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Username: froiden07

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Location: Jaipur, India

Member since: April 2011



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My skills:

  • $34.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller yosir123


    2 days ago

    Very good php expert

    Project Description:I have an issue with php+sql server+hebrew, I need a basic hello world 1. create a table in sql server and add some hebrew rows 2. connect to sql using sqlsrv_connect php and retrieve the data 3....
  • $44.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller brulace


    5 days ago

    Really good work. On time.

    Project Description:I've got my wordpress site installed and running, but I need a few customizations on the main nav menu and content boxes.
  • $315.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller daddylol4


    12 days ago

    Would hire him again . Good communication and easy to work with

    Project Description:I would want an adroid demo application that can authenticate and SQL server using a smart card through android NFC. The application should allow users manage SQL databases via the cell android phone...
  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller townet


    20 days ago

    good worker and communication. I'll work with them again in the future.<br/>

    Project Description:Hello, I need to finish the application related to the jquery ui interface you customized for me. It&#039;s baed on standard components like php, jquery, jqueryui ad datatables. The database access in grant by an json/api very simple to use...
  • $250.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller basicthogonomix


    20 days ago

    This freelancer is a magician. He does exactly what is asked to do. I always give my work to him and recommend others for him.

    Project Description:nice and beautiful travel agency website including paypal payment and admin panel
  • $150.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller samwhise


    24 days ago

    Good work again, will try to use him more.

    Project Description:Free Unrar Free Rar Opener Free Rar File Opener Free Rar Extractor sourcecodes+installers
  • $34.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller NOZZIV


    Jun 10, 2014

    Fast &amp; Pro. Highly recommended.

    Project Description:The project is to fix the javascript used by the booking form page in order to fix the price/days calculation error, and make the form work correctly. See details/files in the attached document.
  • $34.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller rubinse


    Jun 5, 2014

    Good freelancer, good work

    Project Description:I am looking for a freelancer to do a google maps v3, we have a database with different event, it would display a different pin based event there is a lot of element to display more than 500 in general, so it takes that development is reliable data points will be provided by our database...
  • $47.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller flyingswine


    Jun 4, 2014

    Froiden07 was amazing. I would definitely hire again!

    Project Description:My friends and I are making a website, and we&#039;re very vulnerable to SQL injection and other risks right now. I&#039;m sincerely sorry, but our budget is $45-50 dollars. We are fourteen year old kids and thus cannot afford anything higher...
  • $40.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller enquiries


    May 26, 2014

    Very good will work again A++

    Project Description:- remove author - change font of the content - make mobile top bar clickable to home page - disable comments - if “post slider” is checked, featured image should not show on top of article - add social...
    Froiden has not completed any projects.
  • €710 EUR In Progress

    Here are all the details for the project I need.On a website (that I will create and design), I need a specific plugin.Visitors can create an account on the website. There is three types of accounts (+Admin & Moderator) :- Artist (service provider) > Named ARTIST- Professional (client) > Named PRO- Non-professional customer (client) > Named CUSTOMER- ARTIST can create an account with a custom form (I need to be able to edit the fields)> The account as to be validated by the Moderator> Once it&quot;s validated, the artist has a front-end profile page that he can edit with multiple fields (photos, videos, description, fees, geolocalisation, ...)> He will have a calendar and he will be able to set some days as &quot;not available&quot;> He will appear in the Artist Directory- PRO and CUSTOMER (approximatively the same kind of account) can create an account> Once they are online, they can ask for a quotation about an artist (with a custom form) that will go in a &quot;quote&quot; section for the Moderator> They can also rate an artist, leave comments on profiles, and put some artists in favorite> They can also follow their quotes and bills> They can pay their bills- MODERATOR > Receives quotes, validate them or not.> Validate a quote will : set the selected ARTIST as &quot;not available&quot; for the time of the quote, and send a quotation to the CUSTOMER (or PRO)> Then the customer will receive a mail notification and will be able to pay, once he paid he will receive a BILL and the quote will be marked as paid.- I also need an ARTIST directory with> Ability to search by : Category, Tags, Geolocalisation, Budget> Having several filters : Top Artists (per page views), More Booked Artist (per number of bookings), Best Rate, More Comments, or by Category or BudgetPayment options may be Paypal and other providers (configurable).I need a plugin with options to let me change it from Wordpress&quot;s back-office.If you have any question about that project, let me know and I&quot;ll give you all the details !I need a first version in 20 days, and the final version in 40 days.I&quot;m also a Wordpress developer so I have some skills we can have together on that project. I&quot;m just asking because it&quot;s a little bit beyond my qualification and I need some help on the structure.

  • £142 GBP In Progress

    I need an informational / online brochure website designed and coded. CMS to be discussed.

  • $84 AUD In Progress

    We require a designer/wordpress expert to enhance the design of a website that is partially built using a purchased wordpress template. The website is for a restaurant solution provider and has 6-7 key pages.The front page requires a slider to be setup and a contact us page.The website can be viewed at website requires mainly cosmetic chnages to make the site look proffesional.Ideally we would like this in place within a 1-2 week period.

  • $526 USD In Progress

    The project is a classifieds website, which let people post their ADS of all kinds. The ads are classified in categories: 1- Selling ADS : It’s an Ad where the users (Professional or normal) can post things they want to sell, by providing Photos, information about the product, the quantity of the product, telephone number, location using list box ( I’ll add the state for the location), and location using Google map. When someone buy the article in this ads, the user can take the ads in his profile, and the ads is no more displayed in the database (if the quantity is equal to null) but it’ll be in the profile of the user he took it and the user he sells it, in a tab of history of all the transaction, this buying information is visible only to the admin, the user (Seller or buyer) who have this add in his history of transactions, can repost it easily, 2- Buying ADS : It’s an Ad where the users (Professional or normal) can post things they want to buy, by providing Photos, information about the product, telephone number, location using list box ( I’ll add the state for the location), and location using Google map or GPS. When someone buy the article in this ads, the user can take the ads in his profile, and the ads is no more displayed in the database but only in the profile of the user he took it and the user he sells it, in a tab of history of all the transaction. 3- Offer of Service : it’s an Ad where the users (Only Professional) can post services (delivery service, plumbing service, electronics Repair, printing works service….and so), the user must specify exactly which kind of services he offer, the location using the list box, and GPS or Google map. When a user take this service he can take the ads in his profile, in the Service transaction history, the difference between Selling and buying Ads and services ads is that there’s no quantity, and the service remain In the same database when a user take the service. 4- Demand of Service : it’s an Ad where the users (Only Professional) can post a demand of services (delivery service, plumbing service, electronics Repair, printing works service….and so), the user must specify exactly which kind of services he demand he can add photos, the location using the list box, and GPS or Google map. When a user take this service he can take the ads in his profile, in the Service transaction history, and the ads remain in the same database when a user take the service. 5- Searching Job: It’s an ad where the user can demand a job, by providing all the information, location list box, GPS and Google maps, he can also add his CV, and if a user take this ads he can have it in his profile and the ads is deleted from the main database. 6- Offering Job: It’s an AD where the user can offer a job by providing all the information, location list box, GPS and Google maps, and if a user take this ads he can have it in his profile and the ads is deleted from the main database. 7- Entertainment ADS: Ads where the user post an ads about entertainment things (Concert, restaurant …..etc.), the user can add photos, can add description, location using list box, GPS or Google map, in this kind of add we can add an optional date function, which is until when the ads will be visible.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    We need someone to make the following system, using open source (PHP, Javascript, MYSQL etc)1) Get Record from from the Database base, e.g URL, and some other stuff will be shared with the winning bidder2) Count the Facebook Likes or Twitter Followers of the URL3) Put that record in a table and get the variational number. (Means the current likes + required likes)4) The most important thing is now, complete the required likes, tweets etc (You have to build this system, this is the most important part of this job, so, order received, Cron job run after everyhour or we will set the time to send the order accordingly, it might be 1000 likes for 10 days means, we need to provide 100 likes per day so, 100 x 10 = 1000 likes, in this way you have to run this system.)API&quot;s will be given for the Facebook likes and Twitter followers system for the automation.Please bid if you are familiar with Twitter and Facebook API&quot;s, otherwise please don&quot;t waste our and your time.Finally put XML in PMB to sure that you read the above complete script, otherwise your bid will not consider!Thanks,Happy Bidding

  • $473 USD In Progress

    Hello I am looking for a developer to create a simple website service that you can post your closeout deals onWhat i need A modern sleek design Registration form for posters and people that wan to reply to postThe point of the site should be like with a newer look and many more features I am looking for a developer with these skills that can partner up with me as i improve the site and add more features please add 5429 in the subject so i know you read this

  • $24 USD In Progress

    Native Android Get File Path from Content URI content // want the real file path from email attached file.This is a little urgent problem,

  • $2105 USD In Progress

    * Add/Edit/Delete Streams* Add/Edit/Delete Users* Create bouquets with channels(streams) and assign them to users* Auto Update Panel (if we release new update you get it with one button)* Backup/Restore Database* Stream Logs* You can see if a user is online/offline* You can see if a stream is online/offline* You can see the total bandwidth , user agent , ip and total time spent online per user connection* You can set your own bandwidth limit per user connection* You can set the max number of conneciton a user can make per account.* Block IPs* Block User Agents* Allow Specific IPs in User Lines* Create API (for other developer)* ... more details you get later

  • $242 USD In Progress

    All layout (admin UI) must be based on Theme Forest &quot;Webarch - Responsive Admin Dashboard Template&quot;: Milestone (50%)- Translate message when disable/enable any channel on dashboard- Create 2 new fields on subscriber table named: selection-alert (yes/no) and selection-change (yes/no)- When user enable/disable first channel on dashboard, change field &quot;selection-alert&quot; to: yes- When field &quot;selection-alert&quot; of a user = yes, show alert text on top of dashboard with a button to &quot;Apply changes&quot; - When user click on button &quot;Apply changes&quot;, remove alert from dashboard (change field &quot;selection-alert&quot; to: no) and change field &quot;selection-change&quot; to &quot;yes&quot;- Create a standaone php file to connect on external mySQL server, create a local file (based on a mySQL table) and run a shell linux command after (details will be provide on TXT).- Create a field on Channels table named &quot;order&quot; (number) and add it on admin, order channels on dashboard based on order field2nd Milestone (50%)- On user (add new period), instead of show default actual hour, show blank filed, with format: XX:XX- Create field named &quot;weight&quot; on table channels, type = number / On each channel on dashboard, create slider (with alt) to configure &quot;weight&quot; (1 to 10)- Create a file named &quot;groovecast-.asx&quot; with content based on TXT example (attach) / Download file when click &quot;Baixar .asx&quot; on Dashboard- Create filter sliders on dashboard to filter channels on dashboard based on new fields on channels table (details on TXT)- Responsitive Channels columns (1 to 6) on dashboard

  • $165 HKD/hr In Progress

    Improve my existing website a short 3 -4 hour job only.

  • $4210 USD Today

    I am looking to have a fantasy football-style website built that includes draft functionality, the ability to create/manage leagues and teams with up to 12 players. The draft functionality is very important, and it has to be perfect. Users can select from a pool of players in a snaking order (i.e.: #1-10, 10-1). Users will have a list of options sorted by statistics, and as they pick a player that player is removed from the pool. Other features would include live scoring that would update during game play. I have a data feed for these stats and this scoring, but it needs to be added to the siteIt would be great if you are a fantasy sports player and have an understanding of the landscape and typical functionality. I basically want something that works like Yahoo Fantasy Football but with different data.

  • $526 USD Today

    I need a site created similar to the two below. addition to providing this service, I will be hiring craigslist posters. My website will need to have an application/registration form, a login for my users, and an account page. On the account page I will input all info manually. Within each account the user will be able to see an instructions page, a personal account page to see how many post they have completed, how much money they have earned, a link to request payout and the ability to update their personal info.

  • $526 USD Today

    We need a website designed for our Industrial supply company

  • $105 USD Today

    I want a few things added to my site which i will detail below. Im looking for someone who works quick and can get things done with quality. Task:- I need to dynamic load users who completed a specific offer from database, already have query- I want a jquery toggle added. When a user click a link i want it to activate a section with information which is just text.- I want when a link is click it activates a modal which will have a loader and after 5 sec it redirects user to specified link.

  • $1184 USD Today

    I have idea of ERP system for School Management. I started the project in Java technology (Spring and Hibernate).I am looking for developers for my project on profit sharing basis. The profit will be on per copy sold to any client.Everything will go in legal ways for long-term partnership.If anybody interested then you can contact me

  • £1184 GBP Today

    Responsive Wordpress site.Woothemes Canvas template child theme.Custom sliders.PSD files provided with jpg equivalents.General and specific details about each page in specification.pdfAnnotated jpg files suffixed with -notes.

  • $1052 USD Today

    im looking for a ( RELIABLE ) web designer who can build websites i want a similar site building like this i have a network of adult sites and want to have a main site that is based on my company if this is some thing you can do please do get in touch and we can negotiate a price thanks guys :)

  • $315 USD Today

    Currently I have an app fully completed in the current IOS system written in Xcode. It is a Dolphin quiz app and it is fully functional. I would now like to get the app into the Android market store, Google preferably, as soon as possible. So what I would like from a freelances is someone to convert the app and get it uploaded and working in the and purchasable for me in the Google store. If all goes well I might need a few future updates in the near future.

  • $947 USD Today

    I need the site on sale of soft toys.I will send the specification to mail.I will send an example to mail.I need clever programmer.

  • $526 USD Today

    I need an informational / online brochure website designed and coded. CMS to be discussed.

  • $1184 USD Today

    We need a wordpress expert. We need to have full custom wordpress theme created for travel booking site. we will also give booking module JSON and FEEDS which we have. we need that integrated in our custom themeAnybody who download our theme from our booking site can install it in his own wordpress and simultaneously booking module will also be installed along with the theme. This could include creation of widgets and/or plugin too must be approved by themeforest alsoConditions:-1. Payment only by escrow released after completion of project 2. Send us relative examples only, generic bids will be discarded3. You must have huge experience in wordpress4. No freelancers, only companies who can allocate 3-4 wordpress developers on this projectWe are not sure for price but we know it wont cost much, so please let us know fair price and timeline. Prefer companies from New Delhi as we will check work in your company and can visit anytime.

  • €421 EUR Today

    www.begoniagardens.comquote for an application for android according to our website including online florist and pay pal payments

  • £263 GBP Today

    Hello everyone, we&quot;re a young company looking for a developer for our website and app.Our website needs to include the following:- a platform that our clients can access by entering their username/password- a program/link with a map that can track the location of the user- a few other standard pages (&quot;about us&quot;, &quot;our services&quot;, contact form...)The app (for Android, IOS and Windows) needs to include the following:- login with username/password- a program/link with a map that can track the location of the userWe&quot;ll need you to write a clean, modular, robust code to implement the desired requirements and to contribute ideas for making the website and application better and user-friendly. The successful candidate may have the opportunity to get some shares in the company.If you&quot;re interested, please send me your application and an approximative quote.We look forward to hearing from you and to getting started with one of you on this exciting project! Thank you for reading!

  • $105 USD Yesterday

    Currently our website ( is hosted on a proprietary site hosted by an advertising agency. We would like the website duplicated, as closely as possible into Wordpress hosted by us on a domain owned by us.

  • €1684 EUR Yesterday

    Creazione di un portale sulla falsa riga di con delle implementazioni. Devono essere create varie fasce di accesso dall&quot;amministratore fino all&quot;utente non loggato, con realizzazione di mail automatiche che scattano in funzione di azioni predefinite.Il sito deve essere anche visibile su smartphone.Sono già in possesso di tutti i testi, il layout grafico e il diagramma di flusso di tutte le funzionalità che deve avere.Sarebbe preferibile che il candidato operi nella provincia di Varese.Possibilità anche di collaborazione futura.

  • €189 EUR Yesterday

    Hello there,Simple project here: hosted in I want to have a domain in Wordpress for my son. He is 4 years old so it will be me posting.It is basically 90% pictures taken from a phone (so we need an Android App to upload them) and some posts with text.I want the pictures not to go to the MySQL database, but to remain in a folder structure like:2014 06-June 07-July 08-August etc2015 01-JanuaryIdeally the picture itself will be renamed to 20140731-and-here-either-the-number-extracted-by-the-camera DSCxxxxx-or-a-counter-that-we-put like 0000Not all pictures are for all to see, so whatever I mark as private in the Android App will be visible only by the users:grandparents1 and grandparents2. There will be entries in the blog therefore &quot;seeable&quot; only by the grandparents.We would have a simple theme in Wordpress, and I will probably just accept it the way it is.

  • $315 USD Yesterday

    We are looking for a wordpress expert to build a new eight page CMS auto repair website. Requirements: -Website establishment, and SEO optimization. -understand business.Website.featuresContent Management SystemHome slider banners Email Newsletter Subscription Form with Opt in Dynamic Contact Form with Google Map for DirectionsSocial Media Links and Sharing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)Search Engine Friendly CodeCross Browser Compatibility (i.e. Chrome, Mozilla, IE 7+ etc)Google Analytics for Website StatisticsWebsite Deployment on Live serverThemes will be provided from your end, also graphics and photosUnlimited design mock-up revisions until satisfiedLogo design.100% copy rights on the source code at the time of deliveryComplete online training on the backend controls for 90 days90 days free maintenance costCompatiable,with iPhone, smart phones and tablets.Search Engine Friendly Code i.e. H1-H6 and Meta Tags, ALT Tag for images etcb. DIV Based Code (Table Less)c. Friendly URLs i.e. etcd. Keywords, Meta Description Placemente. Custom Design 404 Error Pagef. Organized and Commented Code

  • €526 EUR Yesterday

    I need some add ons to this system for hotel booking. I need this script integrated in my hotel website.I would need as well an advanced stats module.

  • ₹26315 INR Yesterday

    We are looking for long term coder for our online start-up. We are graduates from IIM Lucknow and Calcutta. Freelancer should be preferably of Delhi NCR or nearby region.

  • $2368 USD Yesterday

    We are looking to hire someone to help with our workout builder app and our upgraded navigation.

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Web Developer

Apr 2011 - Present (3 years)






Certified Ethical Hacker

Security Guru

Certified Php Developer

Certified Network Trainee

Certified C# Trainee

Certified Advanced Php Developer


Terror: A dedication to Mumbai Attack Victims


This video is a dedication to victims of 26/11 terror attack on Mumbai. It was composed for non-commercial purpose. It has background music from various sources credited in the end, mixed with Audacity. Video was composed using Windows Movie Maker