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Exception Solutions

Exception Solutions

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Location: Rawalpindi, Pakistan

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  • $166.00 AUD
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    Dec 10, 2013

    The user did a great job and seems to have great technical skills. There was only an issue with communication during the process, but apart from that a very good job.

    Project Description:I'm looking for a developer to fix an app on both iPhone and Android versions. The application isn't displaying the map properly, therefore it can't calculate the distance between two points, as required...
  • $25.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller arlindpajaziti


    Oct 5, 2013

    i have posted this project 8 times and 70 developers bid on all projects but they offer me 400$ to fix this and 1 week to work on that project. i try for weeks to find a developer that can really find a cleaver method to fix this. so he did it for 25$ and for 2 hours. I RECOMAND THIS DEVELOPER TO ALL AND I WILL WORK WITH HIM IN ALL MY FUTURE PROJECTS - TRY TO WORK WITH HIM AND YOU WILL BE very statisfied

    Project Description:I have found a app in playstore wich stream online tv. so can you find the stream links of that app. i think it use feed get stream url's the apk is here try to find it...
  • $5.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller FreakProgrammer


    Aug 24, 2013

    Very pleased with his work and the turnaround time. I will recommend him to everyone.<br/>

    Project Description:Hi I want to be able to play youtube embedded video in Android app WebView. Use this link Load it on webview and let me know if you can play webview video...
    Exception Solutions has not completed any projects.
  • $222 USD In Progress

    I already have a website and I myself think it&quot;s incredible so do a lot of others.All I need now is an application so people can use it easier whilst on mobile.Only thing is I do not have the kind of money to pay for a fully made application so what i&quot;m going to need is:GPS TRACKING SYSTEM FOR THOSE WHO&quot;RE LOGGED IN - Also shown on website just like &quot;;Fully embedded website into my own App.Cheapest bidder with quickest time will win!!!

  • $155 USD In Progress

    I need painting app for android and iphone.User just selects color and clicks on some area of image and it should fill in with selected colour, like in picture attached.There should be possibility to add more pictures into app, so it should automatically divide picture into areas.

  • $222 USD Jan 14, 2014

    We are working on an app designed to work on an Android tablet. It will feature a 3-dimensional globe which should be able to turn/spin to a user’s desired location (of a city/Country). Alternatively, a user should be able to select or type in the name of a city and the globe should turn/spin automatically. The right freelancer will probably have to be an expert in design, with experience in creating 3D effects on an Android platform. We have previously developed this for on HTML-5 using JQuery. If this can similarly be used to develop this app on the Android platform, then it would be acceptable. In order for your bid to be accepted, pls furnish me with details of any work done previously involving 3D effects on an Android platform.

  • [Sealed] Jan 13, 2014

    Hi,We are looking for an android developer to develop an application with two versions, each version has two sub-versions: Free and Paid.To simplify, we need two identical versions of the application (But the only difference is that one of the versions has less supported video sites, for example version 1 has three supported video sites &quot;YouTube&quot;, &quot;Daily Motion&quot;, &quot;Vimeo&quot;, Version 2 has two supported video sites &quot;YouTube&quot;, &quot;Daily Motion&quot;.Each of the versions above has two versions (Free and Paid): Free version should have a limited functionalists whereby it can be changed in settings file not hard-coded (for example: free version has 2 tests whereby the full has all tests).About the Application:- Application is a Video downloader and MP3 Convertor, The application idea is simple and straight forward, main screen should display a list of supported video sites (YouTube, Daily Motion, etc..), then once clicked it should redirect to video site. Now when users start to search for something, on video page it should display two buttons, first is to download the video (all available video resolutions) and the second is to convert the video to MP3 and download to user&quot;s mobile.We need two versions, FREE and PAID, the free version is limited to 2 downloads per day (We must be able to easily change the number in the future) and also show ads (full window), while the full version is ad-free and unlimited downloads.-There must be a progress bar in the notification panel that tells the download progress.- App should be flexible and parameterized for future amendments.Thanks for your understanding.

  • $555 USD Jan 6, 2014

    OVERVIEWLIKE MY MOBILE TIP -The application works as a social networking and must have 3 things :TAG | SHARE | SOCIAL |TAGThe application must allow the tagging of photos stored on the users phone and instantly taken. The app should offer a zoom that allows an accurate tagging of product or service targeted by the user .SHAREAs soons as the photo is tagged it must be shared on Like My Tip, on Facebook and/or on Twitter .SOCIALThe great thing about LMT Mobile will give long life to the tagged photos and consequently generate clicks on tags at any time unlike what happens in the Facebook App . Users must have friends and followers. On our app users are able to follow other users.In the upper part of the profile the user will see - name, profile picture, how many photos were sent, how many users are following, how many followers the account has.When the user follows someone, the of photos of the person will appear in the feed of the user. User can &quot;like&quot; and comment on the photo.Find people to follow: LMT allows the user to see which of facebook and twitter friends are using the app and easily start following them .You also have an option to &quot; Invite Friends &quot; that can link to a cell phone address book as well.Popular: Photos with more likes appear on this pageFeed : Appear updates of people you are following .

  • $555 USD Dec 31, 2013

    martial arts instrument to train people who needs to protect them self defiance and their kids and other from any danger or abuse from any strong person and this instrument that i create to help any individuals to be faster and stronger and faster respond to any danger

  • $1250 USD Dec 20, 2013

    Android and IOS application that serve information to it&quot;s clients.System should have following characteristics:•automatically synchronize (download) documents when device is connected to WWW.•after downloading documents should be available for reading offline.•showing information regarding current and planned board of directors meetings, and showing documents that cover previous meetings.•having security mechanism for secure documents and information distribution.•reliable viewing agenda of the meeting with indication of reporter for each question of agenda, and having possibility attaching document to each question of agenda for quick search.•organizing and structuring all info regarding board director and bureau meeting.•having Ability to protect user access for at user and user group levels to certain info and documents.•highlighting new and not-yet-read info, informing person about renewing info.•having built-in map for showing meeting place.•ability for making notes while reading document, automatic saving those notes.•ability for changing and deleting documents and info remotely.•also building web interface for accessing to info and documents using regular PC.•data encryption by AES algorithm while connecting client to server through HTTPS.•device authorization while establishing connection to device.

  • [Sealed] Nov 22, 2013

    So what this is is a sort of audio twitter (but not really). Essentially you can speak into a note for a limit of 30 seconds (though that amount may change in the future). It would record that audio session and it would be pushed to all of the people who were &quot;following&quot; him (you have to approve of someone following you though, not like twitter).The person can then share the audio clip to facebook or twitter (if possible for twitter).People on the receiving end of the audio clip get a push notification of a new audio clip. They can listen to all of the new audio clips from everyone they follow all in a row (one playing into the next like a queue) (and are able to reorder the order in which to listen to people&quot;s updates).There needs to be a search function for people to find their friends (including putting a picture as your profile picture to make it easier).I&quot;d like people to be able to listen to old posts (before a certain time period in which they&quot;re deleted).Since audio is an expensive medium to keep around (larger data) I&quot;d want this set up so that most of the data is stored locally on their phone instead of in our server (if possible). I&quot;d also like any other architecture tweaks possible to make it less expensive to keep this running.Additionally, it&quot;ll need the ability to input ads before every 3rd audio clip or so (audio clip associated with an image like with spotify).Again, keeping the cost of running this service is very important.I&quot;ve attached general mockups. Disregard the very top one. Only the bottom 6 are what I&quot;m thinking.

  • $45 USD Oct 27, 2013

    add some thing to my android project search box and some xmlsome thing to my android project search box and some xmlsome thing to my android project search box and some xml

  • $277 USD Oct 6, 2013

    Your job will be to create a full android application based on a web application.The web platform from which you should create the android application is a gps tracking software that has many features that provides users to monitor vehicles, view hisoty, reports, add expenses, chat ect. Based on the features the software has you will have to implement several features to the mobile application:1. Clean and easy login - All users should be able to access the mobile application with their existing username and password.2. Main page (landing page after login) - All vehicles should be listed here that the user has under their account (vehicles and users are added through the admin of the web application) - By clicking on the vehicle an expandable dropdown should show with the following info (last message, location, speed, fuel level if any)3. Monitoring - Enable the user to view all vehicles on a map.4. History tool. - A simplified version of the history feature on the web application5. Reports. - A simplfied version the reports feature from the web applicationSo the andoird app will use all the data that is already provided. It will just represent some info from the full version in a simplified form.All interested and chosen freelancer will receive a demo account.Thanks,

  • $833 USD Sep 29, 2013

    Create an app for IOS and Android to help italian people to find nearest ticket machine (pay and display) according to where they parked the car (gps and augmented reality). I&quot;ll provide the gps coordinates or georeferenced map of parking meter location. People will need to have information about parking hourly cost and to know when their parking ticket expires in order to go to repay before to get a fine.A particular feature is the possibility to report the position (gps point and direction) of employees who check the parking ticket validity and permit the people to be warned with an alarm when they are near their parked car. Peolple must have the chance to thanks other peolple that report employees location with a star , like or somithing similar. Another feature is a counter for all money used to pay ticket meter and a counter for all money saved thanks to the warning that help to prevent the fine.App has to be developed in order to display advertising when in use and the chance to stay in background and pop up if ticket is expiring or employees are whitin some distance (defined by user) from parked car.

  • $750 USD Sep 29, 2013

    I need a GPS application for all types of phones that links up with google maps. I need this application to be able to lock a location on google maps with a click of a botton from a phone and then also send that information out to other phones, email addresses, and facebook with photos from the phones gallery. I need a website built to go with the application for people to download and also manage their account. This website will also keep track of all the history of the locations locked.

  • $555 USD Sep 28, 2013

    Need to create a new live radio and podcasts Features1. Share (Facebook, Twitter, Email)2. Alarm clock to begin the app3. Fully integrated with api4. Podcasts page5. Log in with facebook6. Open graph authentication7. Google adsense integration8. Display banners in different timesSimilar to - -*But it will be just one live radio and a couple of podcasts*

  • $155 AUD Sep 15, 2013

    I am looking for a basic application which is able to take a message from a database (600+ entries) and return a message to the user based on the user&quot;s date. I am able to provide the images for the project as well as the entries, I do however need someone that is able to port this app from iOS to Android devices. There are no demanding time constraints for this project but an experienced programmer should be able to knock something like this up within a 1-3 hours. Previous experience working with mobile devices is a must (as a commercial app this cannot be buggy). Thanks for looking!

  • $277 USD Aug 4, 2013

    We have built an Android app that is near complete. It has some design issues that need to be fixed, a few small features that need to be added, and some technical bugs to be resolved. In addition, we need to enable caching throughout the app.We will deliver a review of the app to applicants after they sign a NDA.

  • $88 USD Jul 27, 2013

    So , what should you do dear developerswhen I launch the app, the navigation finds me on the google map(street address) ...that is shown on ertuxi1.jpg.then i type the street i want to go in the search field shown below that image and the server brings me the numbers of the buses from database which can take me to that place from here. It is shown on ertuxi2.jpgthe I choose one of them and brings me the directions of that bus on the google map.That`s all

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