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  • $154.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller assistanceplease


    3 days ago

    Great job! Freelancer was prompt and delivered exactly what was requested!

    Project Description:Research and write high quality original work on 8 different topics regarding organizations that requires 250-500 words for each. Example topics include: managing personnel, financial controls, organizational framework...
  • $40.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller hsung2


    7 days ago

    it Was awesome!

    Project Description: So what to do on summary/response paper? It is a paper that summarizes the key points and ideas in the reading. It should layout the specifics of the reading. No bullet points, please. Don't be lazy...
  • $310.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller lum90a


    9 days ago

    It was a pleasure to work with this freelancer. He did a great job with great communication.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • £204.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller kateyo


    11 days ago

    well done........

    Project Description:AS DISCUSSED..............................................................................................
  • $250.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller MarketingAZ


    17 days ago

    Significant service, amazing results

    Project Description:A 2500 word assignment related to the human resource management and change. I need this to be completed within 2-3 days. All other details to the PM.
  • $50.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller winterwood823


    24 days ago

    THANK YOU..............

    Project Description:THANK YOU DAVID...................... DUE 8 MAY...................
  • $40.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller hsung2


    24 days ago

    I would hire him again!

    Project Description:600 word (2 page) analysis of the presented material at the end of every presentation. The written analysis is a researched analysis – not an essay of opinion or conjecture. You must cite your sources of reference...
  • $80.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller hashim45678


    25 days ago

    will refer to others

    Project Description:HR Project 10 pages + References. 15+ References. Need it done by 22nd
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller felicia41786


    26 days ago

    Always does a wonderful job on the papers and at a great price! Very well written and properly formatted. Thanks again for yet another WONDERFUL paper! :)

    Project Description:Question: What is the "current macroeconomic situation" in the U.S. (e.g. is the U.S. economy currently concerned about unemployment, inflation, recession, etc.)? What fiscal policies and monetary policies would be appropriate at this time? 1...
  • $76.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller DotNetAU13


    28 days ago

    Good work as usual.

    Project Description:N/A
    Excellent Papers has not completed any projects.
  • $25 USD In Progress

    hii need someone who can watch a movie and write a paper about 750-1000 words. i want someone who is good in english and write clean paper without any taken words from online. papers which will use online words will be not accepted. we want clean and clear paper. no Plagiarism.there are 4 movies with 750-1000 words, if you do the first one good, then i will give you the rest of 3 papers too.

  • $20 USD In Progress

    i have Critique Essay anyone is willing to help me just PM me

  • $25 USD In Progress

    3 pages. no need for citation

  • $40 USD In Progress

    hi, david, another new assignment .please see my massage for detail

  • $1400 USD In Progress

    another project

  • £159 GBP In Progress

    This is a report for a university project and therefore needs to be referenced according to the Harvard system. I need a digital marketing plan. The brief is as follows: You are a digital marketing consultant and you have been asked to assist in the development of a marketing plan for the online operations of Thomas Cook. You are required to develop a digital marketing plan in the context of the following scenario:To engage a new target audience/segment with prelaunch, launch and 3 months post launch of an existing product of your choiceI have included the situation analysis (Digital audit) that i had to do as the first part of the project and also the requirement list with needed headings and subheadings. his is an academic piece. You will need to create a digital marketing plan following the SOSTAC model and utilising the RACE and 5S frameworks. Strategic tools can be a mix of offline and online. Notes and guidelines are available.

  • $103 AUD In Progress

    HI, Attach is my résumé with a cover letter and another file which is my background experience to a previous job application in which i done and now i need you to apply that for this job in which im applying for now.Im looking to hire someone to do a covering letter of 3-5 pages that addresses the Knowledge Skills and Experience (section 4) of the PD or specifically address the criteria in section 4 which i have also attached. i have also attached another file in which is one that has been done in the past. So this is similiar to what i am expecting but in more detail towards the questions and wrap in around in the position details description in which they are looking for. This is not a cut and copy past job. You will have to clear yourself with the position description and my skills and put them together to answer the specific questions in which they want it to be answered. Once awarded the job i need it done within 24hours max.I will award the job within 24hours from now in which i post this.So all up i need this report in my hand withing 2 days.I expect it to be written professional, please do not bid if you are not qualified.

  • $7 AUD/hr In Progress

    Hi,I am looking for help in writing an industry report on the craft brewing and beer market in general in Australia.In essence, understand the trends and the different brewers that exist (by capacity) in Australia. Also look into the key drivers of craft brewing and likely trends over the coming five years.In essence the report should summarise/reference reports and articles published in journals, blogs, and obviously papers. The report is likely to compare Australia"s markets to overseas markets.The successful candidate is likely to see significant more follow on work.

  • $73 USD In Progress

    To what extent to you agree that CCTV has a positive effect on society?- Consider areas where CCTV is in a place such as shopping precincts, town centres, airports, neighbourhoods and so on- Use Harvard referencing (include a reference page at the end of the essay) - Write 1500 words

  • $50 USD In Progress

    Answer the following: What are the components of a good mission statement? What are some examples? How does the mission statement of your identified nonprofit organization compare? Include at least three professional resources, and submit a 4-6 page paper in APA format.

  • $15 USD Today

    I need someone to write an essay for me about evaluation.. don"t bid more than $15 :)

  • $249 USD Today

    Write a detailed business plan for MedOH.

  • $515 USD Today

    Gallega Software Solutions Inc Offers a wide array of IT development and supportPurpose of the Software - We want to built an Healthcare Analytics software - I want someone to do a write up (20+ pages with pictures and numbers)(1) Cost Analysis(2) Marketing Analysis(3) Demand for the product - for the next 3 years(4) Potential Customers(5) Baccalaureate Degree is a Requirement(6) product development for atleast 3-5 yearsFor reference Here are 7 Big Data Solutions Try To Reshape Healthcare-----------------------------------------------------------------Big data medicine is still largely unproven, but that"s not stopping several medical centers and analytics vendors from jumping in with both feet-----Explorys, a Cleveland Clinic spinoff, offers a cloud-based performance management platform that taps into a healthcare provider"s clinical, financial and operational data to look for previously undiscovered patterns. Among its clients are St. Joseph Health System, MedStar and Catholic Health Partners.Unlike old-school analytics, which relies on relational databases, the company has enlisted the services of Cloudera, a Hadoop-based software and services firm, to help its engineers and informaticians do the heavy lifting.The Explorys platform allows providers to do three things: Do searches across patient populations and care venues to help identify disease trends; coordinate rules-driven patient registries; and view performance metrics -- a key ingredient if an organization plans to meet ACO requirements.Of course, all this firepower is meaningless if it doesn"t generate the hard data to demonstrate better quality of care and lower costs.Anil Jain, M.D., chief medical information officer at Explorys, explained that because the company is relatively young, it has yet to generate those kinds of results. Put another way, there"s no proof that it can reduce the number of foot amputations in diabetics or reduce the number of myocardial infarctions in patients with pre-existing heart disease.But some of the data generated by Explorys suggests it is approaching that target. Working with Catholic Health Partners in Cincinnati, for instance, the analytics platform helped increase pneumonia vaccination rates by 14%, breast cancer screenings by 13% and increased HbA1c testing of diabetics -- a measure of long-term blood glucose control -- by 3%.A recent report in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA) outlined an Explorys project that looked at EHR-generated patient data from nearly 1 million patients from several different healthcare systems. The analysis helped clinicians

  • $30 USD Today

    Need approximately 500 word application within a day. Further information will be provided. Thanks

  • $5 USD/hr Today

    I need a six-page essay on this topic "The effect of strict parenting on child psychology/development and self image".The instructions will be sent to the winning candidate. I need it to be done by Saturday.Cheers!

  • $175 USD Today

    I need some help in the data analysis section with help in writing this report

  • $98 USD Today

    Essay Topic: Write a Narrative Descriptive Essay in which you use a vivid, specific, personal story to develop an idea. A successful assignment will describe a key moment (moments) and explain its significance to a specific reader or readers. The story you tell can be an event or experience that happened to you or to someone else who you know well. Use the story to make your point. Roughly half of your writing should contain narrative and description while the other half should contain the development of your idea via thoughtful analysis and discussion. The idea you want to communicate may be evidence of growth or change. It may be a lesson learned, or it may be to reveal an important aspect of life.Refer to readings for inspiration and guidance. Go back again and again to your favorite piece of writing. Consider how the authors whose work you have read use sensory details, specific examples, and concrete language. Select your details carefully as you tell your story. You have a limited number of pages with which to work and you may soon find that you have too much to say and not enough space. The AssignmentPersonal writing allows us to explore the self and how we as individuals have come to be who we are. This assignment will also be your introduction to the writing process and the writing-workshop classroom. With this assignment we will begin to work through invention and prewriting activities, drafting, responding, revising, editing, assessing, and ongoing reflection. One of your purposes for this assignment is to come to a fuller understanding of yourself as a citizen in our society. This will be a way for you to explain to yourself and to your specific reader (or readers) how you came to this point in your life. This exercise permits you to reflect on a particular belief that shapes the way you interact with the world and to consider how this might play out in the future.

  • $63 USD Today

    Research Methodology- Section( 2000 words)

  • $103 AUD Today

    Copy edit and proofread a research paper (10 A4 pages) in the area of Information Systems.

  • $54 NZD Today

    Names and discribe at least two mammals .Describe the gas exchange system .Describe the internal transport system .Two gas exchange that help the mammals survive . Two internal transport adaptations that help mammals survive .Discriptions of how TWO adaptations for gas exchange help both mammals survive in their niche .An explanation of how or why ONE gas exchange adaptation enables each mammal to live successfully in their way of life .Discriptions of how TWO adaptations for internal transport help both mammals survive in their niche .An explanation of how or why ONE internal transport adaptation enabled each mammal to live successfully in their way of life .Show understanding by linking several biological ideas together for the life process for each organism e.g. Justifying, evaluating, compare and contrast or analysing by considering : Connections between both life processes within each organism which enables their effectiveness .Examples to support discussion .

  • $35 USD Today

    Prepare a Business Letter an Memo. Produce the following three types of business writing using standard written conventions for American English. You’ll create all of these items in Word, without the use of templates or email programs, and submit the three required items in ONE document:One business letter, One interoffice memorandum,One email.If you need the study guide just let me know, if you are in need of any questions answered please ask away. I can afford $35.00 for this report

  • $93 USD Today

    write about 3000+ not include references . within 3 days . payment will release after 1 week of receiving the work no copy paste

  • £249 GBP Today

    Hi,I need to pull together a 5000 word sales and marketing plan for how I"d both sell and market wearable tech, apps and websites to a range of bluechip, FTSE100 and medium sized brands across the UK. This could be sector based or on more a vertical approach. agency is based in London, we have 40 staff and currently work with a range of brands, including Vodafone.

  • [Sealed] Today

    Finance assignment due Friday 15th August. Word Limit 4300. Two case study"s based around financial advice/financial planning. Will supply 9 topics of course work totaling about 180-200 pages of reading to help with the assignment.

  • $103 USD Today

    The minor paper for this class is to analyze an interview with a leader you respect. You will need to conduct a 30 - 45 minute interview with your interviewee on various issues of organizational behavior and leadership then write a three to five page paper summarizing your conversation, identifying key issues organizations and their leaders face and providing your commentary supported with textbook and outside sources as appropriate. You need to include in the paper the name and a short biography of the interviewee. Please see the list of questions attached, please note you are not expected to use all of these questions, this is just a guide. Develop a topic based on the readings and work covered to date and use this as a guide to develop the interview.THIS HAS TO BE WRITTEN IN USA ENGLISH.. ONLY NATIVE OR ADVANCED SPEAKERS WILL BE CONSIDERED.PLEASE BID WHAT YOU FEEL IS AN APPROPRIATE AMOUNT. THE PRICE OF THE PROJECT IS NOT FIXED.The textbook for this class (if you want to check) is: Name: "Organizational Behavior" Edition: 16thAuthor: Stephen P. Robbins and Timothy A. Judge.ISBN: 978-0-13-350764-5

  • $63 USD Yesterday

    The Reaction Paper on EpigeneticsYou will be writing a 1,000 word Reaction Paper using the instructions and links found below. You will be completing the following tasks and gathering the following information for this paper:

  • $113 USD Yesterday

    PhD proposal in Web Science area

  • $154 USD Yesterday

    I have a test result on 1. Tensile testing and impact testing of polymersand 2a. Tensile testing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.2b. Vickers hardness measurement of various engineering alloys2c. rostructure observation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.I need a report on section 1 (1500 words)and section 2 (1500 words)in total 3000 words..i will share data after awarding project.Attached file is the direction

  • $463 USD Yesterday

    Topic: Effects of implementing Health Information Systems on processes in a developing country - AKUH as a case study - 10,000 words by 31st July.This dissertation needs to be divided into 7 parts:•Topic selection -> Introduction•Survey the literature -> Literature review•Select a theory -> Conceptual framework•Design the work -> Research methodology & design•Data collection -> Findings•Data analysis -> Analysis•Wrap up -> ConclusionI will give the literature and a sample dissertation which was written by a former student. The topic for the sample dissertation is same but Shaukat Khanum is taken as a case study. As the system used at AKUH is pretty much similar, all I want to change majorly is the literature review and conceptual framework. Research methodology, findings and analysis has to be completely rephrased and restructured.

  • $113 AUD Yesterday

    Write 2 recount essays of ~1500 words each about 2 separate difficult situations at work. What happened? What did you do? What did you learn from it?

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A in-depth research analysis looking at strategies audit firms have put in place to retain staff amid high turnover to other sectors of the economy in Kenya offering better career opportunities.