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Username: hainraja

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Location: Chennai, India

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  • £180 GBP
    Profile image for Seller cracasan


    29 days ago

    A very pleasant experience, hainraja was able to write the code and debug it very quickly using teamviewer. Would hire again as he had a good answer to all my unknowns.

    Project Description:Hi I'm trying to overlay on a PAL video a number sent as ASCII through RS232(serial) using Arduino and Max 7456 board. It's been done/ tested but for NTSC(probably the libraries are different for PAL)...
  • $418 USD
    Profile image for Seller hombold


    Feb 22, 2014

    Great Thanks

    Project Description:I like to switch a relay (Pifacedigitalio) on a raspbarry pi over the Internet. With google Talk. I've made a skript but it doesn't work can you look over it and fix the errors? this skript is for python 2 and i like to have it in 3.xx...
  • $36 USD
    Profile image for Seller synergysigns


    Feb 17, 2014

    Project was completed quickly and exactly as needed. Thank you!

    Project Description:I'm guessing this should be an easy fix for an experienced Javascript coder. I am building a SocialEngine site which allows users to upload and crop a profile photo. However, I enlarged the dimensions of the cropped profile thumbnails...
  • $25 USD
    Profile image for Seller pincius


    Feb 11, 2014

    Once again, well done!

    Project Description:I want point move by wave pattern along Y axis slightly shifting either to right either to left side avoiding certain values of Z coordinates. We start move by X axis either to left (from55 to54 point) either to right side...
  • $32 USD
    Profile image for Seller cripes


    Feb 9, 2014

    Outstanding work and support. Also, very understanding and patient when client needed more time to understand some of the changes. Many thanks for your great work.

    Project Description:Client has a 403 error updating website. Previous web designer created/modified a javascript file to upload and add/alter new photos, involving changing and uploading a .csv file for each update.
  • £1000 GBP
    Profile image for Seller JonathanColes


    Feb 7, 2014

    This was our first commissioning of programming and Raja has made the process straightforward and logical, explaining the reasons and coding along the way. He has guided us through the phases and we are more than happy with the outcome and will no doubt be keeping in touch with him.

    Project Description:The brief is to write a piece of simple graphics mapping software for use with projectors. The software should be written to run on Raspberry Pi. The software will allow for a shape (I.e. non regular rectangle) to be placed and manipulated to shape using pull points until correct...
  • $52 USD
    Profile image for Seller testname4040


    Feb 5, 2014

    will work again!

    Project Description:Hi I need a small correction required on our contact-us page. Here is link: When files uploaded on contact us page, it gives License Expired error. It doesn't get uploaded on server or through which we cannot retrieve files in our email and admin panel...
  • $32 USD
    Profile image for Seller pincius


    Jan 30, 2014

    The job was completed very well, Hainraja is expert in programming. I am happy and will hire again.

    Project Description:I need arduino code to be modified. My current code does the following: There are points with coordinates stored in arrays numbersX[], numbersY[], numbersZ[]. In code the point moves in random trajectory along nearest coordinates XY, avoiding certain values of Z coordinates...
  • $45 USD
    Profile image for Seller Anatoliyv


    Jan 19, 2014

    Excellent. Very professional.

    Project Description:I need to fix an issue with image zoom feature. Sample page when moving a mouse over an image, it should zoom in a separate box to the right of the image...
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller iwash


    Jan 9, 2014

    Raja is detailed. Excellent follow-up and very focused on deadlines.

    Project Description:Two parts: 1) Mobile Site Optimization for the online calculator (make it work on iPad) 2) Create a separate calculator with the PDF generator sending an email to a different address.
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  • $36 USD/hr In Progress

    This will extend from my other project here: with a framework that can extend to handle different edges, different countertop shapes, sink placement, etc.

  • $200 USD In Progress

    Hello I lake to have a Sofware who read out the temperature on raspberry from a file. if the temperture is to high/low a Xmpp message has to be released.

  • $40 USD In Progress

    Add in the CREE and Cooper Lighting products to the savings calculator. You can get product details off my website....Also need to change the pricing on the jpg on the PDF generated.THANKS!

  • $700 USD 6 days ago

    I need an application to Raspberry Pi that takes a picture using a usb camera, preference with Logitech C920. The camera application needs to have the following features: take the picture in square format, timer to take a picture (and show the timer in the screen. Ex: 5,4,3,2,1), show the picture in the screen with the words SALVAR (save in portuguese) or APAGAR (delete in portuguese). After this choice is made, the camera is ready to take another picture. Auto syncronize the picture folder with any folder in a computer in the same network. I need 3 different keys of the keyboard to perform the 3 tasks (take the picture, save and delete).

  • £180 GBP 10 days ago

    Hi,Thanks for looking! I"m not proficient with all of the terms used in this field so please be patient while I describe what I need. I need somebody who is efficient with C programming or better yet, someone who has experience with Arduino libraries to program a Arduino USB micro-controller with an lcd interface attached. The controller will output a 4 digit code to a text file (or input field) on the computer. It will also output this same code simultaneously to an lcd screen that"s attached to the micro-controller itself. The controller will start at 0000 and run until it reaches 9999. There are a few other simple conditions that need to be implemented such as:Hit enter after entering the 4 digit code. Wait 16 seconds until outputting the next code.Begin automatically a short while after it has been plugged in to the computer.I have the majority of the code ready for a teensy 3.0 but need somebody to tweak it so that we can output it to the lcd screen.I will purchase the Arduino and lcd attachment after consulting you and seeking your advice on the best one to purchase and await the code to implement it. If it"s more suitable for me to send you the device, then I may be willing to do that too. Thanks for viewing.

  • $630 USD 12 days ago

    I have created/written a picture framing website where the user can select various different picture framing elements.All the different elements are passed to a javascript function that uses jQuery to update the src of visual image of the picture frame/mount.The image src will be somthing along the lines of ....visualisation.php?project=imageWidth|imageHeight|frameID|frameWidth|topMountColour|topMountWidth|topMountCoreColour|bottomMountColour|bottomMountWidth|bottomMountCoreColourI can create the src URL.What I need is the visualisation script that creates an image from the given parameters. Not sure if this can be created using the HTML5 Canvas tag?? or if it would need to be a php script.Getting the proportion correct based on the image width/height, frame width and mount widths is essential.The image must update client side, and be a smooth transition, i.e. no delay as the parameters are updated.

  • $500 USD 14 days ago

    This proof of concept is intended for my shooting club - we plan to install cameras on the range for:a) livestreaming of the targetb) archiving shots for our membersc) scoringThe camera will capture a live stream and after triggered an event (will be a soundsensor) a microcomputer like a raspberry pi or even a pc will execute the application as follows below - the application then should either return or write out some data with informationFor this proof of concept the following code should be written/the code should perform the following:After executing a commandline like "java executeable.jar image1.jpg image2.jpg" the application should open both images and compare them for changes (shots). If one or more shots are detected the application should return their position as a vector start from the target(NOT necasary image center).The target can be preconfigured (in this PoC hardcoded for one specific target eg. Rapid Fire Pistol - - where the bullseye has an diameter of 5cm, followed by a score 10 ring of 2,5cm, every further ring 9 to 5 has 5cm again. - but be aware that there are other shooting targets out there with one or more circles on it, or even eliptic, square targets with differenct colors - in the full versions you can preselect them - take a look at to get an idea about it - The diameter of the shot itself varies regarding the ammunition from caliber .22 (0,55cm diameter) up to .50 (1,27cm) but can vary slightly regarding the used bullet (full metal jacket, hollow point, wadecutter). Also target patches are used (the circle black or white patches used to cover the shoot of the last rounds) - so a shot at a patch might look a bit different because of the border doesn"t produces a clean hole.Also it"s not 100% sure that the target or at least the filming position won"t change slighty during wind etc.The angle might be a bit off, cause compared to the attached photos which where made by a smartphone camera, the livestreaming camera has to be in some safe location filming the target from the side/top.Also light conditions might change slightly during the event.If you need further testphotos (will try to make some with the camera installed on the range) - please tell, I will try to figure a way outIf you have further suggestions, don"t be shy and ask them - at this stage it"s far away from being a finished project/and you may also get follow up projects based on this one ;)

  • $555 USD 20 days ago

    Hello,You are bidding on the following:1. Reviewing the current code 2. Adding a Login Feature 3. Adding a Back End Feature with a few basic functionsWe recently worked with a developer on here that has recently vanished. Luckily he left us with some of the source code to complete the project.We are looking for someone experienced with "ffMpeg" server which is a application that converts audio files into various formats.We currently have the source code for the project. We are looking for someone who is confident and can complete this project. We have had our time wasted too much on this site with developers.We need this project completed in a few days.

  • $1200 CAD 20 days ago

    First I would like to say the project would require in depth knowledge in Arduino programming as well as other programming and engineering as well as some botany knowledge but if you are interested in taking on the challenge. The project should be based on the arduino platform it should should be capable of taking multiple measurements with sensors Such as Soil humidity, Water temperature, PH levels, CO2 levels and also be capable of setting and controlling lighting, watering system and temperature.The most important part is recording the different measurements the sensors also setting and controlling the lighting fixture of the garden. Ideally for the finished product before going out to the public as a commercial product it would need to be able to send the information to a mobile device or computer where there would need to be a program that would need to be programmed to record the different information collected. Ideally there would be a graphical interface where it could create charts and be able to adjust and set different settings in the garden remotely. Also the possibility a second part of the project providing a webcam inside the garden with live feed to the program.

  • $250 USD 20 days ago

    Write program to accept video files via wifi and store it to be queued for scheduled display on external monitor.

  • $360 USD 21 days ago

    this project is perl and about searching in biomtric

  • $540 USD 21 days ago

    For POS terminal running on raspberry pi (linux) need a developer with experience in php serialto integrate my web based app to control (input / output) with serial hardware, such as printer, coin receptor and so on.Any other way for integration (such as using python) are also welcome

  • $2500 USD 22 days ago

    We are looking for junior and senior QA for UK team! Senior Creative engineers (front end/web developer)SENIOR .NETFront end w/arduino

  • $180 USD 22 days ago

    In the GUI environment of Raspberry Pi (with Raspian Linux), I have added and successfully run a python wordcloud script that takes some hard-coded text and generates a corresponding wordcloud as a graphic file. I"m not familiar with how to use the existing pygame GUI library, looking for someone who is and can easily modify the existing code to divide screen between text entry area and graphic display area, prompt for/accept/use keyboard input (instead of current hard-coded text) as input to program, then display the wordcloud graphic (either by changing commands that currently draw the graphic file so they draw to the screen, or by displaying the graphic file that the current script generates).

  • £555 GBP 23 days ago

    I need help with writing a code in Avr that controls shift register for Rgb leds. i wrote the code but figure out where im going wrong. Willl need supervision and code written form me

  • £18 GBP Mar 18, 2014

    Comments on my site are in BBCode (example: [b]text[/b]), which is converted to HTML.The preg_replace I use for images needs adjusting. Currently it changes [img][/img] to .I need the preg_replace to check the image BBCode has a valid image file type (.jpg, .png, .gif, .jpeg).Here is the current PHP code:

  • $250 USD Mar 16, 2014

    HiVery easy and small job 5 minutes.In the footer of my presta shop i want three backlinks like this:Linkpartners: Linkbuilding Amsterdam | Lavista relatiegeschenken | EAGO Badkamermeubelsso i give you login details and can fixgrmarcel

  • £676 GBP Mar 13, 2014

    Create a touch screen application that can be used to control led light using raspberry pi.

  • $150 USD Feb 23, 2014

    we want individual freelnacer who has exp more than 4 years who want to work for us at day full time1, MVC3 , .NET , C# , Jquery , Ajax . very stander and world class.The above skills a person should have to get hired If u have than you can contact us at inforayze6( skype id )

  • $500 USD Oct 20, 2013

    Build Debian OS including video4linux. Must document installation. Installation must be for specific device.

  • $25 USD/hr Oct 4, 2013

    we have a requirement in our project where in we would want to extend / use ffmpeg library to convert video fomat ave/avi and few more to flv video. These video can be using different codec"s. We should have a command line command to run the conversion.

  • $120 USD Sep 21, 2013

    Project Description: I need a tax calculator that was built using php and java script updated with several features. The updated features mostly include automatically selecting a tax bracket based on the gross. The calculator may need some basic updating to the actual coding structure in addition to the updates.All tax information that needs to be added will be provided. A complete list of updates can be found below.Feature list:1. Calculator off(turns the calculations completely off and make all fields editable)1.5 Add marital status and allowances function2. Tax bracket update( calculates correct fed & state tax based on gross and tax charts for married,single and allowances)3.New tax periods(ability to disconnect from the calendar and start fresh periods up to 24 new periods)4.number rounding ( correct the number rounding to consistently function)5. Fix monthly function6. Add simple calculation functions to beta version7. Copy all changes to beta version

  • ₹12000 INR Sep 10, 2013

    This s/w should help in generating time - table for schools based on certain inputs.Let me try to explain it with an example.Consider the Sample data provided below :Total No of classes daily - 8Efficiency of teachers - 6 classes / dayInput will be -- No. of teachers in Primary, Secondary & Higher Secondary classes for each of the subject.- Total No. of classes required per subject per week per class.- Total No. of sections in each of the classes.For example,For classes 1 to 5 - total subjects 9No of classes per week per subject - Hindi - 6 English - 12 Maths - 6 Science - 6 Social Studies - 6 Drawing - 3 Games - 3 Music - 3 Dictation - 3For classes 6 to 8 - Total subjects - 9No of classes per week per subject - English - 6 Hindi - 6 Maths - 6 Social Studies - 9 Science - 9 Phy Education - 3 Drawing - 3 Computer - 3 Music - 3 For classes 9 & 10 - Total subjects - 9No of classes per week per subject - English - 6 Hindi - 6 Maths - 6 Science - 9 Social Studies - 9 Physical Education - 3 Drawing - 3 Computer Science - 3 Practical -3The software should be able to generate a time table for all the classes and sections depending on the no. of teachers and no of classes required per subject per week.

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