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Username: getndone

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Location: Chennai, India

Member since: March 2008



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  • £23 GBP
    Profile image for Seller shakilearl


    5 days ago

    He worked very hard for me and I really appreciate it.

    Project Description:Hello, I need 2 functions as follows: Download function: - able to download files and directories from FTP server into local drive - it must maintain the same file structure in local drive as it...
  • $34 USD
    Profile image for Seller vonage2020


    Apr 28, 2013

    Great Freelancer, very fast and good communication at all times, thanks again getndone..........

    Project Description:Hi, I require a code php or html to put in one of my pages in my site so i can block all countries to access my site other than the USA, i believe this is a small job to do, so please do not bid high otherwise...
  • $1100 USD
    Profile image for Seller helloenglishus


    Apr 24, 2013

    OMG. This guy was FANTASTIC. Understood exactly what I needed and did it LIGHTNING fast. Would definitely throw more work his way. Don't let the pic fool you. He is a professional.

    Project Description:I am using a fantastic reservation/booking system (Supersaas) that is missing one vital ingredient: The ability for the customers (students) to search a particular time and have a list of staff (tutors) that are available at that time to teach the lesson...
  • $65 USD
    Profile image for Seller contactmesl


    Apr 22, 2013

    Great job, gave me exactly what I wanted. Was very fast and communicated daily.

    Project Description:I need someone to use the API to remove subscribers from one list, and move/subscribe them to another. You must be an EXPERT in using the aweber API and I want to see past jobs where you...
  • $600 USD
    Profile image for Seller anunt


    Oct 25, 2012

    Excellent Job creating my website - Very Knowledgeable - Great Communication skills - Overall A+++ - Will definately use him again for future projects - Highly recommend him - Thanks Again!!!

    Project Description:I own the domain name and had a great idea for a website. People on Facebook always say "stfu" in their conversations. Is there a way to create an automatic feed that copies and pastes conversations...
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller cessna172


    Oct 18, 2012

    good work!

    getndone's reply:

    i really wonder how i got only 4 out of 5 rating. but thanks anyway.

    Project Description:Want a simple line of code that can be ran on servers which will cast a vote (for my own company) at a specific URL. The code should read a cookie, POST to the url with the cookie, read response and be sure it was casted properly...
  • $700 USD
    Profile image for Seller pasweb2011


    Oct 11, 2012

    Great guy to work with, fast communication, result as wished for.Would definately hire again.Thanks!Pascal

    Project Description:This is a repost, because the project was somehow deleted in last day before awarding (don't know how, was not expired, not deleted by me). I invite bidders who have bided to re-bid (and new bidders afcourse), so I can award the project...
  • £40 GBP
    Profile image for Seller saundej


    Aug 16, 2012

    An excellent developer, he kept going until he'd produced exactly what I wanted - it works perfectly. Many Thanks

    Project Description:I'd like a PHP script written that will read a CSV uploaded to an area in my FTP account which will search certain fields in the CSV for keywords stored in a list (these keywords should be stored in a database)...
  • $305 USD
    Profile image for Seller tryan326


    Mar 2, 2011

    Great job.

    Project Description:I will be creating a multi-part web form consisting of two pages for the purpose of lead capture. If the person fills out the first page then the information will send into a database. If the person fills out the second page then the information from the first and second page will send in (as one)...
  • $221.47 USD
    Profile image for Seller eddis


    Feb 24, 2011

    Getndone went above and beyond for this project. It took him a bit longer than required, however there were updated requirements and unforeseen issues as with most IT projects. He was very good with communication, with quick replies and keeping me updated often. His English skills were great as well. I have no complaints on this project and would recommend getndone to everyone.

    Project Description:My company presently use address information export from osCommerce to our transport company through xml-files. Now we want to use the transport companys new additional possibilities in order to export more information such as quantities, weight, volume, parcel type and name...
    getndone has not completed any projects.
  • $111 USD In Progress

    I need a php expert coder that can build a php crawler and crawl data from 7 sites (most use shared data structure):Data to be crawled:Loop through published items starting at a given id x and incrementing until no more items are found or after x items.Data to be retained:Item ref.Item nameItem descriptionImage urlOther characteristics available depending on item type as price, m2, km, location, etc.For each time an insert to a mysql table will have to be done (table is built and structure will be given)Project will have to be developed on our server

  • $55 USD Today

    Hello i have a simple project to be done in javascript in next 24 hours, it is to get yahoo api data and show in html 5 canvas, if u ready to start in 3,4 hours please bid, more works later

  • $25 USD Yesterday

    I need a FB "Like" popup on 1 wordpress blog. message me for more details.

  • $277 USD 2 days ago

    i want a script can be hosted in a server in the middle and can read or save html code from my application in real time and push them to the server more detail and feature will provide in the next stepby bidding in my project u agree my payment termI will pay 50% and create 50% milestone when u show me demo in ur server and when u finish and i do my test and i receive my project irelease milestone

  • $35 USD 2 days ago

    Hi,I have existing plugin to pull posts from subdomain to display on main domain. Now the subdomain has been moved to a new domain. Modifications is need to pull posts from the new domain to main domain.Plugin file will be provided.ftp access will not be provided.urgent work needed done today..only good and very skilled programmers apply.

  • $15 USD 4 days ago

    I have a website almost done, but I need to send people to another page as soon as they fill their age and check a box that they have read the legal is my link is working but I cannot re indirect to another page.Please let me know if you have any more questions..

  • $277 USD 5 days ago

    create graphs (highcharts) for users in the panel

  • $33 USD/hr 5 days ago

    I need these errors fixed. "ErrorExceptionsession_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent"."Illuminate \ Session \ TokenMismatchException"

  • $35 USD 6 days ago

    I need to debug my PHP code because I have upgraded my hosting and there is compatibility issues with the PHP code. There was upgrade from PHP 5.2 to PHP 5.5 and now there is a compatibility issue I need to fix. I don"t believe there will be much work to be done. I could use an expert to help me debug the issue that is going to effect my hosting when the domain propagates within the next 24 hours.I can give you access to my hosting account where the site is uploaded for you to take a look at the code that needs debugged.Best regardsSteven

  • $277 USD 6 days ago

    I need a website built with a back office for updating text and photos. Also a blog or wordpress page for social media connections.

  • $35 USD 6 days ago

    I have a JSP project that im coding right now. It is almost complete, but there are certain features that are not complete. My deadline is friday End of day. I need the JSP project to be completed by then. The jsp is hosted in tomcat and is called through a php program.

  • £150 GBP 7 days ago

    346 products are to be copied from the CPP website ( over to a zen cart store . These must contain the same reference numbers so as to allow simple cross-referencing.All products on the site are to be migrated, but all references to CPP must be removed. We have a CSV export of the data from CPP. All images will need copying and saving on the IBC plastics server and references updating. The prices are to be adjusted as follows:(Original CPP Price * 2) = XX (x) 1.25% = YX + Y = New PriceCSV File of new products details requested for the receiving site will be provided to the winning bidder. ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE ASK BEFORE BIDDING

  • [Sealed] 9 days ago

    Hello All,I need a Smarty PHP developer for a small task. You must be able to start work right now.More detail will be provided later.Thanks

  • £13 GBP 10 days ago

    I have an iframe embedded into our site which pulls in another page loaded with jQuery. What"s happening is that this frame is located towards the bottom of the page and when the page is loaded in it "snaps" down to the iframe as though it"s an anchor link instead of loading in the page normally.

  • $35 USD 10 days ago

    We are looking for an experienced Joomla developer to modify our htaccess file so pages in sub-categories are pushed to top level. For example:Current: permanent re-direct on old URL"s must be implemented to ensure no traffic is lostBudget: $35

  • $12 USD/hr Mar 19, 2014

    I am looking for a reliable programmer, database engineer, backend setup type of person.We will use an admin template from Themeforest.The data needs to be pulled from a website address (XML) format that will be updated on a daily basis.The data needs to be grabbed and saved every day.Then, from that data we want to set up charts, filters, and organize the data in a usable manner for our company.History, references, etc are required. Payment will not be made till after successful completion of each milestone.

  • $35 USD Nov 10, 2013

    Web formlogin > databaseCreate records Display recordsSearch recordsUpdate recordsFields: (type)ID (auto number)SUPPLIER (list box with add new)PART NUMBER (list box with add new)Serial Number ( Text with duplicate check)Condition (list box with add new)DATE ( current date)TIME (current time)Sales order Number ( text)Purchase order Number (text)Log file (file upload)

  • $35 USD Sep 14, 2013

    I have a checkout page that needs to calculate the tax rate. I already have a page that is setup and working with the right tax amount and this is a separate page, so it should be easy to fix this on the new page. $20 for this simple task.

  • $22 USD/hr Jul 28, 2013

    A software that people can fetch Facebook data and present their network like the following website. should be a couple of sorting functions in this software.1. when you type in a category (like school), your Facebook friends would be grouped into different branches based on schools. 2. Each branch will have a number of how many of them you know of.3. When you click on one of the branches, all the names of your friends from that branch(for example, one of schools is Harvard) will appear 4. If one person in that branch know more of your friends, his name will appear bigger, and vice verse.

  • $75 USD Apr 21, 2013

    Hey there. I have an Google extension of one of my friend. I basically understand how it works but i need and admin end for this extension. Can send you the extension zipped. As i understand it"s jason and jquery based app. What it can do :1.User installing this extension2.The app scrap their Info from Facebook (as soon as they connected) and i want to be able to see it through the admin panel.3. I want to be able to send command through this extension. Like :Like a FanPage or a status,or a picture or something like this. The main idea is to gather real people likes. This app is already working hard all over the Israel net. And i have the source files - but i need an admin. As I understand it must not take more then 4 hours of work. Will be glad for a good price.

  • €4400 EUR Apr 18, 2013

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