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  • $30 USD/hr In Progress

    Hi,Are you up for private web chat sessions? Willing to give appropriate amount for the right person.Get back in touch to discuss,

  • $30 USD In Progress

    Helo Fatima h r u i am starting work any company if u want to join my team please reply me thanks

  • $30 USD In Progress

    Might have a custom job for you regarding CPA lead generation. If you prove to be a reliable source. Please message me if you are interested and I will go over all details.I need someone I can trust for this project.

  • ₹3000 INR Mar 8, 2014

    Skype sex voice chat. no nudity.Skype sex voice chat. no nuditySkype sex voice chat. no nuditySkype sex voice chat. no nuditySkype sex voice chat. no nuditySkype sex voice chat. no nudity

  • ₹850 INR Feb 5, 2014

    I will send you a 270 page PDF file. There are about 150-200 words per page. Please copy all words to a MS Word document and send me the MS Word file.

  • $35 USD Nov 28, 2013

    We are looking for someone to generate 50 US leads to a website that is free to signup. This website is related to telecom vertical. It is a simple signup form: the user goes to the LP, registers filling 4 blanks and accepts to fire the pixel.The landing page, tracking url and creatives will be provided privately.This can turn into a long term job if you provide high quality leads. There is virtually no limit on how much you can make. Upon verifying the quality of your traffic, you will be allowed to produce higher volumes and earn more money.Remember, we pay on free sign-ups from the USA. This is *not* a paid for sale. There is nothing to sell on the website. It is free for users who signup.Requirements for sign-ups: * Unique IPs -- US residence only, *USA ONLY* * No duplicates, No fraudulent sign-ups, No Black Hat, NO CL Spamming or other spamming activities * No fake registrations using proxies, IP changing or hiding techniques, bots, etc. * All sign-ups *MUST BE REAL PEOPLE**** More details will be provided after selection. $0.50 will be provided per lead*** We will start with a test budget of $25 for 50 sign-ups to see how well you perform*** This is a long-term assignment if you provide quality, professionalism, and are consistent with your results*** If you continue to deliver quality leads to this offer we give raises along the way .*** Serious bidders only You MUST tell us how you plan on generating sign-ups/leads. If you are going to bid and say you have a "secret" method, then we will NOT choose you. We bring in a lot of revenue from this advertiser, and any complaints will make us lose the advertiser, and that is unacceptable. We are not asking for you to tell us every single secret, but we must have a good idea of what you are doing. ** No bots, black hat, rotating IP sign-ups, bad quality sign-ups, illegal or automated methods. They can detect this easily and it will result in them not paying us, so you won"t get paid. All payments will be made after the leads are generated and verified.

  • $155 USD Jun 19, 2013

    HiWe are looking for experienced providers that can generate quality sign-ups to our CPA offers.We need total 100 Leads & The offers will be mainly Email & Zip which is easily convertible.We require that the following rules :RULES:*Only quality sign-ups*Only unique and confirmed E-mail Addresses and Zip Codes*Only unique and confirmed IP addresses*No Rotating IP addresses*No fake Emails*No Fake Zip Codes*No duplicates sign ups*No fraudulent sign ups*No Automated Methods*No Cookie Cleaners*No Black Hat*No use of proxy servers*No Craigslist*No Auto Bots or SoftwareYes 100% Real PeopleYes 100% USA TrafficYou Must be able to report/communicate every day.PAYMENTS :I will show you the original CPA network offer payment and we can split the profit into half as I believe on quality work and your hard work.I can create milestone and will release the payment when i will be confirmed by the affiliate network that Leads Legit and with peerfly doesn"t take long.After this project I have got best download surveys,other gift card offers with adwordmedia so if you want you can work with me and both of us can make good profit.If you are not interest in email/zip submit then message me and i can get your favorite offers which is desirable for you.I am very flexible I only need Legit leads so rest we can adjest.Thankyou very much

  • $10 USD/hr Apr 11, 2013

    I want you to work with me on my project.

  • ₹200 INR/hr Apr 10, 2013

    NO NUDITY REQUIRED FROM YOUR PART. HOWEVER WE CAN"T GUARANTEE SAME FROM OUR CLIENT. FEMALE DO NOT WANT TO SHOW THEIR FACE SHOULD ALSO APPLY.Our client needs female for chat at skype on daily basis. Language and country : No barrier. Good internet connect is needed with skype. Clients will be video chatting with you daily 10 min (max).Can be paid per hour or weekly basis.Urgent requirement, you can start immediately.If satisfied, project can be extended upto 6 months and hence give you best price for 15 min/day work.Contact me for any further info. and job descriptionI preferred females with Indian ethnicity, all other are also welcome. Please DO NOT bid if you can"t start immediately or won"t be able to come online daily.

  • $30 USD Mar 26, 2013

    Please Make sure you read this project description to the end.We are looking for experienced providers that can generate quality sign-ups to our CPA offers. The offers will be from:- Email submits to other simple sign up offers.Please only bid if you are capable of generating 20+ leads per day and are willing to do a test of 2 leads before we hire you. A signup is also called a "lead" or an "action" and this is when we get paid.We do need to know how you generate traffic. Please be as specific as possible.We require that the following rules be adhered to:- All signups MUST be REAL people!- Unique Email and IP Addresses (currently US only)- NO duplicates,- NO Fraudulent Signups- NO BlackHat- NO Craigslist Spamming!- No Proxy Servers are allowed (We can verify this!)- No Incentivized traffic- Leads and IPS : Will be from USA- Each completed signup/action MUST come from unique IP to qualify- NO Spam, AUTO Bots or softwares.- NO IncentivesPlease quote "Willing to do 2 leads" to prove that you read the project details.You must never use any kind of software, bots, cookie cleaner or any kind of automationYou Must be able to report/communicate every day (this is very important)Payments:I will not be paying you advance/ up-front. This is to ensure that the job is met fully. If it is, you will be paid, don"t worry about that. I also offer HUGE BONUSES to my team for quality work.You will get paid $0.30 per leadPayments via: Paypal, Liberty Reserve etcYou MUST tell us how you plan on generating sign ups/leads.Before you are selected you must DO trial work (2 offers) so we can determine if you"re suitable and have experience in filling CPA requirements.IF YOU ARE INTERESTED PLEASE PM ME with details on how much traffic you can get and what type of advertising you will be doing. Happy Bidding and Good luck!!!

  • [Sealed] Mar 26, 2013

    PLEASE, BID ONLY AFTER READING COMPLETE DESCRIPTION and if you are an experienced Lead provider who knows about CPA Marketing very well and can generate on an average 50-250 leads weekly.I have access to many different Download Offers in CPA.Please read following instructions, if you can follow them and provide genuine unique leads i will pay you extra commission based on your performance.NOW HERE ARE THE CONDITIONS WHICH YOU NEED TO FOLLOW STRICTLY TO GET PAID:*Only USA/UK/AU quality traffic and sign-ups (Based upon Offer)*Only unique and confirmed Leads (Mostly Double Opt-in Leads)*Only unique and confirmed IP addresses*No Rotating IP addresses*No fake Emails and Zip Codes*No duplicates and fraudulent sign ups*No Automated Methods*No Cookie Cleaners*No Black Hat/Spam*No use of proxy servers*No Craigs list or any other any other classified ads*No Incentive Traffic*No Auto Bots or Software*No You can not hire other people to fill them for you*No Do not get your friends or relatives to sign upALL LEADS MUST FULFILL FOLLOWING TERMS:- Unique and confirmed E-mail and IP addresses only.- All Leads must be Genuine, No fraudulent sign ups or duplicate sign ups.- These Must be REAL People who are interested in Whatever is being promoted- ABSOLUTELY NO BOTs, BLACK HAT or CRAIGS LIST SPAMMING!- NO use of proxy servers.- You must adhere to the specific rules and guidelines provided for each offer you are to promote.- Few Offers need double opt-in leads in that case each lead must confirm his/her email address only then it would be counted as lead.Remember, to get paid you need to follow all Terms and Conditions mentioned above, If you will fail to follow guidelines mentioned above you will lose the project without any payment. I will keep an eye with my Affiliate Manager on all generated leads by you.TO WIN THIS PROJECT You Need to PM me with message "I UNDERSTAND AND ACCEPT ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS MENTIONED IN PROJECT DESCRIPTION.Payment Procedure:First payment will be processed after 15-20 days and then bi-weekly.Payment will be paid via Paypal instantly or any other processor suitable for you and me.There will be No Upfront OR Milestone Payment.Payment will be made based on confirmed leads by CPA Offer and my Affiliate Manager.For Satisfactory and Good Service you will be awarded by commission based on your performance with every payment.If you have any question or want to discuss further PM me.

  • $30 USD Jan 12, 2013

    I need 500 CPA leads, simple email submits from USA. Leads must be 100% real. *LEADS MUST BE QUALITY, 100% USA TRAFFIC AND REAL. NOT BOGUS.*In other words...*NO You can"t hire other people to fill them for you.*NO Don"t get your friends to sign up.*NO Rotating IP addresses.*NO Fake Emails.*NO Fake Zip Codes.*NO Duplicates sign ups.*NO Fraudulent sign ups.*NO Automated Methods.*NO Cookie Cleaners.*NO Black Hat.*NO Use of proxy servers.*NO Craigslist.*NO Auto Bots or Software.*ONLY quality sign-ups*ONLY unique and confirmed E-mail Addresses and Zip Codes*ONLY unique and confirmed IP addresses*ONLY 100% USA TrafficREMEMBER Leads converted (legal and valid) must be from the United States ONLY.This is for the FIRST job. After, if things go well, you will be hired on, for full-time work.Thank you.

  • $250 USD Jan 8, 2013

    Experienced providers ONLY and please only bid if you accept my terms for the completion of lead.I am looking for 1,000 zip submits (pull down menu + zip submit). I will pay .40 for every confirmed lead. The more leads you provide, the more money you will make. This can be long term if you work out. After initial 1000 leads, I will raise to .50 per lead and then .60 per lead. These leads must be email or search leads. These must be real signups: No fake or duplicate IPs, No proxies,I will pay on CONFIRMED leads only. These are few rules which you should follow and make a fair business. *No Rotating IP addresses*No fake Emails*No Fake Zip Codes*No duplicates sign ups*No fraudulent sign ups*No Automated Methods*No Cookie Cleaners*No Black Hat*No use of proxy servers*No Craigslist*No Auto Bots or Software*Only quality sign-ups*Only unique and confirmed submissions*Only unique and confirmed IP addresses*Lead must be quality and 100% original, No fakes, no Friends, No referrals and off-course no Incentive. ONLY BID IF YOU COMPLETELY ACCEPT MY TERMS!!!Non-compliance of the above rules will lead to CPA Network account termination without payment, whereby we will have no option but to terminate your services (without payment).If you accept and understand these terms, in your pm you must state that you agree to the terms listed in the job posting along with any other information you want to provide to help me make a decision.If you can provide more leads than what I"m looking for, please advise. I have several offers available.If you can deliver us good traffic, there is plenty of work/budget available. This can be a very lucrative partnership including bonuses. ONLY BID IF YOU COMPLETELY ACCEPT MY TERMS!!!

  • $250 USD Jan 8, 2013

    Hello Freelancers,I am seeking someone expert who can provide me among 1,200 and 1,500 Leads per week for my CPA offers. They will be simple email entry, zip/postcode submit offers.Start Immediately!!I will provide the landing pages. These leads should be valid and shouldnt get my account banned.LEADS MUST BE QUALITY, 100% REAL TRAFFIC NOT BOGUS. I need 100% genuine and real people.RULES:*Only quality sign-ups*Only unique and confirmed E-mail Addresses and Zip Codes*Only unique and confirmed IP addresses*No Rotating IP addresses*No fake Emails*No Fake Zip Codes*No duplicates sign ups*No fraudulent sign ups*No Automated Methods*No Cookie Cleaners*NO Black Hat/Spam*No use of proxy servers*No Classified ads*No Auto Bots or Software*NO do not get your friends to sign up*NO you can not hire other people to fill them out for youYou must adhere to the specific rules and guidelines provided for each offer you are to promote.FAILURE TO ADHERE TO THESE RULES & CONDITIONS WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE TERMINATION OF YOUR SERVICES. The ONLY Allowed Marketing is:Adware / Toolbar TrafficBanner / Text LinkTrafficContextualSearch Engine Optimized PagesFree Social MediaEmailPaid Search (PPC)Allowed Countries: United States, UK, Canada, AustraliaPayments:You will receive $0.35 for each valid and unique lead you bring and this is not negotiable. This means you will receive at least $420 for getting the minimum 1,200 new leads.All payments will be processed instantly via PayPal.Your first payment will be made to you after my CPA Network pays me for the leads that you havegenerated in your first month. You will only be paid once I receive the money from my affiliate company. The reason that I do this is if I pay you up front for the leads and the affiliate company tells me that my leads are garbage then I will lose out on all of the money. But if everything is OK and my affiliate company send my payment in my Paypal account, then I Immediately send you the money via pay pal. If you really think that you are an expert CPA leads provider, then there will be no problem for you to work without up front.I will be paying you per lead, so the more you generate, the more you will make.Please, Do not bid if you did not agree with the terms above no further discussion I required if you are interested to start Immediately Today! have nothing more or less to Discuss.I have everything you need, I just need someone who is honest, trustworthy and reliable to do the work for me as I no longer have the time to do it myself. This is a LONG TERM project. If you"re good you will forever be our 1st choice when hiring.You may start immediately.

  • $30 USD Dec 23, 2012

    PLEASE: EXPERIENCED Providers ONLY!!!DON"T WASTE MY TIME IF YOU REQUIRE UPFRONT PAYMENTSI need real actual people for my cpa trial offers.This will be a short-term fixed project. Seeking a lead provider to work with on a more permanent basis, Which can be the case after evaluating the results. Need to know the general details of how leads are provided. A general description to provide feedback to the CPA network in the event they request this information.HOW YOU WILL BE PAID: ****** IMPORTANT ********Once I confirm the leads are quality, real leads and we are paid by the CPA Network we"re working with, your payment will be forwarded to you immediately.AGAIN: You will receive payment ONLY after payment from CPA Network is received by our company. If we get banned due to unacceptable delivered leads, you will not get paid. If everything goes well, We"re willing to prepay for future projects.We are happy to offer you payments by Western Union, or paypal (preferred method)

  • $30 USD Nov 18, 2012

    PROJECT SUMMARY: Generate WORK AT HOME/Email Submit entry leads for my CPA offer. They are just simple WORK AT HOME/Email submit entry. I am looking for 150 - 200 leads in 2 - 4 days. Leads must be legitimate and from the United States Only. I am in need of highly good legitimate quality traffic leads for this campaign. This project can become long term if you can provide legitimate high quality service. The RULES for this campaign are down below.Description: Leads Converts On Completion of The Survey on 2-3 page and Confirmation of email (Will check highly good legitimate quality)Leads: 150 - 200 leads.Campaign Duration: 15 - 20 DaysTarget Allowed Country: USA ONLY (United States)Promotion Category to Target: Zip Code/Email Submit entry leads Traffic Sources Allowed: Contextual, Banner Display, & Search PPC. (ONLY THESE TRAFFIC SOURCES ARE ALLOWED)RULES FOR THIS CAMPAIGN:**LEADS MUST BE LEGITIMATE QUALITY, 100% USA TRAFFIC, AND REAL NOT FAKE**-NO You can"t hire other people to !ll them for you.-NO Don"t get your friends to sign up.-NO Rotating IP addresses.-NO Fake Emails.-NO Fake Zip Codes.-NO Duplicates sign ups.-NO Fraudulent sign ups.-NO Automated Methods.-NO Cookie Cleaners.-NO Black Hat.-NO Use of proxy servers.-NO Craigslist.-NO Auto Bots or Software.-ONLY quality sign-ups-ONLY unique and confirmed Zip Codes-ONLY unique and confirmed USA IP addresses-ONLY 100% USA Traffic

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