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  • $35.00 USD
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    Interaction [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jan 16, 2014

    The project is not completed according to the dispute

    Project Description:CMS (WORDPRESS) will be done on (Revamp of current site), first create a sub directory and do it in there. Once you are done and after i have go through it, you will...
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller catbones


    Jul 7, 2011

    Project was done to my satisfaction, communication and eye on detail could be improved, over all I would recommend and work with them again.

    Project Description:Hello everyone, I am re-posting this project since it seems like people got the wrong idea what I need done and not many bids, they just asked questions and it isn't that hard, so here we go; I'm...
  • $200.00 USD
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    Aug 2, 2010

    Great communication.Good Voip skills and understanding.Ran into a few issues but they resolved successfully.Would use again.

    Project Description:Howdy, I need someone to write an opensips.cfg config for the following please.. 1. Gateways to connect inbound and outbound 2. Inbound Load balancing/Dispatcher to multiple asterisk servers for registered clients...
    elapital has not completed any projects.
  • R1111 ZAR In Progress

    ADITIONAL INFOHome page Dare of the week (based on most completed checks/clicks)Activity log showing user just accepted a dare from gavin (based on people you follow) [only show up if you logged in] and limited to 5-10 feeds ect. But if clicked takes you to gage with all logs previously posted Search boxShow a users birthday today (must be clickable and comment able) Popular Random dares/challenges (replace most viewed dares)Suggested dares (based on people you follow, categories you dare in and dares you comment on) must have show more link to expand more videos Announcement box from adminVideo | Dare/challenge pageNumber of Entries along with Follow, Rating, and Comments.AdvertisementShow how many people are tracking the dareSimilar dares (combination of images and videos based on category)UsersHave a daredevil bar with different levels (reason why they complete a dare)[must stand out and look attractive)If dare/challenge is completed 1st he gets 32 Fame pointsMust be able to share his daredevil bar on his social networksCan set and update his statusCan block a user or report himGet 5 daredevil points everytime he logs in. (once a day) admin can choose default amount to increase in admin panelCan upload up to 10 profile pictures 2mb limit (20 points if have max pictures)Show online / offline with imageCan switch off notifications, contact information on each users page like, AIM, MSN, Email, Phone Numbers, etc. Also, the user can have restrictions on it... being able to let everyone see it, friends see it, or get notifications if someone wants to see it.Can upload profile avatar (11 points)Can choose best video avatar of videoCan search for userDelete comments on your dare video profilesCan freeze his account. Users will not find him in search but can re activate it by login inCan delete his account (all dares stay on the website and user name show “deleted”)Can dare a user he chooseHave last seen on profile and joined dateShow how much FAME you have gained since last visitHave their top ranked videos based on votes in their profile Can edit a dare to upload new video “views” counter will be resetCan also upload a picture if they create a dare (they can choose image or video 50mb limit)Can share his dare to his social networks (5 points per dare per social networkCan embed a dare video from YouTube.Accept/decline a dare send by other users (if declined dare is deleted and the other user are alerted via inbox to say the dare is declined or accepted and via email to tell user he have a new message) Can create a challenge/dare (dare the community and auto delete after no 1 accepts the dare after 7 days) (5 points)Can send friend invite suggestion to other social networks (50 points once off)Other UsersCan paste the link of their completed dare in the challenge box to reply as completed challengeCan click a user’s done button (looks like a check mark) so his daredevil points can increase by 31 points [admin can set amount in admin panel]Can rate a dare up or down (increase or decrease daredevil points by 8) admin can set the amountCan track a dare and get updatesCan share the dare to his social networksCan view A users gallery of dares/challengesCan follow a user (so he get updates via email of a user when he post a dare or challenge)Can inbox a userComment on user profilesCan send friend request (friends show up in profile as his crowed)Can dare a user (if dare is declined he gets message that dare is declined and dare is deleted)Can report a dare (give small explanation) and mods and admins will be alerted

  • £12 GBP In Progress

    Hi,We need you to do the following.Modify the signup form for our site, just some layout corrections and adjustments.Change a few website links.Add pages/functionality so that members can search for other members and check/edit details.Also need some data automatically feeding on another site.Thanks.

  • $200 USD In Progress

    Greetings, I am searching for a reputable coder to figure out how sound click dot com calculates their chart system AND CREATE AN APP (BOT,ETC)that will allow me to boost my songs up the charts of the website without detection. Although it is based on views, artificial hits are able to be detected and ignored thus far.The views increasers do increase the plays actual numbers but if those plays don"t follow their "Unknown" method of detection, they don"t raise your songs position in the charts.What I have been able to deduce is:Each MP3 play needs to be from a unique IP.Each IP is only counted towards 1 play. (Duplicate plays are discounted)Charts are calculated at midnight (GMT -5).Downloads per unique IP are also counted towards the charts.Plays from "External-outside of the site" users have less weight then users who play within the site.They may be using REFERRER or FLASH COOKIES and/or the amount of time the MP3 is playedIt is important that the coder has access to free/private proxies. I would ultimately like for this coder to provide a service that I can use on my own eventually, with the expectation of a longstanding business relationship. This is a business that I have run for quite some time on the said site and am looking to add a coder"s expertise to my professional repertoire Results would reflect in the charts around GMT 5.There are several users on sound click currently artificially inflating their hits and staying in the #1 spot for weeks at a time, i will pay ASAP upon seeing a working demo of the solution.

  • $3000 NZD In Progress

    - Clone all functions from "The Dealmap" and "fiverr", and combin them together also all functions and informations can be managed from backend.- iphone and android app. - logo and mascot.

  • $1500 USD In Progress

    Build an application to extract data from social networking sites. The application runs in background of email systems (outlook, gmail) in local mode (installed in each user"s pc).- The application is triggered each time a user reads an email message and it automatically makes a search in social sites (linkedin, facebook, twitter) using the sender"s email id or full name and social sites api- Results are displayed in a popup screen (contact photo, profile and latest postings) and links saved in server for repeat searches- Advertising messages are displayed concurrently with results- A simple web site (one page, using joomla cms) provides users with details on the application + a download buttonWe expect a light application with nice look & feel interface (users friendly, intuitive to use) and acceptable performance (seo, response time).A detailed project specification (srs) is available.

  • $250 USD In Progress

    I need Joomla component for car insurance, like the back-end, i need to build the company with the info:- Name of company- type of insured (individual, legal person, retired... etc)- age of insured;- Bonus-Malus;- valability of insurance (1 mounth, 6 mounth, 12 mounth)- the engine power for cars- cost of each insurance;- insured county;- insured city;- type of the insurance: Cars (including land and joint vehicles whose authorized mass not exceeding 3.5t), Vehicles for passenger transportation (including transportation truck people), Vans, pick-up, truck,, Trailers and semitrailers, Road tractors, Motorcycles...In the front-end, after a insured complete fields one by one, in the right, in each moment must be shown the insurance company who meet the requirements like like need a demo Joomla website for testing before choosing the winner. Who is closest to the example given is winner.

  • $1666 USD Feb 19, 2014 veya gibi bir hosting domain satış scriptine ihtiyacım var.whmcs,hostbill Vb. gibi yazılım yapmamız gerekiyor.1 Ay"da tamamlanması + bütün otomasyonlar tamamlanmış olmalıdır.hostbill"deki tüm eklenti + Tüm tasarımı gibi bir tasarım istiyorum.Lütfen kaç günde yapacağınızı bize bildiriniz.

  • €19 EUR Feb 11, 2014

    One wp domain needs to be updated and refreshed.Newspaper premium wordpress theme.-Theme needs to be updated to the latest version (without losing any edits, i cant remember i don"t believe i have hard edits.) I can do this myself if really needed.-I"ve purchased a custom block for this theme, atm the social media buttons broke {layout, favicons/logo"s are missing}. Needs to be fixed-the ajax "pagination" infinite load ,next prev and load more, are currently not working for my custom block - needs fix-need clever google add placement for this custom block, an ad after 4th, 8th, 12th post on homepage

  • [Sealed] Sep 27, 2013

    I need some body to do the following to the website and make more modern and faster to load.make responsive for different devicesSearch engine optimizationsocial media optimizedneeds to be in joomla ( so we can edit certain pages with low skill level)has to be integrated with our third party online booking provider.need at least 60 days support after launch for updates and bug fixesplease note this is an update of previous job which I did not clearly specify. Sorry for any confusion please bid

  • $277 USD Jun 10, 2013

    This project will consist on select a form from 4 links :-FORM1-FORM2-FORM3-FORM4All the form will do the same only they have differents panels to select and a different picture to show.Every links will redirect to a specific form, on those forms , the users will find 3 sections:USER DATAPANEL SELECTION – PANELS PICTURESORDER INFOUSER DATAOn the first section USER DATA. The user will insert :-Company Name-Contact Name-Adress -Country -Country Code -VAT-E-mailPANEL SELECTION – PANELS PICTURES(we will send you pictures about panel to show on this section)On the second section Panel selection. The user will select rows and will fill the quantity (number of units) , every row will have the columns:-Panel Number -Panel Size in mm-Description-Quantity-PriceAnd at table’s final will show the totals:-Quantity total-Total priceThen they will option to select delivery and installation optionThen next totals :-Total ex VAT -VAT (depend on the country) -Total inc VATORDER INFO The third section will be the order, and will contain:-CREDIT CARD .-TANSFER will show bank details for transfer After payment it will send a PDF with the invoice and order details .ADMIN PANEL :We will need and admin panel for control all payments and orders

  • $30 USD Feb 28, 2012

    Need help with upcoming store:"m using the module "jgallery2" for the slider. I need help to adjust the caption and the position of the slider. Attached is a photo of what I want to achieve.You will get full access to all files in the module.Kind regards.

  • $3000 USD Dec 8, 2011

    I am a lwyer in Western Australia interested in setting up a link to my websites that would allow me to have paid interviews with my clients via SKYPE.Having a link to Skype is pretty easy to set up, but because I sell an intangible products ( ie, knowledge, advice, experience, etc) – I want people to purchase credits via their credit card first.There are many adult entertainment websites that offer this – they make money through the purchase of credits using credit cards in advance.My Own Person Webcam SiteTo start with, I would like to get my own personal webcam site where I can give paid advice. This would be great for people in remote parts of Australia who cannot easily come and see a lawyer. I could use SEO to market this is regional areas of Australia.I would like to either have a portal in my website, or perhaps a link from my website to a URL where there is a website dedicated to what I do A Collective WebsiteIf I could get my own person paid webcam site up and running, my next project would be to have a group website.I would have lawyers from all parts of Australia (NSW, Vic, WA, SA, Qld, Tas & NT) – and I would divide them into categories (Criminal Law, Family Law, Commercial Law) – and put them on a website like – I would charge them a membership fee to cover web maintenance (which you might be able to do) – and they would receive a percentage of the revenue they generate from being on the site.I am interested to know if you can set something like this up – initially something just for my firm, and at what cost?I have a merchant account with Commonwealth Bank of Australia for processing credit card transactions, and a Pay Pal account.If that could be done, the next project would be something like the adult entertainment sites only with lawyers from all around Australia, in all different specialities.Kind Regards

  • $1200 USD Nov 11, 2011

    Hello I am looking for a web designer for a ecommerce site. It is an online vintage store biz and the person will need to develop website from beginning to end as well as periodical maintenance requests. I am also looking for logo design. I am looking to launch the website within the next 4-6 months. I have an idea of the website that I am looking for and can discuss further with any interested candidates. Interested candidates will need to have a sample included in his/her portfolio of similar work done in the past for e-commerce website specifically. Some examples of websites with similar layouts see and

  • $15 USD/hr Oct 31, 2011

    The successful candidate should be able to create a website based off a template design which will be provided by the employer.Ability to work quickly and efficiently is a must. Prior experience is highly regarded.The website will contain a blog section as well as a dynamic auto-updating section where users can enter their details into a database and have the information they provide automatically update on the website.PHP has been advertised as the back-end scripting solution however alternative back-end technologies will be considered.This project is suited to a candidate looking to work independently on a small, manageable project. It is not graphics intensive, however design skills are highly regarded.Do not hesitate to apply.

  • $1500 USD Oct 5, 2011

    We need a full website design for this script: We need a freelancer to design the front-end and admin panel. We will need the freelancer to install the script and integrate the design with the script so there will be some advanced-level coding involved to customize the script. The freelancer will have to customize the script"s back-end functionality to change how the bidding system works. These changes will be described during the design process. To win this project, the freelancer(s) must make a new, more user-friendly design for the script - it should be better than the website design for Then, show us their design, and if we like it, we will award you with the project to create the rest of the website. We will not review your portfolio until you have provided us with a mock-up design of the new home page. When the website design is complete, we will exchange the .PSD for 30% of the total project cost. When the website design has been integrated with the script and testing has been completed, you will receive the rest of the money.It must be done in 2 weeks. Anything more than that will be ignored.

  • $700 USD Sep 5, 2011

    HelloThank you for taking a look at my project. You will find the details in the attachment.I am looking for a very competent, reliable and skilled contractor capable of working with me to make this exciting project a reality.You will need to have an excellent track record as well as good feedback and a minimum of 1 odesk hour.Your bid should give me links to similar projects and they will be checked via contacting the site owners so we hear exactly what they thought of your work :)Feel free to bid exactly what you believe the project is worth. Do not bid a "budget" or estimate, you bid must be a firm price. We are willing to negotiate a little but expect you to be pretty close to what the job is worth to you.Please make sure you read the attached document carefully and fully as it is quite detailed and self explanatory.Hope to see you bid very soon.RegardsDon ReidEtranz LLC

  • [Sealed] Aug 29, 2011

    Hello,I am running a small boutique digital marketing shop, with customers all over the world.Averaging about 3-4 new web sites development per month (I do the strategy, then the design with my designers, then the KW research and texts - so just need the develoment part - ie from .psd to .php) I am working currently with a good development team from Pakistan. However, they are currently struggling to deliver the amount of new sites I need to actually output. Hence this post.Here are my precise requirements:a) talented web developer team (would preferably not work with just the one person as too risky and not able to ramp-up) in HTML, javascript, CSS and PHP;b) able to deliver quickly great quality sites (I check each and every of them for their code quality, and my clients are SUPER PICKY from the design implementation side);c) able to develop (preferably) in Wordpress, Joomla!, Prestashop, Magento;d) flexible, able to meet specific development requirements I have put together so as to ensure the excellent SEO property of eqch of these sites;e) with impecable work ethics and references;f) able to actually work on tight deadlines, and with a project management tool for all projects...f) can do attitude: i am looking for a long term relationship that will build BOTH of our businesses...What I can offer?a) Regularly flow of projects;b) Months afer months...c) with constant Quarter on Quarter growth...More info on the sites" buildingI am looking for:a) Budget:These sites average 100h of build (give or take - more obviously for Magento/Prestashop). These sites will also need to include support post building. Bug / issues fixes are to be included in dev. New feature request will be paid for.b) Quality:Being able to demonstrate perfect quality from past development is ESSENTIAL. If you can"t do that in a PM to me, don"t bother contacting me.Also - being able to put me in touch with your last 4 customers for reference check is also a pre-requisite.Being able to understand French (as most of my customers are French) is must.c) Relationship:I"d expect each site not to take more than 3-4 MAX to develop once given the go ahead.I"d also expect the right team to become almost as an extension of my business, with weekly "meetings" using Go2Meeting / project management system (Clarizen) / daily chats and progress updates (Skype and Clarizen). I"ll provide the license for all these tools...Also - I am looking for a "can do", flexible attitude: some sites will be bigger (ie - more time) than others. Others will require simply modifying a purchased Wordpress theme and modify its design to match the one provided. Other will require a bespoke, totally custom made Worpress /Joomla! template. ALL OF THEM will need to respect Wordpress / Joomla! coding standards...Interested? Drop me a PM with references, sites examples, investment per hour as well as a (short) explanation of why you"d be the perfect candidate to work together.Looking forrward to hearing from you!Cdlt,G.

  • $25000 USD Aug 22, 2011

    Design of social networking like Facebook and Google + complete. With all the characteristics and features found in social networking. Exactly like Facebook===========================Clarify the service:Business? YesType of site: Social network serviceRegistration requiredLanguage (s) English - French - German - Spanish - Arabic - and the languages ​​of many other.===========================Brief description of services: 1 - the first example: Facebook 2 - The second example: plus. Google 3 - The third example: Twitter ===========================I want ideas and suggestions from the programmer (expert) and tips on development. This project has been prepared and a large sum of money for publicity and advertising are huge. Programmed must be programmed to take into account the work accurately and fully and march at the site of the first stage to the end of the project and start working. Site policy simplification of the user. Please serious offers in: **********************************************************************************************************************There is a surprise to the programmer sincere mentor Secretary: prize money is very good gift**********************************************************************************************************************Wait for the bids active Avenue========================Programming languages ​​required: such as used in social networks Facebook and Google +For the programmer the freedom of choice and provide opinions and ideas.Deems appropriate, such asConditions that must be provided in the programmed1 - experience2 - Intelligence3 - speed4 - perfection in the work5 - continued focus6 - adapt programmed with the software and userWisdom: smart program / ​​programmer of the Intelligent

  • [Sealed] Aug 1, 2011

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • [Sealed] Mar 22, 2011

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $4000 USD Mar 9, 2011

    We Pay Daily - US/UK/Canada Residents ONLYJust Do it (Choose & Validate (1) Free Offer) -or-View it Do it NOW!(Choose & Validate (1) Free Offer)********

  • $750 USD Feb 23, 2011

    I am looking for a website to be built for my teeth whitening product.It will need to have a shopping cart and possibly a content management backend. Anyone that wants to be considered for this job must have previous websites built and prove they built them. If you dont have any feedback do not bid. If you bid on this project you MUST provide a mockup design with your bid, if you do not then your bid will be ignored.Heres some details you will need for the site. The product name will be DeluxWhite there will be different quantities of the refills sold.The site needs to have a # Teeth Whitening Gel# Teeth Whitening Trays# Teeth Whitening Kits page,Instructions page,FAQ pageI like the look and feel of this site so you can have something to work from smile4you.comAnd here is some data on the products.....YOU DESERVE A SEXIER & WHITER SMILE !!!OVER 90% SEE RESULTS IN AS LITTLE AS ONE TREATMENT !!!5ml Syringes w/ 44% Carbamide Peroxide Whitening gelEasy To Follow Step By Step InstructionsWith results as quick as these, our professional teeth whitening products can have you looking and feeling YOUNGER and MORE ATTRACTIVE in LESS THAN ONE WEEK!Don"t let our LOW PRICES fool you! Our product is of the highest quality! we provide the FRESHEST & STRONGEST whitening gel available on the market today. Many dentists have chosen our products simply because they whiten teeth much faster and yield better results than many other products on the market. Our products are used by many professional whitening clinics, beauty salons, and local media figures as well. You can rest assured that by choosing us, you will receive the highest quality whitening gel as well as extremely fast and friendly customer service. ** ALL OF OUR GEL IS MADE IN THE USA IN A STATE OF THE ART DENTAL LAB! ** ** OUR GEL IS STORED IN A 45° F COOLING UNIT TO ENSURE PROPER FRESHNESS ** Our trays are convenient and very easy to use. They mold to fit your teeth simply with hot water. This is ideal for whitening your teeth as the trays are custom fit. Many other teeth whitening solutions provide trays that don"t fit your mouth properly causing excessive drooling and poor whitening results. Our attractive white traveling case cleanly stores & protects all of your teeth whitening products. It also includes an oversized mirror that allows you to see how white your teeth have gotten after each of your treatments. The case is made of a hard plastic shell with several small ventilation holes for sanitary purposes. The Vitamin-E swabs we include with your shipment both protect & sooth your gums incase of any potential irritation to the dermal layer of your gums. This irritation may occur if you are not careful to squeeze the proper amount of gel into the trays. As was mentioned earlier, the gel we provide is the strongest on the market and if left in contact with your gums for an extended period of time, blanching of the gums or minor irritation can occur. Applying the Vitamin-E gel to your gums prior to your whitening treatment will greatly reduce any possible irritation. If you choose not to use the Vitamin-E during your whitening treatment, and you experience some sensitivity during or afterwards, applying the Vitamin-E gel will sooth your gums. We highly recommend having clean teeth prior to using the teeth whitener as it will yield much better results. You can brush your teeth with your regular toothbrush, however you must be careful to avoid contact with your gums. Our gel is extremely strong and can cause blanching (whitening of the gums) as well as some minor irritation if not applied properly. Following the very simple step by step instructions that we provide will assure you the safest and most optimal results during your whitening treatment.PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENTS

  • €5000 EUR Feb 23, 2011

    Our company will offer an innovative way of sending real personalized greeting cards online, that is printed and posted within 24 hours.We are right now looking for a great web developer who can create a ecommerce web shop for us.We will arrange a more detailed specification of requirements once we have found the right person for this project. Please look carefully at the sites I refer to before bidding, as you need to be fully qualified and be able to make something better.www.moonpig.comwww.funkypigeon.comwww.whamoosh.comwww.hephalump.comIn addition to what these websites are doing they key things I am looking for:The site should look very clean and be easily navigated by anyone.- ability to dynamically load cards from central repository- account management allowing customers to create accounts, including:o the creation and maintenance of addresses for card dispatches;o the creationg and maintenance of important dates for email reminders- once order is completed the order must be saved into a database and it must be possible to output this to PDF, and be able to connect with our printing facility through some sort of API, and be easily printed- mult-language support with the support for adding additional languages- multi-currency and country support with the support for adding additional countries and currencies- voucher management allowing vouchers to be given to customers for rewards / couponcodes- SEO- High Security- Handle much traffic- Be able to add new products/cards easily- Be able to have lots of products (thousands)- Personzalize the greeting cards with the right fonts in real time (and in some greeting card designs be able to upload your own photo from fb or your computer)- Be able to preview the greeting card before sending it- Every card should have a barcode on the back to show where it should be sent/who"s order it isThis is some of the key information but as I say there will be a full requirements spec drawn up with the agreed candidate. However, I must stress that what I am asking for has all been done before and if you want to get an idea for exactly what I"m after and if you can do this then please look IN DETAIL through the aforementioned sites.If we think you are a great webdeveloper and person to join this project, there are great opportunities for you to be a part of something big. You also will get a good ROI in form cash, but also chances to get a equity stake in our business.Looking forward to your response.Best

  • $3000 USD Feb 23, 2011

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $5000 USD Feb 19, 2011

    Need a trusted partner to develop an iPhone application able to synchronize data from an online site allowing use to consult our products data without Internet connexion.We will give you all SQL Queries allowing you to download all data.More information into the attached PDF file

  • $1000 USD Feb 15, 2011

    Hello All, I need an experienced developer to make a small iphone project to display photo gallery returned from our server (gallery should display image title and other controls like normal photo application by apple).also the application should contain a voice recorder and player.

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