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Location: GRENOBLE, France

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  • €50.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller louisveyret


    May 27, 2014

    Bon travail et rapide !

    Project Description:Bonjour, Je souhaiterais que vous me réalisiez un travail d'analyse de ces sites webs : Je cherche à développer le même genre de service. Pour cela, j'aimerais...
  • $60.00 CAD
    Profile image for Seller amenenene


    Apr 20, 2014

    good job

    Project Description:Bonjour, Je voudrais bien que tu me fasses ce projet parce j'ai bien aime ton travail du premier projet, c'est bien structure et tout. Et merci d'avance.
  • $73.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller etechlancer


    Apr 18, 2014

    Unfortunately, i didn't get what i wanted but he tried his best for me

    Project Description:I have few electronics questions and i need to design an Aluminum-Si Schottky diode. I can share details. Please contact me. Thanks
  • €83.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller joefaster


    Mar 28, 2014

    very very good coder !

    Project Description:i need a website with a very good design for a french game i need a website with a very good design for a french game i need a website with a very good design for a french game i need a website with...
  • £210.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller jonharrispartner


    Mar 27, 2014

    Great work. Extremely fast communicators, with many questions answered within minutes. Very high level of knowledge and expertise. Left us with an excellent custom-made video of future tips. Thanks!

    Project Description:I need someone to quickly, skilfully and attractively redesign my website. It's only about 10-12 pages of HTML, plus a video, plus a blogging area. You must use EasySite LivePro for this work (it's the...
  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller etechlancer


    Mar 23, 2014

    He did outstanding work for me. I recommend him for electronics work

    Project Description:details attached
  • $6.40 USD
    Profile image for Seller millarando


    Mar 13, 2014

    Excellent job again. Very fast delivery, and professionnal.Will rehire without hesitation.<br/>

    Project Description:Hi, just make modifications as discussed. Thx
  • €200.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller jermy07


    Mar 13, 2014

    The start was really awful and the project was not finished within time (10 days vs. ~2 months) and not within budget (I paid ~twice as much).However, the final result was very good and had extra fun

    Project Description:Matlab does not yet offer a sophisticated code beautifier. There is only a built in option to auto-indent the code. The project would include to write a Matlab-Code beautifier in JavaScript as well as a very simple HTML page which serves as user interface...
  • £13.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller millarando


    Mar 13, 2014

    This is excellent freelancer. Very professional, and very good communication. He delivered project very fast. If he bids, please accept. You will be happy with his job.

    Project Description:Hello,I need to create a website design and database for more information please feel free to contact with me.
  • $23.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Interaction


    Mar 9, 2014

    Very good job done once again!

    Project Description:Project details have been sent
    ALB DEVELOPMENT has not completed any projects.
  • $20 USD/hr In Progress

    Bonjour,J&quot;ai deux soucis sur mon site premier est parfois le montant de la facture ne correspond pas au montant transmis a paypal pour le paiement ( une partie du caddie est payé par le client ).. Vous pouvez le tester en passant une commande avec plusieurs pierres si vous le voulez.Le deuxieme est la disparition de quelques valeurs de ma base de donnée ( mysql ). notamment le statut des commandes et certaines dates.Le probleme a survenu le jour ou j&quot;ai changé d&quot;offre d’hébergement chez ovh. Avant ce changement tout allait bien.Je dispose d&quot;une sauvegarde qui a été faite juste avant le changement de l’hébergement.Je vous prie de me dire une fourchette d&quot;heures qu&quot;il vous faudrait pour resoudre ces deux bugs en faisant une sauvegarde avant tout changement bien sur.Merci par avance.Hamid SABONI

  • $250 USD In Progress

    Looking for a Responsive Coding/ Wordpress Expert to update my current theme. The website you will work on is already live on the web and is mobile responsive. This is a pure coding job and is very basic. All images and psd will be provided.Project Terms: update the current theme styles, including adding side menu, fixing side widgets, gallery, clean plugins...etc.The site must be coded to the latest standardsoptimized for all the main browsersoptimized for mobile, smartphone, tablet, 720p and HD monitor sizes. Extra* Enhance the Loading Speed of the website using CachingYou must have experience with Genesis framework : must be able to test on multiple devices and should have a great deal of experience in creating responsive or fluid layouts. Please send me your best responsive work including &quot;mobile optimized&quot; so I can see your skills.The work will be awarded to those with highest completion rate and better prices. Please keep in mind that Thanks for your interest.

  • $150 USD In Progress

    Hello there,The project is about image dehazing (satellite images) using NIR band. I am going to send 4 images (R,G,B bands and NIR band) and you have to dehaze the image with the method that is described on the paper that is added as attachment.Actually I have script Grass code if you can be able to to convert it to Matlab platform you are free to use it ; I have another matlab code which seems not working properly since it has been written for hyperspectral images but it may be helpful (which is also added as attachment )Feel free to contact me for further details

  • $123 USD In Progress

    need conversion of HTML/CSS to smarty PHP for a design of a website. will only pay on completion when it is checked by a third party

  • $1500 USD In Progress

    Please make a script as we agreed.

  • €200 EUR In Progress

    Bonjour,je suis à la recherche un webmaster qui est capable de créerune page de personnalisation de chaussures personnaliséesUn exemple, juste cette page, voir lien une seule paire de chaussure à personnalisée au départ2- une console d&quot;administration, pour les modifications sur la page3- un mode de paiement en ligne4. la page en HTML code (html5)5. conception graphique6. design du site internet7. bon cadeauje souhaite payer mensuellement en plusieurs fois.en attendant votre réponse,cordialementHenri

  • $80 USD In Progress

    need to create both cms and ecommerce website with data entry and theme editing

  • $70 USD In Progress

    need to revamp current site and with new theme and data entry

  • $30 USD In Progress

    I have that script from a company, who, I don&quot;t know why, decided to host the MySQL database on their own...few months ago they stopped selling and also caring, so now the host is down most of the time and there is no way to contact them.It works like this, the exe file installs the EA on a MT4 platform, it creates the ex4 and dll files within the MT4 platform. Then I look up the EA within expert advisors, attach it to the chart and have to enter details like host, database, etc. And host is the problem, it only accepts one host, if I enter my own host(I have the db installed on my server, too), I get an &quot;Illegal Host&quot; message and the EA won&quot;t load. I need the host details changed within the script, so I can host the database by myself and don&quot;t rely on others.

  • $80 USD In Progress

    -material : Project -Neural Network Time Series Prediction and Modeling - MATLAB & Simulink Project -Using Neural Networks And Genetic Algorithms To Predict Stock Market Returns- the project is to design an application and analyze the results that will use neural networks or/and genetic algorithms that will use artificial intelligence in order to predict/ classify / make regressions / clustering on date. CODE +TEXT. Application has to be in one of this languages but preffered is matlab other require more work to explain to me from a beginner -medium knowlege person in C or Java : matlab, java, C, etc.The data can be from 2 sources: (on the third column it says what is it good for). Also the data from yahoo financial data service can be good for a random stock ,perioad acceptable to see something..We must take the data, make the task (classification, regression, etc), try to use other methods in order to compare the results (just if you are able), compare the results. For example time series prediction, classification (put into groups, etc), prediction (it will fall or not, etc). Conclusions. References.Argue why is it a system,complex system or symple system,components, characteristics/ properties, describe how does it work, the interactions that take place.P.S this as writing code in matlab for somebody that knows take max 1 h -2 h will offer code example etc and other info so this is possbile and max 3 h will exaplnation and screenshot with graphs and maybe some diagrams for the how it works part as a system complex and general arguemtn why it is a complex or simpel system . So people try to ask sum over the decent price for such a thing considering that for 3 h not even an enginner with 20 years experience in multinational company gets .PLS don t bid you re only make me do extra work and lose time on both sides.

  • $150 AUD Jun 2, 2014

    Please contact me via e-mail. Thanks

  • $20 USD/hr May 22, 2014

    Hello,It seems you closed the project & hence cannot talk to you anymore - get an error saying &quot;you are not able to chat with this user&quot;

  • €25 EUR Apr 22, 2014

    bonjour eica, j&quot;aurais besoin d&quot;implémenter un plugin de commentaire en php dans mon site fait en html et css ! j&quot;ai le plugin entièrement fais mais je n&quot;arrive pas à le mettre dans mon site car j&quot;ai pas beaucoup de connaissance en php.j&quot;aurais besoin de cela pour demain soir ou après demain si possible , sachant que c&quot;est pas bien compliqué pour une personne expérimenter en php comme toi ! tiens moi au courant si tu es intéressé ! merci bonne soiréecélia

  • $250 USD Apr 17, 2014

    Hi, Id like you to make a xsc editor, it must let me decompile xsc files and then let me edit it in a editable form not hex, then let me recompile it. here are files for testing.

  • $150 USD Mar 27, 2014

    Need a PHP / Curl script with 2 inputs ($email address, $search term).Script should:-Login to the page-Search the given $search term-Email results $email

  • $150 USD Mar 25, 2014

    Hi I want to make a logo for my company but what i am looking for is to animate my logo that you can see here on my site: am taking abut the fairy in the left and i what to make here into 3D/2D space and the move i see in my head is that she come in flying as you can see here: at 4:24 as tinkerbell fly in i want that my fairy will come in flying as tinkerbell and with here wand she make a magic and the text (Leann Productions but in Hebrew ) appear then she will sit as you can see here in my site in the : right side as it is written Leann Productions only in Hebrew and it need to look as glow as this logo : is for version1 i also need 4 or 5 more versions of the same with only a second line of text that will be under the company name and one more version that in the end the fairy fly out and i can key it out with alpha channelas you see in evey tv-show hat the logo get cut out back to the show.the end product need to be in PAL and in 2 resolutions 1. SD2. FULL HDfor all the people that worry i have purchase copyrights for the fairy you see on my site so there is no problme to make what i want as i am covered as for copyrights.This message is related to:create 3D characters , environments,games create 3D characters , environments,gamesby bitta_singh

  • $50 USD Mar 23, 2014

    j&quot;ai besoin de faire des site web en wordpress pas très très compliqué ajoutez moi sur skype : kapitaine-kellogs952

  • $750 USD Mar 18, 2014

    Project Description:Create registration and job application web pages (FORM) to save entered information to a MySQL database hosted on a windows server (shared hosting) at MyHosting.comExisting website: This new form (web pages) will be standalone on the site - in a new SSL browser window.1. Create care provider registration form (save to database as user ‘type’=S)a) Use existing PDF form as guide: include photo upload facility (file to be stored in a directory on server: filename=[ compress/resize file img file to under 500k)c) On submit – a) form field validation and ‘CAPTCHA’ (or simple ‘word-match’) to prevent abuse/spam b) save form data to database & optional photo to directoryc) send email notification to admin (with filed name/form data)d) redirect user to ‘thank you page’ - confirmation2. Create MySQL database to receive data from the form submission3. Install PhpMyAdmin and setup a [admin] user with full permissions to access database

  • $250 USD Mar 18, 2014

    So lets use a fixed background for the page,... the one of the home in the samples. Then use the main home page I showed you earlier. everything in the grey areas will scroll over the fixed background (exactly like west usa revalation) remove (full site coming soon) and add &quot;Featured projects&quot; or &quot;Custom Homes coming soon&quot; ect... and below that will be slides of the homes (see sample attached) lmk what you think the last image is an rendering of what it looks like as you scroll down the page (ovbiously the second &quot;featured home&quot; wouldn&quot;t be the same as the first but you get the idea)As for the featured properties, we would like some sort of a super simple backend management system to upload the text and pics so they pop un in a new banner to show the properties.. We also need to be able to delete them after they have sold...

  • $150 USD Mar 13, 2014

    I need 3D files prepared in ArtCam or Rhino. These files are used for the CNC machine. The objects that are drawn are sport medals.

  • $1400 USD Mar 10, 2014

    Overview :• It must create users through the web with a validation code after assigning .• Users are assigned to one or more stores so that they can perform the operations / events items• The types of users areManager / maintenance access to all the system (Users, Items , Entities , Warehouses, PermisosAlmUsuario , United , PARTNUMBERS , etc. . ) Generating reportsOperator Login Items , Items amending state , movements performed under flow distributionLexmark Operator Login Items via CSV or XLS files• Events that may have an item are : Waiting Import Receiving Wholesaler In transit I recepcionado by entity Delivered end user Used and Returned to Entity Used in transit Entity I recepcionado to Destroyer Destroyed unfortunate Lost• Institutions may have one or more stores, at the time of creation will be necessary to create a store at least the types of entities are: Wholesaler Channel / Distributor End User / End User Destroyer Import Sourceflow Example1. IMPORT operator ( Lexmark ) matter through a csv or excel file ( the format will be sent) items , all of these start with the status &quot; Pending Import &quot; .Two . HOME PERU : Carrier (Wholesale ) . Through CSV , XLS or gun charge takes bar code serial number recepcionados must change status to &quot; recepcionado by Wholesaler &quot;Three . DELIVERY ENTITY : Carrier (Wholesale ) Through CSV , XLS or barcode gun charge carries serial numbers to be sent , must change status to &quot; In Transit Entity&quot;April . RECEIVING INSTITUTION: Operator ( Entity ) Through CSV , XLS or gun charge takes bar code serial number recepcionados must change status to &quot; recepcionado by Entity&quot;May . SUPPLY FINISH: Operator ( Entity ) Through CSV , XLS or gun barcode takes charge of serial numbers that are completed and stored in warehouse awaiting shipment to destructor must change status to &quot; Used in Stock of authority . &quot;6. SUPPLY SHIPPED DESTROYER : Operator ( Entity ) Through CSV , XLS or barcode gun charge carries serial numbers to be sent to the Destroyer , you must change status to &quot; Shipped the Destroyer &quot;7. DESTROYER RECEPTION : Carrier ( Destroyer ) Through CSV , XLS or gun charge takes bar code serial number has recepcionado entity must change status to &quot; recepcionado by Destructor&quot;8. DESTRUCTION Operator ( Destroyer ) Through CSV , XLS or barcode gun charge carries serial numbers that are destroyed must change status to &quot; Destroyed &quot;notes:• In all operations the number of documents that support the movement , with the possibility to attach an image is entered• Sending and receiving between entities can occur multiple times• The normal flow is summarized : LEXMARK > WHOLESALE > ENTITY > DESTROYER , any change is detected in this rule should generate an alert via email to a specified list in the system configuration• If an Item found to be defective or spoiled in any part of the flow , operators will be able to change the status of the Item to &quot; unfortunate &quot;• If Wholesaler / Entity / Destructor not find in their stores an item that should be in your inventory the corresponding operator must change the status of the Item to &quot; Lost ,&quot; If a lost item is in a state reenters flow should generate an alert .Technology that you should use the Software:• Administration and 100 % via web access , intuitive and friendly .• Using CSS , HTML5 , JavaScript, jQuery , AJAX• Language used: PHP, MySQL database• Do not use Pop- ups• Comply with W3C standard

  • $200 USD Mar 10, 2014

    Ping me for more details.. Want to include some head to head features

  • $500 USD Mar 9, 2014

    Hi Developers! Another really cool project for which we need skilled Wordpress developers. We need a cool Wordpress Plugin done! What it does it do in one line? Adding webforms and syncing subscribers from wordpress website to an email list of choice What should the App do? 1) Connect/disconnect with API key 2) Add webforms to a wordpress website, to homepage, sidebar or anywhere in the template3) Webform design tool4) Auto sync new subscribers (with additional custom fields) from the form to an email list of choice5) Have some extra settings when syncing subscribers like: - add to autoresponder cycle yes/no - send confirmation email yes/no - update existing subscribers yes/no-6) Open for any suggestions you may have! If you want to get a better understanding of the scope of the project check the WP app market for other email services and what their apps do. It gives you a good impression.Please add examples of earlier WP development work, preferably examples to other pluginsyou have built! Happy bidding!

  • $257 USD Mar 3, 2014

    Hello freelancers,I am in need of someone to build a website for me. Need this completed within a month. Not a very complicated website. Just don&quot;t have the time to do it myself.PM me for additional information.Goodluck bidding!

  • $170 USD Mar 3, 2014

    If you do not write a personal proposal I will not consider your bid. READ THE BRIEF.Project Description: Wordpress website:An established Building / Property Maintenance and renovations business in Ireland are requesting bids for a complete website. At the moment the business is run based on word of mouth and it is working well however the growth potential is limited.The business offers a full range of building and maintenance services and wishes to showcase and advertise these services on its site. Plumbing, Electrical, Building, Carpentry, Kitchens, Flooring, decking etc...There are a number of previous projects that can be displayed as a sample of each service offered. There are a huge number of services available which cover pretty much everything that would need to be done in a home or office, from fixing a broken tile or door to building an extension or replacing a roof.The bidder should be able to list all know building services and add some content for each service. The developer should be able to show a proven track record of website design. Bids from students are welcome but again sample work must be shown. The design of the site should be unique, professional and easy to maintain. There is a possibility of a long term maintenance contract for this site and 1 - 5 other sites, however this will be decided after the site is finished. Inanyayahan ang mga Pinoy developers.Skills required:

  • £200 GBP Feb 11, 2014

    I want a flappy bird app with pipes which look professional. I want high scores and and score. I want the app to be compatible with android.I want the character to be a pig.The app should be called Flappy Pig.The app should be easy to make.

  • $750 USD Feb 10, 2014

    Hello, I need a website that can take recurring payments to sell audio clases and content.We have a wordpress site running and i bought Premise, however, i don&quot;t know how to install it.if anyone knows how to use it great, if not, I would need to get it built.Thanks for your interest.

  • $50 CAD Feb 7, 2014

    Bonjour, j&quot;ai un travail de C que je veux que tu me le fasses, c&quot;est sur le langage c, l&quot;ennonce demande qu&quot;il faut faire une grille de cvaracteres et chercher des mots dedans.merci

  • $20 USD Feb 5, 2014

    Bonjour;J&quot;ai un petit travail en C et j&quot;ai besoin d&quot;une personne pour me le faire en 2-3jours merci

  • €120 EUR Feb 2, 2014

    i&quot;d like erica to be able to chat with me./////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

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