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Faizan Shakil Faruqi

High Quality PHP Development

Username: faizan101010

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Location: karachi, Pakistan

Member since: April 2010



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  • €130 EUR
    Profile image for Seller VideosK



    Very helpful and excellent communication. Hired again for similar project right away.

    Project Description:Please read the description carefully before posting : We have a A/B testing WP plugin that get traffic at url #1 and 50% of hits are redirected to url #2. It works correctly unless we have Cloudflare enabled...
  • $90 USD
    Profile image for Seller aghamir


    3 days ago

    This is my second project with Faizan and I must say that he is just great. Thank A+++

    Project Description:I need a new wordpress plugin to display a list of links and a short description for them from a database.
  • $100 USD
    Profile image for Seller aghamir


    5 days ago

    Perfect. Quick and to the point. Will definitely hire again in a beat.

    Project Description:I need to customize the look of the business directory plugin to match my needs and the look of my website. The developer needs to have used the plugin and needs to change the CSS, so please don't bid if you haven't worked with it...
  • $471 USD
    Profile image for Seller aaronsmith81


    7 days ago

    Great work, delivered as promised.

    Project Description:I'm looking for someone to create a Wordpress plugin that will easily allow me to create personality tests / quizzes. I want the end result to look a lot like the Buzzfeed quizzes seen here:
  • $100 AUD
    Profile image for Seller weddingbird


    8 days ago

    Great to work with

    Project Description:Testimonials page added to our site
  • $177 USD
    Profile image for Seller earguelles


    9 days ago

    Excellent freelancer! Great communication and quick response.

    Project Description:We need the following wordpress plugin modified: SPOTFINDER 1. When submitting a new SPOT, the current plugin uses google maps for the entire address to pinpoint location. We need the CITY and STATE field separated so front-end searches can be done by CITY and STATE...
  • $463.25 AUD
    Profile image for Seller weddingbird


    16 days ago

    Great first up project

    Project Description:We are wanting to develop an area within our site where customers can register details, view sample products (no cart) and also be able to FTP wedding images directly to our server (HTML) We are trying...
  • $250 USD
    Profile image for Seller MilanMLA


    25 days ago

    Faiza is a recommended freelancer. Professional work delivered, friendly communication. Fully satisfied!

    Project Description:Calculator should be easily implemented into my current website in Wordpress. Calculator will calculate the total profit based on 2 variables: time (amount of months) and initial deposit. Then it calculates the total profit (number) and draws the chart...
  • $350 USD
    Profile image for Seller dcparsons


    Mar 2, 2014

    Good job, very strong communication skills.

    Project Description:Existing Multi-part Online Registration System, needs update for this year (primarily search replace dates/file names/program call/dbase links etc)
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller abudahab2


    Feb 28, 2014

    Excellent work. Very Professional. Honest. Looking forward to work with him again

    Project Description:We need to convert our static HTML pages (Dreamwever Template) for website into a Wordpress website. Please find details and project requirements in the attached pdf file. The freelancer...
    Faizan Shakil Faruqi has not completed any projects.
  • $221 USD In Progress

    Requirement to build an interactive Map of Toronto that displays a pop-up above addresses from a simple database- Allows multiple addresses to be input with data points including: Foot Traffic, Vehicle Traffic, 52-Week High, 52-Week Low and a simple % with an arrow indicating the traffic to the location is up or down versus normal- Allows manual update to the data shown for each address- Allows creation of new locations

  • $157 USD In Progress

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~OVERVIEW~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This project is to create a "theme checker" script (similar to as a WordPress plugin written in PHP.Must be well stuctured, clean code, and well commented. Also the PHP and Mysql must be secure from injection attacks by implementing "stripslashes" and all the usual security stuff.Note: There are many more projects in the pipeline so if you prove yourself with this one, then you may be my goto person for future stuff.Note: 

When you bid, mention something about this project brief, so that I know that you"ve actually read it, thanks!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~WHAT"S NEEDED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~a. Create script to analyze a website and output the cms (e.g Wordpress, Joomla,etc) & theme name & list of plugins used. b. This is a free service to the public. (fyi I"m monetizing this by being an affiliate reseller of some theme providers, with my affiliate link shown in the output results)c. Write as a WP (WordPress) plugind. Include "Admin Setttings" page in WP Admine. Create the WP shortcode [analyze-site]f. Create the WP shortcodes [popular-themes] and [popular-plugins]g. Create MySQL logfileh. Other minor items & features as listed below.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NOTES~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~For WordPress, a theme"s name, author, version etc can be extracted from style.cssThere"s a free php class ( which can determine a website"s cms (e.g. WordPress, Joomla,etc) as well as applications used in the site.As a point of reference, check out these theme detection REQUIREMENTS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1. Check if cms is WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc(use the free php class: )2. If WP (WordPress) theme, then check for theme name & plugins.If not WP theme, then check for popular applications used in theme.(use the free php class: )3. If nothing is detected then output a no-theme-detected message such as: "This website does not seem to be using a theme"....If submitted website is on the blocked list, then output a blocked-site message such as: "Sorry we cannot analyze that website."...If submitted website contains words on "bad words list" or bad words in URL, then output a blocked-adult-site message such as: "Sorry we cannot analyze any adult website."4. Save search to mysql logfile:ip numer, country, URL_searched, cms, theme-name, plugin1, plugin2, plugin3, … plugin155. Link translation. Normally the output will give a link to where the user can purchase that theme. However in certain cases, the URL will be translated to my affiliate URL. I am a reseller for ThemeForest and Elegant Themes, so any links to those theme provider sites should contain my affiliate code. In "Admin Settings" the admin can list links which should be translated. For{name} -->{name}&affiiateID=74476. Create script (activated by cron) to query logfile and make list of 10 most popular themes, and 10 most popular plugins. Store results in mysql db.7. Create shortcodes [popular-themes] and [popular-plugins] which can be inserted anywhere on the page. Will grab list from mysql db (see item 6 above) and display output as shown: (output not shown due to reaching max words for project desc)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~OUTPUT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~----Detected CMS----CMS type: (e.g. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc)----Detected Theme----Theme NameTheme Homepage Theme Homepage screenshotTheme DescriptionTheme VersionTheme AuthorTheme Author Homepage----Detected Plugins----{plugin1-name} [wp link] [gooogle lnk]{plugin2-name} [wp link] [gooogle lnk]{plugin3-name} [wp link] [gooogle lnk](etc)(additional info described below)

  • $947 USD In Progress

    Hello,I need The Google Books API ( deeply integrated into a wordpress site. The project also requires integration of buddypress on the site as well. There would be multiple functions that the Google Books API would have to perform including, but not limited to:- A search bar that would work exactly like this: (Facebook has the same function as well- you can type in a book title or author in the "Search for books you"ve read" search bar feature, that filters and lists the books and/or author as you type.)- Have individual book "pages" pulled from the Google Book API with including book cover, synopsis, purchase links, author link, etc.- User pages should be able to interact with the books pulled from the API (links, mentions, likes, favorites, etc.)I can send more detailed project guideline to those who wish to read over them before they bid. Please request that if needed.Thanks!

  • $200 USD In Progress

    I have an existing Website for my company I need to do some basic updates, adding content to the wordpress siteI am using Nivoslider as the app for working in the siteIn addition to adding more photos, some videos and text, I also want to have one of my employees learn from you how to do this themselves. I know that Wordpress is learnable, I just need someone to teach my employee.I am copying a list of things I want to change on the site:Website Update Notes:Home page:new pictures uploaded Residientail TabAdd more places Commonwealth Olentangy State StreetCommerical TabAdd more places Goodale Northstar Phia Salon State StreetAbout UsAdd to and edit existing textAdd photos of teamuse as the example of how to post our pics. Basically we just need a head shot of everyone and we can add people whenever we need to.ContactMake sure email goes to Update Pictures hereBlogAdd the following Videos SSR Garden Theatre Video of French Rest conceptLEARN How to: - Give tutorial to office manager on site1. On blog: Learn how to add our own videos and blog2. Res/Commer Tab How to add new projects with photos w/in3. Edit Text

  • $1367 USD In Progress

    Make a custom template with files we"ll provide.

  • $5 USD/hr In Progress

    Is to create a mobile application that records and compiles videos into a two minute short.

  • $20 USD In Progress

    I have 3 image boxes and one is the wrong size. I don"t know how to scale the image to match the other two. Can you fix this for me.

  • $5000 USD In Progress

    Website programming for digital platform

  • $200 USD In Progress

    I have a process in mind that I am looking to create. A customer pays for an unlock code through Paypal. I would like data saved on my end to create an account for the customer to give them one credit.I would like an automatic email sent to the buyers paypal that includes a link to a form. The form hosted on my domain and will allow the customer to submit their IMEI that will get processed by an API. It would be important that the form will not process orders that are not registered emails.Once customer submits data, would like an automatic email from unlocking API to the customer once it is processed. I have the domain, API, and payment processor. I need the rest of the logistics done. Ideally, it would be good to have someone that I can show examples of what I want and be able to discuss by phone, skype, etc.

  • $136 USD 3 days ago

    Looking for someone to create a custom calculator for a Wordpress site that can calculate the Horsepower and Wattage used for a water pump.I thought of using drop down menus in the columns and a calculate button to show the result.Pump Rating (.75, 1, 1.5, 2, 3 HP) This will give a value of Kwh (kilo-watt- hours)Hours of Operation per Day ( 4, 6, 8, 12, 24)The cost per Kwh is the same so no input is needed here. ( $0.125)Results should show Daily, Monthly, and annual cost to operateAttached is a simple excel document showing how it should work. This is a basic version, but it does the math I want it to. I don"t know how to make a drop down chart to select the horsepower rating of the pump. What I would like is to select the HP and then the Wattage value would be utilized to compute the power consumed per day.Wattage /1000 * hours per day * $0.125 (KWh charge by FPL) = Daily usage cost.

  • $147 USD 3 days ago

    I am running a Wordpress Woocommerce site with a theme that enables me to submit products to woocommerce from the front-end.I am also using the Woocomerce CSV Import Suite plugin to import the products into woocomerce in bulk. By default, the products using the import suite plugin are submitted from back-end.I need to do few tweaks and output the plugin into the front-end, so I would be able to submit the products with the plugin from the front-end. The theme is built on Bootstrap framework.I need a good and clean code. The customization should be made as a plugin, so it"s not in a way to any future updates of either the theme or the import suite plugin.I have more work on the same project coming up.Important !Please only BID the amount that you are willing to accept for this project.

  • $157 USD 6 days ago

    Hi there! Indie NYC / Mexican band needs your ongoing help customizing our WordPress site:http://VillalobosBrothers.comWe need somebody who is EXTREMELY comfortable using PHP and can deliver results quickly. This should NOT be a difficult task (for the right person), just simple modifications, upgrades, customizations here and there depending on our ongoing needs. For example, right now we need a better way to organize our videos on the front page. WordPress is ordering them using the ID number, which is very cumbersome. The first assignment would be to make it easy for band members to order videos in whichever order we prefer, maybe using date posted or slugs as a parameter, NOT IDs! Or ok, let"s use IDs but help us install some plug in or solution that doesn"t completely mess up the theme and allows us to change the IDs of each video. As you can guess, we are musicians, not tech gurus. So you really need to know your PHP stuff. If first assignment goes right and price is right, will definitely continue needing your services. Of crucial importance would be the backing up and testing of upgrades on a TEST server, NOT on the live site. Thank you for your time. We are looking forward to working with you!Peace!Villalobos Brothers.

  • [Sealed] 6 days ago

    Hi,here attached you will find an example of a script that I currently use to query (as a cron job)the Facebook API to collect some basic page statistics.I need to write 3 new scripts for the Instagramm, Pinterest and Yelp APIs.The structure of the new script should be the same:-get from the mysql "links" table, if available, an entry for the Instagramm, Pinterest and Yelp page-query the platform API-retrieve the objects-save the objects in a results tableEach platform may have different way of connecting to it and throttling and I want to be ableto set the proper amount of calls for the cron job (for Facebook I have 144 pages every 15 minutes)We will have to work together to decide exactly what can be fetched from the API.This may take some back and forth between us.There"s no need for you to know the API as long as you are willing to read the developer documentation.!Raimondo

  • $157 USD 7 days ago

    I have an excel spreadsheet that we use to do quotes but would like to have this automated on our website by having the user form submission automatically linked with the excel calculations in the back-end and then display the correct outputs from the excel spreadsheet to the user. Ideally we would have this also automatically generate an invoice from an existing WP plugin that we have. Everything that would be included in your typical "instant quote" web app.

  • $250 USD 7 days ago

    We would like to add "Refer a Friend" functionality to our PHP website so our customers can refer business to our company. We need to add a "Refer a friend" tab to our customer profile page which will link to a "Refer a Friend" page that would have a short description explaining this program (we will provide content). We also need a form to submit referrals (First name, Last name, email, phone number). Once the form has been submitted, the system needs to send a promotional email to the contact. Customers that refer a friend who signs up for our insurance will receive a gift. So, our website would need to automatically check new accounts against submitted "Refer a friend" emails. This information would be used to produce a CSV report.

  • £142 GBP 7 days ago

    Hi, so what im looking for is a website gallery plugin where it makes it easy for me to create a list. Here are some examples: or So what im looking for here is simple I want to be able to create a gallery for example "10 best rappers of all time" then be able to easily upload a pic and a description and it must have the thumbnails just like the examples given. Here is my site it will be on: You!!

  • $1052 USD 7 days ago

    I am a Columbia University student starting a website for parenting. Please forgive if the descriptions are vague, I am weary of sharing all details here. However I know nothing about designing a web page, so I need your help. Here is what the website needs: host, design, users can login to website and upload images, video and text, these texts and images can be automated to be sent at date in the future (like a calendar reminder). I will discuss more details with you if you are interested. Thank you for your time.

  • $368 AUD 7 days ago

    Halp!Hi there - I have a wordpress site that is a little bit of a disaster. I"ve set up the domain and the hosting which is all fine, and I have a wordpress template that I"ve been working with, but I just don"t have the time or the skill to get it looking schmick. My site is I have set up the slider ok (I think) and imported my blogspot over but the images and alignment are all over the place.From here, I would like to set up a gallery and make the front page a little more professional and get everything linked and all old blog posts looking pretty. Then I"m aiming to be able to manage it myself (hopefully!)I"m very open to any suggestions and changes that anyone can offer too.Can anyone help?thanks so much :)Tennille

  • $421 USD 8 days ago

    I need to create a web portal so my customers can log-in and see account specific details. These details will be for each account indicating if the project is complete or not and what time the project was started and what time it was finished. Customers will need ability to add extra projects, change, and remove them also. Secondary page will be the back office for the admins and employees. This will be for employees to see account information from the customers. Employees will use this to complete the games and mark the project as started and completed. More details on request.

  • $210 USD 8 days ago

    Surf Agency is a surf school who offer lessons in surf, kite and stand up paddle surfing. We also arrange surf events and now have an online surf shop. We now need fast and urgent help with the last few things so we finally can go online!PROJECT PLAN: • Booking calendar : We need assistance in integrating an good booking calendar(with an booking form) for our surf lessons. Eventually with the possibility to pay for the lesson directly through the booking.• Shop and payment: We have a woo commerce surf shop in wordpress and need help in making the final steps regarding setting up the payment system with visa, paypal etc. • Picture settings :Help with of a few settings for gallery pictures(frontsite and shop)

  • $357 USD 8 days ago

    I am looking to have a brand new WordPress plugin created that will show relevant products from Amazon on a tab based on keywords entered.I will send over the full details when requested or when you bid on this job. Please add the phrase “Amazon Rocks” when you bid so I know you have read this offer.

  • $421 USD 8 days ago

    I would like a ecommerce site with a subscription model exactly like Customer has to be able to select if the total order should be recurring or not. It shouldn"t only be the single products that can be recurring as I can do this myself. The customer should be able to log in and change the subscriptionThe site should preferably be build around Wordpress and maybe Woocommerce.

  • $250 USD 9 days ago

    Create / install / configure new word press websiteCreate template based of current web site design and layoutEnter content from current website in new template / word press web site.Create login area for customers to download documents (e.g pdf, word, excel, etc). Like File manager where we can directories, etcLogin Area for admin users to update / upload documents.Web site to convert is

  • $147 USD 9 days ago

    I"m a simple guy with a pretty straight forward request. All I need is 1 page made.I am just trying to copy another site"s homepage design and layout, but have it controlled by Advanced Custom Fields 4.3.4 on the backend. If you do not have experience with Advanced Custom Fields 4.3.4 please decline this project.The site I am trying to copy is the "Header" element and delete it, what is left is what I want to copy.(We have our own navigation and header.)

  • $357 USD 9 days ago

    Hi there, I am looking for someone to help me build a website in Wordpress. I am currently planning to use the theme: Jupiter. I will need to be able to go into Wordpress myself and update the pages, but I need someone to help with the initial design process. I could probably make something myself, but I am looking to bring a more professional quality to the look and feel of the site. I want to integrate several opt-in areas on my website for list building. I offer experiential group coaching in person and (will soon be offering) online programs as well. In the future I would like to be able to add a member site, but that my not be part of this initial project. I work with recovering perfectionists and use creativity and play in my work, so I am looking for great looking design that is fun and creative.

  • $150 USD 10 days ago

    Hallo, please i need iphone gsx check script, Can you help me? i have gsx account----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • [Sealed] 12 days ago

    Hi all, I need a simple wordpress Plugin to display a widget showing the feed of mentions from the API of The widget configuration should allow to :Choose the number of mentionsfilter mentions by alerts, sources and type of mentionsThanks for your propositionsRegards

  • $147 USD 12 days ago

    This project is for a wordpress blog and theme where a user can uload a video both directly and through links from vimeo/youtube and other video websites.The websites homepage will display a list all the videos, the videos should be navigatable.Once you login the website allows you to post a video, you would need to typethe title of the video, some tags and then upload yur video finally post your video. Or if you upload via a link you just the title, the link, tags and post.

  • $15 USD/hr 12 days ago

    I need to find a great PHP programmer who is fast, friendly, easy to communicate/work with, and knows wordpress like the back of his/her hand to take over working on a custom wordpress website development project. The projects will be hourly based and will be on-going over many months. If we like working with you, we have LOTS of other web projects we can keep you busy with.

    Faizan Shakil Faruqi does not have any open projects.
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PHP Developer, Project Manager

Jan 2011 - Present (3 years)

Code Executer



Karachi University