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Technical Specialist

Username: elboukharimu

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Location: Casablanca, Morocco

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  • $130 USD
    Profile image for Seller abdellatif81



    Elboukharimu is a very good freelancer on the database field, he did the job very fast with a good quality, will hire him again. Highly recommended for your database projects !<br/>

    Project Description:Case study for complex database creation and deployment. I will provide details on chat.
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller apncbo


    17 days ago

    Horrible experience. He failed my project and didn't know enough about embedded system. He lied to me for improving the work and he just took the money and flaked me.

    Project Description:Find a database tutor for helping me, including some assignments and projects. Skills include conceptual design, logical design, oracle, SQL and writing report. Need a tutor with over 3 years of professional...
  • €150 EUR
    Profile image for Seller johnath


    23 days ago

    good work good professional, work on time, very helpful

    Project Description:Oracle sql developer project. Entity relationship diagram, tables, insert values, constraints, queries, object relational.
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller frakevich


    24 days ago

    Good communication, fast execution, followed instructions to the point, corrected all incomplete items until everything was to my satisfaction.<br/>

    Project Description:We need help redesigning Sql Server 2008 reports. We have about 2 dozen reports that need work. We need better and cooler looking reports designed in Sql Server Report Builder. Please provide screenshots demonstrating other reports you have designed using this technology...
  • $123 SGD
    Profile image for Seller compws


    28 days ago

    We've been struggling to back up our MS database for some time. Our problems were resolved very quickly and we would definitely recommend Elbouk and will hire him again ourselves.<br/>

    Project Description:For some time now our daily backups have been failing and as a result our transaction log has hit 90+ GB and filled the hard drive. We&#039;ve not been able to get this resolved and need someone to identify the problem and resolve it...
  • $260 USD
    Profile image for Seller rajo33600


    29 days ago

    He did a very good job. would hire him again.

    Project Description:database systems relational data modelling database schema relational queries relational model create ER diagram
  • R1684 ZAR
    Profile image for Seller Webtron


    Mar 14, 2014

    Good Service and Good Quality

    Project Description:I need assistance with setting up a query from joomla hosted on a vps linux server to a microsoft sql server, I already bought the toolsjx component and needs assistance with it, or something similiar that will do the trick...
  • $100 USD
    Profile image for Seller sas03077


    Mar 12, 2014

    Great Freelancer<br/>

    Project Description:Hello, I need assistance on a Mysql Database issue. I am using MyISAM engine and i have problems with the locking tables since the selects, inserts and updates are too much (10s of thousands per minute)...
  • $160 USD
    Profile image for Seller abdellatif81


    Feb 19, 2014

    Perfect work done in budget and time as always. Thank you<br/>Perfect consultant , fast and hard coder

    Project Description:A simple android application with Filemaker database, to manage my business,I will provide details later.
  • $44.37 USD
    Profile image for Seller jenny8222


    Feb 13, 2014

    this guy is fast, accurate at his work, and a great communicator. Very responsive. Recommended! thanks!

    Project Description:hi - please see Requirement zip file for request and let me know if you can work on it quickly. Thanks!
    elboukharimu has not completed any projects.
  • [Sealed] In Progress

    I am looking for an expert in MySQL / MariaDB to clean my website&quot;s duplicates. I have a large database (several gigs) where there are 1 million+ records. Those records contain duplicates, though they aren&quot;t exact match. You must be an expert in working with large data in MySQL / MariaDB, specifically finding and cleaning duplicate (exact and partial) records. You will need to work locally, not on live server.

  • $157 USD In Progress

    I want if possible to change the database structure of my site which should be the exact copy of the database website order ready inserted to give on my website. 2 site is designed to sell cars.Thanks

  • $473 USD In Progress

    We currently use Excel spreadsheets to manage our customers, contacts, and prospects. I would like to centralize all that into a Filemaker database that lets me keep track of their what they ordered and the customer interests. I suggest Filemaker because I work on a Mac, but I could be talked into something else if it&quot;s online and more convenient.

  • $30 AUD/hr In Progress

    Required Functionality: Capable of Web Store Data Pushing and Receiving, Sales, Stock, Customer Reporting, Auto Generation of Pick List During Sales Process, Auto Generation of Customer Shipping Label to Designated Printer, Auto Contact Shipping Company to Book Pickup, Auto Email Customer Confirmation of Order Dispatch to Contact Email, Auto Email Customer Invoice to Accounts Email, When Receiving Stock Prompt for Generation of Barcode and Description Labels for Quantity of Received Selected Products. Able to track stock, sales, shrinkage. Able to filter products by Category, Subcategory, Compatible Brand, Compatible Make, Compatible Model (some products will be compatible with multiple models. Able to Set Pricing and Credit Terms for customers. Payment: Happy to work on an Hourly Rate Reporting Functionality on: Product Shrinkage, Stock on Hand, Slow Movers, Average Days on Hand Based on Historical Sales, Allocated, Backorders.Top Sellers, GP Analysis, Daily, Monthly, Yearly, Set Date Range, Account Statements, Top Customers, Overdue, Customer List, Shipping Label. Filterable ListsCustomer List, Shippers List, Suppliers List, Product List, Packaging List, Barcode (Include SKU, Barcode), Description Label, Wholesale Price List (Wholesale Price and Margin based on Retail Price), Retail Price List, Active Orders, Back Orders. Fields Required CategoriesID, Category, DescriptionSub Categories (Relate to Each Category) ID, Lookup: Category, Sub Category, DescriptionCustomer ID, Business Name, Contacts Name, Contacts Email, Contacts Landline, Contacts Mobile, Contacts Fax, Accounts Name, Accounts Email, Accounts Landline, Accounts Mobile, Accounts Fax, Ship Address, Billing Address, Website EmployeesID, First Name, Last Name, Password, Pay Rate, Pay Type, Tax Free Threshold (Y/N), Super Rate (% of pay), Super Fund, Annual Sick Leave (0.03846 hours per hour worked OR 0.2923 hours per day worked), Holiday (0.076 per hour)ShrinkageID, Lookup: SKU, Quantity, Reason, Received Invoice Number, Store Stock (Y/N)PortID, Port Name, Lookup: Supplier ID (Caption: Freight Agent), Usual Days to DeliverSupplierCompany, Contact, Address, Suburb, Sate/Province, Country, Receiving Currency, Post Code, Port, Website, Type (Freight Agent, Services, Packaging, Stock, Printing, Fitting), Email, Skype, WeChat, MSN, Preferred Payment Method ([Multiple Values]T.T, Western Union, PayPal) PortInventoryID, Lookup: Inventory.SKU, Reorder Level, Target Level, Minimum Reorder Quantity, Received Quantity, On Order, Shrinkage, Shipped, Allocated, Backordered, Initial Level, On Hand, Available, Current Level, Below Target Level, Reorder Quantity, Lookup: Suppler.NamePackagingID, Packaging SKU, Packaging Style (Plastic Retail Box, Cardboard Retail Box, Disposable Counter Display, Reusable Counter Display, Hangsell Bag with Header, Hangsell Bag no Header, Plastic Hangsell, Cardboard Hangsell), Packaging Description, Lookup: Supplier / Port, Ordered Separately (Y/N), Prompt For Barcode Generation (Y/N), Prompt For Description Generation(Y/N). ProductID, Lookup: Category, Lookup: Sub Category, SKU, Barcode, Description, Variant/Colour, Fitting required (Y/N), Retail Price Inc GST ($), Wholesale Price Ex GST ($), Landed Price Ex GST ($), (USD $) FOB Inc VAT, Discontinued (Y/N), Safety Certificate (Attachment), Inspection Certificate (Attachment), Picture 1 (Attachment), Picture 2 (Attachment), Long Description, Lookup: Packaging SKU, Lookup: SKU (Caption: Linked Stock), Lookup: Compatible.Model [Multiple Values]CompatibleID, Brand, Make, Model

  • $15 USD/hr In Progress

    Hi I am looking for a trainer to help me understand the SQL 2012 Analysis Services, build cubes and create simple reports.It will be for 10 hours, 1 hour at a session, 2 sessions per week, over skype or gotomeeting and we will open up visual studio and create some sample data and then talk about each aspect of the cube and report.Please let me know if you can provide this.Thanks

  • $526 AUD In Progress

    HiPlease only apply if you have experience in migrating data and SQL Azure. We have a SQL Azure server, and our partner has created some CSV files closely matching a few of our database tables.I want to find a solution where we can receive the files every day and upload them into our SQL Azure.The files closely map to our database tables, and I will provide a mapping to be 100% clear.There are 5 files (Bookings, Passengers, Sales, Payments, Agents) which all match up to 5 tables of the same name.Each file has a unique identifier from the main system, which we store in our system.The logic will be to add or update the data from the CSV to the system.We will discuss how we automate the files. This will preferably be via email, or it might be that we have to upload them to Azure some how.

  • $300 USD In Progress

    EXPERT WITH 8+ YEARS EXPIERIENCE REQUIRED IN MY SQL< PHP & SERVER MANAGEMENT Project: Server Is currently being overloaded due to hung queries in MYSQL that need to be fixed. this may be caused from web bots or MYSQL queries that were not correct.To complete this project we will need to eliminate all problems causing the server overload.We need to make sure no server overload issues occur and that the website is able to handle traffic and load pages in under 5 seconds which should not be a problem once the server overload is eliminated.Our website is a comparison website.This Project needs to be completed in 7 days So Please Only Experts Bid As Our Database Is Complicated.

  • $900 USD In Progress

    Hello I need to develop a website database / management who let me able from a second domain level with username and admin to manage (insert/remove/edit) my models / customers / etc datasI attached a file with the list of entries i need.Thanks and regards

  • $250 SGD In Progress

    Hi we need to have a user manual on how to create and do the following task 1.Log on to the local server. 2.Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and connect to local developer server . 3.Create a new SQL Server Management Studio scripts project. 4.Set the AdventureWorks2008 database recovery model to Full and script the action to the Backups.sql file. 5.Create a folder in the C:\ that will be used to hold the backups. 6.Create backup devices that will be used to hold full, differential, and log backups of the Adventureworks database and script the action to the Backups.sql file. 7.Back up the AdventureWorks2008 database to the BackupFull device with compression and script the action to the Backups.sql file. 8.Back up the AdventureWorks2008 log to the BackupLog device with the overwrite option and script the action to the Backups.sql file. 9.Perform a differential backup of the AdventureWorks2008 database to the BackupDiff device with the overwrite option and script the action to the Backups.sql file. 10. Backup the AdventureWorks2008 log to the BackupLog device with the append option and script the action to the Backups.sql file.10.Add a new query to the AW_Recovery project. 11.Update the HumanResources.Employee table. 12.Simulate a disaster of the Adventureworks2008 database. 13.Perform a tail log backup of the AdventureWorks2008 database and script the action to the Restores.sql file. 14.Perform a restore of the AdventureWorks2008. 15.Verify that the AdventureWorks2008 file has been restored. 16.Add a new query to the AW_Recovery project. 17.Create a database snapshot of the AdventureWorks2008 database. 18.Verify the same data is retrieved from the AdventureWorks2008 database and the AdventureWorks2008_Snapshot database snapshot. 19.Remove the Sales.SalesOrderDetail table in the AdventureWorks2008 database. 20.Confirm that the Sales.SalesOrderDetail table in the AdventureWorks2008 database has been removed. 21.Restore the Sales.SalesOrderDetail table by restoring the AdventureWorks2008 database from the AdventureWorks2008_Snapshot database snapshot. 22.Restore the Sales.SalesOrderDetail table by creating a create table script of the table in the AdventureWorks2008_Snapshot database snapshot and executing the script against the AdventureWorks2008 database. 23.Insert data into the Sales.SalesOrderDetail in the AdventureWorks2008 database from the Sales.SalesOrderDetail in the AdventureWorks2008_Snapshot database snapshot. 24.Confirm that the Sales.SalesOrderDetail table in the AdventureWorks2008 database has been removed. 25.Log on to the LOCAL SERVER server by using the Administrator login. 26.Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and connect to LOCAL SERVER . 27.Create a new SQL Server Management Studio scripts project. 28.Add a new query to the AW_Recovery project. 29.Create backup device that named BackupMaster script the action to the MasterRecovery.sql file. 30.Back up the master database and script the action to the MasterRecovery.sql file. 31.Prepare to restore the master database. 32.Restore the master database. 33.Verify that the master database has been restored.

  • $12000 USD Yesterday

    Hi mate I would like to propose to you a project which it will be hold for one bank ; there is prelimenary assessment for 3 Question ; If you will pass them ; you will be eligible for this project this it budget was fixed 56 k UK pounds

  • $315 AUD Yesterday

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $100 USD Yesterday

    HiI currently have two different servers with different IP Addresses. I have mssql 2008 databse. I would like to do copy to copy from one database to other date every day. The reason for this is because i would like to have a back domain just incase the main domain goes down for any reasonI am looking for someone to advise me on how to do this

  • $526 USD Yesterday

    Hello, I&quot;m a very small company looking for an experienced, talented FileMaker Pro developer. Below is a project scope:Project Budget & Scope$500.00 US DollarsPayment Plan: 3 payment planDeadline: About 2-3 weeks (due date: May 19th the latest)FEEL FREE TO USE EXISTING FREE FILEMAKER TEMPLATES TO MAKE THIS PROJECT COST & TIME EFFECTIVEWe publish a small magazine and we need a way to manage our customers, production, ad schedule and billing. I would like to use FileMaker pro database that I can install in my Mac server and access it using any internet browser. Or use a similar platform or solution. I’m open to suggestions however keep in mind my sever is a Macintosh computer. To make this project time-efficient, feel free to use many of the free customer relationship management open source tools available online. I have found a few. Also, if we choose FileMaker, it has many templates that we can be used.Objectives:Secure and fast online access of customer database. I should be able to use any internet browser and secure log in to the database.•This database will contain contact info, history of notes, accounting info if the company chooses to purchase advertisement, scheduled advertisements, production notes, etc. •The system should also have a simple and quick way to send mass email messages to specific users or groups by scheduling it in advance. •Generate a simple contract•Generate invoices•Enter payment notes•Generate basic sales reportsOther Comments: As a working platform, I would like you to install the software in my server (optional). This might make the development review effectively. The server I currently have is MACINTOSH so please keep this in mind! Database Access: Password (user name/pw) is needed when logging in. There might me a maximum of 5 users using this database.

  • $39 USD/hr Yesterday

    Build and Develop MS ACCESS databasing for System Associates. Take a look at my website look at the equipment lists. I want to be able to manage that with ACCESS. Contact me for further details.

  • $200 USD Yesterday

    i made the database schema ready , and it has 10 tables , and 15 quiry , i want some one create the database oracle , sql plus

  • $30 USD Yesterday

    I need a few features implemented in a MS Access 2013 SQL database.Here is what I want first: I need to know how to handle sub items of a larger assembly. Imagine this hypothetical scenario: An attendant in an ice cream shop is filling out orders. Different customers want different types of ice cream. Some customers want add extras like nuts, candy, sprinkles. So I have a form where the attendant can input the base ice cream like vanilla. When he chooses vanilla i want to display all the extras that are available to the attendant. I also want to be able to choose using check boxes the extra items to include. Then I want to present a quotation for the ice cream to the customer.I&quot;m open to paying for guidance on how to implement this.

  • £147 GBP Yesterday

    HiI am looking to create a database that allows me to monitor the number of tenants I have in my house, keep a database of suppliers and also let me look at doing analysis. At this point, I understand what I want it to look like however am not sure of the technical details of itTjhanks

  • $168 USD Yesterday

    My websites all point to one php function to process my calls to MySQL: RunSQL( $sql )I need to add 2 features to this function:1) Although my user input [etc.] offers protection, I want to use params to prevent injection attacks.2) To improve performance, I wish to add many sqls [; delimited] at once so there&quot;ll only be one call to the MySQL engine:$sql = &quot;select * from tbl limit 1000;update ...;insert ...;insert ...&quot;;Q) If there were many sqls, would $result be a multi-dimensional array?I&quot;d like this too:3) Get results from 2 tables from 1 call. Is this possible?$sql = &quot;select * from tbl1 limit 1000;select id,age from tblfriends limit 50;&quot;;So $result would be:- $sql = &quot;select id,age from tblfriends limit 50&quot; = 2 dimensional array -- I can already do this- $sql = &quot;select * from tbl1 limit 1000;select id,age from tblfriends limit 50;&quot; = 3 dimensional array???Is this correct?This should be a standard function for some people?I&quot;m not in a hurry. You tell me how long it will take.I have no idea how much this should cost, so I have a wide range of the budget.If this goes well, there&quot;ll be more work in the future.Any questions, please ask.Here&quot;s my current code [only handles single sql statements]:function RunSQL($sql){ReplaceText( $sql, &quot;&quot;&quot;&quot;, &quot;null&quot; );// $sql = mysql_real_escape_string( $sql );ConnectToMYSQL();$result = mysql_query( $sql );// Create an error fileif (!$result){switch (substr($sql,0,6)){case &quot;DELETE&quot;:case &quot;INSERT&quot;:case &quot;UPDATE&quot;:WriteErrFile( &quot;sql=[&quot;.$sql.&quot;]&quot; );}}return $result;}Additional information:As you know, php connects to MySQL with 3 API&quot;s: one would you use and why?Thank you.

  • €210 EUR Yesterday

    I am interested in speaking with someone with regards to designing a database that uses Libre Office Base. I would need a front end user system that interacts with 3 main tables and connects to a website and has multiple queries. The Reports will need to send a column of numbers to a third party website that can send text messages.

  • $50 AUD/hr Yesterday

    I have a Microsoft Access database which has simple mail merge capability and simple search capability.I would like to work as a team with a Microsoft Access developer to develop the database with complex mail merge capability and advanced search capability. Mail merge to be completed by selecting records in a sub-form and multiple word documents, and search to use multiple search criteria from forms where some search criteria is NULL.There may be additional work in the future if I move on to other clients.

  • $100 USD Yesterday

    Could you make me the database of coffeshop, i saw somewhere restaurant Pos System something like that or more simple

  • $200 USD Yesterday

    We need a database of recipes that we can use to jump start our website, the recipes will need to include an image. The recipes and images must be able to be used on a public website so it&quot;s important that the recipes and images are copyright protected.Attached is a file of how we would prefer the database to be submitted, we will also need the files of the images.If you have any questions, please don&quot;t hesitate in contacting me.Kind Regards,Ciciliea

  • $31 USD/hr Yesterday

    I have a sophisticated database of business financial data. Data is collected and normalized in an Excel spreadsheet, and then imported to a mySQL database table.There are several php scripts that access the data in this specific table, manipulate the numbers, do some calculations, and then post the results into two different production tables which are accessed by the Client reporting system.The data in this process relates heavily to standard business financial statements. You need to be familiar with standard business accounting to the extent that you understand, and are aware of basic concepts like &quot;assets = liability plus equity&quot; for example. This business finance knowledge is critical to the success of this project.This project will require that you will a) build scripts and then test, verify and normalize the current existing data for accuracy, b) review and perhaps redesign and rebuild the data import process using flowcharts and the scripts used...More information About the Project to the one who will qualify.Thanks,

  • $210 USD Yesterday

    Connect Excel to a marketing database to produce a customized report that will show leads by sales person WTD, MTD and YTD

  • $3157 USD Yesterday

    We are looking for a reliable PROGRAMMER / PARTNER that can Build and Maintain for us a professional &quot;DATABASE&quot; website and mobile application. The site is intended for registered log in users to post various pictures and verbiage. &quot;Think of e-bay.&quot; KINDLY SHOW US SOME SIMILAR WORK IF YOU HAVE ANY ALONG WITH YOUR RESUME SO WE CAN DETERMINE WHETHER OR NOT YOU ARE RESPECTIVELY A GOOD FIT FOR OUR COMPANY. If your work or portfolio looks good to us then we may further pursue a healthy business relationship and a potential partnership opportunities. Our New York based company will offer payment as well as 5% company stock options to the right developer who secures our request. Developer is obligated to service and maintain the website for a period of time determined and specified only after our review and contract agreements.

  • $200 AUD Yesterday

    hi,we need someone to optimize and repair our SQL database. in specific it is 1 table that needs it.cheers.paul

  • $1500 USD Yesterday

    I need someone to work on an existing project that involves troubleshooting existing SQL triggers and stored procedures. Must have a strong working knowledge of transact SQL. If it works out, then will have lots more work.

  • $200 USD Yesterday

    HelloNEED VERY URGENTLY Data Mining small project done today !It has some multiple choice questions and couple of other small questions. Please get the details from you can get this done by 22nd April then please apply ASAP !Thanks

  • $526 USD 2 days ago

    We have a small school in Europe for make-up application. All of our students enroll by the website by filling in a form.At this moment we copy paste these details in our pre made excel sheets but we are looking for a solution to automize everything.The intention of this class manager is that this has to be added to our custom build CMS so we have a backend acces to all student details and group details. All emails should be sent automatically and we can easily change details of the student or even change the group where the student is in. A flow chart with the steps is added here in the assignment.Important details that are not mentioned on the flow chart in regards to payment emails and student options:- Every student has got to be assigned the correct account number for payment. The account number for payment depends on the type of student (3 types: Student that enroll by downpayment, government aid or regular payment).- What fields are there in a student enrollment? First name, name, address, postal code, city, phone number, e-mail, comments, chosen location (we have two campuses), course and group.IMPORTANT: Our currect website is build with a version control system. When you are selected you need to give us your GIT account so our programmer can give you acces.

    elboukharimu does not have any open projects.
    elboukharimu does not have any work in progress.
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Technical Specialist Cobol Mainframe

Oct 2007 - Present (6 years)


I work for about six years in a IT multinational services as a Technical Specialist Cobol Mainframe, in different sectors: Banking, Finance, Insurance and electronic banking.<br /><br />I worked with several large customers account in France like : Societe Generale, Bank PO, Credit Mutuel and BNP Paribas.<br /><br />Objective: <br /> Making functional and technical documents and impact assessment <br /> Development and maintenance of Cobol programs <br /> Unit and integration test <br /> Costing of client requests <br /> Repo

Analyst programmer VB.NET

Aug 2007 - Sep 2007 (1 month)


Analysis and Dot net program development <br /><br />Objective: <br /><br />- Making technical documents <br />- Development and maintenance of VB .NET programs <br />- Migrating a VB6 application to VB. NET <br />- Unit test <br /><br />Tools: VB6, VB Dot Net 2003

Analyst programmer C#

Jun 2006 - May 2007 (11 months)

Ministry of national education

Development of an intranet in order to decentralize the data and the information, and to put in place an extranet between the Ministry of national education and the Ministry of Finance. <br /><br />Objective: <br /><br />- Preparation of functional and technical documents and impact assessment <br />- Development and maintenance of C Sharp programs <br />- Unit test <br /><br />Tools: C# 2005, Oracle 9i, ASP Dot Net

VB6 Freenlacer

Jan 2005 - Dec 2006 (1 year)

Many IT entreprise

Analysis and VB6 development <br /><br />- Making technical documents <br />- Development and maintenance of VB6 projects<br />- Unit test <br /><br />Tools : VB6, MS Access, MS Excel, SQL Server



École Hassania des Travaux Publics