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  • $30 USD
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    He is honest. Thanks.

    Project Description:One page and a half about this title.
  • £171 GBP
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    Project Description:SEE THE DETAIL WHAT WE DISCUSSED .................................................. .................................................
  • [Sealed]
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    good quality of work,.. Project was delivered slightly behind plan

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $128 AUD
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    2 days ago

    Did great work

    Project Description:As discussed
  • $50 USD
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    3 days ago

    thanks for the help

    Project Description:Much discussion has occurred regarding the effects of regulation and deregulation on particular institutions and trading markets. This assignment will give students an opportunity to examine the role that regulation changes actually played in the unraveling of (USA) financial system...
  • $30 USD
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    3 days ago

    Good writing skills. Meets tge requirments. Complete on time asked. Very economical.

    Project Description:its basically about writing about the url below using the text within the lectures notes I provided. “Watch the following clip “Satine, the Sparkling Diamond'viewable here:
  • $480 AUD
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    6 days ago

    Will definitely come back!

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $249 AUD
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    8 days ago

    Fantastic Freelancer, finished project a day early when I asked and work was of an impeccable standard. Expert writer, great English skills and would definitely hire again and recommend.

    Project Description:Psychology Lab Report -- survey results finished and included, and methodology already pre-written. Must be a laboratory report (title page, abstract, introduction, method, results, discussion, and...
  • $113 USD
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    8 days ago

    Not only was the paper stellar, but delivered days early

    Project Description:Organizational Behavior Analysis Employer: US Military (Air Force) In this assignment you will analyze the organizational behavior of your current or former employer. Describe how the following...
  • $146 AUD
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    8 days ago

    Great writing! Thank you!

    Project Description:Donnison and Penn-Edwards (2012) stated that "... many first year students, regardless of their area of study, adopt surface approaches to learning” (p.11). However, universities encourage students to use a deep approach to their learning...
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  • $200 USD In Progress

    You are required to write a report based on the IBM case study. For this report, you are to critically evaluate IBM’s innovation strategy, processes, infrastructure and organisational structure.

  • £228 GBP In Progress

    As discussed...............................................................................................................

  • $150 AUD In Progress

    Hi guysThis is my assignment of masters. Global information systems..any one who can complete the assignment can contact me.

  • $150 USD In Progress

    Have a Master"s law essay and want a professional writer, preferably a native English writer who has experience in international law. You must be able to provide a satisfactory example of related writing. No time wasters and new school leavers please.

  • $249 USD In Progress

    We are looking for market research into the Qatar region for a very specific industry. We need information on relevant projects coming up or ongoing in Qatar that relate to our industry. This will mean browsing oil and gas articles and compiling results in a professional format. You will have to also access tender portals for the government and other related bodies.We prefer quality over quantity with specific reference to only projects relevant to our industry. You would be expected to have knowledge of various tender portals and to make calls as required for further research. In summary, we need to have an extremely clear picture of the full subsea Offshore Oil and Gas market in Qatar (and surrounding regions if relevant).Some keywords as follows:Pipeline InstallationUnderwater InspectionNDTDiving Services Commercial DivingUnderwater WeldingMarine ConstructionSubsea The final report shall be in a clear concise format, with relevant companies identified and links provided where appropriate. The bidder will be provided with our website address and can refine results based on this.

  • $130 USD In Progress

    3003IBA PROJECT - 2014An Australian company specialized in providing mining equipment, technologies and services (METS) considers expanding its business to one of the following countries: China, Turkey, Vietnam and Kazakhstan. As a business analyst of an investment bank, you are commissioned to conduct a market research and analysis on ONE of the countries, evaluating its market attractiveness and potential risks. Your research result should be presented as a Business Report no longer than 2000 words.More specifically, your report should include:1) An in-depth research and analysis on: •The attractiveness of the market for METS industry –Size and potential growth of the market–Existing and potential competition in the market•The country situation and risks for the potential FDI–Political and social environment (stability, corruption level, etc)–Economic environment (trend of growth, inflation rate, etc)–Financial environment (access to local financing, exchange rate risk, etc)–Government policies and incentives (FDI rules and regulations, taxes, etc)–Infrastructures (transport, energy, telecom, etc)–Costs and sources of inputs (labour cost and skills, other inputs, etc)2) A set of clear advice and recommendations (logically derived from your research and analysis), including but not limited to: •The type of FDI (e.g. joint venture, acquisitions or establishing new subsidiaries) the company should consider making•The measures or strategies the company should deploy to minimise the risks involved in the potential investmentNotes:•The company is fictitious, so don’t waste your time to research on the company•Chapter 13-16 provides useful guidance for this research•Austrade Website and Annual World Investment Report published by the UNCTAD are also useful sources of information Format and word limit:•The report should be TYPED (font size 11 or 12 pts, 1.5 spacing) •The report should contain a title page, a content list, an executive summary (no more than 250 words), a body (clearly sectioned with headings and subheadings), and a reference list (in-text citation is required)•The report should be NO LONGER than 2,000 words (excluding executive summary, tables, diagrams, bibliography and appendices). You need to show WORD COUNT on the title page.Submission:All assignments must be submitted in hardcopy via OCAH in the library and must go through SafeAssign before submission. SafeAssign: SafeAssign is an online text-matching service available through the course website. Students must use SafeAssign to generate a text-matching report of an electronic version of their project before submitting a hard copy.Two SafeAssign links will be available under the Assessment section of the course website. Please use the first link for a trial submission and view your matching rate. If the matching rate is within the acceptable range (no more than 15%), make the final submission through the second link. Otherwise, revise your draft according to the text-matching report and then submit the final draft through the second link.Weight: 20% of the final mark.Due date: Week 10 - Monday 12 May 5pm

  • $35 USD In Progress

    write the project , this information that i attached

  • $154 USD In Progress

    Follow all directions. Job Will be considered complete when the project passes grading rubric. Passing the rubric may require multiple submissions. A limit of 3 failing submissions is allowedDirections SUBDOMAIN 314.3 - CREATION & DISTRIBUTION OF GOODS & SERVICES Competency 314.3.1 Marketing Goods & Services - The student understands concepts and practices associated with marketing goods and services. Objective 314.3.1-09: Select the appropriate segmentation scheme for a firm based on a specified set of market characteristics (size, demographic, geographic, psychographic, and/or behavior descriptors). Objective 314.3.1-10: Identify the appropriate target market for a firm based on a particular product/service. Objective 314.3.1-11: Select the appropriate positioning strategy for a firm based on a scenario giving characteristics (competitors" sizes and positions) of a particular market. Objective 314.3.1-12: Describe the criteria for segmenting markets. Objective 314.3.1-14: Select the appropriate marketing strategy (product/service, price, place, or promotion) for a particular product life cycle stage (introduction, growth, maturity, or decline). Objective 314.3.1-20: Describe customer perceived value. Objective 314.3.1-21: Describe the differences between customer and organizational markets. Objective 314.3.1-22: Infer the most likely cause for a particular problem encountered by a firm attempting to sell to an organizational buyer.Given:You can access the case study for this assessment in the eReserves of the WGU Library via the “Aldus Case Study” web link. If you are not already logged in to your WGU account, you will be asked to do so. Task:Write an essay (8-15 pages) that accomplishes each of the following:A. Discuss Strong’s proposal to alter the positioning strategy for Aldus. Base your discussion on positioning theory and characteristics given in the case. B. Describe the differences between consumer and organizational markets.C. Discuss how these differences contribute to the positioning strategy.D. Discuss the criteria for segmenting markets.E. Discuss the proposed segmentation scheme based on specific market characteristics for the Aldus Corporation.F. Discuss the target markets Strong identified in the case.G. Define the stages of the product life cycle.H. Determine which stage of the product life cycle applies to the professional version of PageMaker based on the new vision for the company.I. Select the appropriate marketing mix for the professional version of PageMaker.J. Define the concept of perceived value.K. Discuss how perceived value influences marketing strategy.L. Infer the most likely causes for problems that Aldus may encounter should it pursue selling to organizational buyers. Note: When using sources to support ideas and elements in a paper or project, the submission MUST include APA formatted in-text citations with a corresponding reference list for any direct quotes or paraphrasing. It is not necessary to list sources that were consulted if they have not been quoted or paraphrased in the text of the paper or project.Note: No more than a combined total of 30% of a submission can be directly quoted or closely paraphrased from sources, even if cited correctly. For tips on using APA style, please refer to the APA Handout web link included in the General Instructions section. Here are some helpful APA resources:www.apastyle.orgwww.citationmachine.net Type your work into a word processing document and submit it as an attachment to this task. File Attachments:1. Rubric TermsRubrics:1. Marketing Case Study (MAP1)Web Links:1. Aldus Case StudyClick to Show/Hide MethodEvaluation Method

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $80 AUD In Progress

    One of the most fascinating features of the global economy is that governments have such different ideas about what makes for a dynamic business climate, and so do other elements of society. Of course, these ideas and the government policies that go with them shape the threats, opportunities, and hurdles faced by firms at home and abroad. Please complete an 1,800-2,000 word analytical paper that addresses the following question:

  • $463 USD Today

    Writing a major report with over 8000+ words

  • $250 AUD Today

    Hii am needing someone to assist in writting a business plan for a boutique fashion store in California as I am taking over this business.

  • $53 USD Today

    double spaced paper1000-1500 words on the subject of businessmore details will be provided later.

  • $99 USD Today

    - A case study paper and other relevant information will be provided.- It is required to review and critically analyse the case study paper and the information provided. (In the attachment) - Responses to the questions will be within a framework of description and diagnosis of, and prescription for the issues inherent in the case study.- The corresponding questions together with allocation of marks are shown in the attachment.- Reference to minimum five 7 papers drawn from the journal literature or other relevant sources on operations and supply chain management will be required in support of the analysis and answers in the report. - The paper need to be done following APA style.- Simple repetition of wording in the case study paper without discussion/comment will lead to the assignment being rejected.- The report needs to have a length of 2500 to 3000 words. (Excluding the outline and references)

  • $50 USD Today

    3-5 pages minimum in Chicago manual Style.Pick a country that has a majority Muslim population or a significant Muslim minority. Compose in essay format (introduction, body and conclusion) an analysis of the country, based on one or more aspects of the country’s origins, geography, demography, society or politics. The essay should focus on the country’s connection to Islam and the Islamic World. Avoid simply compiling a list of statistics and facts and figures. Craft an essay that illuminates the Islamic nature or character of the country. Superior essays will include a clear thesis and persuasive argument supported by relevant examples from appropriate sources.

  • $100 AUD Today

    Write a full CDR for electrical engineer contains all the three episodes and the career development plan.Career episode must include projects related to power engineering and high voltage as well as project management preferably as a project manager.

  • $85 USD Yesterday

    hi there,We are in need of a person who"s graduated from Project Management to write a 1500 words academic report. You need to provide academic references with Harvard referencing style.Final Deadline: 3rd May 9am UTC+10 time zone Sydney AustraliaRate: 85 (Negotiable upon your skills and experience)The report will explain and consider each of the 10 project functional / knowledge areas as outlined in PMBOK (PMI, 2013). You must have understandings in relation to the Loganholme Neighbourhood Plan (it"s okay if you don"t). Please do a preliminary research on Google if you are not sure about what it is.Final Deadline: 3rd May 9am UTC+10 time zone Sydney AustraliaRate: 85 (Negotiable upon your skills and experience)ThanksRoger

  • £139 GBP Yesterday

    Hi I am looking for business management writers who are graduated from UK and are well aware of UK universities writing pattern. thanks

  • $154 AUD Yesterday

    Write a 2500-3000 word professional report APA referencing stylePlease view attached documents for details before bidding .Important : Insert " I have read the attachment files " before bidding !

  • $144 USD 2 days ago

    The gluten-free movement is beginning to go mainstream at the retail level, but food professionals in the food service industry are lagging behind. Because the gluten-free marketplace began as a "specialty business", it has not dawned on most food processing professionals that they have a huge responsibility and opportunity in the production of gluten-free foods. We manufacture products that are designed specifically to assist food service professionals in food processing and manufacturing industries to develop gluten-free counterparts to their traditional wheat-based products. We need food brokers to pave the way for our growth. Like the rest of traditional food marketplace, food brokers haven"t yet recognized that they play a pivotal role in unleashing the untapped demand for food processors and manufacturers to produce gluten-free foods. We need a short, succinct and impactful communication that will reveal the market potential of leading the way for the sale of our gluten-free base blends in the traditional food processing and manufacturing arena.

  • $40 AUD 2 days ago

    Same as previous project you have completed ( case study is different. Looking to pay approx $40 and must be original work

  • $30 USD 3 days ago

    Which factors do you think most significantly influenced your own development as a child? How did your environment play a role in helping you become who you are today?must be able to use ashford library for sources I will give you login information .. I will give answeres to any questions about my personal childhood via chat

  • $144 USD 3 days ago

    Everyone is asked to research a psychosocial or behavioral aspect of a disease or condition that is of interest to them. You should familiarize yourself with basics about the condition and topic (risk factors, symptoms, available treatments, disease management, prognosis, etc.). Then, you should study a psychosocial or behavioral aspect of the condition such as prevention techniques, social support, cultural differences, impact on mental health, impact on social network, etc.). Due tonight at midnight!

  • $100 USD 3 days ago

    Business Law Case Study Analysis with APA 6.0 format. Analysis about any Apple VS Samsung case with U.C.C. about 8 pages with APA6.0 format, and citation all of your sources that you used in this paper.Do not plagiarism.

  • $249 USD 3 days ago

    Your assignment is to choose a total of ‘3’ companies from the list below (no more than one from each industry) and apply the following 5 analyses: 1.PEST-NED2.Porter’s 5 Forces3.Porter’s 3 Generic Strategies4.Vision and Mission5.Core CompetenceSee page 4 for the template to complete the assignment. Only assignments that use the template will be graded. Assignments must be typed and printed. Please see attached files the complete assignment description and the course book which will be a useful reference.

  • $48 AUD 3 days ago

    I need help with a simple economics case study . Please apply if you have worked on economics assignment in the past

  • $108 USD 3 days ago

    I need a 1000 word report on information technology trends , must be done in a highly professional manner. The report will also require a minimum of 8 fully referenced journal sources, i am looking for writers well versed in writing high grade work.The work you provide WILL be double checked for plagiarism so it must be yours I will provide more details to the winning bidder, this is an urgent project so ONLY bid if you can complete it in a small time frame.Please be reasonable with bid amounts as i will ignore any crazy bids, please do not bid more than $60I will only respond to bids who quote the term "foxtrot" with their bid.

  • $515 USD 3 days ago

    I need help with converting sales enablement Powerpoint into a 2-3 page summary narrative in Microsoft Word. I have all the content required already in a PPT (15-20 slides) that I need summarized into a 2-3 page narrativ. The narrative would fit into a very specific format, which I have a sample of.The project consists of 4 seperate Powerpoint decks (each 15-20 slides) that I would need converted into 4 seperate summaries using a specific format. Would require some anlaysis and writing to convert bullet points into written narrative, but not new research.These are sales training PPT that have been creates to help a sales team understand how to position against the competition. What I now need is to convert these training decks into 2-3 page narrative summaries that sales reps can read before speaking with a prospect.

  • $30 USD 3 days ago

    "Immunity from pre-existing equitable rights was guaranteed only in the case of the purchaser of a legal estate whose conscience was wholly unaffected. Such a purchaser was sometimes known simply as Equity"s Darling - one who had found favour in the eyes of Equity." Kevin Gray, Elements of Land LawDiscuss.

  • $175 USD 3 days ago

    Write a a research article about "Using Six Sigma In Project Management"Total 12 pages excluding the references pages.Must use EndNote software for references citation and to submit the references library.The work must be Plagiarism free. Zero tolerance for any copying of any part of the work. Please bid only if you are qualifiedProject should be submitted in 5 days.See attached document for project description.

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