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Username: developershut

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Location: Islamabad, Pakistan

Member since: February 2011



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  • €33 EUR
    Profile image for Seller nabyar



    Thanks for the job.

    Project Description:On our wheels webshop we created a "search by car" module. This is the work to do: - Adding the selected car to the URL - Making the brand filter work (already started the work but it doens't select something) It's just a small piece of work but we can't make this our selves...
  • $115.5 USD
    Profile image for Seller hmarquez


    3 days ago

    Awesome Developer !! did a great job. Looks great. Will rehire them again..

    Project Description:I have a PHP / MySQL application that I use for my customers who also pay for my services online through my website. I will be needing a set of Reports, some simple, some filtered with Criteria such as Names, Dates, Groups etc....
  • $263 USD
    Profile image for Seller eonteam


    8 days ago

    Great job, thanks! Will hire again soon!

    Project Description:New inventory Database and fix delete product in CMS admin Pet store database needs to be copied and set up for second/new store location, using same CMS admin and shopping art on same domain. Also, current Delete product button in admin is not working...
  • $150 USD
    Profile image for Seller mindy2


    15 days ago

    would work with this developer again for sure!

    Project Description:Hi! The 3D Beauty site has been rebuilt again and I want to hire you to set up the Sagepayment plugin on the new site. Should be able to repeat what you did before. I also need customers/users and order...
  • $40 USD
    Profile image for Seller demela


    19 days ago

    Excellent and timely delivery, he's also very willing to help as much as possible. I am extremely satisfied and will definitely hire again.

    Project Description:I need someone to help us add testimonial page and to work on a form functionality for repairs services on our oScommerce website. Testimonial can be on homepage or separate page. Form is already done but not very functional for repair services...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller skimansl


    22 days ago

    Very good and fast work. Thanks.

    Project Description:When you are in the webshop and click on a product you sometimes get a white page. If you refresh a couple of times the page returns to normal. This happens on every link of the webshop. Also when you go back it most of the time gives a white screen...
  • $308 USD
    Profile image for Seller nanekii


    29 days ago

    Ijaz, was great. Totally satisfied with his work as no one but him could accomplish my tasks. Would definitely, and will, hire again. Looking forward to that opportunity. Nancy<br/>

    Project Description:Looking for some one that can correct/repair some issues on my current web site,, who must have experience working in Front Page. Hopefully, in the near future, this could lead to...
  • £430 GBP
    Profile image for Seller podsmods


    Mar 2, 2014

    top worker will 100% use again

    Project Description:hi, im looking this fixed. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected &#039;}&#039; in /home/**********/public_html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-catalog_view_theme_rgen-opencart_template_product_product.tpl on line 450 and these updates added and fixed 1...
  • $333 USD
    Profile image for Seller jedanblogerjedan


    Feb 26, 2014

    Professional, fast and efficient. Recommendation!

    Project Description:Hi! I need someone to write web service which will work via SOAP protocol and exchange xml files with client. Service must be write in PHP. Deadline is 5 day from today. Thanks!
  • $284 USD
    Profile image for Seller cherrol724


    Feb 26, 2014

    The developer was good and always replied promptly. His design skill was very good and very professional, I love his every design of the banners, I am very appreciated he was working hard for this project, and I will hire him again as the graphic designer for website.

    Project Description:We have a ecommerce website, the site has been building in the half way, the freelancer was disappeared, the template has been installed, only need to complete the project, The ecommerce site is opencart...
    developershut has not completed any projects.
  • [Sealed] In Progress

    Hello,We&quot;re looking for someone who can add a fifth language (spanish) to the administrator of a modified OSCommerce shop.We already have the translations. You&quot;d also need to upload a little flag (see attachement). And make sure the client can select the language on the top of his website. (see second attachement).

  • $10 USD/hr In Progress

    I have ongoing work related to our previous project &quot;PHP/MySQL Reports&quot;

  • $12 USD/hr In Progress

    I would like someone experienced in PHP and MySQL to design a custom projects system that displays activities and project details. DOES NOT NEED TO LOOK PRETTY. This is for back end projects between contractors and staff members. I have a very specific specification and I just need someone to do 4-6 hours of php coding, add tables to a mysql database and present the data with a few input forms. If things go well, you will be retained for upgrades. Database name sketchy. When activities are completed, worker logs in and clicks &quot;completed&quot; on the activity row. Admin is automatically notified by email to release payment milestone. When activities are not complete on time, both admin and worker are notified and the activity turns red. Project hosted on Debian server with recent LAMP install. Want to be able to store files with each activity (drawings, documents, etc). Project access requries login. User types are admin and associate. Simple HTTP get/put, no AJAX/JS necessary, just regular submit forms.Sketchy.txt:Easy project management for the simple building blocks of our projects togetherRelational databaseProjects related to activities. Accessing a project shows a list of activities.Projects related to users.Projects:* Name* Number* Start date* Admin* Worker* Finished date (empty indicates unfinished)Activities* Number* Description* Start date* Finished date (empty indicates unfinished)Users:* Name* Number* email* passwd (hash)* last logindrop table IF EXISTS activities;create table activities ( projid int(10), actno int(10), description char(100), completed TINYINT(1), date_complete DATETIME, release_payment SMALLINT, createDate DATETIME );insert into activities values (&quot;1000&quot;, &quot;1&quot;, &quot;Get to work&quot;, &quot;0&quot;, &quot;0&quot;, &quot;0&quot;, &quot;0&quot;);insert into activities values (&quot;1000&quot;, &quot;2&quot;, &quot;Do the work&quot;, &quot;0&quot;, &quot;0&quot;, &quot;0&quot;, &quot;0&quot;);insert into activities values (&quot;1000&quot;, &quot;3&quot;, &quot;Pay for work&quot;, &quot;0&quot;, &quot;0&quot;, &quot;0&quot;, &quot;0&quot;);

  • $15 USD/hr In Progress

    Jeg har løpende arbeid relatert til vårt tidligere prosjekt&quot;Initial Planning for project&quot;

  • €147 EUR In Progress

    Hallo,wir haben einen sehr stark selbst modifizierten osCommerce Shop in dem die Zahlungsart PayPal-Express integriert werden soll.Es muss ein geeignetes Modul gefunden werden, welches die notwendigen Eigenschaften erfüllt und auch läuft.Dieses Modul muss eingebaut und an unseren Shop angepasst.Es müssen beim Eintrag in die Datenbank zusätzliche Felder befüllt werden, welche aber aus der Schnittstelle übergeben werden oder ermittelt werden können.Weiterhin müssen Kundenkommentare mit durch den Bezahlprozess geschleust werden, so dass diese nicht verloren gehen.

  • $20 USD/hr In Progress

    Fix the server and the website and the CRM asap.

  • $750 USD In Progress

    I have an orphaned highly customized fork of oscommerce that I am wondering if anyone would be interested in taking on as a new open source project. Basically the code needs to be updated. None of the other open source carts I have seen, seem to have any of these features including the current version of oscommerce. When we stopped the two main things that needed to be addressed to bring it back up to speed were to remove the register globals feature and to upgrade the code to PHP5. So these are the two main things that must be addressed for this project.Our business at the time was wholesale and we handled thousands of unique, one-off or custom made products, so we needed to make extensive modifications before we had something that would work for us. This was AFTER we had already installed and intigrated most ofthe major b2b or wholesale contributions. The end result was a practically new application which is streamlined to be able to manage thousands of products and very large orders. For large orders its quite powerful.To discard that much code seems a waste (I am technical enough but definately not a programmer). At present the project has sat dormant for the past few years as we have changed our business model. The work was originally done almost full time, over a period of three years. Some of the features we wrote include (short list):Report generator (very extensive, creates reports based on orders. Fields can be selected, items sorted, various details hidden)Generate printing labels for each item in an order (size of lable can be customized)multi-photo manager (to batch upload, resize and then organize and import hundreds of photos into the catalog)Completely redesigned and tabbed order editor (very extensive, every aspect of an order can be edited, from photo to price to serial number)Show/hide product images in catalog admin and orders page (for large orders with hundreds of items, otherwise loading a page can be slow with that many items)Copy unique item from an order into the catalog as a new item (allows you to sell an unique item in an order and then copy the details into the catalog as well)Customer configurable PDF catalogindividual product serial numbersProduction statuses for each order item (allows you to assign multiple phases and statuses to each item such as &quot;design phase, production phase, qc etc)customize thumbnail image on products in orders (for each individual product in a specific order a new thumbnail can be uploaded - good for antiques or custom made items or special items you don&quot;t want in the catalog but want in a order)Cache systemHooks for dotproject (web based project manager)Basic warehouse feature (to track inventory locations)Hooks for weberpLogistics module to co-pack items into containers. Customers can see items in their container from the front end as well.Customer entered comments (can be view and made from front end and backend). Private comments can be made in back end.Move - copy products between different ordersBasic vendor and supplier contact databaseMultiple suppliers can be assigned to each productOrder comments can be sent via email to both customersand/or internal staffChanges to orders are tracked via a historyhide left/right columns on main page only for a cleaner main configurable info box locations in the footerTons of custom fields like &quot;confirmation code, quoted price, sales rep, job numbers etc)Rewrites to use &quot;smarty template system.&quot;If anyone is interested in continuing on with this,contact me.

  • $800 USD In Progress

    I have a website I have contacted someone to start it but they didn&quot;t know what they are doing and have screwed up coding on the site. Along with that they could not deliver a shopping cart with a my account area.I&quot;m looking to have a site like and The existing site at theme needs to be used and cleaned up. i need a plug in that has the same fuctionality as and no generic responses and please only respond if you have done a wordpress shopping cart and not guessing at what to do.

  • $315 USD Today

    Need a website for boutique where they can purchase online. need someone experienced in e commerce, inventory, shopping cart, web design, programming. Need a logo design for Birdies Nest, Need a website where I can log in and check inventory, add my perffered music to the background, with photos of merchandise. and possibly a layway payment plan.

  • $631 USD Today

    Create a site where price comparisons can be made. I would need an interface admin page where I can add data local store prices of the item. This site would be similar to: www.goodrx.comAdmin interface would enable me to submit the name of a drug, my price, quantity, retail store price, quantity.People search the name of their pharmaceutical drug and it comes up with a list of retail outlets (these outlets are the same for each city no matter what zip code they are in) i.e. Walmart, Safeway, CVS, Rite-aid. In some local areas I need the ability to add a retail outlet that may not be a national chain. Includes Google map

  • $842 USD Today

    I require a developer to build a comparison website.The site should be done in latest PHP and MYSQL any other suggestions are welcome.Summery of the project:Front-page: Stage 1: a query field which will call a third party API to get data.Stage 2 and 3: user selects and confirms dataStage 4: compared prices will show up based on the visitor query and our database prices.Client Control Panel:We need a 4/5 section control panel for our clients to set the settings to provide competitive prices to users. The settings will be applied to cross reference with the API to provide quotations.Admin Control Panel:This is a section for web-masters only. This will have a few sections from user management to invoicing.Once I choose the right candidate I will provide wireframes for the platform and database.This platform will have a complex database!! Please no beginners.&quot;Just a small note: I want the website engine to send information and provide and load quotation on one page for the user instead of directing the user to other pages.&quot; So all the information, results and booking will be happening on a single page (live update).Please only bid if you can manage and develop this project.You need to provide samples of your work.We have a project manager/developer who will be auditing your codes.

  • $526 USD Today

    We have a current ecommerce store in Drupal using UberCart, which is located here ( ) we need all the content in the ecommerce store moved to a Shopify or BigCommerce store. You need to move over all the products in the the shopping cart and all the text/images.We also need the design moved over to the Shopify or BigCommerce store, the design doesn&quot;t need to be 100% the same but the template needs to be a nice high-end design open to your ideas.Please Post/PM With Past Shopify or BigCommerce Websites You&quot;ve Developed!

  • $2368 USD Today

    we would like to re-design our website convert it like or www, for more information contact us through skype [sheenzar]

  • $842 USD Today

    I need a specific set of tasks done to upgrade and stabilize our Wordpress website. We have a current website in Wordpress with a customized theme and a bunch of plugins. The Wordpress version and plugins are out of date and the site needs proper security. The challenge is the customized theme -- which cannot be broken and we don\\\\\\\&quot;t want to change. The site uses php, mySQL, Linux, Google Analytics. There is no cpanel installed on the site host server.\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\r\nThese are the tasks I need completed:\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\r\n1)Create a subdomain\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\r\n2)Replicate the current Wordpress site in the subdomain. \\\r\n\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\r\n3) In test environment:\\\r\n\\\r\na.Remove all unused plugins and themes\\\r\n\\\r\nb.Update Wordpress version and plugins\\\r\n\\\r\nc.Install BulletProof Security plugin (I can share settings at the appropriate time)\\\r\n\\\r\nd.Test for functional issues, including desktop and mobile, across all standard devices (desktop, tablet, mobile including IE, Chrome, Firefox, iOS, Android devices and screen sizes) \\\r\n\\\r\ne. Document all functional issues\\\r\n\\\r\ne.Fix specific functional issues as instructed after review with client (some issues may not be important, while others are critical)\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\r\n4)Backup production site and email backup to client. Current site is backed up with a backup plugin -- that backup plugin must be used.\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\r\n5)Copy test site to production\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\r\n6)Document baseline setup for fully functioning Wordpress production site, including Wordpress version, all plugins and settings, theme and settings\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\r\n7) Install cpanel on the site host server if possible (GoDaddy hosting) and ensure it\\\\\\\&quot;s working properly.

  • $74 USD Today

    I have a PSD file being developed, I need it to be converted to Wordpress format.Project details will be discussed with the winner.

  • $263 USD Today

    Hello,Our agency need a system for receiving and storing documents from our clients.Until now we do all this work manually where our clients send all the information and documents to our emails. This gives us a lot of work and possibility for mistakes.The idea is that we develop a website, where we generate log in information for our clients and they will upload all the necessary documents that we need from them. Until all the documents are not uploaded in the system it will not be possible to proceed. There will be room for around 10 documents to be uploaded plus personal information of the client.When all the necessary documents are uploaded in the correct format the system will let the client proceed to the next step which is to watch a youtube video and uploade a special code which they will be able to upload after watching the video.We would also like to be able to have all the information from the client in some kind of a system where we could generate all the information by only choosing one or few options.We need someone who could do this for us.With kind regardsJakub

  • $368 USD Today

    1. The layout design is ready in AI and PNG file. I want it to convert into Wordpress. 2. Responsive design3. No need to develop e-commerce as I already add in the woo-commerce, you just need to do the CSS to make it exactly same with the layout design/

  • $12 USD/hr Today

    Looking to Customize the CK Editor Wordpress Plugin from version 4.0 to version 4.3 (not publically available for wordpress) and customize specific features to match application and usage.

  • $26 USD/hr Today

    Hi there;We&quot;re planning to update our ecommerce (Prestashop) store and am looking for someone with skills that would be relevant to this. Our store has quite a few 3rd party modules, which will probably prove the main issue with updating. We&quot;re planning the update on a dev site prior to shifting it to the live site.What we need:- html/CSS to fix the inevitable front-end/layout issues which will occur after updating- troubleshooting any other issues that arise: eg PHP, javascript etc- Optimising / tweaking the site for speed / stability, and fixing a couple of existing bugs that may or may not disappear on update.- Overseeing the transfer of the completed update to our main site to ensure all goes smoothly!I may be wrong but am imagining the process will take at least a week or 2... maybe more.Let me know if you&quot;re interested!

  • £526 GBP Today

    Want my website making mobile friendly has to be responsive, may require an app doing as we get a lot of iphone/tablet users!Email me for details and current site info!

  • $64 USD Today

    hi you would work on a modified aino galleria slideshow. this slideshow is javascript, json based and responsive.the website is working fine on a desktop. however on mobile phones such as iphone or samsung galaxy the text layer cant be scrolled down. due to this bug only the first few lines of the text layer can be read. its not possible to scroll down to the rest. this affects only the text layer. your job is to fix this bug.your solution is compatible to all standard internet browsers, especially on mobile phones.looking forward to hearing from youadrian

  • $1578 AUD Today

    I have an existing shop online store and I want to have a more sophisticated look more appeal

  • €473 EUR Yesterday

    We need a website designed and developed in flat 15 days. It will be a site that connects Tutors / Trainers / Mentors / Teacher of different skill sets. We need a person who is good at both designing and programming, preferably photoshop, php, mysql, html5, css3. A logo needs some fine tuning. A Home page, a sign up page for mentors and also another sign up page for students / mentees. Search results for students matching mentors with required skills and vice versa. An affiliate program of 2 levels for mentors. Payment gateway integration etc. And there is lot more to it. Any questions? You are free to ask in your application itself. We can discuss other things during interview. Note: No upfront payment seekers please. &quot;The budget will increase with time&quot; - put this line in the first line of your cover letter so that I know that you have read the posting in detail.

  • £368 GBP Yesterday

    We need some one to build and develop a new website, from which we will be carrying out our business.It will be focused on Nepalese cultural products, Exclusive pasminas, Premium Dog chew and imported products from Nepal to sell for the customers in the UK and Europe.Website should look attractive and professional as well as it should be able to take payments from customers, receive quires. Basically we should be able to sell products online. You will be required to find out little bit of details about each products and post it in website with pictures (which will be provided, with names). there will be about 100 products. We want website to have several pages, separate pages for different categories. Once accepted, we will work with you continuously to maintain the website.Proxy website: and (just and idea)

  • $2105 USD 2 days ago

    Scope of project:- Ipv6 address planning for CPEs and the prefixdelegation to the hosts behind CPE (DHCPv6)- Ipv6 provisioning configuration on subinterfacesconfigured with specific VLANs- ipv6 prefix delegation for hosts behind CPE throughDHCPv6- Adapting/reconfiguring all the current attributes toipv6 as well (BlueCoat server and other minor configs)- Mirroring the ipv4 rate-limits to ipv6, and combiningthe parent-group to function for both address-families(ipv4/ipv6)- Creating template Radius Profiles for subscribers thatcan be used for ipv6 (all have different attributes)- Internal ipv6 routing via internal routing protocol orstatic routes according to the ipv6 addressing plan(1)- Advertising the ipv6 prefixes via BGP according toyour needs (I guess this one would be in Cisco router)OR alternatively configure internal BGP between E120and Cisco router, thus making E120 the originator ofthe routes- Providing IPv6 Addressing License for E120. Bydefault, you can\&quot;t configure ipv6 in E-series (without it,you will get the following error for each ipv6 command: \&quot;% Could not create Ipv6”)- Configuration 3 x GigE interface toward upstreamprovider- Configuration 3 x GigE interface toward distributionnetwork

  • $526 USD 2 days ago

    this project is private and we need 3 pages in a mock up design - simple as that.specific instructions to be followed.

  • $263 USD 2 days ago

    I want to start my own store and i found this site and i saw it powered by Big Cartel and i created an account there with a paid plan and now i need that theme it requires people who knows html , css , java script .For any question feel free to message me ! Thank you

  • $10 AUD/hr 2 days ago

    I&quot;m looking at employing a part time coder to make changes to my website on the fly.I&quot;m always adding, deleting or enhancing parts of my site and need someone to first:Familiarize them selves with my website.Then discuss with me each change required.This work is ongoing, and I need to be able to discuss projects with you easily, so your availability on Skype is a bonus.Ideal candidate will need to have excellent communication skills, attention to detail, problem solver and pride in their work.You will also need to be available on Skype and Team viewer. If you are an experienced coder, then you should have no trouble filling this roll. This is a part time position, first I will expect minimum 10-15 hours per week. This may increase, if you perform quickly and efficiently.

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