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Username: falanideswarf

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Location: ukraine, Ukraine

Member since: January 2013



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  • [Sealed]
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    Feb 27, 2013

    friendly, very cooperative, good skills!

    Project Description:Hi, I'm looking for experienced coder for creating Wordpress template. Design is ready. Consists of 1 homepage and 1 content page. very straight forward. site will be multilangual. we will start with 1 language...
  • $30 USD
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    Feb 6, 2013

    Very cooperative. Job small but completed the same day. Communication all day without problem.

    Project Description:I have installed Mangos blogger template but i have two issues. The first is that the date is not shown as in demo ( and the second is that it does not show the number of posts i have set in the backend...
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  • $6 USD/hr In Progress

    I have a website in WordPress here : is one background image and that background image will be in grey outside the content area and colourful in the content area which is the header . This background image will be different for each category. There will be some text written on the header colourful image. Only expert needed.

  • $100 USD In Progress

    SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY. PLS READ THE WHOLE DESCRIPTION BEFORE BIDDING. I need someone or group of people to make appropriate changes to title and description of some videos i have in my site. It requires good English because there should not be any grammar mistake while editing the title and description. You will need to enter at least two appropriate sentences as a description by rephrasing the current description or title or by quick reviewing the video. I will give you 1 dollars for every 6 videos so this money is fixed. There will initially 600v ideos to be uploaded. Let me know your qualifications regarding your English level and other works and YOUR AVAILABILITY. I am willing to give you more job if you can do nice job. So while you are editing the videos, I need your CREATIVITY. This is most important thing during editing. Here are the some other rules:1. Title: it is really important to edit the title from the current one. Everything has to be with a proper grammar. Always the first letter is the capital and the rest are small letters. Do not use unknown symbols like _, &,* %, $, # except "?" and "-" . DO NOT use also "," and "." Here are some examples that you can use of but do not limit yourself to those examples. example 1: if video title is "dna structure", you can make it like " structure of dna" or " what is dna structure?".example 2. if the video title is "A Demonstration of Boyle"s Law", you can make it like "An explanation of Boyle"s Law" , or " How does Boyle"s Law works?" Example 3. if the video title is "Choking Child Video Demonstration" You can make is like" What to do when a child chokes"2. Description: Again you need to pay attention to grammar rules but you can use unknown symbols in this section. First letter is Capital. Do not copy past the title there. You need to write AT LEAST TWO SENTENCES HERE. You might need to scan the video or video pictures. You can also use title information and make a short research about the terms in the title. You can also get related information from other websites but you have to REPHRASE them. DO NOT COPY PASTE it. If i notice that you get a text from INTERNET, i will stop working with you immediately. 3. Keywords. Just replace or add new few of keywords related to title. No numbers though. 4. Channels: Choose an appropriate category for the video I will give you 1 dollar for every 6 videos. SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY. Just bid 100 dollars since there will be 600 videos. Do not bid less or more than 100 dollars. I will use it to make sure that you read the description to the bottom.There are lots of videos to be edited so i will hire more than one people for sure but you will have at 600 videos to be edited.

  • $50 USD Dec 13, 2013

    We need a machine running the latest version of the Linux router Mikrotik which is available free from there website.

  • $30 USD Jun 30, 2013

    I need someone to write a shell script that will utilize the "nc" command to check connectivity of IP addresses to a specified mail server. I need it to be versatile in the respect that it needs to check multiple IP addresses either from the same Class C range or multiple Class C ranges.Here is an example of a scenario:I want to check the connectivity of the following IPs that are binded to the server: - - - want to check if the above IPs will connect to the following command to do the above one by one would be the following:nc -s 25--The problem with checking the IPs one by one is that it will take forever so I need an automated way to do this (hence the shell script). I want the shell script to be versatile and allow input when run so it would do something like the following when run:Please input IP ranges in the following format (X.X.X.X - X.X.X.X):Please enter server you would like to connect to:--I would then be allowed to input one or several IP ranges. The shell script would then utilize the "nc" command to check all IPs in the ranges I assigned and output the results in real time to the screen and also save the results in a .txt file.--This should be a simple job for someone who knows how to do this. I am looking to have this completed in one day and please don"t bid some outrageous amount. Please message me explaining your knowledge and a personalized message of when you can complete the job (no random automated copy/paste responses please).Thank you!

  • $40 USD Jan 31, 2013

    Am looking for somebody who is able to create for me a script/tool which is linux server based which checks my email account every 5 minutes for payments recived by moneybookers or liberty reserve ,check the email for the title (which item) and amount of items bought and send based on that information automaticly an email with the cd keys of the bought item(s) to the customer using the payers email adress as reciver.It should also write logs at which time it recived payments and at which time and which codes have been sent

  • $60 USD Jan 14, 2013

    I need some help on my apache webserver. I currently have it setup for basic user authentication on the whole site. I also have set up a reverse proxy on a few urls. I am looking to set up some method to prevent the same username from logging in at the same time. I do not wish to use cookies or anything stored on the persons computer. If the same username wishes to login in, then my webserver should disconnect the first user session and allow the new user session. The one catch is I am looking to do this on a proxied url, so there is no physical html page to write code on. It would need to be done from the sites available or apache2.conf and can be done sitewide. The user currently logs in by passing username and pass in the url, and i would like to keep that method. I would also like to disconnect any session that is beyond a certain length of time, say 6 hours. this is on ubuntu.

  • $3 USD/hr Jan 7, 2013

    Hi I have a very small job for you, i can pay small amount.Essentially, all i need is the following.I have now made a new site on bigcartel.comMy original website is on a host gator serverI want the following:When a person clicks host gator website a flash intro occurs.This REAL flash intro, when clicked leads you to HOME.html.Instead i want it to go to site which has just been designedI also want the bigcartel website to have a NEW custom domain of shop.xxxxx.comSo rather then direct to old HTML site and now redirect to big cartel after flash intro. Can you do this?

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