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Double B Computers is a software company located in Newark, NJ, United States

Username: doublebc

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Location: Newark, United States

Member since: February 2013



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  • $85.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller djreason



    I highly recommend doublebc

    Project Description: [Profile picture] "Hello Brad, Yes I am Interested. Thanks Brian" [Profile picture] "So basically it would require a .csv file with item number and for my reference my sku. The result file would be...
  • $72.00 NZD
    Profile image for Seller llowther01


    12 days ago

    Great API work... easy, quick and professional

    Project Description:We are looking to engage a SOAP API programmer to write code to post data from a web form of around 35 fields ( this needs to be written) to a server via SOAP API's. We have no knowledge of how this is...
  • $40.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller hbgsys


    13 days ago

    Excellent work.

    Project Description:Modify my page to pass email addresses and document path and email it out using php.
  • $40.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Halcyonic


    24 days ago

    Work done even before awarding the project, and done excellently with all details covered and delivered!

    Project Description:Hello! I'd like to get these things coded, please: A file like "button.php", that a "?param1=XXX" is appended to it like so; "" <--- if I click that link, it triggers...
  • €83.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller paonza


    Jun 3, 2014

    excellent work, very fast and good!!!

    Project Description:I need a PHP script for easy add item on Ebay store. Items are like this one: 261455533498 (ebay id) I'd like a PHP function to call with title, html description, price, pic url, free shipping, paypal,...
  • $138.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller tunnelboy


    May 15, 2014

    Quick and easy. Thanks.

    Project Description:Looking for a simple bit of PHP code that will allow me to post tracking numbers one by one to eBay via API. The eBay API is way too complex for me, and I get a headache trying to figure it out. Ok...
  • $55.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller feddyups


    May 14, 2014

    easy like Sunday Morning :)

    Project Description:I need to use Flickr's API method: flickr.photosets.getPhotos so I can get in some PRIVATE photosets from a predefined user, using some extras ('original_format,media,url_o,url_m,views') I am trying...
  • $60.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller indenergy


    May 8, 2014

    Awesome to work with. Will absolutely work with you again. Thanks for your prompt responses! :)<br/>As always, excellent to work with you! Programmer is very responsive, asks good questions and gave me exactly what I needed. Will definitely be coming back! Thank you very much!

    Project Description:Update an existing file to basically run the same macro 10 times in the same spreadsheet and move things around a bit (i.e. be able to move the “get results” button to another worksheet, and move the hourly...
  • $75.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller isaadhussain


    Apr 30, 2014

    He is the best :)

    Project Description:as discussed.
  • $150.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Henry00


    Apr 29, 2014

    Great job. Done exactly what I wanted and more. Would use again.

    Project Description:Need a PHP script for webserver that connects to API ( API is a text extraction service which scrapes data from URLs. I need it to scrape only Title and Body from any given URL...
    doublebc has not completed any projects.
  • $40 USD In Progress

    We have several hundred XML files that need to get articles downloaded from them daily.So we need to extract the URLs from XML files and export them into a TXT file.Each XML file should generate a unique TXT file, so 400 XML files should give us 400 TXT files.It is preferred that the solution run as a DOS batch file on Windows XP.If necessary we could consider PHP.

  • $45 USD In Progress

    Dear All,I need a VBA macro that pulls the Zillow (zestimate) estimate of a property from Zillow .com.I have a spreadsheet (with multiple rows) that contains home addresses in the U.S.: A - Street AddressB - CityC - StateD - Zip code (7 digits, not 7+4)E - Zestimate (this is what I need you to provide)I need someone to program a macro or otherwise to populate the Zillow Zestimate home value that I can use on my own term, unlimited times.For quick and professional response, willing to pay a little bonus. Thanks :-)

  • €15 EUR 3 days ago

    I need attached XML file parsed with Javascript without using jQuery.I need all the ... contents. There are multiple catitems.

  • $750 USD 6 days ago

    I need a software developer who knows the ebay API really well and can write some software. A developer who already has written a certified eBay application is very preferred. Here is what the software will do in 2 steps.I need a new application now and here are the specs.I need more competitor data. For example, I would like to provide a seller id for example: best_buyOnce I provide this, I would like to know as much as I can about this seller including but not limited to: Every open ebay item number id they currently have open; anything else you can retrieve via the api. Lets say you provide me with a list ebay item id’s from this seller: 131223809662 I would then like a tool which I can put into a spreadsheet 100’s of thousands of auction ids, and I would like to retrieve all the data possible from the auction id including but not limited to: All item specifics, html description, all price info etc. finally, if this auction id includes parts compatibility, I would like to retrieve all that data also. Please let me know when you are available next and lets have a call to speak of this idea/proposal and how long it will take to put such a program together. I would also need a bid. I have researched the eBay API and all the above items are readily available for scraping and usage. I look forward to the bids and a conversation via phone or chat. Thank you.I would like this application in either a php/mysql format or .net/mssql format. Thank you.

  • $250 USD 11 days ago

    Hiring reverse to crack survey software

  • $722 USD 25 days ago

    Hey, I am looking for someone to do Integrate Infusionsoft with Calyx Point Central. Please let me know the cost and time frame. I have the SDK developer Tool for Point Central and the api for Infusionsoft. Thank you for your prompt responds.INFUSIONSOFT API,Rick LienFounderBoonrate.com949-689-4702

  • £55 GBP 28 days ago

    Hello Sirs,Today i have a quick job:I need license activation or tell me a way how to do it for this software and how to use it in multi license without buying a cd key.thanks. contact me by skype or freelancer

  • $25 USD Jun 22, 2014

    To convert an xml file into an xls file. xml file has multiple categories, and questions with optional answers, one answer being correct. I would like the xml file converted to xls, with the categories in a column, the questions in a column (relevant to their category), the optional answers in the next column, and the following column indicating the correct answer, as per the xml file.

  • $55 USD Jun 18, 2014

    Hello,Didww is a DID (Direct inward dialing) Numbers provider.They just sell phone numbers to us to be used thru an API.Simple, there are List, Buy new, Renew, and Cancel options that can be done with this APIWe already have a PHP that allows us to Buy New and Cancel a DID purchased from them.We do also have a renewDID option, but is not working, or maybe is not being initiated wellWe just need you to help us on that.Renew means just add more working months to our actual did number.For example, if the phone number XXXXXX expires on 05/27/14, there should be an option to renew it for &quot;1 month/6month/1 year&quot;We need a php script that list all our DID numbers, and allows us the posibility to extend(add more months to the subscription).There is just an api, you must create a simple php that can communicate to this api and do the renew option. We can provide you what we already have with the Buy New and Cancel option (that works fine).You can find more about the Didww api here: you

  • $222 USD Jun 18, 2014

    I currently run a php script to make a request to my API which with the returned .json data it will insert information into MySQL database.I&quot;d like this &quot;converting&quot; into a desktop application as to avoid script timeouts.

  • $20 USD/hr May 30, 2014

    Hi,I want to scrape content from propertyfinder dot ae. I more interested in scraping new listings rather than the old ones but I am not sure how to find out the new listings, as in which URL displays the latest listingsI want you to study the architecture of the website and help me identify how the new/latest listings can be scraped.

  • $65 USD Mar 1, 2014

    Hello.I&quot;m currently building a Tumblr theme.You can see the unofficial site here : http://furism.tumblr.comYou see, the problem is : the heart buttons do not work after AJAX pagination call of the infinite scroll javascript.The script is can check by logging into Tumblr.Http:// / Account : dydwn600@me.comPassword: dp454545Normally, the heart button of a post should become red when you click it. However, as you can see the heart buttons in the posts after the ajax pagination call do not work.I think it has something to do with the javascript, not the HTML. I believe setting the $newelementID to the ImageLoaded code in should be the trick.I saw the similar article about this problem. I think some of them have successfully fixed it. You can see it here : you please let me know if you can participate in fixing my problem?Thanks.Yongju Lee.

  • $10 USD Dec 3, 2013

    Site will look and feel like Kayak.Com simply for a different industry. Need someone to develop the site and be there for ongoing services. Would enjoy opening a discussion up with you team.

  • $45 USD Oct 1, 2013

    Hi there -I need to build a car database and already has this data.What I&quot;d need is all the Models, Categories and Styles of the following Years and Makes:- Years: 2000- 2013- Makes: Acura, Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Toyota, VWOutput format is a spreadsheet with 5 columns: YEAR, MAKE, MODEL, CATEGORY, STYLE.I guess a simple script scraping the website would solve the problem.Thanks a lot in advance!

  • $30 USD Aug 8, 2013

    I have a script which pulls information from multiple API&quot;s. I need it to load asynchronously so it takes much less time.

  • $75 USD Jun 5, 2013

    I currently own a website where I sell several different products. Originally I was using a flat fee for shipping but have found that not to be very beneficial and at times it severely eats into my profit margins. Instead, I would like to go with a script that can factor in the exact shipping costs to both United States and Canada (if possible). We use UPS as our shipping company. I would like for the coder to setup the account and do all the necessary work to get it into working order for my website. I have some PHP knowledge so I know how to include the script and execute functions. I understand that there are functions out there but I have never been successful at tying them to UPS. Therefore, the bulk of your work will be giving you the necessary information to work with UPS and you setting up that information and ensuring the script works properly.I look forward to working with you!SPECIAL NOTE: I am going on vacation starting Friday. I will be gone for over a week and likely unable to respond to emails. With that said, this gives you additional time to complete the project but I want you to be aware of the situation so that you don&quot;t feel like I am leaving you hanging.The Website you are working for is Currently there is a flat-rate but I would like to be able to attach weight and hopefully get an exact amount of shipping from a zip code to another zip code.

  • $30 USD Feb 22, 2013

    Iam looking for an simple application form in php to give output in pdf downloadable file and form contents to be stored in database .

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