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  • $2400.00 USD
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    Apr 8, 2011

    excellent work. really fast supply. good customer relationship. we could work easily everything out. they understand exactly what i need and where able to supply it was a pleasure for us to work with them togheter

    Project Description:We need an ADWARE with a CLIENT and SERVER to set cookies of specified Providers in background if a user visit a specified site. Adware feature. - Should load pre-definied cookies in Background when someone visit a site by typing in browser or clicking on some advertising on the web...
  • [Sealed]
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    Aug 24, 2006

    good communication & fast response to queries

    Project Description:We need a central place to control the inventory and provide customer service for sales from different channels: mainly Amazon and our own website shop: (powered by osCommerce)....
  • $500.00 USD
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    Sep 8, 2005

    Gorasoft was an excellent provider of work. They met and exceded all expectations by delivering work on or before the deadlines. They made sure they kept in contact with you rather than you trying to get in touch with them. They also made sure the job was 100% finished before they called it a done job. I was very pleased with the work they have done and will definetly use their services again.

    Project Description:We are looking for someone at a reasonable rate who will build a prospecting site for a telecommunications company. It will require flash presentations, login and password info for numerous people and a simple yet thought provoking message...
    Gorasoft has not completed any projects.
  • $1900 USD In Progress

    The aim of is simply to create the very best festival and music related community on the web. The site will create a platform for Festivals, bands, agents and the general public to interact with each other and will tie in stongly with other social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter. At present we have developed the site using Magento and is currently running on this domain: have decided to completely re-format the site based on the open source community tool ‘Dolphin" created by Boonex: . The finished site will be a modified, reskinned version of this technology.Once this site has been established we want to create more communities with similar functions under separate sub-domains i.e. or The long term aim is to link these communities together under the main domain. For the present, you are quoting only for the festivals arm of the website. We want to create 3 membership types on Boonex Dolphin each with slightly different features/funtions and ways of interacting with other members on the site. The three membership types are:oPeople / public membersoFestivalsoBands/ArtistsBelow is a description of how we want the site to work and what features we want to add for each user type.Becoming a MemberWe will need the join form to be interactive so that it changes depending on the kind of user account you wish to create.oUser selects type of membership they want to create (i.e. Person/Festival/Band)oForm opens up for selected membership typeoAlso need ability to edit each form with the ‘Fields builder" in the backend Festival member form fields•Name/Title of Festival•Email address•Telephone number•Full Name of Contact•Password & password confirm•Upload Logo of festival (instead of avatar/user icon)•tags•Date of festival•Country•City•Postcode•URL for official festival website•Short description of festival•Genre(s) – select genres from tick box options•Headline acts (band/artist names)•Full list of acts (can input text or upload festival poster)•Input twitter account name •Input facebook account•Input Spotify playlist linkN.B. We want the option to charge festival members a monthly fee to start an account with usPeople/Public member form fields•Keep as it is on boonex plus…•Favourite Band(s)•Favourite Festival(s)•Input twitter account name •Input Spotify playlist link•Select ‘I"m a music agent" checkboxBand/artist member form fields•Name/Title of Band/Artist•Email address•Telephone Number•Full Name of Contact•Password & password confirm•Avatar/icon•tags•URL for official website•Short description of band/artist•Band members•Genre(s) – select music genres from tick box options•Input twitter account name•Input Spotify playlist linkOther register form notes•All register forms must include an anti spam Captcha•All register forms must include tick to agree to terms and conditions and privacy policy and advertising guidelines………………………………………………………………………………………………Below is a description of each user level including how we want users to browse them, how we want them to interact with each other and what features we want to add.………………………………………………………………………………………………FestivalsFestivals > Browsing / finding festivalsThe following is a brief overview of how the site will display the festivals and how the user finds/browses them: A good example of a working version of this would be on a site called ‘We love festivals": Festivals•All Users will have ability to browse festivals byoGenre (Family, Rock & Pop etc.)oLocation (Areas of UK (South East, North etc.), Europe, USA World)oCalendar/Date (calendar view)•We want the calendar to work similar to the calendar on the events section of boonex works: We want the links that appear to show the name of the festival instead of ‘1 event", ‘2 events" etc.oComing soon (10 festivals coming soon in date order)oPast festivals archive (browse past festivals by year)oBy band/artist appearing there•Festivals displayed in list form with 2 view options as standard on boonex:oSimple- Image and festival name oExtended- Image (clickable), festival name (clickable), date, headliners, short desc, I"m going to this festival button, add to fave festivals button, overall star ratingo+ Calendar view (when browsing by date)•Users will be able to sort these lists byoRating (top rated first) (default)oAlphabeticalKeyword search.•Users will also be able to use the keyword search function to find a festivalFestivals > Viewing a festivalOnce a user clicks on a festival, they will be able to see the festival profile including:General Info about the festival•Name/Title of Festival•Logo of festival (instead of avatar/user icon)•Date of festival•Address / Location •Telephone number•Link to festival website•Short description of festival•Transport links (affiliates)•Genre(s)•Headline acts (band/artist names clickable)•Overall Rating of festival•Buy Tickets buttonAction buttons•Public registered members only buttons:oI"m going to this festival -when clicked this festival appears on their profile under a list of festivals they are going tooI went to this festival (only displays on past festivals that have already happened instead of I"m going to this festival button)- When clicked this festival appears on their profile under a list of festivals they have beeno•Band registered members only buttons:oI"m/We"re appearing at this festival (functioning similar to above)oI/We appeared at this festival (functioning similar to above)•Any registered user buttons:oAdd to fave festivalsOn click this appears in users list of favourite festivals on their profileoBlog about this festivaloPost a forum topic about this festivaloUpload photos to this festival (only visible if festival has already happened)oUpload videos to this festival (only visible if festival has already happenedoUpload sounds to this festival (only visible if festival has already happenedoShare this festival – post to facebook, twitter dig etc. buttonsoReportInteractive Blocks/Features•Rate festival byoMusic and EntertainmentoGetting there and backoToilets and FacilitiesoFood and drinkoOverall rating appears as average of these ratings•Google Map (using festival main image/logo as pin on map)•Members going to this festival/ went to this festival•Bands appearing at this festival•Full lineup (written/festival poster)•Comment on festival•Festival Photos, videos, sounds (uploaded by members)•Related blogs•Related forum topics•Related polls•Related groups•Twitter feed (from festival)•Facebook feed (from festival)•Switch between past years of the festival- minor info (no line up etc.) via dropdownBackend Admin Features•Via the back end we need the facility to activate a ‘Buy tickets" (if appropriate) button on each festival profile. •This button will be controlled by the admin, not by the festival account member•A link for the button must be added by the admin in the backend•The button will appear on the front end with the general info about the festivalFestivals > Inside the festival user accountWhen logged in festival members will have all the usual privileges that come with standard boonex users plus:Ability to input details for past years of that festivaloSelect year of past festivaloInput date, headliners, locationoOnce a past year is entered this can be clicked on via a dropdown on the festival profile page and is also entered onto the past festival archive under the relevant year oWhen a user views a past festival they can see the info and upload photos, videos etc. Click ‘I went to this festival" etc. All which must relate specifically to that year of the festival.Ability to delete band from ‘appearing at this festival" listoIn the event that a band/artist clicks the I"m appearing at this festival button but they are not, the festival user can delete the band/artist from the list of those appearing at the festivalAbility to message public members/bandsoWhen logged in, festival users will have the ability to send messages to users who have clicked ‘fave festival" ‘im going to this festival" or ‘i"m/we"re appearing at this festivalPeople (public members)People > Browsing / finding public membersGeneral users of the site. People who are interested in festivals and bands.Browsing people will work in the same way as default on Boonex with these extra features•Public members who have selected that they are a music agent when they registered must be separated from the normal public members. This will enable bands/artisits to browse through and find a list of music agentsPeople > Viewing a public member accountOnce a visitor to the site clicks on a public member, they will be able to see their profile. As well as the boonex defaults this will include: •List of Fave festivals •List of Band"s/artists I"m a fan of •List of Rated festivals/bands •List of Festivals I"ve been to / going to •List of festivals coming soon / popular festivals•List of Festivals near you block- displayed in google mapBands/ArtistsBands/Artists > Browsing / finding bands/artistsBrowsing Bands/Artists•All Users will have ability to browse bands byoGenre (Jazz, Rock & Pop etc.)oPollPond top 100 bands/artists (top 100 bands as selected by admin via the backend)oPollPond top 100 unsigned bands/artists (top 100 unsigned bands as selected by admin via the backend)•Bands/artists displayed in list form with 2 view options as standard on boonex:oSimple- Image and band/artist name oExtended- Image (clickable), band/artist name (clickable), short description, genre, become a fan of band/artist, overall star rating•Users will be able to sort these lists byoRating (top rated first) (default)oAlphabeticalKeyword search.•Users will also be able to use the keyword search function to find a band/artist Bands/Artists > Viewing a band/artist profileOnce a user clicks on a band./artist, they will be able to see the profile. Including:General Info about the Band•Name/Title•Main image/logo•Website•Contact Info•Short description•Band members•Overall Rating •Genre(s)Action buttons•Public members only:o‘Become a fan of the bands/artist" – appears on public users profile under bands they are a fan of•Festival members only:o‘This band/artist is appearing at my festival" – appears on festival profile under bands/artists appearing at the festival. (must be relevant to specific year of festival)•All registered members:oBlog about this band/artistoPost a forum topic about this bandoUpload photos to this bandoUpload videos to this bandoUpload sounds to this bandoShare this band – post to facebook, twitter dig etc. buttonsoReportInteractive Blocks/Features•Rate band byoTo be decided•Festivals the band/artist is appearing at•List of fans (members who have clicked I"m a fan" button)•Comment on band•Band Photos, videos, sounds (uploaded by members)•Related blogs•Related forum topics•Related polls•Related groups•Twitter feed (from band)•Facebook feed (from band)All Users > Added featuresWhen a public/band/festival member is logged in to their account we need some modifications to how they publish photos/videos and sound content to the site•When uploading a new photo/video/sound album they can choose from a dropdown which festival and/or band the photo/video/sound relates to.•We need to put a limit on the size of the photos/videos/sounds that users uploadHomepageThe homepage will act as a preview of all activity happening on the site, encouraging the user to explore and join the community. The homepage must include the following•Festivals feed oUp coming, recently added, top rated, most popular, genres•Public Members feed oTop Points scorers, recently joined, online now•Media Feed oRecently added photos, videos, sounds•Blog/News FeedoLatest, top rated•Spy Activity FeedoGeneral site activity, latest first – refresh in realtime•Tag cloud•Subscribe to PollPond newsletter (enter email address for deals/offers/updates etc)•Prominent login/join buttons•Flash banner and advertising space•Twitter & Facebook Feeds•‘What is PollPond?" (About us Message)•Suggest a festival/band buttons•Site stats (counters for registered members, blog entries, no of festivals etc.)•Google map of all members (possibly)•Footer links to terms and conditions etc.Admin Back-endUs the owners/administrators of the site have private access to the boonex back end system. As well as all the defaults we need to:Members - FestivalsoAdd/edit/delete/ban a festival and all detailsoTurn off/on affiliate link to tickets- input a link, represented in frontend as a button. Festival members cannot edit this from their accountoAdd/edit/delete festival categories/genresMembers - Bands/ArtistsoAdd/edit/delete/ban a band/artist and all detailsoAdd/edit/delete band/artist categories/genresRating & Reviewing Tools•Ability to create different groups of ratings (i.e. for bands we may want users to rate ‘live" and ‘in the studio" whereas for festivals we"d be rating ‘toilets and facilities" and ‘music and entertainment" ‘value for money" etc.•Ability to choose different icon for each rating as an alternative to usual star rating e.g. we guitars, hearts, coins, mini vehicle etc. •Ability to harvest results/graphs/figures on these ratingsAdvertisingOn the front-end we will leave space in several places for advertising to be dropped in when necessary. From the back-end we need the ability to:oAdd/edit delete adverts to be published to the siteoAdd either image/flash/html code for and advertoSet URL link for advert if needed oSet where advert will appear and for how long- start and end datesoTrack impressions and clicks from each ad- display in table formoStats can be sent to the advertiser via monthly email in pdf form?Widgets/Blocks/FeaturesoAbility to turn off/on any new features/blocks as is available for default blocks on each page of the site oAbility to customise- add/edit/delete fields - on the individual register forms for each member typeSkinning the siteWe also need you to quote for re-skinning the site from the boonex template to our bespoke Pollpond design. We will supply templates for how each main page of the site will look including:•Homepage•Register pages•User profile pages for each type of site member•Browsing members/festivals/bands page•Keyword Search results pages•General info page layoutsBoonex Modules we will also be integratingYou do not need to quote for the following, this is just a list of modules we"ll be installing into boonex before we hand the project over to you.•Facebook connect- gives users the ability to login with their Facebook account and automatically posts their Pollpond activity on facebook•Facebook comment- changes all the comment facilities on Pollpond to facebook comments. When user comments on blog/photo/profile etc. the comment appears on their facebook. Also comments will not clog up our servers.•Points system – gives users points/profile status for all activities on the site (controlled by us in the back-end)•Activity on admin dashboard. In our admin area we can see instant stats on the whole site- no of members, blogs, photos, festivals etc.

  • $2750 USD In Progress

    Hello Everyone:I"m looking to have a website designed for an exotic car club with rental/lease programs. I would like it very clean and class. Something think it will have about 30 pages, but this is my first website, so your help and guidance will be needed. I could be way off.I attached a powerpoint to show my general idea for the flash animation on the home page with mouseovers on the car pics. I tried to draw out the layout of the website. I"ll want to be able to change the events pages very easily. I"d like these colors as well, but if you have any cool ideas, I"d love to see them. I would also like individual member pages which is attached to a live inventory of what cars are available, and until what time. Probably with a calendar so members can see what car they have and until when, then what other cars are available, and look into the future to reserve cars a year down the road. This is how we can track inventory and know where cars need to be and when. Right now I only have about 20 cars.I will be also added and deleting cars as well. The easier the better. So I can add pictures with descriptions.I would like the cars for the exotic groupes if available to be able to be seen in the Rental/Lease portion of the site. It will have the same description, but will have a rental price that will not be shown on the exotic groupe side of the site. Other than some cool graphics, mouseovers, and member/car inventory control, The rest of the site should be a basic brochure site. I have most of the content written up, but have a little more to go.

  • $1995 USD In Progress

    this project would take about 2 to 4 weeks and there is also maintenance that will need to be done.I need someone with experience working with other sites like myspace etc. contact me for a discussion of what exactly is needed.

  • $7500 USD In Progress

    Objective:The objective of our project is to simplify the life of many women, promoting the entrepreneurial microactivities, allowing maximum flexibility in obtaining a woman"s income and making it possible for women with certain skills to offer services part time. In this way each woman can contribute to the reconciliation work and family without sacrificing their own ambitions and the ability to develop and to pursue their passions. The initiative uses the web as the main instrument and the many advantages it can provide: making visible services to millions of users in a simple and immediate way. What it is:Specifically, the project consists in create a portal dedicated to women, women who want to make visible their ability offering something to many other women who are looking for specific services to address and simplify their family life.The portal is the object for the match between supply and demand between women and their needs, between companies and women looking for flexible jobs.Through the portal will be able to present their work, services, products and / or request services, works or equipment for each type of activity or need. It appears to be just as informative magazine reading in the services offered as well as a huge virtual market where access to services offered in response.The portal also allows you to combine family and work that is not a small achievement given that according to a recent study by the Center for Work and Life, the most vulnerable, the most stressful of all, is that of working mothers, doing somersaults to reconcile work full-time, ensuring their economic security, family and private life. The work family reconciliation would be possible thanks to:• Creating a support network for women with shared interests• Creating a virtual shop to bring together women with women who seek services that offer• creating a network of professionals who offer advice to women• contacts with companies that offer part-time work The portal is organized by topic area and the accuracy in 8 : -Institutions and Public Administration -Virtual Shop -Services supply / demand (from private individuals and companies) -Life Management -Hobby-Finder -Information (The specialist responds) -Blog-chat-Social Network -Services offered through the portal 1) the institutional area and public administration: allows women to always be aware in legislative matters for what concerns the world of work. It "s something about this already, but specific institutional site for women. Opportunities for women to know.there is a subarea related to public administration: Local calls specialist female figures, income support or assistance to special events aimed at women, if there are funds that are granted to women with children, giving aid to municipalities for the first child, how to get something that will make the government closer to the world of women.includes:-Information on laws and rights for women-Invitations to tender and opportunities for women in government (the work can be done by region, province, municipality)-Ability to subscribe to a mailing list to receive updates on opportunities or calls out in a particular Public Administration 2) The virtual shop are already ready-made pages that can be used by people to be able to sell its products or assets they have. There are several templates that one can choose and if she is capable can customize it, or ask to customize by the portal.So there are simple templates that can be used to sell items and / or services. It gives the possibility to people (even without any knowledge of web programming) to create their own space to use as showcases to offer for sale of items made privately or sell items that you have the model of the flea marketYou will then have the opportunity to divide the various shops by category, so that people looking for particular products can access very quickly and immediately compare prices. 3) Area of supply / demand services such as babysitting or tagesmutter (mom rented) if I run a mom and baby, I can handle more than one, creating a small nursery with economic benefits for me and many advantages in terms of convenience , flexibility andalso flights to the mother who rented me the children, or wedding planner, cook at homeAds of professionals: lawyers, architects, interior design, personal shopper, beauty PlannerIt is formed by web pages created and made by advertisers (we think of making a template for a page, for those who would not able to do it), and lines of possible metalink ads to web pages or mail etc. ... It is an area where we want to makein contacts the supply and demand of services of any kind which may be associated businesses seeking staff ... can also be seen as window where they display their skillsThere will be listings of people seeking services of both people who provide services (including professionals, architects, lawyers)This area will also be ads for companies looking for female workers for peak workloads or for short times, and sustainable jobs for women 4) Life ManagementIt "an area where there are listings and services for better management of the dayly life, for example, groups of women share the tasks of fetching children from school, take them to soccer, etc..There will also be an area where you will be under a section on management and scheduling of eventsThe area will be structured in the form of demand / supply of services, both in the form of pages or ad views to promote service 5) Hobbies Finder is a search engine site to find other people with similar interests to share certain experiences. There will be dedicated to the discussion area, and areas where you can upload photos and movies. You will be able to put ads on searchpeople who share the same hobbies, same sport, people looking for travel companions 6) Information It is divided into two parts:made by a specialist questions that give answers (The specialist responds)made by movie or documents that taught to do things, such as cooking, crafts, family menage, household management, etc. ... unexpected.The first part is done by outside consultants to respond to questions of women.This area will be managed mainly through early volunteer work with professionals who answer questions and queries posted by women. It will be divided by area of interest, medical, legal, financial, etc ... then you can search for partnership with some newspaper industry as a health magazine, etc. ...The second part is operated from the site, on requests made by women, both by women themselves who create pages with arguments and explanations of general utility, what you want is not only a space of information from outside, but made by women for women 7) Blog-chat-Social Network E "area where all the women in the database can participate in thematic blogs, share experiences, make chat, create discussion groups or friends, post pictures or movies.This area will be moderate to avoid degenerate with content that is not ethically correct, however, lying and trying to leave as much freedom of expression 8) An area dedicated to the services offered through the portal This area will be made of applications and services offered through the portal, the first service is designedcarpooling to the female (we have already a services developed using joomla)This is a financed project and we have some constraints, we need to hire 2 or 3 girls that have to develop the portal at least for one year less than 30 years old. we can provide relocation and offer the possibility to have after one year a permanent contract.We need a good web developer and designer and we need that they know how to build a web portal with very high number of user at least 5 milions with 20-50 thousand contemporany accessBest regards Enrico Zucca

  • $50 USD In Progress

    I need to finish few websites. One is Wordpress blog and another one is Joomla driven website. Work includes making small changes into modules code and installation on web server. Details will be provided to qualified programmers.Thank you.

  • $3055 USD Oct 21, 2013

    Dear Friends! I need help to build web-store for automotive parts selling. It should has a massive graphic interface. So, please take in consideration that it should be project more suitible for person with deep graphics expirience. Best way to conclude decision is glance on your portfolio first. Thank you very much and hope of prompt response in advance. Alexander.

  • $3222 USD Jul 12, 2013

    I am looking to have a website designed that is like Elance, Odesk, Guru but will be for local businesses It will need an admin panel, integrated payment module, user interface, tasteful yet basic website, easy to navigate, and reliable. I already have hosting and domain Please answer with bid and how long it will take Thank you

  • $3001 USD Jul 2, 2013

    I need an interactive website built for a marine tourism venture that I will be launching in Fiji. Need to incorporate a ticketing system and web access for resellers as well as tourist interface.

  • $25 USD/hr Sep 16, 2012

    Hello,we saw your response to the posting on about building the site similar to Would you be open to discuss similar project?What are the pre-requisited to get you started: datafeeds, APIs or can it be based on crawler search engine?Also, we were not able to find you web-site. Does your company have web-page with portfolio of performed projects?PS: you can respond in Russian if easierThanks,Andrey

  • $725 USD Jul 17, 2012

    I need a bot that posts my adds on and a bot for bot should be able to enter captcha, select categories, ad pictures and text from a notepad.The bot should be able to place over 500 ads per day.Bots must includ proxy changer.

  • $2950 USD Jul 17, 2012

    I need a highly skilled iOS app developer to create a great looking, fun and entertaining app. It needs to have great graphics and some sound effects so I need someone who can do the graphic design work as well as the coding.Initially to be released on iOS but if successful, would like to release on Android alsoBasic description of app functionality1.Take a front facing, facial image (either using the camera or from the photo library on the phone2.Manipulate the image in a fun way (more details will be given on this stage once applicants are at the next stage and NDA is signed)3.Image to be shared using the usual social media channels.4.Freemium model with in app purchases availablePlease look at the existing apps fatbooth, agingbooth, zombiebooth. These apps contain some of the basic functionality that my app will have. If you think you could emulate those apps, you will be able to create mineI am looking to develop this app quickly.Requirements:•Someone with both coding and UI design skills•Someone who has at least a 4 or 5 star rating•Someone with at least 300 hours logged•Someone who speaks English wellIf this is you, then this is what you should do next:Please contact me with examples of previous work including UI or design examples you have done before. If your work looks great, I will be in touch with more details.I am UK based, and would be looking to carry out initial skype interviews of successful applicants. Interviews/meetings will need to be conducted after 6pm UK timeIMPORTANT: When you reply, start by typing the code words: Image FreakThat’s how I will know you have read the whole description rather than just replying to all new submissionsMany thanks,Look forward to hearing from youNeil

  • $490 USD Jul 16, 2012

    Hi, I need a wordpress site that has the core functionality of it is built on wordpress) however with a different design. I already have the design in mind all you need to do is to help me to achieve it. If work is done to the standard, I am hoping to cooperate with you on a longer term basis. Thank you.

  • $1950 USD Jul 10, 2012

    Good dayI need a clone of myhammer.deThe design should be different, currency, maps, and language.Language: German, Italian, FrenchI need the following services:- design- Programming- SEODomain and the server is already available.[title edited by admin]

  • $1450 USD Jun 20, 2012

    The project is to develop a secure client portal for us to interact with the customers in order to upload documents, invoices etc. Customers should be in position to log on to the website using their registered email address on our SQL Server & download assigned files or upload documents for us to review.This is the general overview of the project & details will be provided to the successful bidder.Timeline-30 Days

  • £1750 GBP May 16, 2012

    Build a fairly simple website from our designs. The site will then be templated by us to put in our CMS.Pages needed are - homepage, - section head page- content subpage- subpage which includes a simple event calendar- subpage which includes a photo gallery- possible additional subpage

  • £2950 GBP Apr 2, 2012

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $5000 AUD Mar 25, 2012

    A series of jobs needed completed on website including template redesign and integration of Google maps.

  • $11900 HKD Mar 14, 2012

    I need a website similar to the functionality of, include the following features:-Question & Answer-Note-Recording of health information of the baby(medical issues, immunization records, height, weight and so on)-User can follow/unfollow any other User-User can follow any Q&A/Note-Inviting Friends from Facebook,Gmail and Email-and more

  • $950 AUD Mar 12, 2012

    Had a website mad with a terrible CMS. want it converted to Magento.will require website design input as it is poorly constructed atm.

  • $1950 USD Feb 7, 2012

    I want a similar website to this one: do not want to use flash. Also I would like to make it iPhone and iPad friendly or even include an iPhone App or a mobile friendly version.

  • $1450 USD Jan 31, 2012

    hey i have need a group or firm who complete my project,work detail- 1 website ecomers base like any forex trading web site also include web trading platfrom domain hosting everything i will pay just cost

  • $950 USD Jan 25, 2012

    I need a clone of in php,but it should be for all countries.

  • $790 USD Jan 14, 2012

    Build a job search website using free templates which are available online. Normal job search site requirements need to be completed. In addition to that, customer portal should allow them to publish job advertisements using a credit based system where credit can be bought using either credit cards or through a Local Purchase Order. Local purchase order processing will be done manually by the site administrator and he/she should be able to add credit to the customers account using the administration account.New customer accounts get free credit and this should be changeable by the site administrator. One token allows one advertisement per day. Customers can buy as many credit token as they want.Note, most payments will happen without credit cards so the site admins should be able to top-up credit on the customers account.Some key things to note:Highlighted Features----------------* Employer can short list applied resume* Applied resume can export to excel* Meta description for job* Meta Keyword for job* Enforce un-published job by number of x days* Resume export as PDF* Admin can change field ordering of company, job and resume* Custom fields for company and job.* Email templates* Stats* Search Engine Friendly URLs...Employer--------------* Control panel for employer* Packages for employer* Save time with flexible and powerful resume search interface* Search resumes by application title, name, nationality, gender, availability, category, job type, salary range, education, experience* Save resume search* Build companies profile* Upload a company logo* Departments* Jobs management* Meta description & Meta Keywords for job* Send email to employer when job seeker apply to a job* Professional display of job searches and resumes* View job applied resumes with number of applied resume* Download resume file* Resume export to PDF* My stats* My purchase history* Notification on company approval / rejection* Notification on job approval / rejectionJob Seeker----------------* Control panel for job seeker* Job listing by categories* Job listing by company* Job listing filter by location, category and job type* Save filter for users* Search jobs by title, category, job type, job status, salary range, shift, experience, duration, publishing date, company and location* Save job search* Resume manager (resume form, upload resume file, resume editor, image upload)* Allow multiple resumes* Cover letter manager* Allow multiple cover letters* View my applied jobs* My statsAdministrator---------------------* Administrator control panel* Manage job types* Manage job status* Manage shifts* Manage companies* Manage departments* Manage jobs* Manage resumes* Manage job categories

  • €1250 EUR Jan 9, 2012

    HelloLooking for Freelancer PHP with good experience to improve an existing site to a new and actual site.We will communicate the link to the selected programmers. you must have experience in doing site like Local Deal with maps, Social Media oriented, with interaction on the site, ect .. feature You also have already worked on implementing features for Smart Phone application, or Facebook. Here are some site who are similar with what we want to get and the basis of our project so you can get an idea. Feel free to ask question. your details resume on PM.Thanks

  • $1450 USD Sep 6, 2011

    We want a web site like (for comparing prices in greek market). We want this project to be build with C# SQL Server 2008 MVC ASP.Net. We also want an administration section for this web site. In more details:- the client will browse products by category, by brand, by price and other filters.- for each product there will be a detailed list with store prices (ordered by price)- The system will keep data for product views and clicks that will redirect to each shop product page- The data (product and prices) will be updated automatically by an xml url from each shop that will be listed in the web site.

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