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Expert in JAVA area

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Location: Guangzhou, China

Member since: February 2013



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My projects:

  • $2 USD
    Profile image for Seller liujiac


    23 days ago

    a very knowledgeable java architect<br/>

    Project Description:架构文档的要求尽可能详细,可根据这个文件搭建整套系统。 架构文档需要满足下面的一些要求: 1. 给出系统的总体架构图和数据流示意图 2. 给出每个系统所需的虚拟机的配置需求 3. 给出每个系统所采用的软件及其具体版本 4. 给出各个系统软件的关键配置 5. 给出系统各个功能实现的解决方案(如:备份、监测等) 整个系统是一个移动APP 的服务系统,分为前端online 系统和后端 offline 系统,整体的架构如下图所示: 其中Online 系统中: 1...
  • €55 EUR
    Profile image for Seller Soekris


    Dec 21, 2013

    A very good programer with very good skills. I would rehire for another project.

    Project Description:We need a simple JSF page to acces a JAX-RPC Webservice (an old Webservice, nowadays we use JAX-WS), all with neatbeans 7.3. if it was a JAX-WS it would be very easy to do.
  • $40 USD
    Profile image for Seller josch12


    Dec 16, 2013

    thanks for your good job

    Project Description:Hi, we want a Apache Solr Server 3.5 or 3.6 for our Magento Store We use Magento EE please install on a Debian Server.
  • $277 USD
    Profile image for Seller ISCLOUDCORP


    Sep 9, 2013

    Excellent work

    Project Description:We are developing a new project that involve crawling some web pages in order to search some items and report some data. We require someone to setup an environment of Hadoop-Nutch-MongoDb-Elasticsearch into virtualbox machine on Ubuntu Linux 12.10 for the purpose of continuing developing a solution...
  • €150 EUR
    Profile image for Seller anavasis


    Jul 25, 2013

    thanks hope to work again

    Project Description:I want to create 2 jobs in mapreduce(I have already made the first one,but it doesn&#039;t work for that I want to do), ie to a job I want to export all titles (....) of urls that have 3 or more &amp;quot;a&amp;quot; ...
  • $111 USD
    Profile image for Seller thinkdisrupt


    Jul 9, 2013

    very happy with both the quality of the work and the enthusiasm to get involved in the project

    Project Description:Profile: You have good knowledge and experience with OpenStack. You are able to set it up and configure the dashboard and pools of processing, storage, and networking resources in a way to give administrators targeted control...
  • $150 USD
    Profile image for Seller jcodemasters


    May 30, 2013

    It was an absolute pleasure to work with Paul, highly recommend for any Java project!

    Project Description:A custom project for Paul. Develop a mobile app.
  • $250 USD
    Profile image for Seller tv2012


    Apr 22, 2013

    Excellent work. Will hire again. Thanks.

    Project Description:Analyze log files using pig script. Some simple data to extract: Users (ie unique session ids) Responsecodes Percentage of 500 errors per month Count of 500 errors grouped by month Count of...
  • $75 USD
    Profile image for Seller jcodemasters


    Apr 17, 2013

    Seriously, he is an amazing Java programmer. Nothing is impossible for him. Just give a try you won't disappoint!!

    Project Description:A custom project for Paul..... do not bid if you are not Paul.
  • $110 USD
    Profile image for Seller cbarron


    Mar 24, 2013

    A great job was done and I was very happy with the work. Will use again.

    Project Description:Hi, I am looking for a java proxy tool that does the same as the project you already did with an additional requirement. After the proxy is checked i need to make a call to google for a keyword using their GET url and receive the results into a Jsoup class using the proxy...
    freelancerj2ee has not completed any projects.
  • $20 USD/hr In Progress

    I want a similar openGTS Alerts which you did some time back. please lets discuss it .

  • $20 USD/hr In Progress

    I have ongoing work related to our previous project &quot;JSF acces to JAX-RPC WebService&quot;

  • $750 USD In Progress

    We have a mongoDB with items and reports. There is multi-way mapping between them, so an item can appear in multiple reports and reports can have multiple items. We want an internal Solr search engine setup that will allow us to search the text reports. The reports are standard text, with some meta information. The results aren&quot;t the reports but the items mentioned in the reports. So lets say we searched for &quot;tools for installing pipes&quot; we could get articles that will mention &quot;wrenches&quot;, &quot;hammers&quot;, &quot;tubes&quot;, etc .. So the results should be the items and for each item which reports that contain our query phrase mentioned it.You should have experience setting up Solr and setting up an easy to use front end on our amazon server machine. Also you should experience importing the JSON data from mongoDB, though we can assist with that.Please specify how long this will take you and when you can start in addition to your bid.

  • $122 USD In Progress

    Hi,Looking for a developer who has strong skills in the following,- Java, J2EE- JPA using Hibernate, REST services using JAXRS- TomcatThere are multiple tasks to work on. Tasks will be assigned one after the other. All tasks are fixed price projects and with deadlines.Most importantly, Freelancer should be able to work in one of our machines directly using teamviewer.Environment : Maven, Eclipse -

  • $222 USD In Progress

    In the project you will use Twitter API ( to stream the tweets which contain &quot;energy&quot; word and a specified locaiton ie. England or Turkey.You should use Storm library ( to process twitter stream. After processing the related tweet you should store these tweets to a database and display them on the maps using Google Maps API ( You can first detect the tweets containing energy word them populate country list regex search in the tweet to find a country match in the tweet, etc... While displaying tweets on the map you will use database i mean user can see all the tweets past tweets containing word energy related to that location. You can contact for the details of the project, good luck.

  • $20 USD/hr In Progress

    would like to setup hadoop network in office to run order history BI

  • $777 AUD In Progress

    Hello, I require someone who is able to setup and build an platform infrastructure in AWS that will be used to do (near) realtime analytics on several different feeds and datasets (twitter, fb, etc.)At this stage, due to time constraints, I would like to delegate the initial setup so i can design and build/manage the application logicThis platform will use the following frameworks/components:1. elastic mapreduce2. elasticsearch3. flume4. logstash5. kibana6. mapbox7. additional application servers will ideally be built using node.js8. git repositories for scripts, etc.9. S310. additional aws services (IAM, Data Pipeline, DynamoDB) where appropriate (easier to manage configure)11. whatever else is needed (open to discussion)I would like to utilise OpsWorks and elastic beanstalk where possible rather than ec2 instances, and optionally (depending on complexity/cost) chef recipes if possible in preference over written documentation (there are plenty of open source examples that can be modified etc.). There is a wealth of documentation and articles regarding how to set all these components so this initial job is predominantly a &quot;follow the instructions and modify accordingly&quot;, and should be similar to architecture presented by : outcome of this phase of work should be a &quot;nice, clean&quot; infrastructure that is &quot;ready to go&quot; for customisations etc, and as stated, this shouldn&quot;t have any hidden complexities.the infrastructure should be setup using micro-tier environments during development but will need to be scaled for production (this should be tagged as a &quot;dev&quot; environmentI am an experienced solution and software architect, and would like to work with someone to collaborate and work with (ie your opinions and experience matter), and engage on an ongoing basis to help complete the application/project, so if you have an interest in &quot;big data&quot;, machine learning, and visualisation, then this first phase is just the beginning.

  • $77 USD In Progress

    The project details will be sent to the coder on private message................................................................

  • $11 USD/hr In Progress

    i&quot;m looking for individuals that understand in Activiti BPM, Camunda BPM, Alfresco.please let me know as soon as possible.Thank youJoei guess if you know the above you probably know some Camel, some Eclipse as well.

  • £75 GBP In Progress

    Hi there, I have set this project for you. before you begin can we agree on all the requirements and what needs to be done?thank you. Below is the project details.Car park control system, to manage a car park that only admits registered users who enter andleave through barriers at which they must present an identifying card. Users are charged accordingto the amount of time they use the car park. A web interface would let users register, makepayments, reserve a space at a given time for a fee, etc. An admin interface would allow forsuspending users with too large a debt, collecting management info, etc.Such a system involves inputs from hardware (the barrier control systems). For the purposes of thisproject, suitable software interfaces can be assumed to exist. If needed for prototyping, inputs fromthe barrier interface software can be simulated.Create, document and justify a suitable architecture.Implement a demonstration subset of the system, using any suitable approach.The reports should cover the following, to a depth consistent with the required overall word count.&bull; A brief overview of software architecture demonstrating a general appreciation of the subject, eg what SA is concerned with, what its significance is, what SA work involves, including what tools and notations are used.&bull; A description of the problem tackled.&bull; Presentation of a solution at architectural level, with justification.&bull; An account of further work undertaken (eg a limited prototype implementation) and results obtained.&bull; Evaluation of the architecture, eg in the light of any lessons learned from the prototype implementation.Main text total length: 3000 to 5000 words, plus appropriate diagrams.Other relevant material, eg implementation code listings, may be supplied as appendices.Assessment areas&bull; Demonstration of a general appreciation of software architecture. 25%&bull; Relevant practical capability, eg ability to derive an architecture and use it as a basis for further work such as prototype implementation. 40%&bull; Capability for evaluation of work done, supported by relevant evidence/argument. 15%&bull; Quality of exposition &ndash; ability to communicate work done accurately and clearly in writing. 20%Percentages stated for each area are for guidance only &ndash; they may be varied in order to assess fairly work which more strongly emphasises one of the areas.Additional Project Description:03/07/2013 at 13:37 ESTTime Limit for project. 2 weeks, deadline is between 8th April to 11th April.

  • $15 USD/hr 5 days ago

    The project included extracting, loading and transforming data from traditional data warehousing tool – PostGre SQL. The objective of the project was to do a proof of concept if big data can be used to do property recommendations to the online users, to do area wise analysis of pricing for lease and sell out properties. It also included the report generation bases on the aggregated data on Hadoop.

  • $30 USD 5 days ago

    implementing Son Algorithm using map Reduce concept

  • ₹2777 INR/hr 5 days ago

    hi I am looking out to involve someone with big data analytics expertise in a workforce planning and analytics project. kindly reach out to me.Regards

  • $750 USD 5 days ago

    Trainer to deliver workshop on Certified Hadoop Development.

  • $15 USD/hr 18 days ago

    We need to extend our development teams in Madrid (Spain) and Valletta (Malta) and are looking for outsorce [full/partial] dedicated programmers through Freelancer. Candidates should have knowledge and experience on JEE6 technologies, mostly JSF2, EJB3, JPA and REST web services. We work with JBoss and Websphere application servers and use PrimeFaces JSF2 library intensively.Coders are likely to work on virtual desktops so need permanent internet connection. Recurrent audio/video conference with rest of team will take place through contract.

  • $155 USD 18 days ago

    I need to write a simple Hello World web service that runs on Tomcat 7 inside Eclipse Kepler. You must use Apache implementation of JAX-RS such as Apache CXF or Apache Wink or Apache Tuscany. You MUST NOT use Oracle JAX-RS Jersey implementation.

  • $555 USD 18 days ago

    Before youaply for this job please answer the following questions while you apply for this job.1) What past project or job have you had that is most like this one and why?2) What is your past experience in java J2EE web and software agile development? Please list those if any.can you show some refferences?3) What are the java themes you developped from scratch and what tool did you use? freemaker or others? Please specifiy.4) Have you taken any Java & php tests and done well on them that you think are relevant to this job and what was your score? Are you certified?5) Which of the required job skills do you feel you are strongest at?This project is modeled and inspired from Facebook & Yahoo products and services.This project will be separated in separated freelancing project employment tasks as we cannot build any facebook yahoo website just in one day,For now here is the first task project you will have to complete.I will use this java j2ee social networking portal in order to model the 2 listed sites above; check the atatched project doc file. Skills required are:Javaj2eeoracle-java-eejbossglassfishjavascriptcss3html5psd-to-xhtmlpsd-to-htmljqueryjquery-mobileapi-developmentapi-documentationagile-software-developmentxmlxml-web-services

  • $250 USD 18 days ago

    Help! I have the images but have no idea how to meet amazons requirements.

  • €755 EUR 18 days ago

    We have a partnership program that you cannot refuse.have a look here you need more information just fill in the form on the page and we will get back to you.

  • $722 USD 18 days ago

    Project is to build the Cloud Analytics solution that can take log files from any sources such as servers, networks, application etc using syslog, snmp , etc. Log Analytics need to index the log fields similar to splunk. You can looking into other solutions from Loggly, LogRythem, Solar winds.Propose the solution that can use Big Data technologies and generate Visualization and statistics, alerts and alarms

  • $1250 USD Mar 12, 2014

    I am looking for someone to set up an Amazon Web Store. I need it designed and the products and images put into the system to get it going.Candidate must have experience having set up other Amazon web stores.Thank you

  • $250 USD Feb 25, 2014

    Project Title:Private Content Based Image Retrieval Based on HadoopPrivate Conetent Based Image Retrivael on Hadoop is Based On Image Proceessing that searches and retrived the similar images from the databse of hadoop on the basis of image feature such as color,texture and shape.

  • ₹200000 INR Jan 30, 2014

    We are developing a DSP (Demand Side Platform) which will take advertiser&quot;s money and buy ads (inventory) on their behalf from the big Ad Exchanges (like DoubleClick, OpenX, Rubicon, Pubmatic). This requires a real time bidding system that can assess each ad impression and bid on it depending on the advertiser&quot;s requirements and all this happens in less than 50-60ms. The RTB would also include machine learning concepts to continously improve its bidding algo.We want this system up and running in the next 4-5 weeks.

  • $500 USD Dec 23, 2013

    HI there, In my project, I have to consume message from jms queue and use that message to invoke web service. let me know if you are intrested.

  • $7 USD/hr Nov 30, 2013

    Hi, We would need some help with a Java web application we are working on. I want to with you based on hourly basis. Total work would be around 60-80 hours. You should have worked one Java, JSPs, Servlets, JQuery before. Please let me know your cost per hour.

  • $155 USD Sep 7, 2013

    Given a large Mongo dataset (approx 10m records) return certain results. eg count of a field. There will be approximately 10 queries we wish to do. This is an on-going project that will need to be completed monthly.

  • $1237 USD Apr 22, 2013

    We need java program with following features for an organization with 500 employees use at different roles (positions).* Individual user login*Role based access and authorization* Works through a process flow* Communication through different channels like SMS, email.* Instant notification to respective personnel* Auto report generation based on selected criteria* Data base back up* Auto print facilityMore details will be given for the selected bidders.

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Aug 2010 - Aug 2012 (2 years)


Build a system architecutre for Complain system to meet the business requirement and non functional requirement. The system will handle 1000 concurrent request per second. It has 100GB size of data storage as backend.


Aug 2008 - Aug 2010 (2 years)


EMMS development and enhancement.

System analyst

Mar 2004 - Jun 2008 (4 years)

Autotoll Co.Ltd

System analyst, <br />Framework design, <br />Development envirement setup, <br />Task assign

System analyst

Mar 2002 - Aug 2004 (2 years)

Guangdong Data Communication Network Co.,Ltd

Telecom business b/s software system develop; <br />System analist and design; <br />using J2EE multi-tier architecture ; <br />Spring ,Hibernate and Struts Framework; <br />Oracle 9i database; <br />deployed on Websphere Application Server 5.1

System Architecture Design

Mar 1999 - Feb 2002 (2 years)

Asia Pacific Inspection Ltd

Software Develop Department <br />Inspection booking system develop.



The Hong Kong Polytechnic University




BEA Co., Ltd

Microsoft Architect 2000

Microsoft Co, Ltd

Certified Visual Programmer



RFID research

School magazine