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Expert Web Development Team PHP, Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop

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Location: Ahmedabad, India

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  • $103.00 USD
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    11 days ago

    Thank You!

    Project Description:Evidcomm Only! Evidcomm Only! Evidcomm Only! Evidcomm Only!
  • $50.00 USD
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    20 days ago

    Thank You, Hire Evidcomm for all your jobs.

    Project Description:For evidcomm only For evidcomm only For evidcomm only For evidcomm only For evidcomm only
  • $53.00 USD
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    Jun 12, 2014

    Very good freelancer who did his job very good.

    Project Description:magento search button for magento site
  • $900.00 USD
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    Jun 3, 2014

    This company not only met my expectations, they exceeded them. I believe they went above and beyond the original agreement!

    Project Description:Looking english speaking web design professional to convert the following website into a WordPress platform, keeping all original titles, tags, descriptions, keywords etc. etc. Looking to also add social networking functionality...
  • $83.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller alanyong


    Apr 15, 2014

    Great work...

    Project Description:I want to add home page search in my website. The search function same as search page, just when user use home page search and click search, it will redirect to search page and show result. Those field...
  • $230.00 USD
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    Apr 7, 2014

    Good communication and very responsive to work thru issues. Happy with there work.

    Project Description:We have two websites that are 90% done. We just need a very talented and skilled wordpress developer to fix a few widget coding issues and make sure both sites are responsive on all devices. They are both...
  • $130.00 USD
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    Apr 5, 2014

    Great work again from evidcomm!

    Project Description:As we discussed: Move awarded university part from university option to course option.
  • $322.00 USD
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    Apr 4, 2014

    BEWARE! HIRE SOMEONE ELSE! Full of promises at first, tell you EVERYTHING you want to hear. ASKS to release funds will NOT deliver. UNPROFESSIONAL. Awful experience! Save yourself from all TROUBLE.

    Project Description:I have all the screenshots of what I need to change. All you have to do is duplicate a website then see all my screenshots then edit/create a ONE FEED FOR ALL via API. 1. You will copy
  • $134.00 USD
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    Apr 3, 2014

    Great work again from evidcomm!

    Project Description:Extra function: 1. On admin page, university option able to tick "Add to top search" checkbox. 2. When a user search a course, those university/course have related will list down, but those university checked "Add to top search" checkbox will list first before other search result...
  • $53.00 USD
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    Apr 2, 2014


    Project Description:Upload all the files to the server.
    Evidcomm has not completed any projects.
  • $750 USD In Progress

    Please look at and walk through the BUILD A CARPORT feature. (you can put in 72712 as a zip code to test). My client wants their to work almost exactly like this product customizer. We will be using wordpress and want this to plug in seamlessly. It will need to calculate Sales Tax using rates based on the zip code they input. After a visitor has completed the custom build, it will require a 10%-15% deposit of the total price, depending on total cost (before tax) that will be collected through paypal (we will need to be able to change the percentage that we collect just in case it ever changes) . We will supply the images used for carports that change out when you are building a custom one.I have attached a zip file of each page of options layed out, as well as all the images it will use for the product builder preview. It will start with a base image and as they select options, it overlays a transparent .PNG file based on their selection to show them a rough idea of what the building will look like. There is a NOTES page in the zip folder that talks about some of the feature outlined in the order pages.Each option they select changes pricing on the right hand side instantly. I have an excel sheet of zip codes we sell to. If it doesn"t match a zip code than we just have a message that says "Sorry, we currently do not service your zip code area"I would like admin area to be able to change prices and view order details. We do not SHIP these item, a team comes to their location to install them so there is no need to calculate shipping as it is built in to the price.Here is a general idea of pricing: can supply all these prices in an excel sheet to plug in.Here is a fairly detailed list of functions needed:WordPress Plugin: Carport- frontend- create "preview carport" image script- add ajax requests to update "preview carport" on the fly while navigating the 5 steps- add ajax requests to also calculate build price and down payment while navigating the 5 steps(changing colors will not affect prices. All other options affect pricing. I am waiting for an excel sheet of prices. I will provide in excel format)Here is a good example on pricing: and this company uses the same company we do so pricing should be the same)- create checkout page- add PayPal integration- create thank you page - create page for the users to follow up purchase information (show what they paid, features they selected and expected delivery timeframe, which will be a certain date range after their pruchase. Like 2-3 weeks after purchase date)- backend- plugin settings pagePayPal settingsDown Payment (percentage): 10% (this is percenatage breakdown based on order total: $0-$15,000: 10% , $15001-$40000: 12% , $40001+: 15%)Tax Settings -> client wants to use to calculate tax. (They should be providing any code we need for this)Email (notification settings)- Sales report page (Monthly with pagination)* Maybe you also need that:- List/Manage Registered Users (would be nice to view individual orders by customers and manage address if it needs to be changed after an order has been placed)- wp pluginwrap the code into a wp pluginmanage database tablesmanage plugin page or shortcodePlease review this thoroughly before bidding and feel free to ask any questions.. I need this built within 2 weeks.

  • $50 USD In Progress

    What we discussed

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $546 USD In Progress

    I need the below custom modifications/additions to an existing installation of WooCommerce. The website is already up and running. The developer would be responsible for the plugin modifications only. 1. Add functionality to checkout to choose delivery and pick up date of a rental product or products. This would be on the order level, not on a per product basis.2. Create backend in WordPress for the seller to choose Black Out Dates. (Black out dates restrict pickup or delivery, but user can book a product OVER the blackout date. Ex. You cannot schedule delivery on a Sunday but you could rent the product from Saturday to Monday.) Ideally, I would like this as a calendar date picker, where you could select multiple days but I’m open to suggestions. 3. Calculate Price: Products are rented by the DAY, not night. (Ex. Saturday to Monday is 3 days). There are a few products that are not rented, and would be a flat rate. Please give your bid and the time frame for completion. Thanks for reading!

  • $250 USD In Progress

    Below is the 4 main issues we would like the plug-in to be able to do:1. Create a consignment order that allows us update on a weekly basis.2. Consignment orders need to be able to track individual orders by design, quantity, size and price.3. We need the ability to make increment payments for each item in the existing order.4. We can return items and put them back into clarify, the increment payments are for specific items. If they have 20 items the order needs to be able to list each item and if five of the items sold during the week, we can have the stores pay for each item that sold. We would then restock with new items.Also after items are sold and paid for, they would not show up on the order form any longer, but the full history of the order could be reviewed since inception.This is an online clothing store that was started for a group of Young kids in the LA, CA area and we provide shirts and other clothing to local retailers at no cost to them upfront. We create the orders on our magento and would like to be able to do the above with that customers account. Kind of like a drop shipper. We need to be able to track all this while the payment only comes from the items that they actually sell in the store.Once the account is astablished and they are moving the product and can see the profit they are making we will have them purchase ahead of time, but for now they get the items at no charge and only pay for what they sell and we replenish them with newer items and remove the old to sell on the site onlinePlease let me know if this can be accomplished with a plugin or module of some kind. If not please provide me with what it is that you"ll need to create and a new bid amount and we can work off of freelancer and you can submit to me a new proposal for pricing of the build and implementation.

  • $250 AUD In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • £216 GBP In Progress

    Custom report for magento.I need a daily transaction report, showing orders, grouped with subtotals by payment method.

  • £210 GBP In Progress

    Magento import moduleImporting product data to Magento We need someone who is a Magento expert to bring in large quantities of products in to our websiteWe have product feeds in csv and xmlThe import needs to make a new product in the right category If the category or manufacturer doesnt exist to make one The front end system need to display options on where the product is available to buy from almost price comparison fashion. Products removed if no longer in stock with url redirect to category top level with messageProducts that match products by variables like size and colour. Need to be added as custom elements in a simple or grouped productsNo duplicate products to be showedFeeds have to update atleast once a day Product Meta title needs to be addedImages need to be imported, alt tags addedIf a product already exists from another suppler needs to be display as another place to buy. This is the first stage of a on going project we are looking for someone who will be happy to work on a ongoing system

  • $484 USD In Progress

    I need a unique user and admin account feature built for WordPress: This website feature is for a money loan borrowing service.Admin Account: The admin creates accounts for all users first, then the user receives an email to complete missing data.Admin need to be able to add data for two type of accounts:(1.) Customer Account(2.) Business AccountCustomer Account Fields Are:First NameLast NamePhoneEmail Address Business Used (Drop Down of Businesses in database added through the Business account "Business Name")Date Visited (Calendar Format Month Day Year 10/04/14)Amount Borrowed (This should allow the admin to type in any number showing in USD format Example: $30.00)Amount Owed (This should allow the admin to type in any number showing in USD format Example: $30.00)Due Date (Calendar Format Month Day Year 10/04/14)Account Status (This is a drop down to select the following: 1) Pending Payment 2) Current 3) Delinquent 4) SuspendedNote: Once this account information is added, an email should automatically be sent to the email address that was added welcoming the user to the website to complete their account setup, in which they will click a link and be directed to create a password with password meter to help create a strong password and use their email address as the username to review the data that was created by the admin, as well as add missing information needed such as:ABA Routing NumberAccount Number*Note Users can only edit these two options in their account if needed. Also when the user log into their account they need to see a welcome message with their first name. (For example, Hello, Bob) and a display of the fields added by the admin.Users need to see their Account Status that is selected by the admin as one of the following options 1) Pending Payment 2) Current 3) Delinquent 4) SuspendedBusiness Account Fields Are:Business Name (This connects to "Business Used" in the customer account)Business Address (City, State, Zip)Note: The admin must be able to add as many new businesses as needed to the database. Also with the option to remove businesses as well.

  • $201 USD In Progress

    Hi,We have a multinational website based on Magento 1.7 and with several extensions. We also have another ecommerce website on another server and we want to move it together with the others like another site of a multisite installation.We want also to move form one hosting to another one.We want to upgrade to version.We want to install a tool to upload products easily.We would like to have a partner with references.Pls do not waste our time. If you are interested send us a one page doc with : what you want to do, for how long, what do you need and for how much. we will take in consideration only partners that will send us the document.Thanks

  • $250 SGD Today

    Looking for a web base coding to allow Admin1) Login to system2) able to create customer id 3) able to create logistic admin id4) able to create Tracking for Parcel ID link to the customer ID ( it can be many parcel to one customer ID) 5) able to remove or changes of a tracking Logistic admin screen 1) user login 2) input the Parcel ID - update the status , arrival date , location of parcel , AWB, Customer screen 1) input the customer ID2) list the parcel ID that link to this customer ID3) click on each parcel ID 4) show the detail of the update from logistic ID the web display should be responsive , as user using the handphone .

  • €300 EUR Today

    Please Read Carefully and bid only if you can do it in 5 days: Browser based e-reader that will communicate with woo commerce/wordpress to give access to customers that purchased subscriptions. The customers should use their e-shop member credentials to access the issues in the browser based reader. It should be cross platform and communicate with paypals" recurrent payment. It will be implemented in 2 different wordpress sites, 1 for a magazine and 1 for an e-book. Specifications 1) The e-reader must work with wordpress, woocommerce, woocommerce subscriptions and recurrent payments (for the magazine subscription)2) Compatible with main browsers for all devices (chrome, firefox, explorer, safari)3) The e-reader will be fed pdfs from the sites" server depending on the customers subscription cycle4) The customer will have access to the reader with his e-shop credentials5) The customer upon purchase will have one more e-reader available (Chained product) which will contain an archive of all the previous issues and will be available to the customer to read previous issues as long as his subscription is active. 6) The reader must be implemented and tested in 2 existing wordpress websites. One for a magazine and one for an e-book. Both sites are 90% ready and have already woocommerce installed but will need minor css corrections. Example WorkflowUser selects subscription type (6months or 12 months) → Ads subscription to cart → Fills in his customer"s data and payment options → Checks out with paypal (which should keep his billing cycle in order to achieve recurrent payments) → A download link is being given to the customer through the site and via e-mail for the reader, and one for the archive (described in no5) → customer downloads and installs the app → Customer logs in using the credentials he used to his e-shop account → sees all the issues he is eligible for → picks the issue he wants and opens it (in the same UI)When subscription cycle is over and is not renewed, access to the readers (both subscription issues and archive) stops.(Present Status: Sites 90% ready, woocommerce installed, woocommerce subscription and recurrent payments modules installed, pdf"s uploaded, readers" wire-framing ready)

  • $665 USD Today

    I Need a copy or similar like this site put your proposal. Thanks you

  • $350 AUD Today

    We have a wordpress with WOO commerce template installed on a development environment. We have also redesigned the inner pages slightly and need the new PSDs coded and modified on the CSS.Pages designed match the structure of the template, they are just branded to the clients information.There are 5 core pagesHome About UsContact UsShopping Grid PageIndividual Product Page

  • €250 EUR Today

    Hi, already 2 months wasting time to find a good freelancer to help me out here :(I need IN 5 DAYS a 1x2 pridict game.Admin:Must add the gamesVisitors:Pay €xx to join and be placed in a competition of 12 playersLogin and pridict every week 10 gamesThe players play against 1 other player of the competition. Example player 1 vs player 2 and player 3 against player 4....They both pridict 10 games. The one who makes the most good pridictions get 3 points for the ranking. The other will get 0 points and when its a draw they both get a point. The away team starts with -1 points.ExtraThe visitors can join and will be placed in a competition of 12 players. So i get a lot of 12 player competitions.So i want a ranking of those 12 players and i want a ranking of all players.I also want a cup where all players are into. Dutch language, simple design and responsive.Thanks for helping :)COMPLETE IN 5 DAYS

  • £1500 GBP Today

    Hi,I am looking for an algorithm to be written for me, without giving away too much information, I would like an algorithm that can calculate jobs available on a specific travel route or within a specific radius using google maps. I would also like a front end website to be developed with this algorithm built in. I can provide designs e.g logo and website styling"s, but need all of the functionality to be written. The website must also be mobile/ tablet friendly.I can provide a full list of requirements and use cases to interested freelancers.Thanks for your time. Dan

  • $665 AUD Today

    Talented programmer who is confident in creating and developing complex social networking sites.

  • $8 USD/hr Today

    We"re looking for web designers and will be hiring immediately to handle projects from clients. The pay is good, you don"t need to worry about the rate.If you"re interested, please include in your bid your work samples for evaluation by our clients. and or any other source that showcase your previous works.No Bid Will be considered without work samples.

  • $7 USD/hr Today

    Hello, I"m looking for someone to build me a website for my writing services. I currently own and run the website, but would like a website that looks more professional. I would like to start from scratch and build a new website, but I"m not entirely sure how. I am looking for: - A long history in creating websites;- Sample of freelance websites you"ve looked on;- A brief blurb about you; - Why I should hire you to build my website; - An estimated quote of how much it would cost to build three pages:A. Landing page 2. Page describing my services3. Sample Page, in blog style format (I will maintain and edit this)4. Contact me pageThe most important part is the landing page.I already have a logo and banner. If you"d rather revamp, that"s fine too. Let me know how much that would cost.I look forward to your bids, and apologize for closing the other project. I wanted to think about what I needed and post a new project with more accurate details. I will likely select a winning bidder within a week. Please include samples of your work.

  • $950 USD Today

    Hi, I am interested in creating a restaurant review website. In theory, it needs to have identical features to I would require there to be the following user accounts: Customer - Should be able to log in with Facebook Business Owner - Will need to register an account Admin (myself) The geographical areas I need will be the exact same as I would require a feature for restaurant owners to create their own page on the site which will require a simple "one click" approval from an administrator before it goes on the page. Restaurant owners will be asked to enter all details for their restaurant such as name, address, phone number, website, photos, menus, etc....Restaurant owners can then manage their page and reply to any reviews they get.By default, the business should be able to put up two photos, however the business owner can upgrade to a paid account where they can: Add a promotion to the page Have unlimited photos Add a more detailed write up of the restaurant. Select their favourite review to appear at the top of their reviewsAdd a Facebook like" button so customers can like their facebook pageAdd a Facebook/Email/Twitter share button to the page Customers should be able to leave reviews and each review they post will also be registered under their account almost like a "badge" Customer can rate a business out of 5 stars and will have the option to leave a message as well. A customer should be able to submit a restaurant to the site if it is not already on there. This will require an administrator to verify before the listing goes live. Customers can have their own profile Please take a look on Zomato and see all functionality prior to placing your bid. Regards, Adam

  • $1580 USD Today

    We are looking to create an odds comparison website, a site very similar to in terms of functionality, content and design - please refer to the site to better understand our needs.In general it should be a site that takes odds and match fixtures from many online bookmakers to compare the odds for a chosen market. Odds must update as often as possible (the odds shouldn´t be older than 30-60s). This can be done via XML feeds from the betting sites or possibly by using a content scraper. All matches are categorised by sports and leagues. A "my picks" section (basket) for comparison of the best odds available for the user"s selected matches. (look at any betting site for an example). Option to filter and sort bookmakers by best odds.It will be possible to offer our content to webmasters of other betting sites (same as this: Some news section with the most interesting matches highlighted and a list of bookmakers with comparison will be also presented. User registration, social sharing as well as a professional eye catching design and logo are a must. Scalability and management feature for future changes (control panel).Have a side manageable banner area of bonus offers from betting sites with click through links.Functions will be managed via backend portal.***** PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE WITH DEVELOPING A SIMILAR PROJECT IS A HUGE ADVANTAGE *****Please read the project description carefully and visit for better understanding of all features. QUOTE: NEWSITE1 ON YOUR PROPOSAL, ELSE IT WILL BE IGNORED.

  • $315 USD Today

    We need a quick conversion from PSD to HTML. Time is short so we are willing to pay a bit more. All the text must be in HTML and not a picture because it needs to be miltilingual.

  • $581 USD Today

    I need a website built. The website will operate off a database. I need recommendations of the best (high performance) database to use that can handle significant data volumes. I need someone to build the website according my specifications .. I write software sepcifications for a living .. but I don"t know how to build websites. The person needs to implement custom algorithms in the website. Must be familiar with geo coordinates and how to calculate the distances between 2 sets of geo coordinates.I would like a US based person, preferable Arizona (Phoenix area), because I would like to meet with the person and discuss requirements and progress.Knowledge of google maps is also required. The website will incorporate the use of google mapsA non-disclosure agreement will be requiredThanks for bidding

  • $250 USD Today

    I am Looking to Get a Fast and skilled developer to work with for long term .Our Project Now :We Have a Template From Template Monster For a Broker Website . Idea Behind the website : The Website Owner is a Forex Broker , He want to allow users to create account on his website and to Deposit Money to user account , the broker use all the money that users invested and with his experience and skills trade offline with this money and Win or Loose for all the users . ( No Trading Platform is involved and website is not connected to any forex or other platforms )You need to develop the website , 1- To allow Users :- reach the website .- Read News .- Register New Account .- Sign In Account .- Html Only Visa Payment Gateway ( No Development )- View History ( By Graph and Numbers ) of Revenue / Loose published & Updated by Admin .- Button on to to Google translate website .2- To allow Admin :- Publish News & Manage Text pages .- See List of Registered users and how much each one has money into account .- Publish News .- Delete User .- See total of money deposited by users .- Update by % of how much Revenue done Or Loose .Simple Algo : if total users has 1000$ and percent of revenue is 5% total will be 1050$ and if one of users has 100$ on his account his total will be 105$ and the graph will show 5% Up .

  • $450 USD Today

    I need a Wedding DJ & Event wordpress website. I do not want a blog landing page, I want it on a different page. Instead I want a homepage with header, text box, footer 2-3 widgets and 3-4 click through boxes for my services featured on other pages. Check out my current (horrible) site

  • $790 USD Today

    i want to build a website more or less the same as this one : www.ecobrex.comso freelancer will mainly do the design and develop jobs, also needs to photoshop pictures to make it beautiful .Database knowledge and HTML5 features are necessary in this project.

  • $750 USD Today

    Need to redesign a real estate website.

  • $200 USD Today

    My current website is here: It"s through weebly. I would like it to look more professional and "sleeker." I"d like the website to auto refresh and load new data at given time(s) each day, like on his "pick archive" page. I"d like the excel spreadsheet that I"m displaying to look more like a webpage and less like an attached file. I"d like there to be a password protected page where I can display the picks for the day, and I"d like it to have a countdown timer that when it expires, the page auto refreshes and displays what I put in there. I need to be able to control the timer and what gets displayed, obviously.

  • $400 USD Today

    redesigning a simple website. The project needs to be completed by end of month.

  • $1160 USD Today

    Project consist in building a complete automated hosting platform. From domain registration to instant web hosting account activation. Most tasks will be performed with API. Domain registration has API, payment management API (PayPal, Google Wallet), etc. The website must be very dynamic and constantly improved to accommodate best user experience. Upon successful payment, application will securely connect to WHM and and create the hosting account on selected package.This is a long term project. We are a start up company. We want to provide quality service on a low cost market. We want a complete custom hosting site. Our mirror is I have a file that I will share privately for the project.PS: 100% satisfaction required for payment. If you don"t know what you are doing, do not bid.

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Sr Developer

Jan 2007 - Present (7 years)


Working as a Sr. Developer in Samiflabs from past 5 years and have good experience in PHP, Ajax,jQuery, Magento, Prestashop, Joomla, WordPress and Opencart.



Gujarat University