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Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka

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My projects:

  • $30 USD
    Profile image for Seller watanoob


    Feb 28, 2014

    Good job! well done!

    Project Description:N/A
  • $100 USD
    Profile image for Seller chillydk147


    Nov 13, 2013

    Good communication, job done on time as promised.

    Project Description:Hello, I need a custom keypad pcb designed and prototyped as illustrated in the attached photo, this will need be an 8x8 Matrix keypad with interface pins, the switches should be of the same type as used on a typical keyboard as outlined in the photo...
  • $20 USD
    Profile image for Seller tower5273


    Nov 13, 2013

    Great communication and hard worker.

    Project Description:As discussed, please complete the work. This is for the agreed amount to be completed right away. Thank you
  • $188 USD
    Profile image for Seller littledigital


    Nov 3, 2013

    finished the work on time. very good communication. patient with debugging.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • £150 GBP
    Profile image for Seller xhardy


    Oct 31, 2013

    really good, willing to hire again

    Project Description:Stage 2 Electronic and Electrical Engineering Assignment, using easy68k programme to write the code in the word file. need it as soon as possible
  • $35 AUD
    Profile image for Seller azz833


    Mar 31, 2013

    Outstanding work thanks, highly recommended.

    Project Description:Here is a simple assignment I need doing, you must provide full workings for the answers. This should not be to hard, can provide notes if needed.
  • $39 AUD
    Profile image for Seller azz833


    Mar 1, 2013

    Really good would hire again

    Project Description:Here is a simple assignment I need doing, you must provide full workings for the answers. This should not be to hard, can provide notes if needed.
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller luizsalomon


    Jan 19, 2013

    Very nice freelancer. Completed the job as required. Very professional and with extreme dedication to the job. It was rather a complicated job but he did with a smile on his face. Very pleasant surprise and I can only recomend him.

    Project Description:I am starting to develop a project that will include a number of analog entries (around 6), some outputs, 3 PWM, RTCC, and CAN (maybe), bootloader, LCD, RS232 communication, I2C, SPI, lookup tables, EEPROM, FLASH, buttons, interrupts and timers...
    eicr2013 has not completed any projects.
  • $2000 USD In Progress

    We have a Solar Charge Controller design which we need modified. The existing design is solid but we need some changes and then I need the PCB layout redone. Basic information on the existing charge controller is:1.Microprocessor based2.PWM Charge controller3.Load switch - MOSFET4.Current Measurement (in battery circuit) – ADC into microprocessor 5.Voltage measurement – ADC into microprocessor6.Temperature measurement – ADC into microprocessor7.USB communication8.iButton communication9.E2 memory10.RTC Date CalendarThe new charge controller is to have similar functions with the following additions:1.Additional current measurement in the load circuit - ADC2.Bluetooth connectivity3.Keypad connectivity.4.Minor changes/modifications - TBAYour responsibility will be to:1.Analyse the existing design and ensure you understand it completely.2.Do the new electronic design and simulation in Proteus 8.0. The design is to include the calculation of the A2D factors and calibration methodology.3.Once the design has been approved you will be required to do the PCB layout. Note that the PCB layout will be for two PCB’s. The first PCB will be the microprocessor and its associated components (low power) and the second PCB will be the MOSFETs, heatsink etc (power components). The two boards will be joined through a ribbon cable. Gerber files are to be provided. The PCB’s will be double sided. Surface Mount Technology will be used.4.Component list with suitable alternatives where necessary.You will NOT be required to:1.Do any microprocessor programming. We will provide the micro specification and pin layout.2.Make prototypes.A more detailed specification and the existing design will be provided once a NDA has been signed. For now please provide a cost per hour, experience, plus estimate of hours. We will fine tune once a full spec has been provided.Also note that this is an extremely urgent project. Please indicate resource availability and estimated time.

  • $35 USD In Progress

    I need the solution to a double integral. The integral to solve is in the attached file. Please show all work. It is admissible to show Mathematica commands and results as your work.

  • $250 USD 4 days ago

    Need to program DDS (AD9834) signal generator , from a microcontroller (PIC16F877A) using 3-SPI interface

  • $555 USD 4 days ago

    I have Altuim and PADS based design files that need a production modification to the power supply and a new board layout generated.We need a quick turn on the job. The board is 6 layer, 16MM max width by 50MM - 70MM length.We have numerous variations however the this project will just cover one production ready prototype.I need revised schematics, BOM, PCB files, and Gerbers.A 3D model would be helpful if able.

  • $330 USD 4 days ago

    Hello,some help on some perl scripts using some software as well as HTK, HMMs.more details if u are interested. thanks

  • $24 USD 14 days ago

    I need some one to program the Adc in my circuit from the PIC18F4685 microchip microcontroller to display the voltage values ( status of battery from a laptop). Urgent, need it today itself. I will give more details to the expert programmer who have very well knowledge of it.

  • $250 USD 14 days ago

    Need a program written for a mc9s12c32 micro-controller using assembly. Explicit instructions are attached. Feel free to ask any questions.

  • $100 USD 14 days ago

    I have an assembly program that was originally written for the PIC16F690. It takes serial data in, process a specific number of bytes, and convert it to an I2C stream to a Master. I need someone to update this code to a PIC18F that has more RAM and is much faster, and in the mean time, process three times more bytes.

  • $500 CAD Mar 22, 2014

    I need someone to programe me this device. Please help...

  • £150 GBP Mar 22, 2014

    Hello,\r\n\r\nI am looking for somebody who is a professional in VHDL programming \r\ni need a code that VHDL code that receives decimal value\r\n\r\nthank you

  • $10 USD Nov 12, 2013

    The stepper motor program is not working..I just tried it today.

  • $133 USD Nov 11, 2013

    (1). Write VHDL code for entity **1-of-2 multiplexer**, synthesis and implement the design. Present your synthesis result, check summary report and identify the recourses used. Write another architecture description then compare the implementation results.(2). Write VHDL code for entity **BCD-7-segment converter**, synthesis and implement the design. Present your synthesis result, check summary report and identify the recourses used. Write another architecture description then compare the implementation results. (3). Write VHDL code for entity **decoder**, synthesis and implement the design. Present your synthesis result, check summary report and identify the recourses used. Write another architecture description then compare the implementation results.(4). Write the top entity **Two digits 7-segment display multiplexing logic** VHDL code using the above entities as components for the described architecture. Synthesis and implement the design. Present your synthesis result, check summary report and identify the recourses used. (5). Write a behavioural VHDL architecture description. Synthesis and implement the design and then discuss the results.

  • $30 USD Nov 4, 2013

    Module should be defined like this:module divider( output[7:0] q, output[7:0] r, input[7:0] a, b);// a = b * q + rOne of the implementations should use Newton–Raphson method and the second one should use Goldschmidt method.Both methods should be 100% functional and both simulations must be functional and return the right values of q and r.Would be great if you can also comment the source code.

  • [Sealed] Oct 27, 2013

    Looking for somebody who is good with system Verilog concepts.You must have a previous experience working with FPGA design and development.

  • $100 USD May 3, 2013

    I require a circuit design, PCB layout and bill of materials/parts for a PSTN simulator circuit using a LM2577 and microcontroller to interface to a modem. Full technical details can be supplied.

  • $220 USD Apr 6, 2013

    I need someone to make the design, layout, advice on components of a piece of electrocic and if possible make a prototype.I have some knowladge about electronics but not enough for this kind of project.I prefer PIC as the microprocessor.What I need is simple: the hardware will take as input an audio signal, will make a Zero Crossing Rate and save the output on a micro SD card.The hardware will always make the ZCR once per minute during 15 seconds.It is an easy project for someone who has solid backgroud in electronics.I need you too to program the pic.So in all, I need a ready made solution, I can make the production of the prototype by myself.

  • $200 USD Mar 2, 2013

    I need to design a line follower robot with cmucam v4 as the sensorThis robot have-Arduino Mega-CMUCAM v4-2x servo motors-2x servo wheels (back)-Free wheel (front)I need the arduino program and the connection details

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My training experience

May 2012 - Nov 2012 (6 months)

Excel Technology Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

• PCB design for a laser mother board <br />o Designed a double layered PCB for a laser mother board using Orcad Capture CIS and Layout Plus. <br />o Designed foot prints for various packages. <br />• Flash memory reader [Firmware and Software] <br />o Developed a firmware to read a SPI based Flash memory using CCSC. <br />o Developed a command set for Read, Write and Erase operations of Flash memory. <br />o Developed a Visual C# application to establish communication between PC and microcontroller. <br />• Software and Hardware


Jan 2012 - Aug 2013 (1 year)


<br /><br />• An automated system to measure weight of cement in a batching plant of State Development and construction Corporation. <br />o Designed complete electronic system from the beginning. ( PCB designing, routing, Soldering, testing and packaging) <br />o Amplifier design for amplifying Load Cell input.<br />o Software I2C library to communicate with Real time clock. <br />o SPI based memory. <br />o USB communication with PC. <br />o GUI application to communicate with microcontroller and to handle database using visual C#. <br />o


B.Sc. Eng.(Hons)

University of Moratuwa



Robot Competition

University of Moratuwa

Won 1st place in the Annual Robot competition in 2011 organized by Electronic and Telecommunication Department, University of Moratuwa. <br />


IIT Bombay

<br />Won 3rd place in the International INexus Robot competition <br />2012 organized by IIT Bombay, India.<br />


University of Moratuwa

Won the 1st runner up at Sri Lankan competition of INexus 2011-2012.

IESL Robot Games


Won the 2nd runner up in the all island robot competition IESL RoboGames 2011.