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Linux Developer

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  • $168 USD
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    Aug 4, 2013

    As always, Ed's work is flawless. I will always rehire.

    Project Description:This is a private project
  • $250 USD
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    Jul 28, 2013

    Pleasure to deal with. Excellent code.

    Project Description:This project is pretty straightforward. Take source and modify to only accept connections from authorized IPs (listed in a text file) Notes: 1) IP list will be modified frequently (must check file...
  • $109.9 USD
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    Adrian87 [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jun 10, 2013

    Provider was asked to review project and promised he could provide solution. He demanded 75% payment in advance which was paid. After 12 hours failed to isolate and fix problem and then demanded further payment. We paid another provider to fix the problem and it was resolved within 1 hour.

    Project Description:Need a Linux expert with time to fix my server today. Has been hacked to run Ddos attacks - need to identify and remove scripts PM pls for details thanks
  • $200 USD
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    Apr 17, 2013

    Perfect job, will hire for a larger follow-up again!

    Project Description:edsiper to develop a prototype for webservice component. Please use all details from our discussion to get this completed.
  • $320 USD
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    Apr 16, 2013

    He writes code very neatly considering maintenance. I recommend him as responsible programmer.

    Project Description:I am looking for who ports currently developed android ndk library to ios library. Additionally, Implementing android downloader demo app is required.
  • $580 USD
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    Apr 11, 2013

    If you have any development of related to linux, I strongly recommand him. Even though this project is only for android platform, I do not doubt that he is a expert linux developer . So I will contact him for any linux development project. Thank you.

    Project Description:Adding special function current developed mobile downloader on NDK level. I looking for very talented and managed person who have a lot of experience for this areas.
  • $1200 USD
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    Apr 4, 2013

    He is very talented programmer. Also he has excellent management skill of project. I strongly recommend him for a linux or andorid NDK Developer. Thanks,

    Project Description:I looking for who can develop mobile down-loader SDK for android. This project aims providing reliable and efficient downloading on cellular networks. Requisite skills for this project are Advanced...
  • $700 USD
    Profile image for Seller zchecker


    Nov 17, 2011

    Eduardo was able to complete the work within a few days of receiving the necessary tools, and in all respects it met the specification. He has very solid expertise in Linux, and is quite capable with embedded Linux development. Will hire again.

    Project Description:The Infocast 8 is a linux platform based on the Marvell Armada 168 microcontroller. It is highly related to the Chumby Internet readers, and a linux kernel can be installed which permits the device to be used as a linux development platform...
  • $600 USD
    Profile image for Seller MagikLair


    Sep 29, 2011

    He did excellent work and was way ahead of schedule. I'd hire him again for any project in a second. Highly recommended A+

    Project Description:I need a proxy daemon that is as light weight as possible. This daemon will be running on devices with microprocessors (mips,ppc,etc...). For testing purposes I used datapipe.c (the original) and the optomized/updated version...
  • $120 USD
    Profile image for Seller llilly67


    Sep 24, 2011

    Great Work, very helpful ! Highly recommended.

    Project Description:Hello I look for a person which can configurate wowza media server 2 for me. Wowza Media Server 2 is installed + Java 1.6 But i looked for a person which can configurate it so that i can reached the wowza media server area (jconsole) by ip...
    edsiper has not completed any projects.
  • $4526 USD In Progress

    We"re looking for a software developer who is familiar with Linux, Ubuntu and its build and package system as well as C/C++ and Perl to port our Web service from Ubuntu 10.04 LTS to 14.04 LTS.The web service consists of a front-end implemented in Perl/Catalyst and a back-end implemented in C/C++. The backend uses libgoffice and gnumeric with some patches applied as well as some plug-ins.What we"d like you to do is that 1) port these patches and plug-ins to the new version of libgoffice and gnumeric, 2) make changes to the back-end program to work with these new version of libraries if needed, 3) make changes to the front-end program to work on the new environment if needed.

  • $300 USD In Progress

    This is to deliver the MAC adresses from DD-WRT into a http readable log, updated frequently

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    Hi there, I require a program to acquire the H.264 video stream from an IP camera via RTSPRequired is the following:==- write a C / C++ (gcc / g++ - Linux RHEL6.4) program using appropriate free libraries- connect via TCP to the camera, authenticate and request the pre-configured RTSP stream URL (send: DESCRIBE rtsp://$cam_ip:$cam_port/video RTSP/1.0\n" etc. - URL should be configurable- authenticate via user / password (configurable, in variable)- needs to limit network bandwidth to the camera to 64, 128 kbps or 256 kbps (configurable, in variable)- needs to be able to save the H.264 video and audio streams (if any) to 5 MB max. chunks (sequential file name or timestamp as name)- needs to decode the H.264 video stream using a suitable free library to jpeg images and save single jpeg images at the frame rate defined (1-16 fps configurable) in the file system (sequential file name or timestamp)- needs to respond to authentication failures, wrong URL, network timeouts etc. in a safe manner (no segfault or crash)- needs to run indefinitely (demonstrated for at least 24 hours without crash and memory leaks- the first image should be available after 4-6 seconds max.- needs to use the least amount of CPU possible- can use any free libraries (live555, openRTSP, openav, ffmpeg etc.) as long as they are easily / freely available in RHEL 6.4 64 bit- remote 24h network access to 2 different demo cameras supplied- any more questions please let me know prior to posting your bidCheers,

  • $200 USD In Progress

    Hi Ed,i need to upgrade to wowza 3.0 and maybe a few more setupsare you available ?Guillaume

  • $1000 USD In Progress created a tool to place files on the Amazon storage. The upload works well on small files, but when you do 500mb plus, the file will upload, then it sits and freezes for a bit.We have the EC2 setup with the Simple Storage mounted as a drive. When file uploads, it drops it right into the drive. We are having a hard to identifying the underlying issue and need assistance.If you know an approach, please demonstrate in the PMB and we will hire you to show us how. NEED ASAP

  • $8684 USD Today

    We want to develop a VPN solution, with custom IP rules, with a client-side where a user can define his own websites, and analyze traffic.

  • $4555 USD 10 days ago

    Requirement to write a software model that will receive an audio stream from a HLS convert the stream to mp3 and then push the result to a shoutcast server. Software must be able to be monitored via SNMP and REST for status. Software must run on Amazon Linux instances and be capable to be run multiple times on a single server concurrently as a continuous process.. Must have self healing properties and a control interface. Must have very high mean time before failure times. Source code must be very well documented ( this is as important as functional code). All open source software parts must be clearly be identified and listed with full disclosure.Proven track record in similar field must be demonstrable. We will ask question to prove knowledge.Required skill to include ffmpeg vlc shoutcast

  • $3555 USD 12 days ago

    Hi Development Experts,Project is to develop a modular server and client libevent based echo server along with OpenSSL (to upgrade a normal connection using starttsl) and authentication using GnuSASL.Project deliverable includes - - A generic server framework that can be used as base library to start with a modules. Modules shall server the protocol interaction. - Echo Server along with client using the server framework supporting few commands issued from client to server to connect, starttls, saslauth and disconnect. These are the plain command issued from a client program. - A detailed documentation and a well documented code on a regular basis. Skills Required--------------------- C Network Programming- libevent to enable non-blocking io and a thread safe multithreading server- A common server framework that can load modules to server dynamically. - A command processing server module for the following commands. (starttls, saslauth, disconnect, connect and echo - commands should be self explanatory. This is actually proposed to be used as the framework testing and serves the basis for future developments.- Server Side authentication from a flat file and xml (needs a pluggable authentication architecture with two implementations)- libxml/expat to read the xml configuration for server (in general a configuration reading framework from xml and use them throughout the program)- An interactive command line client to issue the above mentioned commands to server- A Client module that can torture the server with different commands as load testing process. Overall Third Party Library - libevent - libxml or expat (configuration reading) - OpenSSL (for starttls and/or seperate ssl port) - GnuSASL (for sasl negotiation for auth) I hope it gives a good overview about the expected project. Please note that this must be a high performance server that will be used to build some mission critical infrastructure, hence good documentation and understanding the key ideas is utmost important. Honestly, it can be good learning experience. Thanks for your bids. Please ask for more details. Best Regards,Vijay

  • £2715 GBP Jun 10, 2013

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $40 USD/hr Apr 11, 2013

    I need help with the following assignment:Project DescriptionThis project is to write a simple HTTP client in C or C++. Your program should be able to get a document from any http server and store the document in a local file. The document can be any type (including html, image, etc.). If the document is an html page, recursively downloading the hyperlinked web pages is not required. Your program should run as follows:> httpclient URI myfilewhere URI specifies the web document you want to download and myfile is the filename you want to store the document in.You must be able to report errors to the standard output if error messages are received from the web server.DeliverablesYou must submit all the source code necessary for us to build and test your HTTP client. You must also include Makefile that can be used to build your server on the CS Unix workstations.You must also include in your submission a file named README that includes your name and a brief description of your submission, including the name of each file submitted along with a one line description of what is in the file. If your code is not complete, tell us what works and what doesn"t. If you are submitting code that does not compile, please tell us that as well. Finally, feel free to include a description of any problems you had or anything else you think might be helpful to us.GradingYour program will be tested to make sure it works properly - We should be able to download a web document using your client program and open the file using a web browser. We may check your program by comparing its result with the result obtained by wget. You must be able to report errors to the standard output if error messages are received from the web server.Here is a rough breakdown of the grading:Get the web document correctly60%Display error messages20%Error handling, Style/Code structure, etc.20%NOTE: 20% of your homework grade depends on the how "well your code is written". These points include the following:Error handling (check every system call for an error!).Safe code (avoiding buffer overflow, etc).How well we can understand your code. There is no required format for your code, there is no requirement like "you must have one comment for every 5 lines of code". Feel free to provide what ever level of commenting you believe is appropriate to make sure that other competent programmers could easily understand and make changes to your code.IMPORTANT: It is not acceptable to write this project in a single function (or even just a couple of functions).I need in before 12:00am ESTDon"t send compiled code! Please ask question if you don"t understand any part of this project.

  • €1200 EUR Jan 15, 2013

    Hi! I"m looking for linux programmers able to develop embedded applications for linux tablets for a very interesting project for a new product on the market supported by a marketing director in UK of a very important company. Feel free to contact me for more information.

  • $200 USD Jan 5, 2013

    HiI need help with my apache linux server. Basically my apache server is hitting max client limit and there are some connections which remain open, but we are not been able to find the issue..Please bid if you have experince in handling server issues, apache modules etc..

  • $300 USD Nov 21, 2012

    its a program that allows people in a large office building to request that there visitors pass through security by pre applying to the security department for clearance.the present method is: 1. the staff fills a visitor request form with the details of the expected guest2. then takes the filled form to the security department for clearance/ approval 3. makes three copies and distibutes to the three security check points within the buildingthis takes all day to finish, i want a software to ease and "computerize" this process so that the user doesnt need to even get up from his pc, the software will be deployed on the intranet and should allow for integration with a wireless device at one of the security check points

  • $1000 USD Jun 7, 2012

    Dear Edsiper,We are a new brand/company in sweden that have a t-shirt vending machine, se clip here: atum we are going to rebuild this vending machine to a "micro shop" with a visual dressing room. We want to make a simple dressing room with only one t-shirt but different prints. The most importent thing is the social connection with facebook: taking pictures and videos that automatically will be placed on our facebook page. We even want people to put on som mustaches just for fun :)As you maybe noticed it is the social interaction that is important. Not a perfectly 3d buld thirt that is following the body.If you are interested please contact us and we can talk more

  • £500 GBP Mar 14, 2012

    hi their, i am in need of an website that allows customers to compare companies and there offers, also need a system that allows customers the customise the search by nearest to their location or the rates of the companies.hear are some of other things i also need it to do:1- send multiple emails (from customers to companies)2- provide company information to customerts after the emails have been sent to the companies3- allows companies to rigister to the website and make payment via paypal or visa if possible4- admin access to make amendment or add detailsplease could you let me know if you can do this and how much for.

  • $100 USD Nov 13, 2011


  • $350 USD Feb 12, 2011

    Hi,I am finding expert programmer who know about Chat Room. I am planning to create a Chat room with install chat room software.I need you to be my partner in this project by helping me out when i need you. Require - ( Serious Programmer , Friendly person , Good Price , Most important is Willing to help ) If you think u interest and ready to help me out with your heart then PM my gmail - In future, if the project successfull .. I will give you a special bonus and repay back with my heart. Looking forward to discuss more with you.Thank you.

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