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  • $100.00 USD
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    Jul 22, 2012

    " Great experience, first time using and the overall result was way beyond my expectations using a website so I recommend Digitalconnect and will be requiring their service again :) Great job guys and keep up the good work...''

    Project Description:Require just the Homepage design and development of a voucher listing page for a discount/voucher listing Site. For the homepage,the layout of the design has been planned. Kindly see the attached file for design layout...
  • $35.00 USD
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    rawstyle [ Incomplete Report ]

    Apr 24, 2012

    DO NOT HIRE DIGITALCONNECT!They: - misled me re. their competence for the task- delayed delivery of milestones they initially defined- were late on the start date- failed to provide daily updates- stretched a 7 day project out to be 2 months long and still only 2 days in.- (when I had to take leave to look after an ill relative) accused me of looking for a new developer- complain about delivering on the product, despite the original agreement- accuse me of lying (big mistake)Now they are disputing work done and demanding $15 in exchange for NOTHING. They won't even provide the incomplete plugin.If you're considering them, don't. Contact me if you want the full message and skype history, I have nothing to hide and it may well save you two months of disappointment.

    Project Description:This is the completion or creation of a Wordpress Plugin which lets you generate 100's ofpages immediately and auto schedule them to be posted as Posts or Pages in the future. For a better understanding of what the tool currently does and what I'd like it to do: 1...
    digitalConnect has not completed any projects.
  • $300 USD In Progress

    I am interested in creating simple user-generated site, similar to sites like, and It will be a simple livestream of short text posts, with a archive and submission section. I can work on the front-end (banners, icons) myself.

  • $750 USD In Progress

    We need a website developed that will allow members to create banner ads for their business of various sizes up to 800x600. I know their are PHP scripts that already exist for this but we need something a little bit more complex. Here are the requirements:1. Member Login - each person should have their own secure login account where they can manage their password and business account information. Members will pay a monthly subscription fee for access (Paypal and New Member Registration - creates account, asks for all information(name, Phone, Business Name, etc)2. After member logs in, there should an area where the person can create and manage their ads (create, edit, delete, upload file, drag and drop, set background, choose a template to use, etc) in WYSIWYG editor. 3. Each member has their own folder on server for their ads, such as servername/clientname/clientlocation/ad1, ad2, ad3 etc4. Ad creation tool should look something like this but it must be server based and written in PHP. I like this interface because it shows ad on right side of screen and tools on left side. The types of files that the ad tool should create need to be GIF, JPG, PNG, and Animated GIF options (for slide shows).5. Ad Preview - simply displays a picture of a laptop or other device on the member"s screen with the generated ad inside the picture so the member can see what their ad will look like on that device.6. The ads must look good on all types of devices (Laptops, Iphones, Ipads, etc).7. Trouble ticket area (simple form that emails the issue to technical support) 8. An Admin login that will allow the admin to activate or deactivate a members account if they have not paid. Should also have the ability to view all member accounts, respond to trouble ticket emails, etc.This project needs ot be competed in 1 week or less.

  • $600 USD In Progress

    I would like to have a website that is much similar to FolioGrid Pro by Frogthemes, but instead of showing blog posts, I would like for the website to showcase submitted adverts in grid format, with different size boxes (the differences of the size will depends on how much the shop owner pay me to advertise their online shop. There will be an option where shop owner can buy ad space according to size).This website will act as an interactive online directory where people can browse through the eshops to find the items they want to buy. This is much like a virtual shopping mall.When they first arrive at the website, they will see different sizes of advertisements (.jpg images), contained in individual boxes. In the boxes also shows a star-rating (voted by visitors). They can browse through the website that features fluid grid based layout with infinite scroll (like FolioGrid Pro by Frogthemes).The advert boxes should not be arranged in any specific order. It should be random, to provide fair and equal visibility to the visitors. But the grid-like form must be maintained.When they click on a shop, a lightbox will appear, showing a detailed description about the shop, a rating star system on which previous shopper voted, a set of social networking buttons (Facebook Like button, Tweet this, Buzz this etc2.) , a map showing the shop location using Google Maps(can be disabled by shop owner when they submit their advert) and a nice link to go directly to the website.When the shopper click the link, they will be redirected to the online shop, but on top of the browser window, there will be a bar, much like NetworkedBlogs have when people click their link to see the advertised blogs. On the bar, they will have the option to rate the online shop & share it on facebook. When they rate the online shop, their rating will be shown in the shop advert box on the website.I need the website to be highly visible in the search engine. So i need the site to be integrated with SEO and Facebook connect.I also need to have a payment gateway connected to this website so that shop owner will have the ability to pay for their advert directly from the website. Since this website will be targeting audiences from Malaysia, I would like to integrate iPay88 Online Payment Gateway into the advert purchasing system.I would like this website to be on wordpress so that I can add in other plugins that i may find useful.

  • $400 USD 7 days ago

    Looking for a web developer who knows shopify and HTML templates to design a website for a online clothing provider. - must know Shopify and e-commerce- must know CMS systems like Wordpress, Joomla- complete requirements will be provided including examples of other websites that we really like

  • $2500 USD 7 days ago

    Hi Freelancers,I"m requiring an interactive auction site to be created, from scratch. I require the following within the site:- To be able to list a range of relevant products- For the products to have an auction life and dynamic pricing; adjusted when a bid(s) is made- Account based model where users sign up and have personalised accounts. It is within these accounts that they will bid and subsequently win / lose the auction.- An index listing the past auctions and their relevant prices- A range of other pages pertaining to Contact, FAQ, About pagesI am looking to develop an auction capability & look and feel similar to that seen at Please let me know any prelimenary thoughts or concerns.I am ready to get this project off the ground ASAP.ThanksCharlie

  • $750 AUD 7 days ago

    Hello, I need a website built and I need it to my specifications, please bid accordingly, this isn"t a huge job. It won"t take that long, but you will only receive the details if we start a chat with you.Thank you, bid away.

  • $550 AUD 8 days ago

    I am after an ecommerce store (with < 100 products) to be designed and developed, I am quite open to your ideas and would really like to get a professionals advice rather than tell you what I want. The main feature I need, and the reason I am not just going with a solution such as shopify or bigcommerce etc is that I want the option to AutoShip products to customers. So not just simple subscriptions, the customer must have the option of either just ordering products once off or be able to put the products into a subscription to be received and charged at a frequency they can decide (fortnightly, monthly..)I am not afraid to pay for quality and have a flexible budget. If your work is premium I will pay premium. I&quot;d love to chat with anyone interested in the project and can provide more details if needed.Thanks!

  • $7 AUD/hr 8 days ago

    I need someone to post products onto my shopify website. I have provided the instructions down below. It is easy to do.

  • $1000 USD 8 days ago

    I need help building an online auto auction where people can list there vehicles for sale and prospective buyers can make bids. I also need help choosing the best platform to host the site. In general I&quot;m not looking to have a huge site like ebay or I just need a simple sit wherein sellers can post pics or vids of their cars and buyers can submit bids. I envision

  • $400 CAD 8 days ago

    Hi,I want someone who can build an Online store for me. I will take payments via PayPal on initial basis. * The store should manage the Inventory System. * I should be able to create Categories/Subcategories myself* I should be able to add pictures, descriptions and prices etc* I should be able to create Offers/SALE events anytime* The time is very short - as I am planning to open my store in mid of July in NL, Canada.Please contact me with the total cost of the project and the timeline as we..Regards,Adnan.

  • $270 USD 8 days ago

    Working on creating a website for custom human hair wigs.Need it elegant, enticing, and without too much bells and whistle.It has to collect wig specifications and have the ability for clients to upload pictures.

  • $410 USD 8 days ago

    Company Background: Damon Dunbar Design primarily sells high-end candles, clay vases, and throw pillows. We also run an event design business. DDD has a growing wholesale business, but is executing a B to C business. Scope of work:To create an e-commerce website based on Wordpress using the provided branding and content. Using a template to reduce costs is preferable. The finished product will accomplish the following:•Primarily promote the sale of our products through a seamless ecommerce experience•Have a consistent look and feel on all pages (font, colors, style, menu)•Host a blog and bio page•Use a Content Management System (CMS) capable of being maintained and updated directly by DDH•Contain links to social media – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest•Include a wholesale log-in page for bulk pricing options (or dynamic pricing options. At least will need a &quot;wholesale order&quot; tab worst case scenario) •Feature a “contact us” form pageWebsite designThe website should have a clean, modern feel. DDD will provide the logo and design direction.

  • $400 USD Apr 2, 2014

    Build a website with availability to order on line from my excess Inventory. In wholesale

  • $750 NZD Mar 15, 2014

    I need paypal intergrated - properly. Right now it is broken, and the current developers don&quot;t know how to fix it. It is a simple subscription website accepting paypal via a paypal account, or credit card. No products, just the one subscription. Paypal have said the merchant account is operating perfectly fine. Bug fixes, and enhancements. I need a CakePHP developer who will text the code correctly before telling me it is working fine, so unit test, end to end, and regression test it before you send it to me. It is not acceptable to say it has been tested and for me to find bugs as soon as I start UAT. I need a quick turn around for any dev. I have been working on this site since July 2013 and it is up and running now but still broken! Please reply to this ad if you can help me fix the bugs quickly, and get it up and running as I would like it to be. Would love to hear from you. I don&quot;t mind if you&quot;re part of a big corporate, or a small one man band as long as you have the expertise, act with integrity and deliver when you say you will.I have a number of websites I&quot;d like developed so if you do a good job on this, I will keep you busy for a long time !

  • €250 EUR Mar 11, 2014

    We require a web platform where users can enter the URL of a website containing a video which they would like to download. The URL is then passed to get_flash_videos (, which downloads and processes the video. Afterwards, the resulting video file is offered to the user for download.The user may wait for the file to be ready for downloading, or leave an email address to get a notification. Files will be retained for 24 hours for unregistered users, seven days for registered users and will never be deleted for admins. There will also be storage limits for unregistered and registered users. After logging in, registered users will see a list of all files they have ever downloaded, with links to those that are still available. Admins will also be able to see a separate list with all files ever downloaded by any user on the site, again with links to those that are still available.Those links will not directly lead to the file, but rather to a file description page, which will show details such as the file&quot;s size and the number of downloads, as well as a link to delete the file. Also there will be a link to download the file.

  • $750 AUD Mar 11, 2014

    We have a rough design of a website to be created. I want it with the custom CMS as well. Please send your portfolio with the website link you think is the best.

  • $450 USD Sep 10, 2013

    I am looking for someone to create a complete website for me. I want the log in page to look just like Also, I want the website to have the same function and layout as However, the website will be for something other than dating but still were people can search and match one another. Also, the website will be simpler than because I will not need all the function. Such as, the payment service and many of the links. Please send a message for any questions or feel free to bid if your ready to start. Happy Bidding!

  • $1560 USD Jul 10, 2013

    I am need a web site designed and built for me. I need it to look upscale and be able to support a lot of visuals of the jewlery. It does not need to have e-commerce capabilities but needs to have the ability to down the road support e-commerce. Here is an example of a web site I&quot;m looking for:

  • $500 USD Jun 17, 2013

    Hi,I am looking for somebody to create an E-Commerce website for me. That will be a comprehensive website to a specific targeted market. [The Administrator removed this message for containing contact details which breaches our Terms and Conditions.]Best regards,Idris

  • $1408 AUD May 1, 2013

    Please read below. We will need: Noticeboard, Log in facilities, shopping card with paypal and credit card facilities, terms and conditions, fee structure, legals, FAQ etcNEW BUSINESS is a brand new website focusing on movie and media makers!We have 1000&quot;s of songs and musical pieces at your fingertips ready to purchase and download for your work of art at a ridiculous one off payment.Work out what you want to spend and then your category of budget will present you with the music that&quot;s allocated for you.The options of music can range from garage demo&quot;s for the effect of a scene to full mastered productions by up and coming artists with amazing songs and sounds.Why pay $50000+ to a publisher, when the artist only gets half of that for their creation!Our prices are so reasonable that once you&quot;ve seen how easy it is to purchase quality music and songs, you&quot;ll never have to go through the &quot;snail pace&quot; red tape of a major publishing company again!

  • [Sealed] Apr 6, 2013

    NeedNeed a E-Commerece site very catchy to accept paypal, Want website similiarar to www.juicedwatches.commy facebook is going to sell wwatches and bracelets, want to be able to add products change etc.

  • $400 USD Apr 6, 2013

    Hi,My current website is it is wordpress. for some reason it can not be seen on mobile. plus I want to recreate very responsive website same as this one with little changes. it should be in HTML. I like the jquerry in this address too. i also want to add video to jquerry if they want, they should click it.I want also landing pages.In a word, I want to create social friendly website. looking forward to hearing you.

  • $400 USD Mar 2, 2013

    Need to develop the following web site:WWW.echo-tech.bizi am actually doing online sales, my concerns about laptop spare partsbatteries, adapters and LCD panelsneed to develop a web site for online posting and basket design and payment by PayPal is required.update each 6 month. required.

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