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LAMP, Mobile, Software Architecture

Username: fleetways

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  • £1578.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller kmikeli


    28 days ago

    This project was a really important project and they delivered the project perfectly and responded really quickly to any queries that we had. Very helpful and a brilliant datagrid delivered.

    Project Description:Mediahawk provide online reporting software and are looking for a new grid to display the data in. We have looked at other datagrid packages that are available, however these do not completely meet our requirements...
  • £1350.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller kclalpha


    Jun 12, 2014

    My task was to put together a rather complex data-base driven online tool. I am very happy with the work that was done and will look to engage this freelancer for future iterations of the tool.

    Project Description:Situation I am developing an online database that allows the following 172reports to be displayed and maintained via a web interface:
  • $1780.75 AUD
    Profile image for Seller ahucker


    Aug 25, 2013

    Excellent service and professionalism. Will be using them a lot more!

    Project Description:Hey Everyone. I bought a WordPress store template recently, but am having a lot of trouble with the developer fixing some issues that have been discovered. Typical right! Not because he cant do it,...
  • $3000.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller cobycoby


    Jul 19, 2013

    I will definitely hire them again

    Project Description:I have a site that sells boats that I need to set up for brokers to use. I bought the site from a company in Pakistan that is not offering any support,..My Mistake! I need some revisions to the design and placement of ad widgets, search functions etc...
  • $1500.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller onmsystems


    Mar 27, 2013

    Outstanding, put extra work in to complete the project, will hire again, Thanks

    Project Description:The project has been re-opened and we require an Offline HTML5 Sales Application allowing users to complete orders by selecting a customer from a list/grid, then be shown a product list with option to enter quantity and price for any...
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller scrapemeplease


    Feb 10, 2013

    As always brilliant. Many thanks!

    Project Description:Hi Fleetways, You have done some work for me in the past on - it appears I need your help with the calender function once more. You created the functionality for me to not allow people to book a tour within the next 4 days...
  • $704.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller robertstristan


    Jan 8, 2013

    Excellent communication and very dependable.

    Project Description:[Project Description hidden]
  • $2335.12 USD
    Profile image for Seller magnej


    Dec 3, 2012

    Well done!

    Project Description:[Project Description hidden]
  • $144.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller nabuccosl


    Oct 31, 2012

    Rating: 5.0/5.0

    Project Description:[Project Description hidden]
  • $54.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ascholebo


    Oct 15, 2012

    Rating: 5.0/5.0

    Project Description:[Project Description hidden]
    fleetways has not completed any projects.
  • £2105 GBP In Progress

    We are a small company working for main contractors in the construction industry that needs to write several method statements each week which are relevant to each job and the task being performed.Our current word document is 23 pages long an example is attached and needs to be filled in ideally from a database of questions and answers, further samples can be provided.The document has mostly repetitive items, also a Risk Assessment table and selectable remedies. The data input needs to be simple and organised and the output formatted to suit our current layout. The software ideally needs to operate on windows pc and Mac too, if that is not practical Windows is the priority operating system. If you need any further information please contact me.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $1368 USD In Progress

    -This project is exclusively for fleetways-Project has 2 task areas:1. It complements functionalities of the project "Private Project - Recommerce Website - exclusively for fleet ways“. The functionalities are described in "ScreenDraft_v0.9.pptx“ which becomes part of this project description (see attached file).2. It uses the framework of the above mentioned project for a follow-up project called "Recommerce Website II“ that covers other articles than games&consoles and features a separate layout which is fully provided by the client.Details to 1:-Complete upload functionality eBay from project "Private Project - Recommerce Website - exclusively for fleet ways“-Frontend/ Backend Tab Customers: Add bank account details IBAN/ BIC and add calculation logic according to embedded Worksheet for calculation of this data (see ScreenDraft_v0.9.pptx; p.2)-Backend Tabs: Optimize layout of backend Tabs(see ScreenDraft_v0.9.pptx; p.3,5,6 etc.)-Backend Tab Articles: Products should be searchable by: Retrade-ID & internal Barcode Number (see ScreenDraft_v0.9.pptx; p.4)-Backend Tab Articles: Add articles to catalogue manually (see ScreenDraft_v0.9.pptx; p.4)-Backend Tab Articles: Parse price information from another platform (see ScreenDraft_v0.9.pptx; p.4)Details to 2:-Layout is provided by client for all pages (see attachment for landing page)-Use existing framework to empower „Recommerce Website II“-New Categorization must be added (see attachment)-Dummy articles with fixed prices must be added (these are selected by customer when he cannot find his article)-Manufacturer catalogue needs to be imported-Header of delivery note will graphically change… (To be further defined)

  • $1500 USD In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $4500 USD In Progress

    Deliverable:Website that allows users to search for their products either by name or article number (so-called EAN). Search results indicate the price to be paid in case the user trades his products in. Job requires excellent individual programming skills and state-of-the-art API programming.Details:Products to be traded-in are collected in a cart. When transaction is finished a shipping note is printed out and is sent in with the articles traded in.Important: Separate online shop, where these used products can be sold is in project scope.Concerning the frontend the landing page including search functionality for products intended to be sold or bought needs to be programmed. Furthermore the registration and login procedure, checkout process from shopping cart to confirmation of transaction, common payment modules, user account management and contact & service are quite straight-forward modules to be implemented.Regarding the backend editing of product lists, tracking of order status/ payment, management of customer accounts, integration of API (Amazon Web Services, eBay, Facebook Open Graph, DHL Retoure ) are the main tasks.Already in place, but requires additional work:Layout and graphical elements have already been generated.We provide the product data for category games & consoles.Important info:The detailed functional requirements and project schedule are attached with password protection. This password is already provided to fleetways.With the acceptance of this project the service provider accepts these functional requirements and project schedule.

  • €750 EUR In Progress

    I have an app made some time ago I would like to hire someone to refactor it in a proper design, and rewrite some buggy modules. I do insist on the quality of the refactoring because I would like to add more modules to the app later on so a good architecture is mandatory.

  • $1578 USD 2 days ago

    We want to build a less sophisticated app of flipboard app and this will focus on university where students can upload stories. I prefer to have it coded in html. Instead of having a database that crawls news sites, I will need a portal for students/staff to upload stories.

  • $3157 USD 3 days ago

    Help design in house filemaker database to include clearence of goods from the port from CIF documents to FOT.Develop workshop and administrative modules.Develop document collection and end delivery to clients.

  • $5268 USD 3 days ago

    Need an application built for the backend of a website of a logistics company.

  • $5263 USD 5 days ago

    Looking for someone or a group that can build a DICOM ready web based radiology reading solution. This project will need to include HL7 output through a MIRV engine that can be easily programmed to interface with multiple EMR platforms. Program will need to include basic patient information, GPS location, and be HIPAA complient.

  • $7368 USD 5 days ago

    能做大小java web应用项目。有国内三年金融项目开发经验。

  • €3157 EUR 5 days ago

    Necessito cello sviluppo di un software In grado di prelevare dati,elaborarli e restituire risultati di calcoli statistici che dovranno essere archiviati,confrontabili,analizzabili e filtrabili.inoltre il software dovra essere in grado di prelevare as intervalli stabiliti altri dati da elaborate.

  • $3157 USD 5 days ago

    Equipment & Inventory Management System-Track & Log Fleet Vehicles (mileage, maintenance)-Track & Log Equipment Inventory on vehicles-Track & Log Medications on VehiclesPlus further details that must be discussed over the phone

  • $3157 USD 5 days ago

    Application for children who play on our football courts to track their goals, assists, man of the match. Should include user profile, ability to follow other members, and create leader boards.

  • $1578 USD 5 days ago

    We have to magazines that are separate publications, but many of our subscribers receive both magazines. Some receive just one. We offer one and two year subscription to either both magazines or just one. 1. Website Integration- Subscribers need to be able to log in to their “account” to check on the status of their subscription and renew. - We are open to the best way to do this, but would prefer that it take place within our site, which is on wordpress, currently using WooCommerce2. Subscription Management- We need a better way to manage our subscribers. We have two magazines. Some subscribers get both magazines, some just get one. - We are currently using Subscription Genius, which is great on our end, but our customers are not able to access their account without using the Subscription Genius page, which does not match our site and we do not want to use. -Subscription Genius offers an API that I think will make this possible. However, I would like users to be able to manage their subscription as well as just check on it. They should be able to change their name or address and have that change reflected in our database. ( Ifs subscription genius won’t work for this, we are open to a new system. The only database fields we need are “name, address, city, state, zip, email, final issue of magazine 1, final issue of magazine 2, subscriber id #”- There are two ways to keep track of a subscription. By their last issue (the date they would need to renew) or by issues left. Subscription Genius currently uses “Issues Left” to show how long is left of the subscription. We are open to either method.- We would even be open to setting all of this up in a cloud spreadsheet or two that automatically updates with new orders (Zapier maybe?)3. Mobile App (If you can complete the rest of this project but not the mobile app, please let me know)- We want to develop an app that allows reader to purchase individual issues of the magazine to read on device, as well as subscribe to our magazine. We want them to be able to make in-app purchases. - They should be able to read their magazines within the app. We need to create this for iPhone and Android. - We also need a way for the client to be able to log in on their computer to read the issues. - This system needs to integrate with our subscription management system, so that someone can login and see both or either of their subscription types. - The app also needs a “free reading” section, or blog basically. I want to be able to send push notifications when new, free articles are available in the app. I can supply you with details on our current website, subscription software, etc. I am really not sure what kind of budget I need to set for this. I am open to any reasonable bids.

  • $33684 HKD 5 days ago

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $5000 USD 5 days ago

    Our company currently owns an online sports contests website which was created as a pilot for the recently played World Cup. The base of the game/contest is rather simple: Try and guess game results, add points according to your correct answers, and by the end of the tournament, whoever has the most points ends as number one against opponents from the same country or a different one. Our website is: www.elreto.comNow we"re entering phase 2 of our project and we are ready to extend to different sports as american football (NFL), baseball (MLB), basketball (NBA) and different soccer leagues: Spanih Liga Primera, Italian Lega Calcio, English Premier League, Champions League, Mexican Liga MX, and others. While using the same playing format we wish that players have the opprtunity to win in short period of time (i.e. 1 to 3 days tops) with an entry fee and a prize at the end of each weekend"s league. The idea is that during playing time, players can watch how they are doing against other opponents as each one fo the real time sports events is developing.On phase 3, other daily games, such as "Fantasy" games specifically for NFL, MLB, and NBA will be neccesary as well. On these games, contest players choose real life players on their team (9 max) with a salary cap budget, and depending on how they perform in real life, each player makes points. Whoever adds the most points with their players, wins. It can be head-to-head or in a one-week league against a big number of players.Website requires: - secure login with facebook access- live action sports linked to website to update contestants results- cash-in and cash-out merchant api- Amazon hosting (already in place)To build the project we wish to benchmark this site: www.fanduel.comAttached is a presentation on the important things we wish to benchmark. Thanks.

  • $40000 HKD 5 days ago

    Receive scanning results in Javascript format from an external source (API already provided) and update into database.Provide data search results and receive user-entered data updates with a web-browser interface.HTML and CSS are already produced so do not need to be developed but need to be interacted with.

  • $4210 AUD 6 days ago

    Mobile Quiz/Exam Preparation app required.* App should be native & only need to access the internet to update or download new content. * Must be written in a way that can be pushed to multiple platforms (phone gap?): iOS, Android & Windows Mobile 8. * App will have sections/tabs split up for vendors. Tab bar would be useful for this but may be limiting if we have more than 5 vendors/categories (unless it can scroll left/right?)•Intro pages..Exam Area:* Each section will have multiple exams, text/content pages. - Exams questions will be in the multiple choice format or may be multi-selection format. - Exams must be able to be loaded in the backend via a CMS, CSV or data file which gets downloaded to the app via an update or a refresh. - Exams should have the option to turn on random ordering of questions. - Each question should have an info button up the top where info/details regarding the topic can be placed in there. - Exam answers will appear after each answer is confirmed. Result should display with an explanation after each question. - Final summary should be available at the end of the quiz showing their score, the answers + explanation. - Scored should be able to be shared socially with a brief message explaining they scored this result via this app, download from the relevant apps store. - Text pages/content pages should be able to be added via the backend as well by a non-developer and should not require pushing a new version to the app store. - Ability to search within text pages (e.g. glossary).* App will be placed in store as a Freemium app. - App will be free with limited content. Certain items (eg exams) will only be accessible via in app purchase. - Multiple in app purchases will be required as each section/vendor should have a separate option to purchase. - Require the ability to provide free download codes for in app purchases. - Notification centre required.* Rate this app prompt.* Share app option.* Bear in mind there may be future updates to incorporate other features. - One option will be displaying a mobile/html5 page in a view window. - Future updates may have data pulled directly from a web CMS/CRM.* We may incorporate features from our current corporate app to turn this into the official corporate app but that hasn’t been planned so may be a phase 2 but open to discussion. ** Important points: Extra exams, categories must be able to be added without development or republishing to the app store. ** App must run natively with exam component running without the need for internet access.** Will require all source code and published to DDLS’ app stores.** Full source code will be required to supplied on completion. Contractor may be hired again for updates/upgrades though.

  • $4210 USD 6 days ago

    We search for experienced Magento developers to build online store using offline TecDoc database.Experience with huge product ammuont in Magento is mandatory.Developers with experience in TecDoc will be considered in higher priority.TecDoc database will be provided in MySQL tables.TecDoc database contain 4.000.000 products, but not all products have to be imported in Magento.we have separate stock availability server, which has all information about which products are in stock and what is the price.Product import script has to work following way, first it compare TecDoc database with stock availability database and afterwards import only those products in Magento, which are in stock. Normally it should be 250.000-400.000 productsHere is the list with functions it must have:1. Catalog* catalog MUST work on highest speed level* indexing/caching must be configured using varnish* search function configured under sphinx* full-page cache must be installed and configured* 3 languages* URL translations imported from TecDoc* Delivery time(date) is showed on each product, regarding from supplier and where customer lives2. Car filter* global car filter (always available on page, applies to all products and search results)* filter should consider universal products (suitable for all cars - attribute)* filter should work for both registered and non-registered users (cookies)* if customer has not applied car filter, all products are shown in catagories* if customer has not applied car filter, he receive notice, that he has to use it to be sure it is correct part3. Related products* TecDoc does not include information about which products are related to each other, so we have to create module where we can create such relations.For example, when customer browse for oil filter, we will offer oil.Or when customer browse for shock absorber, we will offer springs.* All related products must be suitable for the car customer has choosed, except universal products of course.* Module have to operate with sets of attributes4. Search * Possilibility to search by TecDoc number* Possilibility to search by OEM number* Possilibility to search by SKU* Possilibility to search by category or product name* If car filter is applied, only suitable and universal products are searched and showed5. Payments* Payment terminal for credit cards (re-directed)* PayPal* Bank links - for online banking payments6. SEO* SEO optimized website* URL and catalog structure has to look following way: english or russian skills.

  • $4000 AUD 6 days ago

    I have a nanny agency and I am looking for someone/a company to design an App for my clients and nannies

  • $1578 USD 6 days ago

    We have two established websites 18 years old (a lot of patch work since), working on launching new sites. Need help maintaining current sites.

  • $5000 AUD 6 days ago

    •HTML/JavaScript programming skills.•Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash

  • $5000 USD 9 days ago

    I require technical assistance to build an iphone app that interfaces with facebook for a new marketing platform.Details of the project will only be shared once a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and a Non compete agreement have been signed. The resulting IP and code will be owned by me and my partners. This project is only for the purposes of building a beta test app for the purposes of proving out the concept and securing additional funding.If successful, there may be additional compensation in the form of shares awarded in the new company and possibly even employment if desired.Thanks for your assistance!Tom

  • [Sealed] 9 days ago

    Current Project:Modifications needed for an online e-commerce store built using Java. Graphics and PSD files are provided. No automation needed in shipping modules or payment gateway. A total of 40- 50 pages in the overall website. Project lead time is 4 weeks for everything to be done. SEO friendly URLS needed. Mobile responsive pages need - html and proper css will be provided for mobile responsive pages, compatible with Joomla. Need someone very experienced in Joomla, if you handle projects smoothly with good communication you will earn other projects such as complete website build outs. Can provide example files per Email or Skype. Store will be similiar to

  • $2315 USD 9 days ago

    High Level Scope of WorkCreate website and configure to hose on server (GoDaddy) provided by client.Coding of the student reading assessment as described in the requirements below.Develop tables where student test response data is captured, and document process to download data.Functional Requirements (see attached reference guide)Project OverviewThe project is the design of an online reading assessment for students, and will determine the reading level of the test takers. The initial beta for the assessment will last exactly 3 minutes and begin at the time the first question is asked. Subsequent measures will be conducted based on beta testing.Upon completion of the assessment, the website will report the grade level at which the student is currently reading (1st through 12th grade).Test process 1.Students will arrive at the website from links on other web pages. On the landing page, a brief explanation of the purpose the assessment will be provided, and the visitor will be asked for their age. 2.Based on the student"s age, their current grade level will be determined using reference table 1a, and the student will be asked random "Yes/No" questions which come from reference table 1b which includes questions for each grade level a.The grade level that each student will start at will be one level below their current grade.3.Questions for the appropriate grade level will be randomly asked, one question at a time, with a cumulative score being calculated in the background (not shown to student).a.Once the student answers the minimum number of answers correctly (determined using reference table 3a) the test questions will begin to be randomly selected from the next grade level in reference table 1bi.This increase in difficulty of the questions will not be visible to the student.ii.Questions will be randomly selected for the current grade and asked one at a time. iii.A new cumulative score for the next grade level of questions will be calculated in the background.iv.Once the student answers the minimum number of answers correctly (determined using reference table 3a) the test questions will begin to be randomly selected from the next grade level in reference table 1b and the cycle continues with the student progressing through each grade level until the total test time reaches 3 minutes. 4.Once the total test time reaches 3 minutes (calculated from very first question asked, regardless of grade level), the test will conclude. 5.The student"s current reading level is determined by the highest grade level for which their score was >= the acceptable passing threshold reference table 1b6.The final page will thank the student for their participation, and display the student"s reading level (i.e. "You are currently reading at a 3rd grade level").Anticipated Iterations1.Test different lengths of assessment (i.e. randomly select students that will have 3, 5 and 7 minutes).2.Change/increase the number of test questions in the reference table

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