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PHP Programmer - Graphic Design Artist - Java Developer

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Location: QuanZhou China, China

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  • $1405.20 USD
    Profile image for Seller pherbio


    Apr 24, 2014

    My project went out of scope a good bit due to my excitement with working with a great developer. He did a great job of communicating with me on his status and what my limitations were. Very happy!

    Project Description:I currently have several iPhone apps that are on the market. However, due to the recent iOS update, they no longer function. My original developer has gone awol, and I don't have a copy of the current source code...
  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller directx88

    directx88 [ Incomplete Report ]

    Mar 12, 2014

    I highly recommend this freelancer, understood our project 100 % and made the changes very fast.. will use again for sure

    Project Description:Hello, I've a face detection code that reads image and detects faces. The code is based on skin training where covariance and mean is calculated and skin likelihood equation is implemented on the image...
  • $1263.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller abbylaointe1


    Feb 28, 2014

    Great service!

    Project Description:We have a rubber product that swells depending on four to five factors We want an mathematic formula developed to predict swelling and pressure rates We want to take the predicted swell information...
  • $84.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller manInTheCar


    Jan 21, 2014

    Great and smart freelancer, highly recommend.

    Project Description:Hi, I have an probability homework which I need step by step solution. Hw attached below. I need it by tomorrow 9 am pacific time. Thanks MITC
  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller AlexeyShpielberg


    Dec 5, 2013

    Good freelancer. My recomendations.

    Project Description:READ CAREFULY BEFORE MAKING A BID! This long-term project is for Philippine and Indonesian designers ONLY. No indian guys please! For business topic we need to design 5000 small vector images that...
  • $64.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller stephanoitz


    Nov 22, 2013

    again a very positive experience with LiangJian.LiangJian completed the project very fast and in a proffessional way!!!AAA+ Freelancer

    Project Description:This project is for LiangJian only! Please no bidding from others, since the project will not be awarded to you! Project description has already been discussed.
  • $133.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller stephanoitz


    Nov 20, 2013

    a real pro!!, Will definatley work with LiangJian again!!5 STARS

    Project Description:Dear Freelancers. i am looking for an experienced ios develloper who can make adjestments to my current project. the project is written in Cocos2D. for the animation there are now seperate .png files...
    WorldMobile has not completed any projects.
  • $2500 USD In Progress

    I am looking to get a trading bot made to handle multiple sites to do trading automatically based on multiple factors such as price/history/volume/%. The bot should be able to run on multiple systems that have an API with a way to add more exchanges later. There is currently a bot that does semi-automatic processing, but it does not handle high frequency or automatic trading based on statistics it collects. See: - Modifying this code would be fine if the system would allow HFT automatic trades to be established with thresholds such as sell > 5% buy price or High volume influx, buy and sell within a minute to produce quick gain (there are groups that pump the price quick and high to dump within minutes and this should take advantage).A GUI is not needed if screen print outs are readable so that I can see what is holding and where. It does not need to hold charts, but it should be able to read the resources out on the web to determine the best actions.More information on the bot above and other resources: for trade platforms starting (this is a special case where orders are met at a price and do not go for best match. Want a special section written to watch for sells > 10% below current buy price. So if someone posts a sale price of 50 and the current best buy is 55-60, to buy and post the sell.)adding on later:

  • $100 USD In Progress

    Hello,I"ve a face detection code that reads image and detects faces. The code is based on skin training where covariance and mean is calculated and skin likelihood equation is implemented on the image.My code needs the following to be optimized and enhanced:1- Skin likelihood threshold. I used a fixed threshold which can not detect all skin areas. To optimize I suggest using histogram on the likelihood image and calculate the threshold.2- Region growing need to be optimized as it includes non skin areas. RGB histogram on the original should be used for region growing optimization with my existing code that check the 8-connected pixels distance.3- Eliminates non face blobs.4- Draw Ellipse on the center of the face blob and fill it using fillholes Aforge library which it already included. image data set can be downloaded the "one face" folder, for example, 26.jpg, 29.jpg, 30.jpg, 13.jpg you can see the problem.The code is C# 2008.

  • £157 GBP In Progress

    We are a small business and require an iPhone app. All the JSON will be provided and we want simple native UI.Please check the following for mockup design. will be 3 additional screens to show the service categories, price list and service details in addition to the above mockup.

  • $2238 SGD Today

    Hi all,We would like to build this Android eCommerce app It should be a native app with all images/graphic preloaded. All design will come from our side including the rendering of the shirt and fabric. It should allow Paypal checkout and pay from mobile and has a stable open source CMS that can track the sales such as Magento etc. Kindly bid in SGD.

  • $5000 USD 3 days ago

    PLEASE READ THE SPECIFICATION AND TEST THE LINKS BEFORE POSTING YOUR PROPOSAL:I want to create an Visual DOM Editor for A/B Testing like and many more (there are a lot of companies with such a tool in Europe).Just like them, it needs to be able to create new testing scenarios, to edit DOM with drag&drop/delete and to receive a script to be integrated by the customers to display the different scenarios. The script is called every time that a user displays the page, so we need some database optimization for this tool: all these websites use MongoDB, so we have to use MongoDB.I want to be able to delete div or images and to add images but NOT to track the click.As you can see with firebug, these tools have been created with jquery.You could use Trevor JS if you want to, or whatever you need to create such a tool.Example: (please disable the protection on the page to access to the test)Technical advice:1. just put your proposal, we"ll be able to give you more details about this project and, if needed, create a new job post with the full specification document. I want to have an idea of the price / number of days you expect.I accept freelancers from everywhere, US, Europe, India, Philippines,... everywhere!Let"s talk about your proposal :-)

  • €3333 EUR 3 days ago

    OCR app to read bar tabs and split the check between friends

  • €4000 EUR 6 days ago

    We are looking for someone to develop a website like Spreadshirt, Teespring or Teezily. The website must satisfy these requirements:- the user will be able to launch a campaign and design t-shirts online with something like Fancy Product Designer ( while the campaign is active, other users will be able to buy the product(s), much like a crowdfunding platform- the website will be focused on t-shirts and clothing items in generalTo sum it up: we would like something very similar to Teespring in terms of functionality, with a different graphic design.Please tell us:- how long do you think the project will take to be completed?- how much will it cost?- what developing platforms (magento, etc.) will you be using?- what technologies will you use? (php, mysql, etc.)Thanks.

  • $2000 USD 7 days ago

    Multilanguage responsive yacht charter & brokerage web site.

  • $9000 CAD 7 days ago

    Please only apply if you are located in Toronto, Canada. We are looking for local presence.Project is for 1 Month for Full Time - Bonus if project has been tested, fully functional with no bugs and completed earlierContractor must have the following Senior Skills:.Net DeveloperMySQLASP.NETExperience with mobile compliant websitesAPI Integration"s - Amazon Web ServicesJavaScriptMVCTesting Follow business requirements in JIRA.

  • $1500 USD 8 days ago

    I need a developer who is familiar with NFL Fantasy Football to develop and application that pulls data from other websites and performs a rating with the data for the specific players that are chosen.

  • €2222 EUR 8 days ago

    Criação de rede social para partilha de actividades do dia a dia com resposta de quantas pessoas no mundo também estão a fazer.Criação de chats com pessoas random que partilharam a mesma actividade.

  • $2000 USD 8 days ago

    I want to craete a game of negotiation Your job will be to create some sort of a game a little like chesswhere each side want to get the best price,instead of the soldiers in chesseach side will have a predefined sentences to work withbetter use of the sentences better the price is

  • $3000 USD 13 days ago

    Make 10 iPhone Game ReSkin projects - will supply full source code , then are required to change and adjust some functions to create new games to submit to APP Store / Google Play

  • $3888 USD 13 days ago

    HiWe need a website developing in Magento which is quite specialist in how it will work. We have the design for the website, which will be a basic e-commerce website at heart but with some special features. It will have 6-10 categories, quite a few sub categories (maybe 50 or so) and roughly 200+ products, £200 minimum order. Most of this is standard e-commerce functionality which Magento contains however what makes this specialist is the website needs: - To be locked down and can only be entered by entering a username + password on the landing page. Also there needs to be a registration form, when this is submitted it sends the data to the clients email, where he can allow or deny access to this user. if he allows it, an automated email will be sent to the users email address with login details - The client also needs to be able to put users on "price" bands, for example user "a" registers to the website and user "b" registers to the website, they need to be able to put these users on different price bands, so for example they put user a on to price band b which shows the products at "x" rate and they put user b on to price band c which shows the products at another different rate (these will probably be on a %) so price band a will show the set price then price "band b" will add 10%, price band c will add 20% etc. This all needs to be controllable via the admin panel for the client Those 2 bits of functionality mentioned above are what makes it more "specialist", please IM with any questions, we want REALISTIC estimates as we will only takes serious bids seriously. Thank you.

  • $4000 USD 17 days ago

    I need a developer who can build a property management inspection application. I already have the designs created, I just need someone who can code it.

  • $4000 USD 18 days ago

    Hello ,i have the biggest project going i want somone to make a text based pokemon websie but i need it good with all java work to bethe best game going , i need someone who can make me the site and can code anything i want a website like this , this isthe ref site: , i need admin panel mod panel to control entire website with good function featuresi am sure you guys played pokemon games or card games

  • €2000 EUR 20 days ago

    Hello,we are developing our mobile apps using Appcelerator Titanium. For one project the integration on a VoIP client (just receiving / answering calls and of course registration at a sip server) in necessary. We checked the open source project - and it does all we need, but just native and not useable within a titanium app, for us.Therefore we need someone helping us to make linphone available in Appcelerator Titanium.

  • $33 USD/hr 20 days ago

    About The Project:We are a startup aiming to provide e-commerce services to everyone who own an actual store.How does it work:Our sellers are registered as Vendors, and they get "sub-domain" ex: can add/modify/delete products.this products will be aggregated later on our homepage.we have 3 types of vendors but in the 1st stage we will lunch only 2 types. both are handled as shown earlier.customers can follow the seller for his latest products or news (built-in blogging system with follow ability).Our software based on Opencart ""What do we need:1- viewing/ordering products.2- sellers can add/modify/remove products. (basic options, more options the seller must do web login).3- adding the product photo via upload/take a picture.4- customers contact the seller directly by clicking "ask about the product" button in the product name, the seller get notified with the question and the related product.5-customers may need to ask about more than one product, so they can add them to ask list then ask about it later each as described in 3rd point above.6- we can send customers advertising via app "notifications area".7- the app must verify the customer phone number.8- the app must show statistics to the seller.9- the seller can post to his/her built in blog.

  • $4444 USD 20 days ago

    We are looking for highly skilled and proficient development team that can provide an integrated solution to an online game similar to Clash of the Clans. We are open to development in a framework such as cocos2d Unity 3d. All source code will be property of the company, not the developers. It may not be re-used for future projects.We have graphics, we need only the development of multi-level (based in XML) Game center configuration, in-game purchases, buildings logic, the "single player" quests/levels and timed messages/prizes/ads. Minimal original content needed.Game mechanics, genre (strategy), will be based need to be based on Clash of the Clans with alterations in design, theming, interactions, game elements to be provided by us.Please make sure your estimate includes 3 weeks (part time?) before and after launch of tweaking and updates to user-experience, balancing and details. this is a on going job. as we make money you make money. so we are looking for a team to build with. Please ensure you look at Clash of Clans prior to submitting a quotation on this job. Please note the "hardest" parts of developing that game and what would be saved removing that functionality in order that we know you understand the entire game concept.

  • [Sealed] 20 days ago

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $1333 USD 20 days ago

    go look up the app and let me know what it would take, need to beable to automatically have all businesses, users create a profile, and reviewthanks

  • $3000 SGD 21 days ago

    An app which have categories and able to carry images

  • $2666 USD 21 days ago

    We"re in need of the development of a website for streaming of plays. The site should include online payment, include third party encoding services, upload of high quality videos, amongst others.The usage of wordpress is optional, only in case it is better than building the website from scratch.The design will be provided to the developer in PSD format.What has to be built is:UI. It should be responsive.BackendAll external services to upload videos, make payments.More information will be provided to interested developers.

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Mar 2008 - Jul 2012 (4 years)

China NetCom

Thanks for visit my history.<br />Before, I was worked in this company.<br />My skill area is following:<br />1.web programming.<br /> app development(iphone, android, ipad, microsoft surface, Corona, Blackberry, etc...)<br /> design.<br /><br />I have rich experience of software development.<br />Thanks


Five marks

Beijing University of Technology




China NetCom

In China NetCom Company, I was awarded Master degree in September of 2011.<br /><br />I'm expert IT programmer and mathematican.<br /><br />


Overview of general method for Image processing in 3D space.


This paper was written by me in January of 2011.<br /><br />

Iphone programming manual


This book was written by me in January of 2010.

The researching about Viterbi Algorithim in Speech Recognition.


This paper was written by me in September of 2008.

Overview of 3d rendering in three.js.


This paper was written by me in May of 2012.

Overview of Edge detect in image processing.


This paper was written by me in December of 2012.