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Technical Specialist

Username: elboukharimu

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Location: Casablanca, Morocco

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  • $300.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller abdellatif81


    Jun 11, 2014

    Great freelancer , excellent job ,my compliments!<br/>

    Project Description:I need your help to manage a database project including different technologies. I will provide you all project detail via chat
  • $130.00 USD
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    Apr 22, 2014

    Elboukharimu is a very good freelancer on the database field, he did the job very fast with a good quality, will hire him again. Highly recommended for your database projects !<br/>

    Project Description:Case study for complex database creation and deployment. I will provide details on chat.
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller apncbo


    Apr 6, 2014

    Horrible experience. He failed my project and didn't know enough about embedded system. He lied to me for improving the work and he just took the money and flaked me.

    Project Description:Find a database tutor for helping me, including some assignments and projects. Skills include conceptual design, logical design, oracle, SQL and writing report. Need a tutor with over 3 years of professional...
  • €150.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller johnath


    Mar 31, 2014

    good work good professional, work on time, very helpful

    Project Description:Oracle sql developer project. Entity relationship diagram, tables, insert values, constraints, queries, object relational.
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller frakevich


    Mar 30, 2014

    Good communication, fast execution, followed instructions to the point, corrected all incomplete items until everything was to my satisfaction.<br/>

    Project Description:We need help redesigning Sql Server 2008 reports. We have about 2 dozen reports that need work. We need better and cooler looking reports designed in Sql Server Report Builder. Please provide screenshots demonstrating other reports you have designed using this technology...
  • $123.00 SGD
    Profile image for Seller compws


    Mar 26, 2014

    We've been struggling to back up our MS database for some time. Our problems were resolved very quickly and we would definitely recommend Elbouk and will hire him again ourselves.<br/>

    Project Description:For some time now our daily backups have been failing and as a result our transaction log has hit 90+ GB and filled the hard drive. We&#039;ve not been able to get this resolved and need someone to identify the problem and resolve it...
  • $260.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller rajo33600


    Mar 25, 2014

    He did a very good job. would hire him again.

    Project Description:database systems relational data modelling database schema relational queries relational model create ER diagram
  • R1684.00 ZAR
    Profile image for Seller Webtron


    Mar 14, 2014

    Good Service and Good Quality

    Project Description:I need assistance with setting up a query from joomla hosted on a vps linux server to a microsoft sql server, I already bought the toolsjx component and needs assistance with it, or something similiar that will do the trick...
  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller sas03077


    Mar 12, 2014

    Great Freelancer<br/>

    Project Description:Hello, I need assistance on a Mysql Database issue. I am using MyISAM engine and i have problems with the locking tables since the selects, inserts and updates are too much (10s of thousands per minute)...
  • $160.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller abdellatif81


    Feb 19, 2014

    Perfect work done in budget and time as always. Thank you<br/>Perfect consultant , fast and hard coder

    Project Description:A simple android application with Filemaker database, to manage my business,I will provide details later.
    elboukharimu has not completed any projects.
  • [Sealed] In Progress

    I am looking for an expert in MySQL / MariaDB to clean my website&quot;s duplicates. I have a large database (several gigs) where there are 1 million+ records. Those records contain duplicates, though they aren&quot;t exact match. You must be an expert in working with large data in MySQL / MariaDB, specifically finding and cleaning duplicate (exact and partial) records. You will need to work locally, not on live server.

  • $157 USD In Progress

    I want if possible to change the database structure of my site which should be the exact copy of the database website order ready inserted to give on my website. 2 site is designed to sell cars.Thanks

  • $473 USD In Progress

    We currently use Excel spreadsheets to manage our customers, contacts, and prospects. I would like to centralize all that into a Filemaker database that lets me keep track of their what they ordered and the customer interests. I suggest Filemaker because I work on a Mac, but I could be talked into something else if it&quot;s online and more convenient.

  • $30 AUD/hr In Progress

    Required Functionality: Capable of Web Store Data Pushing and Receiving, Sales, Stock, Customer Reporting, Auto Generation of Pick List During Sales Process, Auto Generation of Customer Shipping Label to Designated Printer, Auto Contact Shipping Company to Book Pickup, Auto Email Customer Confirmation of Order Dispatch to Contact Email, Auto Email Customer Invoice to Accounts Email, When Receiving Stock Prompt for Generation of Barcode and Description Labels for Quantity of Received Selected Products. Able to track stock, sales, shrinkage. Able to filter products by Category, Subcategory, Compatible Brand, Compatible Make, Compatible Model (some products will be compatible with multiple models. Able to Set Pricing and Credit Terms for customers. Payment: Happy to work on an Hourly Rate Reporting Functionality on: Product Shrinkage, Stock on Hand, Slow Movers, Average Days on Hand Based on Historical Sales, Allocated, Backorders.Top Sellers, GP Analysis, Daily, Monthly, Yearly, Set Date Range, Account Statements, Top Customers, Overdue, Customer List, Shipping Label. Filterable ListsCustomer List, Shippers List, Suppliers List, Product List, Packaging List, Barcode (Include SKU, Barcode), Description Label, Wholesale Price List (Wholesale Price and Margin based on Retail Price), Retail Price List, Active Orders, Back Orders. Fields Required CategoriesID, Category, DescriptionSub Categories (Relate to Each Category) ID, Lookup: Category, Sub Category, DescriptionCustomer ID, Business Name, Contacts Name, Contacts Email, Contacts Landline, Contacts Mobile, Contacts Fax, Accounts Name, Accounts Email, Accounts Landline, Accounts Mobile, Accounts Fax, Ship Address, Billing Address, Website EmployeesID, First Name, Last Name, Password, Pay Rate, Pay Type, Tax Free Threshold (Y/N), Super Rate (% of pay), Super Fund, Annual Sick Leave (0.03846 hours per hour worked OR 0.2923 hours per day worked), Holiday (0.076 per hour)ShrinkageID, Lookup: SKU, Quantity, Reason, Received Invoice Number, Store Stock (Y/N)PortID, Port Name, Lookup: Supplier ID (Caption: Freight Agent), Usual Days to DeliverSupplierCompany, Contact, Address, Suburb, Sate/Province, Country, Receiving Currency, Post Code, Port, Website, Type (Freight Agent, Services, Packaging, Stock, Printing, Fitting), Email, Skype, WeChat, MSN, Preferred Payment Method ([Multiple Values]T.T, Western Union, PayPal) PortInventoryID, Lookup: Inventory.SKU, Reorder Level, Target Level, Minimum Reorder Quantity, Received Quantity, On Order, Shrinkage, Shipped, Allocated, Backordered, Initial Level, On Hand, Available, Current Level, Below Target Level, Reorder Quantity, Lookup: Suppler.NamePackagingID, Packaging SKU, Packaging Style (Plastic Retail Box, Cardboard Retail Box, Disposable Counter Display, Reusable Counter Display, Hangsell Bag with Header, Hangsell Bag no Header, Plastic Hangsell, Cardboard Hangsell), Packaging Description, Lookup: Supplier / Port, Ordered Separately (Y/N), Prompt For Barcode Generation (Y/N), Prompt For Description Generation(Y/N). ProductID, Lookup: Category, Lookup: Sub Category, SKU, Barcode, Description, Variant/Colour, Fitting required (Y/N), Retail Price Inc GST ($), Wholesale Price Ex GST ($), Landed Price Ex GST ($), (USD $) FOB Inc VAT, Discontinued (Y/N), Safety Certificate (Attachment), Inspection Certificate (Attachment), Picture 1 (Attachment), Picture 2 (Attachment), Long Description, Lookup: Packaging SKU, Lookup: SKU (Caption: Linked Stock), Lookup: Compatible.Model [Multiple Values]CompatibleID, Brand, Make, Model

  • $15 USD/hr In Progress

    Hi I am looking for a trainer to help me understand the SQL 2012 Analysis Services, build cubes and create simple reports.It will be for 10 hours, 1 hour at a session, 2 sessions per week, over skype or gotomeeting and we will open up visual studio and create some sample data and then talk about each aspect of the cube and report.Please let me know if you can provide this.Thanks

  • $526 AUD In Progress

    HiPlease only apply if you have experience in migrating data and SQL Azure. We have a SQL Azure server, and our partner has created some CSV files closely matching a few of our database tables.I want to find a solution where we can receive the files every day and upload them into our SQL Azure.The files closely map to our database tables, and I will provide a mapping to be 100% clear.There are 5 files (Bookings, Passengers, Sales, Payments, Agents) which all match up to 5 tables of the same name.Each file has a unique identifier from the main system, which we store in our system.The logic will be to add or update the data from the CSV to the system.We will discuss how we automate the files. This will preferably be via email, or it might be that we have to upload them to Azure some how.

  • $300 USD In Progress

    EXPERT WITH 8+ YEARS EXPIERIENCE REQUIRED IN MY SQL< PHP & SERVER MANAGEMENT Project: Server Is currently being overloaded due to hung queries in MYSQL that need to be fixed. this may be caused from web bots or MYSQL queries that were not correct.To complete this project we will need to eliminate all problems causing the server overload.We need to make sure no server overload issues occur and that the website is able to handle traffic and load pages in under 5 seconds which should not be a problem once the server overload is eliminated.Our website is a comparison website.This Project needs to be completed in 7 days So Please Only Experts Bid As Our Database Is Complicated.

  • $900 USD In Progress

    Hello I need to develop a website database / management who let me able from a second domain level with username and admin to manage (insert/remove/edit) my models / customers / etc datasI attached a file with the list of entries i need.Thanks and regards

  • $250 SGD In Progress

    Hi we need to have a user manual on how to create and do the following task 1.Log on to the local server. 2.Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and connect to local developer server . 3.Create a new SQL Server Management Studio scripts project. 4.Set the AdventureWorks2008 database recovery model to Full and script the action to the Backups.sql file. 5.Create a folder in the C:\ that will be used to hold the backups. 6.Create backup devices that will be used to hold full, differential, and log backups of the Adventureworks database and script the action to the Backups.sql file. 7.Back up the AdventureWorks2008 database to the BackupFull device with compression and script the action to the Backups.sql file. 8.Back up the AdventureWorks2008 log to the BackupLog device with the overwrite option and script the action to the Backups.sql file. 9.Perform a differential backup of the AdventureWorks2008 database to the BackupDiff device with the overwrite option and script the action to the Backups.sql file. 10. Backup the AdventureWorks2008 log to the BackupLog device with the append option and script the action to the Backups.sql file.10.Add a new query to the AW_Recovery project. 11.Update the HumanResources.Employee table. 12.Simulate a disaster of the Adventureworks2008 database. 13.Perform a tail log backup of the AdventureWorks2008 database and script the action to the Restores.sql file. 14.Perform a restore of the AdventureWorks2008. 15.Verify that the AdventureWorks2008 file has been restored. 16.Add a new query to the AW_Recovery project. 17.Create a database snapshot of the AdventureWorks2008 database. 18.Verify the same data is retrieved from the AdventureWorks2008 database and the AdventureWorks2008_Snapshot database snapshot. 19.Remove the Sales.SalesOrderDetail table in the AdventureWorks2008 database. 20.Confirm that the Sales.SalesOrderDetail table in the AdventureWorks2008 database has been removed. 21.Restore the Sales.SalesOrderDetail table by restoring the AdventureWorks2008 database from the AdventureWorks2008_Snapshot database snapshot. 22.Restore the Sales.SalesOrderDetail table by creating a create table script of the table in the AdventureWorks2008_Snapshot database snapshot and executing the script against the AdventureWorks2008 database. 23.Insert data into the Sales.SalesOrderDetail in the AdventureWorks2008 database from the Sales.SalesOrderDetail in the AdventureWorks2008_Snapshot database snapshot. 24.Confirm that the Sales.SalesOrderDetail table in the AdventureWorks2008 database has been removed. 25.Log on to the LOCAL SERVER server by using the Administrator login. 26.Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and connect to LOCAL SERVER . 27.Create a new SQL Server Management Studio scripts project. 28.Add a new query to the AW_Recovery project. 29.Create backup device that named BackupMaster script the action to the MasterRecovery.sql file. 30.Back up the master database and script the action to the MasterRecovery.sql file. 31.Prepare to restore the master database. 32.Restore the master database. 33.Verify that the master database has been restored.

  • $20 AUD/hr 8 days ago

    I have a database with around 60 tables that I need converted into a different database that only has 28 tables. I need this data merged, including around 6,000 records. The data is from a job board so is resumes, job seekers, employers and other information. The resumes are the part I am most interested in getting across.

  • $100 AUD 8 days ago

    Need to complete the rest of my assignment that I can&quot;t do - involves SQL and ER DiagramsQ.A group of people are setting up a car pooling arrangement and require a database to manage the information about pickup locations, drivers, passengers and the routes that will be driven. Use the following information to draw an ER diagram for the required database with the symbols and notation used in lectures and notes. You must not submit scanned or bit-mapped diagrams. This will result in reduced marks. A route is identified by a Route ID and has an associated departure time. There are many Pickup locations. Each one has a unique number known as an L number. There is also a description with details of precisely where the pickup is for that location.Each route is made up of many locations. Individual locations can appear on more than one route. People who register to use the service as a passenger are each given a P number and their name and mobile number is recorded. Other people register as drivers. They are each given their own D number and also supply their name and mobile number. Based on their needs, passengers in the system select the pickup location they prefer and record the time they expect to be at the pickup location. Routes are allocated to drivers. There are always more drivers than routes so every route has a driver. Each route starts and

  • $30 USD 8 days ago

    Hello,using sql 2008, trying to convert a string to intExampleTable1 has a varchar which i want to cast to int00125000000 to int 125000000i used the followingcast(B.[Assessment] as int) as [USER1_01],with the result 125000000Table2 has the same field in a different format.0.00125i need to find a way to convert one of them so they both match. if i did a join and matched the fields.I tried cast (10000000000 * cast([USER1_01] as NUMERIC(6,6)) as INT) as [USER1_01]but for some reason it dosent look like they match, although they look the same. maybe a type problem?.I hope someone can shed some help me, been working on this for a long time :(

  • $30 USD 8 days ago

    Small database project. Should take a professional less than 2 hours (Approximately 1 hour or so). Future work available if performance is satisfactory.

  • $30 USD 8 days ago

    Need help writing queries can&quot;t share database but i will give you screen shots od diagram

  • $666 USD 26 days ago

    I have 3rd party business data which includes numerous fields such as business name, address, city, state, zip, # of employees, annual sales, amount spent on advertising per year etc. I have a 2nd database that includes our internal sales data including company name, address, city, state, zip, amount purchased. Goal is to compare the two and identify a list of current clients and non clients that can be used for mapping, sales territories etc. Fairly straightforward

  • £444 GBP 26 days ago

    We are seeking a good developer (s) to develop a fast to use streamlined database application. This is to assist in the good purchased process within our IT Company that currently makes use of a single spreadsheet. Each purchase we make of goods is entered into a spreadsheet.That data later gets imported into our accounting application Sage.So the fact it’s just currently one spreadsheet that we are turning into a database, should make it a straight forward project for anyone with relevant skills. The database may grow on to include many other features that support our internal business process and in some regards, this project is a test project for us to develop a relationship with developer(s).Initially we had strong ideas about the development / coding platform that should be used, even considering Access at one time because of the UI speed it can give (As we are from a coding background), but now we are open to anything that can give, good interface performance, is scalable (we have big ambitions) and is able to developed and well documented The attached document outlines the project in greater detail.

  • [Sealed] 26 days ago

    we need a simple database / software for storing personnel records, all tables must be in arabic, unique id number with barcode generator, with very simple option.more details to be disclosed with selected freelancers.*Bids without proposal will be ignored

  • $200 USD 26 days ago

    I need to create total 7 modules in MS Access You have to show me your talent if you want to work on my project if you know using queries then you can apply for this project

  • $1000 USD 26 days ago

    We are a small nonprofit based in Alexandria, VA looking for a Microsoft Access expert to help us update and periodically edit our Microsoft Access donor database. Currently, our

  • $200 USD 26 days ago

    We have an access dbase that we want to automate functions in. Have 5 specific tasks that need to be impletmented into our current dbase.Most tables and queries created, and main working form is done. Need to link up some macro&quot;s/actions with buttons on form.Have attached dbase and specs and should be easy to understand. Looking for something fairly quick, as this isn&quot;t a big project.

  • $100 SGD 26 days ago

    Need some help sorting company part number,description etc into a database in access. Contact for more detail

  • $22 USD/hr 26 days ago

    This is for a MySQL test for a college class.using the textbook: Concepts of Database ManagementIt will need to be done soon as the bid is accepted using Team is introductory level MySQL class. Chapters 3 to 5this is the book:

  • [Sealed] 26 days ago

    Simple Fast SQL Job for the right candidate.You can check the details here:

  • $20 USD/hr 26 days ago

    We require a mySQL database manager for ongoing part time work - managing our current data base / developing reports / building new databases and alike.\r\n\r\nWe operate both an in house server as well as VPS gateway which links back to our server. Both have mySQL functions.\r\n\r\nIt will also be necessary to develop and deploy some basic scripts and function processes linking to the database.\r\n\r\nRemote access will be granted with Team Viewer.

  • £16 GBP/hr 26 days ago

    MSSQL Database Maintanence / Optimisation Project - OngoingWe require MSSQL expert to assist in maintenance of our database, and to optimise it for best performanceAlso to be able to provide ongoing support as requiredI suggest that we arrange a full review of our database, structure, performance, query profile, etc and to then produce a plan to progress forwardI look forward to hearing from youThanksAlly

  • $666 USD 26 days ago

    Nous cherchons un programmeur de faire une base de donnees sous Filemaker. La base de donnees devra etre en mesure de realiser les taches suivantes:Bons de commande clientsSuivi de la chaine de production de la commande a la livraisonSuivis automatises avec les clients au fil de la productionRapports de chaque stage de la productionLa tache devra etre realisee en francais. Des fichiers sous Excel existent presentement et peuvent servir de base de travail.We are seeking a programmer to make a database in Filemaker. The database must be able to perform the following tasks: Purchase order customers Monitoring the production chain of command delivery Automated followed with customers throughout production Reports of each stage of production The task should be performed in French. Excel files exist at this time and can serve as a working basis.

  • $100 USD 26 days ago

    D1: Why?Welcome to the &quot;Database Managemenmt Systems&quot; class ! Please post a message to introduce yourself. Tell us why you want to take this class? and DISCUSS why we should store data in a database rather than in files? Discussions in our coures are student-led, I&quot;ll only be an observer. Take your lead !D2: ModelsWhich database model is the best in your opinion ? Why ? If you had to use a database model to store ALL information you have had since you were born, up until now (emails, documents, pictures, videos, books you own, etc.), Which database model would you choose ?D3: SQL & Big Data Imagine that, one day, a man in a very fancy suit and shinning shoes (i.e. from Wall Street) walks into your house and says that he has BIG DATA and that he is a also a big fan of SQL. He asks if you could work for him helping to store and manage all of those data using SQL. What would you tell him ? D4: SecurityIs it fair to say that SQL is the biggest threat to computer systems ?D5: XMLWhy XML has become more and more popular with databases ? In our projects we used MySQL as our DBMS. Can we use XML instead ? Can we use both XML and MySQL together ?

  • £333 GBP 26 days ago

    Background:Customer is a medico-legal company based in the UK. Customer uses a bespoke web based application providing CRM, financial, clinical and messaging components. This application uses Classic ASP, ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server 2008.Customer wishes to optomise the database through the use of stored procedures and views.Brief:The coder will be provided with a blank copy of the database and a list of approximately 50 queries which are currently embedded within the database. Some of these contain multiple statements which may be able to be consolidated, others may require the use of cursors.Deliverables:1. A .SQL script containing the appropriate T-SQL to create the procedures/views. Where appropriate this will be accompanied by any appropriate indexes or function to support this.2. A documented list of all stored procedures noting the name of the procedure, the required input parameters and their format and the output data.

  • $500 AUD May 28, 2014

    Hi there,We spoke a few weeks ago about the Filemaker Pro project before you went on holidays (hope you had a good time!). Just wanting to know if you are still keen to proceed with the job. Hope all is well.Paul.

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Technical Specialist Cobol Mainframe

Oct 2007 - Present (6 years)


I work for about six years in a IT multinational services as a Technical Specialist Cobol Mainframe, in different sectors: Banking, Finance, Insurance and electronic banking.<br /><br />I worked with several large customers account in France like : Societe Generale, Bank PO, Credit Mutuel and BNP Paribas.<br /><br />Objective: <br /> Making functional and technical documents and impact assessment <br /> Development and maintenance of Cobol programs <br /> Unit and integration test <br /> Costing of client requests <br /> Repo

Analyst programmer VB.NET

Aug 2007 - Sep 2007 (1 month)


Analysis and Dot net program development <br /><br />Objective: <br /><br />- Making technical documents <br />- Development and maintenance of VB .NET programs <br />- Migrating a VB6 application to VB. NET <br />- Unit test <br /><br />Tools: VB6, VB Dot Net 2003

Analyst programmer C#

Jun 2006 - May 2007 (11 months)

Ministry of national education

Development of an intranet in order to decentralize the data and the information, and to put in place an extranet between the Ministry of national education and the Ministry of Finance. <br /><br />Objective: <br /><br />- Preparation of functional and technical documents and impact assessment <br />- Development and maintenance of C Sharp programs <br />- Unit test <br /><br />Tools: C# 2005, Oracle 9i, ASP Dot Net

VB6 Freenlacer

Jan 2005 - Dec 2006 (1 year)

Many IT entreprise

Analysis and VB6 development <br /><br />- Making technical documents <br />- Development and maintenance of VB6 projects<br />- Unit test <br /><br />Tools : VB6, MS Access, MS Excel, SQL Server



École Hassania des Travaux Publics