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Gaudham Pragadesh

Financial Research and Writing

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Location: Bangalore, India

Member since: October 2012



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  • £50 GBP
    Profile image for Seller axel84


    Feb 20, 2014

    I highly recommend this freelancer! He's conscientious and he works hard. The communication was great, so he could do the project in line with my vision. He sent me the final work before the deadline and I really liked what he produced for me.

    Project Description:Project Description: Hi, I would like to hire you to write a critical review of research paper, please. You'll have to speak about critical theories and methodology (qualitative, quantitative...)...
  • $540 AUD
    Profile image for Seller Threadhouse


    Mar 28, 2013

    Gaudham completed some intensive accounting and finance coursework for us. He was professional, efficient and diligent in this project. Will hire again.

    Project Description:Hello, We are creating study notes for a University level Financial Accounting course in Australia and New Zealand. The project is to create summary notes for the accounting course work in clear and precise words...
  • $70 USD
    Profile image for Seller ayham600


    Mar 24, 2013

    Excellent Job !! , Quality & professional , will definitely hire him again ...

    Project Description: need to apply these attached ratios (activity, liquidity, etc... ) to the income statement and the balance sheet of the bank. We want the calculations to be in one excel file ( all the numbers and the...
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller EliteAI

    EliteAI [ Incomplete Report ]

    Mar 23, 2013

    The project is not completed according to the dispute

    Project Description:This is small essay of 1800 words In view of the recent banking crisis with the collapse of Significantly Important Financial Institutions (SIFI) and the subsequent scandals in respect of mis-selling...
  • $35 AUD
    Profile image for Seller astina

    astina [ Incomplete Report ]

    Mar 20, 2013

    Empty promises, poor quality work and incomplete job. Totally waste time and money!! If you need quality job and strict deadline, NEVER USE THIS ONE!!

    gaudhampragadesh's reply:

    She very much needs a social worker with no salary; I can"t help it.

    Project Description:I am looking for an academic writer with good engineering & science knowledge. This job is 3 pages essay + reference (approx 350 words pp) Based on review this documentary (1.5hrs):
  • $53 USD
    Profile image for Seller Phyzixmusic


    Mar 14, 2013

    Great work!

    Project Description:Choose one of these Topics: - Write about the literary contributions of a well known female writer.* - How does Egypt rank world-wide in the movie industry?** - Discuss the influences of an Arab writer on world literature...
  • £70 GBP
    Profile image for Seller aarondee


    Mar 11, 2013

    Good person to hire

    Project Description:For this work we are required to read 4 response papers. We have then been provided with a set of questions to think about while reading through the articles. Upon completion of reading and answering the questions we are then expected to write our own response paper...
  • $12 USD
    Profile image for Seller prayog20


    Feb 5, 2013

    " Once again great work done, thanks. "<br/>

    Project Description:as discussed.
  • $10 USD
    Profile image for Seller prayog20


    Feb 4, 2013

    "Great work as usual and was available when needed.Many Thanks "<br/>

    Project Description:as discussed
  • $60 AUD
    Profile image for Seller robinalex77


    Jan 30, 2013

    Excellent work and high quality self driven research to complete the work. The work assigned was not straight forward and needed somebody with in depth knowledge and matched all expectations in terms of work quality, professionalism, behind the scenes research done.

    Project Description:This is a student work and not a commercial one, so people with reasonable price should only apply. However the person should be MBA/similar management professional who is capable of writing similar reports...
    Gaudham Pragadesh has not completed any projects.
    Gaudham Pragadesh does not have any work in progress.
  • $166 USD Feb 24, 2014

    This project need complete a report of tree tasks. 1 analzye “UK businesses are moving to a more sustainable model of financial management and learning to survive with less debt. 2 evaluate the role of finance director in an organisation of your choice. 3.critically evaluate the usefulness of budgeting and budgetary control in an organisation of your choice . Moe detail will be provided by PM. each part around 1500 words, then 300 words for introduction and final conclusin. The bidder should have knowledge of accounting and coporate finance , due 27-Feb 4pm Sample report will be provided for your references. 20 APA intext references are required for this academic report , no plagiarim is allowed, word count 4700-4800 wordsBudget is 150USD-180USD, initial milestone is 30% to ensure the order processed properly

  • $200 USD Feb 16, 2014

    Seeking an expert to research and write an ebook about diabetes, especially as it affects Middle East..historic causes, effects, potential ways to deal with it: stats for region: WSJ has just written a good feature article, I can provide the material as reference, etc etc etc..A complete and thorough job..!! A to Z >>?!!

  • £40 GBP Feb 13, 2014

    This project requires an individual with the ability and experience to review and critique a researched literature and to write a report of about 2000-2500 words. You are to research the Third Sector (social enterprise) highlighting the current and changing role of social enterprises in society today and where they’re headed. You should also focus on any innovative ways in which you think social enterprises are going to develop further. (ALL types of social enterprises should be considered).Excellent level of written work is expected, anything less will not be accepted. I have ATTACHED more detail brief of the work required. Do please make sure you read the brief before bidding otherwise your bid will not by considered.Deadline for the completion of this project is One Week (7 days) from awarding the project. No time wasters please.Happy Bidding

  • $83 USD Jun 2, 2013

    Choose 1 of the 3 topics available, make SURE the requirements are fulfilled, and follow the correct format (e.g. Harvard referencing)

  • €180 EUR Mar 16, 2013

    Hello,I graduated from a top Business School in France last June 2012 and I have to write my thesis to validate my MSc in Finance.Therefore my master thesis must be on a finance related subject. I already did 2/3 (although my English need to be corrected) and already started the last part. I now started a job in Investment banking in London so I do not have enought time to do my thesis properly. I would need someone for fool proof editing and help with the last part. The total length should be around 60pages.Almost every sentence in this work must be backed with news article, university papers, quotes etc.The writer should be native in English, studied Finance on a Master level and already have written good academic papers (with some proof).I would like to get the most interaction possible with the writer even if he asks me to help in order to be sure my thesis would have the academical excellence I am used to.I also require confidentiality from the writer (NDA)Please feel free to contact me if you are interested.Thank you very much,Marie

  • $250 USD Mar 16, 2013

    i want to write an essay. topic is dourey system. in india dourey is system is like a trade. peoples are talkig if we marriage our daughter how much give to another personn like cash, household items etc

  • $30 USD Feb 3, 2013

    Hello there and welcome!If you are a good writer, editor and researcher then continue reading....We want you!We will provide you with research materials including an almost completed draft, and internet links with research. (We need you to help us review and revise this though it is largely a completed finished work)Here is the main point.We need you to help us construct a type of literature review that incorporates the relevant background research and themes (approximately 1000 words)We need to get this done in a timely fashion and are on a small budget - please do not bid on this if you have other Projects that you are working on and if you&quot;re requesting a payment beyond what we are providing you with. Newer Contractors will be considered.

  • $50 USD Feb 3, 2013

    We are looking for a writer to draft a 1000 word report.This report would need to cover previous research on an academic topic (i.e. literature review)

  • £250 GBP Feb 3, 2013

    Background: We are about to launch an Investment Fund in U K and hope to raise $3M. The fund will target Angel investors and high net worth individuals. The fund will provide capital for property development and investment in Construction Equipment.Our requirement: We require a writer to develop our Information Memorandum. We envisage this to be a 15-20 page document that would provide all the information required to satisfy a potential investor&quot;s interest in this fund. We will provide 2-4 pages of information covering the key facts around this fund and the strategy we are pursuing. The document you develop must be completely original and not plagiarised from any other source.If you are able to provide samples of similar documents you have written that would give you an advantage.

  • $70 USD Feb 2, 2013

    We would like to outsource a few academic writing assignments/essays to a academic writing expert.Topics: Forms of business organizations2 Assignments/Essays TotalThe time-frame to finish: We require at lease 1 writing assignment/essay be completed every 72 hours from the time you&quot;re awarded the job until all of the assignments/essays are accepted! (Including any revisions) (Any writing expert can complete them much faster)Job requirements:You will need to take care of revisions until the assignment is accepted.You need to be proficient in English and able to do your own research through Google and all the online & offline resources. All writings must be 100% original and pass a copyscape check.Know and understandWorks Cited PageAPA Citation / FORMATTINGProper PunctuationCorrect GrammarLooking forward to receiving all bids with details and experience with academic writing.

  • $70 USD Feb 1, 2013

    Here is topic of assignment. Contact me for further details. Assignment Headings:In order to clarify what standard is expected in the asignment due for submission in February please note the followingAnswers must review the development of the company. Give a historical reflection of company performance.Include statistical info such as financial ratios-all in one table as % and percentage change. You must benchmark these statistics agains an industry average or say the average of the key competition (do not simply use one company), geographical segmentation, currency use. Show % change. Provide information on exchange rate movements agains key markets.Is the company diversified by markets and currency?Use a MINIMUM of 5 year data and analyse the changes over the years. That is, give reasons for the trends.Share price graph benchmarked against the FTSE-analyse performance. Note relationship with the WACC and other risk criteria. Calculate variance or standard deviation to analyse the risk of the company or the risk onf the exchange rateYou will need share price data and index date for company and indexExchange rate data for the currency-this is available through OANDARisk analysis-as a min this must include foreign exchange rate risk and country polital risk but expand as much as you like. use risk measures such as WACC, variance and beta. Analyse exchange rate trends in relation to company performanceYou must give information on the future strategy of the company and how this will inpact on the risks as identified above.Please include the grading sheet in the module guide For further details see the module guide BUT if you use the template from the powerpoint slides above to analyse company performamce this would be good. So what does that mean. For the final section you need to identify the company strategy for the next five years, but in relation to its risk Factors that may reduce risk includeSizeAccess to capital marketsWhat increases risk isExchange rate riskCoutry riskVolatility

  • $70 USD Jan 30, 2013

    You will be selecting the bank of your choice ( I chose Peoples Bank).1. Access the financial actuals; that is, historical financial data for the past five years for the bank of your choice, as well as your bank’s competitor.This may be taken from the commercial bank’s web site or from the SEC web site.2.Develop a Microsoft Excel 2007 spreadsheet model using data given in the Statement of Financial Position. This should include:the balance sheetIncome statement5 -10 common and industry-specific financial ratios for both your selected commercial bank and its competitor.3.Given your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and the information it yields, write a report which discusses your commercial bank’s strengths and weaknesses.This report must be written using the Microsoft Word 2007.4.Access the prevailing rates set by the Federal Reserve Board.Prepare a chart and analyze your selected commercial bank’s historical profitability over the past 5 years with the Federal Reserve interest rates over the past five years.Discuss how these rates affected your bank’s profitability.5.Read the Annual Report of your selected commercial bank. Answer and discuss the following:What is the announced mission and future direction as stated by the bank’s Chief Executive Officer?Is your commercial bank in a good financial position to achieve those objectives?6.Prepare a forecast of your selected bank’s projected profitability (you forecast this!).Assume that the Federal Reserve Board holds the interest rates “as is” or constant.Discuss the impact this constant interest rate would have on three years of your bank’s profitability.

  • $100 USD Jan 20, 2013

    budget = $100In working on the senior research project, students are expected to:1.Plan and pursue a research project with intellectual initiative and insight2.Formulate a precise research question3.Gather and interpret material from sources appropriate to the research question4.Structure a reasoned argument in response to the research question on the basis of the material gathered5.Present their SRP in a format appropriate to the subject, acknowledging sources using MLA format6.Use the terminology and language appropriate to the subject with skill and understanding7.Apply analytical and evaluative skills appropriate to the subject, with an understanding of the implications and the context of their research.What is the Senior Research Project?The Senior Research Project (SRP) is an in-depth study of a focused topic, freely chosen from any field of interest. It is intended to promote high-level research and writing skills, intellectual discovery and creativity. It provides students with an opportunity to engage in personal research in a topic of their own choice, under the guidance of a supervisor (a teacher in the school). This leads to a major piece of formally presented, structured writing and presentation, in which ideas and findings are communicated in a reasoned and coherent manner, appropriate to the subject chosen. The Senior Research Project is assessed against common criteria, interpreted in ways appropriate to each topic.These thingss are required from me in this project.

  • $170 USD Jan 20, 2013

    Select four of the seven psychological topics listed below and describe them thoroughly. Then, explain how they relate to a survivor’s experience after a natural disaster. Be sure to use research findings on these topics to illustrate your understanding. You must cite a minimum of one reference for each of the four topics you choose to write about. Textbook citations are acceptable. Biological components related to memory, emotions and/or stress Learning principles of classical conditioning, operant conditioning or observational learning Attribution theory Learned helplessness Individually coping with grief/loss Social and cultural reaction to trauma Positive psychology

  • $550 AUD Jan 20, 2013

    I am looking for someone to write a compelling and interesting book &quot;Comprehensive Companion Planting guide for Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs&quot;The length of the book is to be approximately 13000 words.This information will be given to the winning bidder. All content has to be unique. All work must be original, not re-cycled, plagiarized or previously published. No public domain content is allowed. Correct grammar, spelling and proper English is essential. Excessive use of hyphens, asterisks or other expressive characters is to be avoided. No word padding of the content. Chapters with quality content are required. Facts must be accurate. I will own full copyright; you will not receive any acknowledgment as author. Approximate start date of the project after selecting a bid Immediate (within 1-2 days) and approximately 14 days for delivery. It would be best to touch base every 4 days to make sure that the project is being developed in the correct way. Thank you. ------------------------------------------------------ The Deliverables ------------------------------------------------------ 1) Word document, Verdana font, 10pt, single spaced.2) Review and approve all documents to make sure they meet the project specs. 3) Complete ownership of all the documents with complete copyrights to use and publish all work purchased. 4) Applicable copyright laws must be adhered to as documents must be publishable as original content. ------------------------------------------------------

  • £200 GBP Jan 7, 2013

    I am in first year of my degree course. I need a formal, word processed report of work done in a laboratory practical (titration of phosphate buffers). It should be written in the style of a bioscience peer-reviewed research journal report. 1. have a title2. Followed by introductory section (do not include an abstract) this section should start with the scientific and technical aims of the practical3. No method section please4. follow the introductory section with the results section. This should include a text to introduce the titration curves.5. follow the results with a discussion section which relates to the results in the context of the aims and where possible make links to previously published work in (text books and/or peer-reviewed journals) with references.6. then the reference list ( every ref. in text should be in list and vice versa) no references from web pages please

  • $3000 USD Jan 5, 2013

    A fiction-based graphic novel, set in a parallel world, that revolves around self-discovery and overcoming doubts. The book is not to be taken as a &quot;comic book&quot; per se, but more of a book with graphic illustrations that go along with main events in each text page. We will share the synopsis with whoever is interested in the project. Price negotiable.

  • $190 USD Jan 5, 2013

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $250 USD Dec 24, 2012

    Export Business Plan to take a range of products to the world. It will require market research , business analysis , understanding of the principles of markteing and some copy writing skills.

  • $83 USD Dec 24, 2012

    Hi guys,I need freelancer for my project. My project is Digital media literacy and facebook. I want to define digital media literacy first and than i need ensure harmony through facebook this topic. My paper has to be 3500 words. Also include ; Abstract, Introduction, Body, Conclusion and Referances with API style double space.For example :Digital media literacy,Importance of Internet on digital literacyEffectiveness of digital media literacyImportance of Facebook on media literacy. for example ; how promote e learning through facebook. and accessibility of facebook at education area. And also good sides and bad sides facebook at media literacy.

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Subject Matter Expert

Jun 2010 - Jun 2012 (2 years)

Harland Clarke Holdings (Global Scholar)

Support the definition of business processes<br />Determine and support the implementation of a business policy, generally by providing the following:<br />the contents for the business rules that enforce the policy;<br />the process contexts in which the rules are applied.<br />Oversee the execution of that policy via business rules applied. Such oversight includes confirming that the implemented rules fully and faithfully correspond to the intended policy.<br />Quality and Performance assessment<br />

Equity Correspondent

Jun 2009 - Apr 2010 (10 months)

RTT News

As an "Update Writer"<br /> <br />To track and cover corporate and earnings news pertaining to U.S. UK and Canadian listed companies.<br />To meet real-time deadlines, ensuring website is the first to break the story, while maintaining accuracy.<br />Post mortem of companies' financials, analysis of results published and reporting the "financial health" of the company.<br />To monitor content flow and ensuring high level of attention to detail.<br /><br />



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CFA Institute, USA

The CFA Program is a globally recognized, graduate level curriculum that provides a strong foundation of real-world investment analysis and portfolio management skills along with the practical knowledge you need in today's investment industry. It also emphasizes the highest ethical and professional standards.<br /><br />Each year, tens of thousands of candidates enroll in the CFA Program and sit for the exams in test centers all over the world. Completing the CFA Program confirms a mastery of the rigorous CFA curriculum, signifies passing all three exam levels, and is one of the requirements for earning the CFA charter.



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