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Nguyen Duc Huy

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Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller wang2009


    Apr 22, 2013

    thank you very much sir

    Project Description:i am looking for a c++ programmer to help my in assignment , for more information please check the attachment
  • €40.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller fastlink2


    Mar 28, 2013

    Excelent quality, fast delivery.

    Project Description:I need a developer to implement the ssdeep algorithm in Java. The ssdeep class shall provide the following methods: public static String generate(File input) // to generate a signature from a given file...
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller aritriari


    Mar 28, 2013

    he accomplished a great job with excellent skills. always available and very helpful.

    Project Description:I added one pdf and one .docx file. first one is containing question and instruction and second one containing some instructional codes to complete this project. Please add details of project by //...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller YourTS


    Mar 18, 2013

    Thanks, great job! Reccomend this guy!

    Project Description:I need from you to decompile simple JavaScript file. There is part of code in the bottom of script with formula for decompiling. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????".s...
  • $40.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller mediawebdesigner


    Mar 9, 2013

    Excellent Work, and fast turn around, Thank You

    Project Description:N/A
  • $2.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller nani01029x


    Dec 23, 2012

    Good employer. Rate A+++++++++++<br/>

    Project Description:As discussed
  • $2.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller pivn


    Dec 14, 2012

    good guy. will use again<br/>A++++++++++++++++++=

    Project Description:next project as discussed
  • $2.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller pivn


    Dec 14, 2012

    Great. A++++++++++<br/>Excellent, A+++

    Project Description:as discussed
  • $10.00 USD
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    Dec 14, 2012

    A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++<br/>Excellent. Well done

    Project Description:this is one type of the data entry project . i have near to data file of the 50k. and i want the freelancer to type that data. this is simple data entry task. your job is to only type the data . this is very simple data entry work...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller outwork


    Dec 13, 2012

    Excellent coder - would certainly hire again.

    Project Description:The goal of this project is to write from scratch a function that can resolve arithmetic equations. This solution will be used in a software interpreter. In each language we will support the following...
    Nguyen Duc Huy has not completed any projects.
  • $100 USD In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $30 USD In Progress

    1. Start Allegro CLIn the Debug Window you will see the following prompt:CG-USER(1): 2. Enter the following text: (defun hello () (write-string &quot;Hello, Everyone!&quot;))You should then see the following:HELLOCL-USER(2): 3. Run your function by entering: (hello)Hopefully you will see the following in the window:Hello, Everyone!&quot;Hello, Everyone!&rdquo;CL-USER(3):4. Create and run the following functions in the Debug Window. Do not close the Debug Window yet. a. goodbye: It should print &ldquo;bye&rdquo;, &ldquo;good bye&rdquo;, &ldquo;farewell&rdquo; or some other word. b. middle-name: Accepts a full name as an argument and returns the middle name. This name can be represented as a list. For example, if you run the program by entering &ldquo;(middle-name &lsquo;(Mary Jane Doe))&rdquo; the output should be &ldquo;Jane&rdquo;. c. first-of-second: Accepts a list of lists as an argument and returns the first element of the second list. Example: If you run the function by entering (first-of-second &lsquo;((a b) (1 x) (e f))&rsquo;) the output should be &ldquo;1&rdquo;.d. repeater: The function should print the text of your choice the number of times specified by an argument. Suppose you create your function to print the text &ldquo;STRING&rdquo;. If the function is called by entering (repeater 5) the output should be:STRINGSTRINGSTRINGSTRINGSTRING e. adder: Prompts the user to enter 3 numbers and prints the sum to the console. To run this function, one should only have to enter (adder). this is on lisp language I would appreciate if you put some comments to let me know how you did it but it&quot;s not necessary thanks

  • $50 USD In Progress

    Dear all freelancers, I need freelancer who can assist me in part of my project. Now I need C converter to Java. I will give and hand you the project and you convert it to java.Based on the library code that I will hand you. Please bidThe project is continuously. Thank you

  • $30 USD May 23, 2013

    C++ data structures and abstraction. A copy of the assignment has been uploaded.

  • $45 USD Apr 9, 2013

    simple ncurses program it coild be done backtrack operating system and it also can such fedora operating system

  • $100 USD Mar 10, 2013

    Project description attached deadline is 2 days.will post new projects for good job.In this project, you will create a graphical simulation of an aerial dogfight game. As a minimum, your completed project shall contain:•a movable friendly fighter aircraft which shall defend itself against a squadron of enemy fighters using weapons which can be fired by the user using the keyboard.•a number of enemy fighters which shall attempt to destroy your friendly fighter. Enemy fighters shall destroy your friendly fighter by either crashing into it or optionally firing projectiles to hit it.

  • $35 USD Feb 11, 2013

    Task:1) Develop an algorithm in flowchart or pseudocode that will accept the name and the nine marks for each subject.The program should produce a printout for each student stating whether they will sign up or not for each subject.It should also calculate and display the total number of subjects and the exam fee due as well as the overall sum of the exam fees.The programme loop should end when a specific character is entered.2) Construct a trace table that accept the name, and marks of five students.The program should determine for each subject whether the student will sign up or not an calculate the number of subjects for each student and the fee due.The sum of the exam fees should be calculated.3) Using the programming the language pascal write the program code to implement the algorithm in Qu.1.Compile and run the program using your test data given.-In order for a student to sign up for a subject he/she must score at least 55% for that subject.-candidate fee is 30%-subject fee is $38.50 per subjectPlease Note Project Most complete By Wednesday 13th 2013

  • $40 USD Dec 3, 2012

    Details are included in files. Please feel free to contact me if interested, just message. Thanks.

  • $90 USD Nov 28, 2012

    you should make a calculator that can do any type of calculation ,even scientific (such as sin ,cos etc..)

  • £250 GBP Nov 12, 2012

    HiI understand from this you have experience in ssdeep in Java. We need to have the same work done, basically to give us a java class that lets us compute the checksums for multiple files. Ideally the project with be for java 1.6 and formatted to run in the Eclipse Juno IDE. The solution should be thread safe, e.g. we should be able to call the class multiple times concurrently in order to speed up the throughput of document checksumming. We&quot;ll need several methods available, similar to the previously posted project:public static String generate(File input) // to generate a signature from a given filepublic static int compare(String signature1, String signature2) // to compare the signatures between two files and give a scoreThe system will be run on an Opensuse 12.1 or 12.2 Linux server.Can you let me know if this is something you&quot;d be happy doing? Maybe some timescales and costs?ThanksPete ConnollyExonar

  • $20 USD/hr Nov 7, 2012

  • $250 USD Nov 7, 2012

    Currently have a .ENC file which i need decoded/decrypted. I believe it is a DLL file which injects into a game client. Will pay more for a faster return rate

  • $75 USD Nov 6, 2012

    Hi, In my magento product listing I want this effect to do via teamviewer I am ready to pay $15 I need I frame exact position code for magento ready to pay $15

  • $75 USD Nov 2, 2012

    I started my Java project, but I don&quot;t have time to finish it. Please take a look and give me a quote. My code is good, but you can start from scratch if you&quot;d like.Attached are two files:1. Instructions2. My current codeJust to note the input file I created by converting an image into a 2-D array and then I wrote the coordinates to a file.

  • £20 GBP Nov 1, 2012

    simple website calculator few hrs work pm for more details £20 budgetwill suit someone who has done similar projects

  • $400 USD Oct 25, 2012

    i need some one to find some projects and i will pay to him...................................................................

  • $30 USD Oct 25, 2012

    HelloWe need a lot of experts to solve academic questions on .NET . Please send your contact details on g-m-a-i-l id anuradha0987.We will regularly be sending you work.The renumeration is excellent.Waiting to contact you as soon as possible.

  • $500 USD Oct 24, 2012

    ATM Machine Software ProjectI developed an ATM Machine desktop application in java (SWING) in which a user can create his/her own account and the pin number is allocated to the user automatically in his/her email address. After getting his/her pin number the user can log in to to perform the transactions through log in page.There are various transaction that user can perform such as checking balance in his/her own account,cash withdrawal,getting mini statement,able to change pin number and finally can transfer a money to any else account. All the coding is been done is java and the user&quot;s date is being stored in database effeciently

  • $500 USD Oct 24, 2012

    Attached is a python lib (piplapis), this is an open python lib that’s provided freely to developers for an easy interaction with the APIs. The project is to &quot;translate&quot; this python library from python to an equivalent C# library that will be provided to developers that prefer to work in C#. Also attached is unit-testing code for the piplapis lib (piplapistest), the tests in piplapistest should be translated as well and the C# piplapis lib must pass the tests before submitting it. Translation Requirements:- The translation shouldn&quot;t be 1:1, meaning that the C# library should follow C# standards and C# code conventions.- The code and documentation should be clean, simple and in general look good. I don&quot;t only care about having a working C# library, it has to look like a good C# code.- The documentation inside piplapis should be translated as well, some of it can be simply copy-pasted (like the parts with general explanations about the API), but code examples and documentation about function arguments etc. should all fit the C# version.- examples.txt should be translated as well (it&quot;s mostly examples that can be found in the lib).IMPORTANT: Please submit a bid only if you have a proven experience in C# and you know Python well enough to understand the attached Python lib.

  • $200 CAD Oct 23, 2012

    i have Couple of programs need to be completed. will give you example too. 1 program needed tomorrow and rest of them in two weeks. will contact you by email. Example or your way. /*** This is the superclass Employee.* It contains the general information for SalesMan and Technician*/public class Employee {private String name;// Name of employeeprivate int number;// Employee number of employee/*** Constructor to create the superclass* @param nom Name of the employee* @param number Employee number*/public Employee(String nom, int number ){name = nom;this.number = number;}// getters and setters as necessary/*** compareTo method for comparison of objects* @param Employee object* @return An integer to indicate comparison */public int compareTo(Object o){//Compare codereturn 0;}/** toString method for printing */public String toString(){return &quot;your string&quot;;}} File Sort.docx is Due tommorow before 8 am eastern Canadian time Amount is $30 for now , will compensate if all projects are completed in two weeks

  • $600 USD Oct 23, 2012

    I need some Java programming and graphics help.I&quot;m looking to modify an existing open source game called freecol ( and I need an estimate for (time and money) to get this done. What I need done is to have a database for the units of each player, so that each player can then &quot;plot&quot; their turn on the server. When the server has all the players turns in then it applies a random initiative factor to each move and runs the moves from highest to lowest initiative. Then when the turn is complete it returns the information to the players. Players can also play by themselves off the server.I also need a clear screen with an outlines of the following (one per screen): Europe, N. America, and India. I need to be able to place that over the map generator so I can make the maps for those areas. Then we&quot;ll need to edit the graphics for the units.The goal is to get this game into much better shape from a historical point of view so that schools can use it to help teach history.I have a list of 57 items that need to be fixed in the game that would make it more historical.Then when we have a pay-to-play option we&quot;ll need programmer(s) standing by to edit the game very quickly. Each player will come up with unique ideas that would make each game a personalized and unique experience. So, this could be an on-going source of income for the programmer.So, I need an estimate as to the cost and time and then i can seek funding through crowd sourcing.

  • $250 USD Oct 20, 2012

    Deadline: Sunday 21st October*Assignment Overview*The overall aim of your assignment is to build a software basedimplementation of a Central Processing Unit (CPU). Such an implementationshould be capable of simulating the execution of machine codeinstructions. Theimplementation should be written in the ‘C’, programming language but youare free to use ‘C++’ if you are more comfortable with the latter. However,in both cases you should use the GNU tool-chain to build the program. CPUscan clearly be very complex devices, hence you will not be expected tobuild a fully compliant implementation. However the more complete theimplementation, the higher the final grade will be. The CPU to be simulatedwill be a loosely based on the standard ARM architecture. You will beprovided with a datasheet which will specify the nature of the device (e.g.register count, status register format etc. and the instruction set to besupported). In order for the simulation to work your program will also haveto provide some virtual peripheral devices. e.g. Some virtual RAM will berequired.The project has been broken down into four requirements described asfollows. *Requirement 1 – Program Design (30% max) -(23/10/12).*The first requirement will be to undertake some initial design work for theproduct. This will require the development of a written design document,which may also include block diagrams, that defines the overallarchitecture of the system you intend to build. This should be a maximum of*three pages *in length. The purpose of this work is to ensure you have aclear understanding of the major tasks to be performed by your simulationprogram. For example you may break down a solution along the followinglines – Device InitialisationInstruction fetchingInstruction decodingInstruction executionUnder each of these headings you could describe the major tasks to beperformed for that stage. You may also need to consider how thecurrent‘state’ of the CPU (and possibly the memory content) is to be shown.e.g. following the execution of each instruction you may decide to show thecontents of the main registers and anything else that has been changed as aresult of the last instruction.One key aspect you will have to consider is how the instructions will bedefined and read by your simulator. The op-codes should be stored in yourvirtual RAM (or ROM if you decide to include such a feature). However thesecodes need to get into the virtual machine somehow. Initially you may wantto consider hard-coding some simple instructions for testing purposes.Later you may decide to load the instructions from a file. *Requirement 2 – (30%-59%)*The second requirement of the assignment is the implementation of the basicCPU simulator. This should result in the development of a computer programwhich has the ability to fetch, decode and execute several of the maininstructions within the provided instruction set. Including basic ALU typeinstructions (e.g. ADD, SUB), Some Program Counter (PC) relatedinstructions (e.g. branching) and memory access instructions (LDR and STR). *Requirement 3 – (60%-69%)*The third requirement will be to extend requirement two so that itsimulates a full implementation of the provided instruction set. You shouldtake care to ensure that the instructions not only undertake theiroperation correctly, but they also carry out appropriate side effects, suchas the setting of status register flags.To get to the higher bracket of the available marks you should also includethe ability to count elapsed time during the simulation. To implement thisfeature you will need to use the instruction timing information provided inthe datasheet and keep a running total of total time elapsed. *Requirement 4 – (70%+)*

  • $140 SGD Aug 14, 2012

    Main requirements is to make changes to the GUI and associated back end code without affecting the exsiting workflow.Work Experience - Windows forms development is a must. Should have experience in using visual studio 2008 & 2010. Experience in Telerik controls is good to have but not a must.More details will be given to candidates who bid and whose profiles I find satisfactory to work on the project. ThanksAmbroise

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Population Control

Jan 2012 - May 2012 (4 months)


Software to control, make statistics, reports about population


Bachelor of Computer Engineering

Dai hoc Quôc Gia Tp. Hô Chí Minh



Microsoft Office Specialist Certification



Graph coloring using Recursive-Large-First (RLF) algorithm


A coloring of a simple graph is the assignment of a color to each vertex of the graph so that no two adjacent vertices are assigned the same color. The chromatic number of a graph is the least number of colors needed for coloring of the graph. The problem here is to color a graph with its chromatic number.<br />Suppose that we are coloring a simple undirected graph.<br /><br />Given a graph with n vertices. This algorithm will color each vertex with a number. F(x) is the color of vertex x.<br /><br />In this article, I am usin