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  • $113.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller UNI13


    8 days ago

    Quality work, decent communication and will rehire in future.

    Project Description:Hi, I need a 2000 word academic essay on the following question. Must be current in Australian Law and the rationale and presentation guidelines (please see attached) must be STRICTLY adheared to. Question Kate Middletown is (or was) the marketing manager at Crown & Co...
  • $83.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller girlfriend135


    14 days ago

    Always Impressed...

    Project Description:Create an argument that use of the present value free cash-flow method has a more beneficial economic meaning than earnings-based methods. Provide support for your argument. Assess the challenges related...
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller jannahteam


    14 days ago

    excellent job

    Project Description:hi i need someone who can watch a movie and write a paper about 750-1000 words. i want someone who is good in english and write clean paper without any taken words from online. papers which will use online words will be not accepted...
  • $73.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller WillViolet


    18 days ago

    thanks a lot for your help. A++++

    Project Description:I need someone who can get done this (7 pages text) in 4 days maximum by Monday GTM 2 pm. Please find attached the picture attached. which explains what needs to be done for Patch 1. MBTI (Jung's typology...
  • $40.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller hsung2


    19 days ago

    Perfect essay i could ever ask for!

    Project Description:3 pages. no need for citation. It is a paper that summarizes the key points and ideas in the reading. It should layout the specifics of the reading. No bullet points, please. Don't be lazy. Don't tell me facts, numbers, statistics, or minor details from the reading...
  • $154.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller assistanceplease


    21 days ago

    Great job! Freelancer was prompt and delivered exactly what was requested!

    Project Description:Research and write high quality original work on 8 different topics regarding organizations that requires 250-500 words for each. Example topics include: managing personnel, financial controls, organizational framework...
  • $40.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller hsung2


    25 days ago

    it Was awesome!

    Project Description: So what to do on summary/response paper? It is a paper that summarizes the key points and ideas in the reading. It should layout the specifics of the reading. No bullet points, please. Don't be lazy...
  • $310.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller lum90a


    27 days ago

    It was a pleasure to work with this freelancer. He did a great job with great communication.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • £204.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller kateyo


    29 days ago

    well done........

    Project Description:AS DISCUSSED..............................................................................................
  • $250.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller MarketingAZ


    Jun 23, 2014

    Significant service, amazing results

    Project Description:A 2500 word assignment related to the human resource management and change. I need this to be completed within 2-3 days. All other details to the PM.
    Excellent Papers has not completed any projects.
  • $30 USD In Progress

    Need to write more than 6 pages Microeconomics essay, you have to find a topic that is related with Microeconomics. And APA6 format for this essay!

  • $30 CAD In Progress

    I need someone experienced in English literature to write compare or contrast paper. this is a university work, so i need someone with experience.If you are interested let me know i will send you the project.

  • $25 AUD In Progress

    all the instructions are given ....that how to complete the project..

  • $25 AUD In Progress

    instructions are given in the project ...that it has to be done

  • $25 AUD In Progress

    this task require to prepare list list of strategies topics and issues

  • $25 USD In Progress

    I NEED AN OPINION ESSAY. (THIS ESSAY IS BASED ON YOUR OPINION ABOUT ANY OF THE SELECTED WRITINGS)FORMAT *_*Font: Times New RomanSize: 12Style: ASA format Number of pages: 2 OR 3 Single-Spaced PagesCHRISTIANITY- What is this movement all about?- How did it come to develop?- How does this movement find support from the culture?-Does this movement change anything about the core aspects of Christianity?***** This essay should analyse these questions through author"s perspective.*****THESE ARE THE SELECTED TEXTS: (PLEASE CHOOSE ONLY 1 BOOK)- Donald Miller, Blue like jazz: Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality (2003) Rob Bell, Love Wins: A book about heaven, hell, and the fate of every person who ever lived (2011) Diana Butler Bass, Christianity after religion: The end of church and the birth of a new spiritual awakening (2012) date: Friday, June/27/2014

  • $30 USD In Progress

    It is a paper that summarizes the key points and ideas in the reading. Your paper should layout the specifics of the reading. No bullet points, please. Don"t be lazy. Don"t tell me facts, numbers, statistics, or minor details from the reading. Want to know what I"m looking for with these summary/response papers? Read below:When summarizing, follow the guidelines listed below:1. Identify the main points of the passage. In some paragraphs, the main idea is expressed in the topic sentence, yet in others, it may not be explicitly stated at all. Additionally, a passage may contain one or more points that are vital to its meaning. These elements must be mentioned in your summary.2. Organize and present these main points in a coherent way. Be careful not to use the author"s words or to follow the sentence structure of the original passage. THIS MEANS: NO QUOTES FROM THE TEXT!!!3. Make sure that you are faithful to the meaning of the source and that you have accurately represented the main ideas.4. Again: NO quotes from the author. I only want your words!The second half of the paper is the "response" part. In this part of the paper you will reflect on the key ideas in the text and you will respond to them. Don"t go off on tangents. Address the authors points by providing meaningful, reasoned insights. What exactly is the author saying? What comments can you make or what questions are raised by engaging with the content? Don"t be lazy. Spend time with the response section of your paper. Show me that you are thinking deeply about the text and that you want to provide intelligent commentary on it.

  • $140 AUD In Progress

    The research paper is a first year undergraduate Psychology research paper and must be written to that standard. The word count is 1800 words (so I expect 6-7 pages). There are other details and conditions which I will provide through private messaging.

  • $329 USD In Progress

    Dear bidders, this is a very very urgent project, please bid only if you can do it by 21st July 2014 1pm London time 100%.I need the same assignment 2 TIMES (so I need 2 different copies on the following assignment):Accounting Policies of Companies reporting in accordance with IFRS Accounting researchIn particular IFRS standards, the right of choice of accounting policies exist. The assignment is based on research of accounting policies used by companies preparing their financial statements according to IFRS. The right of choice exists for example in these areas:1.Subsequent measurement of Property, plant and equipment (IAS 16)2.Prevalent method of depreciation (IAS 16)3.Subsequent measurement of Intangible assets (IAS 38)4.Subsequent measurement of Investment property (IAS 40)5.Cost formulas for inventories (IAS 2)6.Initial measurement of non-controlling interest (IFRS 3)7.The form of the income statement (expenses by the nature or by the function, IAS 1)8.The form of statement of comprehensive income (single statement or two statements) (IAS 1)Required:1.Describe the particular accounting policies that entities can choose from in standards mentioned above.2.Make a research based on 15 listed companies preparing their financial statement according to IFRS. The research should be focused on gathering the information about what particular accounting policy is used by particular company in areas mentioned above.3.Present your findings in the form of table including: Name of the company, country of domicile, sector of business, number of employees, accounting policies IAS 16, IAS 38, IAS 40, IAS 2, IFRS 3 and IAS 1.4.Present our findings in a form of graphs. 5.Comment your findings highlighting what accounting policies are prevalent in particular areas based on your research.This assignment is in the form of research, which covers the main learning outcomes for this module (the learning outcomes can be also found on page 3 of your module guides).1Knowledge and understandingDiscuss the purpose of, and progress towards, the international harmonisation of accounting practices.2Knowledge and understandingIdentify some of the key emerging issues in international accounting.3Intellectual, practical, affective and transferable skillsCritically evaluate the similarities and differences in financial accounting practices globally and their implications for international business activity. TaskExpectations / Marking CriteriaLearning outcome1.Describe the particular accounting policies that entities can choose from in IAS 16, IAS 38, IAS 40, IFRS 3 and IAS 1.Did the student describe the areas where the right of choice exist properly? (20 marks)1, 32.Present your findings in the form of table and in the form of graphs.Did the student present his or her findings in the form of table and graphs properly? Are the findings relevant? (60 marks)1, 2, 33.Comment your findings highlighting what accounting policies are prevalent in particular areas based on your research.Did the student comment his or her findings properly? (20 marks)1, 3Total marks100The assignment is up to 3 000 words.

  • $43 USD In Progress

    Hi there I would like to offer you my report writing it should be at least two to three pages :) .

  • £20 GBP Yesterday

    1000 word essay - 20% of the unit•What kinds of meanings are created by mise-en-scène in Hollywood cinema? Illustrate your answer with reference to ONE American film, making use of Bordwell & Thompson Chapter 4 (Mise-en-scène).

  • $249 USD 4 days ago

    i would want someone to write me a business plan within the next 24 hours for a small clothing line

  • £47 GBP 4 days ago

    It is a written coursework for Artificial Intelligent,look at the file attached.

  • $175 USD 5 days ago

    A literature review of the medical preiodic health evaluation (PHE) internationally and locally in Saudi Arabia written in a scientific research method.

  • £113 GBP 5 days ago

    using brand management theory and vocabulary from the set text ( Riezebos,2003) and secondary information , write a 3000 word report that describes and evaluates the barbie brand - from branded article( the ordinary doll) to brand extension (e.g lunch boxes, girls fashion clothing ). you will need to explain the success of brand image transfer in general.apply relevant concepts and theory to organize covered in the core text, BRAND MANAGEMENT by rik riezebosthe report should cover brand strategy/added valve/brand image/intrinsic and extrinsic attributes and the four building blocks use report format and reference all sources using harvard referencing

  • $249 USD 6 days ago

    Need 3 simple business plans with roi

  • $515 AUD 6 days ago

    Hi Im looking for someone to do a online course for me. I have paid for the course already but havnt started it due to personal issues.Its only a small course that consists of 47 short answer questions and 4 small case studies. The courses title is BSBSMB40A Establish Legal and risk management requriements of small business .and is to be said that it requires 40 hours of time.The courses comes with a work manual to refer to for answering questions.

  • $30 USD 6 days ago

    Essay writing - Canadian History

  • $30 USD 7 days ago

    Looking for someone with a broad range of knowledge in the Human Resource field with understanding of Benefit plans. This task will be writing about benefit plans and recommending a plan to a group of employees. The assignment is no longer than 3 pages. However, a cover page and reference page should be included making the assignment 5 pages.

  • $154 USD 7 days ago

    A Management System for Computer Science Modules Assessment The purpose of this project is to implement a Website that coordinates and manage the module assessment process I need a Detailed Proposal first

  • $64 AUD 7 days ago

    Need someone to do simple assignment,Happy to negotiate,Some more regular jobs available weekly,Good pay for good performance,

  • $60 USD 7 days ago

    Critically evaluate different sources of finance available to firms and the impact they pose on the value of the firm

  • $249 USD 8 days ago

    I need a report on how online advertising works, that a non-technical and non-advertising person would understand. How does a company buy and place ads? How does a company use an ad network? How do cookies work? Are cookies still being used or are companies moving away from them? What are the benefits of a company using a network over buying directly from google? What are the benefits of using a re-targeting company to help drill down the audience? What are the new and innovative advertising technologies? Report will not be read by an audience so can be in a casual format (even bullet points if that makes sense).Please include links to articles and sources. I have included an NDA for signature that I would like signed before starting.

  • $30 USD 9 days ago

    This assignment involves quotes, themes, and motifs or various quotations in the play. Please bid only if you know the play well. Please pm me for more details. Thanks.

  • £77 GBP 10 days ago

    The following questions relate to the microbiological quality of bagged salad products such as mixed leaf salad that can be purchased ‘ready to eat’ from supermarkets.1. Describe the factors that are likely affect the microbiological quality of a ready to eat salad product.2. What steps can be taken during the production of such a product to limit or reduce microbial contamination?3. How would you assess the microbiological quality of such a product in the laboratory?

  • $93 USD 10 days ago

    Analyze a IT contract and summarize the main points

  • $83 USD 11 days ago

    Need an expert to write on a specific topic on a nationwide carbon market (feel free to tell me your thoughts or what you are capable of writing, not decided yet). Would be on ONE feature of the market, like the sector covered, price containment and so forth. Around 2000 words and must be forward-looking. NOT recap of past events.Message me to tell me your proposal. Thanks.

  • $144 USD 11 days ago

    Role of PCIJ in development of international maritime law....concept and description...

  • R4020 ZAR 11 days ago

    I"m looking for a freelancer to write an Academic literature review on published papers regarding online education and how it can be used to transform South African High school education. Some papers will be provided. Max 10000 words.

  • $164 AUD 11 days ago

    I am going to do some Real Estate business in Australia, need some background research and help from qualified and experienced Real Estate expert. Please leave your interests. Thanks.

    Excellent Papers does not have any open projects.
    Excellent Papers does not have any work in progress.
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Academic Writing with focus on business, Marketing, Accounting, IT, social science and related subjects. <br />Hire me to write top notch course content and workbook to help you the instructor focus on other important tasks.<br />Sourcing expert on Alibaba and other B2B platforms.<br />


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Talent Retention Strategies Among Audit Firms in Kenya


A in-depth research analysis looking at strategies audit firms have put in place to retain staff amid high turnover to other sectors of the economy in Kenya offering better career opportunities.