands Diseño Perfileria Distribución Oficial EventosPrensa Notas de Prensa Clipping NewsCalls de seguimiento por skype semanales (2 la primera semana).Primera entrega sujeta a correcciones en 3 semanas.Segunda entrega corregida en 4 semanas.Pago a la finalización.

  • $660 USD Jan 14, 2013

    I need a plugin for Joomla that interpreters and guides can put they’re profiles and services that they provide. Example is here:

  • $895 USD Dec 20, 2012

    We are Symphonic Distribution. We distribute music from Record Labels all around the world to stores that sell music. There are over 200 stores that we deal with and some cannot be stated here because we"re told not write other companies and/or contact information.With that said, we have two systems, one that is used to deliver music to the stores and the other that our clients use to see their sales from all of the stores. We want to concentrate on enhancing the system that our clients use to check sales.As a developer for Symphonic Distribution, your position will primarily consist of PHP development using Zend Framework, MySQL database design, database optimization, scalability, performance, Javascript, XHTML, and CSS. We"re a small company with great hopes and ambitions of becoming a larger one. We"re looking for someone to help us with a wide array of projects.Requirements: 3+ years web development experience with PHP 3+ years experience with LAMP platform technologies Good hands-on experience with RESTful web services Good hands-on experience with front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery Understanding of OO design Strong interpersonal skills experience with and enthusiasm for working in agile environments Experience developing technical design documentation and participating in a technical design and code peer review process Strong desire to succeed and innovate

  • $260 USD Dec 20, 2012

    We are using Zoo"s WidgetKit Slideshow. Currently, the slideshow is set to autoplay. We have put YouTube videos in the slideshow, but when a user clicks play on a YouTube video, the slideshow continues to slide. The task is as following: - When the user plays a YouTube video, stop the slideshow"s autoplay. - When the user plays a YouTube video, remove the caption, but only for the the slide that has the corresponding YoUTube video. Here"s a live example: (slide 2)Here"s another discussion about it:,I"ve been impressed with yootheme for quite some time and I"m considering using it a lot more and expanding the volume of my licences. Congrats on all the hard work.I have a question. I want to use widgetkit slideshow with a video embed, so I have video animation as the first slide in my slideshow. I had the same problem a year ago when i was trying to do this with gavick themes. I"m yet to see a slideshow player that properly responds when a video as a slide is activated. In your case, the slideshow continues to rotate as the jquery fires after you play the video.Of course, we cant expect the slideshow to respond to an onclick event etc without being specifically programmed to do so, so i understand why this feature is not available unless somebody has thought to add it.I know of a few ways to do this. I personally prefer youtube as my video hosting source for marketing reasons, and when using the Youtube API you can use a method to call a javascript function when the video is "played".Secondly, of course you could simply respond to a click on the object in question or an area on the page, either works fine, although the first method is much more clean. (but unfortunately has a small delay on firing).My problem is, I then need to read the programming of your application and try and work out how to stop the autoplay once my method fires. In the interim, I will just stop autoplay all together, but if anybody is farmiliar with the jquery used for the slideshow and can tell me what objects / to refer to in my custom function to stop the autoplay that would be greatly appreciated.I understand this kind of support request kinda belongs in the "request feature" section, thanks for reading in the event you decide to help.______Were you able to resolve this yourself? I just saw this posted question and happen to be facing the same issue myself.I completely agree that slide AutoPlay should be paused when a video playback is activated for at least a few popular video sharing services supported and video players. However, as you explained, the various JavaScript objects needed to accomplish this are not known by the plugin at design time.My approach to a solution for this would be to parse slide content, from within PHP, for strings containing embed / iframe references to supported video services after all [short codes] have been applied upon HTTP request. Doing this at the server helps limit this parsing to only those videos expected to be loaded from a WK Slide with AutoPlay enabled. A custom JS function will be available on the client to disable AutoPlay for WidgetKit Slides as specified by an expected WidgetKit $id parameter. This custom function will be bound to service specific video playback events in which the bind scripts will be dynamically prepared at the server and added in the page footer.Well... that"s a rough presentation of my thoughts anyway.Let me know if you had a chance to review this more closely. If you started and haven"t finished, maybe we can collaborate on a solution. Thanks,David CarrollEdited Apr 20

  • $300 CAD Dec 12, 2012

    This project creating documents for printing from information provided, and after use, the upload of the same printed documents as jpgs.Uploaded documents must be named with text contained on them (precisely positioned), obtained by OCR function on website.Other precisely positioned information on uploaded jpgs must be obscured prior to posting.Uploaded jpgs will then be posted as click-able thumbnails as part of a presentation made available for registered user comments.Mapping function to display geographical information (postal codes) from associated files.Categorization and searching functions to enable registered users to isolate specific subject material.Set up template of website using images provided

  • $285 USD Dec 12, 2012

    i need plugin or component for joomla website based on HYIP program. The component/plugin will change my registered user interface so that they can choose to register which investment program they want to and they will be redirected to Liberty Reserve payment gateaway. This is common in HYIP script but i cant find anyway to put them on joomla website.Basically, the website will work like this :1. New user will register new account2. When they access their account, they can choose only one investment plan from 5 investment plan3. Once they choose, they will be redirected to Liberty Reserve Payment Getaway to my account4. When they"ve done, they will be redirected to account profileThere must be forms for them to fill with following details :USERNAME :EMAIL :PASSWORD :LIBERTY RESERVE ACCOUNT NUMBER :(EXTRA FEATURES LIKE SECURITY CAPTCHA, SECURITY RECOVORY QUESTIONS AND ALL)i will prepare the investment plan. all i need is exclusive user interface for those who register on my joomla website. It must be good for user-friendly as this is HYIP website, i want them to feel secure.Please let me know if there is anything extra you can offer.

  • $250 USD Dec 7, 2012

    I need a website that is MUSIC related Video Blog like. Please read the DOC in attachments FULLY! and please Bid according to my Budget.

  • £195 GBP Dec 5, 2012

    ?Replicate current site built in Joomla with a simple update to Wordpress template with editable navigation in case there are any future changes to structure.?New site to be hosted at same location but with different CMS.?All downloads (PDF etc) to be linked to in new site as before. ?Latest News to be renamed Blog and all articles in this category to be in post format. ?Front page should display summary of blog posts on front page (similar to current layout)?Other static pages to be editable and updatable Pages ie not in Blog format (posts). ?Family Planning and Community Health section to move to main navigation rather than being embedded under "People of Velondriake". ?Menu ?Virgin Money Giving Button like this one to be added to Scholarships page will provide code)?Scholarships page to be linked to by a banner or similar on home page?Programmer must have a good understanding of Joomla 1.5.26 and a very good knowledge of creating Wordpress sites in order to replicate original site structure. ?Categories in Wordpress to correspond to menu navigation items so that a new page can be easily created and hooked into navigation menu. ?Easy to view and search archive of posts to be linked to on front page?All posts and pages to have easy to add tags and short description when being added by user for SEO purposes. ?Multiple author posts should be possible with one admin moderating. ?RSS feed button to be added to site including subscribe by email functionality?All blog updates should ping news sites/Google blogs etc.

  • $435 USD Dec 4, 2012

    Need Some good experts in upgrading my Joomla 1.5 site to the latest version of Joomla 3.0Here are the expectations:1. I need the important modules such as myblog, kunena and other modules to work properly.2. IMPORTANT: This upgrade should not affect the SEO since we have good SEO i dont want to screw the urls out there in google. 3. We use JoomSEF and we want to make sure it works well in Joomla 3.0 and produces the same URL as before so that it will not have impact on the site"s SEO.4. All the Data should be intact including blogs, forums, users, comments etc.

  • $250 USD Nov 30, 2012

    Its fairly a simple requirement for expert coders.I have purchased this theme , want just 3 things edited to the present theme.1. Every 1st time i login to the site, it will ask me a full page with a drop down question of my location such as new york, california, etc.., (i want it to be auto location understandable using the geolocation api, and it should ask the browser a question for getting location permission check example: ) so that it wont ask that question on the site.2. After you are in, the map on the home page, has checkboxes to the right side (i want to have those checkboxes say "Schools, Engineering Colleges, Arts College , etc " once checked, it will show only respective schools, or engineering colleges , etc.., on map.I can share a piece of script that can give results on this , Please PM me for info on that.3. want only new events highlighted , the old events shouldnt be shown up up active, however it should look greyed out.

  • £470 GBP Nov 29, 2012

    I and looking for a module/component that will let me upload a PDF and also once PDF is upload i want it to be sent to everyone who is registered.So when PDF is upload i want it to be sent as attachment and send it to all the users all automatedPDF should also available on site to download as well either as module or componentjoomla version 2.5

  • $440 USD Nov 29, 2012

    Gallery new module integrationWe have art gallery site (joomla), that requries further development and to add new modules.Scope of work:create a "view in the room" function - once you choose a photograpy, by implementing this funtion you can see how photo dimensions would look in a room. desing will be provided

  • $360 USD Nov 28, 2012

    I need a custom component programmed for Joomla 2.5.I have a website with solutions such as Community Builder, Video Whisper and OSE Credits solutions.To better explain my need, you must be on the phone, so I can also show you what I need. The Administrator removed this message due to contact details which breaches our Terms and Conditions.I will only accept and pay serious inquires through Thank you.

  • $625 USD Nov 27, 2012

    Want to improve our web portal with Zen Cart, made by us, for our client, and replace it with with more modern Shopping Cart ( like Joomla Virtumart / Magento / Presta cart etc. choose the one which you are most comfortable with. Technology no bar.) with 400+ products with PayPal integration and having built in, self-sustaining, self-compliant SEO, SEM features (google analytics etc., properly structured with meta data picked up from product data).The store should be capable of being updated using a single excel/ .csv sheet reliably without losing any data (Tomato Cart update requires you to delete all products before uploading a new set. This solution is NOT ACCEPTABLE) and without throwing up errors. We will be doing this multiple times even after the project has been completed and the full payment has been made. THIS SHOULD ALWAYS WORK.A system to eliminate copy-paste while printing orders according to the format we provide (something like MS Word mail-merge but automatic). Not even a single copy paste should be required as long as the address during checkout was correct. Use connections to the database for doing this (or any other technique you are comfortable with). A complete ready-to-print PDF being mailed to the sales email address after order completion is the minimum acceptable solution. Anything better is bonus.It should also create daily inventory deficit list according to sales made.Reliable and verifiable, complete transfer of traffic from 2 separate domains to this one particular one (A--> New A, B--> New A)List of products will be provided in the form of an excel sheet to the developer with all related data (description in html, category(s), price, weight of items) and should all get updated in 1 shot so charge-per-product bids will not be entertained. Bid only if you already have good experience in building an integrated solution for Online Shopping. Finally, Freelancer shall handover the controls/ passwords and delete all data provided from our side after completion of project. Total confidentiality is expected.We might need more features implemented in the future in a separate project, so desktop app development is an added bonus, if you want to get re-hired. If you can implement those features in a web-based environment, it is even better.

  • $640 AUD Nov 24, 2012

    Basically i have 2 PSD from a designer already that needs to be programmed into Joomla 3. I need a Front end developer that has experience in Joomla 3, OpenCart and HTML 5.1 homepage1 product pageThe content has to be manageable from Joomla and opencart modules easy enough to be enabled and disabled. i have already bought Mijosoft so this should be rather easy to do.Cheers.

  • $2570 USD Nov 24, 2012

    Joomla bookkeeping component for beauty salons. Please see back-end and front-end requirements from the attached file.

  • $650 USD Sep 12, 2012

    Hii, we need a website for JOBBOARD in drupal or in JOOMLA,1) Please BID if You have experienced in making jobboard in drupal or joomla, 2) also please mention what Features you are offering against Your BID AMOUNT in JOBBOARD.3) DESIGN SHOULD BE VERY ATTRACTIVE AND Userfriendly4) Logo design for new website also required*** DONNOT TRY TO POST YOUR BID FOR READYMADE JOBBOARD SCRIPTS AVAILABLE ON THE NETThanksRavi

  • $550 USD Sep 6, 2012

    Hii need a joomla - virtuemart developer to create a plugin that will sync a joomla component that i already have with virtuemart.I want bids for developers that have already worked on joomla and virtuemart. Please don"t bid if you don"t know, i don"t want ot waste mine and yours times.The payment will be maid only with escrow (milestones). We will discuss about it but the first milestone will be maid only when the winner of the this project will show me the half of the work. This is because i don"t want to waste my time by making disputes.The coder that i will select will be paid and if he is good on coding and time will get a bonus.Thanks

  • $710 USD Aug 13, 2012

    Requiremets for the freelancer:1. To be able to work between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. (UTC-06:00) Central Time2. To be able to understand instructions in English.3. To have a good quality work, goo attitude and responsible 4. To be able to sign a non-compete and non-disclosure agreement 5. To be looking for a long term business relationship 6. To provide 3 samples of your work.7. To be able to work using skype conference calls and chats (we do NOT work by e-mail only) - this is extremely important, a good communication is key in any projectPROJECT:Create a full shopping cart with the following characteristics:1)It has to be able to have the following flow:a.Select type of item (drop drowm menu)b.Select color (drop drowm menu)c.Select quantity (drop drowm menu)2)User should be able to purchase two different items (different type and color) in the same order. 3)Should have a discount coupon4)Should have a fix shipping per type of item 5)Taxes for just one state (we let you know which state)6)User should be able to edit the shopping cart and see the total before purchasing7)A backend data base is required.The designs is already done.

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