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  • $5.00 USD
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    WebsiteFast [ Incomplete Report ]

    Feb 11, 2014


    dimitarstoykov's reply:

    Somebody think he is a center of the universe. Brutal language and stupid threats have no way to work with me in any case. I am not going to work with people like that one and even ready the designs will not leave my hard disk. Case closed.

    Project Description:hi dimitara i need a PSD only for a homepage redesign its a very small site if u can help me please get in touch with me. i also hope to work with u on other proejcts if this works out . thnx
  • $490.00 USD
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    Jan 30, 2014

    I doubt you can find a better designer, easy to communicate with, goes above and beyond to get what you want, even after the closing of the contest he was still working with us to get us what we want. Extremely creative, some designers simply get lucky - while others are articstic and unique in every design they submit. Certainly Dimitrov is one of those special cases. We look forward to working with him some more int he future.

    Contest Brief:***VERY IMPORTANT, PLEASE NOTE**** IDEALLY A LOGO DESIGN USING NEGATIVE SPACE - for some examples go to the following website... Corporate Logo: I Cube Global Corp is a product & service supplier focusing mostly on the Construction Industry - our major focus is the supply of Heavy Machinery and other Construction goods/services. I've attached a copy of our old logo and examples of how it was used on our business cards - company slogan is "thinking outside the box" and open to suggestions - I've attached "logo-idea.jpg" as reference of one logo that actually looks decent, but we're looking for something even better - please try to include the slogan "thinking outside the box" in the "I Cube Global Corp" Corporate logo.... Cube Test: We Manufacture our own brand of "Material Testing Lab Equipment" under two sub-brands through manufacturing partners, "Cube Test Value" and "Cube Test Premium" - I've attached a copy of our old "Cube Test Value" logo - we'd like the logos to be related to the corporate logo "I Cube Global Corp" - also not a necessity but if possible, we'd like to somehow incorporate something along the lines of "Canadian Quality Solutions" or somehow identify that it is a "Canadian Product" in the brand logo - if not possible this is not essential. Also the two sub-brands should have two different color schemes to differentiate them. For an Idea of the type of Machinery we will be branding with these logos I've attached some example photos, instead of "Besmak" or "Protherm" we will be using "Cube Test Value" or "... Premium". ****PLEASE NOTE - DO NOT PLACE "CANADIAN QUALITY SOLUTIONS" IF YOU CAN'T FIND A CREATIVE WAY TO DO IT - IT'S NOT IMPORTANT, THE LOGO NEEDS TO BE SIMPLE WITH MINIMAL WRITING***** "Cube Test" on Scale: I've also attached a photo of a scale that we are branding as "Cube Scale" - I would like to get suggestions of designs for the "LCD Panel" of the Scale so that we can use our own branding on the scale - I've attached photos of the Scale's LCD panel and image of the actual scale - this will be branded with our brand instead though, design needs to be entirely different. What our logo should represent: There are many ideas we've got, and we simply haven't been able to work with a designer who's creative enough, we'd like something creative (out of the ordinary), simple, elegant, powerful - we'd like to effectively communicate through our logos that we are a large powerful group... We'd also like a logo that can be applied anywhere in terms of design/colors - either two contrasts to be placed on dark/light backgrounds... or a "framed logo" which has it's own background and has no issues being applied anywhere.
  • $200.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller xpandtec


    Jan 30, 2014

    Ab-so-lu-tely brilliant professional. Very creative approach to designs and quick turnaround on change request. clear comprehension of challenges and goals to hit the mark.Definitely recommended.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $150.00 USD
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    Jan 27, 2014

    Amazing designer, joined our first competition and revolutionized the direction of all the designs and ended up submitting numerous concepts, one better than the other; perfect listener, great vision, capable of designing a simple yet out of the ordinary logo. fully capable of communicating a company's principles through a basic logo - hope to continue working together.

    Contest Brief:Delta Management Group (DMG) is a managing firm that provides services to other companies. We operate around the world offering corporate solutions and turnkey services such as consulting, marketing, public representation and web development. We are looking for someone to redesign our logo and create a creative, sharp and innovative concept that represents ingenuity and professionalism. ***THE LOGO DOES NOT NEED TO SAY DELTA MEDIA GROUP, IT CAN SIMPLY CONTAIN THE DMG THREE LETTER ABBREVIATION. I have attached our current logo "DDM1.jpg". The logo says "Delta Media Management", however the company officially goes by "Delta Management Group". The mathematical symbol for delta is a triangle, so we are looking for a designer to *creatively* incorporate a triangle in their concept. I have set the price at $150, however we are willing to increase that if you provide us with exceptional work. If you are a designer that lacks creativity, this job is not meant for you. We are looking for someone that has created outstanding logos that are one of a kind, ingenious and eye-catching. ****PLEASE NOTE>>>> Try to use negative space in a creative way for this logo - for some examples take a look at.... In these concepts pay attention to the "Black Cat" logo, when you first look you see "Black Cat" written, when you pay more attention you notice an actual black cat's eyes staring at you. We want a logo that is above and beyond - requires someone to think outside the box to create and to notice the hidden message in it.
  • $40.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ishopped


    Jan 4, 2014

    Very creative designer. We will use again!. Amazing Work!.

    Project Description:Banners will be added to the large rotations on the landing page of Please create the banners with a modern, trendy feel that ties in with the website in some way. Size: The same as the large rotating banners on landing page...
  • €121.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller Cezary


    Nov 7, 2013

    Very competent designer with a wide variety of ideas.Excelent Work !

    Contest Brief:Logo for Marzec Trading AB Minimum Text "Marzec" Clean original design Symbolism valued Vector graphics preferred All legal rights, trademark, copyright, etc of the logo transferred to the buyer May the best man/woman win.
  • $280.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller TredSten10000


    Aug 5, 2013


    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • €340.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller hilsers


    Jul 17, 2013

    one of the best designer i ever worked with. out of the box thinking...crazy man! :-)

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $550.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller jeysi1


    Jun 16, 2013

    read my previous comments; “ my feedback is becoming boring - read my previous feedback!! As always Dimitar is the best!! The designs are amazing. And Dimitar is a real pro!! He never led us down. Thanks Dimitar!! ”as always, great quality, great at communication, great expertise, great propfessionalism, and ofcourse we hire him again ... when you hire dimitarstoykov, you get 1) great value, 2) with no risk, 3) and you end up with a good friend ... thanks dimitar ....

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $390.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller proaesth


    Jun 14, 2013

    Highly talented, highly recommended!

    Contest Brief:We have a gadget which helps You regenerate the skin cells with help of a special electromagnetic radiation. It is small, you can take with you everywhere. It is a high tech product, a luxury product. The design should be attractive for the women, express elegance. The products name is: MOBILE BEAUTICIAN
  • $490.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller proaesth


    Jun 14, 2013

    Creative, Hardworking and Agile. I like his works indeed!Swiss Aesthetic Technologies Co.

    Contest Brief:We need a label for a plastic bag containing capsules. The label size is ca. 14x5 cm. The following text should be incorporated. GREEN COFFEE BEANS EXTRACT, POWER-FULL FAT BURNER FORMULA, 60 Capsules, (500mg). It should be an elegant, luxury label.
  • $527.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller danielhdk


    May 8, 2013

    Very talented web designer, he made sure that the logo was 100% perfect, before delivering the final logo.

    Contest Brief:The company is web shop, that sells electronic products. The web shop is build on a new concept, where each user will get a unique product price. Once the user sees the unique product price, they will get a choice - "Buy" or "Wait&quo
  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller tech360


    Apr 6, 2013

    Excellent! Speedy work and great communication from the designer.

    Project Description:Hey, You submitted a design for a logo contest a few months ago. I want to buy that logo from you. See logo here: I need the tagline replaced with just the word "insurance"...
  • $330.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller jeysi1


    Mar 28, 2013

    My feedback is becoming boring - read my previous feedback!! As always Dimitar is the best!! The designs are amazing. And Dimitar is a real pro!! He never led us down. Thanks Dimitar!!

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $759.50 USD
    Profile image for Seller zhenhairdressing


    Jul 23, 2011

    Excellent Graphic Artist, very pleased with everything. Great communication, will definately use again

    Project Description:Pre-press and Print 5000 quantity A4 Full Colour double sided in 128/130gsm gloss. Make some changes to pdf file before printing. Soft Proof required for client to sign-off on. PACKING: Pack...
  • $80.00 USD
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    q4im [ Incomplete Report ]

    May 23, 2011

    Freelancer is unresponsive and communication has been poor. Initial designs were submitted but rejected and feedback to the designs has not been followed or implemented. Freelancer now tells me he is unable to continue to to personal circumstances.

    dimitarstoykov's reply:

    The service provider accept my first example design, but refuse all other after that. He told that they are heavy and he need something more light. I told him to show me some example, so i can understand the style he likes, but there was no answer. I can not design nothing if the customer don"t explain me what actually he want. He dont understand me that at the same time i have personal problems and finally my father die today 11.06 so i was unavailable front of my computer every time and answering the questions or design anything. Anyway, good look.

    Project Description:I am looking for some creative ideas for small pictures that will have painted or enameled English coins mounted on the picture. Finished size will be approx. 6" x 5" There will be 5 initial designs, with possibly more to follow later...
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller LAMBCHOPEXPRESS


    May 21, 2011

    Dimitar is a star. I had so many responses for this job, yet he was the only one to read what I wanted into the task. If you need anyone to do something for you quickly and at a reasonable price AND actually do what you want, then Dimitar is the one you need. Quick, Accurate, Communicative, great English speaker and just an outright good guy. Don't bother looking around elsewhere, he's the one you want!!

    Project Description:Hi I need a log design for a small hand-made costume jewellery making business. I want to see very draft hand sketched ideas (mock-ups) in your bid for this - feel free to watermark anything you pass through to me...
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  • [Sealed] In Progress

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  • $140 AUD Mar 18, 2014

    Inviting all cartoonist designers and other designers!!!1. Branding Requirements for “Fierce”Wordmark – “Fierce”Tag Line – “Own It - Love It - Flaunt It”Symbol logo – a recognizable symbol used to indicate ownership Monogram – “F”Include the Trade Mark Logo TMNEEDED IN THE FOLLOWING FORMS: Website Banner for FierceMatching Packaging Design for Jewellery Gift Box Business Cards, Mock up Brochure & Letter Head2. Additional: When it comes to colours we are open to fresh ideas. Although open to any colours because we want to see fresh new ideas. The logo should represent a brand individuals will be proud to wear and I want it to make people feel like a STAR. Something that is distinctive, original and stands out.The files I will require are (please provide them in an editable and non-editable file formats):Print file format - (CMYK)Web file format - .jpg and layered .psd (RGB)3. Product Information - It is a brand new jewellery line for men and women. [It may expand later to bags, accessories and fashion clothing].4. Attitude of the brand: Fierce jewellery can be described as unique, a little edgy and fierce. For men and women that are confident, have a little attitude and love to stand out and make a statement. Clients who wear the Fierce brand are individuals that want to dress like a Hollywood Star or Music Video Star without the price tag but with a fierce attitude.5. The target market - male and females aged between 16 and 35 years old. The designs will be mainly high quality (most sterling silver) and many high fashion items, at affordable prices. Pricing will range from $35 to $350. Note: Please make sure the work you are submitting is your own and that you are legally entitled to to transfer the copyright to us, in order to gain Trademark rights!. Please feel free to ask questions. You guarantee that this is your original work, and thus are able to apply for trademarks registration.We would like to open it up to your creativity and want to see your fresh designs without our influence. Thanks so much can"t wait to see what you come up with. May the best design win!Regards, MonaP.s. - Please refer to the public clarification board, we have included more guidance.P.p.s. - For Inspiration think - patterns, diamonds, chains, metal, gold, silver, flowers, butterflies, leopard, lion, tiger, fox, flames, different colours, Versace, Ed Hardy..

  • $60 CAD Mar 2, 2014

    Logo needed for live top 40/dance music entertainer. Logo must have international appeal and a world class feel.

  • $40 USD Feb 4, 2014

    Hello.Can you create a logo for me asap?I make attached information. I have a web agency in Denmark, and if you do good, I will hire you for more projects.Kind regardsVivi Gamskjær Vroue

  • $150 USD Jan 22, 2014

    i posted a project yesterday and invited you> Wondering if you"re interested in the job?? I can tell you more later.

  • €1500 EUR Jan 19, 2014

    We are a very dynamic team and we "re developing an ambitious project that has to do with e-commerce and network marketing. During these months, our team participated in the opening of the market in Bulgaria and seek new partnerships. I would like to invite you in a presentation that will take place in the next few days in Sofia. Would you be interested to get in touch with us?

  • $15 USD/hr Dec 16, 2013

    Hi,I need a website building for a team wear website - is this something you do?Many thanksAndy

  • $120 USD Nov 28, 2013

    I"m logo for a logo design for my company name ( ROMERO ) and ( ROMERO NEW YORK) We are a high-end leather goods brand that provide our self in providingtop quality and luxury service to our costumes. We are looking for a clean, elegant, and easy to identify logo.Thanks,Jonathan

  • $100 USD Nov 24, 2013

    Looking for a logo for a new business venture I"m starting. The name is KDK Chiller Service would like something catchy. The letters are the initials of us owners we have another owner who starts with the letter D so something that reflects two D"s in the logo. If the design works out would also be interested in a web site design.

  • $15 USD/hr Nov 14, 2013

    I have volunteered to be the chairperson for the United Way committee this year at Supreme Appliances as chairperson, I need a outline of the presentation in word processing to submit to my instructor also I need a effective presentation that will tell about and motivated Supreme Appliances employees to give to this charity. The presentation should be between 15 and 20 minutes long

  • ₹1500 INR Nov 2, 2013


  • $15 USD/hr Oct 22, 2013

    Hi,I am looking for good and nice logo design for my company. I also need the web site design, but based on logo design i would like to continue for web site design.domain registered as (Pilatus incorporation) and nature of the business is -- IT consulting/ software services.

  • $15 USD/hr Sep 19, 2013

    The project is a website for institutions such as schools and colleges

  • $100 USD Sep 1, 2013

    company name: nnAl Matrooshi - Kreative Consulting Servicesnnnature of business ( IT consultant and solution provider)

  • $15 AUD/hr Jul 20, 2013

    Hi Dimitar. We have had great feedback for the logo design you did for us and i have referred business colleagues to you. My wife Louise is starting her own house design business and wants to use the existing logo but remove the face and add in the building profile( you can have a play with that building profile if you think you can improve it ) I have put an hour for completion let me know if this is possible. We only require 1 or 2 layers. We need it in the same formats as the original logo. Regards, Dale

  • $240 USD Jul 20, 2013

    gdfgjkerui ngdfjkfdvm,v gewfeig fhefg fiwncsmb n efeb b

  • $15 AUD/hr Jul 15, 2013

    We are a small, Australian based marketing consultancy. We curently work for a large corporate, but will soon be going out on our own.We require a logo for use on business cards, electronic letterhead, and our website, which will be developed in coming months. Our specialty is working with financial services products, specifcally life insurance products aross the Asia Pacific Region.. Our key deliverables are marketing strategy, and in particular data analytics to the companies we work with. To give you more of an idea 0of what we do, our current website (until we leave the company we are currently employed with) is

  • $150 USD Jul 4, 2013

    I want to do some animation of the logo and other animation for a media presentation/animation that would appear on our website or be used in other media

  • $50 AUD Jun 11, 2013

    Looking for a clean cut logo to be made for a project. It must contain the words "Sublime Records".

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Jan 2011 - Present (3 years)

Bulbid Design Studio - Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Owner and Manager

May 2002 - Present (12 years)

Skynet Marketing Pte. - Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Industrial Laser Systems Engineer

Mar 1999 - May 2002 (3 years)

Osmanli Laser Systems Co. - Antalya, Turkey

Manager Design Department

Mar 1997 - Apr 1999 (2 years)

Paco Tradding Co. , Birkirkara, Malta

Manager of Computer Department

Jan 1993 - Mar 1997 (4 years)

Laser Art Co. Ltd. - Plovdiv, Bulgaria


MS Mathematics and Informatics

Plovdivski universitet 'Paisii Hilendarski'


Fitter opto-mechanical, lasers and opto electronics

High School of Mathematics "Academician Kiril Popov"