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Location: Montevideo, Uruguay

Member since: May 2007



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  • $400 USD
    Profile image for Seller bigbenschool


    Feb 4, 2014

    BEWARE! FRAUDULENT FREELANCER! Many weeks overdue with delivery, very bad (recently none) communication. He asked for 400 USD in advance but didn't deliver anything, no files were sent. Money stolen!

    Project Description:We are language school for children from Czech Republic. We require: - creating reservation/booking system for our language courses (linked with database) - creating students' database Language...
  • $72 USD
    Profile image for Seller retiredranger


    Feb 3, 2014

    Person took the existing script and just renamed. I ended up researching and finding another plugin for WP that will serve my needs. Bid for 3 days and $70, project not completed and it took 6 days before I quit on him. He kept stringing me along. Unacceptable. Do not use him.

    Project Description:Hello, I have a fairly successful Blog and am looking to take it to the next level. What i want: I would like to have a page that allows users to type in their quotes on one page. I found some PHP that is close but just doesn't have the output I want...
  • $150 USD
    Profile image for Seller strudel67


    Jan 25, 2014

    Great job, super fast, willingness to adjust as needed. Put in extra work to get it functioning properly. Definitely recommend and will hire again.

    Project Description:We want a simple facebook php oauth flow example to work with our app. This is simply a case of not enough time to do it ourselves. We want a simple php flow that does the following: * Detect when a user accesses the page whether they have installed our Facebook app...
  • $100 USD
    Profile image for Seller hbawab


    Jan 22, 2014

    Fast delivery and quality

    Project Description:we have a finished site done by an outsourced developer. However after looking at the code, we see that it is a total mess in php and html. We need someone who knows best practices in php and HTML to optimize and clean the code and validate it in W3C...
  • $200 USD
    Profile image for Seller MetalZi


    Nov 27, 2013

    He went away for a while shall have done some stuff but he never finished.Communication was so bad since he told me his father had an accident and then came back saying that his father is ok but he never did anything on the rest of the work which he shall had.

    Project Description:I have a built website which have some security issues , need someone that is able to check and secure it.
  • $212 USD
    Profile image for Seller jose2250


    May 20, 2013

    Great developer to work with. Very reliable and responsive. Kept in touch all the time during the project. He went beyond the expectations. I will absolutely re-hire him. Thank you!

    Project Description:Our Hosting company will discontinue the support of PHP 5.2 on their servers, effective on July 1, 2013. Our current 'Ads Classifieds' system relies on PHP 5.2, we need a PHP developer to make it compatible with PHP 5.3 as soon as possible...
  • $275 USD
    Profile image for Seller edwin123vw


    May 14, 2013

    Expert work and communication.

    Project Description:I have a script that provides insurance plans and rates online. Site visitor types in age, gender and zip code, and appropriate plans and rates are returned. It works perfectly when associated with mySQL 4.1...
  • £60 GBP
    Profile image for Seller killahboo


    May 2, 2013

    Thank you for the great work, script delivered very fast and worked with me to correct a few things. I would definitely hire again.

    Project Description:Hi, I need to create a simple form to allow my customers to choose how they would like to be paid. I would like users to be able to choose from a pull down menu the payment method. Once selected a form is shown for that particular payment method...
  • £60 GBP
    Profile image for Seller suitlink


    Apr 24, 2013

    Absolutely incredible developer! Fantastic. Provided exactly what I needed in superb time with great communication and to the highest standards and quality. Will definitely use again. Thank you!

    Project Description:I've a social network which has been developed in PHP, MySQL, JQuery and AJAX. It has been built so that members can have a different membership status within the database. Either 'standard' or 'full' and they give users access to different functionality on the website...
  • $115 USD
    Profile image for Seller ydwinc2


    Mar 25, 2013

    Frans is a professional coder, he handles the timeframe preassure well and several last-minutte changes were discussed and completed. Uppon reviewing his code you can see that all precausions are taken in terms of readability, security and effectivity. Already ReHired for more work :)

    Project Description:Find visitors Public IP info. PM for info on the website to clone functionality from. Must record logs to mysql db and show results in admin backend (username + password in md5) Max 50$.
    frkSuna has not completed any projects.
  • $133 CAD In Progress

    Hi, I am looking for an experienced programmer that has the ability to troubleshoot and fix issues/problems within my Wordpress Template. Currently, there are about 5 issues/problems with it.I am looking for someone who has previously developed Wordpress Templates and is very knowledgeable in Wordpress, PHP, CSS, HTML and Javascript.

  • $15 USD In Progress

    Hi there I have a Facebook page and a php file that when opened automatically posts something from a mysql database to the page wall but it stopped working out of the blue. I think maybe I changed my Facebook password at the time or something like that and it messed things up...Basically, this should be a really quick job.. il show you the php page and give you access to the Facebook page so u can adjust the settings.. should be really simple.. i just have no experience with Facebook app settings etc.

  • $155 USD In Progress

    Hello,I have a PHP script where traffic publishers deliver traffic. The IP address of every visitor is registered in the script which creates huge log files.Anyway, I need you to implement a system in my existing script to COMPARE the IP addresses registered by script for different publishers in the network during the last 24 hours.The feature you will implement will compare the IP addresses of the ACTIVE publishers who have been delivered traffic (IP addresses) during the last 24 hours.Then the common IP address percentage (if any) should be reported by your feature.For example: Publisher #1 and Publisher #52 had 52% common IP addresses registered during the last 24 hours.This will allow us to avoid paying publishers for the SAME TRAFFIC (IP addresses).The feature you implement should not use HUGE SERVER RESOURCE please.Also, our current script registers the details of every visit but does not report the BROWSER type used in the ADMIN AREA. I need you to make a stat in percentage in every publisher account. This is to avoid having publishers delivering traffic from internet explorer users only. I want to easily notice such publisher accounts delivered only 1 browser traffic in order to BAN them.Please make sure you understand the project and ask a RELEVANT question through PM to make sure you read the project before bidding.Payment will be made by milestone. This is not a complicated feature so please enter a resonable delivery time.My script already registers all IP addresses by publisher account so you will need to code a script that will analyze them from existing logs.Thanks!

  • $61 USD In Progress

    I need a php script to extract the file size, track length(duration), bit rate and track title of external(outside of server) mp3 files.

  • $50 USD In Progress

    I need a landing page with over 18 or under 18 buttons to enter the main site ( In the background, the real site should show but a little darkened. Please see this example of a competitor of ours ( use Volusion for our ecommerce site.Please let me know first if you can d it, and second how much would it cost, and third if you had done similar projects, I would like to see the reference (the site link).Thanks

  • €800 EUR In Progress

    Implementation of a customizable staff management system in PHP for LAMP with the requirements below. There is a admin interface to add new/edit/disable staff records, a staff interface to overview of the different people in the company plus login to edit own record and to add work reports. Additionally a function is required to be added in other applications to authenticate against the login/password stored centrally in this application per individual. More details ion the document attached

  • $20 USD In Progress

    HiI"ve added a button, which uses ajax to run a php script.The button works, but other javascript elements have stopped working.Both pages are available:before (works)after (doesn"t work)This project is urgent so - and will hopefully only take 5 or 10 mins to fix. FTP is already set up and ready to go.Best of luckPhil

  • $50 USD In Progress

    I am selling a product off of a website. The payment is made through paypal. I need a script written that will do the following:1) Through paypal, the buyer can input their phone number on the main page when they place an order.2) Once the order is complete, the buyer ends up at a thank you page.3) I need a script that will take the buyers phone number and their ip address, and email that to me automatically once they hit the thank you page.

  • $150 USD In Progress

    I need a experienced PHP/MySQL/javascript developer, english speaking. flexible hours. Need assistance in coding a search feature for a site. search database using web form and display results on the same page.

  • $55 USD In Progress

    I need a php script that upon loading lists 6 of your facebook friend"s IDs. If you are logged into facebook you can view your friends here: ##### with your facebook ID)so using php is there a way to scrape 6 of your friend"s IDs and display the list on your page like this?23423333444133300000000006565543435555555555786786755577755655

  • $266 USD Today

    I am looking for someone to code me a script for inviting all friends to an event. This will be done using the Facebook FQL PHP-SDKif the user is not logged in or has not given the application the right permissions they should be told to login, once they are logged in it will be replaced with a welcome back page will then have 3 divsdiv #1 - all the events the user is going to that they have permission to invite peopleonce an event in div one is clicked div 2 will show list of friends who are currently not a member of the event. at the top of that div will be a start button.once you click start div 3 will display all the names again and 1 by one invite them to the event when they are invited ajax update the 3rd div to remove their name (fade out / then slide rest of the names up.also a percentage bar will show up above all 3 divs letting you know what % of the invites are done, this bar will be updated with each invite sent.I have attached 2 files with my ideas drawn up, I would like something that looks a little nicer please

  • £211 GBP Yesterday

    Need an appointment booking system, which would allow a user to sign up for an account, which would then present the user with 20 people who they can then select who they wish to see (average user will select between 5 and 15 of the people at once), they then enter an arrival time, and the system books appointments with the selected people based on who is available. People with busier schedules are prioritised, so the user is more likely to receive an appointment at the desired time.

  • $27 USD/hr Yesterday

    Make updates to an existing web based construction estimation system. The system consists of over 30 screens.It uses PHP, CakePHP, MySQL, AJAX, CSS, jQuery.

  • $8333 MXN Yesterday

    I have a client who asked me a website where I can give consultations to patients and charge for them. He is a doctor, but I only do html and css, I would like sb help me with php to create the admin panel where you can add and remove members besides giving consultation to charge by credit card or paypal.would something like this:|ga|10|Health+-+Latam|Dr&JPKW=doctor%20on%20line&JPDC=S&JPST=&JPAD=38325088915&JPMT=b&JPNW=g&JPAF=txt&JPCD=20121003&JPRC=1&JPOP=Irma_Healthspicysip_Test&mkwid=sed0Ut0y5_dc&pcrid=38325088915&pkw=doctor%20on%20line&pmt=b&plc=&gclid=CKec6vzC8r0CFQlafgodsVkAdATengo un cliente que me pidio una pagina web donde pueda dar consultas a pacientes y cobrar por ellas. El es medico , pero yo solo se hacer el html y css, quisiera algien que me ayudara con el php, para crear el panel de administración donde se puedan agregar y quitar usurios que den consulta ademas de poder cobrar mediante tarjeta de credito o paypal.

  • $1000 USD Yesterday

    Seguramente requerirá una aplicación bajo Windows para envira las impresiones a los equipos. El programa debe permitir el back office elegir la impresora que desea enviar dichas impresiones y otros setings para ser útil.O en su defecto de un módulo que se instala en cada PC y comunicarse con prestashop , la idea es que sea rápido y fácil de manejar para el cliente. Además de ser sólido, estable al 100% escalable ,sistema seguro , fiable , confiable , excelentemente programado 100 %.Además queremos un módulo para Prestashop que es un punto de venta, esto debería permitir que cada estación pueda elegir la opción de vender todos los productos que elaboran. Deberá permitir que se emitan dos tikets con número de folio y el detalle de la persona que lo envió a hacer (el staff ingresara estos datos al sistema mediante una terminal) . Posteriormente se le entrega el tiket al cliente y este va a caja para con dinero en efectivo, tarjetas de prepago , tarjeta de crédito o transferencia bancaria.I require programming Prestashop module , this module should be able to allow entry to Prestashop program across a card approach (ISDN ) or by typing its name and user ( note that the user would find in a retail outlet ) . Moreover, this card should be able to serve prepaid card that is able to assign each card balance (user cancels an amount charged to the card ) .It requires that once the user ( user within the point of sale) is your login user can select a file (PDF , Word , Excel , powerpoint , jpg, etc) and attach using the traditional method for searching the or desktop PC or folders by dragging and dropping (drag the file with the mouse and leave within a repository that has the program). After that the user can select the entire file or to print some pages , you have option to print black and white or color . Furthermore, in case the customer is not within the point of sale will deliver finishing options ( double zero ring , spiral plastic , hot melt, or other termination) and to the methods of payment : prepaid card or card credit . After canceling the print software releases if the client is within the point of sale.Important is that the model HP M602DN ( black and white) and M551DN (color) printers are locked to print any other document that is sent from the PC and only print from the program by Prestashop module development .It is essential that any changes made in the module database is done with a dummy user and this will ask Prestashop to make changes in any case that directly involved the database .Surely a schedule for prestashop and another application in windows 7 would be required to deliver that experience. The program should allow the back office choose the printer you want to send such prints and other setings to be useful .Or failing a module that is installed on each PC and communicate with prestashop , the idea is to make it quick and easy to manage experience for the customer. Addition to providing a safe , reliable, robust , 100% stable , reliable, scalable , excellently programmed system 100 %.Additionally we want a module for prestashop that is a selling point, this should allow each station to choose the choice selling all products that do the job that the customer is waiting at the point of sale and to be issued two tickets each with a number of ticket sales and details of the person who sent it to do ( this data type POS staff ) . Later he will deliver the ticket to cancel the job in hand . When you go to the cashier box can reduce the work that is outstanding and enter as cash, prepaid card , credit card or bank transfer.The idea is to send us quote for all the work but is soon separated by the print module and release it as the POS module .

  • $4444 USD 4 days ago

    Dear Bidders, I"d like to build digital marketplace like envato marketplace includes ( themes, images, videos, audio, 3d, graphics, etc). I need features like that too. My Required are:1. Multiple Marketplaces ( themes, images, video, audio,3d,graphics)2. CMS based development (eg: wordpress), Please don"t come up with any php script. I"m not happy with PHP scripts. 3. I will prefer closely match to envato marketplace.4. Multiple payment gateways ( Paypal,Money bookers,etc,.)5. Multiple language supported6. Affilate system7. SEO friendly 8. User friendly9. Frontend post method10. Perfect e-mail notifications11. social media loginThe about features should be there on my website. Come up with you live demo. Mention this word on your bidding "xmas" Happy bidding!!

  • $5555 USD 6 days ago

    We are developing a new dating/social networking site based out of the Chicagoland area. We feel that we have a fantastic idea and want a programmer who is motivated, educated, and team-oriented, communication is a must (skype/emails/phone calls). This is a great opportunity for you to break into the web developing scene and have a long term future with our company. Think of but BETTER! We have attached a copy of possibly what will be our user interface, please review.This site has been in development for some time and we need someone/team to review and finalize the site. You will be using our design and ideas we provide, although ideas are welcome.Features to note this site will need:Video Player/ Chat, easy to upload videos from multiple format types.Premium paid feature and free features will be separated Payment terminal will be implementedWe would like to see examples of websites or blogs that you have developed. Links of your recent work is a must. We will only be responding to applicants/freelancers who send us links to previous work history. Please have an deep understanding on how social sites work prior to bidding.Looking For Someone Experienced In:• Open Source CMS• Solid Web Programming Skills (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP & MySQL, Web 2.0) • FTP & Domain Name Management • Demonstrated knowledge of back-end programming & database optimization • Understanding of W3 compliance & Cross-Platform Compatibility • Software Skills: Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Illustrator• App/Flash/Actionscript Experience a Plus • SEO/SEM/PPC and E-commerce Experience a Plus• Experience in user-interface, usability and information architecture principles• Understanding of current Internet standards, including cross-browser compliance• Excellent organizational, analytical, and collaboration skills• Possess intellectual curiosity, problem-solving skills, and ability to keep up with emerging Web technologies

  • $3333 USD 8 days ago

    Re-write a current application that is Domino into MySQL and PHP.

  • $5555 USD 10 days ago

    Time over? And skills with:- ddwrt en openwrt- linux- radius- networking- ip tables- reverse proxy- apache- mysql- phpPlease contact us!

  • $161 USD 10 days ago

    I need to develop a PHP form that will capture subscriber information and save it to a MySQL database.The form will contain 5 fields to be captured and saved in the database. I will also need to password-protect and access only to a particular folder when a subscriber provides the correct email and password which are stored in the database.When creating a record in the database I will need to create 2 empty fields that I will need to be able to edit later on.I need to customize the index page of the protected folder to display subscriber name, email address and other information.A protected control panel is also needed to view and edit/delete the records in the database

  • $8333 MXN 13 days ago

    Solicitamos un programador con experiencia probada en PHP, para completar el desarrollo de un modulo para un sistema Web ya desarrollado.Tiempo estimado del trabajo 3 días hábiles.

  • $3333 USD 13 days ago

    Looking for someone with experience in building a service oriented ecommerce website built on LAMP stack (linux apache mysql php). Must have strengths in frontend rendering (jquery, css, etc...) and knowledge of large client-to-server file transfers.

  • $77 USD Mar 2, 2014

    i need pro in php i want edit file mp3 with bulk Title:Artist:Genre:Year:Album:Track #: i"m on linux contac me for more info

  • $25 USD/hr Jan 25, 2014

    I have ongoing work related to our previous project "Facebook php login flow"

  • $25 USD Dec 27, 2013

    I need a program that will scrape all the followers of an Instagram user. For example, if I choose cockpunch, it will scrape all 921,000 users from and export in a .txt file. So basically it just takes all the usernames and puts them into a text file, simple right?Email me with any questions.

  • $138 USD Dec 5, 2013

    My website, , was just migrated from a shared host to a dedicated host. As part of the migration, we switched from cpanel-based to webmin-based website control panel. Because of the migration and/or because of recent updates to the website, the following bugs/annoyances were created which need to be resolved:1) Blank page instead of new part being created when attempting to add a new part to catalog (see screenshots)2) Recaptcha image lost on page (see screenshot)3) Sub-parts no longer display on front end / when they do display do not render correctly (see screenshots)4) Amazon fails to export to back end. When a customer completes an order, I need to know the specifications of the computer which was ordered (see screenshots)5) Price clipped on lower right hand corner of pages like (see screenshot)6) Install webmin module which permits easy editing of mysql databases, or if it is already installed help me know how to access it. Currently, I have no way to edit the mysql databases (that I know of). I want a module with as close to the functionality of phpmyadmin as possible.Attached are screenshots which will help explain the nature of each of the bugs / annoyances listed above. The screenshot filename corresponds to the number designated on the list above.ONLY fair bids will be considered. This really shouldn"t cost more than $100, so please don"t try to high bid me as your bid will be ignored.A BACKUP MUST BE GENERATED BEFORE STARTING OR WORKER FORFEITS ALL RIGHTS TO FUNDS!

  • $155 AUD Dec 3, 2013

    I have a wordpress website that gets hacked every couple of months, sending visitors to another (malicious) website. I have had this issue fixed a number of times but it seems to keep happening. The hack is that a piece of PHP code is being inserted into the index.php file at the top, above the original code. I have attached this malicious script for you as a text file so you can inspect.I need the services of someone who is an expert in Wordpress website security to analyse the site and server setup and help me understand why this is occurring and how we can prevent this from happening in future. I will provide the full URL of the site to the successful bidder - am not posting it here for obvious security reasons.Thanks :)

  • £277 GBP Nov 8, 2013

    i need someone to fix me my script mailler its on php

  • €255 EUR Nov 6, 2013

    Hi,I would need someone to develop a simple javascript code to track website visitors in real time. The details of users should be collected with javascript and sent to different server PHP file that puts the details to MySQL database. The tracking code will go to multiple websites and the database needs to support multiple sites.Here is the info I want from visitors:Referring URLReferring keywordsCurrent page (+ visited pages)Time on pageLocation (Country and city)Desktop, tablet or mobile userI will create the output from database on my own so you just need to create the tracking code and PHP file where it sends data + database for the data.

  • $277 USD Aug 26, 2013

    We have a complete parts catalog/ parts purchase site assembled in PHP, and require someone to complete the shopping cart and Paypal Integration.Basic cart with basic passed info TO Paypal is complete... need to complete shipping options/pricing, Coupon Code option (which checks against the server), and appropriate post/return/error pages.Confidentiality and non-compete agreement required.

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