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  • $3000.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller martingoog


    May 28, 2013 now exists on the internet and it is thanks to Bogdan and the team. I was a difficult customer and put pressure on but they delivered on time and setup vBulletin ready to be configured. I was presented with several themes and they involved me at all times. All in all, good job !

    Project Description:I have a domain and I want a website developing that is a forum for people interested in drones. I will invest money into marketing to make this site a popular destination and if the website creator can help with SEO and marketing, even better...
  • $11500.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller mlsfacebook


    Apr 29, 2013

    Bogdan and his team are reliable and consistent. From someone who has outsourced for the last 5 years, these guys are the best. Language is not a barrier as you can speak English without any translation issues. 10/10

    Project Description:I have a detailed outline of the game, along with an example of an existing game we created the model off of. My designer is ready to begin making the user interface. I need a team that can speak with me every day for 20min to give me an update and upload results as they come available...
  • $5500.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller monsieura


    Feb 8, 2013

    Perfect communication, perfect work :)

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $1800.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller pixelengine


    Jan 10, 2013

    The project was completed as requested by Bogdan and his team in a completely professional manner. Very happy with the results.<br/>

    Project Description:I require approximately 10-12 HTML/CSS website templates to be built using the Twitter Bootstrap framework ( Each template will be composed of a home page (header,...
  • $5100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller WinstonMorta


    Jan 9, 2013

    definitely good work. will hire them again

    Project Description:In general, the target is a mobile system, by which the content and structure of different mobile Websites is composed and controlled. As the project has a high safety standard, it should be programmed without Java, but use PHP, Json and/or Perl...
  • $2750.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller khrisflohr


    Oct 26, 2012

    Excellent work quality! I completely recommend it! Bogdan and his team completed the work very fast and professional! Communication was great as well. I needed to create a website and they exceeded my expectations. I will keep working with this team in the future. I am completely satisfied. Without a doubt one of the best programers and web designers on Thanks!

    Project Description:USA Applicants only!! We need a web developer with great skills. You need to create an Ecommerce website for Cell phone unlocking services. The website has to be BETTER than the one of our competitors...
  • €1500.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller litecodes


    Oct 12, 2012

    We were delighted to work with 'excelence' as they are very efficient, always available & tremendously helpful.The job was completed faster than planned and we are happy to work with 'excelence' again, as it is a company one can only recommend.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller animosus83


    Feb 10, 2012

    Perfect work, distinguished skills! With these guy we will work again, again, again! ;-) One of the best freelancers we ever had...

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $3000.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller faditexas


    Feb 3, 2012

    Very Good Freelancer. Responds Quickly, Understands Suggestions and Communicates anytime with me regarding the Project putting in mind the time zone difference between me and him. I will use him again in future projects.

    Project Description:I am looking for online store that sells bronze looking Plastic Plaques that I produce here in my company. it needs to be custumized ecommerce website. It needs to show shoppers options to pick from; like, Size of Plaques, Colors, Corner Shapes, Wall Mounting Options and Font Styles to pick from...
  • $400.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Eryilmaz


    Feb 1, 2012

    Bogdan is a very professional software developer. He is diligent, on time, and easy to communicate. I very much enjoy working with him.I would strongly recommend Bogdan to other clients.

    Project Description:This project requires adding a new functional characteristic to an existing online discussion system by using php, mysql, and javascript.The online discussion is an open source system. The project focuses on adding a new server side script into the system...
    excelence has not completed any projects.
  • $3684 USD In Progress

    We run a german news/information website + community about digital reading, URL is lesen(.)net. Scripts: Wordpress 3.9.x for the website, Woltlab Burning Board 3.1 for the forum (update to current version 4 is coming soon; check We want to do the next steps and extend the community with a book database with imdb-style profiles for books (including reviews), authors, publishers, virtual bookshelfs for our members and so on (think about Goodreads with a editorial section).-> book data base plugin&quot; plus better integration of the whole community into the website.- profiles for books whith automatically imported cover image, descriptions, affiliate shop links for 2-3 shops, professional reviews / user reviews and so on. check, (btw: both made with our current board software) for an idea of some of the features as well as profiles of imdb (we like the clean presentation and the added value through many linked informations). The product data can be taken from the amazon product advertising api ( like the mentioned projects did or from another web service. - profiles for authors (with the option to connect an author to a user account/use a user account for authorship) with bio, list of books etc, profiles for publishers (with bio, list of published books etc), book sequence sites (check - designing community badges for activity, user reviews + implementation (should be quite easy through the role system of the forum software) - making sure of good visibilty for the review activitys on website and forum.- better integration of community activity / posibility to feature books on the website (check e.g. imdb or for best practices of news/community integrations), plus a possibility to search for books directly via the website, to login on the website (not only on the forum page) and to post comments to website articles through a comment form embetted at the bottom of the articles (right now you get forward to a answer page of the forum - check it out). Yes, this includes some design changes on the wordpress site.We are looking forward to your bidding. Before doing so, please double-check the project description and the software we use, especially the forum. If you did similar works in the past please provide us some links. Ifwe&quot;re satisfied with your work it would be great to cooperate on an ongoing basis. If you&quot;ve any questions regarding the project please don&quot;t hesitate to ask.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    URGENT REPLACEMENT WEB DEVELOPER NEEDED.Hello Tech Savvy Geniuses!LIGHTNING ENTERPRISES is creating an online application management system to streamline the American College application process. We had a developer working on the project before, but he failed to meet up to quality and time standards, causing to be VERY BEHIND schedule.*****NOTE: DO NOT APPLY UNLESS YOU WORK WITH A TEAM OF DEVELOPERS.We have original PSD files for the web design, and will include them for the winner. REQUIREMENTS: The web developer must use an efficient coding framework such as Python or Ruby on Rails. NO PHP ONLY DEVELOPERS. The developer must also be familiar with using Twitter Bootstrap for CSS and Javascript. The Web Developer must be able to work on this project FULL TIME and write me a daily-update email tracking progress. Best if two or more coders can work simultaneously on this project. Timeliness is ESSENTIAL. PROJECT DETAILS: For a breakdown of the project details, please see the PDF attached. As for our project budget, we are allocating $4,000 USD to the completion of the project. We will reward the coder for speedy delivery! You will be working from scratch as our last developer produced poor quality code.******** IF FUNCTIONAL, HIGH QUALITY BETA VERSION COMPLETED WITHIN 15-days (NOT 15 &quot;business days&quot;, but 15 calendar days), WE WILL GIVE A PERFORMANCE BONUS OF $1,000 USD! APPLICATION PROCESS: If interested in this project and are ready to start within 24 hours, please (1) send me a message with a detailed breakdown, explaining what process and strategy you plan to use to implement this project. (2) detailed schedule of work, telling me which days and times during the next month you can dedicate to this project, and if you are willing to work weekends for this urgent project. (3) Brief explanation (one paragraph) of two SAAS projects that you have developed before and the biggest challenge you faced in that project. (4) Copy the words: &quot;Monkeys are in the Jungle&quot; five times at the bottom of your message.

  • $1400 USD In Progress

    We need copy of our existing calendar with customization for our company.Have to be done within 25 daysThe calendar have to be customize according to our needs:-We need program which will translate calendar to excel (day/customer name/ address/ address/ phone number/ workers etc(see att.)-‘New event’ need to have additional information: name (last and first), Address, Address 2, Phone, Email, Employer, Foreman, truck etc( see att) and we need to be able attached documents to each event.-List of the clients( Name, Phone, address, email, clients events)Our Calendar JohnPW: John123Please DO NOT do any changes!-Have to works on:•iPhones•Android phones•Windows Mobile phones•iPads•Android Tablets•Most other cell phones and tablet PCs.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    Hello!We have almost finished our website which we need to be finished with your help: - eBay and Amazon global shopping in one place.There’s one rule – before you bid, you need to read our contest (including attached file) carefully, because there are a few things you can inspect only if you are logged into I will check later on, who did read carefully and who not, so don`t auto bid ;)We are posting this project because:1) We have one big problem2) We have few bugs to fix3) Few things to finish4) Few things to makePLEASE READ THE ATTACHED FILE CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU BID!!!Now about payments:1)First you will inspect the site2)We will divide the job in 3-4 payments3)Each payment will be released only after each part is done and tested! (Testing will be made by your team. If you will say the job is done, but we will find bugs in your job, this will be a big minus for you)4)You need to define a real timeline. Timeline is most important for us. If you will break the timeline, each week we will take 5% from your total bid, out of the final payment.Thank you very much for your bidding.

  • $3090 AUD In Progress

    Hi Freelancers I am posting this job as the previous freelancer failed to deliver what I required. I am looking to develop a iphone application to also be published on google play and to be available for iPad users and also a matching website. I need the website to have similar features however be different so that users don&quot;t have reason to access one domain but feel they want to check out both. I own a small photography and productions company in Australia and am looking to showcase my work but also all my services. I want freelancers who are serious about building a long term working relationship with me and my company and to develop a premium end product. Please download and read the file before posting a bid, once again I wish to develop a long term relationship and look to constantly be updating this software. I will also have more work in the future for the freelancer I award the project toLook forward to positive responses

  • €20 EUR/hr In Progress

    Hi,we want to build an ink-cardridges shop( you use chrome plugin translate from german to english)ok so elements that are important:on the homepage you see: - a quick type-in search that helps you find your printer - a select box where you can select your printerwhen you have choosen a printer you see he picks up one cartridge (with an arrow) but also shows the other compatible ones and below the compatibles (cheaps) he shows the &quot;orignals&quot; the cardridge needs to look like it matches mainly in that printer although it matches in 1000 other printer too the cart is ajax and at the bottom of the page you see a picture of the printer and some detailswe also need a module that imports existing product data and one for the communication with our distributor.We are a dev team ourselves and would be glad to work with you.Is that Interesting for you?Best,Kai

  • £2500 GBP In Progress

    Project Description:We require a Opencart specialist to make us a custom module/extension that can run along side our current website set up.Here is what we require the module/extension to do:Step 1Login to vendor ftp =&gt; import full csv data feed using ftp details =&gt;changable global settings (have all out of stock products from vendor appear as out of stock, minimum order quantity, subtract stock, status of the product, weight class, length class, tax class, customer group, option to add categories to top website menu/side category menu&quot;=&gt;delimiter that is used to split categories into sub categories.Option to have downloadable remote imagesNext step is to have the mapping set up to adjust the data within the vendor feed into the website dataso this part should be able to put all vendor category products into website category products by replace all vendor categories with website categories.Also should be able to add a % margin to vendor priceNext is the mapping of each heading from vendor to website e.gvendor description heading will go into &quot;description&quot;Vendor quantity will go into QTYVendor UPC should go into EANand so on....Next will be the final stage of importWhat to do with the store when running import?What to do with New Items?What to do with existing items?What to identify each product by: UPC or Model or SKUAdditional requirements:Import images from vendor websites and rename themImport specified product description relating to vendor items into website e.g spec of item, breif description of item (ICECAT can be used)The above method is just an idea, I am open to ideas right now so please let me know what you think.Also please do not bid if you have never done anything like this before (We require a professional to do this the first time round)Also need an option to undo the data import if anything goes wrong as an alternate method to deleting products one by one.We would also need this whole job to run as a crontask daily/weekly.Currently we have the Total Import Pro which is time consuming and not a great module, if a freelancer could develop that more or create something better than that would be idealAdditional Project Description:02/05/2013 at 19:56 GMT- 1st Script - To design and implement a better version of &quot;Total Import Pro&quot;. The mapping of vendor feed into our website2nd Job - To set up cronjob so that this is done if new product is added via vendor csv upload(first initial will be fetching all description and images for all products)3rd - To run a script to see if any products have any errors or if any have UPC or manufacturer codes missing.4th - To make sure all categories have all products in the correct place.Vendor categories:Vendor product ID | Manufacturer Part Number | Model Number | description | Manufacturer | Product | Group| Quantity_On_Hand Quantity_On_Order Due_Date price1 break1 price2 break2 price3 break3 price4 break4 price5 break5 weight EANWebsite categories:ComputingComponentsPeripheralsSoftwareNetworkingOffice SuppliesEntertainmentToysEach product needs to be imported to a specified category.Crontask will have to import all new products and place them into each specified category on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.Please bare in mind all our vendors have different headings and each product HAS to be imported into the correct category, this can be done in any way. It should be included within the admin opencart.

  • €5500 EUR In Progress

    Cahier des charges réalisation du site instant gagnant gratuit ? Sommaire1-Présentation du projet.................................................................31.1- Les rôles............................................................................31.2- L&quot;objectif du projet................................................................31.3- Arborescence.....................................................................42-Prestations attendus...................................................................52.1- Charte graphique et éditoriale..................................................52.2- Le front-office......................................................................52.3- Le back office......................................................................62.4- Divers.................................................................................73-Livrables attendus......................................................................11?1-Présentation du projetIl s&quot;agit de réaliser un site d&quot;instants gagnants gratuit, avec 2 parties / jours réception par mail chaque jour de deux codes à valider sur le site, réaliser en automatisme pour les personnes inscrites sur le site internet.Si le client le souhaite il peut acheter des packs de parties supplémentaires avec des codes allopass et autres, le client pourra gagner de l&quot;argent, mais aussi et surtout de jolies cadeaux, plein de cadeaux, s&quot;ils le souhaitent ils pourront acheter des supers pouvoir, pour visionner dans combien de participation le cadeau sera gagné.Un site d&quot;instant gagnant de nouvelle génération, gratuit et pensez pour que le client revienne chaque jour.

  • $2000 USD In Progress

    Dear freelancers,These are the very last steps of a new version of the website: new site will support new geographical region (US) ( in principle any country with the right cities data base).Creating a new country is per a click of button, since most of the job is done and minor things are open like:Steps to activate the new version of the site:- Updating the existing database to the new structure.- Import the ZIP databases for USA and the other countries.- Test the site and fix the bugs if found.- In the edara (administration) section configure the new countriesSteps to improve the site for other countries and languages:- Minimize the number of language specific images by replacing them by images created on the fly or by simple texts or buttons.- Introduce a content management system to manage dynamically the landing and info pages.- Digital content creation ( few pictures matching the culture of the targeted country )- Little support after release.Full details to be found under the attached pdf (developer tutorial)Only bids from experienced professionals with track of similar projects will be considered.PS: For technical details, please do not write to the email mentioned in the pdf rather directly through this project messaging.All the bestsirahama

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    PRE-ORDER STOCK SYSTEMI purchase products in advance of my stock becoming physical in the actual warehouse. I do this in order to pre-sell the goods prior to receiving them in stock.I require an extension that can split customer orders on the front end, creating a physical stock order for immediate dispatch and also a pre-order (backorder). The client must be notified of this with the expected delivery date/s of the pre-ordered items (also, splitting the order more than once if there are differing stock delivery dates and notifying the client of this).In the admin section of magento it is necessary to view the physical stock level and the pre-order stock level/s, (and of course the pre-order stock level minus the customer pre-orders if the physical stock is zero).I use other companies that currently have this facility on their websites, therefore, I can show examples of these sites.i need somebody that has previously worked in designing a pre-order system in magento as I feel that the work will be difficult to explain to an amateur.I look forward to your bids.

  • $12886 USD 3 days ago

    Hi,Please see the attachment which has all the information for this project. Please only bid once you have read the document and know you can do everything.Thanks,Mike

  • £5154 GBP 3 days ago

    Parking payment in the city, by using GPS !

  • [Sealed] 6 days ago

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • £36082 GBP 6 days ago

    To setup a data warehouse (SQL)

  • $5154 SGD 6 days ago

    We are developing a SaaS platform for customers (office and home owners) to engage cleaning service providers and for the providers to manage their resources for the job. We have broken the project into 2 parts: Phase 1 - Offices to engage cleaning providers, Phase 2 - Home owners to engage cleaning providers.In this project, we are developing for Phase 1 ONLY. Please refer to the detailed workflow on the attached .PDF file. We welcome clarifications/ questions from you, please write to .We are seeking development expertise with good SaaS development experience where the security aspects are taken care of. Kindly provide creditable references when you reply or bid.

  • €25773 EUR 7 days ago

    We would need some help during 3 months to impletement SalesForce. Project will be structured with 2 phases: 1st phase: remote work during 2 to 3 weeks. 2nd phase: stay with us in Southern France - Housing and car provided.On top of an exciting project, you&quot;ll have the chance to live in one of the most sunny and beautiful region of France (Provence), next to the Riviera. Non-French freelancers will be accepted (english speaking environnement at the office)

  • €2319 EUR 7 days ago

    You can find futher details in the file attachment.Basically what we need is:A multilanguage blog based on latest Wordpress version with a responsive design and well tuned for seach engine world.

  • [Sealed] 7 days ago

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $10309 AUD 7 days ago

    Dear Freelancer,A bit about us: 16 Billion dollar market capitalization, Global organisation that provides education and expert knowledge to all industries and public sectors, essentially the next Booktopia / Amazon for specialized books provided in different formats that includes, Text, eBooks, Audio Books, Courses and Research. Company name cannot be disclosed at this time.I am currently on the lookout for a reliable & certified Magento developer.We currently have an eStore that has been built in Magento using Community edition.We are looking at moving away from our current developers hence this will be a long term contract.Everything has already been setup, payment gateway, products, and design however we need to make changes to the current UX structure to bring the Main Nav, Sub Nav, and all categories to the topThe reason why this assignment is long term contract is because you will became our ongoing support person for all future requests.Stage 1 To get the site perfect (Would need to copy the site into a test enviornemnt to perform all activities before launch)Stage 2 Consolidate all Micro Sites / Landing Pages from old sites (25 different M to new siteStage 3 will be to copy the site into different regions throughout the Asia Pacific Region, you will become the support person across the region for the roll out.It is very important when quoting for this role that you do it in stages.1st quote should be to reconfigure the wire frame / Navigation2nd quote: I would like to see a price breakdown3rd quote for ongoing maintenance Other: Anything additional support you can offer through long term engagementOur end goal is to outsource a team and to fully enable them to performance development, digital, and design tasks.Thank you and I look forward to receiving your proposalKind Regards,RK

  • £1546 GBP 8 days ago

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $15463 USD 8 days ago

    We are a young start up based in London, United Kingdom. We are looking for a team of developers to build our project. We want to make an application on IOS and Android as well as a website. This project will be about betting on sports between users. This project will be a long-term project as we aim to make future version and a constant control on the project by the same team.

  • [Sealed] 8 days ago

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $25773 USD 9 days ago

    Develop a native iOS mobile dating app.iOS App- register: - add selfie:- integrate with facebook login:- integrate with instagram login:- integrate with LinkedIn login:- integrate with twitter login:- capture geo-location:- capture friends from facebook social graph:- capture voice:- capture video: - import Instagram video:- play voice of other party:- play video of other party:- use algorithm to determine compatibility:- display compatible profiles:- initiate introduction: - UI/Navigation:Server:User database:Video table: Audio table

  • £11340 GBP 9 days ago

    We will be launching a website this year that will be front-end to a range of different services. What we need is someone who can take a base Joomla setup and implement:- simple messaging- file downloads- customer forum (we have an existining Joomla forum that will need moving sites)In addition, we will need to implement a custom method of communicating basis data and single sign-on between this website and some other services, therefore a background in developing PHP on a Joomla background is required.All artwork will be provided, so therefore no graphic design skills are required at all.

  • [Sealed] 9 days ago

    Need a site designed like preferably on magento. but would be open to other suggestions.. no flash. has to run and look good on iPad, iPhone, and mobile, Pc.We own a print shop and want our customers and photographers to upload their photos and art.. and we print them out and build the canvas. It needs to be easy for the customer to use. And easy for us as well.We prefer a modern look.Also in the back end, we need to be able to find the uploaded orders easily and send them to a hot folder based on size for a print server software.If you think you can have this done within 30 days please bid. Thanks

  • $90721 USD 9 days ago

    HiI need a 3d gamer developer to create a iphone, android and tablets multiplayer game in molds of clash of clan with different story...trenches II also is a reference...will be complete multiplayer,with in game purchases...more details in private.

  • $77319 USD 10 days ago

    We are looking for a company or private person who can build à complete online casino website it can be Copy from an existing website, we have plenty of examples.It requires several games , roulette, black Jack, slot machines and poker, iT must have creditcard payment facility and bonus facility etc.

  • $41237 USD 11 days ago

    Looking for someone or a group that can build a DICOM ready web based radiology reading solution. This project will need to include HL7 output through a MIRV engine that can be easily programmed to interface with multiple EMR platforms. Program will need to include basic patient information, GPS location, and be HIPAA complient.

  • [Sealed] 14 days ago

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $52061 USD 15 days ago

    Overview: Advantage MT is an online system for managing outdoor advertising space such as billboards, mall and airport. Advantage MT is .NET / MS SQL Server database.Advantage MT App.Purpose: Working via web service with Advantage MT the Advantage MT App&quot;s purpose is to scan the billboard QR/bar code, take a photo, trim the photo and update and submit (if required) a brief maintenance report for billboard &quot;sites&quot;.Required: Estimate for iOS & Android App development incl. web service.

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