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Zhang Hui

Mobile Expert

Username: hanzhen18

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Location: dandong, China

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  • $752.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller jeffrese


    14 days ago

    Superb developer! Quality code, fast, smart, good communicator, easy to work with.

    Project Description:Photo library culling app for iOS 8 and above.
  • $200.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller textmessage


    21 days ago

    Very professional. If you have very specific details on what exactly an app should do he can deliver great work.

    Project Description:Swipe data app
  • $350.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller DataServices93


    May 25, 2014

    Good developer.<br/>

    Project Description:Finish an iOS app that has been 95% completed.
  • $515.00 CAD
    Profile image for Seller marksangor


    May 7, 2014

    Great coder!

    Project Description:Hello, This is phase 1 of 3. This phase is very simple but it involves communication with a bluetooth device. You need to have an experience with bluetooth detection to bid on this project. I will provide all assets for this project...
  • $309.50 USD
    Profile image for Seller actualtec


    Mar 6, 2014

    The project was finished on time. Han understands very fast what is needed in project.

    Project Description:Hi freelancers, We need a simple ipod mobile prototyping asap. The user interface display screens with: lists of tasks and let them create a new one, modify or delete one by one. If you are an...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller fbarcenas

    fbarcenas [ Incomplete Report ]

    Feb 17, 2014

    Total thief. He asked me for milestones upfront, and I lost them all. He ignored me after milestones were released.

    hanzhen18's reply:

    Weired Cleint!!!!We discuss the project on skype on Friday and were suppossed to discuss gain . But unfortunately he have been ping me on freelancer chat system for serveral days. he only sent me message 6 messages in 3 times . and he also hired another developer . when he get the result from another developer . we provide me bad feedback . WE BOTH AGREED TO refund the money and remove the project . After i return back money , he refused to change the feedback . None - Professional

    Project Description:You will add a way to open any android application from a link in the PDF file. For example the link app:com.facebook.katana would launch the facebok app. The source code is available here:
  • $722.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller tonybristol


    Feb 13, 2014

    Most of the delays were due to my hectic schedule. Though overall satisfied with Han's work. I ended up carving off a piece of work my team didn't have the bandwidth to complete. Han's ability to code and deliver was exceptional. Will think of him again on the next project.

    Project Description:Project Description: We have an app we&#039;ve developed (Mobile Commerce Application - Works with Magento backend). We need help with the photo module of this application. The application is written on the...
  • $4248.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller fayzland


    Feb 13, 2014

    excellent results. Thanks Eric

    Project Description:My Martial smarts ios. Android and web base
  • $2062.50 USD
    Profile image for Seller aaronlindsay


    Feb 8, 2014

    Amazing developer! I would highly recommend working with him... Very fast and effective in iOS.

    Project Description:Cell Lock List iOS 1) Incoming Call/Accept Notifications Bug – We need to track when the app is launch from the home screen (using the link below) and not add this time to a users locks or activity....
  • $1030.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller aaronlindsay


    Feb 7, 2014

    He is an amazing iOS developer! One of the best I've worked with on freelancer. Good communication and always exceeds expectations.

    Project Description:Version #1 - new design, new features and copy of the app for truckers.
    Zhang Hui has not completed any projects.
  • $3092 USD In Progress

    social media/dating app specialist has done previous projects will disclose project after being hired

  • $515 AUD In Progress

    Need an iphone app similar to Cash Cam by empire loans but for Austalian use. We are pawnbrokers. You can use images and info from my website and ebay shop

  • $3092 USD In Progress

    Here is what i am looking for for my pharmacy employees.1- Ability to share files between iphones. 2- the iphones will discover each other and will have the ability to connect without pairing ( can we override the pairing and the phone can connect with each other automatically as long as both phones have installed the app)?within the app there will be folders that are listed by name as default folders and if employee 1 has a file in folder 1 then the file will show up in employee 2 in folder 1 in his own app.?? if its in folder 2 it will go to folder 23-the files that can be shared should be regular files with the ability to add media to them.when 2 phones are connected the persons will be able to message phone 1 and phone 2 to each other.when 2 phone connect the setting should allow an alert to pop up or the owner can turn down that feature.Please let me know the cost. and if we can do that.I need it in Xcode because i have to add their names to some filesThank you very much

  • $11000 USD In Progress

    Completion of an app left half finished by another freelancer. iOS, Android and web programming. Scope of development detailed in the 9 scope documents sent over via private message.

  • £1855 GBP In Progress

    I have an App developed across Android and iOS which allowed customers to print T-Shirts through their phone by accessing Instagram and camera pictures. Unfortunately it was made in Titanium which has caused constant issues with improvements and functionality which I&quot;d like to get resolved with the help of a new developer. The new version must be built in native code and have Paypal integration into purchaseFor more background on my company, take a look here

  • $1030 USD In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $3402 USD In Progress

    PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION IN ITS ENTIRETY PRIOR TO BIDDINGAudit Software Mobile Layout1) Login Screen – User ID & Password (Native to tablet)2) Home Screen – Assigned Inspections Button, Inspections History Button (logs all completed and sent inspections for the past 7 days), Logout Button, Sync Data Button3) When click on the assigned inspections button, would show all assigned inspections for the next 5 days from our assigned Q. Fields would include, date scheduled, dealer name, client name, contact name, address, &quot;Map It&quot; button to google maps or built in navigation.4) When audit is selected, would load in all current data i.e. Loan Number, Year, Make, Model, VIN, Colour, Mileage, Floor Plan Date. All data should be sortable by field title in ascending and descending order alphabetically and numericallyRow would look as follows with also adding other columns noted above: 12345678901112345 1998 Ford F150 Green September 14 2013 65798347843987593 2006 Chevrolet Impala Red October 1 2013Etc…2 tabs at the top of the screen. 1 for Completed vehicles (once a vehicle has been selected as onsite or another status is selected and all appropriate details have been entered the vehicle would move from the active tab to the completed tab). The vehicle must be able to be moved back into the active tab if accidentally selected. The completed tab will display the vehicle lines in the order that they are moved over with the most recently moved over at the top of the list.Active Screen: The check box on the left would indicate the status “Onsite”. If the inspector clicks on the VIN # of the vehicle a pop up screen would appear with a select status drop down (see attached sheet for all status selections to be provided when bidding closes). The second row would be mandatory “Verification Method” – Selections would include (In radio button format) Visually Verified, Phone Verified, Unverified, Other – See Comment. A comment box would be below also for the inspector to type in any comments (which would be a mandatory field if the Other – See Comment radio button is selected.Sync Data ButtonConnects to Apex back end server to receive data and update any dealer inventory lists.Last Page:Dealer contact Signature Capture, Auditor Signature Capture, Print Audit Button, Complete Audit (Software would look to ensure all data has been entered, all vehicles completed, signatures captured and Take Photo (mandatory)We are looking at both Android development and ios. We are also interested in seeing if the developer can create it on a platform that can be released on all platforms ios, android, blackberry with still using all functionality of navigation (Map It link, camera etc) Would like to be able to use on tablets and smart phones.Must be able to setup webservices once we are ready also to communicate with the back end server.We will require graphic mockups on powerpoint presentation prior to build as we wish to ensure all graphics and layout are satisfactory prior to building.Please review ALL details of this project prior to agreeing and bidding!!!Thank you!

  • $1546 USD In Progress

    iOS Client (MMORPG)Windows Server (Hosting the MMORPG server)Small world with 2-3 townsGraphics need to be 3D but look like 2D (I have an example for you)Players will be able to interact (Trade)Inventory system Login SystemCharacter creation system (I have an example for you)One joy stick for view, the rest would be point to click to move around in world

  • $2886 USD In Progress

    This mobile app is a very simple and only informational, nothing fancy.The app contains the following screens:(1) The splash screen. Shows our logo.(2) The list of main categories. (these categories could have an icon beside them)(3) List of sub categories (once clicked on main category this screen is displayed)(4) List of services titles and snippets (once clicked on the sub category this screen is displayed. Snippet is the first 2 lines of the service description )(5) Service description (may contain images). (6) Favourite list (can favourite service descriptions). This screen shows main category > sub category > service title and snippet of service description.(7) About us page which shows a description of the app, app version, building code version, etc.Must have features:(*) A robust search:- search string: must return the search description. It must show main category name, sub category name, service name and relevant excerpt of text highlighting the search term. Once click on the search result it will jump to the service description.- service code: directly jump to service description.(*) Email service using the mail app:- subject contains service title- body contains service description(*) Solicit user feedback as per Android/Apple guidelines.Menu:(*) Home: Main categories(*) Search(*) Favourites(*) About UsOther:(*) The entire database of categories, sub categories, services and descriptions will be supplied to you in a JSON format(*) It should check a url for JSON updates. The app keeps an internal version number, if the server version number is higher than the app version number the app downloads the update.(*) The app has to have an appealing design (either you use a graphic designer to design the app or you must also know graphic design to design the app)(*) The app must apply best design practices(*) The app is just a shell that could contain any information so long as the format of the JSON file the same.(*) One native app to be created for iPhone platform and another for Andriod platform.

  • $773 USD In Progress

    I have an app I would like to get built and released for iphone and android. Details of the app will be provided once we get our non disclosure agreement signed.thanks,Anup.

  • $3092 USD Today

    I am looking to create an event app &quot;HUOPLA&quot; one in which a user can see what type of events (party, concerts, art show etc etc) are happening on different days. I have attached some app designs so you can get an idea of what i need. i got the concept from if you want to take a look at that as well. main Functionality:Need users to be able to post events (with relevant information) for people to see and possibly say they are attendingneed users to be able to follow each otherneed users to be able to comment and upload pictures and videos on event pages when the event is &quot;live&quot;need a calendar for events that user wants to go; calendar will also serve to see what events are happening that day.of course it will be more and i look forward to speaking to you all.thank you

  • $1546 USD Today

    I&quot;m looking for an app Developer. This is what I need:1. App that collects user data.2. App is disguise as a regular app, such as a &quot;Flashlight&quot;The data I want collect is anything that is done on the phone. Such as:1. Apps being used2. Websites being visitedOnce I have found a developer to do this for me, we will work closely to finalize the App.I must be able to communicate with the win bidder, So English is Preferred.I am also looking for any suggestions on the subject, So those with experience with this sort of app are more likely to get a winning bid.I will submit this at a Fixed rate for the above stated needs.

  • £206 GBP Today

    An existing IOS application requires the development of an additional screen. The screen consists of a simple game that displays images and text content items on a roulette. The scope for the FreeLancer project is for the development of this screen, the base XCode project including a blank placeholder screen will be provided to the developer in advance.The developer will open the existing XCode project and implement the screen as described below. All images and sounds required to implement the screen will be provided in advance.Screen Description The roulette screen is a simple game that requires user interaction and animation of the roulette images. The roulette screen will consist of the following sections:1.Navigation bar sectiona.Back button – pops the navigation view controller to the previous screenb.Title - Textc.Play button – Initiates the auto-play sequence described below, turns into progress icon when playing.2.Roulette Sectiona.The roulette section – displays roulette items made up of a background image, content image, content text and overlay image. The content image will need to be made to fit into the bounds of the background image (see attachment) as the image dimensions will be wider than the background image.b.The user is able to slide the roulette left or right, following the user’s touchc.The roulette will provide a natural ‘momentum’ effect, continuing to rotate if the user swipes left and right with sufficient speed. Similar to how an actual roulette would move.d.The roulette will always settle in the ‘resting’ position as illustrated in the images attached when the user is not interacting with it.e.All roulette section animations must be fluid, simulating the movement of a physical roulette.f.A subtle sound will be played as each roulette item animates past the screen. This sound will be provided in MP3 format to the developer.g.If the category selection filter means there are no roulette items available for display, the ‘Please Select a Category’ message will be displayed as per the image attached.3.Categories Toolbar sectiona.The toolbar at the bottom of the screen is used to filter the roulette items available in the roulette. b.The user selects and unselects the four categories in the toolbar, adding or removing available roulette items by enabling/disabling items based on the category selection.c.All categories will be selected when the screen is first displayedd.The screen will remembers the selected categories. If the user leaves the screen and returns back to the roulette game, the state of the categories selections will be as it was when the user left the screen.e.If the user unselects a category, and the items currently displayed in the Roulette section are no longer available as a result of the new category filter, the roulette section will animate so that valid roulette items are displayed on screen.f.At least one category must be selected, if the user attempts to unselect all categories, the last attempt to unselect a category will be ignored.

  • $4123 AUD Today

    I would like to build an app very similar to this one The app needs to have membership log in area that can be leveled (eg Gold level, Bronze level). It will also need &quot;near me&quot; location services, categories for vouchers/offers, check in on Facebook, push notifications, calendar of events, a visible digital membership card to show at a point of sale, vouchers on the app need to be redeemable so they can&quot;t be used more than allocated (eg at the counter, the customer clicks on redeem voucher and then confirms in front of a staff member to claim discount, this would either remove the voucher or stamp it redeemed). App/membership will need to sync with website/online database when built.

  • £37 GBP/hr Today

    An opportunity to be​ part of a new and exciting startup with big plans. Campus Society’s vision is to be the all in one online platform for students across the world. We are excited to announce we have already seen 6000 users join the site in only two months of the beta launch.The developer will be expected to actively participate in, the design, development and release of the companies next generation of HTML5/Javascript browser and mobile based applications.The successful candidate will be in their element developing complex, standards-based, full-stack, enterprise applications, both for the browser and mobile devices alike, while demonstrating a passion to push their boundaries.The team is Agile focused with two week iterations, therefore exposure to a collaborative working environment would be beneficial. You should be a self starter and be able to hit the ground running. With strong analytical, problem solving and communication skills, you will be able to handle competing demands and manage your workload effectively.Required skills:- At least 4 years commercial web development experience- Previously built cross-platform mobile apps with standards-based Web technologies, using either of the PhoneGap or Sencha Touch mobile frameworks- Interface design for complex, data rich, low latency, trading applications- Commercial experience of engineering complex, OO, scalable Javascript applications- Expert understanding of software design principles and design patterns – MVC MVVM- Experience with Lifecycle Management Tools such as Jira, Jenkins, Svn and Git.- Javascript, JQuery and HTML, CSS2/3, Less/Sass, Grunt/Gulp/BowerDesirable Skills and Experience:- Comfortable working with Restful or SOAP based web services, XML, JSON etc .- Experience with Agile software development methodologies (Scrum/TDD).- AngularJS, JQuery, Backbone, RequireJS, NodeJS, Grunt or Bower.- JavaScript Design Patterns and code modularisation- CSS preprocessors such as Rework, Less and Sass.- Testing Frameworks/runners – eg. Jasmin/Mocha, Karma/Protractor- Graphic design and UI/UX expertise/enthusiasm

  • €1030 EUR Today

    Design and make iphone apps and android with range of products and applications of water treatmetn components.Desing and browser should be easy to find product with light technical specification.

  • $5154 USD Today

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $206 USD Today

    Add push notification to existing camera application for likes, comments and pic uploads.

  • $2061 USD Today

    Looking to develop a mobile app that ask subscribed user a random question from our quiz database everyday.It must allow users to:1) sign up and make payment through paypal2) receive daily push notifications to answer a new quiz everyday3) track and trace answered quiz and results for the past 365 days4) provide recommended solutions by linking to our affiliated partners5) charge subscribers&quot; paypal on a recurring basis6) only sign in through 1 registered deviceThe questions can be in the form of a1) Checklist2) Multiple single line text field3) Single multi line text fieldIt must include a CMS for administrator to manage its subscribers:1) amend account information and subscriptions status2) answered quiz resultsDeveloper must agree to:1) develop app in i) Android; ii) iOS; and iii) html5 platforms2) release full editable source codes and source files of all 3 platforms3) provide after sales support for at least 3 months after project completion

  • $1030 CAD Today

    I need a hybrid application for any operating system / device designed and coded.I am looking for somome who can build me an app for requesting for a pickup and delivery I want you to see the app and I want same as that with a little change.Please take the time to download the app and check the function and design I will not respond to anyone who did not check the app. Please don&quot;t bid if you have not checked the app at cleanly.comThe app should work with all the mobile divce this is important  Any question email me at edwardbiswas -

  • $2061 CAD Today

    My idea might sound simple, I want to create a application that enables you to share pictures, short videos, and posts. I want it to be were the user can customize his/her own profile in whatever way they choose to. In addition to follow other people. Ill go into more details if you&quot;re interested! thank you.

  • $721 AUD Today

    Need a developer for a very simple app to be deployed on iPhone/Android devices. Limited budget, not looking for a masterpiece, just a functional app.The functional components will be:First Screen:1) Email address: User will enter their email address2) Text entry - the User will be able to enter text, copy/paste into text field and preferably save text within the app3) Document attachment - User able to select document from device to attachSecond Screen:2) List of Recipients - the User will receive a list of Recipients which are included in the app. Each recipient will have an image/name and multiple recipients can be selected.Third Screen:1) Email - combines the text and documents from screen one as an email, sent from the User&quot;s email address to email addresses associated with recipients in screen two (each recipient from screen two will have an email address in the backend of the app, by selecting the recipient they will be added to the email)(Please note: I would prefer these emails be sent via a server, not via the inbuilt email client of the device)Features:1) Weekly reminder - the app will notify the User once per week2) Import contacts - the User can import contacts from phone book and save them to recipients list (not essential, potentially in second project)3) App Settings - there will be a few basic settings for the app which will be defined by the User, including a &quot;full version&quot; which will be paid but this may come as a second project.NOTES:1) Coding will be entirely up to you. Must work on iphone & android so if native is too expensive, consider HTML5 as this functionality will be achievable in HTML52) Design will come from me, but potentially as a second project, for now it just needs to function3) Payment 50% upfront, 50% once the app is released in either App Store or Google PlayI am putting together a brief and will be happy to discuss questions with bidders so they can bid a fair price.

  • $515 USD Today

    We have an iphone app, which we are replicating, in other words, we are doing basically the same app again, but with diffrent images,(questions). We provide the source code as well as all the images in a very organize way. Here is the app, this new app, there will be not server side pannel, or web services. Programmer will change the images, description, and create the new appfrom the previous source code.He/she will upload into the apple store and verify proper functionality.regardsmiguel

  • $515 USD Today

    I need a native application for Android coded, no design required.Is one app for download i have the website ready

  • $4123 AUD Today

    Hi everybody,said briefly we need to create a social app were people post their photos and other people give them a feedback.The structure will be like Tinder with a “Like” and “Dislike” button,plus the chance to shot pictures and add text on it in-app.Here a raw wireframe: app need to be developed for iOS and Android.We already created the wireframe and the UI of the application,now we just need a programmer to put all together.More info,complete UI,graphics,icon and docs will be provided to the winner.The programmer should be available for extra update e bug fix.

  • $2061 CAD Today

    I want to make an App similar to an existing app called Spring

  • zł10309 PLN Today

    Aplikacja mobilna wspomagająca sprzedaż w małej restauracji w Warszawie.

  • $250 USD Today

    I need an Android and Apple mobile app created for 3 pages of an existing website created in Symfony. I also need this app data to be available offline (when no internet is available).The 3 pages:1) Open Calls2) Action Plans (a selection from the Open Calls)3) FE Reports - Allows FE to report his activites A) I need a signature box on the bottom of FE Report for 2nd-party agreement that FE can be released

  • $1500 USD Today Mobile / Android applicationIntroductionWe want an application for our website is an E-Learning website similar to but operate in Thai Language.The NeedWe want app the similar to udemy app you can download at the app store UI and function similar to udemy app1.App can show courses detaila.Tab a course to enter course and show all the detailb.Be able to purchase a course2.Couse that already purchasea.Can learn via app.b.Can use discussion Board.Basicly we need application that same as udemy but work with our databaseData provide (we already have a database)1.We generate JSON Data (or XML or anything as you provide) of course and other data as your request2.We will generate webservice as your request First Page (landing page after launch app)1.This page show courses same as udemy app. We already have content database. a.Course content in this page contain following itemi.Course Cover(Picture)ii.Course Nameiii.Priceiv.Instructorv.All of above we already have database2.User can filter course by category and by date. Default is Staff Pick Course(Admin select this at the backend)3.Have search box.4.Sign up box and Sign in boxa.Sign up by Emailb.Sign up by Facebook (Our website is already have this)5.If user already signs in, there will be a menu call My course in addition.a.My course is a course that user already purchaseCourse Information Page (after click a course in the first page)1.This will contain all information of a course which contain following itema. Cover ( Can be video or Picture) b.Course Namec.Instructor Named.Course Detaile.Curriculumf.Reviewg.Button to purchase this course and priceh.All of the above we already have a database My Course page (after click My course page in the first page)1.Show all course that belong to this user which contain following itema.Coverb.Course namec.Instructord.Progress bare.We already have all database for above itemCourse Curriculum page (after click course in My course page)1.Course Name2.Instructor3.Show Curriculum ( content in the course we already have database)4.Save offline (Optional I still deciding whether have this function or not)Learning page (after click one topic on Course curriculum page)1.Show content of course normally video (should support pdf ptt file) Most of content is video. Some of them is pdf and ptt.2.In this page user will watch video.3.Have navigation menu to go to next topic or previous topic or go back to Learning Curriculum page

  • $206 USD Today

    To be discussed when the project is final

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May 2008 - Sep 2010 (2 years)

Hongji software co.,ltd

I was a website developer at first. And then I developed ios and mobile device programs mainly.


Bachelor of Science in information Technology major in Software Engineering

Changchun University of Technology




Changchun Universityof Technology

Bachelor of Science in information Technology major in Software Engineering


Iphone Prgramming


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