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  • $2800.00 USD
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    Jul 29, 2013

    Fushioninformatic was great to work with and very professional in what he does. I appreciate the time he took to understand what it was that I needed and guided me through every step. His knowledge in this field was amazing! His skills was worth more than I could afford for this project and I can't thank him enough for taking on my task at this budget. I would definitely be working with him again and would recommend anyone whose looking to get their work done to hire him and have him as their first preference. His organizationally skills kept us on track every step of the way. Words can't express the thanks and gratitude towards him for completing this and dealing with the demands my app and I required. For those wishing to see the work he has completed for me, you can check out the app in the app market or go to where it can be downloaded. I would advise any employer to not pass up on this freelancer as his work is outstanding!

    Project Description:Hi guys This is stage two of my project that I am trying to get done...I was hoping to get everything done with the first project I posted but turns out it was more than I anticipated. Firstly,...
  • $30.00 AUD
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    Jun 26, 2012

    Great work, fast and easy comms. Would hire again+

    Project Description:Hi there, you wrote the TraffiCAM app for me about a year ago. I would need you to make it compatible with iOS 5.1, I'm getting some errors while trying to compile (error: arithmetic on pointer to interface 'id', which is not a constant size in non-fragile ABI, attached the log)...
  • $235.00 AUD
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    Jul 27, 2011

    Happy with the work provided. Although some technical issues on the way the provider figured out another solution and made it work to my satisfaction. As some of the delay was due to technical reasons and also my fault, it took a the provider some additional time as well so I wish I was given a better time estimate update during the project (like an ETA). In summary although happy with the product and would consider the provider again.

    fusioninformatic's reply:

    thnx, buddy

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $47.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller maksoudian

    maksoudian [ Incomplete Report ]

    Feb 20, 2011

    The working relationship was going smoothly but the freelancer was not managing to fix some of the bugs in the iphone app that he was developing. After my last feedback on the items that needed to be fixed, the freelancer never came back or replied.

    fusioninformatic's reply:

    HelloWe fixed the issues, the ftp of your site is stopped working, i did sent the updated exe before 2 week ago, did you seen that ?

    Project Description:Hi all, I'm looking for someone to develop an iPhone app for an existing website: The app should be developed so that whenever a new article is posted on the website, the same is done on the app and the user will receive a notification that a new article has been posted...
  • $290.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller hakobo


    Feb 16, 2011

    I highly recommend Fusion informatics, very professional and good attention to detail

    Project Description:hi, I need to upload the data from my coredata sqlite project from iphone to a web service using ruby on rails, I need some simple project working that uses one to many relationship from iphone, data...
    fusioninformatic has not completed any projects.
  • $20 AUD/hr In Progress

    Aging App to be used in an event. Used with 4 questions and data capture for a financial company. Most likely on an iPad. No consumer download - company use only - used with operator at events.

  • $1180 NZD In Progress

    We want to develop an iPhone app using Objective C that interfaces with our existing back-end web server to request dispatch of tow trucks to a customer location. The customer will use the iPhone app to request a dispatch and will receive a dispatch notification via APNS, and will also be able to receive and pay for their invoice through the app. Most of the actual processing will be handled by the web-app, so the app will mostly be HTTP POST/GET back to the server. We have a detailed functional spec for this application, so please give us a general idea of price and we can send the spec to you.Please see the attached graphics to see what this app should do. Work on the back-end is already done. We just need the front end portion. There are FOUR variations to this. TWO: Consumer app variationTWO: Truck driver app variation The variations are very minor. DETAILS will be given to the functional spec sheet, which I will send over to qualified bidders. You must review the details first before giving the bid to make sure you understand the scope of the project. Project timeline is 10 days.The application MUST BE able to be approved by Apple and be posted on iTunes. We will not accept any other programming language other than Objective C.

  • £550 GBP In Progress

    Looking to design a simple App for Android platform that would allow our customers to take pictures of a bottle of wine and quickly enter a few tasting notes and scores. This will have to integrate GPS location and allow the user to download the stored information to a PC....later improvments will includes sync with our webiste to share the information with other users... and maybe OCR.

  • $1900 USD In Progress

    Develop a native Objective C application which runs on iPhone, iPad, iPod. The application must communicate with a secured Microsoft WCF web services (SSL). Use of JavaScript is NOT allowed. Application must be work in an offline state. It must synchronize with the web services while online, then allow the user to go offline to enter data into forms. Once the user is online, the application must tell the user to sync the data and then sync back with the web services.NOTE: Web services development is NOT included in this project. It will be handled by our in-house development team.The application will need to dynamically create forms based upon settings coming from the web service. This includes any required validations, cascading combo-boxes, and other settings. One ore more forms will be running on the application depending on the user. Application should allow user to select the form template when in data entry form.Web service can serve data in multiple languages, so the application should request any labels and text from the web service in the desired language. When making calls to the web services, some may have versions associated with them. Making a call to get the version first is required in order to not re-download unnecessary data.Application shall require user to be logged in. There is a web service call which authenticates the user and passes back a session GUID. This GUID is used for all other calls until timeout. The application will need to handle timeout issues by re-authenticating with the web service with the user"s credentials. Application should allow for multiple users to use the device. Each of the users shall not be allowed to see the other user"s information; however, if one user sync"s the device, it should sync for all users. The settings form contains the list of users associated with the device. Users may or may not have different form templates and different data associated with them. The following forms (aka views) are required:1. Login Form - username.password2. Welcome Form - shows connection to web service state, messages from administrator, number of records in local cache, shows contact information, application version3. Data Entry Form - Dynamically created form. Users can see one or more form template so drop down needed to pick form.4. Records in Cache List Form - list of any records located in the local cache. If record click, go to Data Entry Form to allow user to edit.5. Settings FormWeb Service Calls:- Authenticate- Get Form Templates - Get Field Data- Get Labels- Save Form DataOnly developers with a proven history of iOS development with Microsoft WCF web services will be considered.

  • $280 USD In Progress

    An app that lets users look at ads and post ads to a spessific site. App must be like this:First time - Login (after firs time this page remember the user)Page must contain 3 buttons:Button 1 - Post ad ( with oppertuneti to upload picture from phone)Button 2 - Wiew AdsButton 3 - Log out (return to login page)App must be finnished befor 1. mars

  • $325 USD In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $1900 HKD In Progress

    Develop a simple ebook application which have the following:- In-app purchase- iPhone and iPad version with same features- Update catalog available for purchase without having to update the application from app store.I don"t need to have any design, and you need convert my pdf (within 20 pages) into iPhone app and submit to app store. Thanks.PM me for negotiation.

  • $2800 USD In Progress

    Looking to create a mobile app for multiple phone platforms that include blackberry, android, iphone and maybe others. App is created for visitors that come into city for a tournament that will have over a hundred parties and events. Would like an app that shows all of the events and parties for the week. Each event or party will include contact info, some pictures, location (where people can gps), tickets for sell (can be purchase with paypal), video (youtube), information about event. Would like to categorized events by days of week or by different types of events. Would like advertising shown on bottom of app and possibly the top. Would like to be able to update or change information on app (content management system). Link to where users can purchase an upgraded version that excludes advertising.Looking for individuals/firms with experience and a porfolio of apps that they have developed, especially apps that are similar. Being able to management content and app being user friendly are the most improtant things needed.

  • $1100 USD In Progress

    1st requirement : Multilanguage + Multi-activity management (multi-accounts/multi websites) + Multi-users (different groups and different permissions by group and by user : Admin group, management group, clients group, etc...)The general activity of the website is to offer to visitors free quotations and to propose to any professionnal to suscribe and receive theses quotations requests, by paying a certain amount for each email received or each SMS received (depend on admin setting)the payment can be for each email received or by range date subscription.the CRM have to be adaptable for any kind of activity :Actually this needs are for : movers, plumbers, heaters, glaziers, locksmith, electrian, etc...but it have to be available for other kind of activity.For normal activity : (movers)- Visitor side : a visitor fill a form requesting a quote for his removal project giving some infos as : name, address, phone#, email, etc..., wich type of removal, wich state or region or city is the main residence and wich region, state or city he wants to move.- Professional side : the professional mover company fill a form giving informations about his company and also in wich state, region or city he is wishing to work and wich type of removal he is wishing to do.THE CRM check the database and send directly to the professionals wich are corresponding to the criteria of the quote request, an email and/or SMS with copy of the quote request.For Emergency activity : (Plumbers, locksmiths, electrician, etc...)- Visitor side : a visitor call the Emergency phone # (we will use a vocal server machine/service to track and translate this phone call adaptable for database) and indicating few infos: Emergency/not emergency, his phone#, type of work, the region,state or city zip code where he wants the work to be done, etc...example : for emergency, click 1 on your phone, click your phone number on your phone, click your zip code on your phone.- Professional side : the professional plumber company fill a form giving informations about his company and also in wich state, region or city he is wishing to work and wich type of work he is wishing to do.THE CRM check the database and send directly to the professionals wich are corresponding to the criteria of the quote request, an SMS with copy of the quote request.The company make an offer for all professionals to receive quote requests FREE for 3 days, means that the professional have different status member : TRIAL/SIGNED/SUSPENDEDTHE CRM WILL HAVE TO MANAGE :the visitors infos and quote requestthe professionals infos with all discussion, calendar, meeting, reminder, etc...(as a dairy book) he have with the company and quote request receivedManaging the trial members, with alert at the end of the 3 days, etc...make automated invoices based from a date to date (set by admin)managing the paymentsmanaging related documents received from the professional (contracts, agreements, bank infos, etc...)sending different emails with different kind of filtersCreating and editing many kind of templates for newsletters, letters, contracts, etc...Plenty of search, reports and statitics options with filtersPlease make your bid if you really are experienced in CRM and you capable to show online previous work

  • $1611 USD Apr 9, 2014

    Taxi app. taxi booking app IPhone AndroidWebsite with bookingAdmin panel

  • $1611 USD Apr 9, 2014

    am creating an app that allows users to interact with their friends and the world through photos. I am looking for a PARTNER who can develop the app. DUE TO OUR LOW BUDGET, A 50-50 SPLIT OF ALL REVENUE FROM THE APP WILL GO INTO PAYING FOR THE FEE. FOR EXAMPLE IF THE FEE IS 400$ YOU WILL RECEIVE 50% OF ALL REVENUE TILL YOU GET YOUR 400$THIS ALLOWS FOR QUALITY ASSURANCE.

  • $1611 USD Mar 10, 2014

    I have built an iPhone app that has 25-30 screens and offers features relating to using the camera on the device. I now need help building an Android app that functions the same way - I have all the graphic assets for the UI and can provide the iPhone app for demo. The web services are all built also using Amazon Web Services.Imran

  • $1611 USD Feb 26, 2014

    The site is similiar to but instead of selling cars we"re selling dental practices.Sellers can choose to sell dental practices at a cost (could be one time or monthly recurring)When a seller chooses to sell a practice he or she can fill out a form to post the advertisement1) Headline2) Location3) Sales Price (is Real Estate included?)4) collections on gross, net on gross and overhead percentage5) FFS PPO HMO Govt Assistance Cash Percentage6) Operatoriesetc..etc..etc.. these are just options on the forms that the seller types ins (will explain to winning bidder)A seller would have to pay a one time fee for a fixed amount of weeks the advertisement is shown or can choose a recurring fee which is billed monthly.We will be able to run specials where the admin can give sellers special coupon codes to sellers (that do expire) to give them free advertisement for fixed weeks, percentage discount or dollar discounts.A buyer can browse and search for these dental practices based on zip code radius or city/state radius (must integrate with google maps) and contact theseller through online form (all contact information is kept confidential). A buyer does not need to make an account to browse, but will need to make an account to contact the seller.Website must be in PHP/mySQL/HTML5. Programmer must be able to integrate Paypal Merchant into website. Website must have space saved for advertisements. Website must be cleaned and modern. Please WHEN BIDDING SHOW PORTFOLIO of work.After winning bid we will discuss in details of website. Thank you

  • $1611 USD Jan 22, 2014

    Hi there,I basically have an radio-station with its own website (or its under development) and I wanna make the iPhone application for it now. The solution for this can be in two ways: 1. Either its a link to the website where you can play the radio from there2. or Its its own application where you just can play the radio station and view different information.I dont know whats the best solution for this, so I prefer that the developer suggest this for me (any ideas are welcome).Further connection with the developer for future jobs are garantueed.Best regards,

  • $3111 USD Jan 22, 2014

    I need a mobile applicaiton[iphone/android] to store the voice messages when some one calls me and if i am not able to answer the callscenario1) when some one calls me I need an option on my phone "ANSWER " , "REJECT", "SEND TO VOICE MESSAGE" 2( when the user selects "send to voicemessage" , what ever the voice message that caller leaves should be saved in phone memory in our country mobile carriers do not have voicemessage option

  • $1611 USD Dec 21, 2013

    Android and IOS application that serve information to it"s clients.System should have following characteristics:•automatically synchronize (download) documents when device is connected to WWW.•after downloading documents should be available for reading offline.•showing information regarding current and planned board of directors meetings, and showing documents that cover previous meetings.•having security mechanism for secure documents and information distribution.•reliable viewing agenda of the meeting with indication of reporter for each question of agenda, and having possibility attaching document to each question of agenda for quick search.•organizing and structuring all info regarding board director and bureau meeting.•having Ability to protect user access for at user and user group levels to certain info and documents.•highlighting new and not-yet-read info, informing person about renewing info.•having built-in map for showing meeting place.•ability for making notes while reading document, automatic saving those notes.•ability for changing and deleting documents and info remotely.•also building web interface for accessing to info and documents using regular PC.•data encryption by AES algorithm while connecting client to server through HTTPS.•device authorization while establishing connection to device.

  • $6111 USD Dec 9, 2013

    Hi,We currently have a website and require it to be redesigned: would be looking at a website along the grounds of: www.doctoroz.comAs a basic outline the website will require:- Both desktop and mobile versions (in particular for iPhone)- Online booking platform for patient appointments- Facebook feed integration- Facebook like- Twitter Integration- Separate Username and Password portion of website- General Information TabsThe website would not hold as much data or be as complex as the website.I trust this information provides you with a framework of what we are after.I look forward to discussing this project with you further shortly.Kind Regards,Rex Medical

  • $1611 USD Aug 26, 2013

    Hello,We are looking for an expert Android developer, for a very cool app, Someone that can develop a gallery app with complete functionality and interact with external SDKsMore details will be given in private, So If you have any more questions, or would like to express your interest in this project please contact me.

  • $5111 USD Aug 17, 2013

    I am looking to create a simple, minimally designed finance (stocks, etf, options, commodities) application with 2 primary functions: 1st is a calendar with events obtained from RSS feed.2nd is a push notification based on data scraped from a website, and a simple calculation (addition or subtraction specifically) on two values, and the result "less than 10 characters pushed to the client application.I will only consider those who have read this post in its entirety and entitled their response with: "Push Notification"Also, I am only interested if your company has previously been successful with establishing push notification and getting apps into the Apple Store. You must be able to support your claims. If not please do not waste anyone"s time.Thanks!

  • $1611 USD Jul 3, 2013

    Android application VoIP(SIP) module in Anndroid , Convert SIP to Mobile Call (WCDMA, LTE ..)SIP ==> Android base Mobile Call outAndroid Mobile Call in ==> SIP

  • $1611 USD Jun 24, 2013

    I am looking to develop about 10 home pages file management site which allow its member to log in to its control panel, to develop an on line form file and have the file convert to PDF file to send to a third party. An administrator control panel for the web site owner to manage members" activities is also required. A programmer with the capacity to develop such site and its Android mobile phone application is preferred.

  • $3111 USD Jun 24, 2013

    Hi.Top budget/$ 3,000....I have a website I want to complete it in php > html.ajax.mysql > > > > > etcyou can check it here : sunil((@))eleganceinfosoft.comPassword :123456I want a similar site programming www.souq.comwww.dhgate.comPlease select the time and price??????...Or send a contact to discuss the projectImportant conditions/I will pay money after full implementation of the project and there is no amount is submitted prior to the start of the project...The developer must have a lot of work through the site.And his high appraisal.I apologize of beginners.Thank you.

  • $3111 USD Jun 19, 2013

    Build a data driven iPhone app using well defined designs, RESTful web services and OAuth. The application"s functionality is to capture expenses for Japan Public Transportation. We have web services available to perform Route Search on Japan Public Transport, view the routes taken with train stations, times, etc and the amount spent on the route. Use these web services to offer a UI for performing route search. Display the selected route in details and the amount spent. Then post that route to a web service that will convert it into an Expense Report. Display a summary of the Expense report.

  • $3111 USD Jun 4, 2013

    Hello,I represent a printing company interested in getting an app developed for both the iPad and IPhone.We would like to either integrate or develop an app like Aviary with the functionality to pass job details to us and be paid for either through an in app purchase or some other payment merchant ... I must say I"m naive to how that aspect works.Please provide us with a quotation.Thanks

  • $3111 USD Jun 4, 2013

    mobile application for Iphone, android and web site. Do you have skype account? I will try to explane by skype. [The Administrator removed this message for containing contact details which breaches our Terms and Conditions.]

  • $1611 USD May 30, 2013

    We have some code that will need to be converted from unstructured code to structure MVC code.5,000 lines of code that need to be optimized, and reviewed.The developer that wrote these for us will provide you with all information and support you need.

  • $6111 USD May 29, 2013

    I require a very reputable and compatible company with extensive experiences in building custom social networks with php/joomia/wordpress/drupal etc. Site should be scalable and feature common tools a traditional social network would have such as home/front page, Activity Feeds, Profile (edit/settings etc), Inbox, Add Friend/Friend Request, Contacts/Friend List (including import contacts from existing platforms, Photos, Videos, Groups, Page, Timelime, Jobs (Job Search, Post a Job, Post Applicants Career Profile or CV), wall posts, privacy settings, activity points, etc. Need a special component that allows moderators to monitor conversations by members and flag offensive words and conversations between under age members based on loaded keywords. Ability to alert moderators via email/SMS messages would be ideal as well. The editor is able to preview the conversation by clicking on a link next to the returned item. Should he/she find any signs of violation of the site policy or any other applicable infringements, the editor can issue a warning that will be sent to both parties of the given conversation. Editors are also able to ban users for repeated or severe violations by pressing the appropriate key. The component allows several editors to work simultaneously and notifies users of warnings issued to them.I also require SEO, SEM, Internet Marketing and Mobile Apps for the proposed social media.I am not interested in cheap 3rd scripts. Please send us samples and screen shots of any custom social networks you have built from scratch and proposed solution for conversion monitor.

  • $3111 USD May 28, 2013

    This is a mobile app project. It can either be native iPhone, or multi-platform JS/HTML5 hybrid using Phonegap. Tablet support would be desirable, but could also come later.The general functionality of the application is as follows:1. User login, user/account management2. A question is asked- the end-user enters an answer3. A series of questions will follow4. If a particular answer is given, a particular line of questioning will follow5. This "branching off" of questions according to a predefined logic will occur several times6. All answers will be inserted into a database on a remote server7. At the end of the Q&A, based on a predefined logic, 1 or more image file(s) will be selected from a pool of about 90-100 images. 8. Specific answers will be superimposed over certain regions of the image(s), based on my predefined conditional logic9. If multiple images are used, different sets of answers will be superimposed over different image files. 10. The image(s), along with the superimposed text, gets saved11. This new image(s) can now be accessed from the user"s user/account management section12. Image(s) can be emailed, dropbox"d, printed (if possible)---Notes:1. The first thing the app must do when run is determine the end-user"s language- either by asking them, using geolocation, or both- the latter confirmed by the former.2. The questions asked will be in the language chosen by the end-user.3. I will provide all text, in every language4. I will provide all graphics, as needed.---UI, Pages:1. Login2. User/Account management of completed image-mappings3. Q&A4. Additional resources page - contains text only, basic5. (OPTIONAL) GPS/Maps, Uses a list of predefined locations to guide the user, based on his/her location

  • $3111 USD May 13, 2013

    We need Travelport Universal api integration, flight/cars/hotels booking engine as a Joomla component and module.Should be written in PHP, Well documented and formatted code. Only people with previous experience in this should apply.for a detailed documentation, refer to :|StartTopic=Content%2FGetting_Started%2FEasy_Overview%2FClassicAPI_vs_UAPI.htm|SkinName=UniversalTerms and Contract will be discussed with winner. Regards

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