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WASSUP !!!!!!

if i take up your work ill give my 100% to complete it on time .

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  • $25.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller StevenBracket


    8 days ago

    Excellent guy. Good programmer, commited to work, clear communication and an eye for details such that you can really trust him with the task.<br/>

    Project Description:As discussed, matlab calculation.
  • $166.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller wfranc


    17 days ago

    It a real pleasure to work with this guy.The work is perfectly done on time and the communication is fluent.Congratulations and thanks.

    Project Description:Hi Ladies and Gentlemen. I have an emergency and I need your help. The work is to modify and existing code of 1400 lines following the interactions so that the new code can be able to perform as the given one...
  • $100.00 CAD
    Profile image for Seller jamespalok


    May 24, 2014


    Project Description:Hi, Please go through the &quot;instructions&quot; file. Only assignment 2 is needed Please bid only if you CLEARLY understand what needs to get done. I will not be able to explain more than what I&#039;ve already explained....
  • $300.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller xwarlordx


    May 16, 2014

    A really great programmer and hard working guy!

    Project Description:What has to be done - You need to take the palm image as input and then using segmentation get the region of interest(ROI) which is the central part of our palm containing the lines. After segmentation you need to find all the cross points present on the palm...
  • $70.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller faristho


    May 7, 2014

    thank you bro hope i work with you in the future

    Project Description:i need someone to help me in the project i will give you the paper and i want you to answer me if you are capable to do it for me before we talk about the money .I have 4 days before the due date and i want to see your work as soon as possible...
  • £23.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller cypps3


    May 5, 2014

    Good Job !

    Project Description:Matlab Coursework ,Mathematica.
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller timweston


    Apr 28, 2014

    Was fast and professional will hire again :)

    Project Description:Hi, I have a mid-semester exam today and have the exam in front of me I need someone to complete it for me within the next 3 hours!! I have attached the exam
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller assignmentshelp


    Apr 20, 2014

    Thanks for your help !!

    Project Description:I need this task in 48 hours All information in file attached Looking for quality work MAKE SURE WORK IS CORRECT
  • $250.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller tomy345


    Apr 9, 2014

    As always, great job!!!

    Project Description:Use Matlab to solve Laplace Transforms and Eigen Systems.
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller assignmentshelp


    Apr 6, 2014

    Thanks for your help..Appreciate it.

    Project Description:I need this task in 48 hours from now All information is mentioned in file attached Price : $ 25
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  • $25 USD In Progress

    As discussed

  • $25 USD/hr In Progress

    I want you to solve all the questoins with the help of matlab

  • $11 USD/hr In Progress

    This is a kutta-zhukovsky Transformation assignment. However, it involves mostly trigonometry math. Question 1 and 2 are solved. Im struggling with question 3 and 4. both questions 3 and 4 are derivation question. This assignment is a short one. it only about 1 to 2 pages. For question 3. Use dW/dK= (dW/dZ) / (dK/dZ), where W(z)= z+1/z, k(z)= z+1/(4z). In order to prove U and V, we take dW/dK = U+iV. Please look at attachment.

  • $30 USD In Progress

    assignment for college. need to use object oriented programing with classes.

  • £20 GBP In Progress

    we have discussed this

  • £150 GBP In Progress

    This project is suitable for a student with a college level education.Use the attached files as references and guidance. Use the information and test results that you have obtained from your CE Amplifier to produce a formal laboratory report.The report should contain the following sections:• Title• Introduction – what are your Aims and Objectives?• Method – How are you going to proceed?• Results – Measurements and simulation results preferably in tabular and/or graphical form• Discussion and conclusions – were the results what you expected – if not why?• References – e.g. Sources/Textbooks used• Appendices – detailed information not needed in main body e.g. tables of values.Specific requirements:Use a circuit simulator like multisim program to simulate circuit and create a graph compare the graph to the real world example.2000 words Harvard referencing

  • $25 USD In Progress

    1. You originally borrowed $180,000 for 30 years at 9.6% comounded monthly. You have made payments for 7 years. The annual interest rates drop to 6.6. If you refinance for 30 years, what will your new monthly payments be, and how much money will you save? Note: Closing costs are $3,0002. If you decide to take out the new loan and make the same payment as you did for the old loan, will you save money over the life of the loan? If so, How much?

  • $111 USD Today

    I have a set of linear algebra problems that needs to be solved. I will attach the file with the questions so that you can check them out before bidding.Looking for someone who can answer all of them. Also please only bid if you are willing to work on it right away. Thanks,

  • $250 USD Today

    I need someone to complete a 100 Level Math course for me. The course is 8 weeks long with varying assignments. I cannot provide exact numbers on the amount of projects, but I do know that there will be weekly quizzes and probably 1 to 2 assignments per week. If you are interested, I am willing to pay $250 for the 8-week course and upon completing the course, I will provide another $100 for an A, $80 for a B and $25 for a C.

  • $250 USD Today

    I need someone to complete a 100 Level Math course for me. The course is 8 weeks long with varying assignments. I cannot provide exact numbers on the amount of projects, but I do know that there will be weekly quizzes and probably 1 to 2 assignments per week. If you are interested, I am willing to pay $250 for the 8-week course and upon completing the course, I will provide another $100 for an A, $80 for a B and $25 for a C.

  • $88 USD Yesterday

    i need somebody to help me to modify source code (is in visual studio) i need to encrypt source code and modify some action. thanks in advance

  • $66 USD Yesterday

    need help one physics text due next week

  • $88 USD Yesterday

    i need help to do the quizzes and assignments

  • $555 USD Yesterday

    need to write code to calculate load deflection based on moment curvature using matlab.

  • $15 USD/hr Yesterday

    Hello,I need help with compiling an old Visual C++ solution under VS 2013. It is almost done but there are still some parts that are not compiling.Hopefully it is some compiler switch that needs to be set correctly.For the rest I suggest to have a short meeting. We can agree on everything. Thank you

  • $30 USD 3 days ago

    Project description : This project is related to the image processing. In this project , background subtraction technique is used to detect and track objects. The MATLAB code is made by other freelancer and is working fine. I only want to make a GUI in which the results (output video of tracked object) and the input video will be shown . There are some other requirements also which can be discussed with the selected freelancer. Please bid only if you have some experience with the GUI

  • $555 USD 4 days ago

    We need to develop a Free Skype Recorder applications which support following featuresAudio RecordingVideo Recording(Will record directly from video stream)Example App which you can follow: include detailed procedure you follow to develop this software in your proposals, bidder with detailed proposal will be selected.Final Deliverable-Source-code-Installer-Great Looking GUI

  • $2500 USD 4 days ago

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • ₹7777 INR 5 days ago

    hi, my project entitles &quot;A novel image Compression Algorithm using Piecewise Polynomial Approximation&quot; which includes BSP( Binary Space Partitioning SCheme) and GEOMETRIC Wavelets. and further Encoding is to be done as mentioned in the paper. and further enhancement to be done.

  • $4444 USD 5 days ago

    We are seeking a computer vision expert to develop a program that processes a video feed (from a security or IP camera) to measure the behaviour of pedestrians in an area. The video camera will monitor pedestrians moving on the street and capture data about these pedestrians for further use in our system.The program will need to provide three main functions:1. Count the number of pedestrians on a street.2. Count the number of people entering and exiting store doorways. Store &quot;doorways&quot; will need to be defined in the system somehow. 3. Track pedestrians walking on a street to understand behaviour (e.g. speed, path). 我们正在需找一位图像信息处理专家来协助开发一个视频内容(输入设备为监控摄像)处理系统。主要任务是计算统计某一区域内的人流行为数据。监控摄像将监控并捕捉公共区域内得行人机器流动数据,留作系统其他需求的数据来源。该系统将需要实现以下一个主要功能:1. 行人数量计数2. 进/出某一店面得人流数量。店面信息将需要以某种方式标记并记录于系统当中。3. 跟踪记录行人得移动路径信息。(速度、路径等)

  • [Sealed] 5 days ago

    The advent of video technology has open the door for various other applications related to the understanding of video contents. Sport is one of the many applications that has benefited from this advancement. Video technology has in recent years been used to assist coaches as well as the players themselves in monitoring performances particularly in training. Instead of having to analyze video recordings of players&quot; moves, video recordings are used as a tool to analyze players&quot; movements or actions. Nowadays, video analysis is developing by being able to automatically generate meaning to temporal information of a tennis-related action. The demand of this project is to develop a technique to recognize simple tennis moves (i.e. jumping, squatting, directional movements, etc.) based on depth sensing.

  • $20 USD/hr 6 days ago

    Discussed before.

  • $200 USD 6 days ago

    Iris recognition system with GUI in Matlab.

  • $222 USD 6 days ago

    We need someone to write software on matlab, c++ or java to read an image, extract the text from video direct or via Mosaic technique. Which convert video into images, then we want to extract text from these images.We are interested in the text from the video.

  • $555 USD 6 days ago

    We have a firmware file.We require you to modify this file and change the image logo on this firmware file.The firmware file is a .img fileDeliverableNew firmware file with new logo.

  • $30 USD 8 days ago

    I need a programmer which is excellent in programming, for a job which must be done right now. Should not take longer than 30min to 1 hour.

  • $25 USD 9 days ago

    it is about linear algebra and differential eq. transform functions and ilaplace in matlab

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ummmmmm i am unemployed :( <br />



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