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  • $3000.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller martingoog


    May 28, 2013 now exists on the internet and it is thanks to Bogdan and the team. I was a difficult customer and put pressure on but they delivered on time and setup vBulletin ready to be configured. I was presented with several themes and they involved me at all times. All in all, good job !

    Project Description:I have a domain and I want a website developing that is a forum for people interested in drones. I will invest money into marketing to make this site a popular destination and if the website creator can help with SEO and marketing, even better...
  • $11500.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller mlsfacebook


    Apr 29, 2013

    Bogdan and his team are reliable and consistent. From someone who has outsourced for the last 5 years, these guys are the best. Language is not a barrier as you can speak English without any translation issues. 10/10

    Project Description:I have a detailed outline of the game, along with an example of an existing game we created the model off of. My designer is ready to begin making the user interface. I need a team that can speak with me every day for 20min to give me an update and upload results as they come available...
  • $5500.00 USD
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    Feb 8, 2013

    Perfect communication, perfect work :)

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $1800.00 AUD
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    Jan 10, 2013

    The project was completed as requested by Bogdan and his team in a completely professional manner. Very happy with the results.<br/>

    Project Description:I require approximately 10-12 HTML/CSS website templates to be built using the Twitter Bootstrap framework ( Each template will be composed of a home page (header,...
  • $5100.00 USD
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    Jan 9, 2013

    definitely good work. will hire them again

    Project Description:In general, the target is a mobile system, by which the content and structure of different mobile Websites is composed and controlled. As the project has a high safety standard, it should be programmed without Java, but use PHP, Json and/or Perl...
  • $2750.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller khrisflohr


    Oct 26, 2012

    Excellent work quality! I completely recommend it! Bogdan and his team completed the work very fast and professional! Communication was great as well. I needed to create a website and they exceeded my expectations. I will keep working with this team in the future. I am completely satisfied. Without a doubt one of the best programers and web designers on Thanks!

    Project Description:USA Applicants only!! We need a web developer with great skills. You need to create an Ecommerce website for Cell phone unlocking services. The website has to be BETTER than the one of our competitors...
  • €1500.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller litecodes


    Oct 12, 2012

    We were delighted to work with 'excelence' as they are very efficient, always available & tremendously helpful.The job was completed faster than planned and we are happy to work with 'excelence' again, as it is a company one can only recommend.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller animosus83


    Feb 10, 2012

    Perfect work, distinguished skills! With these guy we will work again, again, again! ;-) One of the best freelancers we ever had...

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $3000.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller faditexas


    Feb 3, 2012

    Very Good Freelancer. Responds Quickly, Understands Suggestions and Communicates anytime with me regarding the Project putting in mind the time zone difference between me and him. I will use him again in future projects.

    Project Description:I am looking for online store that sells bronze looking Plastic Plaques that I produce here in my company. it needs to be custumized ecommerce website. It needs to show shoppers options to pick from; like, Size of Plaques, Colors, Corner Shapes, Wall Mounting Options and Font Styles to pick from...
  • $400.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Eryilmaz


    Feb 1, 2012

    Bogdan is a very professional software developer. He is diligent, on time, and easy to communicate. I very much enjoy working with him.I would strongly recommend Bogdan to other clients.

    Project Description:This project requires adding a new functional characteristic to an existing online discussion system by using php, mysql, and javascript.The online discussion is an open source system. The project focuses on adding a new server side script into the system...
    excelence has not completed any projects.
  • $3684 USD In Progress

    We run a german news/information website + community about digital reading, URL is lesen(.)net. Scripts: Wordpress 3.9.x for the website, Woltlab Burning Board 3.1 for the forum (update to current version 4 is coming soon; check We want to do the next steps and extend the community with a book database with imdb-style profiles for books (including reviews), authors, publishers, virtual bookshelfs for our members and so on (think about Goodreads with a editorial section).-> book data base plugin&quot; plus better integration of the whole community into the website.- profiles for books whith automatically imported cover image, descriptions, affiliate shop links for 2-3 shops, professional reviews / user reviews and so on. check, (btw: both made with our current board software) for an idea of some of the features as well as profiles of imdb (we like the clean presentation and the added value through many linked informations). The product data can be taken from the amazon product advertising api ( like the mentioned projects did or from another web service. - profiles for authors (with the option to connect an author to a user account/use a user account for authorship) with bio, list of books etc, profiles for publishers (with bio, list of published books etc), book sequence sites (check - designing community badges for activity, user reviews + implementation (should be quite easy through the role system of the forum software) - making sure of good visibilty for the review activitys on website and forum.- better integration of community activity / posibility to feature books on the website (check e.g. imdb or for best practices of news/community integrations), plus a possibility to search for books directly via the website, to login on the website (not only on the forum page) and to post comments to website articles through a comment form embetted at the bottom of the articles (right now you get forward to a answer page of the forum - check it out). Yes, this includes some design changes on the wordpress site.We are looking forward to your bidding. Before doing so, please double-check the project description and the software we use, especially the forum. If you did similar works in the past please provide us some links. Ifwe&quot;re satisfied with your work it would be great to cooperate on an ongoing basis. If you&quot;ve any questions regarding the project please don&quot;t hesitate to ask.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    URGENT REPLACEMENT WEB DEVELOPER NEEDED.Hello Tech Savvy Geniuses!LIGHTNING ENTERPRISES is creating an online application management system to streamline the American College application process. We had a developer working on the project before, but he failed to meet up to quality and time standards, causing to be VERY BEHIND schedule.*****NOTE: DO NOT APPLY UNLESS YOU WORK WITH A TEAM OF DEVELOPERS.We have original PSD files for the web design, and will include them for the winner. REQUIREMENTS: The web developer must use an efficient coding framework such as Python or Ruby on Rails. NO PHP ONLY DEVELOPERS. The developer must also be familiar with using Twitter Bootstrap for CSS and Javascript. The Web Developer must be able to work on this project FULL TIME and write me a daily-update email tracking progress. Best if two or more coders can work simultaneously on this project. Timeliness is ESSENTIAL. PROJECT DETAILS: For a breakdown of the project details, please see the PDF attached. As for our project budget, we are allocating $4,000 USD to the completion of the project. We will reward the coder for speedy delivery! You will be working from scratch as our last developer produced poor quality code.******** IF FUNCTIONAL, HIGH QUALITY BETA VERSION COMPLETED WITHIN 15-days (NOT 15 &quot;business days&quot;, but 15 calendar days), WE WILL GIVE A PERFORMANCE BONUS OF $1,000 USD! APPLICATION PROCESS: If interested in this project and are ready to start within 24 hours, please (1) send me a message with a detailed breakdown, explaining what process and strategy you plan to use to implement this project. (2) detailed schedule of work, telling me which days and times during the next month you can dedicate to this project, and if you are willing to work weekends for this urgent project. (3) Brief explanation (one paragraph) of two SAAS projects that you have developed before and the biggest challenge you faced in that project. (4) Copy the words: &quot;Monkeys are in the Jungle&quot; five times at the bottom of your message.

  • $1400 USD In Progress

    We need copy of our existing calendar with customization for our company.Have to be done within 25 daysThe calendar have to be customize according to our needs:-We need program which will translate calendar to excel (day/customer name/ address/ address/ phone number/ workers etc(see att.)-‘New event’ need to have additional information: name (last and first), Address, Address 2, Phone, Email, Employer, Foreman, truck etc( see att) and we need to be able attached documents to each event.-List of the clients( Name, Phone, address, email, clients events)Our Calendar JohnPW: John123Please DO NOT do any changes!-Have to works on:•iPhones•Android phones•Windows Mobile phones•iPads•Android Tablets•Most other cell phones and tablet PCs.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    Hello!We have almost finished our website which we need to be finished with your help: - eBay and Amazon global shopping in one place.There’s one rule – before you bid, you need to read our contest (including attached file) carefully, because there are a few things you can inspect only if you are logged into I will check later on, who did read carefully and who not, so don`t auto bid ;)We are posting this project because:1) We have one big problem2) We have few bugs to fix3) Few things to finish4) Few things to makePLEASE READ THE ATTACHED FILE CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU BID!!!Now about payments:1)First you will inspect the site2)We will divide the job in 3-4 payments3)Each payment will be released only after each part is done and tested! (Testing will be made by your team. If you will say the job is done, but we will find bugs in your job, this will be a big minus for you)4)You need to define a real timeline. Timeline is most important for us. If you will break the timeline, each week we will take 5% from your total bid, out of the final payment.Thank you very much for your bidding.

  • $3090 AUD In Progress

    Hi Freelancers I am posting this job as the previous freelancer failed to deliver what I required. I am looking to develop a iphone application to also be published on google play and to be available for iPad users and also a matching website. I need the website to have similar features however be different so that users don&quot;t have reason to access one domain but feel they want to check out both. I own a small photography and productions company in Australia and am looking to showcase my work but also all my services. I want freelancers who are serious about building a long term working relationship with me and my company and to develop a premium end product. Please download and read the file before posting a bid, once again I wish to develop a long term relationship and look to constantly be updating this software. I will also have more work in the future for the freelancer I award the project toLook forward to positive responses

  • €20 EUR/hr In Progress

    Hi,we want to build an ink-cardridges shop( you use chrome plugin translate from german to english)ok so elements that are important:on the homepage you see: - a quick type-in search that helps you find your printer - a select box where you can select your printerwhen you have choosen a printer you see he picks up one cartridge (with an arrow) but also shows the other compatible ones and below the compatibles (cheaps) he shows the &quot;orignals&quot; the cardridge needs to look like it matches mainly in that printer although it matches in 1000 other printer too the cart is ajax and at the bottom of the page you see a picture of the printer and some detailswe also need a module that imports existing product data and one for the communication with our distributor.We are a dev team ourselves and would be glad to work with you.Is that Interesting for you?Best,Kai

  • £2500 GBP In Progress

    Project Description:We require a Opencart specialist to make us a custom module/extension that can run along side our current website set up.Here is what we require the module/extension to do:Step 1Login to vendor ftp =&gt; import full csv data feed using ftp details =&gt;changable global settings (have all out of stock products from vendor appear as out of stock, minimum order quantity, subtract stock, status of the product, weight class, length class, tax class, customer group, option to add categories to top website menu/side category menu&quot;=&gt;delimiter that is used to split categories into sub categories.Option to have downloadable remote imagesNext step is to have the mapping set up to adjust the data within the vendor feed into the website dataso this part should be able to put all vendor category products into website category products by replace all vendor categories with website categories.Also should be able to add a % margin to vendor priceNext is the mapping of each heading from vendor to website e.gvendor description heading will go into &quot;description&quot;Vendor quantity will go into QTYVendor UPC should go into EANand so on....Next will be the final stage of importWhat to do with the store when running import?What to do with New Items?What to do with existing items?What to identify each product by: UPC or Model or SKUAdditional requirements:Import images from vendor websites and rename themImport specified product description relating to vendor items into website e.g spec of item, breif description of item (ICECAT can be used)The above method is just an idea, I am open to ideas right now so please let me know what you think.Also please do not bid if you have never done anything like this before (We require a professional to do this the first time round)Also need an option to undo the data import if anything goes wrong as an alternate method to deleting products one by one.We would also need this whole job to run as a crontask daily/weekly.Currently we have the Total Import Pro which is time consuming and not a great module, if a freelancer could develop that more or create something better than that would be idealAdditional Project Description:02/05/2013 at 19:56 GMT- 1st Script - To design and implement a better version of &quot;Total Import Pro&quot;. The mapping of vendor feed into our website2nd Job - To set up cronjob so that this is done if new product is added via vendor csv upload(first initial will be fetching all description and images for all products)3rd - To run a script to see if any products have any errors or if any have UPC or manufacturer codes missing.4th - To make sure all categories have all products in the correct place.Vendor categories:Vendor product ID | Manufacturer Part Number | Model Number | description | Manufacturer | Product | Group| Quantity_On_Hand Quantity_On_Order Due_Date price1 break1 price2 break2 price3 break3 price4 break4 price5 break5 weight EANWebsite categories:ComputingComponentsPeripheralsSoftwareNetworkingOffice SuppliesEntertainmentToysEach product needs to be imported to a specified category.Crontask will have to import all new products and place them into each specified category on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.Please bare in mind all our vendors have different headings and each product HAS to be imported into the correct category, this can be done in any way. It should be included within the admin opencart.

  • €5500 EUR In Progress

    Cahier des charges réalisation du site instant gagnant gratuit ? Sommaire1-Présentation du projet.................................................................31.1- Les rôles............................................................................31.2- L&quot;objectif du projet................................................................31.3- Arborescence.....................................................................42-Prestations attendus...................................................................52.1- Charte graphique et éditoriale..................................................52.2- Le front-office......................................................................52.3- Le back office......................................................................62.4- Divers.................................................................................73-Livrables attendus......................................................................11?1-Présentation du projetIl s&quot;agit de réaliser un site d&quot;instants gagnants gratuit, avec 2 parties / jours réception par mail chaque jour de deux codes à valider sur le site, réaliser en automatisme pour les personnes inscrites sur le site internet.Si le client le souhaite il peut acheter des packs de parties supplémentaires avec des codes allopass et autres, le client pourra gagner de l&quot;argent, mais aussi et surtout de jolies cadeaux, plein de cadeaux, s&quot;ils le souhaitent ils pourront acheter des supers pouvoir, pour visionner dans combien de participation le cadeau sera gagné.Un site d&quot;instant gagnant de nouvelle génération, gratuit et pensez pour que le client revienne chaque jour.

  • $2000 USD In Progress

    Dear freelancers,These are the very last steps of a new version of the website: new site will support new geographical region (US) ( in principle any country with the right cities data base).Creating a new country is per a click of button, since most of the job is done and minor things are open like:Steps to activate the new version of the site:- Updating the existing database to the new structure.- Import the ZIP databases for USA and the other countries.- Test the site and fix the bugs if found.- In the edara (administration) section configure the new countriesSteps to improve the site for other countries and languages:- Minimize the number of language specific images by replacing them by images created on the fly or by simple texts or buttons.- Introduce a content management system to manage dynamically the landing and info pages.- Digital content creation ( few pictures matching the culture of the targeted country )- Little support after release.Full details to be found under the attached pdf (developer tutorial)Only bids from experienced professionals with track of similar projects will be considered.PS: For technical details, please do not write to the email mentioned in the pdf rather directly through this project messaging.All the bestsirahama

  • [Sealed] Yesterday

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • €25773 EUR 5 days ago

    Bonjour, je recherche un freelance pour réaliser une solution personnalisée d&quot;une plateforme complète d&quot;envoie et d&quot;analyse de questionnaires de satisfaction client. La plateforme doit être hébergée chez notre hébergeur. L&quot;interface d&quot;analyse de données affiche simplement des rapports préformatés en fonction du type d&quot;utilisateur, il doit y avoir la possibilité de séléctionner la plage de durée sur laquelle extraire les données, et il faut pouvoir exporter les rapports au format pdf.Je suis ouvert sur le langage / framework utilisé.

  • [Sealed] 5 days ago

    Currently I have a fairly large project that requires taking an existing website that was built in Ruby and completely rebuilding that site in PHP. The framework of choice that I want to use for this project is the last version of Kohana (yes, I know the project is being closed down). However, it&quot;s a lightweight Framework based on Codeigniter and has proven to be extremely robust in actual practice. That said, the current website is located at: and should only be considered for reference, but not for the total scope. All in all, the scope is to build a website much like our competitors in this space. We are going up against the following example sites (and you should REVIEW THEM COMPLETELY TO UNDERSTAND THE FEATURE SET I&quot;M AFTER HERE): Short, the website for for the creation and hosting of Guild / Clan / Team based Templates. Additionally, we will need full commerce capabilities, and I&quot;m open to solutions on this front for the most part. I have extensive experience with Magento and OScommerce and both of these are just too &quot;overkill&quot; for this site. All we are looking for is a strong, yet simple commerce system that will allow users to setup Recurring Subscriptions and purchase additional Digital Addons. That&quot;s it. Perhaps, Opencart -- I&quot;m very open to discussion with the selected vendor on this one.Secondly, there&quot;s API Integration. We currently maintain domains using the OpenSRS API. You will need to integrate fully with this in order to allow our customers to setup and add their own custom domains (otherwise, they will have the choice of creating their website through a url schema such as: or Free signups will have advertising and therefore we need an opensource ad management system that integrates with our templates. This will need to be done through integration with one of the major banner ad services, and again we are open on this front -- But this is an important part of the revenue goals and cannot be overlooked.Lastly, we need you to help with the migration strategy and tools; as there are several existing clients on our old platform and we want to move them over to the new system. You&quot;ll note that we need USER FORUMS for each guild site, I&quot;m leaning to Vanilla ForumsOn our side, I will setup a development server for you with complete access for you to connect, test, and configure the system. We will be using a vanilla configuration of: Apache, MySQL, PHP and if any Web Services are required... These will be handled through Python. The system will likely be an Ubuntu 12.04 LTS config (I don&quot;t care for the updates beyond 12.04 presently).Here&quot;s the key: 1. You had to ACTUAL read this detailed description and understand it (I can&quot;t tell you how much I hate &quot;canned&quot; responses / bids). 2. No bait and switch; bid honestly, and I know it&quot;s a big project. Price is important, but your ability to deliver will show. 3. You need to have STRONG experience and help lead the requirements; I&quot;m not always available and need a team that can follow my vision completely 4. You ABSOLUTELY WILL MUST BE FAMILIAR WITH HG (MERCURIAL) - this is not an FTP upload, I expect you and your team to be doing constant commits and pushes to the repo as you are working through the project. If you don&quot;t know how a DVCS like GIT or HG works, now is the time to learn, but this is how I will be able to keep track of progress and review the quality of your code.I&quot;m expecting that you will have at least 1 Front-End Developer handling the HTML, CSS (And building a responsive site!!!!) and probably 2-3 people on the PHP side handling tasks to completely build this project from start to finish. Again, this is no small project and definitely not something I want to give to a &quot;first-time&quot; developer.

  • $17525 USD 5 days ago

    I need an multi-level marketing compensation software. Input to the software would come from a database that needs creating, coupled with extracting data from a commission statement (this may be input manually--later we may automate extracting it from the electronic statement itself). The database needs to hold about 100 companies, and each company may have up to 30 products, and each product needs a SKU, a base commission rate, a credit volume, and a few other fields of info. All this info would be manually input, maintained, and static. Then the db gets applied to commissions as they come in. The MLM software part is the compensation plan. The compensation plan we want is a \&quot;Stair-step Breakaway\&quot; plan, which is similar to the plans of Amway, NuSkin, and others. If you do not have experience creating a \&quot;stair-step breakaway\&quot; type of plan please inform me at the beginning. There will be about 15-20 ranks in the Stair-steps, plus about 5-6 special bonuses for the distributor when he breaks away and becomes a Direct Branch Office (DBO), plus about 5 levels for those who have sponsored and developed other DBOs, plus about 6-7 flat dollar bonuses for achieving specified ranks and for having met some other criteria. It will go probably 4 levels deep. The successful candidate will have developed several MLM compensation programs already, with a few of them being specifically the \&quot;stair-step breakaway\&quot; type, and will have references. The output of the program needs to feed into Quickbooks Payroll Module. The program will need extensive testing under many scenarios before it is completed to make sure all math and programming is working correctly.I have detailed specifications prepared, but to understand them and the math someone must already understand the MLM \&quot;stair-step breakaway.\&quot; compensation plan.

  • $87628 USD 5 days ago

    a simple 3d social networking where you have a character or avatar and meet other people in a cityhang on together , go to coffee shop , night club , drive a car, have your house to go to sleep at can collect credits in specific criteria or buy credit and buy cars or houses with it ....

  • $20618 USD 5 days ago

    I want an application that can use your location to view and hail cabs in the local area, and if the driver accepts your request, then you can view the cab traveling to your location. In-turn the cab driver can also view your location. The app must also be able to accept payment via credit card. Application similiar to Uber.

  • [Sealed] 6 days ago

    We are looking for a team of talented developers and designers who have experience to have built content-sharing web sites.Web service: - The site is an e-learning web-service for foreign language learners with CMS, LMS, cloud, sharing, and SNS functions. - Anyone can upload and share his/her lessons of video, voice, writings, using his/her own mother language, which can be valuable lessons for others who are learning the language. - He/she can be both a teacher of his/her own language and a student of foreign languages. - The lessons are roughly divided by 2 styles. Input lessons: learners take lessons uploaded by teachers, organized, based on levels and contents, which should be fun to take,entertained by gamification. Output lessons: learners can upload their videos, voices and writings, which are edited by native teachers. And this should be mutual activities. - Both up-loaded lessons have the limit on size, and that can be up-graded by some payment. - All the up-loaded contents should be automatically converted and displayed by each and every device and browser. (old browsers such as IE6 can be ignored) - Preferably, no-need to create an app for smart-phones. Just a favicon for smart-phones would be provided on the site. Design: - The main target device is the smart-phone size (1 column with variable-width). Based on this, 2-column pages for tablets and 3-column pages for PC should be supplementary made. - All the pages should be on flat and simple designs. - The interface is intuitively clear, using many icons, but the icons should not use words of any languages. - When an instruction is needed, then, it should be well-explained in words, which can be translated by us. - Because the site is shown in multi-languages, the basic site color should be white, light grey or light beige with grey or light black letters, in order to maintain its readability. - Ads should be naturally a part of pages. They should not be prominent nor flashy on the pages. - The total image of the site is “excitement of travels”. Business scheme of this web-service: - ads - membership feeReferences:For functions - - - myspace.comIn these sites, registered members can have their own storages and can up-load their files into the storages. The files in streaming platforms can be displayed on most major devices.As E-learning web-services - the image of our input lessons is the lessons of this site. The gamification makes it fun to learn foreign languages.- busuu.comThe image of our output lessons is the lessons of this site. The mutual editing function can be adapted.Skills:PHP, MySQL,HTML, CSS, JavaScriptCakePHPFor the sake of the future development, all the source-codes are preferably written with CakePHP, but any other possible codes are also acceptable when explained well why that is needed.the deadline:Aug 31, 2014 The list of the contents with needed function is attached here.Detailed Wire-frame/design layout will be provided when agreed.Please show us your portfolio. Looking forward to working with you.Thank you in advance.

  • $7731 USD 6 days ago

    Dear All,I am looking to create a website for users to be able to track their Real Estate Portfolio&quot;s in Dubai, UAE.Once registered and logged in, the site should have the following features - - Real Estate Dashboard- Option to add individual Real Estate units (Villa/Apartment)- Record details of purchase development, purchase price, specific unit details, target sale price as well as other specific details- Once properties added, Dashboard will give an overview including graph of cumulative purchase price, current value, gain/decline in value - Above graph and details for each individual properties- Option to record mortgage & home insurance details when adding properties (this will all be manually input by the user).- Button to press &quot;Sell My Property&quot;, which should then send a link to a generic mailbox.I also need an area that I am able to login to, and update property prices. This will be done by research of current prices, and for example a user owning a property in &quot;Area 1&quot;, that has increased by 1%, will have their value as showing 1% higher.I would prefer a site that uses widgets, and is modern in design. Examples of current sites in use - Regards,Jack

  • $10526 USD 10 days ago

    I need a team to build an e-Commerce site with a function whereby users will be able to upload their designs and have them rated by others. I would also like a forum/message board on the site. A good example of this sort of site would be site must be in English as well as Chinese, and need to integrate Chinese social media (Weibo, Weixin) as well as Facebook and Twitter.It will also need to be integrated with Chinese payment services. I would like the design of the site to be minimalistic, with pictures replacing words wherever possible. I want it completed in stages, with the crowd-sourcing functions completed within a month, and the rest slowly added on.

  • £10526 GBP 12 days ago

    Re and www.prosperointegrated.comWe are looking for a technical SEO specialist to work on the digital marketing side of things - Organic/PPC.SEO technical, accessibility and audit.• Content and landing page optimisation.• Strategic validation and competitor analysis.• Keyword research, audience reach and GAP analysis.• Outreach and link acquisition.• Google Analytics configuration and performance reporting.

  • $10526 USD 12 days ago

    We are looking to create a site very similar to Dollar Shave and other buying clubs. This site would have 5 to 20 products featured and would also have a database of products that were sent in previous months to this customer to order later. This would be be a service that would ship a box to a client every month. The client would load their logo and documents and make some settings selections and we would send them samples of their desired products every month with their logo on the products. The site would reference the items sent to the customer in an area of the site so once they receive the samples they could come back and order them in bulk later. I only want to work with a builder that has done this type of project before. Here are some example sites to look at for this type of product. have chosen this theme for the design and have a layout already done. Just need someone to build it and create the site and forms, logo locker etc. Thanks,Mark

  • $12631 USD 13 days ago

    I am looking for and experienced webdesigner to build an education website. The website should follow a similar format to the one used in &quot;;, offering to it&quot;s viewers a clean, yet powerful design. Just like Khan Academy, I would expect the designer to create the possibility for users to create an account (to include the possibility of integration with facebook accounts would be even better). The account should be able to track all of the watched videos and eventually track points which would be awarded according to the video&quot;s length and complexity of the exercises completed.Since the website will be based in Brazil and its content will be exclusively in portuguese, someone else would be responsible for editing including the videos and exercises. However, I would expect the designer to make this editing process as easy as possible. If there are any doubts, please feel free to email me.

  • $26315 AUD 16 days ago

    Dear Freelancer,We are a Marketing company that strives to deliver our clients the best service possible.We are looking for an individual to build our company a platform that will provideour clients with the convenience, interest and value of using our services.The foundation of our project is our company website, which must be professional and user friendly.The functions we need our website to have are:- Profiling System- Facebook Connectivity- Location Services (Open Maps or other)- Client Membership - Online Payments- Custom database (to be developed)- Ability for client to make changes to his/her profile in real time- User feedback system- Customised Website designOur company already has made designs of what the website should look like, all we need is the brainpower to build it.Our company is determined to further progress into platforms such as social media and mobile applications, thus further contracts may be available upon completion of the website.With Kind Regards, Alemaks ltd.

  • $9463 USD 17 days ago

    I&quot;m looking for someone willing to create a multi-platform app for my client - tennis club. This app should be fast.This app should let the user verify his phone number by sms code. Another features are:making hour reservations, and displaying contact information and list of reservations with ability to cancel it.We provide you with reservation API, SMS gateway, clickable mockups and graphics cut into PSD.If you are interested - I expect some completed phonegap projects from you. I would like to make this app for 3 platforms: iOS,Android and BB.Thanks.

  • [Sealed] 18 days ago

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  • [Sealed] 18 days ago

    ScopoSviluppo di un software specifico per importare file all&quot;interno di un sistema di gestione.TecnologiaTecnologia web: la piattaforma tecnologica ed il linguaggio sono a discrezione del team di sviluppo.Competenze di programmazione richieste:•Lettura e scrittura dati su DB Mysql in modalità transazionale•Realizzare viste DB basate su query di media complessità•Parsare file e cartelle ricavando nomi cartelle, file e metadati•Copiare, spostare eliminare file •Creare applicazioni web con sistema di autenticazione (login)•Realizzare un&quot;interfaccia web pulita da bozzetto fornito•Realizzazione processi batch lato server per specifiche funzioni batch•Utilizzo base del sistema di gestione del codice sorgente GITRequisiti di progetto•Patto di riservatezza e non concorrenza•Richiesta proprietà del software e del codice sorgenteIl lavoro verrà commissionato unitariamente ad una specifica dettagliata delle specifiche richieste.

  • €3736 EUR 20 days ago

    Design of a website which will compare product prices from e-shops. Also a small eshop in this website. Example

  • [Sealed] 20 days ago

    this project is to build a maketplace for task.the best reference website and app is airtasker.comI need to build same function but better design. escrow- payment will be like we will collect the payment and when the joc is done, the payment will be released after deducting the commisson. automatic system.- all the process will be done there will be no different taste of design. it must be world class. unlimited revisions until website is complete. - since there is reference site. its pretty straign forward. but when there is minor functions required, it should be done as requested. please don&quot;t tell me the function is not easy when I request it. if its not eay for you to do. I assume you are not good enough. no up front payment. I will create milestone upfront for the process. Here&quot;s the few things about attitude. this is most important. -Please don&quot;t tell me its OK. - I am not looking for OK work. there is no point doing OK work. it should be always perfect and awesome when we do the job. that way for both of us, we take pride and satisfied. -when you ask me if its OK, please just don&quot;t ask without considering all the possiilities and seek for the best. most of the time, just to ask for my opinion, developers often ask me if its OK to do it this way. well. yes its important. but I see its not considered carefully, and just ask me what to do . I am not a developer. I can give you only poor direction. but one thing I can do is I can tell whether is good or not vis users point of view. I don&quot;t know what to do.I will say no. but I will not give you direction. until you ask me correct questions, you will hear me saying just no.-I look at small things. and when small things are done poorly I think the entire job is poor. even a dot must be carefully considered and implemented. I hate when people are careless. today, perfect doesn&quot;t mean its good. it is mendatory to be perfect. -please look at the big picture. whenever you consider or do anythin, or aks me, please do not look at the element. everything should be considered in a big picture. -If you are good enough to bid on this project, you would mind what I&quot;ve mentioned above. if you feel offended or I am not a good employer. you are not a professional at all. you can do OK job with others. -I need developer who can make value and take pride with what we do. thank you for your time to consider this project.

  • $47368 USD 21 days ago

    This project is to reprogram fully automated block making machine. The PLC system used in the factory is Schneider M340 Details of the scope of the work is mentioned below.The Detailed offer:1.)The implementation time will be 30 days from the date of the signing of the contract.2.)The factory will be guaranteed for 1 Year.Payment terms and conditions:1.)First payment after the signing of the contract 20% of the total contract.2.)Second Payment after the User acceptance of the factory 40%.3.)Third Payment after the 3 months operation of the factory 30%.4.)Forth payment after the warranty period (12 months after installation) 10%.Detailed Scope of Works•Installation of Machine, mechanical and electrical Mechanical:1.)Set up the machine in right place and in level position.2.)To check all mechanical parts.3.)Cutting and welding.4.)To finish the installation As Quickly As Possible.Electrical: 5.)Mounting of cable trays.6.)To mount all the sensors.7.)Pulling of cable.8.)Wiring connection.9.)Termination of points.•Programming, Testing & Commissioning:1.)Programming of PLC as per the machine requirements.2.)Calibration and parameters set up of all electronics system like load cell, frequency inverter, Human Machine Interface ( HMI ) and Programmable Logic Controller ( PLC )3.)Calibration and adjustment of pressure for Hydraulic Station and Pneumatic system like Pumps, Valves and Compressor.4.)To back up the Program and Parameters:a)For PLC Program for future reference and use for troubleshooting. b)For Frequency Inverter Datac)For Load Cell Datad)For Human Machine Interface ( HMI ) for future reference and use to load the back up the data to a new set of HMI in case of damage.5.)Site installation & testing will commence maximum of 3 weeks.6.)Full testing will be carried out and party from the end user will be invited to witness the site acceptance test(SAT)7.)Complete documentation of the installed system will be provided in soft copy or hard copy.•Production Time:1.)During production the operation program and parameters for HMI or SCADA must be precisely set.2.)All parameters setting must be done.3.)All documents from electrical drawing and operation program, spare parts list must be done and submitted to the customer.4.) To teach all the machine operator on how to start up and to put in initial position for automatic mode and in manual mode and how to make hollow and pavers blocks with and without face mix in good quality.5.)To teach the machine operator of how to troubleshoot the machine if their’s a mechanical and electrical problem during production time.6.)To teach the machine operator of how to make a mix design or recipe as per the requirements of the customers from pavers to hollow blocks with high quality products.

  • [Sealed] 22 days ago

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