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Professional Electrical Engineer & Web Developer

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Location: Lahore, Pakistan

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My projects:

  • $44.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller minimy


    May 13, 2014

    Good Talented Young Engineer!<br/>

    Project Description:As discussed.............................................................................................................................Salam
  • $125.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller SalammR


    Apr 28, 2014

    Faraz did the good work for me, I am 100% satisfied with the work. Already worked on two projects with him, third project we are going to set up soon, and in the future I will definitely hire him

    Project Description:Hello, need help with work in power electronics tramcar reaserch how it works.
  • $250.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller hannafat


    Apr 12, 2014

    I will definitely 100% recommend this guy to all my friends who needs help! He is very well versed in every aspect. He does the extra mile to help in anyway he can!! RECOMMENDED person to do your job!<br/>

    Project Description:will be discussed
  • $40.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller hossamjanwer


    Mar 20, 2014

    Excellent lancer and reliable for changes...will hire again.

    Project Description:Hi, i need an expert in Mathlab to model a fuzzy controller to be provided after your bid. It should be intermediate level and accuracy is needed. Thank you.
  • $750.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller gopuks


    Mar 13, 2014

    Good quality work and it was delivered before the time frame given .Great communication and I would surely hire again if needed.Cheers!!!

    Project Description:In this project, the student will design a circuit to implement a low power temperature sensor using MEMS resonator. MEMS resonator is an ultra-low power microdevice whose output frequency is dependent on the external temperature...
  • £18.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller ayse1995


    Feb 20, 2014

    He is very professional.excellent work

    Project Description:(Matlab ) calculate the position , velocity and acceleration from given equations
  • $13.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller minimy


    Feb 18, 2014

    Indeed Committed,Hardworking and Professional Engineer.Would like to work with onwards<br/>

    Project Description:Dear, I need 3-Simple Question solved and typed of partial Differential Equation Budget:$12 Maximum deadline after awarding: 8 hrs Please.............................Bid only if you familiar with mathematics and agreed with budget &amp; deadline...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller assignmentshelp


    Feb 9, 2014

    Thanks for your help !!

    Project Description:I need a screenshot from every step you make, this should work on my program which is (Quartus II 8.1 Web Edition. .. i need this in 48hrs and my bdget is $35
  • $25.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller worldcitizen324


    Feb 8, 2014

    Great freelancer, will hire again.

    Project Description:Question 1 only, as discussed.
  • $110.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller worldcitizen324


    Jan 9, 2014

    Good freelancer, will hire again.

    Project Description:Hi freelancers, I need help with this assignment - all the details are attached. Regards, James
    farazahmad759 has not completed any projects.
  • $55 USD In Progress

    There are three options to the softwares which can be used.1. Matlab.2. PScad.3.Power Factory.U have to use either of the 2 software&quot;s to solve the question. One to analyse the question first and then the other to verify the results. The method used can be either either Gauss Seidel method or Newton Raphson method.

  • $160 USD In Progress

    Improve the English writing quality of what I have done already. Arrange all the graphs and equations in proper way along with text.

  • $40 USD In Progress

    as discussed in the pm earlier...

  • $100 USD In Progress

    Hi ,,Building Website according specific requirements through 5 daysBudget 100$ MaxMore data will send later

  • $45 USD In Progress

    Please Don&quot;t bid more than price ...We need excellent academic writer expert in &quot;IT&quot; fields to engage in undergraduate dissertationThis project contain 6 chapters Work will done chapter by chapter - each chapter as new project This project for chapter one 6 pages - price 40$ Chapter two 12 pages price 75$ Chapter three 16 pages - price 100$ Chapter four 16 pages - price 100$ Chapter five 8 pages - price 50$ Chapter six 5 pages - price 40$ No Plagiarism - will check it in Turnitin system and if you beginner please don&quot;t waste my time More data will send later

  • €200 EUR In Progress

    I have an android project i need. All the information is in the attached PDF file. Contact me if you can accomplish this project. We can discuss about the time you need to finish the project or any other issue.

  • $333 USD In Progress

    Project Description:Compilation of a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) describing your engineering practice.The purpose of the CDR is to demonstrate how you have applied your engineering knowledge and skills;The major assessable features of the CDR are narratives written in English of three career episodes and a Summary Statement of the competency elements followed by Identification of Continuing Professional DevelopmentCareer Episods:You are required to present an account of your engineering activities on each of three separate career episodes. A career episode is a documented component of your engineering education and/or work experience which captures a particular period or distinct aspect of your engineering activity. It needs to clearly demonstrate the application of engineering knowledge and skills in the nominated occupation, not the acquisition of knowledge.It may use material from:• an engineering task undertaken as part of your educational program;• a project you have worked on or are currently working on;• a specific position that you occupied or currently occupy (in this case, the career episode must comprisemore than a mere duty statement);• a particular engineering problem that you were required to solve.Do not present large amounts of technical material. It is recommended that each narrative be a minimum of about 1000 words and a maximum of about 2000 words.Each career episode must clearly demonstrate the application of engineering knowledge and skills in the engineering discipline. That is, state &quot;what you did&quot; and describe &quot;how you did it&quot;, with emphasis on your own personal actions, eg &quot;I designed...&quot;, &quot;I investigated...&quot;. Excessive technical detail (diagrams, photos, calculations, tables) are not required. Each career episode should emphasize any engineering problems identified and any particular problem solving techniques used by you. The purpose of this is to assess the nature of the contribution which you may have made to the engineering project or task - particularly if that contribution was of a novel nature or critical to the implementation of the task/project.Please note that it is not sufficient to merely describe work in which you were involved. Your own role in the work must be clearly described by you, and be identifiable in the assessment.

  • $1111 SGD In Progress

    Hi !I need a custom pcb with a working prototype to be designed that is able to mirror handphone screen onto a 3.2&quot; lcd screen. Meaning to say the 3.2&quot; screen must show whatever image or video shown on the phone. I don&quot;t have much technical knowledge in this area but I am thinking the MHL and HDMI capabilitiy of smart phone be used. You could also check the link at: link above shows a similar project with a slightly bigger screen of 4.3&quot; and hope it helps.Similar display product in the market: Best regardsK Sudesh Durai

  • $166 USD In Progress

    my project is to build smc modeling simulink then interface with arduino uno to control 3 phase inverter that fed to 3 phase induction motor. so this is software and hardware project. but i just want you to build software. for your info, the error is a voltage from inverter to im,( 3 error, Vab, Vac and Vbc) go through smc then create 6 pulse pwm to control 6 igbt&quot;s..more info please contact me

  • $20 USD In Progress

    Looking to hire someone knowledgeable in the area of electronics. Job to be completed in 36 hours.

  • $50 CAD 6 days ago

    Hi,I&quot;m am seeking a skilled and qualified professional who can tutor a university student mathematics online. You must be very skilled in the subject and I require an educated background relevant to the field. This is a one-on one tutoring and we can talk about price after you get back to me with further details. I just entered a price and day for now. I need someone with flexible availability as well. If you also teach physics, let me know. Regards,Christine

  • $1500 USD 12 days ago

    I am looking to establish a long-term relationship with an electrical engineer with embedded design experience for several projects. The initial project is an electronic device that embodies the following sensors/capabilities:Heart Rate - Electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) + Respiration3 or 6 axis Accelerometer - Motion and gesture recognitionTemperature SensorOLED Display Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)Wireless Access Point/Gateway to transfer sensor information to cloud for evaluation/illustration/etc. If the engineer believes it is possible to incorporate a GPS without suffering too much battery life, then GPS capability would be great, too. If the engineer believes it is possible to incorporate wireless charging or actually motion charging (preferred), then that would be great, too. There is at least 3 other projects which incorporate the sensors above in various other fashions. Please send me a private message with your thoughts/estimates/questions/concerns and ideas. Additional information can be provided to you at any time.

  • $4 USD/hr 21 days ago

    Dear,As discussed...........................................................................................................................................

  • $80 USD Jun 22, 2014

    i have exam fordigital signal processing

  • $150 USD Jun 18, 2014

    I need an old file to be decoded. it seems to be encrypted. Can you do this ?

  • €100 EUR May 7, 2014

    I have my backup balckberry whatsapp .db files that I would like decrypted in great detail. I would like to get all my coversations back with the time stamps. I would also like all deleted messages, pitures and videos that there are . I would like to see who all the messages are To, including names and numbers of the people I have been chatting with. Can this be done and if so, can it be done as i have asked. If yes let me know

  • $100 USD May 7, 2014

    MUST : Include plenty of high-quality comments (almost like a &quot;user manual&quot;). You must clearly describe and define the problem/project you set out to solve and your solution to the problem (i.e. What you are doing and How you are doing it).Use loop and branchingSHOULD: Be written as a function with clearly defined inputs (and outputs) with sub-function(s) Produce plot(s) and/or pseudo animation This project assignment is highly open-ended; it’s an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the course material plus your efforts and willingness to explore/learn beyond the scope of the course, given the time constraint. Your individual attempt to explore and learn new functions/commands is encouraged (Matlab has various “toolboxes” for different purposes, for example), and a good attempt will lead to a better grade, even if your attempt was not entirely successful in the end. However, you need to clearly communicate your concept, solution/design/algorithm, and implementation mainly through your comments in the code. You may optionally attach a separate document to describe your project and the program. You will have to upload your M file(s) and other related data files etc., if any, to a designated location on BbLearn by the deadline: Sun, 5/11 12:00. Include all the files that the instructor may need in order to “test run” your code and reproduce the result. You will also need to turn in a “nice” (preferably “published”) hard copy by the same deadline.

  • $20 USD/hr Apr 7, 2014

    Matlab code, which detects maximum in human speech. People have parkinson disease. I have some sounds of pacients, who say: /pa/ - /ta/ - /ka/, repeating. I need detect every syllable and maximum of that syllable (Pa, ta, ka) Then calculate intensity, speech tempo and then statistical tests.I would start with first part, then pay, then second part and pay - I need to try parts how it works in my bigger project, and then specify you next steps.First part - detecting maximums in syllables.

  • $150 USD Apr 5, 2014

    Decyrpt whats app messages.

  • $100 USD Mar 2, 2014

    I would like to achieve the following;I am attempting to write a program that imitates Deese&quot;s - Roediger false memory experiment.I have 6 lists of 7 words, 42 in total (2 studied, 2 related, 2 unrelated and a critical lure). I have these lists in an Excel format.I&quot;d like the experimenter to display each list as follows:StartList &quot;x&quot; (i.e. 1,2,3.....)Then display each word individually, leaving 1.5 seconds between each word.At the end of each list of 7 words, the participant will have 2.5 mins to pause and recall the list (manually), so the program will need a pause screen but the option to continue to the next list. Each list will repeat, as above until completing the 6th list. (using loops)After the 6th test, I need the program to enable the participant to start the program, where the participant will now be displayed individual words, where they will be able to rate their level of confidence that they have indeed seen the word before, or not. (4 scale rating)The participant can work through these words at their own pace.After each word that has been rated I&quot;ll need an option for the participant to continue to next word, or finish.If the participant selects finish, the results are written to an Excel sheet.That would be end of the experiment, where the program would return to the beginning for the next participant.The interface does not require a nice graphical interface, just the command prompt will work.

  • $150 USD Feb 25, 2014

    Hi,I am working on a project and I need a expertise matlab-simulink programmer.I need a real time simulation model in simulink I have created a some code(.m and .slx file) but I need it to convert it into real time silulink model also plant model is needed in simulink. Hardware contains PZT bending actuators(BA4510), Piezo driver (PDu100) and Parallel manipulator.So i need a real time working model from which I will get a analog output to drive actuators. Further details will be prodived later on. kindly find the YouTube link, refer it for how exact model will work: only difference in the model is that they have used PSD and i am using Inertial sensor as a input.The time line will be of max 20 days and budget will be around INR 12000.if you are interested Please contact me.Thanks Harshad k.hk1117@gmail.comIndia.

  • £100 GBP Feb 23, 2014

    Hi, I need a simple app designed. Must be compatible with latest iPhone and Android systems. App is to stream single radio station, must include 1 option for advertising, must include Facebook LIKE/SHARE button and FOLLOW ON TWITTER button. App must also contain logo of radio station. Here is the important bit...I need to be able to edit these options to resell app.I know there are free codes online but my java and app development is poor to say the least, and time is not on my side.

  • $155 USD Feb 16, 2014

    Coding in numerical techniques, solving partial differential equations(not using tool box)

  • $155 USD Feb 16, 2014

    I would like you to apply matlab on some images and compare between the accuracy of the algorithms

  • $411 USD Feb 16, 2014

    Description:&quot;Web based multilingual chat system&quot;I need to do simulation for multilingual chat system:Number of hosts chatting everyone with his languages by two mechanisms:1.Client-server 2.Software Agent Mechanism1-client (host1) login to the system. 2-client select source language and target language.3-client type message in the text box.4-message translated into target language.5-the second client (host2) receive the message translated in his text box.I need this mechanism using two kind of model •Client-server model.•Software agent model. Simulate the mechanism into mathematical equation contain these variables which i get from previous system:•Delay time if in case of (1) server or more.•Bandwidth .•number of clients.•Process time. Compare the results of previous equation into MATLAP to obtain curves describe these variables in two models.=============================================================•NOTES:Doing this project depending on the architectures and sequence diagrams in the attached file i have sent with the description .

  • $200 USD Feb 9, 2014

    I need an app coded for personal use that is able to get the text from a notification posted by a separate app, (possibly using &quot;NotificationListenerService&quot; from Android API18+) and send a http post request to a web server with that data, and download the response file (an mp3) to the sd card.

  • $1250 USD Feb 8, 2014

    I would like to have a mobile site created and an App that would work across on Ipad&quot;s, Iphones and Androids. Before bidding please the read the document attached, the project is big and have lot to cover. Only bid if you are very sure about your skills and are excellent in custom coding, designing and programming. This project requires excellent skills in designing as well as coding. So make sure before bidding, also read the document attached.

  • $155 USD Feb 7, 2014


  • $20 USD/hr Feb 6, 2014

    Looking for an engineer to help design 2 systems one is a power system for an RV, using solar, battery, generator and shore power. We need to choose the right off the shelf products for the job.Second is a power box for a barge, for shore power. Please email me for more specs.

  • $50 USD Jan 27, 2014

    Hello there,Need decrypt and transfer the chat history of the attached db. file, can you help?Regards,Ozan K.

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I have worked here and I am currently working in Elance.


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