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Mahmoud Sayed

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Location: Cairo, Egypt

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  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller Lyricist



    EXCEPTIONAL freelancer. Went far and beyond to ensure I am 100% happy. Very skilled technical designer. Will gladly work with him again.

    Project Description:I have a product for which there is currently a 3D model. There are a total of 5 models with very slight variation in each. I need you to transform the 3D model into files that can be used directly by...
  • $450 USD
    Profile image for Seller yf6



    Great services. Will definitely be hiring him again in the near future!

    Project Description:Design an elegant housing of a memory stick looking product.
  • £22 GBP
    Profile image for Seller lesleyagbasonu


    2 days ago

    good job freelancer....

    Project Description:i would like a cad drawing of the CNC Machine below drawn. Add dimensioning and tolerance to the diagram for more more help look at the actual file to give you more edge to complete the work.
  • $197.97 USD
    Profile image for Seller ahmedsonic


    20 days ago

    it's agood honest man i wish to work with him again

    Project Description:dont make a bid dont make a bid dont make a bid dont make a bid dont make a bid
  • $332 USD
    Profile image for Seller studiosimondenny


    Mar 24, 2014

    Great experience, creative response to brief and professional service

    Project Description:Illustration Create A0 HD image of statue, table TV, painting and phones coming out of stormy sea in a static 3d image (guide image sketches provided).
  • $175.5 USD
    Profile image for Seller baboal


    Mar 21, 2014

    perfect and in time would work again with him any day , took the time to make small adjustments as per my request

    Project Description:I need to create a 3d model from a picture so I can produce a round crest or coin with cnc machine by uploading the tool path of this design on the cnc. coin dimension 0.75" x 0.075"
  • £250 GBP
    Profile image for Seller ricklondon


    Mar 11, 2014

    Great model, delivered early! Thanks very much!

    Project Description:Need a 3D scaled and detailed model of this item for a project: Shading not required but model must be exact...
  • $160 USD
    Profile image for Seller markw101


    Mar 7, 2014

    Excellent and timely performance from a first rate Freelancer worker. Will definitely hire again!

    Project Description:We have a critical design project that needs attention in Solidworks or Shark FX. The part is for an ABS plastic injection mold, therefore, injection molding experience is a must. Applicant must have strong background in design work, including the aforementioned design software tools...
  • $170 USD
    Profile image for Seller uuvs123


    Feb 25, 2014

    work deliver to our satisfaction; prompt and within budget. Great communication!

    Project Description:need to draw a metal plate and cover with holes and PEM inserts. Once done need native file, stp files and dimensioned pdf. Have hand sketches with dimensions
  • $250 USD
    Profile image for Seller bigzitod


    Feb 16, 2014

    Very collaborative and helpful. Willing to adjust and iterate until satisfied. Highly recommend.

    Project Description:I need a 3-d rendering of a consumer product idea I have. I can supply simple hand sketches, but this project would require at least a weeks worth of daily iteration to nail down. Likely we will need...
    Mahmoud Sayed has not completed any projects.
  • $160 USD In Progress

    Please render a 3D image of the attachment “Barrel” in the Kentucky Walnut finish, as seen in attachment “Whiskey Barrel KW”. We need the design details added to the pot, including the look of a metal oval plaque with raised embossed details. We need one that says WELCOME and one that says HOME. Both need to be oval with a BLACK background and BRUSHED GOLD trim and raised embossed lettering. Please REMOVE the hole/notch and add the plaque.The remaining attachments (1-8) are the final drawings we will use to make the mold. We need your drawings to look realistic and perfect. Can you do it?Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.

  • $19 AUD/hr In Progress

    Project involves designing product using CAD software. Allowing for adjustments after 1st design. Redesigning product based on comments, and then finally producing a prototype with a number of duplicate prototypes in working order.Budget as follows:1st design: $150 (in 5 days)2nd design: $100 (in 2-3 days)Prototype: $200-300 (in 8-9 days)Plus shippingproduct description as follows:Keyflik ProductConceptFlick key product to hold up to 5 household keys. (potential for additional models to hold different number of keys, 2 - 8)Product description(rough dimensions used)27mm width (+additional room for aesthetics)70mm length (+additional room for aesthetics)30mm height (+additional room for aesthetics)Internal Bottom end - should have 4 slots 3mm in width, 30mm in length and 15mm in height. Further, slots should be 3mm apart with a 3mm space between each wall and the closest slot to each wall. The bottom end should also be enclosed. (Refer to figures A & B)Internal Top end - should have 4 hoops (shaped like a lollipop) in line with each slot and 12mm from the top end of the device. The hoops should be at least 5mm in diameter to allow for a 4mm rod to be placed through each hoop and screw in to one side, and lock in place on the other side. The top end should also be open to allow for the keys to rotate 180 degreesInternal Base - should have a clip for each key (located approx. 33mm from top end) which should hold the key down in it"s slot. Each key should have a spring underneath (located approx 27mm from top end) such that once the clip is released, the key should be propelled out 180 degrees. The key should not rotate more than 180 degrees.Each clip should be attached to a button on the exterior base of the device. When the button is pushed, the clip should move to the side to allow the key to be propelled out. When the button is released, the clip should naturally fall back into a locked position.Internal sides - should be flat and plain.Exterior sides - should be smooth and slightly rounded in line with the aesthetic drawings located in Figures E,F & G. There is potential to include a button which activates the light on the sides of the device, or if easier, can place the button above the other buttons which release the keys.Top end exterior - should have a small light inserted which when activated, should shine a light at least 300mm out from the device. Option of including a button just above the light if easier.Bottom end exterior - should be rounded and smooth and have a small hole which can fit a standard key chain ring. This ring would attach a car key which generally have a flick mechanism internal in there production, hence have no need to be included in those keys which can fit into the Keyflik product.Finished product should be smooth and oval shaped which makes it easy to place in the consumers pocket. There should be no angular parts which can catch on fabric.

  • $19 USD/hr In Progress

    I have ongoing work related to our previous project "Do some 3D Modelling"

  • $100 AUD In Progress

    Can you work on making a 2d file into a 3d image. some of it is just extruding, parts of it are making into 3d. Are you able to do this?? I have to get it done as soon as possible. Its for a sign for a new restaurant i will cut out on my cnc mill

  • $30 USD In Progress

    conveyors drawings in 3d software

  • $19 USD/hr In Progress

    Minor changes to current solidworks drawings. Previous designer got a full time job and is no longer available to help.

  • $19 USD/hr In Progress

    Need you to produce a 3d model in CAD of the image that I sent you for Patriot Plates. Dimensions will be as we discussed. (3.5" tall .025 thickness. Width is based on scale.)

  • $21 USD/hr In Progress

    Design a 3D CAD model of a multi-utility pocket knife. This design will need to be compatable with a Makerbot 3D printer for prototyping. ***Required to meet in person (New York City / New Jersey Area).

  • $16 USD/hr In Progress

    Project consists of modeling a command truck interior for a client and making drawings for us to use for building the parts off site. Project is 2 fold.We will provide you the measurements of the space, from there you will make a 3d model with the components laid out as we add them. We will need a 3d model to show the client, as well as built auto cad drawings or similar with measurements. See attached photos and drawings for an idea.Looking to get moving asap.

  • $15 AUD/hr In Progress

    Hi,I"m looking to develop three technical designs and 3D renderings for a plastic food storage container. There are three designs in total, each need to be technically designed based on the sketches we will provide.The volume for each container will be provided.

  • $147 USD Today

    Hello,We are an LED firm and we are looking for someone to design mouldings for an aluminum extrusions.We have the factories lined up already we just need someone to produce the designs with greatefficiency and accuracy. We will have many projects coming up in the future. The attached photos are the products we want to copy with some slight modifications.We already have a drawing for the aluminum channel we just need the drawings for the objects below.

  • £157 GBP Today

    I have 2 chair designs and storage space like a side table design which have to be done in CAD.

  • $252 USD Yesterday

    I need someone who can VERY ACCURATELY model an ATV vehicle... I am looking for someone who can find autoCAD drawings, specs, pictures on the web or anything to make this vehicle and make it to scale...I will need it in 3 days... If good I will pay $150,... if Great, I will pay $200. Vehicle 2009 Arctic Cat 550 LE. .. No VRay materials..... I will be back in 14 hours to grant someone the project.. thank you. .. Brian

  • $4250 USD Yesterday

    We are building custom spraying systems for dedicated coatings and we need to create a CAD model of our system. The spraying system is composed of about 200 parts, being at 95% standard fittings parts. The few custom parts have 2D drawings that will be put at the disposition of the expert. The project consist into 2 phase : 1/ Create the 3D model of the spraying system as it is now 2/ Update the model with modification that will be done in the near future to the spraying system. We are looking for the time being for a quote regarding the first phase : creation of a 3D model of the spraying system as it is now. Our offices being in Las Vegas, NV, for ease of visiting and seeing the actual machine, Quotes from people in or close to Las Vegas will be preferred. But all received quotes will be assessed Quotes for first phases are expected to be fixed price or hourly rate with a cap on hours. The expert will be able to request clarification and fine tune his quotation when the clarification will have been given.

  • $1526 USD Yesterday

    I need design drawings created in Alias Autodesk and 3D renderings turned into watertight engineering drawings for CAD and Solidworks. All the measurements and dimensions will be provided with the current drawings.

  • $35 USD 2 days ago

    Requires to use solid edge app.

  • $315 USD 2 days ago

    hi, i am building a 3d laser galvo printer, did the design in sketchup, was fine for me. but in solidworks the parts could be Motion analysed to see if everything fits, thats a nice feature. and it´s hard to 3d print parts done in sketchup, i need watertight structures. i dont know solidworks, so i am looking for someone converting the sketchup file into a solidworks-file. attached file is just an old testtfile, the actual printer file is more elaborated. you would Need to create ca 20 parts, mostly simple cylinders and rectangles, dims come from the sketchup file and drawings i provide. put it together and do Motion Analysis to Show me it fits. i already awarded two silly guys pretending being pros, so please only experienced guys! before i Award this time, please Skype : markusulrich1, with me so that i can show you the existing metal prototype and explain the stuff

  • [Sealed] 2 days ago

    need 3 models done in any software , but for export to c4d with all textures. images attached . need this asap...Good price and fast turnaround will get you this project .

  • $526 USD 2 days ago

    I need to create CAD designs for 3D printing of men"s accessories; cuff-links, tie-clips, and lapel pins

  • $263 USD 3 days ago

    Graphic Artist - Design PrototypeI am in need of a experienced graphic artist to design a small prototype in a EASM file. If you have experience email me with your Skype or email address so we can discuss specifics. Great Pay!

  • €8 EUR/hr 3 days ago

    job explanation reference

  • €252 EUR 3 days ago

    I have 13 doors that need to be rendered with 12 textures each. I have attached the 12 textures. I have attached the 13 doors. I have attached an example of previous door rendered. I want it to be done so they look exactly the same.Note:There are four textures, (Ivory, Ivory Ash, White, Cream) that need to have a darker background so the door can stand out better. An example showing you are able to provide the render exactly the same as the example provided (Avoca Dark Walnut.jpg)

  • $147 USD 3 days ago

    we need a 3d jersey ( soccer kid model).

  • $700 AUD 4 days ago

    Sim Racing Australia is a "not for profit" online simulation racing community operating out of Australia.We are currently seeking submission"s for a 3D modelling project we have.We seek a suitably qualified entity to fabricate us some 3D models of all of the current V8 Supercar cars for use as a private modification for our simulation racing activities online in teh Game Stock Car racing simulator.We require accurate 3D replications for all five cars that currently race in the Australian V8 Supercars series including wheels, tyres, and bodyshells that will include the front and rear splitters, side skirts and rear boot lid wings.You will also be required to model the racing style cockpit interiors of the cars cabins to a point.The car models we require are:> Ford Falcon FG - V8SC> Holden Commodore VF - V8SC> Mercedes Benz E63 - V8SC> Nissan Altima L33 - V8SC> Volvo S60 Polestar - V8SCWe invite suitably qualified people to bid on this project. Note: ALL Bidders will be asked to provide us with a :"proof of competence" of one of these car models before being awarded this project.

  • $263 USD 4 days ago

    I’m interested in a CAD/CAM for production of PET or PVC hallow tube/cylinder with one end sealed close and the other end with a watertight screw cap/plug that is easy to open and close by hand. The dimensions are 185 centimeters length x 16 centimeters width x 16 centimeters height (16 centimeter diameter). The thickness of the tube/cylinder (PET or PVC) should be 1 centimeter. The tube needs to be ridged without bending and not easily scratched. The end screw cap/plug does not have to be made from the same transparent PET/PVC material and should be able to absorb impact without chipping or breaking. The other end of the tube/cylinder will need a rubber/silicon protective cap/cover that can be slipped over the end for impact protection also. There will need to be a rubber waterproof O-ring seal on the screw cap/plug to ensure no liquid leakage once the cap/plug is tightened by hand. I have rudimentary drawings with measurements that I can send in a pdf file for guidance.

  • $284 USD 4 days ago

    I need 3D renderings of rooms that will be used as backgrounds for composite images.For the first round I don"t have detailed specifications of the rooms needed, but need to evaluate the skills of the freelancers I select. I have though links below to some examples close to what I"m looking for.I need 3 rooms:A living roomA classroomA teenage roomAll rooms should be large, bright and relatively minimalistic - and most importantly photorealistic.The modelling should be made with Blender. You will supply me with all necessary files to make the renderings in Blender, and you will supply me with a high resolution PNG renderings of all 3 rooms seen from normal eye level. The rooms should be unique, but you are of course welcome to reuse parts of your other work. You will give me unlimited rights to use the models and renderings for any purpose.Example rooms:Living room:; room: 3D models should be complete rooms. Imagine the other walls yourself :-) I"m looking for creative freelancers with good interior design skills. For the right freelancers I will have many more jobs to come.

  • $147 CAD 4 days ago

    Would like to make modifications to drawings I have. Would also like the finished product saved as STL , STEP, and parasolid files.

  • $21 USD/hr 4 days ago

    Hi Adrian!I am looking for someone to help us with design of a color reader (more info on The image you see there is 3D printed and is currently our prototype (fully functional) but when seeing it and holding it, it is not the design we want. We are looking for a really low manufacturing cost and instead of plastic (4 pieces) we have decided for Aluminum. It should be in the shape of a "pipe", and in 2 pieces. The pipe is approx 80mm long, and 27mm wide (exact). Open on one end (the one which should be placed on a surface to read off colors). The other should have a screw cap to change battery and a button. There also need to be a Led light (1 LED in different colors) to indicate BTLE, low battery, successful scan (connected to a beeping sound to confirm that a colorscan was succesfully made). I have attached images of the prototype (which again is not what we should use) but to show that the bottom 30mm long (and 27mm wide) is the area which contains ALL electronics and cannot change much, remaining is free to design. The Aluminum body should, similar to Macbook, be in brushed aluminum and have a professional look. If you have any questions you can reach me at Thanks in advance!/Carl

  • £526 GBP 4 days ago

    Finished CAD to give our manufacturers in China for patented baby products - travel cot and bedside crib

  • £789 GBP 5 days ago

    mercato supermarket is a new brand name in my area. i want to design it as a modern concept. olive green and wooden colour with black tuch theme. the store is about 144 meter square and the fronshop is glass, and it is postioned in the corner. all the plan scheme will be provided soon.

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Mechanical Engineer

Jan 2012 - Jul 2012 (6 months)

Elmda'en foundation

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Faculty of Engineering Cairo University


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