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Location: Gurgaon, India

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  • $390 USD
    Profile image for Seller vw7319747vw


    4 days ago

    Very in time fixed the issue very quick.***** a real pro***** will do lot of projects with you. thanks a million

    Project Description:Hi, I have an unlocking website, this website is dedicated to provide unlocking codes for GSM stores. The problem that I'm facing now is that the website is sending multiple orders...
  • $663 USD
    Profile image for Seller ybinteractive


    9 days ago

    Very talented developer. Was able to complete my project on time!<br/>Our task was completed on time and without any issue. Will definitely work with them again!

    Project Description:We are in need of a WordPress - WooCommerce plugin developed that will take information from a external source (JSON string, XML, etc) and populate a product&#039;s price, description, SKU, and custom meta fields dynamically...
  • $194 USD
    Profile image for Seller ManosMg


    9 days ago

    Really great work, but most of all great support when project is completed!Definitely will work with him again! A person to be trusted!!

    Project Description:Looking at developing a microsite so that customers can calculate their energy savings and look at alternative way of heating their home! Here is an example of what I am aiming for;
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller fototakeouter


    15 days ago

    Great guy to work with. Certainly knows his work.

    Project Description:I need you to create some galleries on my Fancy Gallery plugin which is not working at the moment.
  • $13 USD
    Profile image for Seller ekimkayavw


    16 days ago

    Happy returning customer

    Project Description:Please fix my stripe API connection, it doesn&#039;t work
  • $103 USD
    Profile image for Seller sail4ever


    18 days ago

    Ernestbposl worked very hard to fish this project. It was quite complex as the code is a mess. He stuck with it and still finished it very quick by working over the weekend. Very much appreciated.

    Project Description:This project is to integrate a credit card payment system into our website. The payment system is Stripe ( This credit card payment system will be integrated with a script similar to airbnb.
  • $33 USD
    Profile image for Seller primo123


    27 days ago

    Great work, professional, great developer, follows requirements and an excellent communicator. Answered all my questions on time, hired him and his team before and will hire them again.

    Project Description:Level 1 members or higher can &quot;reply&quot; to the post&#039;s owner. Only the owner of the post can see the &quot;replies&quot;. When a reply is submitted, the owner of the post should get a notification on the website saying...
  • $210 USD
    Profile image for Seller tomgerst


    Mar 18, 2014

    Great work, he did everything I asked, and more. He was available, contacted me regularly with any questions, and showed me interim work as well, so I knew he was advancing.

    Project Description:Hi everyone, I need a video looper programmed for the HTML5 video player MediaElements.js. This is the player that is now part of WordPress core, but if you didn&#039;t know that, please stop reading and look for another project...
  • $103 USD
    Profile image for Seller ekimkayavw


    Mar 12, 2014

    Satisfied returning customer. Thank you.

    Project Description:I need you to integrate stripe credit card api to our website ( Here, when user runs out of tokens, he should be able to pay by one click: He will receive 20, 50 or 100 tokens depending on how much he pays...
  • $210 USD
    Profile image for Seller csbaker80


    Mar 8, 2014

    Great work! I will be continuing this project and I will definitely use him again.<br/>

    Project Description:I own a website that has been hosting a single image. I would like this image to become interactive, so things happen when you click on it or move your cursor over it. This project will require graphic design skills in addition to the necessary coding skills to make the graphic interactive...
    ernestbposl has not completed any projects.
  • $371 USD In Progress

    Currently I have a word press site with a simple search at home page. However I would like to integrate my existing search with Swift Type( all the search term will be same. Could you possible to advise whether your good company can able to customize/create plugin for us? Thanks & Best Regards

  • $50 USD In Progress

    You should have the details.

  • $43 USD In Progress

    the price on my website is listed regular price 269.99 and sale price 134.99 customer add the item to the cart, the price of the item in the cart is 269.99 and not 134.99try it it to the cart and the price will be 269.99$ and not 134.99$let me know if you can fix the issue

  • $216 USD In Progress

    Hello,me and my team are looking for a wordpress voting and progress bar plugin, such as used on It shall basically contain the same as this: only thing we need in addition to this is, that we want to be able to link the votes of a registered member with his member profile, which unfortunately doesn&quot;t exist yet. But we want to have some kind of widget to link the given votes to a member profile.Would it be possible for you to build such a plugin for us and how much may it cost? If you have questions, feel free to contact me.We are also interested in working together with a freelancer for further projects.Have a nice weekendRegards,David

  • $360 USD In Progress

    I have an existing PHP site that allows people to post stories. I need the site redesigned to add pictures, videos, Add and delete some copy and pages on the site

  • $247 USD In Progress

    I’m looking for 3 PPC landing pages for a Wordpress site, and also a small double sided A5 flyer and a business card design.I don’t need any new logos designed as I have that already, so the business card will be very easy to do as you just have to add the logo and some text.The 3 PPC landing pages must be done first as they are the priority.I will give full details to the winning bid of exactly what I want in terms of design. You will need to search for and use and possible edit high quality graphics to use.Your job is to come up with 3 designs for the landing pages and once I’m happy to code them on my wordpress site yourself. They must be designed to work perfectly at responsive sizes, so please do not forget that. To be clear, I am looking for design for 3 PAGES, not a site.These need to be super high quality and modern. If you’re not a good designer and can’t come up with high quality concepts that I’m happy or get them coded responsively on WP, I will cancel the job. So please don’t waste my time or your time.I need at least 1 of the landing pages designed and coded TODAY.PLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU CAN’T GET 1 PPC LANDING PAGE COMPLETED TODAYI have lots more jobs and if I find someone who is really good there is a lot of future work.Thanks all! :)

  • £164 GBP In Progress

    OUTLINE - an online questionnaire linked to a database to collect responses to questions for a research project, to be embedded in an existing website. 3 sections of the questionnaire are to be time limited - &quot;click &quot;start&quot; and you have X minutes to complete the following Y questions&quot;. All results to be downloadable to an Excel spreadsheet.All text and images already preparedCONTENTS -Intro page - 4 x yes/no consent questions - if all yes proceed to Personal details - ID code entry, email address, age, job titleQuestions - 80 questions (70 words & 10 words and images) broken into sections with the following answer formats - multiple choices involve clicking on letter or number corresponding to text or image provided1 x 2 part 5 option multiple choice (1 of 5 and 1 of 5) 40 x multiple choice 6 option (1 of 6) 4 x multiple choice 2 option (1 of 2)8 x open text answers (time limit of 4 minutes for all 8 questions) 5 xopen numerical answers 1 xmultiple choice 2 part 2 option (1 of 2 and 1 of 2)10 ximage based multiple choice (time limit of 10 minutes)5 x 5 option (1 of 5) and 5 x 6 option (1 of 6)10 xmultiple choice 2 option (1 of 2) - each response generating a conditional response and score that affects the scoring of the next question (four possible outcomes for each round) 1 xlist of open text answers (time limit of 2 minutes) respondent types and returns between each answer finish/submit on completion

  • $297 USD In Progress

    Hi,I need a member only job portal. The data model is ready and attached.Core features :1. Employers can register, post jobs, manage their own jobs (add, edit, , save as draft, publish, delete). Job expiry dates are mandatory and jobs must automaticlly expire after that date. When posting a job, employers can choose to bring their own contact info from their registered profile, or input a separate contact info specific to the job (like contact email, web url, etc)2. Members can search and view job postings (basic search, no need of advanced filtering). Members need not register. Their accounts will be imported from backend to the database. There must be a &quot;Are you a member?&quot; button. This will ask for their email address. The software should check the member database and send them an activation link alone, if their email is there in the member database.3. Admins can do all that members and employers can do, + ability manage employers, members, all jobs, create guest member accounts. (Admins cant change their own passwords)4. Super admins can do all that admins can do + manage admins and change admin users and passwords5. What is 5 * 4 = . Include this in ur bid to be considered.

  • $1000 USD In Progress

    We discussed this about family tree desk top version to be made for desk top This is part 1 project

  • $1000 USD In Progress

    Bitcoin voucher sales / redemption site and app

  • $41 USD/hr 2 days ago

    We are looking for somebody with experience in setting up go Gocardless payment gateway, only a small job to get multiple merchant facility working

  • $391 USD 2 days ago

    Looking for a web developer/web designer 1. I would like a website like this I Need a CMS website so i can control from backend etc 3.I need customers to be able to upload documents to me 4. Only looking for experienced web developers 5. budget is not very big

  • $412 USD 2 days ago

    Ideally looking for someone to modify my website e.g. login etc.

  • $93 USD 2 days ago

    Hi. I need to add three paypal buttons to a clients website. I&quot;m hoping this can be done without them having to do anything or without me needing anything more than their paypal email. Here is what I need1. First order now box 42.99 (1 month supply) recurring at 32..992. Second order now box 88.99 (3 month supply)3. Third order now box 150.99 (6 month supply) i&quot;m still waiting to here what the shipping options will be. Basically I&quot;d like to use custom images for each and simple drop my clients paypal address in the code. Hope that makes sense. i will be creating the images.

  • $252 USD 7 days ago

    We currently use a PHP/SOAP request to handle payments to Merchant Gateway System. We need to make sure it&quot;s functioning currently and make sure we can receive a confirmation from Merchant to make sure payment went through. Candidate must know SOAP, PHP, MySql.

  • £412 GBP 7 days ago

    We need a system developing for an existing UK Courier website, that allows a visitor to obtain a quote in just a few clicks for transporting an item. Fields will include firstly: a Pickup Point (text field input) & then Destination Point (text field input) for address / postcode - that calculates the distance between the two and applies a price further dependant on the type of vehicle used (select menu drop-down) and size/type of the package (select menu drop-down).If the visitor is happy with the generated quote, they can then register their details using an on-line form and make the payment using PayPal.It must be easily customisable to be able to add / alter vehicles, and prices per distance and package type.The full details will then need mailing to the website admin user, possibly with a small admin back-end system to manage these on-line bookings.

  • $505 USD 7 days ago

    We are looking for a php developer expert in maps to creates a solution that periodically and automatically import Geonames into a mysql database, creates an autosuggest search (cities, regions, countries), shows data through a tiles map provider and shows the points of the database inside the map.Something like the image I attach.Please comment before award about the maps provider and tools to use (leaflet, openlayers, mapquest, google maps, etc)

  • $412 USD 8 days ago

    I need a website built that supports simple eCommerce. The merchandise is split into categories based on a University that the user selects. The merchandise we will be selling (clothes) is very simple and we won&quot;t be selling many different items. It will be very similar between the different Universities but will be University-specifc. It will have to have an admin feature so I can add additional Universities.Basic idea: Home page will allow the user to select the University they attend and 1-2 additional criteria that will narrow down their search. Then they will be taken to a page that lists the products available for them to purchase or rent. (So each University has their own merchandise page.)

  • $43 USD 8 days ago

    I need to update some pages on my website with new text and create one or two new pages Very simple task

  • $20 AUD/hr 8 days ago

    Hello,I have a WP theme from Tempatic demo here: looking for someone who can do some customization in back-end also front end. must be reliable developer with experience for ongoing work as there are some more projects need programming skills.>>SALES PEOPLE PLEASE JUMP THIS AD THIS IS STRICTLY FOR PROGRAMMERS ONLY TO REPLAY

  • $195 USD 8 days ago

    Need both Developer and DEsigner.. DEsigner have a good background on HTML/CSS COding... Long Term... Details will be given to the chosen freelancer... Tnx HAppy Bidding.. Extreme bidders will not be Reviewed... Pls.. Send some of your Portfolio for review....

  • $432 USD 8 days ago

    I need a unique user and admin account feature built for WordPress: This website feature is for a money loan borrowing service.Admin Account: The admin creates accounts for all users first, then the user receives an email to complete missing data.Admin need to be able to add data for two type of accounts:(1.) Customer Account(2.) Business AccountCustomer Account Fields Are:First NameLast NamePhoneEmail Address Business Used (Drop Down of Businesses in database added through the Business account &quot;Business Name&quot;)Date Visited (Calendar Format Month Day Year 10/04/14)Amount Borrowed (This should allow the admin to type in any number showing in USD format Example: $30.00)Amount Owed (This should allow the admin to type in any number showing in USD format Example: $30.00)Due Date (Calendar Format Month Day Year 10/04/14)Account Status (This is a drop down to select the following: 1) Pending Payment 2) Current 3) Delinquent 4) SuspendedNote: Once this account information is added, an email should automatically be sent to the email address that was added welcoming the user to the website to complete their account setup, in which they will click a link and be directed to create a password with password meter to help create a strong password and use their email address as the username to review the data that was created by the admin, as well as add missing information needed such as:ABA Routing NumberAccount Number*Note Users can only edit these two options in their account if needed. Also when the user log into their account they need to see a welcome message with their first name. (For example, Hello, Bob) and a display of the fields added by the admin.Users need to see their Account Status that is selected by the admin as one of the following options 1) Pending Payment 2) Current 3) Delinquent 4) SuspendedBusiness Account Fields Are:Business Name (This connects to &quot;Business Used&quot; in the customer account)Business Address (City, State, Zip)Note: The admin must be able to add as many new businesses as needed to the database. Also with the option to remove businesses as well.

  • $144 USD 9 days ago

    Hi there! Indie NYC / Mexican band needs your ongoing help customizing our WordPress site:http://VillalobosBrothers.comWe need somebody who is EXTREMELY comfortable using PHP and can deliver results quickly. This should NOT be a difficult task (for the right person), just simple modifications, upgrades, customizations here and there depending on our ongoing needs. For example, right now we need a better way to organize our videos on the front page. WordPress is ordering them using the ID number, which is very cumbersome. The first assignment would be to make it easy for band members to order videos in whichever order we prefer, maybe using date posted or slugs as a parameter, NOT IDs! Or ok, let&quot;s use IDs but help us install some plug in or solution that doesn&quot;t completely mess up the theme and allows us to change the IDs of each video. As you can guess, we are musicians, not tech gurus. So you really need to know your PHP stuff. If first assignment goes right and price is right, will definitely continue needing your services. Of crucial importance would be the backing up and testing of upgrades on a TEST server, NOT on the live site. Thank you for your time. We are looking forward to working with you!Peace!Villalobos Brothers.

  • $515 USD 9 days ago

    I need a paid membership website built for fitness training / monthly membership based with a one time upfront fee for membership. There are a number of events that members can sign up for, etc. There are also internal message boards with coaches for each event, and then public message boards -- that can be accessed without membership (photos, info, etc.)

  • $515 CAD 9 days ago

    I would like to build a site similar to this in terms of functionality. I would need the design and layout changed, and will provide the content. The products will not be as much either, maybe 5-6 products. It is to get quotes from people for life insurance, so I would like a person who has a lot of experience building websites for financial businesses:

  • £174 GBP 9 days ago

    Hi, so what im looking for is a website gallery plugin where it makes it easy for me to create a list. Here are some examples: or So what im looking for here is simple I want to be able to create a gallery for example &quot;10 best rappers of all time&quot; then be able to easily upload a pic and a description and it must have the thumbnails just like the examples given. Here is my site it will be on: You!!

  • $14 USD/hr 13 days ago

    We need a couple of fixes in the website After the donate button add the text “to the cause so we don’t have to monetize this thing.”2) Before displaying the results, gray out the background and display of the donation popup. On clicking skip, display the results. On clicking donate take user to Paypal. On successful payment, display result. If user cancels the payment process, display the donation popup again. i.e. to go to the results page user either has to click skip or make a donation.

  • $195 USD 15 days ago

    Design website for a new Appliance Repair Business in Cincinnati Ohio. Basic design. 5 pages. Want it to look clean and professional yet something that wont become dated and can easily be edited by someone who knows a bit about code...

  • $443 USD 15 days ago

    We have purchased a Wordpress template and would like to get it setup and installed and built into our new website.Details:Install WordpressInstall and customize TemplateSetup all pages and input provided content and pictures. (There will be approximately 10 pages)Link all pages to our social mediaSEO Optimization.

  • $515 USD 15 days ago

    I am looking for a wedding budget plugin for wordpressThe basic setup could be gathered fromt eh following site back-end should have a setup for categories ieRings wardrobeEach Category should have multiple fields Ringsie Engagementhis wedding ringher wedding ringEach field must then have three input fields Budgeted amount Vendor estimateActual amount This must be added up together at the bottom of each categoryand this must then add as a global amount at the bottom. for each of the three fieldsEach category must be in its own &quot;id&quot; div tag and each field must have a &quot;class&quot; dif tag with the structure dotRings space engament for css purposes. This should be exported as a pdf doc to print with a print button at bottom.

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Mlogic is a global IT services company offering comprehensive technology solutions to business challenges faced by enterprises and Govt. Mlogic Infoserve Inc is having more than five years experience in the, Website Development, Software Development, Microsoft Technologies, power and infrastructure sectors. Leveraging on the expertise of our own specialists, Mlogic specializes in technology areas covering Web applications, Utilities, Government agencies, Microsoft Applications and Commercial customers. Mlog


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