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Bilingual sys admin, android, linux and embedded developer

Username: fifteenhex

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Location: Shimizu-cho, Japan

Member since: June 2012



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My projects:

  • $125.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller easewood


    May 27, 2014

    Fifteenhex is a great developer; it's always a pleasure to work with him. Provides insight and offers solutions. Highly recommended!

    Project Description:A couple of new features, as discussed per mail.
  • $200.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller avtechmjc


    May 22, 2014

    Excellent job squashing annoying bug.

    Project Description:Install the attached flash.copy file and run it with the latest version of instr-daemon on the BeagleBone. It crashes like this: Program received signal SIGBUS, Bus error. 0x0002c32c in Set_VI_Control...
  • $200.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller avtechmjc


    May 21, 2014

    Always great to work with Daniel.

    Project Description:Modify flash.c (which you should still be able to pull from my git repo) so that if I expand the globals.Flash structure by appending some new variables immediately before globals.Flash.flash_end, the...
  • $75.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller easewood


    Feb 24, 2014

    Reliable, trustworthy and professional Android coder. This was our 3rd time working together, I'm looking forward to the next time.

    Project Description:For additional features / changes as discussed.
  • $800.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller yingran02


    Feb 9, 2014

    Superb speed! Excellent work! I can't think of a single negative comment

    Project Description:Hi, I have a complete product which is a appointment booking app in IOS, and also Android. My IOS app is developed with native objective C, but however my android app is built using phone gap and codova...
  • $2086.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller jeklen


    Jan 27, 2014

    Amazing Android developer. A perfect choice for large scale project, when you depened on the reliabitlity of the developer you hire!

    Project Description:I am looking for an Android developer (preferably part of a development team. The project is about an magazine App framework which i had had developed. I need this to be further developed and and adjusted for differnet clients...
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller cl77


    Dec 20, 2013

    Thank you! Another wonderful job. Hope to work with you again!<br/>

    Project Description:Casual translation of a personal letter, from English to Japanese
  • €43.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller nlance


    Oct 31, 2013

    Great job !

    Project Description:I have one simple program that have to be rewriten for raspberry. The program is written in C# .NET and this is what i does. - it opens and listen to USB port of raspberry PI. - on this port i will connect USB to serial adapter ( 485 / usb serial adapter, not 2323 )...
  • $1284.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller uncontracts


    Oct 31, 2013

    Daniel (fifteenhex) has been the best freelancer I've ever worked with. His native English was super helpful. He clearly knows how to code... completing the work in style. I plan to use him for my continuing Android needs.

    Project Description:I hired a contractor to convert an iOS app to be an Android app. But users have complained that the interface feels like an iOS app and not a true Android app. So for this job, I&#039;m looking for an Android...
  • $421.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller hhhansen


    Oct 31, 2013

    Great work, a very skilled and professional supplier

    Project Description:We need a small Android test program that can send commands to an external device over USB OTG cable. We are looking for someone with an existing test app, who can make small modifications to the existing app...
    fifteenhex has not completed any projects.
  • $25 USD/hr In Progress

    I would like the following developed:1) A small daemon running on Raspberry Pi that collects data wirelessly from ISM based sensors2) A datastore (=queue), e.g. using SQLite on the Pi that stores incoming sensor data3) An upload utility that connects via a WIFI (or 3G modem) to a cloud server and uploads using HTTP POST (raw JSON data)I have enjoyed working with you on the Android printer interface (my partner still trying to raise money for this!), and hope this can be a more long term working relationship, as this time I will be the customer for this project.I would also love to get your ideas on which sensor/ISM components that might be best to use?I hope you are interested!Thanks,Hans

  • $21 USD/hr In Progress

    We have an Android tablet app that interfaces with a USB device via USB-OTG. It has 15 to 20 screens in both landscape and portrait orientations, however is built for only one specific OEM device. We need all the functionality to be tested. The app is an embedded product so a full tablet along with the USB device will be delivered to the freelancer.The source code should also be inspected for any obvious problems with the code.Timeliness and attention to detail is very important and we require the project to be done asap as soon as it has started. Due to confidentiality, we cannot provide the app until an NDA has been signed.

  • $421 USD In Progress

    I need a arduino base unit to collect analog inputs and send them via a wiznet ethernet chipset.

  • $25 USD/hr In Progress

    Would you be interested in doing some Microcontroller work for We are based in Denver, Colorado and need some help with evaluating the CC3000 chip from TI and potentially the GS2000 chip from GainSpan. We have built our prototype and need to port it to one of these technologies. I can explain more if you are interested. My email is or cell phone is 720-203-9227.We also want to integrate a messaging service like PubNub into the microcontroller.Thanks!

  • [Sealed] /hr In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $600 USD In Progress

    An existion keyboard application is to be improved. It is base on previous work and more details will be given, but we already have a potential freelancer that is prefered.

  • $25 USD/hr In Progress

    Hi Daniel,Hope all is well, just a couple of fairly minor issues with the Android app, if you could tidy up the following it&quot;d be appreciated. Happy to obviously pay for it..- Add business automatically to favourites when the user scans a QR code. I think we were going to do this but it didn&quot;t happen.- Update Business Points balances after redeeming rewards, at the moment, after you redeem a reward and go back to the businesses page the points balance is incorrect. Have to exist the program and go back in for it to update.- Lastly, For some reason notifications isn&quot;t working in the latest build, just a quick check on that would be good. I&quot;ve checked the cron job, API etc and its all good on that side(our IOS app works as well). Shouldn&quot;t take too long to tidy up I expect.

  • $25 USD/hr Yesterday

    For this project you will use the provided simplified Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document in Project 3 folder (SRS-ElevatorSimulation.doc) and design your system. Keep in mind that you will then implement this system in Project #4 using Java and object oriented approach.

  • $500 USD 4 days ago

    Hi Fifteenhex I wanted to get an indication how much it would cost to port some existing SPI drivers to work under Linux as a kernel driver.I have been playing with this embedded board: far I have my kernel and OS booting, and I have defined my SPI masters in my dts file and as a test I added spidev (/dev/spidev0.0) Now the tricky part, I want to add 3 devices and talk to them via SPI, they are:MPU9250: (50Hz GPS) (Barometer) the above have arious examples of existing device drivers either for MXP mbed, a userspace middleware etc....however I would like to access each device via a kernel SPI driver which will trigger &quot;udev&quot; to create the userspace devices in /dev ...which I can then read with python or C etc.From the little I can tell, each driver will be about 250-400 lines of code. Let me know what you think.ThanksBruce

  • $200 USD May 7, 2014

    Modify flash.c (which you should still be able to pull from my git repo) so that if I expand the globals.Flash structure by appending some new variables immediately before globals.Flash.flash_end, the newly-added variables (but not the existing ones) will be reset to the default values (specified in initFlashValues) on the next program start.

  • $1000 USD Jan 3, 2014

    Hi,for creating Android app for my online tv streams. super easy to customize, Just i add my tv channel or video name, add stream url and channel/video image. then build with Eclipse .* channels classified by category (News, sport ... ext)* Add a channel to favorie.*search channel* alarm clockit looks like this application: 720p/1080p HD mp4, mkv, m4v, mov, flv, avi, rmvb, rm, ts, tp and many other video formatsAlmost all popular streaming protocols are supported, including HLS (m3u8), MMS, RTSP, RTMP, and HTTP.AdMob integrated for earning from advertisement.That the VERY IMPORTANT list of tv channels to load an external file (in my server)even when pirates decompile my application, it is not the way to this XML fileThank you.

  • $25 USD/hr Jan 2, 2014

    Hi, this is from team designlife, one of the winners of Freelancer Scavenger Hunt 2012. We are looking for new team members to relive the experience of winning in 2014,If you are interested lets chat here. See for more info and prizes over 30000$ to be won! Cash in this amazing opportunity quickly as we will only select 3 people. Thank you I am looking forward to see you with us. This project might seem absurd, but this is how it worked last time, my team is from all parts of the world, random people made friends. Giving us an unfair advantage over others!!

  • $25 USD/hr Dec 18, 2013

    Hello,Can you build native applications to run in background on windows, linux, mac? Most likely in C. Programme will need to run mining software (open source) and identify host hardware in order to run correct configuration.Are you familiar with bitcoin/litecoin mining and native, cross platform desktop apps?Grayh

  • $10 USD/hr Dec 15, 2013

    More upon further discussion. It involves decompiling and deobfuscating a jar file and using injection or reflection to turn those methods/classes into your own which can be used. I have examples.

  • $15 USD/hr Dec 6, 2013

    Casual translation of a personal letter, from English to Japanese

  • $250 USD Nov 22, 2013

    Hi,I am looking for Android App and Apple app to be created for our online Radio station.The following are the requirement for the APPs.1.App displays the GTR Logo in the middle2.Should include Play/Pause, Stop, Volume Bar3.Share option – share on Facebook, Share on Twitter, Share on Google+, Share via E mail4.Menu button and when tapped, the following in therea.Report a Problemb.Choose a Stream  Maybe have this in the main window under the Logo (your thoughts? Open to suggestion)c.View Schedule / Specialsd.View Play liste.Clock Displayf.Set Alarmg.Sleep Timerh.View Webpage - which takes them to the full website of www.gtr.fm5.In the bottom an Add Strip that runs so we can add ads to those who advertise with us on the app as well.What I have mentioned is based on the current TUNE IN APP. If you download Tune in App on the phone and search for Gokulam Tamil Radio and see all the options there, you will get an idea of all that is mentioned above.So we need this created for both iphone/ipad/ipodtouch & Android in the similar way looking the same so things are uniform.Please let me know, how much and how we can go about doing this.thank you.Gogulan Nava

  • $263 USD Nov 18, 2013

    We require a simple web interface that will send Pelco D commands to a PTZ camera via RS422 for a proof of concept. The hardware for this solution will be a Raspberry PI Type B with a USB to RS422 adapter

  • $427 MXN Nov 6, 2013

    Tenemos ya instalado un Proxy con Squid y WebMin en Linux. La persona que instaló el proyecto no se encuentra en la empresa y actualmente tenemos algunos problemas de configuración para acceso que queremos depurar y poner apunto.Como ejemplo, no podemos ver desde la red de la empresa nuestro dominio sin embargo si acceso este dominio desde otro sitio si lo veo bien.Me comentan en Telmex que es donde esta hosteado que es problema de nuestro proxy.Situaciones parecidas tenemos con otras direccones. Por lo que requerimos habilitar nuestro proxy para que nos permita accesar a y por otro lado requerimos una revisión general y en todo caso puesta a punto asi como una posible capacitación al respecto.

  • $300 USD Oct 6, 2013

    Android app that uses Snort.User enter his oinkcode into the app.App then checks Snort for rules and download them.User can then click &quot;select all&quot; and all rules are selected and downloaded.User can then choose these settings:Number of rules violated in XY minutes before a given IP is blocked. Blocked Ip&quot;s are blocked for XY Minutes(from 1 minute to 99999 minutes).Logs are made with:IP address, port, hh:mm:ss, Name of application that sent out or received data, how much data received and how much sent (kb).Logs are stored for 2 weeks or untill XY lines of logs have been reached.User can click list for all banned urls which also must show which name of applciation that was sendign/receinv data, port, ip address, amount of data sent/received.Older NewerDate:10/06 18:33:53 Name:PROTOCOL-ICMP Echo ReplyPriority:3 Type:Misc activityIP info: -&gt; foundSID: 408---------------------Time Chain Iface Proto SourceDestination Src PortDst Port Flag MAC Address18:46:01 DROP_INPUT red0 UDP 327717437 a0:f3:c1:f3:46:c018:45:53 DROP_INPUT red0 2 22 a0:f3:c1:f3:46:c018:45:48 DROP_INPUT red0 UDP 327717437 a0:f3:c1:f3:46:c018:45:06 DROP_INPUT red0 UDP 327717437 a0:f3:c1:f3:46:c0

  • $100 USD Oct 6, 2013

    Need a plugin/extension for firefox. Purpose is to be able with mouse to select many check-boxes on a page. Each checkbox has (when expanded tree-like) has several hundred check-boxes under each given check-box). Then when right-click the mouse then must be able to click a button called &quot;Expand&quot; and &quot;un-expand&quot;. Must also have buttons &quot;select all&quot; and &quot;de-select all&quot; which simply selects / &quot;ticks&quot; all the check-boxes that has been selected by the mouse.The &quot;check all&quot; and &quot;un-check all&quot; is similar to &quot;checkfox&quot;.This plugin/script needs to be compatible/working with the Linux Firewall &quot;; which has an &quot;intrusion detection&quot; page with around 200 categories and around 20.000 Snort rules that need to be ticked/selected.

  • $150 CAD Aug 2, 2013

    Write and submit one complete Java program to solve the following requirements. Your program will employ packages (that is, source directories), and contain multiple source files. Because you are using packages, much of your code should be in a directory named &ldquo;Greenhouse.&rdquo; You should be able to compile your code using the command &ldquo;javac Greenhouse\*.java&rdquo; from a directory just below the Greenhouse directory.Greenhouse is a house in which many events could happen, for example, doors may open and close, windows may open and close, fans may turn on or off, lights may turn on or off, an alarm may sound, the thermostat may turn on or off, watering machines may start or stop, and so on. Each event has its own timer and jobs (Hint: use a superclass with separate subclasses, and a thread); for example, the alarm may sound five times when the thermostat has failed, and the fans may not come on until this situation is resolved, even if the fans are supposed to be on. Different events may have different priorities.At the very beginning, a greenhouse (i.e., an object/instance of the Greenhouse class) has to read the operating plan from the file greenhouse_plan.txt. The contents and format of the file are listed below. Note: You cannot alter the format of this file, but you may add additional events when testing.priority=*,10priority=Light,5priority=Bell,1priority=Thermostat,2event=Thermostat,1000,*event=Light,1000,1000priority=Water,5event=Water,3000,5000test=Bell,1000failed=Thermostat,7000event=Water,8000,5000event=Fan,10000,2000Of course, the greenhouse should be able to restart the process if two conditions are met: (1) the user asks the greenhouse to do so; (2) the greenhouse catches an exception when doing jobs according to greenhouse_plan.txt &ndash; for example, if an event is not able to start because no specific event class is implemented. If the second condition occurs, the greenhouse will restart the process, skipping the instruction that caused the problem.Provide the means to read classes from the file, and create classes from their names (Hint: Class.forName()). Use the same methods to provide the capability to add new Event classes, and to modify any Event classes without recompiling the Greenhouse class. Note: You should not use inner classes for designing and developing Event classes. Test your program by adding at least two Event classes, and make any necessary changes to greenhouse_plan.txt.Before the greenhouse restarts everything, it first has to turn off all events. You may need to use ArrayList or Vector to store the events (and scheduling information). Doing so will avoid the need for additional variables to represent different events, and will also allow you to have new Event classes anytime you want.

  • ₹3000 INR Jul 28, 2013

    Hi!This software is written in Java- This is a request for developing a crack for a Online Stocks Charting and Trading software called M o t i v e w a v e (I have given spaces between the name of the software so that it remains hidden from Search engines and developers of the software).- Trial Download link: http://www.m o t i v e w a v (please remove spaces between name of the software to go to the download link);- Nature of limitation: 14 day fully functional trial- 14 day fully functional trial key can be downloaded from: http://www.m o t i v e w a v When running the software under trial verion, use Google/ Yahoo as the data provider since all other data providers are paid ones.2. Also, you may need to install 32 bit version of Java for the software to run properly. If required, 64 bit Jave may need to be unstalled and 32 bit Java to be installed.3. The software is installed in program files (x86) folder while the User Data files are installed to C:\Users\Current_User\AppData\Roaming\M o t i v e w a v e folder- About the software: The fully functional trial key is to be used after installation. Every time on running the software, the software checks the validity of the key with the website and if the trial period is valid then the software is started. The online trading software probably tries to co-relate the System ID with the key. In case the System ID is available in its database beyond the trial period, then trial is declared as over. In case one tries to change the system clock, the trial period is declared as over immediately (this could be used to test whether the software crack developed is working).- Special Request: The developers of the software release a new version almost every week. So it is requested that the crack developed works on current and all future versions. If required I can upload previous versions for checking that the crack works on all versions.

  • $1500 USD Jul 22, 2013

    I want a developer who should develop the game and help in supporting the issues in initial days...can be hired on per hour basis or can be given the Share in the game for life long

  • $1000 USD Jun 26, 2013

    Hello, my name is Ilya SohnPlease, look the references below. It&quot;s our iOS version of the game and we would like to release such a game for Android market. Is it possible? Could you please answer how long will it take and how much will it cost? If you have question, please feel free to ask, I&quot;ll do my best to answer.Itunes link -;mt=8App site - http://fingstargame.comGameplay video - trailer -;feature=plcpThank you for you time and attention!Best regards,VOVASOFT team.

  • $25 USD/hr Jun 24, 2013

    ANDROID HEARING AID PROJECTnext part architecture

  • $25 USD/hr Jun 23, 2013


  • $300 USD Jun 6, 2013

    I am looking for a programmer as I need to unlock Huawei E173z-1 USB Modem (3G Modem) - the modem is locked to Mobinil Network in EgyptHint: I can help a lot as I have a sampled unlocked modem Huawei E173z-1A and E173z-1AI tried to read the EPROM for the unlocked modem ( E173Eu-1 ) and write it to the Locked modem EPROM ( E173z-1 ) but the modem power was not working - looks like the boot loader need to be correctly programmedIf any programmer can work on this project please contact me ASAP

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Android Developer

Mar 2011 - Jun 2012 (1 year)


Android developer; Worked on this application.<br /><br />

System Admin/Web developer

Apr 2008 - Oct 2010 (2 years)

Digital ltd

Responsible for administration of our Debian production servers and developing and deploying web applications.

Infrastructure Engineer

Apr 2007 - Apr 2008 (1 year)

St Minver LTD

Responsible for supporting a Windows domain with ~200 users, Cisco network infrastructure, backups etc.


Internet Applications and Technologies


BTEC National Diploma Software Engineering



TEFL short course


Short course for teaching English as a foreign language