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iOS & Android App/Game Talent | Java Guru | Web Expert

Username: diamond1027

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Location: Dandong, China

Member since: March 2012



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  • $515 USD
    Profile image for Seller qaher86g


    22 days ago


    Project Description:I need someone to make an iPhone / Android app for me. it will be a Flappy Bird clon. I will give you pictures or an idea of the Graphic and you have to make them 8-bit.
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller BizBidz


    28 days ago

    Great Freelancer...recomended

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $350 USD
    Profile image for Seller vincenz2004


    Feb 24, 2014

    Diamond was a very polite, attentive and cooperative developer. She was always online, and always quick to respond to my requests. She worked very closely with each stage and works very hard.<br/>

    Project Description:I have source for flappy bird type game. I want you to use the xcode source to change the image (so its good if you know a graphic guy). Then I need you to create graphics for the store. Then I want...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller davidca72


    Feb 23, 2014

    Great service and high quality results

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $103 USD
    Profile image for Seller ahmaddev


    Feb 20, 2014

    Perfect man.

    Project Description:i am Objective-C developer. i need to start learning gaming so I need Similar iPhone application for FlappyBird game. i need the source code so i can understand it and modify it my self. please show your...
  • $773 USD
    Profile image for Seller serobot


    Feb 17, 2014

    He is the best game developer on freelaner. i will use his service again. Thank You!

    Project Description:I need to create a similar game to &quot;flappy bird&quot;.;hl=en You must come up with the sounds and graphics but I will give you guidelines for the graphics...
  • $50 AUD
    Profile image for Seller Colb13


    Feb 5, 2014

    **** SCAM ALERT **** SCAM ALERT **** SCAM ALERT ****STAY AWAY FROM THIS FREELANCER !!!I hired this freelancer for another project building a IOS app for $5200.00 AUDI made a original milestone payment of 20% for this freelancer to begin workAfter I sent the original milestone payment (I did not release the funds yet as no work was done) this freelancer asked me to make a private project for $50.00 and release the funds so they could upgrade their account membership ( so they could except the original milestone of $1040.00 AUD)Then after a hour the freelancer asked me to release the $1040.00 milestone I believe 100% this freelancer is a scammer, luckily I did not release the full $1040.00 milestone (thank god)

    Project Description:private project for diamond1027
  • $347.03999999999996 USD
    Profile image for Seller AthenaFira


    Nov 20, 2013

    Good work. Thanks!<br/>

    Project Description:I have ongoing work related to our previous project &#039;Restaurant Menu iOS and or Android app&#039;
  • $650 USD
    Profile image for Seller oakleyficrada


    Nov 14, 2013

    Nice work,I will definitely hire her again

    Project Description:I am trying to make an app for my school cafeteria that will allow the user/student to order and purchase food through this app. I am looking for the freelancer who are able to finish the project on time with great quality and be able to report their progress every Tuesday...
  • $831 USD
    Profile image for Seller AthenaFira


    Oct 13, 2013

    Good work! Thanks!

    Project Description:This project has 2 Sections. 1 for Restaurant Manger and 1 for Customer Restaurant Manger need to be able to: 1. Create a Restaurant based on their current mobile device GPS. 2. Write or fill out the restaurant info...
    diamond1027 has not completed any projects.
  • $773 USD In Progress

    I need someone who can do the following: Full graphics re-themeNew icon & screenshotsIntegration of new graphics into codeSetup & customization of APIsCompetitive keyword & title researchtest my app & then submit it to the App Store.

  • $5200 AUD In Progress

    Hello I am looking for (Experienced Developer) to develop a GPS based game/app that is similar to (Turf Wars) Basically i want to make a similar app with a few different features, This app MUST meet requirements to be uploaded to the app storePlease goto the link and download this app and look at the key features of this game before you apply, Because this is a big job and you MUST be Experienced and know exactly what you are doing When you apply: please tell what previous apps/games you have made that are currently on the appstore ( if any ) My budget is around the $5000.00 markPlease do not apply for the job if you recently registered and have no previous jobs on your profile Thank you

  • $154 USD In Progress

    I need a nice graphic design and the creation of a web-site and a great icon for my newly developed app called Biorhythm and gaming.

  • $40 USD In Progress

    1. The game should be implemented in a class of objects, each object represents a current game. The object of the game should be created in two forms :a) Without parameters. Thus the game is created with the standard tray, 8 x 8, with 12 pieces for each player;b) As a parameter for the width of the board (which will always square) and a parameter for the number of pieces for each player.2. The object of the game should only have to play two procedures.a) Auto Play. Taking into account possible moves for a player that has the time and mandatory rule of capture should be a move randomly. If the game has finished, an exception should be thrown;b) Play manual. It is given the possibility of indicating the origin coordinates anddestination to make a move. If the move is valid, taking into account the player who has the time and other rules, an exception will be thrown, and if the game has expired.3. Incorrect handling of object game should lead to the release of Java exceptions, for example when the initialization parameters do not match result in a valid configuration or manual when the move is not valid.4. The object must have game functions (properties) that indicate:a) What is the next player to play;b) If the game is over;c) How many pieces of each player are at stake;d) What is the winning player (in case of a tie or not the game has ended, this information should be indefinite)___________________________________________________________________________________________Must be done using Eclipse.

  • $8 USD/hr In Progress

    As discussed!

  • $147 USD Today

    Hey, I&quot;m looking for someone to develop a niche game like Flappy Bird.Please contact me and we can talk, thanks!

  • $1578 CAD Today

    this is going to be an educational toy/app on phones/parents best friend for their children, I need someone who can make an app for phones (all types). and someone who can develop a program that will be around two minutes long. I need to get this product down to about the same size as a iphone 5 size but it will be thicker so it can stand on its own on the counter. it has to have a large screen with awesome graphic capability. (like a iphone does). I believe this will be easy for someone that has computer skills and a creative mind. both the app and device will have the same educational message on themall measurements on the device are just approximant

  • $21052 USD Today

    I need a development team to create an app that is similar to the game &quot;Clash of clan&quot;. The game will technically be the same game with different characters. I am looking for a development team that can match the quality and design of Clash of clan. I will need the app developed from the ground up which will include the design of the characters and the development + all features of the actual app. Game will be made in IOS (iphone/ipad) + Android Please leave a bid of maximum $1,500 for all work

  • $147 USD Yesterday

    Hi, i am looking for someone to make a similar game to flappy birds. The twist is i want the object to be a big comical head of Barack Obama.

  • $1052 USD Yesterday

    I need to create simple photo editor for iPhone and/or iPad.The user can choose any image from his phone gallery and add simple text or comment over the image.The user can choose size, font, color and location of his text.The user can save the edited image locally or share it directly from the app.The user can share the application link on Facebook or Twitter.We will place water mark on each image created by the app.Few more features will be discussed with the winner developer.

  • $1184 USD Yesterday

    Hello, we are looking for an iPhone gaming app developer who has some availability within the month to complete a reskin of a current game. Please contact for further information as this will surely be an exciting project! Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!

  • $1578 USD 6 days ago

    We have the code already developed using Unity for cross platform. You will need to integrate our new graphics and submit to the app stores Adding to the code we want to add functionality Please respond with Marlo is King in your submission

  • zł10526 PLN 6 days ago

    Hello,Specification: - Made in Unity3d - A working both on tablets and smartphones - IOS + Android. Extra if Windows Mobile and PC. A copy of the many existing games on the market in the form of a &quot;monster / pet&quot; listens to what user say and then after a while it repeats. Examples: Talking Tom2 etc. Additionally, it has to respond to clicking on the parts of the body. Head, abdomen, legs, swipe your finger from left to right. The screen May be located buttons for calling additional animation and optional button &quot;record&quot; which will screen recording and after recording a save / publish on Facebook. Important thing:- If we check this option Our pet listen user but don&quot;t repeat the same word. But based on audio get preapred samples in mp3 files and make his own response in his own language. So if we say: &quot;HELLO MONSTER&quot; he will response &quot;Hrrrhrrr Harrrrerrr&quot; (2 words same length) if we say: &quot;My Name is funy monster haha&quot; response &quot;Hr Hrrr h Hrr HRrrerr hrhr&quot; :)3D Model + + animation background graphics on our side at the beginning delivered to work.We will also preapre mp4 with 6-7 words that will be used for answers.Of course with app we will also want source codes.

  • $10526 USD 6 days ago

    I need a development team to create an app that is similar to the game &quot;Clash of Clans&quot;. The game will technically be the same game with different characters. I am looking for a development team that can match the quality and design of clash of clans. in addition to the basic functions of clash of clans I will need you to create; 1. a way for players to search for other players villages (by name) and attack them 2. A way For players to battle each other armies live and place wages on the battle 3. A way for players to store their own army to protect their village from attacks. I will need the app developed from the ground up which will include the design of the characters and the development of the actual app. Please leave a bid of maximum $2,000. But which will outline the cost of each stage of this product. I will specifically need to know the cost of the design, Android App, & iOS app. In Addition I need to see your portfolio of previous work specifically in Game Apps. As an employer I pay on time and reward with extra money when the job is done correct and on time, with that said when a job doesn&quot;t meet expectation or isn&quot;t completed within the time-frame we discuss I will with hold pay. Milestone&quot;s will be paid in increments that the job is completed in. No money will be released until the total job is complete. I am an honest employer looking for an honest freelancer. Make Bids accurate and a realistic time frame. Any bidder that doesn&quot;t include in detail the total cost of the project will be ignored.

  • $1052 USD 6 days ago

    Hi Need to design a knowledge based game for kids (3-6 years) with the following things in mind - 1. The game will gave 6-7 screens max. - including - different characters, topics, levels & score.2. Knowledge & experience of different game engines is very critical for the job. 3. We would be needing the final source code of the game. 4. It would be modeled similar to a shooting game. Project has to be completed in 2 weeks.Thanks

  • $1578 AUD 6 days ago

    We are looking for a developer/programmer who can build our children&quot;s app from start to finish.We have ready, all the picture, sound and button files.The app is simple.Intended for 2-5 year olds, it&quot;s a simple game that plays an animal sound and the child has to choose the correct animal picture that is associated to the sound.This is exactly what needs to be created:Home screen:Visually, there will be a jungle background (i have the picture file ready).The game logo will go on the top. Below it is a &quot;start&quot; button.Once the start button is pressed, it will initiate the first animal level.First animal level:Same jungle background. ambient jungle music is playing in the background.The animal sound is played 3 times.There is also a SOUND ICON at the top centre of the screen. This icon (when pressed) will play the animal sound again.Below this will be 4 randomly generated pictures of animals.Of course for each level, one of the pictures need to be of the correct animal that corresponds to the sound.If the correct animal picture is chosen, a CORRECT icon will appear on the screen and then will proceed onto the next random level.We need to make sure that no levels are repeated in one session.If the wrong answer is chosen, a &quot;buzz&quot; is sounded and a big cross appears on the screen. Then the cross will fade away. The incorrectly chosen animal picture is greyed out from the options so only the unchosen pictures remain until the correct picture is chosen.IMPORTANT: There are 10 levels in total. These levels must be in random order. But each level MUST ensure that the sound and correct picture is appearing.The aim of the game is for the child to go through all 10 animals. Once the child has done that there is &quot;WELL DONE&quot; screen with celebration music in the background. Also on this last screen, there is the option to go back to the main menu.STANDARD INCLUSIONS ON EVERY PAGE:1) Top left corner - home button (house icon) - this will take the customer back to the home screen2) Top right corner - mute button (music on/off icon) - this will turn the background music off.I have included a very simple Xcode5 screen capture to show the POSITION of all the buttons and icons on each page. This is for positioning only. Do NOT use the same images.The image files will be named appropriately to show where it should appear.

  • $100 USD 6 days ago

    I have iPhone app ready with all function and now we want to add one more function in App so user can see only one store with unlock and rest story will be display as lock.And when user will Purchase only one time via In app then user can access all remain story with unlock.We hope that, it will be done soon as who have knowledge for In app Purchase. Please show me your In app purchase example with your bid.

  • ₱10526 PHP 7 days ago

    An educational gaming app that can be use for teaching vocabs.

  • $21 USD/hr 7 days ago

    Good programmer needed. Long term work.

  • $842 USD 9 days ago

    Hi there,I&quot;m looking for a talented 2D game artist to reskin graphics of the Hobbit Jetpack Runner game.Ideally you should have experience of re-theming/ re-skining games like this and be able to provide published examples. Ideally you should have examples in your work history I can view feedback on.Please refer to the game on iTunes as an estimate of you effort, see link below: work will involve the design of assets in fitting with the theme I assign you. EG Underwater, Space, Flying etc:1. Characters animation: In general 5 simple animations are required for the main character, and simple animations for four enemies.2. Game assets: backgrounds, platform tiles3. Menu assets, buttons etcI will provide an asset pack to begin the project containing all the images I require to be re-skinned. Assets include the main character, enemies, a few game elements, background and menu assets.As the final deliverables I expect the same assets in return with the new theme, but like for like names and image size.Thanks.

  • $1052 USD 9 days ago

    I need an app that will work with a timer and the iPhone&quot;s camera. When the timer ends, a photo will be taken. Those photos then need to go on a feed, similar to instagram.I can provide all the wire frames and get in depth once i award the project.

  • $2577 USD 23 days ago

    Hello,We are looking to hire a iPhone Game developer that can develop a game that operates similarly to Terraria, but has a similar game play to an old popular Miniclip game called Motherload - can be seen here,

  • $824 USD 23 days ago

    You must be experienced with developing leap motion apps. I have a game on the airspace store that needs improving. You must be experienced with graphic design, as the app needs interface improvement. Improvements needed:-Creating levels-two hand game mode-Interface improvements-leap motion controlled cursor needs improved, more stable movementView app in airspace here: plain Mac version here: will provide you with the currently code of the app.The app must be clear of errors and be accepted to the airspace store.

  • $1030 USD 23 days ago

    re-skin similar to this Game &quot;Wormix - MMO strategy war game with campaign and online multiplayer PvP battles against friends&quot; whoever have the sample app similar to this description will be have more chance to get this award.

  • $7216 AUD 23 days ago

    Looking for Senior IOS and Android developer to work on a new messaging app, think &quot;Telegram Messenger&quot;, &quot;What&quot;s App&quot; and &quot;Path&quot;. A multimedia rich messaging app for a new vertical market.

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