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Username: exactprecisions

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Location: Southaven, United States

Member since: October 2009



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  • $34 USD
    Profile image for Seller jasoneverett



    Awesome fixed our problem in 10 minutes then sat and explained it to us so we wouldn't have the problem in the future! AWESOME!

    Project Description:I have a wordpress website with a blog where I would like to add facebook comments so when people comment, it uses their facebook information to comment, as well as gives them the option to post that they commented on my blog on their facebook page...
  • $447 USD
    Profile image for Seller pageantsupplier


    12 days ago

    Amazing work!! Finished on time and above expectations. Excellent freelancer!!

    Project Description:We need to have our magento template located at migrated over to Wordpress/Woocommerce. We have all the original artwork if needed. You will also be required to find a Woocommerce compatible template to start with that most closely resembles our current magento theme...
  • $442 USD
    Profile image for Seller houstonmoneyman


    23 days ago

    Fast service , finished project ahead of schedule, excellent communication, will definitely use again.

    Project Description:We need a word press site to promote a video seo service. . 1-Site with similar features to this with video opening explaining services (3-5-pages) (\ 2-Another site with similar...
  • $154 USD
    Profile image for Seller ksp40


    Feb 27, 2014

    He went out of his way to help me solve this issue, even working over the weekend. I would definately hire again.

    Project Description:Need added security for eCommerce site.
  • $480 USD
    Profile image for Seller vit1008


    Feb 18, 2014

    Absolutely perfect! Very responsive and practically online all the time on Skype.. A HUGE jump from the last 2 programmers I've worked with on the same project. Definitely would recommend to anyone needing something done in Wordpress. 10/10 from me. :)

    Project Description:** PROJECT ~75% COMPLETE ** I was requested to cancel the project with the last freelancer due to timing. Need someone to complete this from here on. I will send over the source code if I see potential in us working together...
  • $257 USD
    Profile image for Seller ksp40


    Feb 15, 2014

    What a great company to work with! I will gladly work with them again for any future need I may have. They were so patient with me and answered all my questions!

    Project Description:I am looking for someone to take the Boot Shop theme and create a website/ecommerce site. I would like for my customers to be able to complete transactions using PayPal Payments Advanced. I am not new to we site design BUT I am very new to WordPress...
  • $33 USD
    Profile image for Seller ker09


    Feb 12, 2014

    perfect, thanks!

    Project Description:i have bought a wordpress template but i only want the banner with css test. i need someone who extracts the minimal code. minimal css, minimal html -> 1 html file with only banner inside and minimal code...
  • $126 USD
    Profile image for Seller jlazi


    Feb 11, 2014

    Robert was great. He took care of all my maintancnce work in a jiffy! I'm already discussing further work with him...

    Project Description:Hi All, I need several things fixed on my Wordpress website: 1. The most urgent which I need to finish within 24 hours: There is some technical issue with the code of the website (I think) that is causing for the photos I upload to "weigh" much more than they really do...
  • $154 USD
    Profile image for Seller CB120677


    Feb 5, 2014

    I ran into a situation that seemed incredibly scary, and "exactprecisions" took care of things faster than I thought anyone would possibly be able to do it. He asked a lot of questions and was very conscientious in making sure I didn't run into the same problems again.His tone with working with people was also very appreciated. I feared that I'd come off looking like an idiot with some of the questions I was asking, and at no point did he make me feel dumb.Exact Precisions also does things like website optimization which means I will definitely be hiring them again! Thank you VERY much.

    Project Description:Got hit with a nasty pharma hack type deal, that's gone into POSTS and needs some kind of cleaning. In addition to that, the site itself is very slow loading, and it'd be nice for someone to poke around and fix it...
  • $552 USD
    Profile image for Seller geoffmccabe


    Jan 19, 2014

    Another great job well done, thanks!

    Project Description:Speed Improvements for websites: For freelancer ExactPrecisions ONLY. Do not bid on this!
    exactprecisions has not completed any projects.
  • $442 USD In Progress

    I would like to create a website for my girlfriend that chronicles all of our adventures together.It will have a bunch of pictures and needs to be behind a password. Must use Bootstrap CSS and Javascript.

  • $263 USD In Progress

    REQUIREMENTS: Experienced with landing pages and Wordpress - Themeforest.I have set up a Wordpress site with a Themeforest theme on my Hostgator account. I need two pages designed. (This site is on page is a blog. It just needs to have a similar look and feel as other is a landing page. It also needs the same look and feel as The content is attached. It just needs to be designed in a landing page format. Visitors will land there from a Facebook ad. The landing pages will link to pages will be on In the future, it will be a full website. The blog will be part of it.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    I have a Wordpress plugin that currently lets admin search Amazon and easily post selected products to their blog. I need help to fix some bugs such as plugin, theme and possibly Wordpress version conflicts and posting problem. I would also like help to make it more user-friendly and nicer-looking.I will send over the full details when requested or when you bid on this job. Please add the phrase “I love Amazon” when you bid so I know you have read this offer. Thank you.

  • $300 USD In Progress

    Regarding the changes I want for theimmersive-animated-portfolio-template-3-skins (you can see this I would like the “Project Details” section to be added to eachPortfolio item. As it stands now, the “Project Details” portion isstationary and does not scroll when you circulate through the portfolioitems. I would like each Portfolio item to have its own Project Detailsdescription that slides alongside it, with working links and selectabletext. An illustration of this change can be seen at: The “Portfolio Gallery” page has a “Back” button that returns you tothe Portfolio Items page, but no “Next” button that takes you to the nextPortfolio Gallery page. I would like a “Next” button added which slidesyou to the next logical Gallery page, coinciding with the order of theportfolio items in that particular section. An illustration of this changecan be seen at: I’m looking to expand the amount of sections of the site (I canprobably do this particular work myself, but I figure I’d pass thisinformation along to you.) I’m looking for five “Portfolio Items” sectionsin the left menu pane named “Recent Projects”, “Design”, “Illustration,”“Sally Surreal”, and “Web Projects”. I’m also looking for two “Gallery”sections named “Sketchbook” and “Scraps”.4) BONUS: This is not necessary, but I’d like an mp3 player (with a play,pause, and stop button) which scrolls through several songs (and displaysthe song title) at the bottom of the template.I also wanted a "gallery" section to the "Ultimate Animated Portfolio Template 2 Skins" ( template that is similar to the one that is in the Flash version (found here: I like how it has tabs for different sections within to select. You can compare it to my portfolio website since it is based on the Flash version. I also wanted it to be compatible with modern browsers, and I"d like a nice blog page as the landing page that is scrollable within the template.

  • $94 USD 3 days ago

    Please see 1Currently the "News" link in the nav is coded for the page that pulls I would like to have only excerpts of the blog posts rather than the full posts.TASK 2I currently use the Squelch Tabs and Accordions Shortcodes plugin and have accordion content on these four pages: just need a better accordion plugin. The “accordion” text doesn’t take you to the beginning of the new text. For example, on the “What is Documentary Editing?” page, I click on “National Search” to reveal all of that text. I read it to the end, and then click on “Identification & Control” and I’m now looking at the tail end of that text, rather than the beginning.On the "Who are the Governors?" page I need an accordion that supports excerpts and images. In other words, for each governor I"d like to display his name, photo and the first couple of sentences of his bio be default and expand to show the entire bio on click.Bid/comment on one or both tasks. Would love to get this knocked out this week if we can. I can select a freelancer quickly and provide admin access right away.

  • $34 USD 3 days ago

    We are looking for a Wordpress security expert to help to recover a lost username and password

  • $347 USD 3 days ago

    We need a coming soon/basic landing page in wordpress. I have all of the assets (large background image, text, logo, video & twitter/social links. This should be an easy process, but must be done in wordpress.

  • $442 USD 3 days ago

    I"m trying to test the market in our area with a LED light bulbs. I would like to get basic cost effective e-commerce web site to test the market. I will provide with basic content which will not be a lot. I will have multiple videos and images of the product. Some basic SEO with ad-word.I don"t know much time it will take to implement my request. We can discuss this further. Regards,Joe

  • £126 GBP 3 days ago

    For unknown reasons my wordpress site"s database server becomes unresponsive whenever my rss feeds are fetched or whenever i create new posts.I have observed that whenever my feeds are fetched, the database receives a very high number of requests thereby causing it to become unresponsive for at least 5 minutes.i have tried deactivating plugins, uprgading my hosting to VPS, tested my theme but still no solution.I am looking for a web developer/programmer/Wordpress expert who can identify and fix my problem. VERY URGENT!

  • $347 USD 3 days ago

    The Wings WordPress Website:We wish to create a new website that is clean, crisp, and fresh with a white background. We prefer royal jewel tone colors, reds, blues, greens, golds, purples. Vibrant. Web developer must be able to communicate very well in American English. Website is to be created in WordPress. Must have antivirus plug- in incorporated into functionality and must have back end content and picture management available to website owner. We do not not want a joomla website or a website written in HTML that we can not edit our content as needed.We will be responsible for content/descriptive text and video. Web Designer/Developer shall be responsible for stock photos, graphic creations, such as headers, icons, social media icons, etc. Website must also have a contact form, be able to connect to online donations, and be search engined optimized. We need to hire someone who is reliable, finishes all of the work in the time line they promise, and fixes all of the minor details. Please do not over promise and then not deliver in the time frame that is originally agreed upon. Final payment will not be released until ALL work is completed, including all edits. We are willing to allow 15 days for the entire project to be completed. If you have a full work load and can"t begin and complete within 15 days, please do not bid on this website project.

  • $34 USD 3 days ago

    Hi,We currently have a dedicated server hosting our wordpress site and wish to host from Google Cloud.Need someone to set it up and move it across. Want the process documented also.Thanks

  • $631 USD 3 days ago

    We are looking to develop our responsive news site in Wordpress, general features will include photo gallery, with ecommerce function for readers to purchase photos, real estate section(I have theme for this).So we are looking for someone who is expert at Wordpress.

  • €263 EUR 3 days ago

    Hi, I need made custom wp theme from my graphics (psd), theme have to contain countdown, registration form, 4 type of subscription with paypall gate ... This template is only for this project, but i preffer build with themeforest requiments.Thanks

  • $442 USD 3 days ago

    we need a 1:1 clone from have to convert from HTML to Wordpress we havent PSD. If it´s possible, you have to use this basis themeto get responsive mode only pay 100% milestone after this project isfinished and copied to our server.

  • $400 USD 3 days ago

    Greetings,This is for US based developers only.We have an existing hosted website that is live and running Joomla. ( We would like to have the information from that site ported over to a Wordpress site. We would like to keep the sites looking as similar as possible. The content can be copied and pasted, or we can download all of the files from the Cpanel for your use.We would like to have a prototype of the Wordpress site completed offline, or on a subdomain, for our review prior to the Joomla site being replaced.We will need to add certain functionality to the site via plugins, such as an employment application, resume submission, etc.We are open to recommendations for a cleaner flow, or other options that would enhance the functionality of the site.

  • [Sealed] 3 days ago

    I ONLY want to deal with the actual developer / coder and not a middle man or company of many employees.I"m looking for a "bad ass" web developer to ramp up my web design company. I want to start off by creating a wordpress theme for my own web developing company site. I"m looking for someone I can use on a regular basis. This site is mainly a test. What"s hugely important to me is how efficient your code is and the base theme you build off of. My site needs to be screaming fast. Before I choose you, I would like to test the base theme you build off of to make sure it meets my requirements. I"ve been testing base themes and so far the one on my test site is very quick. Please notice at the bottom you can see I am testing the amount of DB queries and the speed of the DB queries. I use a plugin called (WPDB Profiling) to diagnose the speed and efficiency of the theme. Please feel free to try it out on your own themes and notice the speed of mine. This is the theme currently on my site if you want to check it out. I choose this theme as a base theme can you work with it and customize it? If not what is your preferred method or base theme?Do you have a theme that incorporates the framework for SEO purposes? I prefer avoiding a plugin for this. I"ve seen functions you can add to the functions.php file that will insert this data. Do you provide different mock ups or allow me to suggest changes? What are the steps I follow if I choose you. What I want from the theme:* html5 and css3* responsive design* three vertical columns center is for content* Total width of site in full display should be 1000px* Only images when necessary* use image sprites when possible* Use only wordpress functions to get mysql data and not custom functions. * w3c compliantI would like to see some of the previous sites you created.. You be the designer and come up with professional design. I know how to code but I"m not a designer. Please provide me a price and what it includes.

  • [Sealed] 3 days ago

    I have bought a wordpress theme which has been uploaded and waiting to be set up. I currently don"t have the time to set this up myself and I would like to hire a wordpress expert + designer to do this for me. The site is for my blog. The theme I have purchased is Magazine Pro Theme By StudioPress. I need some customization to the theme and the integration ad space so I can sell advertising to sponsors. I really like the following blog sites and wish to emulate these with my blog site, such as part of the set up I require meta tags and SEO to be set up.I need to get this site up and running quickly so only want fast, efficient freelancers with a keen design eye to respond. Look forward to receiving your quotes. Ellie Thanks Ellie

  • $442 USD 3 days ago

    Build a responsive SEO friendly Wordpress site. All requirements and images are ready.Must have some onsite SEO experience.

  • $263 USD 3 days ago

    Minor upgrades to existing Wordpress website:1. Logo added to Banners uploaded to backend (2 x rotational) 2. Banners uploaded to show as headers on website2. Colours (all layers of background) upgraded to colour and pattern on business card (created in illustrator)3. Mobile- and Table-friendly version createdVery excited about my first job with Freelancer!Hope to hear from you soon.Thank you!

  • $64 USD 5 days ago

    Wordpress is already installed in my domain.1. Either update or reinstall it 2. Install a specific theme template I have purchased and make sure it worksI handle content and the rest.

  • $34 USD 5 days ago

    Hi AllI have 2 Wordpress site that need contact forms adding with contact form 7Its a simple Job but needs doing NOWThanks

  • $31 AUD/hr 5 days ago

    I have attached two images.One is a image of a homepage I want. The other image is of the contact page I also want. We will start with just these 2 pages and then we can add more pages laterI want the website created on wordpress. I will organise the hosting.I dont mind if you want to use a premium theme or if you want to create a custom theme.We can later add more rows to the homepage.First step will be to tell me how you plan to make the page. I have working knowledge of wordpress and the design process.Thanks,Jesse

  • $34 AUD 5 days ago

    Hi, i need to migrate a wordpress website from the current domain name to my new business domain name: This is a simple job for someone with cpanel and wordpress experience.1. Migrate wordpress website from current domain name to new domain name. (cpanel access will be provided for both accounts).Very easy job. Only experienced wordpress and cpanel experts apply please.

  • $347 USD 6 days ago

    taobao api integration with my website theme

    exactprecisions does not have any open projects.
    exactprecisions does not have any work in progress.
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Lead Web Designer and Developer

Apr 2012 - Present (2 years)

Amsterdam Group

Handling many different variations of clients from politicians, news outlets, personal, etc but mainly dealing with public relations. I am the lead designer and developer for the firm.

Lead Developer

Jan 2011 - Mar 2012 (1 year)

Core Creative Australia

Handled and maintained two dealership websites



Northwest Mississippi Community College



Academic nomination

Who\'s Who Among American Highschool Students