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  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Kandai


    9 days ago

    A super excellent person that can finished less than my expectation time...Really caring with his client. Helping me configuring my computer virtually. Will give him 10 stars (if any). Trusted with him 200%...Believe me you will never regret with this person...

    Project Description:1. The system must have the FOUR (4) basic operation of CREATE, READ, UPDATE and DELETE records. 2. The system must connect to MySQL RDBMS. 3. The system must be deployed on APACHE TOMCAT web server...
  • £160.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller pauly78


    Jan 29, 2014

    Very professional, we ran into a couple of problems but Ahmed worked until he found the solution! a job well done. Will definitely hire again if i need more software development! Thanks Ahmed

    Project Description:Im looking to use the unicenta open source point of sale software for my business, it already has a feature/module where by customers can be added to the database as customers with a credit account. What...
  • $344.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller icanor


    Jan 11, 2014

    I do not have enough words to express how grateful I am to this PROFESSIONAL and EXPERT. Definitely hire again, I still have a lot of work for him.:)

    Project Description:The application must work in the following way : 1. When the seller prepare an item , they have the option to choose from 3 types of auctions: a) Standard Auction b ) Auction Ducth c ) Live...
  • $20.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller jdkornlp


    Dec 25, 2013

    Great At Java

    Project Description:Hey man, I just worked with you not to long ago and we closed out the project that I submitted but I noticed that the project is missing some information and I didn't know if we could reopen the case or what...
  • $111.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller mns252014


    Dec 20, 2013

    He has a good communication skills and on time ..

    Project Description:N/A
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller etechlancer


    Dec 9, 2013

    he is a good programmer

    Project Description:looking for a develop/ammend a small website and you must know MVC” HTML5, JSP, Java, Servlet, PostgreSQL, javascript and jQuery. Please contact me if you know these technologies i will share complete...
  • $70.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller pjai01


    Dec 3, 2013

    Definately willing to hire him again.. Very satisfied with his work...

    Project Description:Continuation of my NFC project before this. Apply some features for my java application and make the application more friendly use.
  • $77.10 USD
    Profile image for Seller Hanash


    Nov 27, 2013

    good work :)

    Project Description:I need simple attendance software to attend the students using "Barcode" from the software I can (as admin ) add the student name and student number and the software generate the barcode for each student : 1- One or more classroom(each classroom 10 - 30 students)...
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ritu0330


    Nov 27, 2013

    He's an extremely trustable, hard working and kept a update of the project through out the time. Definitely will be looking forward to work with him again :)

    Project Description:N/A
  • $35.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller heeh321


    Nov 24, 2013

    Did the work very quickly and correctly.

    Project Description:I had a free lancer create a tetris program for me. He sent me the finished file. The file is attached. Unfortunately i am unable to run it. The freelancer is sleeping and i need this done urgently...
    eMaM1921990 has not completed any projects.
  • $50 USD In Progress

    As we disscess before...

  • ₹11000 INR In Progress

    Hi,I am looking to get a Online Test Management System developed. There would be 3 kinds of users to it. First would be the site administrator who can manage everything in the control loop. Second would be the recruiter who can create tests according to his/her company requirements. The questions can be MCQs, Data Interpretation etc. Third would be the student who can see all the test by all the recruiters and wish to give any exam he/she wants to. These scores are then to be submitted to the respective recruiter whose test the student ha give. Please bid generously. More details would be given to the one whose bid would be shortlisted.

  • $133 USD In Progress

    Mandatory to know about OpenGTS configuration.The most important for customization is to be simple, clear (clean) and easy to use layout.The project will implemented in three stages:1.- Login and main web page customization. 2.- Maps page customization. look and feel, icons on maps, etc.3.- Reports page customization. Add 3 new reports to the menu.Tasks: XML configuration, JSP and CSS file modification, and Java file modification for new reports.Technical specification will be provide to implement the customization.

  • $85 USD In Progress

    Need a software to print bills on A4 paper in the format provided. The details are given below -1. Serially generated Invoice Number.2. Specific fields in the invoice has to be stored without duplication. eg. Customer Name, Address. These fields should come up like an auto search when entering details on a new invoice.3. Option to delete the above stored fields.4. A field - TIN is optional. If not filled, it shouldn"t show up on the invoice.5. Tax & Cess should be made globally changeable feature. Change not needed for generated invoices.6. The invoices generated should be saved for future viewing/printing. A search function based on Date and/or Name should be provided to locate the bills.7. Prefer storing the invoice in PDF format.A sample format with the required columns is attached below. The generated invoice will be similar with the Firm"s Logo, name, address on the top center & rest of the details below. The bottom declaration text will slightly differ from the sample given.

  • $55 USD In Progress

    I need simple CMS for online contact manager.User must to have option to contact companies and write details of his conversation.There 3 tables in database ( User, Clients, Conversation details)

  • $3 USD/hr In Progress

    I needed JSP Developer to modify VOIP Billing system. very simple work. Some code missing in the script just needed to fix the problem.

  • $50 USD In Progress

    helloI want an application that generates the document (word) with the questions and the answer sheet separately ... please specify in the offer if you develop a web app or desktop and which programation language and if possible the official price & time!if you have some questions please ask me for specific details on the app:Details:I want an application (web or desktop), which accepts data as follows:Default titleStudent name:Course:code:introductory textor default:area: (displays a list of all areas) (I like "administrator" should be able to modify this list if necessary)subject: (displays a list of all subjects) (I like "administrator" should be able to modify this list if necessary)Professor: (displays a list of all teachers) (I like "administrator" should be able to modify this list if necessary)statement (the statement may or may not exist and is text and images)Question 1: ___________________________option.option b.option c.option d.(Please see attached pdf file)this is easy to do, that"s not the problem itself.2. each teacher can put as many questions as he want and always 4 answer choices for each question.3. Questions should be numbered automaticallyand somehow I want to have a way of complilar all "subdocuments" , Into one ready to print (see attached pdf file) (word preferably, but you can offer)4. generate additional needed an answer sheet (see image), which generated ovals corresponding to each of the questions,for example if the subject has 15 math questions, as they should generate the 15 ovals on the answer sheet automatically answers.5. would be ideal to choose the order in which areas and / or subjects within the final documentI"m sending a file generated manually and the answer sheet also generated manually, please take it as such, is not a straitjacket.Please tell me what do you think about projec,t when money needed to carry it out and how long it would take.For details please request themthanksDiego

  • ₹10555 INR 6 days ago

    IMDA is stands for “Indian Marriage & Divorce Association”. The system where people can see the marital status of other person weather that person is married or divorce.

  • ₹62500 INR 10 days ago

    This is the basic idea of my project, I want a software which works as a Online Examination System. It should have login system for the students, teachers & administrator. Teacher can post the questions, students can login for the the test , begin the test and get their result after some time or instantly.

  • £150 GBP 12 days ago

    I need an interactive Word/pdf document created like the attached example (with company logo). The data in the main table can all be drop-down boxes.

  • $222 USD 14 days ago

    i need a simple 1- user will write the order number by keyboard or barcode scan 2 - the system will read multi weight from a scale connected to com port .. it will read weight only l by kg.... he will do many weights per order ... "no fixed number"when he finish he will press save the program will save the weight in the mysql datbase table 3 - the work order field number will be empty and the the weight box will be empty ....table structure --------------id int auto increment worder_id int weight varchar or int ---------------sample data id worder weight 1 4050 15 kg2 4050 14 kg3 4050 13.50 kg4 4051 20 kg5 4051 15 kgof course i need a simple way to change the communication port (com1,com2,com3) / mysql database (ip,username,pass)check attached for a screen shot

  • $1250 USD 16 days ago

    I need software for writing working orders. I need it to read from database of available items from code given. Also database should be pretty simple to add items.Software should be able to translate into other languages (we will do it by ourselves for different customers).You can see as attachement how final product should look like. For any further questions, please contact us.

  • $1250 USD 18 days ago

    Dear All,We have already an eprocurement(online govt.tendering) application developed in ASP with the database SQL 2005.This application is successfully developed,tested and implemented long back for many state Govts.Still this application is running in many places.Brief of Project:Apart from normal work flow of an online tendering which involves a govt. department and it"s divisions to publish a tender online and the respective contractors to bid upon it online,this system uses a core expertise of cryptography to encrypt and decrypt data at client side with the use of an authorized Digital Signature.It provide the critical security as well as the desired transparency in public procurement services.System also uses features like Time Stamping,Digital based certificate log-in,MIS generation and others,Bio metric log-in, etc.Objective-To translate and develop the above mentioned and non-mentioned eProcurement application which is currently in VB language into a Java application so that it can be successfully implemented for a larger volume of eProcurement needs attaining great speed for User responses.More details can be discussed once we are into the talks.Indian experienced(5+) JAVA developers are preferred.

  • ₹20000 INR Feb 11, 2014

    BharatiyaSiMS is into Leadership Training and use Business Simulation as a tool to deliver team based Training workshops.We have an existing Foxpro Application for Business Simulation training and now wants to convert this to Online JAVA / .Net technologies.Core of the application is to write pre-existing Logic in JAVA / .Net technology.Process that is followed is1. Administrator enter Data setup that is made known to teams/participants2. Teams also send data3. Admin data and Team data is processed by the software Logic and output Data is sent to another database.4. Then Admin creates reports for all teams according to the output Data.

  • $833 USD Jan 11, 2014

    entire ERP system want develop many categories 1. Material Management 2. Asset Management3. Sales Management4. Purchasing Management 5. Demand Management6. Project Management7. Budget Management8. Tender Management9. Import/ Export Data10. Maintenance Management11. Production Management12. Cost Management13. Finance Management14. General Ledger15. Human Resources :A- Employee Management B- Payroll Management et

  • $100 USD Dec 12, 2013

    السلام عليكم .. عندي مشروع هو عباره عن عرض اسعار مباشره يسحب من قاعدة بيانات ويعرضها للي متواجد داخل الصفحة الصفحة بالفعل موجوده لكن تحتاج لتعديلاتساكون بنتظار ردك لو يكون هناك سكايب افضل

  • $30 CAD Dec 3, 2013

    Hi, i need some helps to complet a class Junit in my project Java because i don"t know who to add the test of all the project in the class Junit.thank you

  • $15 USD/hr Dec 2, 2013

    I have a Java front end data base with a MySQL back end. It also has some .net programs associated with it.I am having issues with the system.We have been told it may be related to memory leaks on the Java side and that the MySQl needs cleaned and tuned I am looking for someone to help me find and fix the issues.Once the issues are fixed and the system becomes stable we would like to build on to the project.

  • $244 USD Nov 14, 2013

    Hello everyone,You can find more information about the simple task I need help with as soon as possible. Here is the link: posting please read all the pages, and if you are able to complete the task before tomorrow 18:00 scandinavia time, then I would be happy to work with you.If there is any questions, feel free to message me.Thanks alot!Attachments: Files you need for the task

  • $400 USD Nov 12, 2013

    This Project needs Artificial intelligence method

  • $400 USD Nov 12, 2013

    This Project Needs Artificial Intelligence Method

  • $400 USD Nov 12, 2013

    This Project needs Artificial intelligence method

  • $25 USD Nov 1, 2013

    I need a developer to implement a .WAR application or Java Applet into my website Needs skills with cPanel, Java, and SQL.2. Implementing a .war application and setting up the database.Contact for more details.

  • $444 USD Oct 14, 2013

    we need an online taxi booking software that can be used to service taxi companies in usa 1 online resevation system

  • $25 USD Oct 6, 2013

    I need a simple java program that will consist of two buttons "ready" and "not ready". When ready is selected, not ready is disabled and the gateway to connect with the queue is opened. In others words, the computer/workstation is available for a call/chat to be routed to it. When not ready is selected, ready is disabled and the gateway to connect with the queue is closed. In other words, the computer/workstation is not available for a call/chat to be routed to it.

  • £55 GBP Oct 1, 2013

    I need a java project to be created including a excellent report. It is for my university last year project. It doesn"t have to be extremely complicated. I would like the report to be at a very high quality report. I also cannot afford to much money as am a student, but like i said project can be very simple.I can send what is needed in the report through email as well.

  • $8 USD/hr Sep 24, 2013

    java assingments java assingments java assingments java assingments java assingments java assingments java assingments

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Ahmed El-emam

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