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Zhang Hui

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Username: hanzhen18

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Location: dandong, China

Member since: March 2012



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My skills:

  • $752.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller jeffrese


    15 days ago

    Superb developer! Quality code, fast, smart, good communicator, easy to work with.

    Project Description:Photo library culling app for iOS 8 and above.
  • $200.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller textmessage


    23 days ago

    Very professional. If you have very specific details on what exactly an app should do he can deliver great work.

    Project Description:Swipe data app
  • $350.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller DataServices93


    May 25, 2014

    Good developer.<br/>

    Project Description:Finish an iOS app that has been 95% completed.
  • $515.00 CAD
    Profile image for Seller marksangor


    May 7, 2014

    Great coder!

    Project Description:Hello, This is phase 1 of 3. This phase is very simple but it involves communication with a bluetooth device. You need to have an experience with bluetooth detection to bid on this project. I will provide all assets for this project...
  • $309.50 USD
    Profile image for Seller actualtec


    Mar 6, 2014

    The project was finished on time. Han understands very fast what is needed in project.

    Project Description:Hi freelancers, We need a simple ipod mobile prototyping asap. The user interface display screens with: lists of tasks and let them create a new one, modify or delete one by one. If you are an...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller fbarcenas

    fbarcenas [ Incomplete Report ]

    Feb 17, 2014

    Total thief. He asked me for milestones upfront, and I lost them all. He ignored me after milestones were released.

    hanzhen18's reply:

    Weired Cleint!!!!We discuss the project on skype on Friday and were suppossed to discuss gain . But unfortunately he have been ping me on freelancer chat system for serveral days. he only sent me message 6 messages in 3 times . and he also hired another developer . when he get the result from another developer . we provide me bad feedback . WE BOTH AGREED TO refund the money and remove the project . After i return back money , he refused to change the feedback . None - Professional

    Project Description:You will add a way to open any android application from a link in the PDF file. For example the link app:com.facebook.katana would launch the facebok app. The source code is available here:
  • $722.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller tonybristol


    Feb 13, 2014

    Most of the delays were due to my hectic schedule. Though overall satisfied with Han's work. I ended up carving off a piece of work my team didn't have the bandwidth to complete. Han's ability to code and deliver was exceptional. Will think of him again on the next project.

    Project Description:Project Description: We have an app we&#039;ve developed (Mobile Commerce Application - Works with Magento backend). We need help with the photo module of this application. The application is written on the...
  • $4248.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller fayzland


    Feb 13, 2014

    excellent results. Thanks Eric

    Project Description:My Martial smarts ios. Android and web base
  • $2062.50 USD
    Profile image for Seller aaronlindsay


    Feb 8, 2014

    Amazing developer! I would highly recommend working with him... Very fast and effective in iOS.

    Project Description:Cell Lock List iOS 1) Incoming Call/Accept Notifications Bug – We need to track when the app is launch from the home screen (using the link below) and not add this time to a users locks or activity....
  • $1030.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller aaronlindsay


    Feb 7, 2014

    He is an amazing iOS developer! One of the best I've worked with on freelancer. Good communication and always exceeds expectations.

    Project Description:Version #1 - new design, new features and copy of the app for truckers.
    Zhang Hui has not completed any projects.
  • $721 USD In Progress

    We are looking to create a game for the iPhone and Android app stores. The game is simple and will require minimal time to create. The game consists of the user trying to hit buttons on the screen before they disappear while trying to avoid hitting randomly appearing red buttons. We would like to discuss the details further and negotiate a price.

  • $3092 USD In Progress

    social media/dating app specialist has done previous projects will disclose project after being hired

  • $515 AUD In Progress

    Need an iphone app similar to Cash Cam by empire loans but for Austalian use. We are pawnbrokers. You can use images and info from my website and ebay shop

  • $3092 USD In Progress

    Here is what i am looking for for my pharmacy employees.1- Ability to share files between iphones. 2- the iphones will discover each other and will have the ability to connect without pairing ( can we override the pairing and the phone can connect with each other automatically as long as both phones have installed the app)?within the app there will be folders that are listed by name as default folders and if employee 1 has a file in folder 1 then the file will show up in employee 2 in folder 1 in his own app.?? if its in folder 2 it will go to folder 23-the files that can be shared should be regular files with the ability to add media to them.when 2 phones are connected the persons will be able to message phone 1 and phone 2 to each other.when 2 phone connect the setting should allow an alert to pop up or the owner can turn down that feature.Please let me know the cost. and if we can do that.I need it in Xcode because i have to add their names to some filesThank you very much

  • $11000 USD In Progress

    Completion of an app left half finished by another freelancer. iOS, Android and web programming. Scope of development detailed in the 9 scope documents sent over via private message.

  • £1855 GBP In Progress

    I have an App developed across Android and iOS which allowed customers to print T-Shirts through their phone by accessing Instagram and camera pictures. Unfortunately it was made in Titanium which has caused constant issues with improvements and functionality which I&quot;d like to get resolved with the help of a new developer. The new version must be built in native code and have Paypal integration into purchaseFor more background on my company, take a look here

  • $1030 USD In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $3402 USD In Progress

    PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION IN ITS ENTIRETY PRIOR TO BIDDINGAudit Software Mobile Layout1) Login Screen – User ID & Password (Native to tablet)2) Home Screen – Assigned Inspections Button, Inspections History Button (logs all completed and sent inspections for the past 7 days), Logout Button, Sync Data Button3) When click on the assigned inspections button, would show all assigned inspections for the next 5 days from our assigned Q. Fields would include, date scheduled, dealer name, client name, contact name, address, &quot;Map It&quot; button to google maps or built in navigation.4) When audit is selected, would load in all current data i.e. Loan Number, Year, Make, Model, VIN, Colour, Mileage, Floor Plan Date. All data should be sortable by field title in ascending and descending order alphabetically and numericallyRow would look as follows with also adding other columns noted above: 12345678901112345 1998 Ford F150 Green September 14 2013 65798347843987593 2006 Chevrolet Impala Red October 1 2013Etc…2 tabs at the top of the screen. 1 for Completed vehicles (once a vehicle has been selected as onsite or another status is selected and all appropriate details have been entered the vehicle would move from the active tab to the completed tab). The vehicle must be able to be moved back into the active tab if accidentally selected. The completed tab will display the vehicle lines in the order that they are moved over with the most recently moved over at the top of the list.Active Screen: The check box on the left would indicate the status “Onsite”. If the inspector clicks on the VIN # of the vehicle a pop up screen would appear with a select status drop down (see attached sheet for all status selections to be provided when bidding closes). The second row would be mandatory “Verification Method” – Selections would include (In radio button format) Visually Verified, Phone Verified, Unverified, Other – See Comment. A comment box would be below also for the inspector to type in any comments (which would be a mandatory field if the Other – See Comment radio button is selected.Sync Data ButtonConnects to Apex back end server to receive data and update any dealer inventory lists.Last Page:Dealer contact Signature Capture, Auditor Signature Capture, Print Audit Button, Complete Audit (Software would look to ensure all data has been entered, all vehicles completed, signatures captured and Take Photo (mandatory)We are looking at both Android development and ios. We are also interested in seeing if the developer can create it on a platform that can be released on all platforms ios, android, blackberry with still using all functionality of navigation (Map It link, camera etc) Would like to be able to use on tablets and smart phones.Must be able to setup webservices once we are ready also to communicate with the back end server.We will require graphic mockups on powerpoint presentation prior to build as we wish to ensure all graphics and layout are satisfactory prior to building.Please review ALL details of this project prior to agreeing and bidding!!!Thank you!

  • $1546 USD In Progress

    iOS Client (MMORPG)Windows Server (Hosting the MMORPG server)Small world with 2-3 townsGraphics need to be 3D but look like 2D (I have an example for you)Players will be able to interact (Trade)Inventory system Login SystemCharacter creation system (I have an example for you)One joy stick for view, the rest would be point to click to move around in world

  • $2886 USD In Progress

    This mobile app is a very simple and only informational, nothing fancy.The app contains the following screens:(1) The splash screen. Shows our logo.(2) The list of main categories. (these categories could have an icon beside them)(3) List of sub categories (once clicked on main category this screen is displayed)(4) List of services titles and snippets (once clicked on the sub category this screen is displayed. Snippet is the first 2 lines of the service description )(5) Service description (may contain images). (6) Favourite list (can favourite service descriptions). This screen shows main category > sub category > service title and snippet of service description.(7) About us page which shows a description of the app, app version, building code version, etc.Must have features:(*) A robust search:- search string: must return the search description. It must show main category name, sub category name, service name and relevant excerpt of text highlighting the search term. Once click on the search result it will jump to the service description.- service code: directly jump to service description.(*) Email service using the mail app:- subject contains service title- body contains service description(*) Solicit user feedback as per Android/Apple guidelines.Menu:(*) Home: Main categories(*) Search(*) Favourites(*) About UsOther:(*) The entire database of categories, sub categories, services and descriptions will be supplied to you in a JSON format(*) It should check a url for JSON updates. The app keeps an internal version number, if the server version number is higher than the app version number the app downloads the update.(*) The app has to have an appealing design (either you use a graphic designer to design the app or you must also know graphic design to design the app)(*) The app must apply best design practices(*) The app is just a shell that could contain any information so long as the format of the JSON file the same.(*) One native app to be created for iPhone platform and another for Andriod platform.

  • $3608 AUD Today

    Develop an application that accesses ocean weather data to see if it matches the user&quot;s presets, and alerts through a push notification when there is match.

  • $2061 CAD Today

    Delivery Due Date: Under 60 days from award dateMilestones: See the bottom of this description for informationConfirmation of Understanding: Please read this entire description, send us a private message to confirm you have read and understand the requirements, milestones, level of competency.Basic Functionality: The application allows for people to book appointments online by connecting through a .NET website to an MS-SQL database. Depending on one field in the database (staff=yes/no) the options in the application will change. The configuration of the application is read from the SQL database to determine if the user of the application is staff or a client and what companies the person wants to see in the application. Users have the ability to see companies, staff in the company, available time slots, book appointments, display appointment details, confirm appointments, change appointments and cancel appointments. The change appointment and cancel appointment functionality is determined by a setting in the database.Staff have the ability to see the staff in the company, booked appointments, change appointments, cancel appointments, book appointments, see available time slots and display appointment details. Staff have the added functionality to view the office schedule and change their own schedule. Both users and staff have the ability to add the appointment to their phone calendar (iCal, etc).Functional Summary:1. For the Application, when the App connects to the database through the website, it check the DB field to see if the person using the application is a client or staff.2. In the application if the DB field comes back Staff=yes then they have the staff menu to add/edit/delete schedule, view bookings, etc.3. In the application if the DB field comes back staff=no then they have the client menu to add/edit/delete appointments.See attached file for images similar to how we want the app to look.If the person logged into the application is a customer:After a customer logs into the system (login.png) they are then presented with a screen similar to the patient-main-menu.png image. When a customer uses the app, they can scroll through the employees pictures, company name, address and phone number. (make-appointments-1.png) The user clicks on the employee to view the employee profile (patient-appointment-view.png) and on that screen the available times will be visible to book an appointment with that employee. The customer will have the option of exporting the appointment to your iPhone/Android Calendar, reschedule, confirm or cancel the appointment.If the person that logs into the app is staff:The employee would get a list of appointments, have the option to cancel or reschedule an appointment. They will also have the ability to see their schedule and change it through the application.Payments and Milestones:The following milestones will be created and awarded.First milestone created and awarded – after 33% of the project is completed including the following functionality for Users: Login screen created and working for users and staff (authentication), company listing from DB, practitioner listing from DB, available times pulled from DB along with practitioner details. Make appointment books in DB, change appointment (according to DB settings), cancel appointment (according to DB settings) and confirmation all work.Second milestone created and awarded – after 66% of the project is completed including the following functionality for Staff: Add appointment, List appointments, cancel appointments, reschedule appointments, view schedule all work.Third (final) milestone created but not released – after Second milestone is awarded.Third milestone awarded – After staff view schedule, change schedule, add vacation and holidays all work, after files uploaded to our server including full source code and applications pass beta testing and are ready for public release.

  • $1030 AUD Today

    I need a freelancer to build a white label app that works by users inputting data and the app drawing on formulas within an excel document (=Sum(AA+BB-CC) and conditional formatting to name a few) and displaying to users in an attractive, easy-to-read and digestible format. I would like the ability to feature ads that are based on keywords users enter (not just random ads). I would like to have the option to push alerts to users. I would like a free version of the app but have the capacity to upgrade to a paid app made possible (freemium?). users will need to set up a profile and a high level of security for this app would be required. I&quot;d like this to be adaptable to android later. my background is in communications/writing but I&quot;m not a technical person whatsoever. If you&quot;re interested in this project, please send me your email address as I&quot;d like you to sign an NDA before I go into further detail. This project would be ready to commence in approximately October. Thanks for your time.

  • $515 USD Today

    Need my app users to be able to see my live Stream video/Audio stream in app i have an instant messaging app already just need it to be added Serious bidders only please

  • $1030 USD Today

    Create an app with three main pages:Main PageStatistics PageSettings PageMain page has;1. Stopwatch with start/stop button2. dropdown option to select options from a list3. conditional dropdown list based on item 24. other interface buttons/select buttons - detailed in requirements documentStatistics Page has:5. keeps track of the timer (use, frequency, time of day started etc)6. more detail in Software Requirements DocumentSettings:7. able to change various settings

  • $1030 AUD Today

    develop an app for a Cafe whereby customers can order their coffees in advance and pay via credit card or PayPal, and establish a database of custumers

  • $1030 USD Today

    We need to develop an app for iOS platform.The app will have the following screens: Home , Project Listing, Project Page, Photos listing of a project and Photo Preview, Synchronization Screen, About the app screenWe need to synchronize the data via web services to a web platform (the platform already exists).The application will be used at iPhone mainly.We have already created the app for the Android phones.

  • $1030 AUD Today

    Building an ios app, which can scan a bar code and read product information from database.

  • $515 USD Today

    iOS App updateI have a quiz app that needs some modifications.Some changes are cosmetic.Some with selection of questions and displaying results

  • $1546 USD Today

    I want a quick and simple application that will grab a 30 minute audio file from some place we can upload to, and play it on multiple platforms. It will be nice if the player can download into memory first, then play it now or later. A wanted feature is 10 sec. rewind or fast forward., etc.Need this yesterday. This should be a very simple project and easy money for someone. We want a top notch developer that can take this as a test job, with the possibility of building a nice sized project afterwards. Price that feels good for this, is $1,000.00 Want to cover the majority of smart phone users. I am not sure how many platforms this will indicate....will need some input from the expert. We are not unreasonable ....if the job is more complex than we think, our budget can handle more.

  • $1030 USD Today

    I&quot;m looking to hire someone by tomorrow!I need an app developed similar to this game: rules will be a bit different but the same type of simple gameI will provide all art!Will need some achievements and ability to share on Facebook & Twitter!This game does not have a large budget, will award to the best bid and feedback

  • $5154 USD Today

    Develop Native mobile app for iPhone and Android with J2EE application server and MySQLApplication includes the following. Secure log-in module, contacts pooling module, chat module.

  • $4123 CAD Today

    I am launching a new e-commerce website and need someone to build the iPhone app as well as help show me how to maintain it. I expect to be able to have as much input as I desire and would like to take a bit of a hands on approach. The website I am looking to have built will be very similar to the link below.CheersJosh

  • $206 USD Today

    A simple app That logs into a website with user and password and pinpoint its location

  • $515 USD Today

    I need a native application for Android designed and coded.

  • $721 USD Today

    I need an augmented reality mobile application developedWe would like this on iPhone and android- when a user opens the app they have the option to create a new augmented reality object/photo or to activate one with there camera- A user looks at something with there phone and takes a photo using there phone, they are then able to assign 3 links to that photo ie vimeo/youtube videos (to be played within the app) or a link to a website etc. this information is then uploaded to our server- When another user looks at the same thing using there phone/the app they are presented with the links the other user assigned to itWe would like a web backed that would allow us to see edit/delete the photos/links, edit users give them more credit etc...We would like an advertising banner on all pages of the app with an in app purchase to remove adsWe would like to limit a user to being able to take 3 images when they first get the app - we would then like to be able to sell more using in app purchasaes

  • $2886 USD Today

    This Project is about building an app similar to this one:With the software to be able to work on Mac and PC. Android and iPhone. Newest versions.This app has to function on windows 7 and 8, as well as Mac. And the user experience has to be easy and friendly.Please bid only if you are capable to finish this project.

  • $4123 USD Today

    We are looking for Freelancers to develop a game App for BOTH iOS and Android.App need to support both phones and tablets and requires compatibility on new operating systems (including the new beta release of iOS8) as well as the earlier versions. NOTE: Full details for the game app will be provided after NDA is signed.Freelancers will be required to sign a NDA in addition to other normal Client/Freelancer agreements, such as an intellectual property agreement; Work for Hire (Independent contractor agreement) .--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------General Job descriptions & Must Haves: • IOS and Android / optimized for all screen sizes• Puzzle game, with some ideas from Candy Crush & Tetris. (More similar on Tetris side, so you should be good with game mechanics of falling blocks and rotating them when falling).• Two Mode: 1. Story Mode [similar to Candy Crush, small map, stage after stage] 6 worlds x 6 stages = 36 stages for final build (rough estimate ONLY) 2. High Score Mode [Playing for high score]• In-App purchases (in-game money use to buy things in-game; pay to remove ads, etc…)• Ad network (ads banner at bottom, ad after complete each stage, etc...)[You need to know Admob, Admob Mediation, Mopub, Chartboost etc – We are thinking of using ~4 ad networks. The only work that we should do is to replace the name and ad network id&quot;s.]• Server Side Verification for In-App purchases• Game Not easily hacked• We will be providing most of the character graphics/background and music. You will need to provide/design in-game graphics and maybe some simple sounds.• Game languages selection – English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, etc.. (We will provide all the translations)• Google Play Games & Apple Game Center Leaderboard Ranking• Social network integration; sharing on Facebook, weibo, twitter, wechat, etc..• You will deliver fully tested and ready to release builds and help us upload to Apple and Google Play app storesNote: Please take time to read the entire description and fully understand what we need for this job.When bidding, please also make sure to provide examples of puzzle game apps you have developed.VERY IMPORTANT!!! Our main focus is on Professional QUALITY & COMPLETION of final product. We are looking for long term relationship, not just this app. All source codes and proprietary information will be our company&quot;s after project close and discarded by you.

  • $1546 USD Today

    Mobile appNeed to have the following function:user registration (names of field will be provided)contact details.send a message (via email or sms)Booking: user select services and option, gives status: pending confirmed, function.All graphics will be provided, UI design is ready to go.

  • $742 USD Today

    Hi,We are looking for someone to build an iPhone app that works with our API.See API here (use Affiliate API only): icon wants to use our logo and show them how much they have earned quickly for the date spans: Today, Yesterday, This Week, Last Week, This Month and Last Month. And also be able to enter a custom date period. This is the &quot;Stats screen&quot;There also wants to be a setting they can switch on which shows them a notification, when they earn more commission and it says how much commission they have earned.User logs in using their API key.The app also wants to have another screen. Which is the &quot;Payments&quot; screen/tab which shows all the invoices and Receipts the user has had generated the date and amount.I don&quot;t think this project will be to hard, full source files must be provided for the app and a build ready to submit to the Apple App Store (we already have a developer account).The app should match our website branding/colors (can provide a link on request).Thanks.

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May 2008 - Sep 2010 (2 years)

Hongji software co.,ltd

I was a website developer at first. And then I developed ios and mobile device programs mainly.


Bachelor of Science in information Technology major in Software Engineering

Changchun University of Technology




Changchun Universityof Technology

Bachelor of Science in information Technology major in Software Engineering


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